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Something wrong with the timing.These 400 times I don't believe it

According to Jarring Solomon Twitter it seems that Lalonde Quow Cedenio will be the entries for the 400. I still don't know why he is shocked as 45's can't cut it anymore

With Rasheed Dyer included in Jamaica squad as they have five 200m men listed . He was the winner of NACAC 200m , So probably the rules does include the Area champions to compete in addition to wildcards. Socapro if you look Ashmeade Weir and Forte was 1 2 3 in the Jamaican nationals, Bolt has his wild card . Why was dyer  included and listed for the 200

World Champs team to be named this week
By JOEL BAILEY Tuesday, August 11 2015 (T&T Newsday)

Ephraim Serrette, President of the NAAA TT.

THE TRINIDAD and Tobago contingent for the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China, will be named this week, according to Ephraim Serrette, president of the National Association of Athletic Associations (NAAA).

Serrette, in an interview last Thursday, pointed out, “we have a provisional team because athletes still have until the 10th of August to qualify. (This week), we will definitely name the team that is going off.

“One year before the Olympics, I think it’s a stage where the athletes will be using as preparations,” continued the former TT sprinter.

“People see (the Olympics) as the ultimate event. So our team will be officially released some time (this) week.” Jehue Gordon, the 2013 World Championships 400-metre hurdles gold medallist, missed the recent Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, due to injury.

But Serrette commented, “we got information from his medical team (on Wednesday). I think he has progressed well and he has the all-clear to compete at the World Championships.” Khalifa St Fort, the 18-year-old American-born sprinter, took gold last weekend at the Pan Am Junior Championships in Edmonton, Canada. Serrette said, “(Khalifa) St Fort continues to be somebody for the future. We welcome that and I think our female relay team, which should have medalled at the World Relays (in the Bahamas), I think they are poised for the podium at the World Championships, and I’m looking forward to 2016 in Rio as well.” Questioned if St Fort will be a certainty for the World Championships team, Serrette replied, “she has done the qualifying time. We would want to have our very best team. With the absence of Kai Selvon, she would be included in the relay pool.” About Selvon, Serrette revealed, “she had a medical for the exemption from the Championships.

She needed to prove fitness.

“She competed last weekend and did 11.7 and she has since indicated that she would not be available for the Championships.” The NAAA head also disclosed that a camp is planned in Beijing, before the Championships, which are scheduled for August 22-30.

“The athletes are going to Beijing so that they can acclimatise,” he said. “From the medical team, they are 12 hours ahead so there (is) an hour a day to acclimatise.

“We are working on that and trying to get them in ample time so that they can acclimatise and give their best performance,” Serrette added.

With regards to the performances of the TT athletes at the world stage this year, Serrette noted, “I think our athletes continue to do well. I think people need to understand the different levels of competition and not jump too high as yet.

“We need to look and see what’s happening at the World Championships, and we can gauge from (there),” he added. “The athletes have been doing well and we continue to support them. All we can do is wish them well.”it is not surprising that most of the West Indies cricketers performed creditably during the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) as this version does not require any extensive concentration or consistent application of the basics of the game.

Ali went further to highlight that “six balls” in a T20 match could tilt the game in favour of one team or another which further explains the limited need for the application of the basics coupled with sound technique.

Ali highlighted that a pattern of play could be predicted most times in this version of the game which makes it much easier to respond to a given situation as opposed to the longer versions where there is a need for extensive concentration, consistent application of the basics and there is sufficient time to test the mental and technical ability of a particular player or team.

“Some of the West Indies players exhibited ‘flashes of brilliance’ during the Caribbean Premier League but have stumbled in the longer versions of the game due to a lack of mental strength, their inability to read the game and apply the basics consistently which is evidenced by their inconsistent performance over time,” he said.

“These challenges must be intelligently and immediately addressed in order for the journey of development in the longer versions to commence.” Ali highlighted that the players and team management must start adopting a student approach in their preparation and execution in the longer version.

“The players and team management must appreciate the importance of being able to read the game in order to respond effectively to a particular situation,” he noted.

“We have not been seeing this and hence the results.” Ali calls on the cricket administrators to seize the opportunity to formulate a plan of action that would facilitate the improvement in the areas outline for the upcoming tours and in order to pave the way for future development in the longer version.

Ali said that the energies derived from the T20 Hero Caribbean Premier League must be directed in a timely manner to the development of our cricket at all levels.
Is Joel Bailey going crazy, He started off with Serette and then jumped to the CPL with no link to the two, I hope that this was not printed in the papers

But in all fairness , they should of decided before Beijing or you will have a very unhappy athlete in Beijing which can be very disruptive to the 4x400m chances

The rules are confusing , because it states that the Area Champions gets an automatic berth to World Championships.  I trying to find the part on the fourth athlete can only be a wildcard.

I agree with you but I just think a fresh Jarrin is vital to our chances

Do you think we can win gold in Beijing without Deon Lendore?
It is quite possible Deon may not be 100% recovered from his knee injury (which he sustained during the NCAA Championships) in time for Beijing and may not be able to run in the 4x4 as we have all been hoping.

I reckon we can still at least medal in Beijing without Lendore in the 4x4 squad but we will need to manage our quarter-milers properly and will need Lalonde Gordon to come good on his relay leg(s) and not underperform.

Without Lendore will be tough but we might have to do some reshuffling and put cedenio first followed Solomon lalonde and quow finishing. Quow have heart like cedenio,

This might be J Solomon last time to run a individual 400 for the olympics or the WC so it is not right to give up his spot Cedenio is young and has many more championships to attend he has enough time to learn from his mistakes.
While that may be the case it is up to what the individual value more. Country or Personal gain. If he think he can run 44.5 show it , performance talk, not hope of a performance . Everybody dreams of being the best but do everyone has the ability to do it . It is like the Dog and the bone, He can end up with nothing.

I agree with you but I just think a fresh Jarrin is vital to our chances

Socapro I have been saying that to you from day one . My take on it is if you can't clock under 45 sec before world's what  sense  it makes  putting you to run the individual over a guy who has consistently run under 45 this season. I am not against or a hater of jarrin Solomon but I am a supporter , the truth is that he cant compete on an individual level against these guys but he is a relay beast , A fresh jarrin Solomon for two legs on the relay can be very good for T&T. Look at the pan am games for example he ran the two legs individually and the semi's of pan am games but in the final he was out of steam and even though he got the baton first from remy faded coming home. Had it been lalonde on that second leg and ran the way jarrin did the forum would be bashing him. Quow and cedenio leg was the only two legs that we can be proud about


Ato why is khalifa not running the 200. I realised she skipped the 200 at nationals and not seeing her double at worlds. Especially seeing how your advice to most of our sprinters was to run more 200. I just expected to see khalifa do both seeing that you are her coach. Watching Candice Hill run the 200 have me wondering who would win between her and khalifa as in the 100 in my view khalifa was closing the gap

Is that also a Trinidad youth Record. Congrats to her and all congrats to Ato. I always knew you would of been a good coach . You did move Maurice greene from a 10.2  sprinter to being a world beater. My honest thought is that for the elite athletes programme we have kai selvon. Kayelle Clarke work under Ato. Well done Bro

Jehue Gordon why all the bad comments , Jehue always turns up at championships and wins events after he is champion. When Jehue won his Crown what was his times he was running and placing before he went worlds . This is a trend by jehue

What about Track & Field / Re: The Jarrin Solomon thread
« on: July 05, 2015, 09:31:14 PM »
can Solomon medal at world

What about Track & Field / Re: The Jarrin Solomon thread
« on: July 05, 2015, 09:08:16 PM »
Country or Personal. I have nothing against Jarrin Solomon but I am left wondering which comes first. We have cedenio and lendore two under 44.5 sec men and we going to send Solomon who pr is 44.98. What's the logic in that are we going just for participation or to win medals . Country gaining a medal comes before personal gratification. Can he even make a semis

What about Track & Field / Re: 2015 Outdoor Results
« on: May 16, 2015, 07:52:57 PM »
Quow to run the 400m tomorrow in shanghai. hoping for a sub 45

What about Track & Field / Re: 2015 Outdoor Results
« on: May 16, 2015, 07:10:34 PM »
Cedenio 44.36

Plus what did I say about having mb on the second leg. Why the hell is not Rt or kb running the second leg in the relay. The second leg should be run by one of our top two runners

Socapro please remember that gordon and quow have 4x200 relay tomorrow.  I sure management told them to take it easy as they have a packed schedule today

I am not making the argument for DB to run , but I am making the argument to have a fair basis for picking the 4x100m team that men should not be picked on name but on present performance, Yes Marc Burns have proven himself but if you using that criteria for Burns then why not for Emmanuel Callendar who have run some of our best third leg in history, We won medals at world relays and commonwealth due to RT stellar last leg performance. So my question is why are we leaving the second leg duties to Marc Burns which is the longest leg and mark 10.2s and higher have not cut it. I realised you said good luck and proven runner as his criteria for selection .It should have a clear cut procedure on picking the team so all athletes are treated fairly.

So out performing Marc burns for two years counts for nothing

Lol socapro. I disagree with your reasoning as the facts are totally different to what occur. Firstly I chose not to mention Thompson 200 cause it was not worth mentioning cause he ran 21 something with hurricane winds behind him. I realised you left out the time he ran or the wind reading as it made your point have some value. MB who has run 10.21  his fastest in the last two years yet you putting him on a pedestal. One 9.95 clocking out of Trinidad in a whole season is failure for an athlete of Thompson class. What was the result of last year nationals.

Socapro you making me laugh, which of those four have been consistent , their performance is erratic , plus did not DB make the commonwealth team and was injured out the tournament so if they are picking then it is based on last year national championship and not names. Only Sorillo has ran anything for this year, so what are you basing your assessment on. I reach the point that I am fed up of seeing individuals run sb at national championship and the reach no where close to that on the outside. It has led to our national championship being a joke , no one take times run in Trinidad as being of any worth. He ran 9.82 a new national record and what was his best time outside of that . I am lost is it that our athletes peak for one race and then that's it. Patriotic pride clouds our judgement at times, probably is best if we only carry these athletes for relays and let other athletes run the 100. I mean they build up public expectations, and then produce nothing on the outside and we celebrate them winning relay medals. What is ironic is the elite athlete grant and public sponsorship are not given for relay performances but for individual achievements. As tax payers we need to demand better performances from our athlete. I not expecting atheltes to PR all the time but if you are a 9.8 sprinter , the least required should be 9.9's but when you go at these championships and un 10.2 and 10.1 that is unacceptable.

What about Track & Field / Re: Torpedo on track
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B. Moore Track & C. Maddox Field House - Site License
    2015 LSU Invitational Battle on the Bayou - 4/3/2015 to 4/4/2015   
                          Battle on the Bayou                           
                          Bernie Moore Stadium                         
Event 18  Men 200 Meter Dash
 Final (Sections against time)                                         
     Stadium: s 19.98  1998        Justin Gatlin, Tennessee             
        Meet: M 20.67  4/2/2011    Horatio Williams, LSU               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind H#
  1 Richard Thompson          SR Tiger Olympians          20.81   4.2  1
  2 Raheem Brown              JR SE Louisiana             20.83   4.2  1
  3 Darrell Bush              SR LSU                      21.22   4.2  1
  4 Charles Jackson Jr           Unattached               21.29   3.3  2
  5 Jatarius Harris           SR Mississippi Valley       21.64   3.5  3
  6 Shermund Allsop           SR Tiger Olympians          21.87   3.3  2
  7 Chadwayne Vidal           FR Southern-NO              22.14   3.3  2
  8 Gabriel Mvumvure          SR Tiger Olympians          22.16   3.3  2

The men 4x400m and the women 4x100m are the ones that I have faith with, Truth is that our male sprinters has been a major disappointment individually. I still cant get how athletes can come for trial and run new national records and then go out there and struggle to make 10.10. Our national championship has become an embarrassment. Every year we see our male sprinters come down and clock superb times and that's it . Is it that we have to bid to host games in Trinidad to get the best out of our athletes. I keep wondering what times we will see if our Jamaican counterparts join us for national championship, we might get to witness the world record breaking right in front of our eyes. Or is that we have athletes that only peak for one week of nationals. I hope the disappointing results at carifta trials is an indication that we have finally fixed our timing system. As bad as it sounds the time seen at this year trials are times seen from previous carifta team performance at carifta .Where they ran no where close to what the ran at trials.

Just wondering with relays being so early. What will be the criteria for selection for the team, Would we be basing it on names or last year performance, How do we make sure that we are sending the best to represent us.

Cricket Anyone / Re: Darren Bravo get blank: TT Express
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Trinidadians never cease to amaze me.It is amazing how they so quick to lambaste the players and yet stay quiet on the administration. If admin behaves unprofessional why should the players behave professional. The main problem in sports in Trinidad is the admin, the Caribbean and African nations always seem to get in to rifts over contracts. The people in the admin care too much about position and money than the game itself . Their arrogance is that they are bigger than the game yet they are not the ones who go out and sweat to perform. If I was in those players position , I would retire , you make more money on the outside than representing your country who has a fickle fan base that waits to crucify you without having the facts

What about Track & Field / Re: ATO IN SCANDAL
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Nova Peris is a stunner. Go Ato Go

Hmmm I tried to stay quiet about these performances. I think we need to hold commonwealth games , olympics and worlds in Trinidad because it seems our sprinters only perform here. I am so angry that I think none of them should get from the elite athlete fun, A big waste of tax payers money. It seems they perform better when we show no interest in them , when they struggling to make ends meet. They owe the nation an apology , they could not make the finals of a water down commonwealth games , Should we still invest our money in them, I say no , Performance based incentive. Because this is totally embarassing , I shame to log on to Caribbean Track and field forum. Imagine even Barbados had a finalist

Quizz Time & Facts / Re: TT Olympian's father.
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too simple

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