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Football / Re: Soca Warriors get offers to play Gambia, UAE, El Salvador
« on: August 13, 2021, 10:43:39 AM »

They will not win any of these matches if they play the same way they played in the Gold Cup. No sense of how to put together chances to score goals but instead packing your half of the field to defend most of the game will not work.

Sando, I don't see your point here. You know we need match practice badly. These games are not tournament games. We not in any competition. We need to play as much games as possible, especially the local crew.

Regardless how you want to spin and twist it. My point is we NOT going to win if we play the same way we played in the Gold Cup. It could be a friendly, a fete match, a game in your mother backyard, or a championship game. Same result in the end. What you don't get again?

You still not making sense.


We hadda play. We hadda play. We hadda play.
We still ranked outside 100 in the rankings.
We not match fit.
Still questions on players, formations, tactics.

We need to play and take these games very seriously.
Imagine we get stuck and can’t make it out the Concacaf Second Division next year. Lord.

Football / Re: Angus Eve Thread.
« on: July 13, 2021, 10:52:11 AM »
Something I found interesting watching the game on Saturday.
This was the first time for a very long time I saw a T&T team play a top opponent and we looked like a Leo Benhakker side.

I do not know if Eve was a fan of this man as he was quite polarising, but we played the number 11 team in the world with all their stars in a competitive game and we did not look outclassed.

We were a solid, compact unit that played a game of competitive football.

We did not look jittery, we did not look like we were hanging on for dear life. We did not look outclassed.
We gave up a lot of possession, but that will always happen vs Mexico.

When anybody plays Barcelona or City, it does not look very different.

Our goalkeeper made some great saves, but I have seen games where we get trounced and the keeper makes more saves than we saw on Saturday.

This speaks to the greater unit. And also to Angus Eve and his staff for prepping the team.

So the question to ask is - when we play this style, with a Technical Staff who can prepare us to play like this, we can be competitive with the likes of Mexico, England, Sweden etc. If however we switch it up and try to play open, we get results like what Bertille St Clair got when Mexico beat us 4-0 in ~2000. That game could have ended 4-4 as we went out to attack Mexico, but fact is it did not.

I for one much prefer this approach. No more 0-6 defeats vs the US please.

Now the real challenge for Eve and co. is how to approach El Salvador and Guatemala. In theory now we come out a bit more...

I have always felt that T&T plays well on the backfoot and counter-attacking into open space, versus a team that sits back and invites US to be creative. This is why we tend to match up well vs Mexico, but sometimes struggle against some Caribbean nations. We are the Crystal Palace of CONCACAF.

Good luck tomorrow fellas!

PS - the better we do in this tournament, the better chance we have of getting future friendlies with all 8 CONCACAF squads for the upcoming WCQs -- as Jamaica is in that mix.

Football / Re: Fire Terry Fenwick
« on: June 07, 2021, 02:26:37 PM »
Should not matter if they park the bus or not, we should be able to play against a parked bus or park the bus ourselves.
We were just not good enough. Simple.
Players. Coach. Administrators. Govt. Even us as fans, as we settle for mediocrity.

For a small nation like ours with no big resources, we will always rely heavily on the talent of the players to lead the way.
When we qualified for Germany, we had players with Champions League experience. Multiple players playing at highest level across multiple leagues. And battle hardened in CONCACAF.

Now our star players are solid MLS players. Battle hardened in CFU!

Another cycle will come...

Football / Re: Thread for USA vs T&T Game (31-Jan-2021)
« on: February 01, 2021, 11:07:20 AM »
Choice to play the USA - Absolutely right to take the game. Always try to play quality teams, its the best way to develop.

I hear what Fenwick is saying in the interview, and we all know about the circumstances these days -- COVID, FIFA Administrative upheaval, no money for staff/players, etc.

...But when you come down to it, we should not be losing 7-0 at this level. I agree with some here that we should have set up tactically better to be more competitive.

I am in full support of Fenwick and his vision, but not off to a good start.

At times in the future, we will play games against world class teams and miss key players due to injury/suspension. And our game plan must always be to have us competitive at the very least.

This is what Leo Beenhakker showed us.
This is what Mourinho mastered.
This is what teams like Crystal Palace do.

We must be aware of our standing in the bigger picture of world football and adjust to suit.

Against Anguilla we can concentrate against getting in behind their fullbacks as priority.
But against better teams, that priority changes.

No matter how unfamiliar you are with the players, to be considered at this level, they are all professionals and should be able to play to a plan. Losses like these, although a learning, can be demoralizing.
And T&T has historically relied on momentum/mentality - start well and we tend to do better.

Eagerly waiting to see the next game/plan moving forward before March.

But hope this is also a very big learning for Fenwick, in addition to the players.

Football / Re: FIFA suspends the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association
« on: September 29, 2020, 08:27:07 AM »
Agree there above Pull Stones.

All that matters now is getting re-instated to play ball. Not just for the Senior Men Team, but the Women and different ages.

No one person, no one administration is above that.

The TTFF highest level mandate is to facilitate our football development.

Not playing is far worse than losing on the field.

This is football death. Not stagnation. Not development.

And most importantly, this is not about principle.

Wrong forum to fight this idea.

Football / Re: FIFA suspends the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association
« on: September 25, 2020, 11:12:25 AM »
A very sad day.
Seems our sports administrators all seem to To be a personality type in the Caribbean.

We need to wake up and realise this is not only about us. Lots of countries have gotten normalization committees before. Ask Argentina.

FIFA run things. And CaS is the place to go. Thats in their rules.

HTF we believe we can circumvent their rules?

Its like you dont like a particular law in a country and you say Fk it and still break the law. There are repercussions.

Yuh made your point with the local court.

Withdraw the thing in good time nah.


This is a real multi-dimensional issue here, and as usual we not getting all the facts..

I must admit, I did think about the ban in being a positive, given how poorly we are performing. And we might just need some time to get our act together.

But the bigger picture is, if we get banned, then we will have no games to improve. In this age, only North Korea can stay isolated and be competitive.

We need to be playing. End of story.

I think with the recent court actions, the Wallace group proved a point. I think we can all agree that it is a bit unfair how they were treated.

But when you check it, FIFA does this quite a lot, many times to big name countries, eg Argentina a few years ago. So I think us arguing that its personal with FIFA against the country is a bit of over-reach.

We all know FIFA is a mafia. They operate onto themselves. Just look at our own FIFA jefe Jack Warner.

But these interventions are typically only for a short time, ~1 year, I feel is best they just let them go ahead, and rally back in a year.

Typically there would be elections after this Administration period, not just hand back over the reigns to Wallace. I might be wrong here, but I think this is what is precedence.

If Wallace et al play it right, they will win many supporters for when the Administration period ends. But if we get ban, its game over for them for the future. Nobody will vote them again.

They need to think longer term now, and less emotionally, especially as they have won this court decision.

Just go to CAS and see what they say about the Administration and FA takeover. FIFA have been defeated at CAS before...

And guess what - if we do get banned, we might very well end up going to CAS to appeal that ban!

Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:26:47 AM »
The road to the hex/Octagon goes through El Salvador..

In many ways, this extra round of games is good for us, gives Coach and team time together.

Both sell outs are gone now

Hart reinstatement and Jones out of retirement needs to happen

Ranjitsingh and other keeper in Europe to be in squad with Cummings and Jones etc

It’s coming together

But will Hart take it again? If it were me, I would think long and hard about that. I hope he more forgiving than I am.

Indeed. He'll have to ponder this. One thing that might persuade him is his relationship with Wallace. Wallace was team manager when Hart was coach. Both get along well with each other.. the simple fact that Hart decided not to pursue further damages from the TTFA tells you that he wasnt too hard done by the TTFA, despite working under the previous dictatorship.
steven hart is getting paid on time now and in foreign currency, he’s home with his family and dealing with stable folks who are serious about making progress, why on earth would he swap that to come back here and scrunt with his family in a dangerous country and on a short term contract, that definitely does not compute from where I stand, it’s totally irrational.


Football / If Trinidad & Tobago were to play in the Premiership
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:55:36 PM »
All teams play 38 games. In order to avoid relegation, the magic number is 40pts. This is what all teams outside the top aim for at the start of the season.

Now if we take a look at the last 38 games Trinidad and Tobago played (throwing out the last 2 Caribbean friendlies after the Russia campaign ended), stretching back to the Guatemala game on July 9th, 2015, we have a record of 11 wins, 7 draws and 20 losses.

Translated into points, this equals 40.

We have scored 58 goals and conceded 70.

In other words, if we were in a professionally competitive environment, Trinidad and Tobago would more than likely be relegated, or at best, get away on the last day of the season.

For the people who keep going on searching for a magic bullet to explain our performances and ultimate failures, over the course of this much games, teams generally end up in a position that reflects their truth.

Coming last in the HEX yet again is not due to the failure of Dennis Lawrence, Stephen Hart, Saint Fete, David John Williams, the Govt, the players, the sponsors, us supporters, etc. It a combination of ALL OF THE ABOVE added to the fact that there are teams that are plain and simple better than us.

We are West Brom. Costa Rica, USA, Mexico are Manchester City, Man Utd and Chelsea.

There is now talk of a league of nations for CONCACAF. Objectively, we should be in the second tier of countries in this league.

For us to achieve one off success, i.e. a single successful qualification, we need a crop of players that statistically come along once in a generation and we need an injection of cash to fund a program where we can afford a world class coach like in 2005 who has experience in getting more out of a collective team than the sum of individual parts.

To achieve sustainable success, i.e. multiple qualifications, deep Gold Cup runs, e.g. Costa Rica, we need an injection of cash to get the right administrators in place (foreigners) to figure out how we can make a football program profitable over the long term. And strategies based on how teams with similar contexts as us, e.g. Costa Rica, Iceland, Leceister etc are able to over-achieve.

Sad to say, we have seen what we are capable of when we have a football Godfather funding the program.
Anything else and we just playing and hoping.

Football / Re: PLAYING NICE ?? The TnT Myth
« on: March 28, 2017, 11:53:59 AM »
Everything is relative.

T&T does play nice if we playing lower tier Caribbean teams.

If you look throughout the 90's, especially when we were at home, I am very sure you can find 3 consecutive games in the CFU cup where we played attractive football. When T&T play most Caribbean teams (well at least in the 90's and 2000's) we looked like Barcelona, esp with Latas pulling the strings.

But when we stepped up in opposition, we always end up playing on the back foot. Then we do not look so nice. I have always said that when we play quality opposition, if they decide to set up in their own half, we do not have a clue what to do with the ball. We only good playing on the counter, running into spaces to use our speed and flair in open space.

Technique wise - there is a pecking order. We are the Mexico/Barcelona of the Caribbean, but we get tap up when we step up.

But to Big Mag point, I remember in the 1999, we went un a 8 game winning streak when BSC was in charge.
We beat Ja twice, Haiti got hammered a half dozen, and we beat South Africa and Colombia. I am sure you can find a string of games we played nice.

In the Semi Final round of WCQ in 2000, we went on a tear beating Canada in Canada, then hit Panama 6 and Canada 4 in Trinidad. Mexico also got beaten 1-0 as well, all in a 4 game stretch. We looked awesome in this spell.

But it didn't last.

At this level in the HEX, its not about playing nice, its about getting results. Only once in our history we got enough points to qualify, so we don't have the luxury of trying to play nice. Make no doubt about it, Trinidad vs Mexico later will be like Stoke vs Arsenal.

Good thing is that Stoke can beat Arsenal and we have beaten Mexico before consistently (at home).

Football / Re: My ratings vs Panama 24-Mar-2017
« on: March 27, 2017, 11:26:07 AM »
I find Sam was a lil hard on Hyland. Even Joevin too.
JJ was the class of the field, although there was a very big period in the middle when he disappeared.
All in all a very good performance by the players individually and as a team.

My real surprise was the shift KJ put in. Wow, this is what we want from him. Great job.

Not sure why we still harping on Stephen Hart, can't say anything that has not already been said, he did improve us, we all liked him personally and for his work, but he has a cap. And he and the team reached it. No coach in the world works under ideal circumstances.

I am not sure DL has the ability to surpass Hart as a coach, in theory he is more equipped to do so given his playing and coaching experience in Europe with better coaches. But these things are never straightforward.

What was clear about last week's game was that we came our the blocks red-hot, then after 30mins or so you could see we start to fade. The boys got a wind in their sail in the later part of the second half. It will be interesting to see how we approach Mexico.

Good result vs Panama. We always seem to beat them as they are less "latin" so we matchup better against them.

To have a sniff of a chance in this round, we need nothing short of 6pts against them. And we already behind the 8-ball with Honduras.

Football / Re: RIP Weary (Joann Charles)
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:50:11 AM »
Wow this thing called life...
Long time forumite.

Football / Re: Name ah Coach thread ;-)
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:54:25 PM »

Once every 4 WC cycles - thats when we come good. History shows that. Every half a generation, we produce a top CONCACAF team.

1974, 1990, 2006..

We are not due yet. All this hullaballo now is just the foundations for the 2022 World Cup.

Lessons will be learnt now that will serve that team in good stead.

The reality is that we are not that good at the moment.

Our 2016 record is abysmal, its a wonder we still ranked so high. We must have only won 2 games (vs St Vincent) in a year.

The sad truth is that the only reason we in the HEX is because we got a result in Guatemala in the semi final round.

The bigger picture is failure to qualify for the Copa Centenario after multiple tries.

Failure to qualify for the Gold Cup after multiple tries.

Inability to keep clean sheets.

Inability to have discipline in our programme.

We now are in the same boat as the Windies cricket team and the WICB.

The only hope we have is that our natural inconsistency kicks in - we have been on a serious losing record for 18 months, we are due to get some results now. Maybe we can go on a run like in 2014/15 and get some better results...

Football / Re: Maturana meets with TTFF head today.
« on: January 14, 2017, 12:04:01 PM »
Take a page out of the USA book, in these times, go for a coach who knows the players, systems, intracacies etc on short notice.
Not much difference between Fervier, Hart and Fenwick. I highly doubt Hart will be brought back by the TTFA, plus he may not want to come back.
Fervier had a chance and failed. Give Fenwick the wuk.

Going for Maturana now doesn't make sense. He didnt really succeed last time around, plus he more suited for Shabaz wuk, rather than senior coach.

If you have some donsai and want to step up in quality, go for Bob Bradley, or the spanish coach who was first choice in front of St Fete.

And whoever you appoint, stick with them for a few years!

Terry is plenty talk I agree, but matching a team toe-to-toe is different to what he say "matching them on the ball"

Technically we are very different to these teams. Their close control and diagonal short passing is very different to our pacey, expansive football.

Look at the last goal we conceded vs Honduras 2 weeks ago. That says everything about the difference between those teams and us.

When last have we worked the ball like that to score a goal? We simply do not, because its not our style of play.

When we play Mexico, during the pre-game warmups, they take cones and box off a corner of the field between the touchline, end line and 6 yard box line and put 22 players in there and play the ball around. It is a sight to behold. They play like one big fluid machine. Everybody is highly technical on the ball. Can you imagine Marvin Andrews or Abu Bakr in that game?  :rotfl:

Not saying Suarez is a bad coach, but we just do not seem to do well with Latin coaches. Now if you can link in the athletic game with the passing, technical game... but this takes time, ask Barca v2.0 aka Bayern Munich.

Very good article by Lasana.

Did anyone notice the comments by Fenwick:

"We are big, strong, fast and we can compete. But we cannot match those teams on the ball. We have to play the game on our terms, to our strengths and not [try to copy our opponents].”

Its one of the few times I have heard a national coach say the words that we all know to be true and the very summary of our football place in the region.

We are not Porto, Arsenal nor Barcelona. We will never play like Mexico or Costa Rica. But we can play like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Juventus. The key is to play to our strengths. And a foreign coach will take time to get the balance. We do not have time. If this was right after a failed WC Campaign, then yea its a good multi-year programme.

I for one would go with Fenwick, simply because he is the most familiar with our players, and also CONCACAF.

If we are to go international, it has to be truly world class to get the team to a different level very fast, a la Beenhakker.

The team needs organizing first and foremost, the defense has to be plugged up. Everything else can be built upon that.

The core of players we have now have been playing many years together now. Fenwick will get the most out of them as a team the fastest.

The USA went back to someone who could hit the ground running, and they could afford and had their pick of any coach in the world.

Last time we went with a big name Latin American coach (Maturana) it never really worked out.

Now is the time to consolidate.

My only fear is that Fenwick will get red cards in the actual games...

Football / Re: Allyuh know what yesterday was?
« on: November 17, 2016, 07:44:17 PM »
Boy Palos on this whole reminiscing thing, this week I watching the WCQ vs Honduras, exactly 28 years ago in 1988, my pops take me as a small man to watch my very first national football game. It was in the Oval, playing Honduras in the first leg of the knockout WCQ. I will never forget that experience - the energy of the crowd, people trying to break down the gate and storm, the 2 teams coming out in all white and is only the red socks being used to separate the players...I remember for the first time seeing a short magician on the ball, mazy run through 5 players on the edge of the box (a clip used for Sport Sunday for many years after) and hearing the man name Latapy. A young Tobago schoolboy called Yorke coming in as a sub and injecting energy into the team and crowd...And then watching the return game on TV and seeing what Central America looked like for the first time. Hutson Charles scored the goal that got us through onto the final round for the Road to Italy... I was hooked, I thought T&T was the best thing in the world. This was right after the World Cup of '86
and I thought this football thing and T&T was the real deal.

Now 28 years later I watching us play Honduras on TV again with my own son (he way smaller than I was, so no concept of what going on). My father, Rest in Peace, would be cussing and turning in his grave at that display. But at least he was lucky to experience the Germany qualification...

Man is 28 years these Soca Warriors giving me heartache. No wonder why so many T&T fans don't follow the team until the edge of possible success and prefer support European Club teams yes.

And not forgetting your Nov 16 date, I ain't know, November 19 is still the date that resonates more with me..

Football / Re: Fire Stephen Hart Thread
« on: November 17, 2016, 07:14:55 PM »

We can call for the coach to be changed, but realistically who can we afford that is an upgrade? I am a supporter of Hart, but I think even if its for the simple refreshing and "new-manager" syndrome for performances, we should be seriously thinking of changing.

We can't change the pool of players...and to be honest they have been together for a long time, playing lots of games together. But the coach can be changed.

The way I see it, we either:
1) Do nothing and hope to turn around the team's form by the law of nature and numbers where things always seem to even out over a longer period of time...Over roughly the last year, we have played 13 games and lost 8 times, scoring 8 and conceding 27. The 3 teams we have beaten are Caribbean teams, and unfortunately none of them in the HEX for us to feast on. So you could HOPE that we are due for a few wins and goals...


2) Go out and take a loan and get a new world class coach like we did in 2005 and give the players a better chance. They have lost form bad/grown stale and need a spark. There are some coaches readily available - Bruce Arena, Marcelo Bielsa, Sam Allardyce, Frank Rijkaard, Dunga, Frank de Boer, Manuel Pellegrini. I am sure we could get one of these guys for under a Mil USD for a year long contract for 2017.

Football / Re: Fire Stephen Hart Thread
« on: November 15, 2016, 08:34:46 PM »
In the middle of 2015, we went on a run of 13 games where we only lost once.

This included the 2 big draws vs Mexico and we rode this streak to get into the HEX.

Since then, over roughly the last year, we have played 13 games and lost 8 times.

The 3 wins we have had were against Dominican Rep and St Vincent.

If you take out the Caribbean opposition in this last year, in 10 games we have scored 8 and conceded 27.

This is not the form to finish 4th in the HEX.

If we are serious about turning this around, now is the time to change the coach.

Even if for the simple reason to refreshen the team heading into the GC Qualifiers and the crucial next 2 home games vs Panama and Mexico.

Football / Re: D Touches Pass Tru - TT Vs Costa Rica
« on: November 13, 2016, 02:29:03 PM »
Boss report as usual Mr. Touches.

My views on the game watching it on tv here in the US:

1) We looked pretty decent & compact for much of the game. Perhaps the best we have looked at home in a while vs decent opposition. I was thinking for much of the first half, if only we could maintain this poise if we were to concede, or go one up (the game situation change)..

2) Apart from the mistake for the goal, I found the defense look solid. I have been watching T&T play Costa Rica for almost 20 years, they routinely run rings around us - home or away - we never once looked like we were clinging, or struggling to keep up with them.

3) Midfield and forwards looked "ok", in good sync with each other for the most part. Clear our game plan was to get to the wings first. We need a bit more changeup, maybe switch the wingers like Beenhakker used to do, overload one side with both for a few minutes, etc. The long ball down the center is a trademark of ours for decades as well, and for decades its the low % option.  I think every time the wingers attack, the wingbacks must offer support for a higher % cross chance, or more variety than just dribbling to the end-line.

4) A 0-0 or 1-1- result would have been fair, but it was CR's quality that won in the end. They came to sit back and hit on the counter, as all visiting teams in this group will do (except for Mexico maybe). How we perform vs CR is a check on our quality - in 1989 we drew with them in POS and lost narrowly 0-1 in San Jose (Yorke had a goal disallowed and hit the post), while in 2005 we drew at home (Beenie's first game after we were 0pts after the opening 2 games). All other times we have lost to them at home, we didn't make a note...

5) Keylor Navas saved that game for CR. This is no fluke, if u playing against a keeper for Real Madrid, T&T players would have to come real flikkin good to beat him. Sometimes its just having him back there changes the game as the opposition would look for the extra pass/hesitation etc. This is a player the entire T&T team would watch on weekends, a player who trains everyday vs the BBC. That flikkin save was one of the best saves I have ever seen in my life, and worthy of winning a game.

6) Ball watching from the T&T defense - yea we could crucify men for ball watching, but the dynamic in there also is you have Joel Campbell lurking nearby in the box as well, so in a split second who do you concentrate on? If u play football u know how hard it is to defend against balls coming across you in front your own goal, I have been beaten by these as well. Not making excuses, but its not just one man fault, we defend as a team and get thrown off.

Costa Rica is a class team, they returning plenty players from the last world cup, where they win a group with Italy and England, didn't lose a game on way tot he quarterfinal, and currently unbeaten in WCQ. This is the worst team we match up against historically.

All is not lost, we need at least a point on Tuesday, not so much for our tally, but to prevent Honduras from getting ahead of us for that 3rd-4th place.

Football / Re: T&T go down in Fort-de-France.
« on: October 16, 2016, 03:21:53 PM »
July 7, 1989:
Guadeloupe 2: TT Strike Squad 0

In those days we had a "B" team that supplemented the Strike Squad. THis "B" team steamrolled all before them in the Shell Cup Qualifiers, and for the finals in Barbados, we sent in the Strike Squad, who were 2 games away from possibly qualifying for Italy 1990.

A full strength Team lost 0-2 to Guadeloupe in an important game to determine the group winner and finalist. Thankfully, we still made it on GD and went on to win the tournament...

We have always struggled against these French Caribbean teams (except the time when we paste Martinique 7-2 in the Oval) and occasionally Suriname. Its just the matchup/physical play etc.
Losing to Martinique in Martinique in extra time, on result alone, is nothing to raise the white flag for heading into the Hex.

What is more worrying is the fact that we are conceding way too many goals recently, forgot the number.

We about to face a team that beat Russia in Russia. A team that historically owns that 3rd spot in the HEX. The only team in CONCACAF that we have never beaten in a WCQ...

The team has shown is possesses a lot of heart over the last couple years, but at the same time inconsistent.

Lets hope we due for a good result next game after the US beat down and loss to Martinique.

Football / Re: Kevin Molino Thread.
« on: October 16, 2016, 03:02:30 PM »
Don't know why this is such a big issue.

Whether he retire or not, he should not be a factor moving forward.

If he have a crew on the team and they upset, well them fellas duncier than I thought.

I doubt that's the case though, these fellas are professionals.

Team always bigger than one man, no matter who. This is very reminiscent of the Yorke/Latapy vs Simoes fiasco. And the players involved now cant even begin to lace up them boys boots.

Based on all reports of his transgressions, he has let his country down. And anybody (including himself) who could defend that should also be let go.

Is not like the team in form these days anyway...

I wonder if they tell Beenhakker about this lol.

Football / Re: Fire Stephen Hart Thread
« on: October 16, 2016, 02:56:55 PM »
Fire Hart/or resign and appoint who? Dennis Lawrence?

We aint have no money.

This is like everything else in the world, you get what you pay for.

Hart is a solid coach. Lets stick with him at least till the first 2 games. If he flop, and we somehow get some money, we could go in for a higher pedigree coach for next year.

If he flop and we have no donsai, well we just have to hope for the best.

We have been down this road many times before.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs USA Game (6-Sept-2016)
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:04:38 PM »
RE: Coach Hart -  moot point, as we have no money for anyone else as an upgrade.

He has definitely brought us back up from mediocrity over the last few years. Given our history getting to the HEX is an achievement. The Gold Cup run last time around was as well. Interspersed in there also are the 2 performances vs Mexico (4-4 and 3-3).

But like everyone else I am very concerned about the team shape/defense.

Doesn't matter if this game didn't have much bearing on us, its a national WCQ, so it is important. It was indeed a spineless display, esp in the second half.

With this kind of defensive form, we will easily come in dead last in the HEX.

We are in the HEX, but alarm bells are ringing loudly.

We need wholesale changes in terms of defense and team shape, and the Carib Cup is the place to tweak it.

I hope four all our sake Hart and our players are up to the task. If we can get this in order, we can make a serious run at that 3rd automatic spot. If not, we will have to settle for the achievement of making the HEX.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs USA Game (6-Sept-2016)
« on: September 05, 2016, 11:58:03 AM »
Interesting article from starsandstripesfc.com




Trinidad and Tobago
D (2-2) - Guatemala - WCQ
L (2-4) - China - Friendly
L (1-3) - Uruguay- Friendly
L (0-4) - Peru - Friendly
W (6-0) - St. Vincent and the Grenadines - WCQ

High Octane - T&T have a full-throttle offense: they do not stop attacking even when it would be very, very prudent for them to do so. In fact, it was their continual offensive pressing in their match against 10-man Guatemala, while up a goal, that allowed Guatemala the space and opportunities to get their equalizer and make this game mean anything at all. To put it simply: offense is what the Soca Warriors do best. Kenwyne Jones is a deadly finisher on his day, but their speed and skill on the flanks allow Jones plenty of opportunities as well. On the other hand, it also tends to leave them open to attacks. The last scoreless game they’ve played? Last year’s 0-0 draw against the U.S. Since then, they’ve scored 17 goals and conceded 17 goals. So, yeah. Don’t expect them to take a bath this game just because they’ve already advanced. They don’t know how.


Is this how we perceive the Warriors at the present time?
But we do concede way too many goals, not the form to make it through the HEX..

Football / Re: 2016/17 Hexagonal Series Thread.
« on: September 04, 2016, 11:04:46 AM »
It gives me great happiness to work out these tentative Hexagonal schedules below....

If we lose to the USA and finish second in Group C,

Team 1: C1 (United States)
Team 2: B2 (Panama)
Team 3: A2 (Honduras)
Team 4: B1 (Costa Rica,)
Team 5: A1 (Mexico)
Team 6: C2 (Trinidad and Tobago,)

Matchday 1: November 2016
TT vs. costa Rica

Matchday 2: November 2016
Honduras vs TT

Matchday 3: March 2017
TT vs PAN,

Matchday 4: March 2017
TT  vs. Mexico

Matchday 5: June 2017
USA vs TT,

Matchday 6: June 2017
Costa Rica vs TT

Matchday 7: August 2017
TT vs Honduras

Matchday 8: September 2017
Panama vs TT,

Matchday 9: October 2017
Mexico vs. TT

Matchday 10: October 2017
TT vs USA,


If we avoid defeat vs the USA and win group C,

Team 1: C1 (Trinidad and Tobago)
Team 2: B2 (Panama)
Team 3: A2 (Honduras)
Team 4: B1 (Costa Rica,)
Team 5: A1 (Mexico)
Team 6: C2 (USA)

Matchday 1: November 2016
TT vs Mexico

Matchday 2: November 2016
Costa Rica vs TT

Matchday 3: March 2017
TT vs Honduras

Matchday 4: March 2017
Panama vs TT

Matchday 5: June 2017

Matchday 6: June 2017
Mexico vs TT

Matchday 7: August 2017
TT vs Costa Rica

Matchday 8: September 2017
Honduras vs TT

Matchday 9: October 2017
TT vs Panama

Matchday 10: October 2017

Football / Re: Observations on yesterday's game
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:26:10 PM »
Good stuff above.

The first half was one of our poorer performances, strangely the first few minutes we come out fiery, but something happen after the first 15mins and we were suddenly in a different game.

I find myself having to keep from getting upset with these players, even with our team of the 80's and 90's we struggled in these sorts of games.

Nothing much to add that's different to whats said above, except that I hope every able bodied Guatemalan male decide not to take up football for the next 50 years and they disappear off the football map. They are a disgrace to sportsmanship, not too different to Bahrain. And I feel very happy that yet again we are the team to put them out qualifying...

Football / Re: 2016/17 Hexagonal Series Thread.
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:21:27 PM »
If at the start of the semi-final round you had asked which teams would get tot he HEX, I wlda say:
Mex, USA, CR, Honduras, Trinidad, and Panama (with Jamaica an outside shot of displacing Panama).

I think the best 6 teams are in this final group. And that's good for the region.

It will be a dogfight, as it always is, but teams are getting better.

Since I know myself we fighting up with this Guatemala. Jamerson to Jones, we always seem to have their number. They must really hate us.

Reaching the HEX is an achievement, considering we didn't make the semi-final round for 2014 when Guyana beat us.

35 countries, final 6, I taking that and proud of the Warriors.

Now onto trying to make something special happen..

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