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Football / Tallest go make WC Bloopers
« on: June 12, 2006, 12:05:29 PM »
Ah lookin for a copy of de video when Tallest run into de refree and knock him down. We sure to see Tallest in somebody Bloopers after de WC.  Does anyone have de video to put up?

Football / Nigeria of Old.... TnT the New....
« on: June 01, 2006, 09:09:39 AM »
In an English article post about 2 months ago, TriniBago was likened to Teams that have weak defences but will score their quota.
I think  this may be our saving grace in de WC and I feel dat Beenie sense it too. Our defence is what it is and there is little we can do to change that at this point. However our offence isnt too shabby if we can get it together. I remember the likes of Nigeria de other day (1 day to 5 years) when dem use to take a set of goals but win due to their offence. The best defence is a good offence so maybe in our present situation we should focus on
"Scoring 1 more"  Maybe we have to score 1 more than the next Team because we can beat Sweden or England if we can score 1 more.
Scounds kinda flimsy I guess but Dog semi-injured - "Mr Pelt It" Spaan gone & Cyd grey gettin a Red first game (joke) We defence isnt that strong and there hasnt been that much change or variation in that department which to me says  that there isnt much that can be done in dat department however Beenie is trying several attacking and maintaining strategies which favour's the style of "Yuh score 3, we go try and score 4".  Look at the St Vincent , Mexico, Panama games,  Our attackers have to be in rear form to help get us any kind of results in de WC because dat back line has been weakened without a fit Dog, an aggressive Spaan  and a steady goalie.  Dog might not be Maldini but he been marshaling de Trinidad defence for Years now and knows how to do that Job. Lawrence  & Avery have come to rely on Dog being right dey and Sancho is de new kid on de Block.

How allyuh see it?

I might be wrong but I believe that the time that Latas spend in Rangers was quite beneficial for Claudio Reyna. I think that Reyna, as tactical as he is got a chance to work on his short passing game as well as sensibility & skill on de ball in the presence of Latapy "de great"   All who remember how Reyna was playing in dem days, give some feedback. Is it me or was there a noticable improvement in Claudio Reyna's game when he was at Rangers with the Master.?

Football / Calling all Rookies and Waggonists.......
« on: May 19, 2006, 07:58:55 AM »
West Coast touch meh heart this morning, so ah decide to bring dem Rookies out of de woodwork.    Ah lookin to see how long men been on de board.  Ah know some of allyuh aint go want to post because some of allyuh only been on de borad since last week (even though yuh done make Senior Warrior)  but this post also gives some of de "ole veterans" a chance to get out and strut dey stuff.  We aint go get 2 specific  so we will go with categories..

0 - 6 months                6mths - 1.5 yrs          1.5 yrs to 3 yrs                   3yrs to 5 yrs                        Lifferzzzzzzz.....

Me pussonally, I feel ah might put in 3 but it maybe a little under that.   Man like Tallman, Flex, Palos, Doc, Touches, Patriot, Truetrini, Triniman, RF,
Big Snake, King, DCS, Sub 1 and another thousand South man.... :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Lew we know how long allyuh really supportin this thing......  (Doesn't constitute a better forumite just shows a little loyality thats all...)

Football / North East Stars to take PFL.. whey allyuh money?
« on: May 03, 2006, 10:55:22 AM »
Allyuh better watch out for my Grande Team. I am not a Grande man,though from de East,  but meh boy Oliver and Nixon on dat Team so I backin dem dis year. Let the numbers tell the story. Yes Jabloteh lookin impressive but look out for the sleepin Giants.... I aint no gambler unless is Stocks and Bonds but ah go tek bets for this one... any takers? Is there a PFL Fantasy game?

Football / What things do you need before the First game kickoff....
« on: April 24, 2006, 09:08:29 PM »
Well fellas & gals, is only 45 days left so I thought it only rightful that we start to organise. This Idea is not original, actually I see a pic of a posters' house. It was well Red Whit & Black -down to de ground. It might have been#$%&@  or Andre Samuel, ah cya remember but ah sure allyuh see the avatar as well. It get meh thinking if I have everything I go need before Trini take to de field in Germany. I start to wonder, well what exactly ah go need before gameday.  WE HAVE 45 Days Left....  Meh list looking like this...

(1) Need to make up meh mind bout dat new nike
(2)Ah still aint get no football shirt
(3)Ah cya get meh shirt because ah dont know who number to sports
(4)Ah go need a lime at least for de fuss game
(5)Ah feel ah go need a Bandanna, wrist-band and kerchief, full nine.
(6)3 TV's  line up back to back, just in case someting go wrong
(7)A ISDN line for no interuption on SW chat line
(8)Divorce Papers to be Drawn up
(9)A lawyer in case it get nasty

Ah cya think of no more.... What allyuh feel should get added to the list, help meh out here... We dont want to get ketch with we pants or skirt down..

Let meh hear allyuh because ah gettin lil jittary.... 45 DAYS to Go!!!

Football / I feel Anthony Warner going Germany....
« on: April 13, 2006, 08:49:39 AM »
I aint sure that Jack still have a spot on the Team fellas. It must be a painfull reality if it work out so but my boy been injured and aint playing no football. The WC is in 60 days. Im positive he will travel with de Team but I suspect as a non goalie-4th string goalie.   So what is de new line up of Goalies.

pussonally I going with......    Wait Ah cya say yet until de Peru game.    So my Speculative selection is- Shaka, Ince, Warner

Shaka for de first game - Ince for de Second game and Warner for de third game then de best man hold it down second round.

We looking for ability, Pressure sensitive, Fumbly, Cya hold de ball, cya command de defence and set pieces.

after the Peru game we should have a better signal on who in dey sticks for de Sweden game.   

Who gettin de gloves?

Football / Ferdinand vs Ferdinand!!! Which one yuh choosing?
« on: March 30, 2006, 09:39:38 PM »
I was really impressed with young Ferdinand and de West Ham coach aint like nothing better. Ah think de young boy have a nicer touch and distribution than he bigger brother and harldy looks overated. De boy beat bout 3 on de dam flank and passin dem balls well weighted. How allyuh feel. In addition Shaka look a little butter-fingered in the first half of dat game but looked more composed second half. How allyuh rate Shaka in dat West Ham vs Man U game. He did go  up against Rooney, Saha and de dutchman.

Football / E-man how we lookin for Barca vs Madrid?
« on: March 29, 2006, 04:20:05 PM »
He-man, ah tell yuh fellas spoil now. How it lookin for the Showdown with Barca vs Real Madrid on Deportes this weekend?  Yuh think yuh might get it? Leh we know something...

I go buy de doubles, bring yuh own Apple J.

Football / Joe Cole & Shawn Wright Phillips
« on: March 02, 2006, 09:14:35 AM »
Who is the real England super hero... I think that we are going to have a hard time marking and covering Joe Cole. He plays like a South American. He must be England's most skillfull and most useful player. I am now a believer. Rooney will do his thing but like Marvin Andrews say he aint worried about Rooney. I am however worried about Joe Cole. That left side go be well pressured. Some type of double-teaming set-up on the left might be needed. This Cole is as busy as Ronaldhino (as busy) on the field.  Rooney look like he want to start playing defender.  Joe Cole and Shawn Wright Phillips is de men to watch. Crouch should get cancel out. Obviously Owen is always a threat but we go take dem one at a time.  Some body need to feed Joe Cole some Anti-Spinach when is time to play Trinbago.  How allyuh see it?

Football / Henry vs E-to
« on: February 21, 2006, 03:48:06 PM »
I wouldn't try to compare them striker for striker currently I think that e'to has de edge however I strongly feel that if Henry goes to Barca and gets ample playing time, he might score more goals than e'to. Just my feeling. E'to is a striker but Henry is a footballer and I think his superior brain in de game with passing from Ronaldhino and Mesci could be exactly what Henry needs to get that player of de year award.

Just my opinion and whilst Im on match-ups I now feel that Reyes can tie Christiano Ronaldo boots. Reyes seems to have a more progressive style to Ronaldo. Beat and pass vs Beat and loss.

Jokes / The Latest Scam to hit West Mall
« on: January 25, 2006, 08:25:31 PM »
Look out fellas or not...

I am a victim of the latest scam in Trinidad which is happening at West Mall.
Two casually dressed, attractive 18 year old women come over to your car as you are about to leave the mall.
One starts wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex.
At the same time the other comes to your window saying, 'How ya going?' while bending over with her firm breasts almost dropping out of her blouse, that makes it almost impossible for me to ignore her.
When you finally get a chance to thank them and offer them a tip, they refuse and say 'No', instead begging for for a ride in whatever direction you are going.
You agree, and they hop in the back of your car.

As you begin to drive off, they start having sex in the back seat.
Then one of them reaches over to the front seat, performs oral sex on you, while the other one steals your wallet.

I was assaulted last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but I couldn't find them Saturday or Sunday.

Be very careful!

Football / Aurtis Whitley vs Wayne Rooney
« on: December 31, 2005, 01:15:07 AM »
I think that Aurtis Whitley can bring a Roy Keane sensation to the midfield against england. I think that Roy Keane has done well as a strong-arm midfielder in de EPL and has earned a degree of respect from the world's finest. I see Whitley as this type of player. Whitley will be one of our players to watch in the upcoming WC. I say if Whitley in form and have been briefed, Rooney aint going nowhere. Not to mention Rooney only need to problems to lose he head anyway. wha allyuh say on that match up?

Football / It's been a while.....
« on: December 23, 2005, 09:03:57 PM »
Fellas, its been a while since allyuh see or hear from a fella. All is well. Mankind done leave Florida ad base in Houston Texas now. Just get service and back on for the first time. Big up Flex and Tallman on the new changes. De site looks nice, aint get to check out all the newness yet. Big up all forumites young and de old especially de men & women who made it through to victory together.

I - man is here now....

Do good and Live!

Football / Fellas, Wilma knock meh down but?
« on: November 08, 2005, 12:29:53 AM »
I-man still fighting dem. Ah finally get back power Yesterday. It was ruff. Man digging hole to cook and ting. That is if yuh lucky and had a house but if yuh was in a Apartment building, yuh dogs dead.
I outside a hotel thiefing internet on the laptop right now because Comcast cya get up and running on my side yet. Haven't been able to check site at all so this is first time fulling up. Hail up to all forumites and especially to the Florida man dem. All meh dam Zaboca tree and dem gone to party with Wilma.
Police driving up and down this street, I on Biscayne & 79th, so yuh done know to de
FL locals, so ah cya stay to long. Good news to hear bout Fox bringing game. Time Max Bresos do something productive. He know he doh want to get ban for Carnival, Eddie Murphy must be call him and give him de Scoop bout that place. Big up to all de Old and de New. Cya wait to get back on.

DavidEphraim out....  Tallman ah hear tings was ruff.....

Football / Dog go kill somebody!!
« on: October 12, 2005, 09:26:35 PM »
Yo, Fellas aint see when dat Mexican pick up dat ball down by the corner flag and Mr Bad Man Marvin Andrews run through and wet dat? Yuh could not miss that. If yuh was looking closely, Shaka even get scared when he see the axe and tell big Marv to hold it down. I thought de fella dead after that. what dey say follow through well Marv aint just follow through, he run through that poor mexican. I dare say after that, man aint even want hold de ball for no length of time. Play dat piece of de game back for all who have it. I propose that apart from when Big marv wet de dude in Scotland and pray with him this has to be about the next best piece of Old-German style tackling I have seen from Dog in a minute. Oh holy shark fin soup Batman. P.S. . We have a baby being born in mexico in about 9 months. Latas breath da man on de line. Wether the youth come out with Dreads or not we claiming dat child.

Football / Ode to De Warriors!!!
« on: October 12, 2005, 01:31:46 PM »
And now, the end is near;
And so we face the pre-final curtain.
My fans, we'll say it clear,
we'll state our case, of which we're certain.
We've Trained, The Team's now full.
We've traveled each and every Small Island;
And more,much more than this,
We did it de Trini way.

Regrets, We've had a few;
And Yes my Friends, enough to mention.
 We did what We had to do
We seeing it through No Team has exemption.
Jack Warner planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
But more, much more than this,
We doing it Beenie way.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
The Blasted Gold Cup was more than we could chew.
We went through it all, but there was doubt
Honduras ate us up and Colombia spit us out.
We faced it all but still stood tall;
And did it our way.

We've Jumped, We've laughed and cried.
We've had our fill; our share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
We find it all so distressing.
To think we've come so far
And may I say - not in a shy way,
No,, oh not de warriors,we'll do it our way.

For who is Trini, what have they got?
If not ourselves, then we have naught.
To play the ball we truly feel;
And not the style of dem who kneels.
The record shows We took the blows -
And now we go kill-off Mexico.

Football / SoccerWorld have de Warriors Uniforms on Sale. Home and Away
« on: September 27, 2005, 11:37:36 AM »

SoccerWorld in Miami has Replicas of the the Team uniforms on sale. They have the conventional Red as well as "De hard to get White Kit". For group sales or more information, Contact Steve at SoccerWorld or whoever answer the dam phone. Phone # is  954-885-5558
Personalized Jersey numbers also. Order early, it only have a couple # 10 - Latapy and Yorke as well. I think dey say De  Derrick King sellin out too but I aint buying one. I rather buy a Elcock because like RF just reminded we, Elcock definetly is one for de history books.

Football / This morning Ah drop meh Soap in de bathroom....
« on: September 15, 2005, 06:29:05 AM »
is a good ting it was my bathroom and Big Bubba doh live here. Moral of de story, I realize that it takes only seconds sometimes to make fatal mistakes. Or worst wind up in somebodys penal instituation. Is best we try and stay under the radar so we can continue to enjoy Masa God World because life stops when you loss yuh freedom. Thats when hell kicks in.

Just a word to de wise...

Football / Christiano Ronaldo Thread
« on: September 04, 2005, 10:28:32 PM »
Could Christiano Ronaldo make de Brasil Starting 11?

and then ask yourself if Latas could make it. kinda makes you wonder exactly how good de little magician is on de world stage. I think all things considered Latas might have more to offer than C. Ronaldo (Portugal) to a Deep Team like Brasil. I think that in a Robinho, Kaka and Ronaldinho you could find the same qualities that C. Ronaldo excel at however yuh might get a little twist with Latas that might put him over de top.

Perfect example, right now I rating de Argentinian midfielder Messi, as being up dey wid de big boys, Zidane, Ronaldhino. I always thought that the little magician was not too far from dem fellas. Now Im sure Im reaching here a bit but Latas at 37 make man remember why he is de 1 and only Russell Latapy.

Football / One man's trash is another man's treasure...
« on: August 21, 2005, 01:55:32 PM »
I have seen posters try to dis de program about how some of we players this and dat. One man ask, Is Dog dat good? and Avery and Tallest.
Let me be quite clear. True indeed you dont want to over-hype no one but at the same time remember that these fellas is all we got. If we had more they would have been on the field. Bloody Zamora is a perfect example. So rather than dis "De Dog" de man who help and hurt we over the years, I instead choose to big up de man dem who try their best for us despite their inabilities. If we talking about Stern John, that  is a different story, there is no excuse for shear laziness but tell me de day that Dog, Avery or Sancho has looked lazy. Avery get he head buss last game and still went back on and ruff up twellman enough to make him stay out de area. Fellas might have been off their game but they still tend to give their all and guess what, they are all we got. So I agree, criticism is essential but even like parents, people sometimes tend to big up de bad alot but negate the good however little that is produced.

(1)We dont have no development program in place
(2) Everybody on de Team is 50 years old
(3) TTFF is TTFF
(4) Manning is Manning
(5) and Anton Corneal incharge of we Youths

So please massive, leh we remember that with all those fundamentals missing we probably have no right to be in de Hex but we are here and I believe doing the very best that we can. Yuh cya get sheep from goat remember that. Until we develop some goat we have to applaude and support we sheep.   To all de haters, put that in yuh pipe and smoke dat and if yuh could do better call Oliver Camps and if not hush yuh assss and clap when dem fellas leaving there lives and clubs to fly around de world to wear de Red, White & Black.

Football / Beenieman, you get my apologies & applause!!!!
« on: August 21, 2005, 01:32:06 PM »
I sure yuh checking out the Socawarriors.net website these days because yuh does be answering all we concerns. Yuh aint got to admit it but I think we know now for sure that yuh care bout whaqt de fans thinks. Beenieman, If I have ever said one bad word about you I apologize. Certain parts of that speech you make dey, boy, yuh make me want to start training. I appreciate you taking your responsibility in the situation, something that BSC would not do. You do your part and the Team has to do the rest. Cheers Beenieman after today win or lose I think that we made a good decision in bringing you here.   I say 3 cheers for Beenieman because de man franko-men tellin we that de ball is in our court.

Excerpts from Beenieman speech.....

It’s not only the coach responsibility, yes it is my responsibility, but to realize it you also have to take up part of the responsibility and be very well prepared in physical and mental way. “Play with your heart and play with your soul. Play for your country and play for your country and your family.
 You have to play them with everything you have. You have some doubt that you can bring that to your team, your federation, your country, then please be honest with us,” Beenhakker ended. For training with the local-based players on Tuesday, Beenhakker has called.

Football / Dwight Yorke, Hats off to you.....
« on: August 17, 2005, 10:05:37 PM »
De game finish. I feelin lil shell-shocked but at the same time i'm a lil impressed too. sound like madness eh?  First off,
Hats off to Dwight Yorke - A Trini to de Bone...  I salute Mr. Dwight Yorke because he have belly like a Calabash whilst his former counterpart tie up like a market crab. Dwight is by no means the best passer of the ball. Dwight is by no means the creative midfielder but Dwight came out tonight and did all those things that he is not to the very best of his ability. Mean while back at de ranch, De "Trini"  version of Claudio Reyna (Latapy) didn't turn up. As a result he pardner Dwight Yorke, a strict striker, was forced to be the one to move the ball around and slow or quicken the pace as every Team's "midfield maestro" would do. There was Dwight sloting balls into space, I could not believe meh eyes. Not the conventional 1,2 oh no of course he can do that but the 20-25 yard slots to slice open defences, He tried his best.

True enough we aren't playing one-man football anymore but nothing makes up for Experience & Exposure and this is what De  Veterans are supposed to bring to the Table.  Good Show Dwight.

I cya give a Touches/Patriot report because I is not dem but I will try to remember the key points observed...

Kelvin Jack - He is definetly a goal keeper and could possible be a very good one at that. I think that he may lack a little experience and tact but he sure makes up for it in Grit and Heart, after it kicks in. He save we Ass tonight couple times.   Kelvin Kelvin he's our man, if he cant do it........    Kelvin is de Man-o-Match.... P.S. That was a nice pass to your last stopper, Donavan dey Kelvin...

Marvin Andrews - Dog go be  Dog. We all know he strengths and weaknesses. Give thanks he displayed more of his strengths tonight than his weaknesses. Marvin will give his all everytime. I think when Tallest come off he get lil G- G- ry but was able to regain his composure. Obviously he has aged and we are okay with that.  Way to go Dog.... You should be the Captain in my opinion.

Dennis Lawrence - Tallest and Big Marv was busy doing there ting. They have really formed a good partnership and Dog seems to need that. Tallest put he neck on de line fuh we and Refree chop it off. No scene Tallest because that was as professional of a foul as I have seen and should have been rewarded with Yellow not Red. but the last man rule stood. Tallest de Marine.....

Atiba Charles - Atiba looked lost which I believe had a lot to do with Match readiness. He made good tackles at times but was annoyingly lost on possesion and plays off de ball. Still good back up for De back-line.  I think he need a better Club to get his game up.

Avery John - My defender of de game, (before sancho come and steal de show). Avery played like a leader tonight. Avery took the lead in helping TnT to get over the "Invincible USA Business" and rightfully so. He does be kicking dem fellas up every weak. He aint scared.
Avery I sure Twellman wish he didnt buss yuh eye because I see yuh fix that twice.  BooYah...

Brent Sancho - Without wondering if Brent shoulda start and all that crap, This fella come on de field and made an immediate Impact. Is like de man come on and give Dog, Avery and Jack a little breathing room. Sancho was on de ground, in the Air, pressing , tackling, still looking like he go take dat slow drag from an educated striker but yuh go have to come good. He nice like SugarAloes. Good job Brent, yuh almost get man-o-match.

Birchall - I think tonight we saw a more composed, controlled Birchall better know as SocaValiant. I was very impressed with his movement and mostly his composure coming down to the end. He hold it, he didn't vanish because of fatigue. he hold it down. Much respect Mr.Valiant, yuh ride with de best of them tonight.

Young Spann - I still  rating up meh boy  and though he did not have a bad game, it was at best only fair and not deserving of the Roaldinho title tonight. I think that Spann is a ,baller but his inexperience almost got the better of him tonight. His tackling is either good or bad. Bad in de sense of "is de refree weh spare him". He got to keep dem pegs low and with a little less pre-Touch drama and more consistency we de fans should be singing songs bout de fella fuh some time to come.

Aurtis Whitley- Most improved player on de field tonight. I could not find fault with de bredda and could see glimpses of what the Local warriors.net does be talking bout this man. Tonight he look like a winner, like he wanted to win. Keep it up Aurtis, yuh might become  we best midfielder.

Samuels - Well I dont know. I cant say nothing  bout Samuels other than he needs to decide what he does best and do more of it. For the most part he was not in the game and when on de ball, he needs to put more effort into not showing the defender so much of the ball since it seems that he like to take on defenders. take them on but maintain position.

Dwight Yorke - Dwight Yorke showed considerable first touch in the first opening minutes of the game before the "Captaincy" set in. After that he kinda faded into a Lazy Roy keene kinda role. Dwight is no spring chicken and so I did not expect surging runs into the defence however we may need a new captain unless Yorke becomes a fullfledge midfielder. I dont think that Yorke can Captain and score goals. Marvin Andrews should be the captain and Dwight the Senior Player Advisor. we may get more out of Dwight this way. Dwight really came out in de second half and tried to be as much like Latas as he could possible remember.

Stern" Fridge" John - I cya say that this was Stern's worst game because yuh done know.....we know better  however he didn't  do anything noteworthy other than to motivate  his teamates to play exceptionally better as soon as he come off de field. Go figure. The commentators could not understand it. Stern John, we applaude you for so gracefully helping to pave the way for our future stars. Stern best run of de game was off de field.

Scott sealy - Hott Scott came on ready and willing to look good and impress his coach and fans. As we all must agree, the midfield needs to better feed their strikers. goals come from chances. we dont get enough chances. Scott did what was required and I feel secure in saying that he looked quite capable on the ball.

Kenwayne Jones -  This boy really reminds me of " young Dwight Yorke". I think his game will only get better and he has a lot going for him. having said that I think that Beenie-man will have to tactically figure out the best way to utilize JohnWayne Jones talents. He always looked tonight like he could do more. as in "Im about to pass of de ball now but I think I can do more with it". I think that Kenwayne will start alongside Dwight from now on.

Beenhacker - You truly showed some class tonight. I really was impressed with you subs and even timing. I appreciated the "Do or Die" attitude and with no subs left by the 60th minute it gives the impression to all the players that they have to do or die. You did help the Team progress further tonight because though they lost I think for the first time in a long time, they lost together. It is a whole lot easier to win together especially after you have lost together. In essence they handled Triumph or in our case tonight the pain together. You did good Beenie.
Of course the next game will tell exactly how good you did when we see the next starting line-up. For now though, drink some Vat 19 and take a pat on de back at least until tomorrow comes.

Football / Jones for Stern in de 59th & Sealy for Yorke in de 75th
« on: August 16, 2005, 02:30:32 AM »
 Unless God did pass through, meet up wid Doctor Ah Ah and went and check Stern to give him a bush bath with some Bay Rum. On a regular day, these are my changes. Stern off on de 59th, give Yorke another 16 minutes to work with Johnwayne Jones, if nothing dont spark then we either go to 3 forwards or sub Yorke for Sealy on de 75th...  15+ minutes for Hott Scott & Johnwayne Jones to do some damage. we go need a midfield burst too, so I think Theo for Birchall in de 68th or whoever the weakest/tired-est midfielder is at that time. I woulda go with Eves as meh supersub but Beenie did not call him so I guess it is between Theo and Wolfe. I aint never see Wolfe so I went with Theo for Birchall.

So to Recap....  Jones for Stern in de 59th & Sealy for Yorke in de 75th & Theo/Wolfe for birchall or weakest midfielder.

Football / Seems like everyone is scoring but Stern.....
« on: August 13, 2005, 05:49:07 PM »
Per Beenie system, " your actively playing so yuh startin"  does Stern John start in front of Dwight Yorke, Kenwayne Jones and Scott Sealy?

Yorke aint scoring but he is Yorke..
Kenwayne is on Fire
Sealy running hard enough to replace Glenn

What is Stern doing.... Ill be very dissapointed to see Stern John start again unless Doctor AH AH give him a dose of bush medicine...

Football / Port Vale, A blessing in Disguise?
« on: August 11, 2005, 12:44:45 PM »
Well it can now be said that they can't leave Trinidad/Bago out of nothing.
In the Wide world of Soccer, the bigger countries have been know to almost associate themselves and their players to certain Clubs.. For Instance  France - Arsenal,   England - ManUtd/Lvpool,  Scotland - Celtics/Rangers

and now Trinidad & Tobago - Port Vale

Now wether this is good or bad for we soccer judging the division of our Sista-Club we can now boost that we are rolling with de big boys' because we have we own Club. Currently Vale is assisting Trin/Bago with our Forwards and midfielders. They even gave us a freebee (one we did not know about) in our boy Birchall. Im sure Stern name come up but it never stop it just kept going up in the sky to God Ears. Ah guess de "Port Vale Massive" will go after Noray, and Andre Boucaud next.. It only make sense and we aint mad at yuh. Foyle keep doing your ting boy. Yuh could even talk as much shit as yuh want in de papers cause I know come WC time yuh Vacationing in Trinidad whilst we players making Us and You proud. Good show Foyle, keep it up and Jack go handle yuh with a Villa in Trincity or something.

So my fellow country-men/women, be rest assured,  though we might be playing like 10 shillings on a counter right now, we are making waves both at home and abroad....

Valiant, ah hear yuh comin for Carnival....

Football / Would BSC, Latapy & Nakhid have gotten us this far in WCQ?
« on: August 09, 2005, 10:22:15 PM »
Hypothetical question......

 Bertille St. Clair as Head Coach
David Nakhid as an Assistant Coach/player
Russell Latapy as an assistant Coach/player

Could we have gotten to this position with  This Coaching-Trio leading the bandwagon?

Im not sure of the answer myself, I think there would have been advantages as well as disadvantages however was this prospect weighed before we brought in Beenie-man... Obviously they were all right there in the mix.  Bertille was still hanging on, Nakhid had just made a re-appearance and Latapy started talking shop again.

Considering that productivity is measured by the least amount of  resources used to achieve the best possible result, was the bringing in of Beenie-man (if short term only) the most productive way to go. BSC never had no Assistants with enough merit or weight to make a difference.... But Beenieman come with 2 of his own...  Im sure Beenie-man is worth every dollar to some Club or Country but was Trinbago that Country? Beenieman is saying and some forumites echoing  that there isn't much that Beenie-man  can do, at this point, then why do we need him and crew to do the little that there is to do... we could have stayed local, give BSC a swift speech, bring God#10 back along with Nakhid. who knows Kerry Jamerson mighta get jealous and put ah hand.

I believe that Latas and Nakhid woulda keep BSC quiet with de Rasta-Cane row business and assist in selecting the best Possible

Every Creed & Race
Find an Equal palce
And may God bless de Warriors

Note to Beenie-man-

We can always do bad by ourselves... we dont need no help in doing that, no excuses...
results or step. Thats why you get the big bucks... You & your assistants. You didnt want ours remember.
If no results then leh we down size...
plus I aint know who aint go want to play for Latas, Yorke and Lara
sorry I mean Nakhid....

The first round of drinks is on Oliver Camps.....

Football / Soccer World's at it again..... Florida
« on: August 05, 2005, 06:45:21 AM »
Calling all ballers. Trini/Bago ballers that is.  Independence Day Tournament. East - North - South - Tobago.
Tobago take it last year in style, East winn for 3 years before that. Do I hear Grudge match, nah man is a Love ting.
Real rum, girls, Ga%^ja and X amount a beat sharing. I aint lying, de East looking kinda strong this year but Tobago saying they doh business, is blows.
All Team Uniforms will be provided by Soccer World and there will be Team/Zone colors.  I go take a jook wid de East Team, My knee gone since Eldo but ah willing. Come out and have a good time to all the Florida possee.  Meet old friends, make new friends, Ladies doh forget yuh pompoms.

Ah gone... for further info contact Soccerworld at Soccerworld@hotmail.com.... Ah go post phone number later not sure if special number will be created for the ocassion....

Football / Be-little Trinidad y Tobago Team, everyone does but why?....
« on: August 01, 2005, 12:01:22 PM »
All these Clubs are after our players.  It may not be Manutd or Barcelona but Everyday in the news, another Trinbago player get pull in into a English, Scottish, American, Australian, Italian, Kuwait and Im sure the list goes on. Is this some kind of Mental abuse. Like spousal abuse. First yuh tell meh that we is crap but yet still managers deciding to take a chance on our players. What are they seeing that we are not seeing. Is this all one big conspiracy, tell them Trinis/bago they is shit so we can buy them cheap?  Panama, jamaica, Mexico and other concacaf Teams have speciality players, some teams boast more than ours but yet still why is it that we and Brazil have the most exported International players.  Well maybe other players dont be so hurry to leave their local league but that cant be enough of a factor to account for this mass exodus. You can find on some Teams some 2 and 3 Trinis/bago at the same time. A lot of other times, two opposing Teams, Three Trinis on the field and Two on de bench...  Maybe we are the best "Good Ole Boys" in the Carribbean, maybe we are trustworthy and honorable. Maybe is Eric Williams who really in charge of Fifa but Manning is the Treasurer....

I dont know, I put it to you all, How could we be so bad but good enough to make Team and impress all dem managers?


Does this show up our coaching ability/inabilities or organizational skillz or both...

Football / My Apologies Big & Small magician...
« on: July 20, 2005, 06:12:28 PM »
In retrospect, I really had no right to address big man like if dey is small man but it seems I allowed the football fever to cloud better judgement.
At de end of de day, you are  allowed to say and have your  opinion and no guy cya take that away. My Bad for assuming differently. Ah felt as passionately about the seeming in-equality as B. Magician did for his Team. I can see now that as a football fan/atic everyone is  allowed to do and say as they choose about dey opposition or neighbor, look at AC  VS  Inter, maybe that is de football culture.  I shoulda learn before I get involved in  big people business...l

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