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Football / Brazil's 1970 winning team voted best of all time
« on: July 09, 2007, 12:32:09 PM »
Brazil's 1970 winning team voted best of all time
By Mike Collett

LONDON (Reuters) - Brazil's 1970 World Cup winning team have been voted the best of all time in a global poll of experts conducted by World Soccer magazine.

The greatest goal of all time was judged to be Diego Maradona's mesmerizing second against England in Argentina's 2-1 quarter-final victory in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals in Mexico City.

The vote for the greatest match of all time completed a hat-trick for events that took place in World Cups in Mexico.

The experts opted for the 1970 semi-final in Mexico City in which Italy beat West Germany 4-3 after extra time.

World Soccer described Brazil's 1970 winners as "more than a team," adding: "the Brazilian side that won the 1970 World Cup in such style have become a myth, a team to be held up as the ultimate exponents of the beautiful game."

The second best team of all time was named as the Hungarian side of 1953 and the third best the Dutch side that lost the 1974 World Cup final to West Germany.

The AC Milan side of 1989-90 finished fourth, the highest-ranked club side. Real Madrid 1956-60, who won five successive European Cups, were voted sixth.

While Maradona topped the goalscorers' poll for his second against England, Marco van Basten's goal against the Soviet Union in the Netherlands' victory in the 1988 European Championship final was voted the second best.

Zinedine Zidane's stunning volley for Real Madrid in their 2002 Champions League final victory over Bayer Leverkusen was voted the third greatest of all time.

Following the Italy-West Germany semi-final as the best match was Liverpool's penalty shoot-out victory over AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League final. Real Madrid's 7-3 win over Eintracht Frankfurt in the 1960 European Cup final was voted the third greatest match.


Football / Enough is enough
« on: June 23, 2007, 04:25:20 PM »
Enough is enough

Officials call for football fraternity to make changes

Ian Prescott iprescott@trinidadexpress.com

Saturday, June 23rd 2007
FOOTBALL TALK: Clayton Morris, left, vice-president of the Football Players Association of Trinidad and Tobago, engages Larry Romany, the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee chairman, at a panel discussion on the state of Trinidad and Tobago football a year after playing in the World Cup. 

"It seems that every time our national team succeed and have the attention of the rest of the world and the focus is on our stars, administrators create situations as these, start all over again by bringing in inexperienced players, offer them next to nothing, and then get poor results like we got in the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup. There is no continuity and we keep starting over all the time instead of building on success. It seems as if no team or player must ever become too successful," said Clayton Morris, a former national captain, and now ice-president of the newly-established Football Players Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

Morris was speaking at a June seminar hosted by the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies. The panel discussion took place on Monday night at the offices of the Development Finance Corporation, Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain and saw panelists Morris, David John Williams and Larry Romany making contributions.

Also among the audience was Deryck Murray, president of Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board. All three members of the panel, as well as members of the forum, agreed that there has been no growth since T&T played in their first FIFA World a year ago. They suggested it was time that "an enough is enough" approach be taken with the administrators of local football.

"The players who finally took us to the World Cup after 40 years, as mentioned before, and brought so much joy to our hearts, are now victimised for standing up for what is rightfully theirs," Morris lamented. "They should not be called 'greedy' just because they are asking for transparency. All the players are asking for is to see the accounts for the World Cup campaign."

In contrast, Romany said he had no sympathy with those who are victimised by football administrators because in large part, no one was willing to do anything to remove the same administrators. Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee, Romany said that there was general lack of management skill among the 32 association under the TTOC. He was of the view that no administration should have more than two terms or eight years in charge, because they were bringing nothing new idea to the table. According to Romany, many associations play a game of musical chairs, where the same people assumed different positions, and largely, the same administration remained in place.

"People have set up a structure that locks them in for life. But, that is because when the time comes for meeting, no one turns up. Nobody wants to go to a meeting and say we voting out the 'hero' there. We just want to complain," said Romany, who further added that a lot of people in football don't want to stand on their own two feet, but instead prefer to depend on the powers that be.

David John Williams, president of the W Connection football team, said that the state of development in local youth football was very, very poor and believed that the "Colleges League" was doing little to help . John Williams said that in larger football-playing countries, professional clubs were largely responsible for developing young players and not schools. Hence, Carlos Tevez, Maxi Lopez and Fernando Torres were already attached to professional clubs when they played at the 2001 FIFA Under-17 World Championship in T&T. Except, for Southampton's Kenwyne Jones, John Williams said no T&T players from the 2001 team had developed to make an international impact.

John Williams said that there was a general lack of development and this is mirrored by the state of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) after almost a hundred years in existence.

"One hundred years later, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) do not own a parrot on a stick," John Williams said, while comparing football's achievements to that of the local cricket board who now have a home and a national training centre.

Football / Dale Mitchell hired as Canada's soccer coach
« on: May 17, 2007, 08:15:39 PM »
Dale Mitchell hired as Canada's soccer coach
May 17, 2007

AP - May 17, 12:46 pm EDT
More Photos
TORONTO (AP) -- Dale Mitchell was hired as Canada's soccer coach Thursday, inheriting a national team that is ranked 94th and has not been to the World Cup since 1986.

He replaces Frank Yallop, who quit last June to coach the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Mitchell, a former star player who was on the '86 team, has coached the under-20 team the last five years. He will move into his new job once the world under-20 championships end in July. His first game will be Aug. 22 at Iceland.

"I think national teams have to be about something more. ... I would never be against having a foreign person on my staff, if that person could help us," Mitchell told a news conference at BMO Field. "But I think there's something to the entire group all being from the same country and all being from the country that they're representing when they go into battle in those qualifying matches."

Mitchell also has worked as an assistant to the national under-17, under-20 and senior teams. He is a former coach of the year in the A-League.

"This job to me is essentially about two things," he said. "It's about Canadian players, and it's about CONCACAF where we have to compete. I've been involved with those two things during the last 30 years."

CONCACAF covers North and Central America and the Caribbean, with three automatic qualifying berths for the World Cup and a shot at a fourth via a playoff.

Former national team coach Bob Lenarduzzi believes Canada can qualify for the 2010 World Cup if it takes the right approach.

"We have a good core of players," he said. "And the trick will be to get that core of players and to get them to all buy into a philosophy that is team-first."

Mitchell understands he is in a "results-oriented business."

"To me, it means you have to be resilient and hard to beat defensively, and tight and organized and on the same page," he said. "You have to have a commitment to defending, you have to have an ability to hit teams quickly in today's game. You have to be able to play the transition game."

Stephen Hart, the coach of Canada's under-17 team, was appointed Mitchell's assistant. Hart will lead the Canadian team at next month's Gold Cup next while Mitchell is with the under-20 squad.


Warner pulls T&T at U-17 draw.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

FIFA Vice President Jack Warner issued a warning to the team's in T&T Under 17 Championship group as he pulled Trinidad and Tobago during the draw for the Finals on Thursday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.
"Beware of Trinidad and Tobago!" Warner said.
The T&T delegation of head coach Anton Corneal and manager Christo Gouveia were in praise of Warner for pulling T&T as they looked ahead to the tournament with optimism. Warner took part in the draw as chairman of the organising committee for the tournament.
Following the draw and a sumptuous dinner, Warner invited Corneal and Gouveia to his suite where they planned strategies for the team for the next two months involving several camps and matches in South America and Europe. Warner has also arranged for Corneal and Gouveia to visit T&T's Korean venue on Friday as well as the team's hotel and has assured them that he will leave no stone unturned to ensure the team's comfort in Korea as well as their best performance on the field.
"We shall take nothing for granted as it relates to this team and its preparation for the Championship. This is the future of Trinidad and Tobago before us and while we would have made our mark in Germany last year, now this is our opportunity to remind the same Germans what we are capable of on the field of play. Our flag will once again be flown at the highest mark in Korea for the world to see and we shall leave no stone unturned in the build up to our appearance in Korea," Warner told TTFF Media.
Warner has also arranged a thank you celebration for the team and the members of their families as well as friends of the local football fraternity for 10am this Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. He has also advised the host country, Korea, that T&T will be interested in having a charter flight for T&T, especially its young people, to attend the tournament and plans are now afoot to make this a reality. There are no visa restrictions between T&T and Korea. Warner returns to T&T on Friday night and Corneal and Gouveia on Sunday morning.

Football / Going Korea with U17 player Stephen Knox.
« on: May 09, 2007, 02:21:25 PM »
Going Korea with U17 player Stephen Knox.
By: Saun Fuentes (TTFF).

This young and ambitious striker will go down in the record books as one who scored T&T's all important 2-1 victory over Canada to set them on course for their first ever qualification for a FIFA Under 17 World Championship. Knox, from Arima and a member of the CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh club talks about his days growing up, his hopes, his ambitions and shows signs of having a clever and level head on his shoulders.

Tell a bit about your up bringing. Your early footballing experience?
As a younger boy, I was fortunate to have three older brothers who encouraged me to play football. They kept behind me. I went Arima Boys RC and we won a few titles there. Then I was at 1st FC Santa Rosa and some other smaller clubs. I started at Joe Public at age 14 and now I have been with CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh for two years now.

You must have idols. Who are they and why?
Internationally it’s Ronaldo. And locally I would say Angus Eve. He was a good player and he was determined to make it. He coaches at Jabloteh as well and talks to me on a normal basis a lot of times.

What’s your favourite food?
Anything my mom cooks.

Who is your Favourite international player and club?
Ronaldo and Real Madrid.

What other sports you fancy?
Just Football !

What would go down as your most memorable moment in the game so far?
When I scored four goals in our 8-1 win over Aruba and also when I scored for Fatima College against Mucurapo SC to win the North Intercol title. Most memorable moment in the game.

What brand of boots you wear on the pitch?

At what age did you decide that you wanted to have a serious go at football?
At age ten. That year we reached the semi-finals of the National Primary Schools Competition. I was the captain but we lost to Egypt Primary. Jean Luc Rochford from this Under 17 team was also on the team with me back then.

Who helped you make that call to get more into the football beat?
My father pushed me a lot. Mom wanted me to focus more on the academics  as she didn’t consider football a long term surety plan. But now she has accepted my football ambitions. My dad John is a retired lecturer at COSTATT and my mom is a retired Primary School Principal.

What drives you?
This comes from my parents! From the earlies my mom always made sure I did my schoolwork and If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to go out on the football field. I transferred from Holy Cross College to Fatima College in Form Four and the principal there Anthony Garcia was responsible for that move.

What advice you would have to other youngsters like yourself who are trying to make it and may not have the resources or similar backing like yourself?
Keep your head up. Never look down at yourself. If you want to do something, go all out and things will start happening positively for you.

Tell us who are some of the coaches you would have come up under?
Gwenwyn Cust and Angus Eve at Jabloteh, Keith Look Loy and Anton Corneal with the national team.

What are your dreams for the next four-five years?
Hopefully I would like to see myself in a foreign professional club either in Spain or England or even if the opportunity comes up for me to further my studies in the USA and play football at the same time. I would like to major in Economics.

Why Economics?
I just like it generally. I’m also good in History.

Did the Soca Warriors inspire you in some way?
What they accomplished inspired me a lot especially since the average “Trini” said the team would not be able to make it and was just a bunch of talented players who couldn’t get it right together. They proved everybody wrong and showed the world that they could achieve success and do it with all the determination and courage.

How do you relax away from football ?
Sometimes I just prefer to be alone at home, sleep or lime with family members and friends.

Do you think footballers your age work hard enough in an attempt to accomplish their goals?
Honestly I think some players just do enough to get by and it’s because of the options we have in Trinidad and Tobago. We don’t necessarily have to fight hard to be a footballer and we have other outdoor options. If you look at the poorer places in Costa Rica and Honduras, they have to fight more to achieve something and support their families. We in T&T are of a more relaxed nature. But the guys in this team have showed a willingness to work hard and that’s a good sign for the future. With the right guidance which we already getting, hopefully we could move on to bigger things and be an inspiration to others.

Does your last comment inspire you to become a better person and player?
It does at times but sometimes it could all get the better of you and you can become the average person again and maybe be sidetracked. That’s when it’s time to pull your socks up.

Player Info

Name – Stephen Knox
Position – Forward
Club – San Juan Jabloteh
School – Fatima College
Date of Birth – September 3, 1990
Hometown – Arima

Football / U.S. players hope for cash boost from Beckham effect
« on: May 08, 2007, 02:45:57 PM »
U.S. players hope for cash boost from Beckham effect
By Simon Evans

MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) - U.S. soccer players are hoping that the impending big-money arrival of David Beckham in Major League Soccer will make them all a little bit richer.

Beckham signed for MLS side LA Galaxy in January in a deal which will earn him a reported $250 million over five years in overall earnings.

That is an unthinkable figure for any other player in a league which, in financial terms, remains dwarfed by the U.S.'s traditional sports of basketball, baseball and American football.

Even without the sponsorship and marketing deals, the former England captain's basic annual salary of $5.5 million is more than 50 times the average for the league according to salary figures released by the MLS Players Union.

Beckham's new team-mate LA Galaxy forward Robbie Findley earns a salary of just $36,000 but the union believes overall player earnings could rise as a result of the 31-year-old's move from Spain's Real Madrid.

"The interesting thing is that he negotiated a deal which was based on what the market would bear for his services which unfortunately does not happen that often in the MLS," union executive director Bob Foose told Reuters.

Unlike in Europe, where clubs strike individual deals with players, nearly all MLS salary arrangements are set by the league itself.

Beckham signed for Galaxy under a new 'designated player' arrangement which allows each club to sign one player on their own terms. The two next best paid players in MLS are both designated players - Mexican Cuauhtemoc Blanco who will play for Chicago Fire, is set to bring in $2.5 million while Colombian striker Juan Pablo Angel will earn $1.5 million with New York Red Bulls according to the union's figures.


An MLS official declined to comment on the player earnings and the league issued a statement saying: "We do not comment on the salaries of our players because it is a private matter and not appropriate for us to do so."

Foose hopes that in the future more players will be able to strike individual deals such as Beckham's.

"He has negotiated a deal on his market value - and that is great. There are not many players worth what he is but it is about accessing a real market," he said.

"The reason that we published the numbers was the hope that it creates upward pressure on salaries. We hope Beckham can create that upward pressure. I don't want to overstate the influence of one player but it helps. Average salaries have been increasing in the past year," said Foose.

The union chief said that U.S. players also suffer from a lack of competition - English and European clubs, among the biggest payers in world soccer, are deterred from signing American players due to work permit restrictions.

The top earning American player in MLS is Claudio Reyna who is on a $1 million deal with New York.

Beckham's career in the U.S, is expected to begin in August but the money-spinning around his move has already begun.

Celebrity Web sites reported earlier this month that Beckham and his pop star wife Victoria have bought a 13,000 sq foot, nine-bathroom home in Beverly Hills valued at $22 million. Victoria will chronicle the family's move to LA in a six-episode reality show for U.S. television.

Updated on Monday, May 7, 2007 5:43 pm EDT


Football / Warm welcome at Piarco for World Cup bound U-17’s
« on: May 08, 2007, 02:36:34 PM »
Warm welcome at Piarco for World Cup bound U-17’s       

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Tuesday, 08 May 2007 
 By Randy Bando…

The Trinidad and Tobago national Under-17 footballers received a heartwarming welcome at the Piarco International Airport on Monday night when they returned from their successful Under-17 World Cup qualifying tournament in Jamaica.

The ‘Young Warriors’ led by Coach Anton Corneal created local history as the first squad to qualify for the Under-17 tournament and only the fourth Caribbean nation to achieve such an accomplishment.

Trinidad and Tobago earned their spot in the 2007 Under-17 World Cup in Korea by defeating home team Jamaica 1-0 in their last qualifying match on Sunday.

It was the Piarco Airport VIP Lounge that was filled with emotions on Monday night with TTFF Vice President Raymond Tim Kee present, Government Ministers headed by the Minister of Sport Mr. Roger Boynes and Minister of Community Development and Gender Affairs Joanne Yuille Williams, parents of the young national players, die hard supporters, the local media and of course, the heroes themselves led by their coaching contingency of Anton Corneal and the national senior coach Wim Rijsbergen who had traveled along with the youngsters in Jamaica.

Another main attraction in the VIP Lounge was local artiste Kees Diffenthaller who had accompanied the ‘Young Warriors’ on their trip to Jamaica. Kes also took time to render a couple of his songs welcoming the players home as they all joined in singing loudly to the astonishment of all present.

Opening the congratulations on behalf of the TTFF was Vice President Raymond Tim Kee who said, “Nobody except us at the Federation held the belief that we would have two teams representing us at the World Cup. After we had qualified for the senior World Cup last year there was skepticism as to if we had the talent to qualify for this under-17 tournament, after all we have never qualified for this tournament only participating in it as hosts a few years ago,” he said.

He then congratulated the ‘Young Warriors’ and thanked all for their support, “When we beat Canada it was a shock to all and then we beat Jamaica and I have to say that was a great achievement by these youngsters and I have to thank even their parents for their longstanding support,” said the TTFF Vice President.

Meanwhile a satisfied national under-17 coach, Anton Corneal took time to thank all who made it possible including the likes of Peter Pierre, Dion La Foucade and Ken Elie and national head Coach Wim Rijsbergen. Other names mentioned by the Under-17 coach were Olympic Medalist Ato Boldon, Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene, his father Alvin Corneal and FIFA Vice President Mr. Jack Warner for their inspirational chats with his young troops before the qualifiers.

The Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Coach Wim Rijsbergen also added his thoughts saying that this is just the beginning of what is to come, “After a long fight this of course is just the beginning. I have been watching the under 15 and under 16 levels here in Trinidad over the past two years and the standard has been growing bit by bit. There is still a lot of hard work to come from this team and hopefully we have the same staff to go along. We have had a lot of support from the government, the TTFF and the parents of these players,” said the Dutchman.

Speaking on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago at the welcome ceremony, the Honorable Minister of Sport Mr. Roger Boynes promised the young players that the government would always be supportive while congratulating them on their achievement.

The emotions climaxed with the ‘Young Warriors’ chanting their pre-match chant which they created and the curtains came down with a closing prayer followed by the entertaining sound of steel-pan music.

Trinidad and Tobago will join fellow CONCACAF Nations Haiti, Honduras, Costa Rica and United States at the FIFA Under-17 World Championship which kicks off in Korea on August 18 and runs until September 9 of this year.

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  Kevin Molino: National Under-17 Player
  Ryan O'Neil: National Under-17 Captain 

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Football / Perennial Powerhouses clash early in Courts Pro Bowl
« on: May 05, 2007, 08:40:02 AM »
Perennial Powerhouses clash early in Courts Pro Bowl       

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Saturday, 05 May 2007 
By Randy Bando….

Reigning Courts Pro Bowl Champions CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh seeking their 3rd consecutive title were drawn to face strong rivals and last year’s finalists Vibe CT 105 W Connection in the quarter finals.

The launch of this year’s competition was held in the Kayak Room of the Kapok Hotel, St Clair on Friday and was attended by managers and team captains of the Pro League Clubs, Courts Marketing Director Cindy-Ann Gatt and Marketing Manager Melanie Foster.

Of course the feature clash of the quarter-finals would be Jabloteh against W Connection as both teams have met in all three finals in the Courts Pro Bowl competition, with the San Juan based team surfacing as champions in 2005 and 2006 and the ‘Savonetta Boys’ winning the first ever title back in 2004.

In this year’s episode things are surely going to be different based on the draw as one of the traditional powerhouses will face an early exit and competition seems to be wide open with all teams already producing some quality football so far this season and it can prove difficult to pinpoint a clear favorite.

The other quarter-final draws saw top of the table and defending Pro League Champions Joe Public pair off with United Petrotrin, Caledonia AIA clash with Superstar Rangers and a qualifying round between the bottom four teams which includes Police FC, Tobago United, North East Stars and Defence Force will be decided next Tuesday.

Courts Marketing Manager Melanie Foster spoke on behalf of her company, the official sponsor of the tournament and she expressed their commitment to the League.

Foster said, “The TT Pro League is a beacon of hope to many young players, especially those in disadvantaged communities who may have no other avenues when they leave school. From these Clubs comes some of our future stars and these are the players that may bring us future glory in the World Cups yet to come and this is why a third year in a row we at courts continue to contribute substantially to the League.”

Already this year’s competition has a great stir with a boost in the prize structure as well as some exciting prizes for the fans and media explained by Melanie Foster.

“There would be door prizes, our exciting ‘Kick for Cash’, a ‘Bow Flex’ sports home gym for the most valuable player of the tournament and of course the prize money.”

The marketing Manager concluded her speech by saying she hopes the Courts Pro Bowl starts with a ‘Bang’.

In the opening remarks Chief Executive of the TT Pro League, Dexter Skeene, thanked Courts for their dedicated sponsorship of the competition.

He said, “The League has initiated several efforts to highlight and develop the players, our number one asset of the Pro League and we are making every effort to motivate them and make sure they are given the right incentives and in addition Courts has stepped up to the plate again this year for the first knockout competition of the season.”

“This one is exciting. It’s once again winner takes all with only the winner going home with the substantial amount of prize money. Last year the winner took home over a hundred thousand dollars, starting with fifty thousand dollars from courts, but this year Courts have started at seventy-five thousand dollars and I want to congratulate Courts again on their giving of over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sponsorship,” said a delighted TT Pro League CEO.

He also commended the Clubs for their impressive start to the 2007 season and their dedication to the Pro League, “We have a line-up of ten teams this season of which Police FC has been added and they are making it much more competitive. We are going guns and we are very happy with the start of the 2007 season. We have had some upsets with the likes of Superstar Rangers and Caledonia being at the top of the League at one time and this arguers well for the Pro League.”

Mr. Skeene also made more aware of a couple of Media related entities produced by the Pro League and their goal of being self-sustainable, “Over the period of time we would begin to develop a sustainable and viable industry. We are currently negotiating a television contract and we expect that to be launched soon where you would have live matches every weekend and we are going to make sure football in Trinidad and Tobago is in the homes of each and every individual. We are also delivering twenty thousand copies of the Pro League Magazines each month throughout Trinidad,” explained Mr. Skeene.

Courts Pro Bowl Schedule

Qualifying Round
Hasely Crawford Stadium—Tuesday 8th May

Police FC vs Tobago United – 5 pm
North East Stars vs Defence Force – 7 pm

Quarter Final Round
Larry Gomes Stadium & Mannie Ramjohn Stadium—Friday 12th May

A=Joe Public vs United Petrotrin
B=Caledonia AIA vs Superstar Rangers
C=(Police vs Tobago United) vs (North East Stars vs Defence Force)
D=W Connection vs San Juan Jabloteh

Semi Final Round
Mannie Ramjohn Stadium—Friday 18th May
A vs D      =M
B vs C      =N

Mannie Ramjohn Stadium—Friday 25th May

Winner    M vs       Winner N
Loser       M vs       Loser N

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NO LIVE Matches
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Next LIVE Update
on Saturday 5th May


Latest Results
Tuesday 1st May
Joe Pub 0  vs  1 Cale 
Rangers 2  vs  2 W Conn 
Utd Pet 2  vs  0 NEStars 
Police 2  vs  0 Tob Utd 
D Force 0  vs 1 Jabloteh 

Match Report
Saturday's Matches
Cale  vs   D Force   
Jabloteh  vs   Utd Pet   
Tob Utd  vs   Joe Pub   
W Conn  vs   Police   
NEStars  vs   Rangers   
Match Videos  Match Day 5 - RD 1
Goals of Round 1, Day 5
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 Top Goalscorers
1  Errol Mc Farlane 8
2  Kendall Jagdeosingh 3
3  Gary Glasgow 3
4  Peter Byer 3
5  Sylvester Teesdale 2
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Keen rivalry as the 2007 Courts Pro Bowl Set to kick off       

Thursday, 03 May 2007 
The level of intense rivalry and stern competition already existing in the early part of the 2007 Pro League competition, one can only imagine the trills and unexpected twists and turns that is to come, when the 2007 COURTS PRO BOWL kicks off on May 8th.

CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh are the defending champions and will be going after their 3rd consecutive Pro Bowl title having won the title back to back in 2005 and 2006.

Any number can play this year, as the likes of Caledonia AIA, United Petrotrin and W Connection will all go down as favorites to take home the prize monies.

This tournament in unique as the prize structure is simply ‘Winner takes all’....there is no room for losers....everybody else walks away empty handed.


Pro Bowl Qualifiers.........8 May, 2007

Quarter finals................11 May, 1007

Semi-finals...................18 May, 2007

Finals..........................25 May, 2007


Football / Tuesday’s Preview - The Stallions enter the Lions den
« on: April 30, 2007, 07:48:33 PM »
Tuesday’s Preview - The Stallions enter the Lions den       

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Monday, 30 April 2007 
By Randy Bando...

Yet to be beaten this season, Joe Public are not only showing off their unbeaten run, but their new artificial turf at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya which would be used for the first time on Tuesday, as Caledonia seek to stop the Joe Public winning streak.


Joe Public vs Caledonia AIA
Centre of Excellence—5pm



Caledonia AIA main aim on match day five would be to stop the Lions unbeaten run so far this season. Joe Public have so far registered 3 wins and one draw from their four matches. The ‘Stallions’ need a win this week to make up for their very disappointing 2-0 loss to United Petrotrin in their last match after an impressive start this season.
However, despite enjoying the better head to head clashes between the two teams, it will be no easy task for the Jamaal Shabazz coached team and strikers Nigel Codrington and Dwight Peters would have to be at their best. Joe Public’s Cuban coaches would be in a confident mood after their impressive 3-1 victory over Police FC in their last match and before that an even more impressive 2-0 win over powerhouse W Connection. The ‘Eastern Lions’ would again be depending on the experience of national teammates Gary Glasgow and Kerry Baptiste along with skipper Dale Saunders to team-up and do some damage.

Superstar Rangers vs W Connection
Hasely Crawford Stadium—5pm


This middle of the table clash would be very interesting as W Connection’s Coach Stuart Charles Fevrier would have his hands full when he comes up against a revamped Superstar Rangers outfit.
Rangers striker and Captain Errol Mc Farlane the current leading goal scorer this season, will be once again a threat as he looks to continue his prolific form and add to his 6 goals. Both teams however, are coming disappointing results in their last matches with Connection scraping one point against North East Stars and Rangers suffering a 3-2 loss against Jabloteh. Rangers have really impressed this season although losing their last match. Defender Milton Gomez, midfielder Kerwin Jemmott and Errol Mc Farlane have really stepped up for the St Anns based team and they are looking a dangerous unit. It is now left to see how much of a resistance W Connection could put up after they failed to hit the back of the net against North East Stars.

Defence Force vs San Juan Jabloteh
Hasely Crawford Stadium—7pm


Jabloteh have been on the up and up since their lackadaisical start this season going down 3-0 to Caledonia in their first match. The ‘San Juan Kings’ since then have produced some awesome performances registering two back to back victories against North East Stars and Superstar Rangers. A key influential aspect in Coach Terry Fenwick’s team is Antiguan striker Peter Byers who is in his first season in the TT Pro League. Defence Force on the other hand have failed by their standards so far only managing four points in as many matches this season, even being held goalless against minnows Tobago United in their last match. Veteran captain Anton Pierre would need to marshal his men if they were to upset the Jabloteh in this match. A big ask for coach Kerry Jamerson and his men.

United Petrotrin vs North East Stars
Mannie Ramjohn Stadium—5pm



They are both on five points and have done well in their last outing. United Petrotrin have produced and upset against Caledonia winning 2-0 while North East Stars only managed a goalless draw against W Connection.
Petrotrin head coach Brian Williams continues to plead with his strikers for goals and he got it against Caledonia, now he would want to capitalize on his team’s form against the Sangre Grande based team. Sylvester Teesdale and Abiola Clarence would be his main men up front against the North East defence. The ‘Grande Stars’ would try and punish the southerners after failing a win in their last two matches and coach James Mc Lean would be asking a lot from his three prong attack of Kendall Jagdeosingh, Randolph Jerome and Anthony Wolfe who returned to the Club after a one week trial with English Championship Club Luton Town.

Police FC vs Tobago United
Dwight Yorke Stadium—6pm



This would be a very interesting bottom of the table clash with newcomers Police FC aiming for their second win this season against the team that have always occupied the bottom of the table.
The ‘Policemen’ are only one point ahead of Tobago United but have proven they can score goals, registering in their last three matches. Coached by former national goal keeper Michael Maurice the ‘Lawmen’ have relied heavily on their experience led by skipper Neri Joseph and Kenwin Matthew and others to take them through their first Pro League season.
With the Tobagonians it’s a bit different. Peter Granville has had a hard time at the start of the season losing his first two matches but recently showed some fight earning goalless draws against United Petrotrin and Defence Force, but needs to find the back of the net if they are to get their first win of the season in this match.

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Latest Results
Tuesday 24th
W Conn 0  vs  0 NEStars 
Utd Pet 2  vs  0 Cale   
D Force 0  vs  0 Tob Utd 
Jabloteh 3  vs  2 Rangers   
Police 1     3 Joe Pub 

Match Report
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Joe Pub  vs   Cale   
Rangers  vs   W Conn   
Utd Pet  vs   NE Stars   
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 Top Goalscorers
1  Errol Mc Farlane 6
2  Kendall Jagdeosingh 3
3  Gary Glasgow 3
4  Peter Byer 3
5  Sylvester Teesdale 2
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Football / Japanese Star Hails Latapy
« on: April 27, 2007, 09:37:27 AM »
Scotland’s Professional Footballers Association “ Player of the Year” for 2006/2007 Shunsuke Nakamura paid tribute to former national captain Russell Latapy by disclosing on Monday that he had actually voted for the Falkirk player as his choice for the season’s top accolade.

Nakamura, a hero for Celtic by scoring their goal which copped the League title for them this month, confessed that he felt Latapy was the perfect pick for the award. Latapy though, despite earning several rave reviews this season, was edged out on making the “Team of the Year” by club teammate Alan Gow who is likely to head to Glasgow Rangers for next season.

Latapy was actually though rated highly by the Falkirk Herald this week as they described his presence along with striker Anthony Stokes, now at Sunderland , as one of the major reasons for the club’s happiness this season. “ Falkirk have played some of the best football of any team this season, and this pair are a prime reason why. Stokes scored successive hat-tricks against Dundee United and Dunfermline , but left in January. Latapy pulled the strings in midfield and was the inspiration for Falkirk 's first win over Rangers in the league for 35 years,” the paper stated. Latapy meantime is expected to sign a new deal to remain at least another season in the Scottish top flight. (April 27, 2007)

Football / Silvio ready to return for Connection.
« on: April 26, 2007, 03:02:59 PM »
Silvio ready to return for Connection.
By: Randy Bando (ttproleague).

Vibe CT 105 W Connection and Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Silvio Spann may very well be in the starting line up for the ‘Savonetta Boys’ next week Tuesday against Superstar Rangers after a long layoff due to a shoulder operation done back in January.
Silvio took part in his Club’s pre-season training but didn’t get the clearance to start at the beginning of the season missing his team’s first four matches of the Pro League, but now the 25 year old player is hoping to be included in Coach Stuart Charles Fevrier’s team for next week’s match.
“I am ready to return and I think that I am match fit. It’s now a matter for the coach to select me for next week’s match,” said the national midfielder who is also currently enjoying training with the national team under Coach Wim Rijsbergen this week.
Silvio Spann dislocated his shoulder while on national training last December missing out on the Digicel Caribbean Cup in January. He then traveled with W Connection to Brazil for a pre-season tour and had surgery done to his shoulder while the rest of his Club was in that country preparing for their CONCACAF Club Championship matches against Chivas of Mexico.
Now the national player is in a blissful mode for his comeback speaking with ‘ttproleague.com’, “When I had done the surgery in January the doctors in Brazil said that it would take two months to heal and then I would need to do rehabilitation on the shoulder, but the whole process took longer.”
“Now I am just happy it’s healed and I am ready to be back. I have been doing therapy on my shoulder all this time and even practiced with my Club during pre-season. We have a good physiotherapist at the Club from Brazil and he has been doing a great job,” he said.
He has also been working with the physiotherapist from the national team at Centre of Excellence, and he confirmed, he has another evaluation on Saturday and then the doctor would let him know if it would be wise to play on Tuesday, but from all reports the doctors are amazed at his recovery.
Watching from the stands Silvio Spann is impressed at the level of the game in the Pro League for the 2007 season.
He said, “There is more to play for this season and already we can see an improvement in the standard. I believe it has improved because of the incentives such as the car for the Player of the Year and the pre-season work that teams have put in. I am quite impressed with all the Clubs with the exception of Tobago United who I hope can step it up. All this is good for our local game,” exclaimed the 25 year old.
W Connection currently sits fifth on the League Table after a less than impressive start to their 2007 campaign but Silvio is confident of resurgence and blames the slow start on the teams rebuilding process.
“We are considered a big team but we have had a very hard load from the beginning of 2007 with the Caribbean Club Championship and then the CONCACAF Cup matches, so we didn’t have the type of pre-season sessions that other Clubs would have had.”
“Our team is young this season and is in construction, but I am not worried. We would get better and the season is very young. We would be back to the normal Connection and display our superiority,” ended Silvio Spann.

Football / D.C. United signs F Addlery
« on: April 24, 2007, 07:23:43 PM »
D.C. United signs F Addlery
April 24, 2007
WASHINGTON (TICKER) -- D.C. United on Tuesday signed forward Nicholas Addlery at undisclosed terms.

Addlery had previously played for the United Soccer League's Virginia Beach Mariners, who folded on March 30 due to a lack of ownership.

A native of Jamaica, Addlery joined D.C. United on a trial basis earlier this month and scored two goals in the team's reserve scrimmage against Harrisonburg on April 11.

United apparently thought enough of the performance to give Addlery the final spot on its 28-man roster.

"Nicholas has impressed us during the last few weeks of training, and he has earned the opportunity to be on out roster," United technical director Dave Kasper said. "He is a strong target striker who puts away chances in front of the goal."

Addlery already has a green card and therefore will not count as United's senior international player. The 6-1 striker has played internationally in the Vietnamese First Division and in the Trinidad and Tobago First Division.

United is 0-2-0 this season and visits Columbus on Saturday in its next contest.


Tuesday's preview - Can Rangers spoil Jabloteh's resurgence?       
Monday, 23 April 2007 
By Joel Villafana...

Last season this question would not have even been asked, but this year no team can take anything for granted and local giants CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh will be very aware of that having suffered a 3-0 defeat to Caledonia in their first match of the season.

But the boys from San Juan seem to be on an upward climb back to the top of the table. But the question still remains – Can Rangers be a spoke in their wheel?

Jabloteh vs Superstar Rangers
Hasely Crawford Stadium, 7 p.m.



This contest is undoubtedly one of the key match ups on match day 4. It’s the clash of two of the league’s most powerfully built strikers and they both seem to be in form. Jabloteh’s Antiguan import Peter Byers will come face to face with T&T’s very own Errol Mc Farlane, Skipper of Superstar Rangers. It goes without saying who ever enjoys the better night, his team will come out on top.
Rangers skipper Mc Farlane is the league’s leading goalscorer this season so far on 4 goals, but the former Lebanese based player fired blanks in his last match when his side went under to Caledonia 0-1, while his opponent Peter Byers returned from a one match suspension like a hungry lion netting a brace to lead Jabloteh to their first win of the season.
The both teams face different objectives going into the match– Jabloteh need a win to continue their climb up the standings, while Rangers enjoying a dream start this season are 3rd on the standings looking to regain the top spot.

Defence Force vs Tobago United
Hasely Crawford stadium, 5 pm


On paper this one seems to be easy pickings for Defence Force, as the soldiers should get past the ‘Boys from the sister isle’, but stranger things have happened. The Army after suffering back to back opening losses are coming off their first win of the season defeating newcomers Police 2-1, and the Kerry Jamerson coached unit will want to make sure they take away maximum points from Tobago as well.
But Peter Granville and his men continue to search for success; they surprisingly held the 2006 Toyota Champions United Petrotrin to a goalless draw in their last match, and with their first point on the board who knows what this momentum can bring.

W Connection vs North East Stars
Larry Gomes Stadium, 5 pm




W Connection and North East Stars find themselves in a similar scenario, trying to rebound from a defeat. Connection went down 2-0 to champions Joe Public, while North East suffered the same fate, the same result at the hands of Jabloteh.
For Connection it’s a case of coach Fevrier getting his young bucks to get it right on the pitch. The likes of Kern Cupid, Dwight Scott, Hughton Hector and Nicolson Thomas must all rise to the occasion if W Connection are to mount a serious challenge for silverware this season.
While Coach James Mc Lean has a few problems on his hands and is promising changes to his starting line up. His main worry will be having to replace world cup player Anthony Wolfe who left for Luton Town on a one week trial, while his first choice goalkeeper Marvin Phillips will serve a one match suspension after being ejected in the last match. Key players Dexter Franklyn, Marc Leslie and Kendall Velox all had sub standard performances and North East will be under pressure to lift their game against a well organized W Connection team.

Police vs Joe Public
Larry Gomes Stadium, 7 pm



The defending League champions B Mobile Joe Public will fancy themselves to come away with the three points and solidify their position on top of the standings when they meet the new kids on the block Police FC.
Public with both talent and experience on their side will be disappointed if they slip up against the ‘Lawmen’. The ‘Eastern Lions’ midfield is now clicking with Kerry Baptiste fitting in well and linking up with Arnold Dwarika, Dale Saunders and Lyndon Andrews. Police will have their hands full, if they are to come away unscathed against the Champions.

Petrotrin vs Caledonia AIA
Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, 5 pm



The ‘Oilmen’ are still having problems scoring goals on a regular basis, new signing striker Abiola Clarence has not found his feet just yet and having not been able to penetrate minnows Tobago United in their last match Coach Brian Williams will be scratching his head looking for answers.
While on the surface current joint leaders Caledonia doesn’t seem to have those problems, they have scored four goals in three matches and coach Jamal Shabbazz will be putting serious questions to strikers Nigel Codrington and company. The Morvant unit looks a force on paper with two time man of the match Marvin Oliver enjoying a good start to the season and with the likes of World Cup player Densill Theobald re-joining the ranks, the Caledonia outfit looks sound in all departments on the field. Consistency however, is the challenge.


Football / Shawn Boni wins title with KIXX
« on: April 22, 2007, 05:50:59 PM »

Saturday Apr 21, 2007
PLYMOUTH, Mi---Player coach Don D’Ambra scored two goals to lead the Philadelphia KiXX to their second Major indoor Soccer League Championship with a 13-8 win over the Detroit Ignition at Compuware Arena Saturday.

D’Ambra opened the scoring with a two pointer at 9:09 of the first quarter, then added a three pointer to close out the scoring at 1:12 of the fourth.

D’Ambra’s opening tally led to an 8-0 lead, as John Barry Nusum, Shawn Boni and Genoni Martinez all scored in the second quarter. Martinez scored on a penalty kick after defender Josh Rife was called for a handball.

Detroit, playing in front of their tenth straight sellout crowd, finally got on the scoreboard at 14:46 of the second quarter, as Bill Sedgewick tallied on an assist from Hewerton.

Ptah Myers increased the KiXX lead to 10-2 with a goal at 2:30 of the third quarter.

The Ignition got a spark from Jonathan Greenfield, with a goal at 3:58 of the third, and then the MISL’s leading scorer during the regular season, Jamar Beasley added goals at 9:13 and 10:56 of the third to cut the margin to 10-8.

Peter Pappas, who has been with the KiXX since their inception, made 14 saves on 18 shots he faced. Sanaldo faced 17 shots and stopped 11.

Six members of the KiXX, D’Ambra, Pappas, Boney, Pat Morris, Edgar Bartolomeu and Drew Kopp, along with assistant coach Adam Bruckner, were members of the KiXX first championship team in 2001-02.

Current Articles
 MISL SEMIFINAL PREVIEW: #1 Detroit vs #4 Milwaukee
Apr 12, 2007 - The top seed in any playoff bracket is supposed to be rewarded with the easiest matchup of the first round. But when only two games separated the regular season champion Detroit Ignition (18-12) from their fourth-place opponent, and that #4 team is the Milwaukee Wave (16-14), there are no easy matches to be had.

Apr 12, 2007 - Any coach or player will say that every team starts the playoffs with a clean slate, and any given team can beat any other team on any given day. But this is truly anybody's series.

View Championship Series Bracket

2006-07 MISL Season Awards
Apr 07, 2007 - All-MISL First Team GK: Peter Pappas, PHI D: Genoni Martinez, PHI D: Pat Morris, PHI F/MF: Jamar Beasley, DET F/MF: Greg Howes, MIL F/MF: Don D'Ambra, PHI All-MISL Second Team GK: Sagu, BAL GK: Sanaldo, DET D: Troy Dusosky, MIL D: Jonathan Greenfield, DET F/MF: Mark Ughy, CHI F/MF: Todd Dusosky, MIL F/MF: Stephen Armstrong, CHI MISL All-Rookie Team GK: Pat Hannigan, PHI D: Michael Lookingland, BAL D: Nate Craft, DET M/F: Stephen Armstrong, CHI M/F: Marcio Leite, MIL M/F: Tony Donatelli, PHI Most Valuable Player (Hector Marinaro Trophy) Jamar Beasley, DET Coach of the Year Mark Pulisic, DET Goalkeeper of the Year Peter Pappas, PHI Defender of the Year Genoni Martinez, PHI Rookie of the Year Stephen Armstrong, CHI


Football / Could Roy leave Suderland
« on: April 16, 2007, 02:16:14 PM »
All the talk about players leaving Sunderland did anyone think about one off the big teams in the EPL or even Celtic offering Roy Keane a big contract off which he can’t refuse. Would he take that job you never know.

 Although he’s new to management his track record is impressive by-the-way has there been a manager in his first year off management  take a team from bottom off the table top and promotion.     

Football / Super League Champions join Pro League Ranks.
« on: April 11, 2007, 03:15:17 PM »
Super League Champions join Pro League Ranks.
By: Joel Villafana (ttproleague).

The 2006 Super League Champions Police FC is the newest member of the TT Pro League after they were officially accepted by the League’s Board of Directors.
Chief Executive of the TT Pro League Dexter Skeene confirmed the news and informed ‘ttproleague.com’ that the ‘Lawmen’ will be part of the Pro League ranks this year.
“Yes Police has been accepted into the Pro League, they have met the necessary requirements and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate them and welcome them with open arms and also wish them all the best in the coming season. We know they are a quality outfit and they are worthy of competing at the highest level after they won the Super League last season.”
Mr. Skeene, a former national striker is of the view that Police will add a different dimension to the Pro League making the League even more competitive.
“I believe this year we will see a very competitive League, and that is what we are striving for, we want to create a scenario where there is a high level of competition at all times and where any team on any given day can upset the other and I think we are reaching that point now,” added the former strike squad player.
Police was part of the former PFL from 1999 to 2001, but were unable to continue at the professional level in the TT Pro League due to financial constraints.
Mr. Skeene also confirmed that San Fernando Starworld Strikers will not be part of the League in 2007.
He stated, “Starworld were unable to meet the financial requirements, however we want to congratulate them and thank them for the contribution they have made to local football and the Pro League over the last few years. The club’s owner Mr. Ali has always been supportive of the Pro League and the process and it was just unfortunate they were not able to fulfill the requirements this year, but the door is always open and we will continue dialogue with them and we will be most willing to welcome them back in the future, however, life goes on and we will like to wish them well in their future endeavours.”

Football / 2007 Pro League Season set to explode
« on: April 10, 2007, 06:58:33 PM »
2007 Pro League Season set to explode       
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 
The drama and excitement of the 2007 TT Pro League season is about to unfold, when the action kicks off on April 14, 2007.

This season promises to be like no other, filled with a number of new innovations and special surprises in store for both players and fans alike.

Follow the journey of our local heroes as they battle tooth and nail in an attempt to get their hands on that coveted piece of silverware.

Defending champions Joe Public will no doubt face an all out attack as the nine other teams go all out to seize that precious trophy and earn the right to be called the 2007 Pro League Champions.

Come see the likes of former champions W Connection, San Juan Jabloteh, and North East Stars put everything on the line when the horns are sounded and the curtains are raised.

2007 promises to be the most competitive season ever, with so much at stake teams such as Caledonia AIA, Superstar Rangers and United Petrotrin just to name a few have all armed themselves and are ready to battle with the so-called big boys of local football.

Don’t miss a minute of the action……

Kick off – April 14….Follow the journey of our local stars and look out for some exciting revelations on ttproleague.com


Young Jabloteh and Connection put unbeaten run on the line       
Friday, 06 April 2007 
Preview by Gordon Pierre...

This Easter weekend the action in the Youth Pro League continues with three games around the country in both the U-15 and U-17 divisions on Sunday 8th April, 2007.

The feature games of the day will see the unbeaten San Juan Jabloteh come up against the also unbeaten W Connection in the U-15 division from 2.00 p.m at Gilbert Park, Couva.

The San Juan based outfit will be coming off big victories over division leaders Defence Force and North East Stars and will be confident of victory, but they will meet no easy walk over in W Connection whose win over Joe Public last weekend toppled them from their early lead.

At 4.00pm the U-17’s of the two local giants will meet as they both try to keep pace with the early leaders.

The Larry Gomes Stadium will be the site of the clash between Caledonia AIA and United Petrotrin in both the U-15 and U-17 divisions at 2.00pm and 4.00pm respectively.

Caledonia will be coming into the games fresh from their improved performances against Superstar Ranger where they got their first win in the U-15 division and was beaten, but not mauled in the U-17 division and will be hoping for these improved performances to continue this weekend.

United Petrotrin on the other hand will be anxious to rebound from their performances last weekend against Defence Force (3-0 & 1-1).

This clash though not the weekend feature, is sure to provide some exciting football.

At the same time at President’s ground St Ann’s, Superstar Ranger will tackle North East Stars in both divisions. The Rangers outfit will be buoyed by their first points in the U-17 division last week, but they will meet a North East team that will be looking to rebound from recent losses.

This weekend clash is sure to provide football fans with great excitement and good football as the future stars of tomorrow showcase the stuff.

Be there for a star is sure to be born.

For more on the stars of tomorrow check out our new website youth.ttproleague.com


Football / TT Pro League Transfer List 2007
« on: April 05, 2007, 07:51:29 PM »
TT Pro League Transfer List 2007

B Mobile Joe Public FC
IN - Keyno Thomas (Jabloteh), Nigel Pierre (Caledonia AIA), Kayode Mc Kinnon (North East Stars), Shurland Awai (Superstar Rangers), (Kwame Wiltshire (Tobago United), Kerry Baptiste (Jabloteh)

CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh FC
IN - Dwayne Jack (Tobago United), Cleon John (Defence Force), Shandel Samuel (St. Vincent), Peter Byers (Antigua)
OUT - Michael Brown, Keyno Thomas, Kerry Baptiste, Kerry Noray

Defence Force FC

OUT - Cleon John

Economy North East Stars FC
IN - Randolph Jerome (Starworld Strikers), Marvin Phillip (Starworld Strikers), Dexter Franklyn (Starworld Strikers), Glenton Wolfe (Jabloteh), Anthony Wolfe (Jabloteh), Kendall Jagdeosingh (Caledonia)

OUT - Shane Mattis, Kayode Mc Kinnon, Charles Pollard, Howard Lowe, Walter Moore

Neal and Massy Caledonia AIA FC

IN - Marvin Oliver (Crab Connection), Charles Pollard, Howard Lowe, Walter Moore (North East Stars), Kerry Noray  (Jabloteh)
OUT - Devon Modeste, Johny Ortiz Cardona, Kendall Jagdeosingh, Nigel Pierre

Starworld Strikers

OUT - Marc Borde, Randolph Jerome, Marvin Phillip, Dexter Franklyn

Superstar Rangers FC

IN - Marc Borde (Starworld Strikers), Michael Brown (Jabloteh), Arnold Ferguson (W Connection), Jason Light Borne (Carib FC), Le Ben Magregor (New Jersey Stallions), Devon Modeste (Caledonia AIA), Shane Mattis (North East Stars), Joseph Peters (Crab Connection), Johny Ortiz Cardona (Caledonia AIA)

OUT - Shurland Awai

Tobago United FC

OUT - Dwayne Jack, Kwame Wiltshire

United Petrotrin FC

IN - Abiola Clarence, Hosani Thomas (W Connection)

Vibe CT 105 W Connection FC
IN - Douglas Da Costa (Esporte Clube Santos Andre, Brazil)
OUT - Hosani Thomas, Arnold Ferguson, Aaron Downing, Matthew Bartholomew (Belgium Club W.S. Woluwe)

Rangers surprise meh with all them new players they pick up alot off the old guard well be replaced because off these new players which are getting a lot more money this is a sad day for Rangers and there die hard supporters, no St Ann’s players on this team .

Football / Wish list for the Trinidad and Tobago Pro league
« on: April 01, 2007, 08:30:50 PM »
Wish list for the Trinidad and Tobago Pro league

Now that the Pro league is about to imbark on a new season I would like to put out a whise list for the Pro league this tread should be constructive and innovative ideas for the Pro League.
I would start with thanking the guys that run the PFL web site in the past we (the forum) had ridicule the PFL for its lack of effort put into there page now we can visit the page and read comprehensive reports and even view videos of past games while this is good,  I would like to have commentary with the games, we have to step up our game we just can have games with no commentary I tend to get bored after the first 20 mins. We need live games.
We need to be able to purchase uniforms online and have it ship overseas without losing our money.

Market the game more local TV program on Saturdays players, coaches and owner  interviews,  one live  game on local TV a week maybe Monday night best game off the week.
Free give aways  at  games, season tickets, specials such as free doubles and soda when purchasing three our more tickets kids under 10 get in free family pack activities before the game cheerleaders for crowd support.

Team should get more involved with community such as fan appreciation day where the fans could come and meet the players.

I know what this topic would bring up yes we know the team don’t have community names but is we had teams with names like San Fernando FC and  Port of Spain United 
The league still have low attendance look at Tobago United with that name you would think the whole off Tobago would come out and support the team well it don’t work that way in Trinidad people like free stuff bottom line is we have to change to attitude off the local public and that would be hard because were not used to paying to see football all our life we could just walk to the savannah and see games for free now they want us to pay when we could watch the EPL and the Spanish league for free that’s the reality the PFL have to deal with the up hill battle is convincing the locals that de football is good and when yah come to a game we would have a good time it should be more than a football match it should be and experience.       

Record 204 teams enter for 2010 World Cup

ZURICH, March 30 (Reuters) - A record 204 countries have entered the qualifying competition for the 2010 World Cup finals, FIFA said in a statement on Friday.

The number beats the previous record of 199 teams which entered for the 2002 World Cup finals and only Bhutan, Brunei, Laos and the Philippines have not registered to take part.

The number of entrants for 2010 includes host nation South Africa and Montenegro, which became the 53rd member of UEFA in January and is expected to be admitted as the 208th member of FIFA at the world governing body's Congress in Zurich in May.

The qualifying competition starts in August 2007 with the Oceania confederation using matches played in the South Pacific Games as a preliminary qualifying tournament for their region.

South Africa have automatically qualified as hosts for the finals which begin on June 11, 2010 with the final scheduled for July 11.

Of the 31 places available for the qualifiers, 13 will go to European teams and five will be taken by African qualifiers.

Playoffs will determine the exact number of qualifiers from the other confederations with Asia providing either four or five qualifiers, CONCACAF three or four, South America four or five and Oceania either none or one.

Asia and Oceania teams will meet in one playoff while South American and CONCACAF teams play in the other.


Football / Mexico to play on newly open Marvin Lee Stadium.
« on: March 30, 2007, 02:29:22 PM »
Mexico to play on newly open Marvin Lee Stadium.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).


CONCACAF giants Mexico are expected to be among the teams taking part in a four- nation tournament for the first time at the newly opened FIFA Two-star artificial turf at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Centre of Excellence in Macoya.
This was announced at the formal opening of the facility on Friday as the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation proudly launched its FIFA Goal Project 2 following months of planning and construction.
CONCACAF President Jack Warner announced that Mexico is among the teams carded for the tournament which will involve hosts T&T and two other nations at a date in May.
FIFA Director of Development Mary Harvey journeyed to Trinidad from the CFU Congress in Curacao on Thursday night specially to open the facility which is the first of its kind in the Western hemisphere.  Also at the opening was TTFF President Oliver Camps and executive members of the TTFF, Caribbean FIFA development officer Harold Taylor and other football officials and guests. Harvey had only high remarks on the “Champions League” standard facility similar to those in Holland, Norway and England.
“Today we inaugurate a project that will result in lasting change in the region. Today we open the first ever FIFA 2-star artificial turf right here at the Marvin Lee Stadium,” Harvey said.
She thanked Warner for his vision and commitment as well as Caribbean FIFA Development officer Harold Taylor and his deputy Daryll Warner and specially Domo – the manufacturers of the state of the art pitch, FIFA consultant and artificial turf specialist Dr Eric Harrison, local-based company Terra Forma, the TTFF and all site workers for making the new surface a reality.
“This product is world class and among the best the industry has to offer and we are so pleased to see its realization here in Trinidad.
“Thanks to Mr Jack Warner whose dogged determination to see this project through, working through the bumps and hurdles tirelessly, has resulted in the beautiful pitch that you see today,” she added.
A natural field can have up to 300 hours of football played on it per year whereas the new artificial surface at the Marvin Lee Stadium can now accommodate 2000 hours of action per year, roughly five-six hours per day.
Warner boasted that the Centre of Excellence is now the premier facility in the Caribbean for development and excellence.
He reminded those at the launch that when the FIFA Goal project for T&T was to be inaugurated back in 2002, like all other associations, Government received a request for the lease of land for the construction of a National training centre in Forest Reserve which would be funded by FIFA. However, to date, the site remains abandoned and as such, the local governing body since went ahead in constructing an indoor Futsal facility at the Centre of Excellence in the first phase of the Goal Project and have now followed that up with the construction of artificial turf, on Warner’s request, which the TTFF intends to use for the development of its national teams and players.
“They didn’t give the land because if they give the land to football, it is believed they give the land to Jack Warner,” said the TTFF Special Advisor.
When the TTFF ran the risk of losing out on the US$400,000 funding from FIFA due to  failure in getting the training centre off the ground, the local body then decided to construct the artificial surface which Warner revealed cost an estimated US$900,000 (TT$6 million) with US$400,000 of that sum coming from FIFA.
In order to accommodate larger audiences for matches, stands have been erected behind the northern goal posts and bleachers will be put up around the playing area which Warner made clear will not for use only by the Joe Public football club as it has used the venue as its home base in the past.
“First of all this is not a Joe Public facility. This is a facility which is in a sense owned and controlled by the TTFF and the Centre of Excellence. It is a football only facility because we don’t want it to be destroyed. You will have no fetes here, no calypso fiesta, no carnival shows here,” Warner added.

Football / CFU Congress closes in Curacao
« on: March 28, 2007, 02:58:51 PM »
CFU CONGRESS CLOSES IN CURACAO ... Warner stays positive over development of regional game 
The 30th annual Congress of the Caribbean Football Union came to an end on Wednesday in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles following four days of intense workshops and discussions mapping the way forward for regional football.

CONCACAF and CFU President Jack Warner led his CFU members as well as executive members of CONCACAF in lavish settings at the Marriot Hotel and Clarion World Trade Centre as several announcements were made and proposals put forward for the development of the game.


Among the guests were FIFA Development Officer Mary Harvey as well as CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer, President of Central America (UNCAF) Rafael Tinoco and CFU Vice President Horace Burrell.


The CONCACAF  and CFU Executive Committee heard reports on all past, current and future competitions, as well as reports from the regional bodies of the Caribbean and Central America and CONCACAF department reports.


Warner, who was frequently applauded for his services and congratulated on his reelection as CONCACAF President took the opportunity to thank his members for making him their choice and highlighted the positive developments of the Union, also taking time to address some of the shortcomings which included the failure to implement certain development programs which he still felt confident would see improvement.


Both Blazer and Harvey, during their addresses also commended the CFU members for their progress over the years, citing that there was sufficient evidence that there was firm intentions for the proper development of the game regionally


Among the announcements was which Warner appeared excited over  was the setting up of a special committee entitled “Vision Caribe” which will be responsible for a comprehensive and detailed review of the state of Caribbean football and the way forward.


 This he said must reflect the official policy and views on the big issues facing Caribbean football including but not limited to such factors as the releasing of players by clubs for national teams; youth and women development; doping; racism and discrimination; political intervention and cooperation; competition structures; a licensing system for referees and coaches and sports journalism as it relates to football. This committee will run under the chairmanship of Bahamas’ Lionel Haven, vice-chairman of Luis Hernandez and also include T&T’s Keith Look Loy, St Kitts/Nevis’ Peter Jenkins and former Jamaican World Cup referee Peter Prendergast. The committee is empowered the consult all different stakeholders in football, various committees and panels, national governments, leagues and players, coaches and supporters clubs.





He also revealed  the relocating of the CFU Marketing Division from Kingston Jamaica to Port of Spain Trinidad where Horace Reid will take up position of marketing consultant.


“The Executive Committee felt that it would be better to have this office in what is considered the financial capital of the Caribbean,” Warner said. It would also allow the CFU to hand in hand with its sponsors Digicel which pledged its future support for the development of the game in the region through group sponsorship manager Kieran Foley who was at the Congress.


Warner said there would be a more aggressive policy adopted towards the promotions of CFU competitions and more efficient conduct of events such as the Boys and Girls Under 15 tournament which will now be held annually as an Under 15 event only, as well as the Digicel Caribbean Cup for national senior teams.


Warner made it clear too that the Union will go all out to assist its members in their acquisition of facilities for international matches. He added that football matches would save the newly constructed and renovated facilities for the Cricket World Cup from becoming white elephants.


“We have the feeling that Governments in the English speaking Caribbean have no regards when it comes to spending money for cricket facilities but we want to let you know that the flags of the different countries in the Caribbean are not flown on the field of cricket but instead on the field of football and so too is the playing of the national anthems.


“They have said that these facilities will be only for Cricket but I want to tell you that the only way these facilities will not become white elephants is by having football matches. Check it yourself and you would notice that if you put Barbados and Antigua to play a football game particularly a World Cup qualifying match it will draw much bigger crowds than if you put them to play a cricket match


“Yet our Governments are spending almost scandalously for cricket and to those governments who say that the facilities are only for cricket we want to say to you that time will tell,” Warner added to the ovation of the members present at the Congress.


He also relayed that the Mexican Federation disclosed that it will partner the CFU by setting up workshops for coaches, trainers and other members of staff from this region. And the US Soccer Federation will also provide training for national team administrators later this year. (Shaun Fuentes in Curacao, March 28, 2007.Photo shows Warner with Chuck Blazer and the CFU Members at the end of the CFU Congress on Wednesday.)


Football / Jabloteh maintain winning style in Clico Cup
« on: March 27, 2007, 09:42:45 AM »
Jabloteh maintain winning style in Clico Cup       
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 
Randy Bando reporting from Bacolet, Tobago...

CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh extended their winning ways when they defeated their Pro League counterparts Tobago United 2-0 in the first match of Day Two of the Clico Cup on Monday at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago.

The San Juan based team is now leading the group in the first ever Clico Cup with just one match day to go and are favoured to win the inaugural tournament.

Although the match went in favor of the ‘San Juan Kings’, credit must be given to the ‘Tobago Boys’ for holding Jabloteh nil-nil at the half after having to defend for great periods.

It was Jabloteh that took the keys to the vehicle with brothers Jason Marcano and Elton John doing damage in the middle of the park with another young talent Atulla Guerra driving into the heart of Tobago United’s defence.

In the 12th minute Marcano made one of his daring runs down the right flank to send a wicked cross into the Tobago area but some great defending by Simon Nedd got the ball out to safety.

Tobago then managed to win a free kick inside the Jabloteh half but Pierre Joseph’s pass was struck wide of goal keeper Cleon John’s upright by Tichard Joseph in the 15th minute.

With continued dominance, Jabloteh took the match to the Tobagonians and seemed to have created a penalty in the 20th minute. Striker Anthony Wolfe was brought down inside the area by defender Kevin Adams after receiving a through ball by Atulla Guerra, but referee Lester Alleyne waved play on.

Jabloteh showed off in front of the Tobago fans as they continued the cat and mouse match with Tobago United and despite gelling well from defence into attack, Terry Fenwick’s men just wasn’t able to hit the back of the net, credit to the Tobago defenders.

On the 22nd minute mark Tobago’s goalkeeper Goeffrey Delpesche matched Wendell Joseph’s well worked powerful free kick with a confident block.

Six minutes later Jabloteh had another free kick and this time Atulla Guerra tried his luck but skied the ball over bar.

Tobago United managed a couple of inspiring runs with Pierre Joseph, Marvin Phillip and Jimmiel Smith combining well in attack.

In the 38th minute Marvin Phillips never stopped his supporting run and nearly got the opening goal of the match. Phillips was on hand to collect the ball after an error from Jabloteh’s defender Ronald Primus, but his shot was palmed away by goal keeper Cleon John as defender Akiel Harley cleared the ball away.

Both teams went into the dressings rooms 0-0 at the half a pleasing result for coach Peter Granville of Tobago United.

After the interval Coach Terry Fenwick used his full staff turnout with Trinidad and Tobago national players Nigel Daniel, Dwayne Jack and Trent Noel returning to his team after a friendly international against Guadeloupe last weekend and decided to pull them off the bench.

Straight into action Cyd Gray was the provider when he swung a decent cross to Wolfe but the striker never got over the ball seeing it lob over the goal.

In the 50th minute Tobago’s Collie Hurcules tried to pull a rabbit out of the hat with his long range shot that floated over the Jabloteh’s goal with Durance Williams between the uprights.

With Coach Granville making some changes himself a bit of fight looked possible for a moment when Dominique Kerr collected inside the Jabloteh half and powered his way towards goal but just before he got his shot off, big defender Marcelle Francois got in his way.

Jabloteh then separated themselves from Tobago when substitute Kevin Nelson netted the opening goal in the 57th minute. Nelson inside the area headed past goal keeper Delpesche after a set play with Marcano being instrumental for the 1-0 lead.

Later in the match Nelson missed out on his double missing the target after Marcano had done the hard work dribbling past defender Jimmiel Smith and running inside the area to knock the ball off.

On the 78th minute Jabloteh’s 2006 MVP Trent Noel crashed his 24 yard free kick on top of the Tobago upright to the relief of the home fans not conceding another goal.

Noel tried again in the 83rd but this time running in from the midfield he placed his shot over bar trying to catch goal keeper Delpesche off guard.

But a second goal was bound to come, in the 85th minute substitute Cyd Gray tapped the ball into the back of the net after a scuffle inside the area with a host of players getting a touch to the ball after goal keeper Delpesche was beaten by a cross ball, 2-0 to Jabloteh.

Just before the end Tobago United mustered a pair of attempts first from Collie Hurcules who shot wide off his far post, but then came the better attempt. Substitute Shelton Williams fired a low missile from outside the area that forced a diving parried block by goal keeper Durance Williams in the 87th minute.

The final attempt of the match came from goal scorer Nelson who fired a powerful shot directly at the Tobago goalie jus before the final whistle as Jabloteh registered their second win of as many matches in the Clico Cup.

Tobago United suffering another 2-0 loss, their first being against Millwall FC last Saturday.

Tobago United Dwane Jack now a Jabloteh player

Winning Coach Terry Fenwick commented on his new signing of national defender and former Tobago United player Dwayne Jack after the match.

He told ‘ttproleague.com’, ‘We have Jack with us now. He is going to be with Jabloteh on a two year contract with the option on renewing for another year after,” said the Englishman.

Fenwick added, “With Keyeno Thomas out of our squad now I think that Jack is a great replacement. He is on the national team which says a lot about the player and I see him improving here at Jabloteh,” ended the Jabloteh coach.

CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh is now leading the standings in the four team tournament with two
wins and would face English Division One Club Millwall FC in the second match of Day Three of the Clico Cup on Wednesday and would be look to punish the Englishmen to take home the Cup.

Tobago failed to get a win in their first two matches and would be hoping to change their luck against St Clair Coaching School in the first match of Day Three, which promises to be a great clash between the two Tobago rivals.

Millwall FC and St Clair Coaching School are currently on one win each and would be gunning for a win against their respective teams.

CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh – Cleon John(GK), Durance Williams(GK), Ronald Primus, Akiel Harley, Karlon Murray, Wendell Joseph, Elton John, Jason Marcano, Nigel Daniel, Ian Gray, Dwayne Jack, Marcelle Francois, Trent Noel, Anthony Wolfe, Peter Byers, Cyd Gray Anthony Guppy, Devon Jamerson, Kaleem Hyland, Kevin Nelson.

Goal Scorers – Kevin Nelson 57, Cyd Gray 85.

Coach – Terry Fenwick

Tobago United – Kevin Adams(Capt.), Goeffrey Delpesche(GK), Simon Nedd, Leslie Bristol, Darryl James, Kevin Adams, Tichard Joseph, Pierre Joseph, Jimmiel Smith, Marvin Phillips, Collie Hercules, Dominique Kerr,

Coach – Peter Granville

Match Referee – Lester Alleyne

Match Statistics

CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh    Tobago United 
 2  Goals  0
 9  Shots on Target  2
 4  Corners  3
 6  Offsides  1
 9  Fouls  7
 1  Yellow Cards  4
 0  Red Cards  0

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Football / CFU congress comes off in Curacao
« on: March 23, 2007, 08:36:37 AM »

FIFA Director of Development Mary Harvey will be among the featured guests at the 30th annual Caribbean Football Union Congress in Curacao from Sunday.


Over 30 Caribbean Football Members and more than 100 delegates from around the region will meet to map out the future of Caribbean Football development.


Digicel, long-time supporters of Caribbean football and proud sponsors of the Digicel Caribbean Cup are stepping in to support the success of the congress through their sponsorship of the CFU Congress Annual dinner and support toward delegates participating.


The Congress which will open on Sunday in Willemstad will last for four days of intense forums, workshops and meetings to better plan and progress the development of football across the Caribbean .


According to CFU President Jack Warner, “The CFU Congress is the centerpiece in the CFU’s official calendar year. At this year’s congress we will be looking at ways in which we can build upon the fantastic success of the Digicel Caribbean Cup 2006/2007 which was the largest Caribbean football tournament ever. It was bigger in every aspect from the number of countries that competed, the number of games played, the number of host countries and the amount of prize money that was won.


 “We are very fortunate to have had over the past years such a strong and co-operative commercial partners such as Digicel to help us leverage this passion and appetite for football in the region. I’m delighted that our strong working relationship has developed so positively and to the massive benefit of football in the Caribbean ” added Jack Warner.


Digicel took up sponsorship of the Digicel Caribbean Cup in 2004, which is the only qualifying process for Caribbean national teams for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and its unprecedented investment has lead to the growth of the tournament. The Caribbean mobile operator is also sponsor of a number of national football teams such as Jamaica , Haiti , El Salvador , Barbados and Turks & Caicos


Additionally this year Digicel became title sponsors of the Central American Gold Cup qualifier, the Copa Naciones de Digicel 2007 and is now leveraging its involvement in both Caribbean and Central American football to arrange a series of three international matches during the March FIFA window time frame: Guadeloupe vs Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados vs Guatemala and Jamaica vs Panama.


Digicel Group Marketing Director, Ben Atherton added: “From the beginning Digicel has wanted to be more than just financial investors but rather play an integral role in the development of Caribbean football. We are proud of the strong partnerships we have developed with football federations across the region.


 “The CFU Annual Congress is an important forum to build on and we are delighted to strengthen our relationships with the Caribbean football federations through our support.”


Also attending the congress will be officials of the CFU Offices in Trinidad as well as the TTFF including President Oliver Camps, General Secretary Richard Groden and other officials.


Following the week of activities in Curacao, Harvey will fly to Trinidad where she is also a featured guest at the March 30 official opening of the new FIFA Goal Project 2 FIFA two-star artificial football turf at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Centre of Excellence. (March 23, 2007)




Football / Theobald injured out of Saturday's friendly.
« on: March 21, 2007, 03:49:21 PM »
Theobald injured out of Saturday's friendly.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Senior team, already minus several of its well known overseas-based professionals will go into Saturday’s friendly international against Guadeloupe without the services of captain Densill Theobald.
The former Falkirk midfielder, the only World Cup player in the current squad selected by Wim Rijsbergen suffered a knee injury following a late challenge by Petrotrin player Chevaughn Frederick in a training match at the Ato Boldon Stadium on Wednesday.
The injury occurred in the first half and Theobald was immediately taken to hospital for x-ray and treatment. Doctors indicated that he suffered ligament damage and will be out for at least three weeks. Theobald, following Saturday’s match was scheduled to fly out on Wednesday for commitments in Austria.
“It’s disappointing but fortunately nothing is broken. The doctors said I need at least two weeks treatment and rest. My agent is aware of it and the trip to Austria will need to be rescheduled,” Theobald told TTFF Media.
The scrimmage ended 1-1 with a late Trent Noel equalizer for the national team after Rijsbergen changed his team at half time. Also missing was Andrei Pacheco, who got a late call for a trial to MLS team Columbus Crew and left the country on Wednesday. He is not be available for Saturday’s match against Guadeloupe which is being sponsored by Digicel.
The T&T team is currently preparing for upcoming CONCACAF Gold Cup in which it faces United States, Guatemala and El Salvador in the opening group phase from June 6 in Boston and California.
There was some better news regarding Silvio Spann who has been out of action after undergoing shoulder surgery in Brazil in January. Spann is involved in preseason training with W Connection and said he will start the season with the 2006 Caribbean Club Champions.
“The doctors have given good reports on the progress of the shoulder since the surgery and I am heading towards full readiness for the start of the Pro League season. I am looking forward to that and my next aim is to make the team for the Gold Cup in June,” Spann said.
Also stopping by at the training session was Southampton striker Kenwyne Jones who is in the country with the international break on. Jones took some time to touch base with some of his local teammates, adding that while he was enjoying the time home, he was anticipating the restart of the League with his club’s chances of making the playoffs for Premiership promotion still very much alive. Southampton are eighth on the table and next face Wolverhampton Wanderers on March 31.

Portsmouth open up talks for Peltier

English Premiership club Portsmouth have indicated their intentions to open up negotiations for CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh striker Lester Peltier.
The National Under 20 striker, was scheduled to return from England on Wednesday but had his flight pushed back because of passport problems and will now arrive later in the week. But Jabloteh head coach Terry Fenwick was least worried over Peltier’s passport woes as he revealed that Portsmouth have declared their interest in the player. Also in line, according to Fenwick, have been Arsenal and Cardiff City.
“CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh will enter discussions with Portsmouth and the individuals doing the talking will be chairman Jerry Hospedales and vice chairman Wilfred Espinet,” Fenwick said. “The club has shown that they are interested in the lad and we are awaiting the outcome of this.”
The former England international also shared news that midfielder Aurtis Whitley continues to impress at Vietnamese club Hoàng Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) arriving there last week. Whitley scored and set up three goals in a training match on Thursday. “The management of the clubs seems delighted with him and he’s being treated like Royalty there at the moment.”
And this week also, Jabloteh announced the signing of Tobago-born defender Dwayne Jack. The former Tobago United player cemented a spot in the team during the recent Digicel Cup and is in the current national squad.
“We think we have got now one of the best centre backs in Trinidad and Tobago. He’s big, quick and strong and as a coach I think with better development he can move on to bigger things,” Fenwick said. He could become formidable for Jabloteh and the national team once we can get him thinking and doing it the way like the other guys at Jabloteh. He could be a force at the back with players like Cyd Gray, Ian Gray and Nigel Daniel.”

Football / Benitez wants reserve team revamp
« on: March 20, 2007, 05:58:07 PM »
Benitez wants reserve team revamp 
Benitez (left) and Chelsea boss Mourinho want to put their B teams in the Football League
Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez wants to field his reserve team in the Football League.
Benitez believes the current reserves set-up in football is not beneficial to the youngsters and wants changes.

He said: "I would like to see reserve teams of the big clubs like ourselves playing in the Football League. Why not if they have enough quality?

"Our young players may have the quality but not the experience for the first team. They are only on the bench."

He added: "That will bridge the gap between the youngsters and the first team.

"If you do not give young players the chance to play competitive football and to learn things, things become impossible."

 606: DEBATE
Normally this would win the crackpot idea of the month award

Dan Warren

Benitez managed the second string of Real Madrid in Spain where the B teams of the Bernabeu club and others are allowed to play in the lower echelons of the country's league football.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has also stated he would like to put a side out in the Football League.

"It is clear that the reserve system doesn't work, the reserve league is nothing," said Benitez.

"You can see youngsters playing just 18 games a season, that is nothing. Certainly not enough for the development of these players.

"It is something that we can improve in this country. Or if we do not change we will find other solutions, sending youngsters out on loan like I have done recently.

"I do not want to see reserve teams with four or five senior men playing without passion. These games are for young players."

He added: "I used to be the manager of Castilla, Real Madrid's reserve side, and I had players who were 18, 19 years old playing in the Spanish second division championship.

 I think it's an awful idea, and another one of the great evidences where the rich get rich and poor get poorer

Spanish TV presenter Michael Robinson

"They were playing against men. They were winning and we finished sixth and fourth. The question is, what improves the quality of the players?

"And I am not sure about them playing in League Two, either; they need really to be playing against good players, then they will learn more."

Former Liverpool striker Michael Robinson, who is now a presenter on Spanish television as well as a part-owner in lower league club Cadiz in the country, is against the idea.

In Spain, the B teams cannot be promoted and certain rules govern which players a side can use as a player named in the first-team squad of a major club cannot then play for the reserve team.

"I think it's an awful idea, and another one of the great evidences where the rich get rich and poor get poorer," he said.

"The fact that you can't go up and play in the same league as the first team creates all sorts of problems for the other teams.

"How can you play in a competition under fair circumstances where no matter how well Real Madrid do, they cannot go up? So that affects their way of thinking.

 It's a silly idea - out of order - we're getting knocked about by people who are not from our football world

Mansfield manager Billy Dearden
"Here in Spain you get circumstances whereby if big clubs want to take players from their second team or third teams, that means that particular team, when it plays in their respective leagues, become an easier opponent for the team they are playing."

Peterborough director of football Barry Fry said Rafael Benitez's proposal "would never happen in a million years".

"The Football League is a thriving, 72-club competitive competition which is one of the best supported in the world - 16 million people watch it every season.

"No-one would want to watch the reserve teams of any club - I don't care if they're Real Madrid, Juventus or Fray Bentos!

"If Rafa Benitez wants his young players to get competitive games then all he has to do is loan them out to clubs like us."

Gillingham chairman Paul Scally believes the current loan system is more than adequate - because young players from Premiership clubs often struggle in the Football League.

"I can understand the rationale in loaning them out to Football League clubs, which is available to them now, but I don't envisage the situation of a nursery club system," he said.

"That's not going to happen in our lifetime.

"It's insulting to suggest that a bunch of Liverpool kids could hack it as their own club in the Football League.

"The Football League has got far greater qualities than that."

Mansfield manager Billy Dearden said English football would be scarred by the idea.

"It's a silly idea - out of order really. We are getting knocked about by people who are not from our football world."

Fry added: "Clubs like Peterborough are part of the community, as are clubs like Rochdale, Bury, Barnet, all these other clubs, and their supporters are only interested in supporting them," he said.

"They're not remotely interested in the Liverpools, Arsenals, Manchester Uniteds and Chelseas.

"They support their local clubs and you will never be able to take that out of the towns and the cities in this country."


Football / Falkirk 1-0 Celtic
« on: March 18, 2007, 10:01:53 AM »
Falkirk 1-0 Celtic 
Steven Thomson (right) opened the scoring for Falkirk
Steven Thomson's early strike ended Falkirk's run of eight straight defeats with a surprise win over Scottish champions-in-waiting Celtic.
Kasper Schmeichel saved a Craig Beattie penalty after the Celtic striker was felled by Dean Holden.

And a Paul Hartley cross came off the inside of a Falkirk post.

But Thomson headed in a Carl Finnigan cross before the goal supplier was sent off along with Celtic's Stephen McManus after an angry exchange.

News conference: Celtic manager Gordon Strachan

Beattie, Jiri Jarosik and ban-free Paul Hartley had returned to the Celtic starting line-up following the 1-0 defeat by Rangers, with Aiden McGeady, Evander Sno and the injured Jan Veneegor of Hesselink dropping out.

Fit-again Alan Gow returned to the Falkirk side along with Patrick Cregg, with Vitor Lima and Pedro Moutinho consigned to the bench.

And they squandered a chance to take an early lead when Finnigan played a one-two with Russell Latapy.

Despite being teed up by Latapy's fine through ball, the former Newcastle United reserve striker sliced wide from 14 yards.
The Bairns were almost left to rue that seconds later, when goalkeeper Schmeichel managed to turn Shusuke Nakamura's low drive from the edge of the box just wide of the post.

Celtic were awarded a penalty when referee John Underhill ruled that Holden had connected with Beattie's leg before clearing the ball following Hartley's through ball.

But Falkirk had a double let-off.

Underhill decided against even cautioning the defender, who had been cleared to play the previous day after a successful appeal against a red card shown last weekend.

And Schmeichel smothered Beattie's poorly-struck spot kick.

Falkirk were also fortunate to escape another penalty award when Beattie appeared to be hauled down by Darren Barr.

And the home side had another lucky escape when a Hartley cross was missed by the head of Kenny Miller and Schmeichel's outstretched arms before striking the inside of the post and back into the goalkeeper's grasp.

Falkirk relief turned to joy as they rushed to the other end and Finnigan's chip into the box was headed home from 12 yards by Thomson.

Both sides were reduced to 10 men when Finnigan and McManus were shown red cards after the Falkirk striker used his elbow and the Celtic defender replied with his head in retaliation.

Yet more Celtic shouts for a penalty were waved away early in the second half when Cregg clashed with Nakamura.

Neither side could fashion many clear-cut chances, but Schmeichel did well to hold a powerful long-range effort from Nakamura.

And, with a combination of tenacity and guile, Falkirk prevented Celtic fashioning one of the their trademark late fightbacks.


Falkirk: Schmeichel, Ross, Barr, Milne, Holden, Thomson, Cregg, O'Donnell, Latapy, Finnigan, Gow.
Subs: Lambers, Lima, Moutinho, Dodd, Craig, Scobbie, Uras.

Celtic: Boruc, Wilson, Pressley, McManus, Naylor, Hartley, Lennon, Nakamura, Jarosik, Miller, Beattie.
Subs: Brown, McGeady, Sno, O'Dea, Gravesen, Zurawski, Caldwell.

Referee: J Underhill

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Football / Questions concerning Club vs Country
« on: March 18, 2007, 08:49:35 AM »
I have a question concerning club vs country since the clubs want to get compensated for players when they get injured while on international duty should the same concept be applied when a player gets injured playing for his club and can’t represent his country in a big international tournament like the World Cup.

Think about it when a player does well at the World Cup his value goes up, that means any club wanting to buys this player will have to pay more money that usual, in the UK there is a work permit system which requires a player to play 75% off its country internationals in order to receive a work permit, hence the reason for Jason Scotland’s return to the national set up for more caps.

It works for bigger nations too just think about it Owen originally got injured playing for his club he was not fully fit when he came back for England he got hurt playing in the World Cup and his club needs compensation for his absence, Henry got hurt playing for his club a few weeks ago now what happens to France when they need him for EURO qualifiers,other examples Trinidad and Tobago missing out on chance off winning the Caribbean Cup thing about  we loss out on prizes money because off clubs holding back players you never know who else would off been discovered in that tournament    so my point is if the clubs want compensations the national team should get some thing too because players are paid to represent there countries as well.         

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