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Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: December 13, 2015, 10:28:30 AM »
Finger pointing start but some people pointing at the wrong person. Lasana have some sort of personal agenda against Phillips and it is clouding his objectivity.

The contract Phillips has was always a four year contract. Why would the man move from US for a two year contract? So there was no “extension”.

Also, I know the TTFA hasn’t paid any monthly rent for $22,000. His rent was lower, more like 15,000. The TTFA owes him  $243,000.

What Sheldon did was get the rent free offices at the stadium because at the time the TTFA was paying over $40,000 rent in their Ana Street office.

He found games for the teams. It was up to Tim Kee to make sure the players stipends and fees were paid by the ministry or a sponsor.

The real culprit here is Tim Kee. The only time players got money was when Phillips worked with Gary Griffith to get cabinet notes for the $10 million for the Men arrears and Gold Cup and $50,000 bonus for the women.

Tim Kee did nothing to get money for the players and I also hear that when asked to call on his contacts to help the players, it was like pulling teeth.

Fair is fair. Lots to be angry about but the person who was actually getting things done shouldn’t be the one to blame for the latest issues. Lasana has to be better and more professional.

I telling allyuh about Lasana long time... it's shocking to read some of the things he writes about Phillips.  And then he'll turn around and say "well if it not true, sue mih nah?"  Disgraceful.  He tried all kinda way to make it seem like Phillips was in cahoots with Millien in thiefing the Argentina money, deliberately giving Atiba Charles a pass, time after time.  At any rate, he keeps putting out stuff like Phillips "alleges" he had a contract extension, and how this was done in secret without the ExCo knowing anything.  There never was an extension, it indeed was a four-year contract.  The one person who was actually holding down the fort now being made out to the bad guy.  When people 'bad mind' yuh ish a hell of a thing yes.

Football / Re: 2015 International Tournament of Natal
« on: December 12, 2015, 11:30:51 PM »
jokey that we only have one GK in brazil now

Was this a last minute decision or they knew from before that Barron and Forbes would not be available?

Forbes got hurt in the collision with Morgan, remember?  Barron even subbed on late in the game, but I'm not sure why she pulled out.  In short, they didn't know they'd end up with just one keeper.  This Tournament is quickly descending into farce.  Even without the benefit of hindsight this was a poor decision to accept the invitation, but I still understand some of the reasoning why they did... so say what, time to make lemonade.

Too late. But elegant pivot for a supertanker.

Either your eyesight or your comprehension failing you, my position has been consistent all along, and that is that the players acted unreasonably. Never did it rise to the level of criticism.

In the end I won't criticize the players for their choice, I just find it lamentable.  Hopefully there will be movement afoot soon for a Players Association to get off the ground.  Kelvin Jack would be an ideal person to lead that charge, him or Shaka, but he seemingly has more time on his hands these days.  A Players Association would hopefully in future take charge of an emotional situation and lead with a dispassionate response.  Change must start with a collective bargaining agreement which would outline the scope of players' contracts, obligations on both parties, and proposals for avoiding future breakdowns, and solutions in the eventuality that they occur.

Football / Re: 2015 International Tournament of Natal
« on: December 11, 2015, 07:24:14 PM »
Diaz all? And they from Texas? Why they couldn't make the drive today?

Allyuh men is kicks yes... go ask the Brazilian embassy why they tell them to come yesterday and not today.


You were promised that you would be paid for the Guatemala WCQ matches.  Nobody talkin about when that payment was supposed to have been made.

This was implicitly addressed... that game was November 15, the US game was November 17.  The Nicaragua friendly was October 14th.  These are the matches they say they haven't been paid for.  Going all the way back to October 14th, that would put the oldest due payment at around 60 days late.  This is why I used that number.  Whatever "promise" was made, would have been made by Tim Kee, as he had fired Phillips and was running the show on his own at that point.

At that point the TTFA was being run by a an inexperienced person standing in for Phillips... that lasted two weeks.  Then the elections came, throwing everything off course.  DJW came in and immediately they were faced with the FIFA sanction issue over Pellerud's payment, preparing for the women's friendlies, meeting with Ministry of Sports etc.  And most importantly, STILL collecting payments from the US qualifier.  So if they still collecting payment, how were they supposed to pay them for that game?  At any rate, I won't bother going back and forth, is either folks see and accept that the actions were rash (as even the head coach alluded to) or they don't.

True.  If the late payment happen once....twice...maybe even 3 times.

What about ALL THE TIME?  And the way you end up getting paid in the past is to take/threaten strike action

What then? 

From the same customer/client?  Perhaps.  But if it's under new management then there's no need to start off doing business that way, at least give them a chance.

Football / Re: Honduran international footballer, Arnold Peralta, murdered
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:26:02 PM »

I have a bredrin from there and from what he describe da place rell rell dread.  He say soldiers used to kidnap yutes and yuh have to serve in the army when they ketch yuh

One morning when I invited them to breakfast, we encountered a taped-­off crime scene a few blocks from their house. A body was sprawled facedown on the sidewalk, and there was another in the street. You could see solid pieces in the blood around their heads. Forensic experts in white coats placed numbered markers near the bullet casings — 47 of them, so far. The few people who had gathered looked mostly unimpressed. Many passers-­by didn’t bother stopping.

‘‘It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that,’’ Villanueva said.

‘‘Welcome to Honduras,’’ Oscar said.

When I took them home several hours later, we passed the scene again. The crowd had dispersed, and the forensic experts were gone. The bodies, though, remained.

Nobody had covered them. Traffic carried on.

Football / Re: 2015 International Tournament of Natal
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:12:36 PM »
what news?

their visas not gonna come thru in time?

They wanted them to drive 5 hours roundtrip yesterday from San Antonio, back to Houston to pick up the visas... on matchday at that.  I know they didn't make that drive so chances are they don't have their visas.

Hey... I better call DJW to let him know that FIFA let the previous admin know that they have to pay Pellerud too or we country teams can get reprimanded, cause like ppl from previous admin wasn't telling him or asking him nothing.or maybe, he should just continue reading use excuse, he didn't see THIS or THAT post, as it suits his admin.

Thought the 1st thing would be to look at books, see what we owe, to who, and then see what we could afford to do, with what we have and what we can raise/work for...but I guess with so many tournaments and invitations happening, he got confused and didn't realize the credit card was maxed out, and only change in the right pocket, and a hole in the left.

Max you self... like allyuh ent understanding what allyuh reading or what?  He never said he didn't know about it.  Is not like he's saying he didn't know the players were owed money, he said he didn't know anything about strike until the press start contacting him.  The point about the phone call is to underscore the lack of professional courtesy on the parts of the players.  If something so fundamental doesn't make sense to allyuh fellas here, and allyuh is de educated ones, no wonder we in a mess when it comes to the average man on the street in TnT.

With all respect, tell that to your or anyone's employees and see what happens.

I deal with this on the regular with my clients.  Anybody who involved in any kind of business will encounter this at some point or the other, but yuh don't run to the press or the courts just because a payment is 60 days late, especially when there might be legitimate reasons for the payment being late.  Should the FA start suspending or blacklisting players if their clubs refuse to release them for games? I have no dog in the fight, at the end of the day I want what's best for TnT football, THIS is not the best way to start off a relationship, let alone resolve issues. 


The players can counter and say it not the proper way to continuously put them in a position where they feel they always have to resort to this sort of action to get items that are due to them.

At the heart of the matter is a lack of TRUST.  And I don't blame the players at all for that.

Remember.....KJ was once a W Connection player and very well familiar with the new TTFA President

Nobody is 'putting' them in any position, money tight and sometimes it runs slow.  The players are well-aware of this.  Money from the friendlies are still being accounted for, this is not unusual.  The Guatemala qualifier was only two months ago, payment isn't even late 60 days... is not 6 months we're talking here.  This is entirely premature given that they didn't even see fit to reach out to find out what could be done about the past-due arrears.

Yeah they should have atleast called him , but they must have thought they would have just gotten a promise of payment .And like Spideybuff said its to close to Christmas to make any misteps , must have thought it wiser to go for the jugular .
And they have to awkwardly call him now because he's waiting before he does anything , him , it seems, its just a rumour until he hears from them.
The meeting is on the 16th , that's a bit over a week before Christmas , so the check has to be cut by the 18th or we are gonna have some unhappy National Players.

Where are you getting that from?  He never said they must first call him before he will do anything.


The radio just reported that David John Williams said NO ONE from the senior team contacted him before releasing this statement.
It was stated in the Jackman article ,that no player had contacted him or the ttff which was sad .
So basically someone from the team has to personally contact him to let him know to deal with it and he would start.So call him Guys .
Also there a board meeting next week on the 16th where it will be discussed .

This is just stupid.  The point is that at least have a conversation and hear what the new administration is willing/able to do before yuh reach for the nuclear option of announcing strike, and via "Kenwyne Jones Media" at that.  That is not the proper way to do things.

Football / Re: David John Williams Thread.
« on: December 11, 2015, 11:07:08 AM »
This man has a great mind for football administration.

But if we have regulations that disallow a club owner from being TTFF Pres., it shows how much of a bananna repulbic we really are.

Not one person in the football fraternity has brought this up.

From JW and Sancho in football to Buxo Potts in Boxing we jus cah fokking learn.

Reaching for my popcorn. 

The opposite would be true.  While there are no "regulations" prohibiting someone from simultaneously owning a club and being TTFA President, there should be.  The issue of conflicts of interest are apparent for all to see.  Nowhere in any well-run football Association/Federation do you see this conflict existing, but we're the banana republic?

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 10, 2015, 10:52:31 PM »
They talking bout we federation and lack of financial resources and how we girls not getting paid.

I'm glad the commentators speaking about it... Is embarrassment we like... Hopefully the TTFA will finally give the Women the damn support they need...

I like how some ah allyuh casting this... you'd swear the TTFA sitting down on bags of money and just greedily refusing to pay "support" the women.  Like it's a deliberate choice to not support/pay them.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 10, 2015, 10:50:45 PM »
3 sides to every story kind sir
The Women's team has been disrespected by the TTFA for years as we all are aware


I don't doubt, and on that they have my support and my sympathies.  But again, if that is your mindset, then I don't agree with using the match as leverage at the last minute.  There's a new administration, give them a chance to at least try and make good on the outstanding debts.  I didn't agree with Kenwyne and the men, and I definitely don't agree with this from the women.  If your plan is to sit out the match then sit out the match.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 10, 2015, 10:10:22 PM »
Just read on another forum that our girls were not going to play the game because for match fees. USA fed had to step in and loan TTFA money to avoid a strike. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

Disgusting if true.  If you're that upset about match fees then why get on the f**king plane?  Again, we don't know if it's true, but if as a professional you know you won't play from jump then just politely decline the call up and let somebody else take your place.

Football / Re: Honduran international footballer, Arnold Peralta, murdered
« on: December 10, 2015, 09:54:16 PM »
Man.  Sad news... RIP

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 10, 2015, 09:38:50 PM »
I missed the pk and now about to ask if it was legit bc I know how the refs could be.

Long ball over the top for Morgan to chase, same plane.  Kimika comes for it, and as Soccer 19 says, two-fisted punch clear, just as Morgan hits her a Nigel De Jong in the ribs.  Bang-bang play, but Forbes clearly got the ball.  Even if she didn't, the way Morgan came in with a flying kick (even though, in fairness, she was only following the flight of the ball) it was clearly reckless.  Ref fished that call from out her nether regions.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 10, 2015, 09:10:58 PM »
Wha kinda bogus penalty was dat?

Never see more bullshit than that... that supposed to be red, at best, yellow on Morgan.  Ref in a f**king mess.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 10, 2015, 08:47:31 PM »
No Attin-Johnson?

She is/was in Brazil.  The Fed ain't (supposed to) have money like that.

Incredibly hasty.  Match was three weeks ago, money ent yet finish counting and already the players bawling "strike."  Man ent even spend a good night in the marital bed and honeymoon over yes, lol.

Football / Re: 2015 International Tournament of Natal
« on: December 10, 2015, 01:25:27 PM »
I could've sworn I read that somewhere but you're right, I won't hold my breath on that one. I'm hoping at least some of our first team players can join them.

The news I'm getting out of San Antonio isn't very promising at all.  At this point I'd say it's highly unlikely that either Waldrum or his son will be there.

Football / Re: 2015 International Tournament of Natal
« on: December 10, 2015, 11:51:53 AM »
As far as I understand, this is a all expense paid tournament for us. We were added last minute to replace a team that dropped out, however we were already scheduled to play 2 games vs the US. So after tonight's game, coach Waldrum and the squad will go join the other team at the tournament.
We could've declined the last minute invitation or we could've jumped on the opportunity running the risked of getting lambasted by Brazil for the first game with a weaker team. Given our financial state, we aren't in a position to turn down these kind of games at little or no cost to us. It's just unfortunate both invitations overlapped each other.

You sure about this?  Don't hold your breath.  I won't criticize the choice, but without the benefit of a full-strength team and the first team coach, I fail to see how this will benefit the senior women's program.

Football / Re: David John Williams Thread.
« on: December 10, 2015, 08:23:51 AM »
Last year, the T&TFA had its granting of the fund halted by FIFA for failing to maintain proper financial records and the cash strapped federation has to be dependent on the local Government as well as co-operate T&T to assist in the conducting of its financial affairs.

This paragraph sums up The Guardian in a nutshell. Inaccurate facts and poor grammar and spelling. Piss poor journalism.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:06:06 PM »
Sorry didn't mean it to be a calling out. Since I updated to Explorer 10 or whatever version it is now..I have been unable to utilize, the stuff above, like bolding, italics etc, including the smileys ..I may have to do something to fix that, not sure what yet. 
However, as we(you, 19 and me) had a discussion going, I thought I would "call you out" to show what may have caused my perceived misunderstanding. Not any issue to show or fight up. U should know me better than that by now. That being said, No biggie about who's fault or not. Doesn't matter where the blame lies, bottom line game cancelled. I just hope that they (America Soccer - whoever they are) see it fit to make it up to us in some way, financial(our minor expenses) or kind, or even some measure (I don't know how) of respect at least, for some future event or endeavour. If they don't or choose not to, then we SHOULD decline any future invitations and/or not extend any, at our further expense. Is all the point I trying to make, I guess.

Indeed  :beermug: 

And in fairness to you I probably misread the spirit in which it was meant and responded based on that.  One thing I wasn't sure of when I first commented was how far in advance the game was scheduled and whether there was ample time to inspect the field.  Gulati confirmed that they dropped the ball on that one, and he probably regretting it now, because lawsuit file (already!) and that is one of the things the lawyer done start harping on.  They not getting no treble damages, but they stand a good chance of getting all their expenses reimbursed.

As for TnT... I not too sure.  The contract likely would have had some provision with respect to cancellation, but flight alone would have set us back $20-$30,000 USD.  I guess we could try and sue to get that back... and get blacklisted by the number one Women's team in the world... say nothing of the cost and inconvenience.  Ideally something would be worked out, but I'm not sure we're in any position to be giving anybody ultimatums, or telling them we not playing them in the future.  That would be classic cutting off we nose to spite we face kinda thing.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 09, 2015, 12:47:18 AM »
My bad.. I thought this is what this meant
Sunil Gulati, the president of U.S. Soccer, said the last-minute cancellation of a women’s national team exhibition game over the weekend in Honolulu because of an unsafe artificial turf field was “absolutely a black eye for this organization,” and he apologized to the team’s fans, players and support staff for the federation’s “series of mistakes” in failing to ensure that the field was suitable for an international match.

Yes your "bad"...yuh coulda highlight that point without trying (and failing) to call me out.  I never said the USSF acted perfectly or didn't play their part.  Clearly Gulati admits that they erred in not sending someone to check on the condition of the field ahead of time as they normally do.  The question is who is responsible for the match being canceled and who is/would be responsible for compensating the TTFA.  The USSF not in charge of facilities so they could never be responsible for facilities being sub-par, when they contract with a third party to make sure that the facilities were up to par.  They not responsible for the failure of that third party to perform on the contract.  We could argue from a layman's perspective "who tuh blame" if that is what yuh trying to do, but ultimately Aloha Stadium management gave assurances that they could widen the pitch, then set about doing so in a sub-standard manner.  You want to blame the USSF then blame them all yuh want, ah guarantee yuh that Aloha Stadium paying first before USSF even look at their check book.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 08, 2015, 11:08:45 PM »
Bakes, I'aint sayin nothing..but wha is all that talk above bout  ;-)

Yuh right, yuh ent saying nothing... what is what "talk above" about?  Did you read anything saying the USSF accepts responsibility for the cancellation? Ah know they still teach English in 'Montreux,' so it shouldn't be hard to see that Gulati just trying to take front and stave off a growing PR problem.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 07, 2015, 08:32:16 PM »
Stadium management did a piss poor job in laying the turf, but ultimately the USSF has to shoulder the blame for this one. I honestly don't know they scheduled this game at that stadium in the first place.  The only thing that comes to mind is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor (the site of the attack, and memorial is less than a mile away) and perhaps they were planning on using this as a means of honoring the vets and memories of those who died.  Happy for the ladies that they at least got a chance to hit the beach, and Palos is correct, Waikiki is gorgeous.  Pity they didn't have a little more time to make the most of the visit.  The one downside is the extreme expense in traveling literally to the other side of the world.  If you were to find Hawaii on a globe it is almost exactly opposite TnT longitudinally.

Football / Re: Thread for USA Women vs T&T Women Games (06 & 10 - Dec-2015)
« on: December 07, 2015, 05:06:28 PM »

And what if TTFA incurred no cost whatsoever for the team to go to Hawaii?

The TTFA paid for the flight... but again, any responsibility for compensating the FA would lie with the party who breached the agreement, and if the USSF is not the one's causing the breach then they would never, in any way shape or form be responsible... except in the court of public opinion, since the public don't know any better.

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