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Football / What is the Beef with British Born Players?
« on: January 07, 2006, 03:06:40 PM »
We doh lock topic here   ;D

Back to this Shaka ting.

I remember his pops was wrangling with the TTFF but I don't think that is the main reason why he was holding out.

He was trying to make England squad.....that was the MAIN reason.

Football / Final Monterrey vs. Toluca on Univision
« on: December 18, 2005, 06:19:28 PM »
Fútbol Mexicano       
Monterrey vs. Toluca

This game is real drama and going good.

They in the 58th min.

Football / Soca Warriors and the Stock Market
« on: November 28, 2005, 09:31:25 PM »
Trinidad Guardian
Thursday 24th November 2005
Learn from Soca Warriors
by Ian Narine

The total value of trades on the stock market last week was $16.2 million. That number usually constitutes a slow day let alone a whole week.

Sports, and in particular football more than anything else, was the dominant theme over the past week and once again this weeks article will try to link sport and investing.

First, I must take the time to extend congratulations to the national football team on reaching the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany.

Being the smallest nation to have ever qualified is a great achievement in and of itself and takes on even greater significance when one considers that other seasoned football nations from our region, such as Panama and Guatemala, have never qualified for a World Cup.

It took all of 20 matches to achieve the goal of Germany 2006, the most qualifying matches played by any team in the World Cup tournament.

At the halfway stage of the journey T&T was at the bottom of our qualifying group after losing 2-1 to the USA and 5-1 to Guatemala, and overall the dream looked in tatters.

The team was able to turn it around and the rest, as they say, is now history.

There are parallels between the football and investing that investors would do well to recognise.

First of all, just as in the World Cup campaign, there must be a specific target to aim for.

You cannot enter into a programme of investing without a specific goal in mind. Whether it be planning for your retirement, the purchase of a house, your children's education or any other desire, in order to be successful there must be something to aim at.

Remember the old saying: if you don't know where you are going then any road will take you there.

Not establishing a clear investment plan is often the biggest mistake made by investors.

The second parallel is that all is never lost and the journey is not over until it is actually over.

Right now, the local stock market is, at best, trading flat, gains are difficult to come by and the road is quite bumpy indeed.

It may require an adjustment to your investment strategy. It may require changes to the plan but you can never reach the goal if you step out of the game.

As I ended last week—patience and perseverance is now the order of the day.

A couple of weeks ago I charted the performance of the US benchmark the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) to highlight the then level of market volatility.

Look at the chart again and you will recognise that the daily volatility is gone and the market is now on the up (see graph).

Investors who were reading the last few articles in this space should now better appreciate the advice that you manage risk rather than avoid it.

By avoiding the risk associated with the volatility in the US markets many would have also inadvertently avoided the recent gains. A few months down the road one may very well be using the T&T market in this example.

No one can say for certain when a stock or market will begin to rally so the act of avoiding risk often proves counter productive to the overall investment objective.

Playing to the occasion

Not knowing when and how to adjust the investment plan is often the second biggest mistake made by investors.

T&T changed their coach and convinced a number of key players to return to national duty midway through the World Cup campaign, when things were not going according to the original plan. That proved instrumental in the success that we now enjoy.

Some investors, primarily because there is no plan in the first place, are not able to adjust their tactics to suit the prevailing market conditions. Very often they end up simply trying to earn it in the same way that they lost it.

As an example there are investors that would have bought Guardian Holdings (GHL) at between $40-46.

Last week, the stock fell to $34 posting a 52-week low and falling by 12.8 per cent in one week.

There are those who will hold onto the stock regardless because their reason for buying the stock in the first place has not changed. Such investors view GHL as a good long-term investment and will see the fall in price as an opportunity to lower the average cost of GHL in their portfolio (buy more GHL).

However, there are others who no longer see the stock in the same light as when they bought it.

Some of these investors—rather than changing the strategy and disposing of the stock in preference to other opportunities which they consider more attractive—would instead hold on to the stock hoping that it would go back up sooner rather than later.

Last week, an analyst report suggested that GHL would be hard pressed to meet even its trailing earnings target—then recommended the stock as a hold.

The absence of a clear plan often means that your investments are "all over the place."

This is not a good thing when one considers that an investment should not be viewed in isolation but rather in the context of the overall portfolio.

Knowing how to manage a portfolio is also a critical part of investing and often the absence of adequate research and advice exacerbates the situation in that you are unable to determine when to buy, when to hold and when to sell.

If a stock falls from $40 to $30 then it has declined by 25 per cent. However, it needs to then appreciate by 33 per cent in order to return to the original price of $40. The latter is much more difficult to achieve than the former.

Instead of waiting for a stock to appreciate after it has fallen another option would be to sell once the stock ceases to meet the objectives of the portfolio and then find another stock whether it be on the T&T, Jamaica or even the US markets that better suits your risk/return profile. In that way, you can recoup the initial loss with less risk and often over a shorter time.

To take such a bold step of crystallising a loss in order to seek out gains elsewhere requires a fair amount of investing acumen.

Learning from the past

Such know how will not appear overnight hence the need to seek out the advice of a professional. However, investors can help themselves by learning from their environment.

The ability to quickly and accurately interpret information from our environment and adapt accordingly is essentially what separates the successful from the mediocre.

If we were to go back to the football for just a minute: I remember the two most famous football sons of our soil, Yorke and Latapy, being censured by their respective clubs for returning late after representing T&T some time in the past.

Fast forward to today and after their crowning achievement of reaching the World Cup finals they immediately left following the match presumably to tend to their responsibilities as professional footballers—lesson learned.

However, as a nation we seemed not to have learned our lesson from past episodes.

In 1989, we declared a public holiday days before the match once we won. This time around we went a further step backward in that we waited until after most business were closed for the day and declared a holiday for the following day.

One also needs to consider whether it was appropriate to declare a public holiday to celebrate when significant parts of the country was still under flood waters.

Whatever the view the end result was a loss of productivity on Wednesday, Thursday and, in most instances, Friday of last week, no doubt resulting in millions of dollars in lost production.

The fall-out was evident on the T&T Stock Exchange where just 486,678 shares traded on Friday last with a meager value of $2.4 million.

When one also considers that there were two other public holidays in November, both of which fell on trading days, it is no wonder that this month the market has struggled for momentum with both the Composite Index and the All T&T Index declining by around one per cent over the course of last week.

With just about two to three weeks before the market traditionally goes into a lull for the Christmas season and with Carnival providing a distraction until the end of February (27 and 28) one would probably have to wait until late March 2006 before being able to establish a clear trend in the market.

During that time there will no doubt be isolated opportunities to keep investors interested but it is unlikely that there will be a sustained upward or downward movement in the market itself.

One thing is certain: the bravado of the past three years is well and truly over.

The recent floods, just as it did last year are expected to fuel inflation through higher food prices.

I wrote that we should have expected these months ago and one wonders that with more than a year to prepare since the last round of flooding what monetary and infrastructural policies are in place to ensure that the benefits given in the last budget don't just evaporate on the back of spiraling food prices.

As an investor, there are certain circumstances that are beyond your control. What you can do though is to contact your adviser, establish a plan, stick to it, manage your risks according to your risk tolerance and learn to adapt as the market changes—don't keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Feel free to "vibes it up" but don't play games with your money.

Ian Narine, managing director of Republic Securities Limited can be contacted via e-mail at
The contents of this article are not to be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy. The information contained above has been obtained from, and any opinions therein are based upon, sources believed to be reliable. RSL makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and it should not be relied upon as such. All opinions and estimates therein reflect the judgement of the author and are subject to change without notice.
©2004-2005 Trinidad Publishing Company Limited

Football / Player reaction to Nakhid vs. Wim
« on: October 31, 2005, 10:48:28 PM »

What do our players think about this thing.  They are just about the only ones that matter leading up to this match.

Football / Beating the jet lag....could work for Socawarriors
« on: October 23, 2005, 06:22:20 PM »
West Indies beat jet lag
By Tony Cozier (Trinidad & Tobago Express)
Sunday, October 23rd 2005

THE West Indies management has come up with a novel way of beating the jet lag for their team that is the inevitable upshot of flying half-way across the world to get to Australia.

It is to get them immediately into training and practice as if their 30-hours journey was no more than a hop from Barbados to Trinidad.

Only hours after their arrival in Brisbane on Friday morning, the initial batch of 11 who flew in from the Caribbean, via London, were in the hotel swimming pool loosening up under the direction of fitness coordinator Bryce Cavanaugh.

That workout was followed by a fielding session at the Allan Border Field, where they open their tour on Thursday with a four-day match against Queensland, and light work in the gym.

The intensity was increased yesterday with an all-day session of net practice, fielding drills and gym work at the same venue from nine a.m. to five p.m., breaking only for lunch.

"The idea is to get everyone's sleeping patterns right, to coincide with the clock in Australia," manager Tony Howard explained. "Once they're kept active during the day, they can have a long and good night's sleep. We'll judge the results tomorrow (Sunday) but so far it seems to have had the desired effect."

Even Chris Gayle and Wavell Hinds, who arrived on an early morning flight, were involved in yesterday's all-day practice. They were granted leave to remain a day longer in Kingston for personal reasons. Devon Smith, who came in on Friday night following his delayed connection out of Grenada, and Brian Lara who joined the team from Sydney where he played for the World team in last week's Super Test against Australia, also joined the practice.

It took some time for Lara to get hold of his luggage on Friday. He picked up an identical suitcase to his at Brisbane airport by mistake and it took a few hours tracking down the owner to make the swap.

Howard described facilities at the Allan Border Field as "excellent".

"There was a bowling machine in each net, the pitches were good and the gym more than adequate," he said.

With his contacts in Brisbane, where he coached Queensland for three seasons and headed the Australian Cricket Academy before taking up the West Indies post a year ago, Bennett King has lined up local players to assist in net practice.

With club matches on, none was available yesterday but they are expected to join the sessions from today.

King said on arrival he was especially keen to recruit leg-spinners to give the West Indies batsmen practice in anticipation of their forthcoming confrontations with Shane Warne and, increasingly likely, Stuart MacGill in the three Tests.

MacGill was not fazed by King's plan.

"It's all very well having young leg-spinners or even established leg-spinners bowling to you in the nets but, realistically speaking, when it comes to facing a particular bowler, there's nothing like getting out in the middle and holding your breath," he told the Australian newspaper.

Support for his inclusion alongside Warne in Australia's starting XI for the first Test at Brisbane's Gabba continues to grow.

Trevor Bayliss, who is coach of MacGill's New South Wales team, based his endorsement on what he saw as the West Indies' traditional weakness against wrist spin. He cited the successes of Bob Holland in the 1980s and Michael Bevan, with his occasional left-arm chinamen and googlies, in Adelaide eight years ago.

"He (MacGill) bowls a lot of wrong 'uns (googlies) and the West Indies have shown in the past they don't pick the leg-spinners as well when they bowl wrong 'uns," he said.

MacGill played alongside Warne in the first three of the four Tests in the West Indies in 1999 and it was Warne who was dropped for the last. But last week's Super Test was only their tenth in the same team. While the West Indies were busy getting ready for their tour at the Allan Border Field, the Queensland team they meet prior to the first Test were defeating Tasmania by two wickets in a one-day ING Cup match a few miles away at the Gabba.

Matthew Hayden, Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds and Andy Bichel were the Australian caps in Queensland's XI. All are expected to turn out against the West Indies, providing a tough lead-up to the first Test.

Football / Money for Sport in Budget?
« on: September 28, 2005, 06:08:10 PM »
How much sport get out of the budget?

Is sport/football salting or getting support this rounds?

Football / Suspensions for Panama vs. T&T
« on: September 10, 2005, 07:24:50 PM »

Ricardo Philips got a red card against Mexico so I guessing he out for them.

Birchall out for us.

who else.

Andre Baptiste talking football on i 95 Sports now

WCQ and we having EXPERTS on the show!!!  lol

I95.5 FM
I-95.5 FM Stream

Football / Show me the money!
« on: August 02, 2005, 07:31:21 AM »
Sunday 31st July, 2005
Trinidad Guardian - Online Edition

Show me the money!

Machinery began to clear the proposed site of the Brian Lara Cricket Stadium in Tarouba recently. Photo: Sookdeo Baney

In the midst of the rainy season, construction has begun in earnest on the overpriced, unnecessary, state of the art, elite performance sporting complex in Tarouba—aptly nicknamed Piarco II.

I am extremely baffled by the efficiency, speed and precision with which this project has commenced, in a country better known for its endless delays due to bureaucratic red tape and pedantic governmental implementation machinery.

The Scarborough Hospital was and still is some 20 years overdue. The interchange and upgrade of the main transport system is yet to begin. As well as many other projects that are absolutely vital to the survival of our people.

Yet, somehow, the motivation to fast-track the construction and upgrade of hospitals across T&T, which correlates directly to the quality of our citizens’ lives, somehow pales in comparison to the zeal to construct Piarco II. What factor could possibly be more important than people’s lives, than children’s lives, than babies’ lives? Certainly not elite level sporting performances. Certainly not World Cup Cricket. Dead men cannot swim, run, jump or play ball.

Then what?

Please tell me what could possibly mean more to a government (or rather a few powerful members of the cabinet) than our lives?

No—please do not say money! I refuse to believe that! The answer must be in the much-mentioned National Sport Policy. I will find it. I must find it.

The introduction to the National Sport Policy states: “This policy offers a formal, holistic and systematic framework for the development of sport in T&T. It is based on the recognition of the important role that sport plays in the life of the individual, the community, the nation, the region and the world.”

Notice the phrase “systematic framework.” This phrase dictates that there is in fact a specific order of objectives, goals and facets within the policy. This ideal falls directly in line with the mission statement: “To enrich our lives through total participation, quality training and excellence in sport.”

Yet the Government of T&T has decided to “systematically” ignore the building blocks of the very said sport policy (which was developed through consultation with over 10,000 national stakeholders) to proceed ultra vires the policy by addressing excellence in sport (money) before total participation and quality training.

Unfortunately, this is the epitome of arrogance, especially since none of these “powerful” Cabinet members have a clue about elite sporting performance.

Furthermore, the policy recognises the important role that sport plays in the life of the individual, the community and the nation.

This role is highlighted by the positive attributes and character development garnered by individuals who participate in sport. Punctuality, discipline, mental toughness, team-work, caring and sharing, respect, a sense of belonging, high self esteem, pride, emotional and spiritual balance, ability to set goals and focus, time-management and the development and maintenance of various other life skills are all inherent to participation in sport—not excellence in sport.

The majority of the people will never achieve elite (world) level performances. Keep in mind that T&T has only ever had one Olympic gold medallist, four world record holders and four world champions.

Consequently, it is absolutely impossible to justify an expenditure (before variations) of $850 million, for less than 300 elite athletes (a very optimistic figure) while the other 1.3 million people continue to struggle to gain access to adequate facilities within their communities.

The introduction continues: “It (the policy) seeks to guide decision-making with regard to the development of sport.”

Clearly the policy has failed in this regard, as the Government has certainly not been guided in any way by this sport policy. It instead has chosen to proceed with the arbitrary construction of Piarco II, despite the very clear guidelines set out by the national sport policy.

None of the prerequisites such as universal access to community facilities and human resource development, which are born out of total participation in sport, has yet been addressed or satisfied.

It appears that more than 10,000 nationals of T&T have wasted their time in creating this policy because the sporting aficionados and gurus in the present cabinet already know it all and consequently may not have even taken the time to peruse the policy.

Thus far, I have thoroughly scanned the mission statement and the introduction of the National Sports Policy, searching for a way to convince myself that money is not the motivating factor behind the remarkable, record-breaking pace with which Piarco II has progressed from conception to construction, despite continuous calls for its curtailment.

Writer’s note: On Wednesday in the Arena I will continue to search for another plausible motivating factor. I simply refuse to believe that it is all for money!

©2004-2005 Trinidad Publishing Company Limited

Football / Poor Officiatiing in this Gold Cup Panama vs. Colombia (R)
« on: July 21, 2005, 08:27:55 PM »

A man get send off for an imaginary foul.  Not even a questionable tackle.  The Panamanian defender literally didn't touch the man.  Somehow the Colombian fall over like he get chop down.  I hope they use TV evidence to sanction this player....I believe this has been done before in Europe.

These Colombians playing real stink in this tournament....have to wonder what their motivation is because they playing like it have no tomorrow.

Football / Players responsible for their fitness??
« on: July 14, 2005, 10:53:51 PM »

After seeing those guys it's clear why they find themselves in problems overseas.

Look at Colin Samuel.  You are a pro and can't last 90 mins?  Dwight had nuff problems with his clubs but made sure he kept himself fit at all times regardless of playing time.

Outside of the local players the National Team is not the place to get supposed to come into the team prepared to execute and play football not get in shape.

Anyone know if the guys are in bad shape because it is off season and they decide to take a break from working out?  I don't think Leo had any option of keeping these players after the Mexico game but don't these guys have some personal training programs to ensure they can perform.  Is their jobs that suffering from the terrible shape they in.

Who is responsible for a player's fitness
The Player
The National Team
The Club Team

Football / Chelsea vs. AC Milan tickets.....Foxborough
« on: June 23, 2005, 10:00:39 AM »

This Saturday June 25th it have a Caribbean Night at Foxborough.

Cape Verde All Stars  vs.  Caribbean All Stars
Revolution  vs.   Metrostars

Tickets for the Chelsea vs. AC Milan game on July 24th don't officially go on sale until later (day after I think) but there will be tickets available for purchase at the Caribbean Night game.....special offer just at the game.  I hear it on the Crew vs. Rev game.

Football / MLS players tonight
« on: June 22, 2005, 10:30:45 PM »
Cornell set up a goal. Avery John not in squad???? What's up with that.
Crew 1 - 3 Revolution

Tiger play about 10 mins for RSL, Rojas not in squad
RSL 1 - 1 LA

Revolution offense rolls over Crew
By John Kuhn  / Staff


COLUMBUS -- The New England Revolution erased an early deficit before coming back to defeat the Columbus Crew 3-1 on Wednesday evening at Columbus Crew Stadium, getting two goals from Pat Noonan.

Edson Buddle gave the Crew a perfect start, but the Revolution came storming back with three unanswered goals, including a killer strike in first-half stoppage time. Clint Dempsey was involved in every goal as his header was sandwiched between assists on the two Noonan goals.

Buddle got the Crew off to a glorious beginning as he finished a sitter in the fourth minute. Cornell Glen chased down a deflected cross and then cut the ball back to the top of the penalty area to Simon Elliott. He hit a weak left footed shot, but it snuck through right to Buddle, and easily turned and beat Matt Reis from close range for his fifth goal of the season.

Glen again worked the left side of the pitch to put the Crew in good scoring position in the 12th minute. Elliott freed Glen with an excellent pass behind the Revolution defense, and he again cut the ball back across the goal, but this time the ball went to Mario Rodriguez. The Guatemalan international's shot beat Reis, but Revolution defender Joe Franchino blocked his certain goal.

The Revolution were yet again beat by Glen down the left flank just four minutes later. With his handy footwork and pace, Glen raced by Jay Heaps to provide a superb near post cross to Buddle -- only for the shot to come back off the left post..............

Imagine Glen creating those chances for Dwight or Stern.....he hadda get a full 90 in one of the upcoming Gold Cup games.

Cornell Glen caused all sorts of havoc for Columbus. (Rich Schultz/MLS/

Football / The World View of T&T Soca Warriors
« on: June 08, 2005, 11:52:44 PM »
What do they think of our effort aginst the Mexicans....was it a worthy effort or not really much?

Would they still call us a glorified pub side in Scotland?

I am seeing the improvements myself but the outside view is important for getting those warm up games.

I want to see another game fast.....if Unity Cup cancelled is the next game quite in July?

Football / All this blasted negativity. Did we not just win?
« on: June 06, 2005, 02:28:35 PM »

Hating on Jamaica

Hating on Ince

Hating on Bertille

What de hell going on here.

Disgusting   >:(

Football / Panama vs. Venezuela
« on: May 24, 2005, 10:30:07 AM »

This translated from Spanish so it kinda messed up but it have the players that going and the two that injured.

Translated article

Original in Spanish

Panama delegation leaving for Caracas

Jaime Penedo (Árabe Unido), Oscar McFarlane (Tauro), Joel Jiménez (Plaza Amador), Joel Solanilla (Plaza Amador), Leonel Parrish (Plaza Amador), Amilcar Henríquez (Árabe Unido), Jaime Cox (Plaza Amador), Gustavo Avila (Árabe Unido), Gabriel Gómez (Tauro), Alberto Blanco (Alania, Rusia), Ricardo Phillips (Tauro), Julio Medina III (Aguila, El Salvador), Neftalí Díaz (Alianza), Roberto Brown (San Francisco), Orlando Rodríguez (Deportivo Pereira, Colombia), Cecilio Garcés (Chorrillo) y José Justavino (Plaza Amador).

Cricket Anyone / W.I. worse off than T&T football
« on: May 23, 2005, 07:17:05 PM »
Didn't think that could happen.

But this WI team getting licks licks and more licks. :'(
If this was boxing they woulda throw in the towel.

The cricket fans and dem getting beat into a coma.  It real painful.  Wha go happen for the WC?

The football team better pull through cuz sports fans getting murder.

It coulda be worse....we coulda be Jamaica  :-X.

Football / Stern starting tomorrow?
« on: May 17, 2005, 08:59:41 PM »

He eh get a single trainig session with Leo while everybody else bussing they ass in rain and ting.

So how Leo go play it off?

Might be more reason to start him since is trials but dropping Anton and Angus wasn't coincidence.

This is not about if he what allyuh tink Leo go do.

Football / FCB Pro Bowl triple header
« on: May 11, 2005, 09:35:49 AM »
A triple header of FCB Cup matches at the Manny Ramjohn.

United Petrotrinvs.Defence Force
W Connectionvs. North East Stars
Caledonia AIA/Firevs.San Juan Jabloteh

Live radio coverage on the internet(free) starting from 5pm.
I95.5 FM
TT Pro League

What about Track & Field / Hampton Games - sustainable?
« on: May 06, 2005, 01:00:55 AM »
The Trinidad Guardian
Friday 6th May, 2005
Raphael laments lack of support for Hampton Games


RAWLE RAPHAEL, chairman of the Hampton Organising Committee, has said that next year’s edition of the annual Hampton International Games may be its very last.

Raphael, speaking at press conference yesterday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, told the media that it was getting increasingly difficult to host the meet with the limited support the Hampton Committee had been getting from Government and the private sector.

If this lack of support continues next year, he said, then 2006 would be the last time the Games would be held.

So far, Hampton has collected $18,000, with $2,500 coming from Clico, Concacaf president Jack Warner donating $5,000, National Petroleum (NP) contributing $3,000, $5,000 from Nipdec and T&TEC giving $2,500.

Venture Credit Union and Trevor Hewitt made pledges of $5,000 and $10,000 respectively, while Government has handled the stadium rental and paid the cost to purchase medals and other prizes, which came up to approximately $50,000.

“We are very disappointed by the amount of assistance we’ve received from Government. Over the years, we’ve done our best to run the Games with the little money we get, but if we have to go through this kind of thing again next year, we will be forced to call that George,” Raphael said.

“We made a request to Government for $1.1 million per year, but we never got it. They gave us $800,000 two years ago and we got the international athletes we wanted, but that money was just enough for appearance fees and prizes. That is the calibre of meet we want to have all the time,” Raphael added.

Football / Venues for our WCQs
« on: May 05, 2005, 10:29:30 AM »
We always go for the Port of Spain venues when we have all these other locations.

Why not give the South people a chance to host a game...even Tobago.

Is not like capacity is a problem and those facilities have hosted WC games.

Give those communities a chance to make money off the games.

Football / W & cricket supporting each other
« on: May 04, 2005, 09:22:35 AM »

Good to see this type of collaboration.

W Connection Sports

source:  TV6 & Trinidad Express

Football / Reviews on de MLS striking crew
« on: May 03, 2005, 08:20:30 PM »
05/03/2005 5:06PM
K.C. experiment stalls in second try
By Robert Rusert / Staff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Wizards inability to find the back of the net -- or more accurately, their failure to produce more than one shot on goal -- in their scoreless tie with D.C. United at home on Saturday surely got tongues wagging across the soccer nation............

......For the second consecutive match, first-round SuperDraft pick Scott Sealy started on the forward line in tandem with Josh Wolff, and Wolff's usual counterpart, Davy Arnaud, started on the left of midfield...................

...........But even Wizards head coach Gansler admitted after the match Saturday that the new lineup hadn't produced the desired result in the first half.

"There's a better understanding between Josh and Davy than there is between Josh and Sealy," he said. "Sealy struggled a little bit in the first half, and that's why we made that change (bringing in Jack Jewsbury for Sealy and placing Arnaud up front)."

The same halftime change was made in San Jose the previous week, even though Sealy did pounce on a ball in the Earthquakes area and tally his first goal as a professional in the opening 45 minutes.

Arnaud and Wolff have been such a prodigious pairing that one might wonder why the change was made in the first place. Even Saturday afternoon against D.C. United, Arnaud's return with Wolff up front invigorated the attack, if only for a limited time.

Wolff believes, though, that he and Sealy can make a good match.

"Linking up with Scott is going to take some time, but he's got all the skills he needs as a forward: he can hold it, he's got good pace, in front of goal, he's able to sniff out [goals]," said Wolff.

If Gansler decides to pull the plug on the experiment, perhaps he will look at others who may be able to get the offense up to where he desires it to be...........

Robert Rusert is a contributor to This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Soccer or its clubs.

CorNell GleNN

05/01/2005 12:15AM
Mapp, Fire capitalize on mistakes
By John Kuhn / Staff

The poor first half led Andrulis to change the team for the second half. CorNell GleNN came in to play the left flank, which moved Danny Szetela into the center midfield. Chris Wingert moved from defensive midfield to right back in place of Mark Schulte.

"We felt that we needed to get some pace out there and try to get something going offensively. We thought it was a little stagnant again," explained Andrulis. "We weren't getting the ball forward fast enough. Putting a guy like CorNell with that kind of pace out there in a wide position, we thought we had a good matchup against Logan Pause."

The moves didn't pay off as the Crew were unable to find the back of the net in the second half. Andrulis think the problems is related to their attacking mentality.

"We are not taking advantage of the transition that happens in the midfield. The ball has to get forward quicker," said Andrulis. "We are going square and back. We need to be going forward."

Football / MLS players in action tonight
« on: April 23, 2005, 05:50:31 PM »

DC United vs. N.E. Revolution just start.

Avery John is back in the starting lineup

If you have fast broadband you can watch the games from the MLS website
Live Streaming
This Revs game on FSC now. (Fox Soccer Channel?)

Rojas, Tiger and Cornell game starting at 8pm

Sealey game starting at 10pm

Highlights available after the games as usual.

Football / Can/Should Glenn move to another club?
« on: April 16, 2005, 10:40:18 PM »

I don't see him breaking into that Dallas starting lineup anytime soon unless there is an injury and even then things not looking good.
He wasn't even on the bench today against Chivas.  He is going up against Eddie Johnson and Carlos Ruiz...the new and old stars of the MLS.

Can he still move within the MLS?  Not sure if there is a transfer deadline....and if he can move which teams have space for him (International Player spots) and which ones could do with his services.  If speed is his strong suit then only playing 45 mins in a reserve game not good enuff.

He could just sit tight and play his arse off in those reserve games if it is helping him get better but there has to be the possibility of first team ball.  Might be too early to worry but if he making a switch the earlier in the season the better.

What you'll think?
Sit tight or should his agent being working overtime?

Football / When will Rahim get UK residency?
« on: April 09, 2005, 08:39:30 AM »

Dennis Lawrence just got his and he was there since 2001.

Anyone knows when he might be eligible to get his?

And after he gets it does that mean he can work anywhere in Europe without the cap requirement or is it just the Scotland/UK.

Football / T&T vs Costa Rica on Telemundo - Saturday
« on: April 01, 2005, 08:47:56 PM »

Telemundo Television Network Apr 02 04:00pm
Series/Sports, 120 Mins.

"Trinidad and Tobago vs. Costa Rica"

might have other airings....they showing other games including Argentina vs. Colombia Sunday 3pm

Football / Ansil Elcock available for duty
« on: March 26, 2005, 12:58:16 PM »
Just saw Ansil Elcock being interviewed on Total Football(Gayelle).

He said he is still interested in playing for the National Team if called on by BSC and did not retire.
He is 36...plays for Jabloteh I think. 

Anyone saw him play recently?  Is he the same workhorse that used to be galloping up and down the field?
Maybe a good candidate for player coach....not necessarily to play in WCQ but to work with the local defenders in training games....I guess like Nahkid.

"Jabloteh jumped on the board first in the 26th minute after Kerry Baptiste drilled home an Ansil Elcock cross past Metros goalkeeper Zach Wells on the far post."
Who see him in this game?

Football / Eve is a boss
« on: March 23, 2005, 06:15:43 PM »
The man pick up himself and is now an asset to the team.

Not too long ago he was getting licks on the board for his poor play but who score more than him in the last couple of months?

That is a warrior.  And doh forget he is one of the few on the team who could actually score from outside the box.

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