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          Right now, no amount of home support can help them. Them fellas have to step up a big notch for people to cheer. These are professionals, not inter-col ball players. When they go back to England, they need to put some extra effort in their development in order to help the RWB progress. They are not doing TT any favors. Right now they just wasting we time.

Deeks, that is no excuse man. It doesn't matter what situation they are in, Trinbagonians are unaffected and simply will not cheer them on the entire match. Look at how the El Salvadoreans cheer on their team the entire match and made it hell for the USA, even though they allowed a disorganised outfit like TandT go 2 goals up on the at home in the previous match. The situation doesn't matter, the lack of support for our team is caused by deep rooted issues within the people of the country.

Yeah Weh-it-is, I went to see it.

Football / Re: Keon Daniel in Kaka type midfield role.
« on: April 02, 2009, 12:03:10 PM »
Disgruntled Trini, you really trying hard to live up to your name boy, lol.

Football / Re: Keon Daniel in Kaka type midfield role.
« on: April 02, 2009, 11:33:00 AM »
LOL, I expected those responses. You guys don't understand, I'm not saying Keon is comparible to present day Kaka, I'm just saying the way he plays I could see him in that type of role, and not as a winger. I'm not even saying he could reach close to Kaka's level, cause that takes an amazing determination I've not seen from our players really, but he COULD play a simular role, how close (or anywhere remotely near) he gets to the best is VERY questionable and debatable though.

I find Keon Daniel is NOTHING like Kaka. Kaka is big, fast, powerful and skillful all at the same time. Of those attributes, Daniel is only skillful. I agree that he is more suited to a central attacking mid role, but if u comparing him to any of the world class midfielders, he is closer in style to Riquelme than anyone else (IMO). They are both deceptively slow, with excellent poise on the ball under pressure, silky dribbling skills with good shooting technique. Kaka is a completely different style of player.

I see where your coming from and agree with you, don't think I'm persisting with the fleeting comparision, but also don't forget that Kaka wasn't always big and powerful, he only gained that when he went to Milan.

Football / Re: Keon Daniel in Kaka type midfield role.
« on: April 02, 2009, 11:08:23 AM »
LOL, I expected those responses. You guys don't understand, I'm not saying Keon is comparible to present day Kaka, I'm just saying the way he plays I could see him in that type of role, and not as a winger. I'm not even saying he could reach close to Kaka's level, cause that takes an amazing determination I've not seen from our players really, but he COULD play a simular role, how close (or anywhere remotely near) he gets to the best is VERY questionable and debatable though.

Well dey eh play betta yday

True, but with real home support we could be a totally different team home, regardless of if the team disorganized(coaches fault, training ground stuff), they'll all fight harder at home with proper home support. You see it all the time in the top league, some teams are overall not very good and play rubbish away, but at home they're unbeatable, e.g Fulham this season in the EPL.

Football / Keon Daniel in Kaka type midfield role.
« on: April 02, 2009, 10:21:25 AM »
I was just reading a story about Brazil's game vs Peru, and after reading about Kaka, it just dawned on me that Keon Daniel is simular to him in some respects- obviously Kaka is totally developed and rifined after years in top European competition, so don't think I'm underestimating him(imho one of best in the world with Messi, Cristiano, Gerrard, and one other I can't remember now), but don't underestimate your Trini brother either.

If you look at the way Daniel plays, moves, runs and the type of skills he does, and if you know Kaka's game well you could see the similarities. They are similar tall lanky players so the way they run with the ball has some simularities, also to Daniel's credit he is one of those players who can create space while surrounded by defenders, and not with gaudy ineffective moves, but very efficient skills, very Kaka-esque.

When I think about it that way, that further re-inforces in my mind that he shouldn't be on the wing, the way he runs with the ball(similar to Kaka) isn't best suited to wing play imho. He can create space, but I think rather than having to run in a narrow confined space(tough winger-type running), because of the way he runs with the ball, that ability to create space will be better used in midfield with him passing the ball using the space he creates, or able to run with it in a less confined way, again, in a role simular to Kaka.

His ability with freekicks would signify to me that if he isn't already good at crosses and precise passing, more than any other player in the team he can learn it(also he has youth on his side, aka he isn't a old hardened horse as yet). Also I've heard others saying that he used to be a top midfield player when he was younger, before Mats put him on the wing. I for one really see the potential in this youth to be a type and quality midfield player that we've rarely seen in this country(save Latapy and a few others).

I don't think his lanky running style is best suited to the wing, and I don't know of many top wingers like that(I concede that I could be mistaken). Also, I don't think hes a "keen enough" player to play on the wing, where you have to have unaffected drive to press on and get to the byline, I don't think hes that type of player, but with his silky skills and ability to make space, and his ability with the making the ball do as he wants in the air, I can certainly see him being a very good or top midfielder, with similar play to Kaka.

As said before, I think it will more suit his personality that I've seen so far, he doesn't look to have the wingers' unquenchable drive- to get to the byline, but with his skills, if he doesn't feel driven to drive forward himself at a moment, he could skin a few players and make space and hit a good forward pass.

I didn't have enough time to look over what I typed for any contradictions etc, so please excuse, and I know many will disagree, but thats to be expected.

LOL, I expected those responses. You guys don't understand, I'm not saying Keon is comparible to present day Kaka, I'm just saying the way he plays I could see him in that type of role, and not as a winger. I'm not even saying he could reach close to Kaka's level, cause that takes an amazing determination I've not seen from our players really, but he COULD play a simular role, how close (or anywhere remotely near) he gets to the best is VERY questionable and debatable though.

Its probably completely implausible, or it could have a little bit of merit, either way it sure is polarising and at worst(or best) is a funny read for you guys, crazy fantasy football, so that's cool.

I guess this is very provacative too, because after men disgruntled from seeing the team crumble through disorganisation at USA, a man coming and saying Keon Daniel and Kaka in the same sentence, LOL. That should make the thread garner some attention and emotional outbursts, acting at  least as an outlet for frustration of T&T fans at performance of the team. (?)

Also don't take this too seriously, it was just a sort of fleeting daydream I had lol.

Take care. :) :beermug:

We need to win our home games, I don't know how we can do that with the support(never mind our woeful team organisation) we have. I wasn't surprised(but saddened) when I heard Stern John say that the team plays better and prefers to play away from home! What an indictment on our "supporters"! Its so bad that a player admits something like that freely and openly like its a given and understood.

The reason he gave was that theres more pressure at home, but ask yourself, why do all top european teams(and practically all teams in general) for example play better and win more games at home and obviously depend on home games for success? Thats because of the supporters backing and their love, they feed off of that, what our players get to feed off of is poison, unfriendly and derisory supporters who stay there quiet and watch, generating an atmosphere of tension rather than support.

The unpatriotic quietness of our supporters create so much unpleasant tension(euphemistically called "expectation" by Stern John), that our team actually prefers to play in a hostile environment like USA than at our own Haseley Crawford Stadium. Yet another sad blemish and terrible indictment on this nation!!

Die-hard Supporters, we can't sit by while this goes on, this is despicable! We must make a fiercer stand!

Football / Re: Play Stern John in the Midfield!!!!
« on: April 02, 2009, 01:33:48 AM »
Thanks man Berris :) :beermug:

Football / Re: Ince sister passed away
« on: April 02, 2009, 12:32:05 AM »
My sincere condolences to Clayton, I know this is a tough time, when football and everything else means nothing. Stay strong man!

Football / Some changes to team/
« on: April 02, 2009, 12:30:08 AM »
Kenwyne definitely didn't play as good as Stern did tonight.

We need Colin Samuel to be back on the left wing.

Keon Daniel moved out to midfield, where he can use his skills in creating space while surrounded by players and his ability to have to ball do as he wills in the air with crosses.

Stern John in midfield(yes, read mine and a few others comments in the thread titled that, he is one of the few of our players who can keep the ball under pressure and make a good pass, also can utilise his powerful shot right outside the box)

Two strikers up top, I don't know which, but a pick between these three, Cornel Glenn, Kenwyne Jones, Jason Scotland. I'm leaning on Glenn and KJ. KJ can provide head flicks on to Glenn to use his speed to get behind defense and score. KJ can also score headers from improved wing service. Scotland can be a sub if either not playing well in game. I love Scotland, just I think hes probably better as a sub if either not playing well, wish I could include all three.

Cyd Gray needs to come back. I don't care what anyone says, most times I've seen Cyd Play, hes been our best defender together with Dennis Lawrence.

Football / Re: Why?
« on: April 02, 2009, 12:14:24 AM »
Why substitute a defender at half time when you are down one goal?  Did we make a mistake on the initial selection?

Why take off Chris Birchall when he was the hardest working man on the field?

Why play Birchall defensive midfield when he has a 40 yard rocket?

Why not substitue Kenwyn Jones when he added nothing for 90 minutes?

Why not bring on Latapy at halftime?

Why not play Stern John in midfield?  Stern John's position is no longer an offensive player (he played well tonight) but he needs to do like Dwight Yorke and switch to midfield.  He is a good passer of the ball.

Why not put Stern John in the midfield (it should not be hard to find a midfield player to leave home), and add Cornell Glen to the team.

Why is Brent Sancho not on the team?

Why is Colin Samuel not on the team?

Why is that C%#$ still the head coach?

This coach does not have a clue as to what he is doing!

Sting, I agree with everything you said there man, you see as clearly as me that Stern John can possibly be a real asset for us in midfield. Agree with all your other suggestions too.

Football / Re: Play Stern John in the Midfield!!!!
« on: April 02, 2009, 12:01:34 AM »
I feel alyuh right...I eh know the game.

The college coaches and State/Region coaches who texting me now laughing eh know nothing either.

I have to watch this game again cause I guess I was in the wrong venue.


Doh worry it take ah big man tuh admit he' ah c0nt  was wrong .

What dey know  ??? you gehing like dem is de expert on football ,de mere fact that dey know you show their standard and level of coaching is college students .I'm sure not one ah dem ever coach beyond college but they impress you ? Gyul gone lick de college coaches arseholes and geh we ah facking chance nah and while yuh licking ask dem who was de best player on de pitch fro TnT and hear wha dey say .

LOL! Berris, you is rel kicks man. In my little time on this forum I realize that lol.

Football / Re: Play Stern John in the Midfield!!!!
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:55:38 PM »
Maturana is C#$%!!!

Why substitute a defender at half time when you are down one goal?  Did we make a mistake on the initial selection?

Why take off Chris Birchall when he was the hardest working man on the field?

Why play Birchall defensive midfield when he has a 40 yard rocket?

Why not substitue Kenwyn Jones when he added nothing for 90 minutes?

Why not bring on Latapy at halftime?

Why not play Stern John in midfield?  Stern John's position is no longer an offensive player (he played well tonight) but he needs to do like Dwight Yorke and switch to midfield.  He is a good passer of the ball.

Why not put Stern John in the midfield (it should not be hard to find a midfield player to leave home), and add Cornell Glen to the team.

Why is Brent Sancho not on the team?

Why is Colin Samuel not on the team?

Why is that C%#$ still the head coach?

This coach does not have a clue as to what he is doing!

What game were you watching?

In the 12 minutes Scottie play he was more productive than Stern.

This hah tuh be ah chain up ,nobody cyar be so facking chupid and claim dey know de game,
but den again ,like ah say b4 ,it have nuff dunce on dis forum dat eh have ah facking idea of de game but does talk like dey know bout football ...pure facking arseholes

Name two passes Stern make, or which defender he take on. You want to compare coaching qualifications or what? I fed up with macco mere aman like alyuh who back men and don't care what happen with the team as long as alyuh pardner play.
Stern was useless.
KJ check to recieve a ball, the defense drop off and Stern standing up to see what happen, instead of dropping with the defenders. Talk about dunce, is you. You really want to get into tactics here or what. Bring it yuh know cause is ah pack ah ass you on wit Stern and he shyte.

He only stand up and would not jump or challenge for a ball and coming down on everybody else.

Like ah say this have tuh be ah chain up ,I refuse tuh believe you is such ah f ocking idiot,but den again I've been wrong before .The first ball Stern got, he chest traped in de middle of the pitch and hit Carlos on the run down the right side ,excellent touch .Go and watch de game and you would see many more passes to players who din have ah clue what to do .Now dais why ah cyar believe you serious and dis have tuh be a chain up .
As for coaching credentials, yuh now showing meh yuh even ah bigger asswipe dan ah tort .Is not you say in ah earlier thread yuh have tuh go and coach yuh daughter s game. :rotfl: Wham yuh looking for coaching practice or dais the limit of yuh knowledge de game.
Now when yuh say 'name two passes' dat kinda ah convince meh this might not be ah chain after all ,and yuh is really ah f ocking wanna be coach dat eh have a clue .'Name two passes'  ??? me eh know passes have name but here goes .. ,Wendy and Elana . Yuh eh see yuh is ah f ocking kakahole ,name 2 passes ..go and watch de game ah yuh wud see bout 20 but as far as I know they eh have no name .Now if you cud say that #14 was not one of our best players tonight ,if not the best, yuh eh know one  f ocking ting bout coaching farless football and ah feel sorry for de short change yuh giving yuh daughter and de team yuh fooling by calling yuhself ah coach .Doh take my word for it go and read the rest ah post and yuh wud see that is only ah few c onts like yuhself found #14 did not play well .

I totally agree with you Berris! Great to see someone else on these forums sticking up for Stern John, and who actually knows about football and can look beyond the few misses the man made.(which even Trezuguet might have missed, everyone knows most strikers need a good few opportunities to actually score,how many did Stern John get, 2 half chances? Even though Jozy Altidore missed a completely open goal, he still scored a hattrick, and thats because he got numerous chances and balls, damn ungrateful unpatriotic Trinbagonians, I fed up of allyuh)

Anyone who knows about football and who aren't blatantly biased and seeking a scapegoat(idiotically so, cause the man is one of us and loves his country), could see that Stern for the past few game has played well, and had certain crucial qualities to his game many of our players are lacking right now.

The fact is that the few times Stern got the ball, he used it better than most on the team.(in fact, he actually could control it and keep it under pressure, which most of our players couldn't do, save Carlos) Stern is a patriot, the man looks visibly hurt when the team doesn't do well, we damn blasted Trinbagonians should at least return a little love and support and appreciation to the man, instead of derision from our unpatriotic and unappreciating selves. (which is a cause of plenty of this country's problems, but I'm not even going to go there!)

Don't talk about Stern John, talk about all them other guys on the team who were just losing the ball like it had butter on it, and couldn't make a simple pass without giving the ball to the blasted Americans.

I heard some greasy idiot on CNMG at Crobar talk about he should have gotten a baseball bat in the b-mobile prize bag to use it on Stern John, I wanted a baseball bat too, to buss he damn head.(idiotic, unpatriotic, ungrateful ignorant). After everyone go to de HCS stadium and sit down damn quiet and subdued like dey constipated, they have de damn nerve to deride and demotivate the team further! The damn nerve of us Trinidadians!!!!!!!!!

I know plenty of you would disagree with me about this, but I don't care. BIG UP TO STERN JOHN, STAY STRONG MAN, DON'T TAKE ON THESE UNGRATEFUL TRINIDADIANS, NOT ALL OF US LIKE THAT!

Football / Re: Disrespectful
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:16:56 PM »
These good for nothing, wanna be, footballers did not even have ah ounce of broughtupsy in them to acknowledge they fans after the game. I looking to move down to clap the feallas. When I look up men run off in the changing room. What the hell? Not even a little acknowledgement after people travel so far and watch them play all that mess.

Not good enough, no character.

Back Grenada from now on ... hush yuh c0nt .

LOL Berris! From the relatively short time I've been on these forums, I've repeatedly seen comments like that from you, guess you're a very confrontational person, but that was just unnecessary, ROFLMAO. Don't take it that on man Elan.

« on: April 01, 2009, 11:12:10 PM »
Don't be like everyone and make excuses for Argentina by blaming the altitude! The fact is that its not the first time that Argentina has played in La Paz, and the fact is that they have more wins there than Bolivia does. Also, many of the Bolivia players on the team were from town that are around sea level! The fact is that Argentina played absolute crap and got punished for it today in SPECTACULAR fashion.

The stars don't align often to enable a score like this for a so-called small team against a world giant, and won't happen again for a very long time, so we should savour it, lol.

Football / Re: Play Stern John in the Midfield!!!!
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:04:09 PM »
Hey Sting, I just came on the forums and saw this topic, and it was like you read my mind, while watching the dire USA game, I said the same thing to myself.

The problem is that we aren't getting enough balls to the strikers and wingers further up the pitch, therein not creating nearly enough goalscoring chances, the reason for this is that  the midfielders can't keep possesion and make an accurate penetrating forward passes under pressure, and Stern John is one of the few of our players who seem able to control(he IS one of the best at chest control that I've seen, anywhere) and keep the ball under pressure, and to pass the ball forward well.(despite all the derisory things the ungrateful unpatriotic people in this country say about him)

I think he will be of better use to the team right now in this role, as thats where we are lacking, and we have an over abundance of strikers, so even though he has proven he can score goals, we have other goalscorers.

Ideally Stern should be on the edge of the box with his back to goal, receiving balls from midfield to turn and shoot, or hold up play and bring other players in(players like Cornel Glenn, Scotland, Kenwyne). (Like USA's Brian Ching, or Emile Heskey, though he IS a much better goalscorer than both.) He is NOT the Adebayour type consistenly composed finisher(ie. composed far post type goals etc) We expect that from him and get vexed when he doesn't deliver, but thats not his game, and he IS excellent at the type of game I've mentioned before.

Problem is that there we don't have midfielders to pump the ball to him like Emile Heskey has for England, or even the service Brian Ching has for USA. Thats why I think adding him to advanced midfield might be better for the team, until we get some other player to play this role effectively(ie. keep the ball underpressure and pass it forward accurately(good example of this is a pass Stern made in USA game to Carlos when Stern was around midsection. Latapy plays this role brilliantly, but sadly for us hes 40 now and can't play in games very long. Stern is more of a powerful shot type striker anyways, which makes the case for him in advanced midfield even stronger, because he can employ his powerful shots right outside the area if space opens up.

Just as how Dwight Yorke's age has caused the goals to dry up, the same is happening with Stern John to an extent, but just as Dwight had particular top class traits left(or that developed with age and experience) that allowed him  to switch to center midfield, likewise I'm seeing some particular top notch traits from Stern John that not many others in our team posses, and that will be of great advantage if he were in in an advance midfield position.

I think he can still score goals, but if we don't have midfielders who can get the ball forward and create chances, for now I think he may be of best use and a great help to the team's performances in adv mid role-receiving ball underpressure and getting a pass forward or to flanks.

That idea for Stern in Midfield isn't as thought out from me as how a coach would have to before making a big move like that(hence the reason I'm not a football manager, lol)

One thing I'm relatively sure about though, is that Keon Daniel SHOULD be in midfield, I've consistenly seen from him the ability to create space with a good few defenders around him. The problem he has is running with the ball right down on the wing after hes created the space, which I don't think is his strong point. I think if he'll be excellent at creating space to pass the ball in a midfield role though.(and his freekicks attest to his ability to make the ball do what he wants in the air, which he can make use of the hit crosses to the wingers)

Keon Daniel for midfield and bring back Colin Samuel for the left wing.

Also after watching the USA game, why oh why did Maturana bring on Makan Hislop for Aklie Edwards(like for like change) I'm starting to think they are his love children. I love our youngsters, but exposing them to early before they're ready could also make them regress in their development if their confidence gets shattered.

Guys we have talented players at our disposal, but many aren't being picked, some are not being used where they will perform at their best, and overall they're not organised well at all.

We have organised something like that through this fan forum. It's called the Warrior Nation. We do have a section of the stadium where the warrior nation usually sits. It's where you see the big flag.

I would be delighted if you are able to get the members on here mobilised to make noise as it is a wonderful idea. It is somethign that has been tried before though and is usually met with lots of support on the board and little action in person but I for one will always support anyone who is willing to make the effort.

Thanks spideybuff, I'm new here so I didn't know about that, cool man thanks. Warrior Nation! That sounds great. I think I remember seeing a big flag somewhere. What we just have  to do now is to get it to work on a larger scale/get more people  to turn out. We have to explain to everyone on the forum understand how crucial this is, get them fired up, prob make a video and push it, generally start let people know about it and convince them to get out of their crappy small-minded comfort zone and support.

Even if we don't influence that many of the non-supporters(vast majority), at least we could rally together all the diehards, some of whom probably got demotivated and sank into typical quiet mode, bring back out the fire in them. Lets try to push this Warrior Nation true fans(not unpatriotic false-pride consumed spectators)  support group even harder. We can make this work fellas. Have hope.(If a black man can become president of America, what is it for us to make this true-support group work and have it keep growing? )

For this and future World Cup Qualification-for the spurring forward of our football- for the greatly positive and unifying impact the success of our National football team has on this country and the citizens' minds at large- and for showing Trinbagonians what a bit of what real patriotism is about, we must make it work. Have hope!

Its seems every true die-hard football fan and Soca Warriors supporters on this forum are now voicing how fed up they are with the "home-support" our team recieves(actually the lack thereof).

Guys we really have to take up my and a few others suggestion, that we organise ourselves into the Diehard Warriors Support posse and gather together at each game and spur our team forward.

 I'll make a thread later to try and organise this, if someone else can make the thread first that will be good.

Fellas, heres what we need to do.

We all on this forum have to make an agreement to meet up before each game at the HCS at a specific time. Bring our horn etc, we'll then all sit in one section of the stadium, and show this country what football support is all about!(cheering every touch of our team, singing at top of our lungs, clapping, starting Mexican Waves, Jeering every touch of opponents.)

This will be an ongoing thing, each match, and anyone who feels like joining our TRUE FOOTBALL FANS Soca Warriors Support posse at the stadium, they can.

That is the only way to stop the SHIT that goes on at the stadium we call SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn despicable. We have to show others how to do it, put everyone to damn shame, then they will follow. Many Trinbagonians most likely will not listen if they make ads prompting them to support, because sad to say, most are SHEEP, so we need to lead the way and then they'll follow.

We are the 12th man, and we have a crucial to play in our team's success and player's performance on the day. If you can, read my thread entitled,"I am disgusted with our so-called football supporters"
What do you all say to my suggestions?? You all up to making a True football fans Soca Warriors Support posse, like the USA's Sam's Army.

Football / Re: T&T vs Honduras : through the eyes of a Jacan
« on: March 31, 2009, 05:15:03 AM »
[quote author link=topic=43062.msg548891#msg548891 date=1238497932]

Anybody ask yuh anything ,haul yuh stink mouth jakan arse from here , go and post yuh facking shit on the reggaegirls web site yuh opinion doh count here .

Friggin ROFLMAO. What the hell was that man!? I appreciated the Jamaican guy's honest assessment of the games, and regarding his comments on our "supporters", I totally agree with him, check out my thread in the forums , "I am just disgusted with our so-called supporters."

Disagree with the fact that we can't make top three though, I think we can if we release our true potential, if all the peices comes together and we play to our full potential(and with our best team) we can beat anyone in Concacaf.

Jamaican fella, don't take on them kind of unfriendly( very euphemistic) comments(must admit damn funny though,lol) I for one appreciates your contribution to the forums.

Take care man. :beermug:

what needs to happen is the die hard fans/ supporter clubs like this one claim a certain section of the stadium for themselves in the games and set the trend. just like boca jrs has LA 12 aka the 12th ie the 12th man and although the majority of the bombanera(boca stadium) is normally loud most of the vibes starts from that section behind the goal. So eventually we grow from where we are to something like this....

Hey everyone, thanks for being so gracious and welcoming and thanks for all the positive replies. You guys on here are rel cool. Yep Spideybuff, this was my first national team game I got to go to.(after going this one, I've recognised how much I was missed, lol) Good thing I never went when I was really small or else I would have caught the church mouse syndrome.

Hey Teflon Don, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT. I was thinking the same thing man. We on this forum(real diehard football fans) need to organise and meet up for our home games and gather in one section of the stadium, and single handedly turn Hasely Crawford Stadium into Anfield on a European night! We could get some horn and even a damn megaphone(!) if possible, start mexican waves, cheer and sing when our players have the ball, and boo every touch of opposing team(I don't know if we should do this last one, or if we should just cheer our team to get the ball,I'm leaning on booing now,lol)

I'm with you too on this one Peter. Welcome to the forum  Beer Mug
Thanks for the welcome Consultant, take care.

Hey, Socapro, I totally agree with your suggestion for the TTFF to make ads instructing people in stadium how you really support and spur on the team. I was thinking about that also. Also, this is far off, but even if on the stadium screen they stream like prompts to sing(eg Soca Warrior song), sway, shout, and clap in unison for team. 20000 people doing that will intimidate the hell out of any opponent.(well most at least)

Guys we have to realize, as extraordinary as it may sound, WE SUPPORTERS CAN BE A BIG FACTOR IN THE SUCCESS OF OUR TEAM. (I know some of you were supporting football before I was born, so I don't mean to sound preachy, but we have to make a decisive stand)

As I said before, lets arrange some way that all the true football fans and Vocal Trinidad Supporters can meet up before the game and fill out one section of the stadium, plan out how we going to support and spur on our team, and intimidate opponents(eg. booing every touch-for them to play as nervous as possible. Of course no bottle throwing bullerman behaviour like them El Salvadoreans) ,and turn there into the friggin Azadi stadium in Iran. Our team, the media, and opposing teams would want to know what the hell is going on when they step out vocal support few times before seen in Trinidad.( & upkeep support for WHOLE DAMN GAME, EVERY MINUTE OF IT, regardless of how if we're losing, we'll spur on the team to the last)

When the players know the fans are singing there lungs out, they'll feel even more of an obligation to perform their hardest and best, and in that we will help get the best and most determined performance out of our players, regardless of if they have to play under questionable or occasionally downright wrong tactics.  

dread ah time me and meh father try to make some noise, two girl and some women look around at we as if like WTF alyuh doing cheering, as if is a big joke, stueps. it was the Bahrain game.
LOL Die.Hard.Warrior. Damn hilarious many of our fellow Trinidadians eh? People over here are too insecure, have too much false pride, and afraid to speak up. If cut-eye could have killed, I would have given up the ghost in that Honduras game. LOL- like if I could care less about what they think about me.(which is something I had to work on as a person, but I'm very good at it no,lol) *steups*

welcome to trinbago my friend. i was in covered stands once & a high ranking police official (out of uniform) start dipping in his waist for handcuffs because i standing and 'blocking him' when we have a free kick or corner.

fans act like they at an opera - taking in a performance - just clap when they hit a high note - and a couple oohs & aahs when the plot changes
Very well put my friend. LOL, police office part was hilarious, too many of our officers act just downright IGNORANT! Totally agree with fan being in opera comment, thats a precise description of how they act there man.

fans act like they at an opera - taking in a performance - just clap when they hit a high note - and a couple oohs & aahs when the plot changes

Babalawo I totally agree with the idea to show commercials with players telling fans to be loud.

We have we own thing stop trying to follow other people.

Hush your ass and stop making noise during the game, Men pay money to watch football not hear you talk.

At the end of the day every culture is different and you have to be yourself.

If we thing is to sit down and be quiet then so be it. Doh stree yourself.

Trust me crowd support not affecting these teams on the field, They used to playing in more noise that we can ever make. It does not affect them, positive or negative
LOL KND2, I have to respectfully disagree with your comment. If you think the noise and support of fans in the stadium doesn't affect teams' performance, that says you don't know much about football.(you probably do, but your comment doesn't show it)

Freakazoid, you are right KND2 has showed us all the light, stay in Tobago, our team needs no support as they will play the same regardless, l declare to let them play every home game in an empty HCS stadium. That is the road to South Africa.

Well put Oz, I totally agree, the whole blasted stadium was filled with waggonist mouse spectators, not at all fans(FANATICS).

Here is another 1 for the records....When I was in Germany-WC for the last game in Kaiserslautern against Paraguay....I will admit there were shouts and chants when the big names came on(Latas) also the anthem etc...but overall for a WC (we talkin bout WC here) my section was quiet....people watchin the game like dey watchin the US Open in Arthur Ash when the umpire does tell everyone hush !!

Anyways, I could not be bothered....I was bawlin my lungs out....the seat ah pay for break with all the noise and ruction I was makin....the german security guard come and stand up next to meh an watchin meh cross eye...then he take away meh fog horn....

Now and not sayin everyone must get on so....but I jus think we as Trinis should try to be more outwardly passionate when supporting our team...yuh when yuh in ah Chutney fete and nobody could hold yuh back or like how yuh does get on Jouvert mornin..........
Exactly man, LOL at the chair breaking with noise. We can make noise for trivial useless things, but when it comes to speaking up to make a difference we silent. Kudos to you for being a real fan and a true Trini patriot. Put all of them to shame!

Deeks, I agree with you on the fact that we need to revive school and club(have to have once been alive to be revived) football to really maximize football in this country.

Very very true, vze2rhrg, it really is the visiting team's job to take the crowd out of the game, thats why they try to score first, to stop the drive the crowd creates in team. Good thing for them though is that our crowd takes themselves out of the game from the starting whistle.

Thanks Trini/Aussie, we really have to MAKE NOISE! Each individual.

Slight change of pace before  sign off--=-
My two bits to the team---
  1)Control the nerves in the opening minutes. Style of play is too stiff, too herky jerky at opening of both halves..
Are you afraid of the local press? the mamaguy? the Fatigue? The fear of making errors?
2) Again nerves=-- when clearing from the back clear to a teammate, this must be an intelligent choice/decision. Random clearing will usually find an opponent. Teammates must make themselves available/ recognizable for clearing from the defenders. Find a passing lane for your defenders.
Really an easy game , a beautiful game if these fundamentals are in place. The midfield will get the outlet passes and so forth and so on.
Make us proud.

and still.....

Very true, Coaches need to drill players in support play, when someone has the ball, he should have no shortage of options around him to pass to. Players have to run forward quickly to support.

That is exactly how I see it. Warrior Nation need to claim their section in HSC and lead from infront! For example you can't find that many passionate supports of the US national team but Sam's Army makes a hell of a lot of noise!

sorry for the USA reference before the big game
Yeah, we really have to organize ourselves in one section to make the stadium shake with noise!

Anyone agree with me? Lets try to organise something on this forum, this support posse could become an ongoing and known thing for each game, wherein also everyone attending the game who thinks their fed up with going along with unpatriotic stifled-voice norms can take up a place in diehard fan section and add to support. What do you guys think?

Thanks just cool(poster's name), cool to see I have some support with my views, thought first comment was going to be kind of negative. Take care brother!

« on: March 30, 2009, 01:24:59 AM »
I appreciate all you've done for this country Stern! Don't study all the criticism, there are many of us out here who love you as our fellow countryman and national player.

I know the man isn't the perfect player, but on so many important occasions hes showed up and scored goals for this ungrateful nation. You don't have to say hes Maradona, but don't abuse and deride the man. He is one of the few players on our team that anytime we don't do well or he messes up, he looks visibly hurt about it. The man obvious loves his country(in mould of how Beckham loves England), we can at least return the love and not aforementioned abuse and derision, even if he has his periods of less than stellar scoring form.

It have so many Trinidadians who does leave here and don't look back, we should at least show some appreciation for those who show genuine commitment and love for this nation like Stern John does.

Kudos to you Stern John and stay strong!

Football / Re: Fire Maturana now
« on: March 30, 2009, 01:13:33 AM »

We cannot get to South Africa with Maturana as coach. There is no structure and plan that you can identify on the field. What brand are we playing? Under Beenhakker you could have seen a plan and we had a brand. The team looked solid with a good structure..this compensated for a few men out of position,etc..

Now that this does not exist there is more talk about who should play and who should not...only man people berate under Beenhakker was Stern and Beenhakker insisted that he was a good player and look what he did against Mexico to get us to d Bahrain playoff...

I still believe Hyland and Trent Noel should have started..or at least one of them..Kenwyne and Scotland...and one day Guerra will have to get his chance..anybody who saw him against Panama will realise what a talent he is in midfield.

Wow BESBRAHN what you said there is the exact expression of what I think is going with the team and about Maturana and how he "organises" them. Thanks, you saved me typing it, lol.

I am just disgusted with our so-called football "supporters".

I attended our recent World Cup 2010 Qualifying match vs Honduras. Before the match started I seeing alot of people wining and jumping up to the music, so told myself the team's going to get good vocal support, but to my amazement, as soon as it started, and the time to make noise arrived, everyone was as quiet as a damned church mouse.

Throughout the match I was most likely one of if not the Loudest person in that whole stadium(and I'm not a very loud person) I was singing at the top of my lungs in between cheering every touch our players made and booing every touch of the Honduran players(was booing now and then though,many times I just cheered our players to defend hard and get back the ball, jury's out on which is better though, I think the latter.). I was trying to make up for the 15000 church mice that packed out the Hasely Crawford stadium. To top it all off people had the nerve to watch me with the, "Wha wrong with he, why he making so much noise and being different " look. What in the world is wrong with us as Trinidadians!!?

People seem think attending your team's World Cup qualifying football match is like going to the movies,newsflash-it isn't! We are supposed to be the 12th man. Our presence alone barely does anything, because if there was a twelfth player on our team who just stood there still on the field, and didn't participate in the game, he'd be almost useless. Likewise if everyone just sits there quietly, their impact is very small. The visiting team soon forgets they are surrounded by more than 20000 foreigners, who would like nothing less than for them to utterly fail, and they then get comfortable and play their usual game. The visiting team is not supposed to be unaffected and able to play at their usual pace! The mere fact that Fifa has as a punishment that the offending team must play a match at an empty stadium acknowledges the tremendous impact supporters can have on their team.

The reason teams fear going to Anfield and face Liverpool in the Champions League, is because of the atmosphere the crowd generates, thats likened onto a "Cauldron", this driving on from their supporters, and intimidation of the visiting teams(which assists in them making more mistakes and generally not flowing as they normally would), makes Liverpool consistently punch above their weight in the champions league at Anfield particularly. With the lack of vocal support our team gets most of the time in Trinidad, its almost as if every game they play is an away game. Besides the issues with management etc, I think thats a contributing factor to why we've only qualified for one world cup, even though we've had so many talented players through the years. If every game throughout for some EPL team was an away game, that team would win nothing and probably likely get relegated come the end of the season. That statement isn't a stretch, thats about how important the home advantage is.

In matches people only cheer when the team comes close to scoring, when if they cheer them on throughout the match, with the heightened confidence and drive that generates in the players(and intimidation and nervousness in opponents), they most likely would drive forward with more intensity and create more chances, thereby scoring more goals, winning more games, and getting more points- hence achieving more in general. This even helps "crappy" players and teams perform better, much more for our players, a number of which are exceptionally talented. It will also help our *ahem* slightly lacking players to perform better and with more drive and determination at our home games. Why do you think club teams generally play better at home? Its not some magical thing, its the supporters' backing- knowing that tens of thousands of people are cheering for *you* is bound to have an impact on any human being. We must not forget that half(!) of our qualifying games are at home, so if we can consistently perform at a different level at home(thus picking up more points), coupled with picking up some points away, we'll be a very productive and feared team.

The recent qualifying match between USA and El Salvador(EL Salvador completely dominated USA and scored 2 in the first half, only to let it slip to a 2-2 draw) was a good example of how much an impact the crowd can have on the game. even ran a story attesting to the impact the crowd had on the match and the performance of their team(and lack thereof on USA's part). Another example of the crowd's impact on the games result is Iran and their home games in the Azadi stadium. Teams FEAR going to play Iran there, and watching Iran's record at that stadium, you would swear they were Brazil in disguise.  Search Azadi Stadium on Youtube.

Trinidadians, we must be a nation of leaders and not followers. We can talk when its about trivial things, but when times come around that our voice can have an impact and make a difference, said voice vanishes. Why when I'm cheering at the top of my lungs for OUR team, I get people watching me like," Why he doesn't stay quiet like everyone else around him?" and others looking at each other as if to say,"You start cheering first,"and,"I'm only one person, what difference can my  one voice make?" So what naturally followed was that everyone in the stadium said that, and the result was silence, save the Carib rhythm section. I'm sure some people around the stadium were itching to cheer more, but they couldn't pull out of themselves the will to be different from everyone around them, and in that not care. That is to lead.

What I saw at that stadium was a cross section of the nation, and their actions was an indictment on us as a people- a part explanation of why we face some of the issues we do in this country. As individuals, we don't recognize worth of ourselves as a person, the worth and impact our one voice( are important, no matter how many time people say you're too black,white,skinny,fat) can have on other people and on the world(think Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr), and the change we can make by individually leading the way, by being the change. :)

Don't think I'm excusing the management and Maturana's questionable "organisation" of the team, and the players' sometimes less than stellar performances. I'm just saying we as supporters and a people have look at the man in the mirror also.

Take care out there everyone.

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