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I don't really think that we have the quality. As someone just asked. apart from Latas and Yorke, which other person on present team do you think has the quality to play with a real top team.
And i don't want some people to say Hardest. as has also been said pretty good for a small population base.
 And Rangers is no big team.

Dom Basil would have spanked you for such a stupid comment. Trini's are some of the most talented players we possess the quality. Change yuh name man, yuh have Dom turning in he grave

Football / Lack of Discipline
« on: January 06, 2006, 10:00:20 AM »
We have real talent here in Trinbago but our guys lack discipline
If our guys settle down and concentrate on the football rather than parting we could be big like or even bigger than brazil

Football / Re: Today's Warriors versus the Strike Squad
« on: January 06, 2006, 09:55:37 AM »
I'm sorry but the strike squad would have hipped these gurl we have now. U thing the like of birchall could have stood up on the strike squad... hell no

Don't get me wrong i love my team but there strike squad was just  better all they needed was a good coach.

Football / Re: Warner's family firm monopolises FIFA World Cup tickets
« on: December 28, 2005, 09:09:06 AM »
Yea jack does it again.... yuh feel any ah we broke @$$ niggaz go be able tuh afford any tickets now, Jack go make ah killing... Like when he said centre of excellence wouldah be ah skool fuh football,,, skool my left nut him making real money....

Ah alyuh feel it done dey..... he sold the rights to the adidas uniform to He refree buddy so ah normal kit starts at bout $300 yuh go see the price now!!!!

ah set ah bloody tief running de football now but me nah frighten.... as meh mama always used tuh say.....

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