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Football / Re: Views on the T&T vs Mexico game.
« on: June 13, 2005, 11:12:42 AM »
Storebay  you is ah mad man oui. You drinking too much ah babash. Wey all yuh  does from ! Who agreeing with de limer?

Football / Re: Serious set of football skills videos here
« on: June 13, 2005, 10:51:01 AM »
yeah savannah boy ah check the clip[ dem. It good man. Yuh see the Maradonna clip ....;dat is boss play.

Football / Re: Honestly, and after the clebrations...
« on: June 10, 2005, 01:53:07 PM »
Mxg ah understand wha yuh saying. Just next time you have something to say let them man know you looking for ah lil knowledge cause they beating you bad soldier.

Football / Re: Football Academy in T&T
« on: June 09, 2005, 03:57:15 PM »
We tihnking on the same page Sanchez is just I thought I will elaborate ah little on the subject.But that go be the rightest move ah feel for the football.

Ah hear yuh arimaman I agree with you an ting . But 'bount to score' still playing next game fuh we.

Football / Re: So allyuh blaming de game on Jack?
« on: June 09, 2005, 11:35:55 AM »
Dais true andre , borgetti was offside .

Football / Re: Football Academy in T&T
« on: June 09, 2005, 11:28:43 AM »
There is no need for a football academy in t&t because there are just too many people for one body of people to teach. What is the best option for the improvement of players is to have a competent director and consistent develoment programme for the coaches under the ttff or whatever association it is where they always will be taught and  have the different clubs to teach out of the communities. It's a total collaborated effort by all coaches and clubs under the TTFF umbrella . From what I have been reading it seems this is taking place . There seems to be constant up grading and clubs from the leagues all are required to have a junior development programme in the budget. The fifa centre of excellence is already there, the infrastructure is already there and the programmes are in place. If everything goes right in 6 to 12 years we will be having a fairly sound base of players with good technique that can be passed on to the national team. There is a lot of positive things taking place in the football island its jus a matter of time, we got to be patient . We have always been blessed with talent so hopefully we will get the chance to see this talent really manifest with better trained players. So hold tight people we on course it's jus if people like Jack Warner will be around to pump money into the sport for travelling to games to cover every bit of expense that will be incurred by our teams. And this is the biggest hurdle when we want to have a match fit team.Without money we will go no where cause that is your means of getting the necessities. We could have the best programmes in place but money is what will take you the extra mile after everything else is put in place. Cause who will pay for the flight, hotel, food, water, coach, physiotherapist, pchyscologist. The professional league will bring a lot of extra help to the system. No need to spend all that unnecessary money on an academy. They could let the clubs take care of this and justy make sure to educate the coaches.

Football / Re: Forwards is we #1 Problem Not GoalKeeping
« on: June 09, 2005, 10:47:40 AM »
 Jack too unstable also.

Football / Re: Forwards is we #1 Problem Not GoalKeeping
« on: June 09, 2005, 10:46:28 AM »
Stern and dwight could only do so much when they not geting support. Dumping the ball into the other half of the pitch for the strikers to collect and be effective against 4 to 5  of the opposition players is not much of an effective system for we and never was that's why possesion was gally's biggest phylosophy build from the back and move in the opposition's half.Them fellahs cyar hold off all them man everytime . Is just two off them and they not getting them others to come and back up. What confuses me is that they never got a man on the flanks running in; there is no option to running down the centre. Mexico stretch them fellahs out too much they were always on the run trying to stop someone, after sometime lungs and legs does weaken possession is the game you can't be running after the ball all the time there must be possession. That was a lot of pressure last night and mentally they slip ah little but that is okay cause they held out long. Just the defender on the left give mexico a opening and they make it work.

Football / Re: So allyuh blaming de game on Jack?
« on: June 09, 2005, 10:18:58 AM »
As a team ah have to say they do well but dat defender on the left that leave the ball to bounce he frig up tings for we. That goal give de mexicans confidence . Success breathes confidence and that goal give all the confidence they needed. They hold out good for a long time and that was impressive enough for me. That was a lot of pressure to tek without conceeding a goal. 

Football / Re: TD gives Soca Warriors a big up on TV
« on: June 09, 2005, 09:49:34 AM »
Nice to see de site getting dey lil big up an ting. People does get ah lot ah info from all yuh . Plenty ting bout we team ah could pick on this site. Take ah round of applause .

Latapy is de real general but he done with oui so leh we jus look forward. If dem boys qualify look and see how go have ah chnge ah heart eh. Latas if you pass through this sight lih mih tell you dred..........you dissapoint me and ting but ah see you looking for the future right now so hold de flag over europe for de trinbago ppl.Like lara you prove you class; Golden. We will always remember you for the joy you bring to we heart.Dat back pass to kerry in 89 in el salvador and in port of spain. The  rocket of ah shot in 2000 against mexico. 'The lilttle magician', 'The general' . Sorry ah went ah lil nostalgic for the moment.  New ting , we looking to Germany.

arrow de man does do we good service bruddah he jus running ah bad patch. LIke lara he go run tings fuh we again dred. He put de ball in de net on saturday ah ting so he still worth he place. Look all dem other man get dey lil play an ting and dey cyar bring the goods when it really matter. No other player could really take it to opposition like he. Only Dwight. And leh we doh talk bout he alright dred.   

Football / Re: Give Jack he frigging Jacket
« on: June 09, 2005, 09:15:47 AM »
Good day ppl.Ah want to know who was that defender who let the ball bounce on the left and allow that mexicano to get ah crack on we goal. Oh gawddddd!!! That man give me ah pain in mih stones dey eh ah cyar discribe. He should ah never let the fluckin ball bounce wey he do dat forrrr. He upset the who apple cart last night for we. And JACK. What the heck he doin in de goal dat terrible ppl is like he cyar hold ah ball for he life the second goal should ah never happen. Say what we on to the other match and hopefully shaka, or ince man go be infront the uprights. Dem fellahs fight with all dey heart fuh oui eh people, dat was nice to see they holding mexico in dey back yard 0 - 0 untill dat defender (wais he name?) do that S.H.I.T. DAT DEFENDER, DE DEfender, de defenDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he tek way we vibes last night.

I doh understand how alyuh bad talking the stern man so. He is we best striker as far as goals and probably the hardest worker on field the most heart(in my opinion) and no one that likely to deliver a goal better that he. The man probably had a bad year; so what, he still scoring and check the stats nobody score more goal than he for the last 12 months even in his slump. So give the man a #%&%# break. One ah all yuh tell me; who score more than stern 'bount to score' john . The man like ah Lara in mind set, he is ah winner. When nobody scoring for we he standing up to the table and putting in he two cents. Last year against mexico when we get we a.s. . wipe who score the one goal for we. And many others ah trying to remember. When Dwight, shaka everybody fraid to mek the trip back for ah match who always flucking dey...........Stern, de man is class and nobody right to this day show more comitment than he.Always every game the man right dey even when in my opinion he sometimes could stay in england and leave the ungrateful ttff a.s.s dem, he right dey,even when it detrimental to he place on the team at coventry. So alyuh gih de man ah blasted breeze and leh him play he ball fuh oui eh. We chances ah going to germany slim already and without 'bount to score" it looking ah lilttle more glim. Ppl talking about all kind ah possible scorers to replace him but none has done no consistent soring and others not even score ah goal for record. Stern is class ppl so give de man ah break and lih we just try to uplift we boys.     

Football / Re: Alberta Trini why you over on the RB site
« on: June 08, 2005, 10:40:58 AM »
 Ah ha to agree with sub 1 a bit alberta. You is master of your own actions but ah feel you could ah leave out the report cause it didn't look good. You mek we look pittiful man. Ah doh have ah problem with you being in deh an ting cause I go tek me lil peep too but leave out we reports and ting man. I doh tek time to write anyting on they board cause they have ah problem with we. Ah not vex or nothing I jus feel like giving my point of view it up to you to accept or not. Anyway stand firm and hold strong!!!

Football / Re: match report TT 2 PANAMA 0
« on: June 06, 2005, 11:53:52 AM »
Nice report dey man. Ah enjoy it fuh real. Dat remind how de ting used to be when ah went to dem thousand and one matches fuh we team an ting. Ah go try to go to connecticut fuh de match.Anyone could tell meh if it have any excurtion from new york fuh de match in connecticut? Andre man you make mih home sick . That truely was ah trini version report, de way only we could gived it. Keep up de good work

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