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Over the past years working with him has been enjoyable and exciting from behind the scenes and we have experienced several paths along the way. This is a very proud moment for Duane and it has been a very long road to get to the top in this competition. I hope for a very bright future for him.

    Congratulations Duane O'connor: You are the Young King Monarch for 2012                                    :beermug: :beermug: :beermug: :beermug:

Football / Ex-stars call for TTFF overhaul
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:35:00 AM »
From: Trinidad Express Newspapers
 By Garth Wattley


It is neither captain Kenwyne Jones and his players, nor German coach Otto Pfister, but rather the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) which is coming in for the heaviest criticism following the national team's early elimination from 2014 World Cup qualifying.

The Soca Warriors were beaten 2-1 at the Guyana National Stadium on Friday evening to end any hopes of advancing to the next round of the CONCACAF qualifying campaign. And former national players Clayton Morris and Marlon Morris and ex-coach Everald "Gally" Cummings are all calling for a complete change of leadership in the governing body.

"I think the TTFF executive should resign," Marlon Morris bluntly told the Sunday Express yesterday, "because the footballing public has lost all confidence in their leadership. Nobody would put money in the TTFF."

Morris, who recently failed in his bid to become president of the Northern Football Association, said further of the administration: "They lack credibility and the ability to think independently."

He said Friday's result did not come as a surprise since the team had been subject to "poor preparation". But he also claimed the TTFF had also let the players down.

He said: "When players feel second class, when you hurt the football community, when the administration is fighting with the players, they are not going to play for you. Footballers are a fraternity. The passion isn't there... All of this is a function of poor leadership."

Clayton Morris, T&T captain during the 1990 World Cup qualifying campaign, linked the failed 2010 campaign to Friday's loss.

"It's very disappointing to see we went out so early. I don't think these teams should be knocking us out. But having said that, it's what we've been doing since 2006 (that is responsible). Since we blacklisted the (2006 World Cup) players, we started to go backwards."

And referring to the resignation as Football Federation president last month of Oliver Camps, Morris said Camps' colleagues should follow his lead.

"The rest of people should be man enough to let younger blood take over now. It's time for the changing of the guards...I don't think we could go forward if the same people remain there, same with coaching."

Morris said a different approach was needed when it came to hiring coaches from overseas.

"We have what it takes to bring our football to a level," he said. "To develop our football, we have to do it for ourselves."

He said that if after that further experience was needed for a qualifying series, then perhaps a foreign coach could be hired. And he recommended his old coach as the one to oversee the future development of the local game.

"Gally Cummings should be the man given the responsibility to develop the football for the next couple of years, where he would have a panel of coaches going into the communities to find talent," Morris (C) said.

"That wouldn't cost the amount of money involved in hiring a foreign coach."

Cummings himself said the timing of Pfister's hiring, so close to the start of qualifying, was wrong.

"You don't bring in a man at short notice to prepare a team. The side should have had a local preparing the team (well in advance)," he said.

And with the qualifying effort over at the first stage, he sees no reason for Pfister to be retained.

"The only person who benefitted from this is Pfister," he said. "I think the entire technical staff should go."

However, Cummings laid ultimate blame for the failure of the 2014 effort at the feet of the TTFF and their ex-special adviser, Jack Warner.

"I am tired of seeing the TTFF destroy football in this country," he said.

Tongue-in-cheek, he added with reference to previous failed campaigns stretching back to 1990: "Jack Warner is in the best position as Minister of roads. He fixed the Road to Italy, he fixed the Road to France (1998) and the road to Germany (2006) still has many bumps. This road (Brazil 2012) get fixed too, because he was responsible for bringing Pfister."

The former coach and technical adviser is now advocating that the senior team take a hiatus from international competition.

"I think for the next two years, we should take part in no international tournaments until we build a proper foundation. Build the football to a level where we can compete and stop embarrassing the country...

"Put an interim committee in place to hold onto the football until we get fair elections."

Football / Negative Trinbagonian Sayings In Football :
« on: November 11, 2011, 11:51:30 PM »
#1 We always getting we arse cut in every football game we play.

Allyuh free to add any more if allyuh want to.

Previously listed in the top 20 Calypsoes of 2010. Duane O'connor is the 2011 North Zone Kaiso Monarch held Sunday October 9th.

General Discussion / This fella cuff down a woman with a mighty swing
« on: October 06, 2011, 08:37:08 PM »
Rasta Man Knocks The Wig Out Of A Woman For Gettin In His Face! "You Can't Hit A F*ckin Woman"
scroll all the way down almost to the end vid is on the right side

Vesta Williams, Your voice will surely be missed. Not very many singers have a voice quite like yours. 
R.I.P Sister. :(







Vesta Williams Found Dead In Hotel

FROM: kovideo.net

    Vesta Williams
    Posted Sep 24 2011 by Sarah Luoma

Soul singer Vesta Williams has died at the age of just fifty-three years. The songstress was found in a hotel room. Vesta Williams Found Dead In Hotel

Fifty-three year old soul singer Vesta Williams has sadly passed.  Williams was discovered dead in a hotel room in El Segunda this past Thursday around 6:15pm, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office has confirmed.  Per the L.A. Times, the talented 80’s star , who gained notoriety for her much loved song Congratulations and several other tracks, died in “a room at Homestead Studio at 1910 E. Mariposa Ave., and a cause of death has not yet been determined.”

According to reports by way of TMA Vesta Williams death may have been the result of a drug overdose, with news that empty prescription bittles were found in the room with the singer.  Although nothing hads been confirmed as of late, fans of Willimas have taken to twitter after hearing the sad news.

Fans are obviously distraught over the news, leaving a loving message on her website.  "Vesta we don't know how, we don't know why, we just know we'll miss you so much.

Kimora Lee Simmons also shared her grief over Vesta’s tragic and unexpected death. "R.I.P. Ms. Vesta Williams. What a tremendous talent + great soul! Cuz as long as I can breathe, you'll always be the one for me!", while Sheryl Lee Ralph tweeted, "I am so deeply saddened at the passing of my diva friend Vesta Williams. RIP Vesta."

While 227 star Jackee Harry was also heavy hearted over the loss of the talented singer and her former co-star on the television series Sister, Sister.  Vesta played Jackee’s on screen best friend Monica .  "Just received truly devastating news: R&B great, and my friend of many yrs, Vesta Williams (@vesta4u) has passed away.”

This coming October, on the 22nd, Vesta Williams was slated to perform at DIVAS Simply Singing, an annual concert that will be held in Los Angeles. Instead the AIDS and HIV awareness event will honor the late Vesta Williams in her untimely death.


I hope someone on here can locate it in an archive and post it on this forum, video or audio format. It is something worth while.


It have peeps on this site living in that area maybe one ah de forum members.
Who has been missing since March boi?

General Discussion / Flex! Tallman ! Re: socawarriors.net face lift.
« on: April 28, 2011, 01:25:55 AM »
 Info. Allyuh making any decisions on doing a new site image before 2014? just a lil humble question that's all.

« on: March 14, 2011, 10:25:55 PM »
WARNING may not be suitable for all Audience


From: The Guardian:


What can be done to make carnival better
Published: Mon, 2011-03-14 21:03

One of the things that stood out when I returned to Trinidad after living abroad for over ten years was how little things had changed. The pothole outside KFC in Maraval was still there and the shop with the pies opposite the Oval was just as I remembered: the pies in the brown bags and the pepper sauce with the same wooden spoon in an aluminium bowl on the counter. I had the same feeling while attending the Carnival celebrations this year. With the exception of a new Grand Stand and North Stand, not much have changed.

The steel pan orchestras were on Savannah “the drag” taking their own sweet time to get on stage, there were no new developments in moving the bands along, no motorised locomotives to pull the pans, no innovation to allow for a faster set-up time for the bands. There was no one ensuring the bands got to the stage quickly and no one seemed a bit concerned about the fact that this competition can be improved.
The possibility that the time it takes to set up a band could be cut in half, that lighting can be improved, that the stage can be set up for rotation, that the entrance to “the drag” could be controlled for vending and listening to the bands as they practise with paid entry seemed to elude many. 

Carnival Monday and Tuesday celebrations were just as they were over the years: People moving without purpose, some youths running in groups through the crowd with backpacks; a mass of humanity gyrating to the beat of soca, no order; the bands of the rich roped off with security to keep the unwanted from disturbing their fun; unlimited liquor, loud music, people urinating on walls and between cars, garbage everywhere and disorder. Carnival in Port-of-Spain, just as it was years ago.  Is there ever going to be a time when temporary toilets are placed in special areas to allow the masses at Carnival to relieve themselves in dignity?

Will there ever be a route that is convenient to the bands where there are temporary seating along the route, and vending in a controlled manner? Will access to the route be controlled where one has to gain access by paying an entrance fee? Would there be signs indicating the route for the parade of the bands along the route? Would the size of the vehicles be controlled? Will there be controls on emission? Will there be controls on the sound levels? Would there be controls on people allowed within the bands? Will there be stipulations that restrict those not playing mas to areas outside the parade route where they can jump up without affecting those who pay to play? 

Will there ever be a Carnival museum where the kings and queens of years ago can be viewed? How about a place where one can see the costume “Man Crab” or “Tan-Tan” and “Saga Boy?” Carnival can be developed outside of government. Investors can build mas factories where costumes can be mass-produced for bands, innovative ways can be found to move the pans quickly in formation for Panorama. (Exodus has started in that direction). The entire celebration can be controlled to minimise the mass of confusion of people interacting with the masquerades.   The entire show can be managed to attract more foreigners, provide safety and order and marketed to maximise the income from the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

New York hosts a number of parades each year—from Labour Day to the St Patrick’s Day Parade and Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. These attract millions of people to the city. We can extract the best from them and tweak them to maintain a true Trini flavour. Alternatively we can continue the celebration of disorder that demonstrates to the world that we are a people a long way from the levels of civilisation and order that allow for arriving at First World status.

Steve Alvarez
Political leader, DPTT

General Discussion / Did they shoot up the police post in D'twn P.O.S?
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:22:41 PM »
I just got word on that, is It true?

This competition should be good this year.

I only saw the last five chutney competitors RICK RAMOUTAR was one of them,he was good.
RIKKI JAI was always well loved for years. 

General Discussion / i95.5 Sports Talking Ballroom Dancing.WOW!!
« on: February 19, 2011, 04:29:16 PM »

Kinda strange to hear about dance sport

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Fellas! go to CTNT World
« on: February 18, 2011, 08:43:27 PM »

I anybody having the same problem with Wack radio station?

$20m price tag for Soca Monarch

Published: Sun, 2011-02-06 19:00
Michelle Loubon
PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar, left, is greeted by CPF's William Munroe. Photo: David Wears

Chairman of Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF) William Munroe says the entire BMobile International Soca Monarch and Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch competitions 2011 cost about $20 million. Soca connoisseurs look forward to the stellar event dubbed Fantastic Friday (March 4) on the Carnival calendar when a power soca monarch and groovy soca monarch are declared. Meanwhile, Gregory Fernandez, Munroe adviser, Kareena Sukhu, office operations manager, and the team are working assiduously at fine-tuning the product. On Tuesday, the Soca Monarch contest was officially launched at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain, and is billed to be under the patronage of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Guardian Media Ltd is the official media sponsor of the competitions. Prominent soca personalities including Machel Montano, Shurwayne Winchester, Keith Sutherland (Ajala), veteran soca bard Edwin Ayoung and the young and upcoming Mr Renzo (Laurenzo Gonzalez) made it into the semifinal slots scheduled for the Arima Velodrome next Sunday.  Munroe said: “The overall production starts at about $19.5 million. But it could get to about $20 million. We cannot do anything mediocre. It must be a first-class presentation.”

The budget covers security, entertainment, stage, design, lights, advertising, celebrities’ tickets and hotel accommodation.  Munroe explained that although the burden becomes more onerous between February and March, the office at Prince Street, Port-of-Spain, is tasked all year round. “The office never shuts down.  When you are doing a show of that magnitude, you have to keep working round the clock. We are always working and planning. We have to attract stakeholders like the Government and sponsors.”
During the year, Munroe visits Caribbean countries such as St Vincent, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica and St Lucia to whip up support for the event which promotes Caribbean integration via music, song and dance.

“If you look at my budget, it is a lot. I have to travel to the islands.  It costs to put on a quality event.”
One of the highlights of the event is the celebrity panel. Munroe said: “It costs about $250,000 in  tickets. We have to pay for security and programmes. We have to pay for judges to come in from abroad. We have to house them and pay them.” Prior to Fantastic Friday, there are semifinals which also cost. Fernandez agreed there was an exorbitant cost involved in producing the event. He added: “It is like producing a movie. Plenty work takes place. “If it’s a production as large as that, it costs a lot of money.”
All types of employment

While artistes like Erphaan Alves and Roger Joseph showcase their talents, Soca Monarch generates employment for “about 7,000 to 8,000 citizens.”   “We employ a lot of people. There is the spin-off from Soca Monarch.  We have all types of employment besides the office. We do the prelims and the senior soca monarch.  A lot of people get work. “The more obvious people are the actors and the performers who are the supporting acts for the artistes.

But those who ensure the event’s smooth operations are much sought after.”  Munroe said: “We have the people working with the artistes.  The vendors...the gate keepers...the ticket printers.  Those who work with the celebrities. We have the taxi drivers and the artistes themselves. We have the drivers. “We have those who work with the sound system. We have to employ stage managers and designers. When you check it down the line it is about thousands to sell and print tickets.”

Promoting soca tourism

When Munroe spoke at the launch, he spoke about the progression into soca tourism.  Apart from its beautiful Maracas and Manzanilla beaches, T&T is viewed as the Caribbean mecca for soca.  He said: “Remember, artistes are coming to Trinidad with their entourage. The ministers are coming to see their representatives and support their ‘homeboys’.  They have to stay in hotels and guest houses. They have to stay with the taxi drivers and the vendors. “Besides, when they are leaving they may pick up a souvenir. It is because of this grand soca monarch initiative.”

He compared the Soca Monarch participation to cricket and the support garnered by the Australian team.
“It is just like cricket. Because of the initiative of the Australian team and the support it gets, the hotels are properly booked. They have their loyal supporters and followers.” He also thanked Persad-Bissessar for her attendance at the launch. “I have to thank her for her interest. Much respect to the PM.” Seizing the opportunity, Munroe also thanked Culture Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters for taking Carnival back to the Savannah stage.

“I have to compliment the minister for bringing Carnival back to the Savannah.  That was a brilliant move.”  Munroe also extended best wishes to the complement of performers carded.  Making reference to Persad-Bissessar’s trouncing former prime ministers, Patrick Manning and Basdeo Panday, he said each performer should try to prove him/herself on Fantastic Friday. “Look at Kamla...She threw out two prime ministers. There are no automatic winners. Every soca monarch winner proved themselves on stage on Fantastic Friday.  “Look at Shadow, he came with Stranger. Shadow was no teenager. Look at Bunji, Fay Ann and Iwer. They were all winners in soca. They all have to prove themselves. Everybody who got in is a threat to the other.”

Public giveaways

The Soca Monarch score says: “Press your clothes and get ready/ready.” When patrons slip through the gates, Munroe said they expect giveaways like finger lights and miscellaneous items. “We are giving away $40 of lights. They look nice on hats.  We are giving away free top-up for the first 10,000 buyers. We will be giving away free Lotto. We will be giving away treats, bandannas and cups,” said Munroe. “You have to walk with a small bag,” he added.

Energy competition

Another initiative was paying people to party. Munroe explained that if a posse parties heartily all night long they just might win the “Energy Competition.” A breakdown lists the first prize as $25,000; second,  $15,000; third, $10,000 and fourth as $8,000. “If you have the biggest posse, you could win an extra $10,000.  You  register at the gate.  There are some people who come with 30 and 40 people.” Like a magician who knows all the tricks, Munroe said: “We are paying the same night.”


 CD Launch Tonight Title Closure.


 I Cringe when I saw this video and what Uday did to his national players while they (Saddam Hussein) were in power just goes to show the level  mankind will go to try and achieve a win. It left me asking several questions in many different avenues of human functions within their mental capacity while in existence. Very sad indeed.

Here you go:   


Discussion: Kaiso and the kaiso monarch 2011 and a guest..


Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Calypso stars shine on awards night
« on: January 19, 2011, 03:53:18 AM »
From:The guardian:
Calypso stars shine on awards night
Published: Tue, 2011-01-18 00:06
Angelo Marcelle
King Luta (in red jacket) leads the awardees in impromptu extempo. Photos: Angelo Marcelle

It was a night of glitz and glamour when the National Action Cultural Committee (NACC) hosted its annual Top 20 Calypsoes for compositions in 2010. Among the dignitaries in attendance were Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Winston “Gypsy” Peters and High Commissioner Designate to the Federal Republic of Nigeria Nyahuma Obika.

Among the night’s calypso stars in attendance were Young Kings Monarch Kwesi Jeffers, Calypso Queen Kizzie Ruiz, Contender, King Luta, Brian London and Duane O’Connor. Defending National Calypso Monarch Kurt Allen copped the coveted Calypso of The Year award for his song Too Bright.


Steve David in the Studio. Tune in


From the Trinidad Express:

Did the People's Partnership break its promise of multi-million-dollar prizes for Carnival winners?
By Ria Taitt Political Editor

Story Created: Jan 12, 2011 at 12:50 AM ECT

Story Updated: Jan 12, 2011 at 12:50 AM ECT

As he confirmed the $2 million prize money for the four major competitions (Panorama, Soca Monarch, Chutney Monarch and Calypso Monarch) will only be for this year, Minister of Multiculturalism Winston "Gypsy" Peters yesterday insisted the People's Partnership Government did not break its election promise.

Speaking to the Express by telephone, Peters said the Government was giving exactly what was promised on its election platform.

"The Prime Minister made a statement that she wanted to give the steelband, the Calypso Monarch, the Chutney Monarch and the Soca Monarch $2 million in prize money. She made that promise and she only made it this year," he said.

Responding to statements from the People's National Movement (PNM) that it was an open-ended promise, not a one-year promise, Peters asked: "Who made the promise? The PNM or us? We made a promise! And I am telling you what promise we made. They (PNM) could say what they want!"

Reminded that the electorate was told the prize money would be increased to $2 million, Peters said: "Nobody never say that. The Prime Minister said this year they going to get that ($2 million). And I made it clear exactly what it was, what she was saying. She never tell anybody that she was leaving any prize at $2 million indefinitely. She did not say that!"

Asked whether it was being given for this year only as part of the celebration of the People's Partnership election victory, Peters said: "I don't know if it is to celebrate that. But I would think that it could form part of the celebration."

He said he had explained to stakeholders that it was only for one year from the very beginning.

However, speaking at the People's Partnership election rally at the Aranjuez Savannah on May 22, two days before the election, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar told a massive crowd: "Today, I pledge to you as well that all the competitions which showcase the talent of our land, whether it be the Chutney Monarch, the Soca Monarch, the Panorama finals... in all these competitions ..., I pledge to you today that in true equality and justice, that the first prize for all these competitions will be $2 million...and that is how we will rise together, every creed and race; we will rise!"

On the controversy over the reduction in the steelband players' fee from $1,000 to $800, Peters reiterated since Pan Trinbago was getting an extra million dollars from the Government for this year, it could use this to give its membership the $200 difference.

Asked what would happen next year when this extra $1 million is not available to Pan Trinbago, Peters said they would "have to revert to what they are accustomed doing". Will Government then revert to the $1,000 players' fee? Peters said he had stated "one million times" that he did not believe that people should be paid to play in the Panorama preliminaries.

"When people have attained something; let's say you have gotten to the semi-finals, I don't mind paying you $1,000. But you cannot pay people for being in the preliminaries. That is my take on this whole thing," he said.

Peters added that people talked about their love of pan but asked where is this love of pan if money was the only motive for entering the steelband preliminaries. He said he was not in favour of the Government paying anyone to enter the preliminaries of any competition whatsoever.

"Like everybody else who enters a competition, the preparation for going into that competition is the individual's expense... It is your expense," he said.

However, he said while he was not in favour of paying any money to players for the preliminaries, he had made a compromise by agreeing to give $800. Furthermore, he said Government gave $20,000 and $10,000 to every unsponsored steelband, based on their size, in preparation for Panorama.

Peters said the country had other needs to service apart from the steelband. Government had to put beds in the hospital, feed hungry children, fix the roads and put water in the taps, he said.

"So we cannot be frivolously spending money all over the place," he said.

He said pan had all year to make money through its innovative ways.

"Everything in this country is, 'The Government must pay for that; the Government must give me this; the Government must give me that.' Come on! This country doesn't have as much money as we used to have. And if we go to spend it foolishly, we would be back in the same position that we are in now," he said.

He added Government must spend the money wisely and allow people to become independent.

On the PNM's position that support for the steelband was a valuable investment in economic growth and diversification because it brought tourists to the country, Peters said tourists came to this country to see people dance the bele, to play mas and to hear people sing calypso.

"People come here for a variety of reasons. People don't come here for one thing... They come here for Carnival...for a combination of things. And steelband is one aspect of our culture. It is one component of Carnival," he said.


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