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Football / Re: Better to Lose now
« on: December 15, 2012, 03:29:15 PM »
been quietly following the Cup, all the rounds since early this year, this may be my first post since the debacle of Guyana, but I reading a lot of the banter that going on here on the forum, and wanted to throw in my 2 cents for whats it worth...

1) Let us not forget, first and foremost, football like most sports, is all about matchups. Because of the similar physiographic qualities of most of the caribbean islands, especially the west indian islands, players are very very similar in physique and mentality on how the game is played from early ages. Because of this, when teams meet up, the battles are usually very keenly fought and very competitive. Let us not forget even in the strike squad days, our supposed dream team of all time struggled to beat the same caribbean teams and barely beat grenada in the finals.. Thats just how is it. Let us not forget that jamaica get knock out WCQ from Barbados some time ago! barbados of all people. So to see Jamaica struggle now in this competition, just like T&T last time around, this does not shock me. It has always been like this.
The thing that separates good jamaican and Trinidad teams is when foreign based players come back and combined with a good quality coach to help the tactical aspect,  this adds a level of sophistication and experience to the game that takes it beyond a physical battle between 2 caribbean nations. thats when you get your 5-0 victories. but any local based team will never have a divine right to walk through this competition and win it easily. Add to this our football is in the pits these days, on and off the field, and we have a local based team, this is a minor miracle that we playing in the final.
 Kudos must be given to the staff and players, no matter the result tomorrow. Losing to Cuba or Martinique is no embarassment, even our great players in the past have experienced this. last time I watched Cuba play Trinidad in POS in this same competition it was like watching Barcelona play Arsenal, they were a class above us in their passing, movement, pace and sophistication. I doubt it will be much different tomorrow.

2) All this talk about sticking local just for that sake is balls. There is one undeniable thruth - our best players will always be the ones that get foreign contracts. Simple as that. U could cut and dice it however u want, it boils back down to that. Now in saying that, the coach main responsibility is coming up with the best TEAM. In theory, this is determined by the total pool of players available, the philosophy of the coach and also the opponent.
Take Kenwyne Jones for eg - he is a quality player. No doubts about it, but based on the system that the Trinidad coach use, and the qualities of the rest of the players, his style is usually not that effective for the national team. We should all know this, because we all know about Dwight Yorke man utd vs Soca Warriors. We should never give up on our foreign players, if even only to bring experience... But the blend is important, and that should be the first criteria in selecting a coach.
As much as I love hutson Charles and Shabbaz as locals, if we really serious about taking our football to the next level, we need a quality coach. these guys can learn under him and sharpen their skills. The modern game is very technical and has many many aspects that only a quality coach can bring quality contributions. Also the added fact that we still seem to have an imperial insecurity, having a white old coach is different to having a middle aged hutson Charles calling the shots in terms of player respect. But thats a whole different topic for discussion.

3) All this talk about heart and fight. I agree its a critical thing to have, but I think we overestimate the impact this has on internaional games. Just having players with  heart and fight might give u a proud team and a hard battling team, but as the quality of opponents increases, the effect of emotional bravado decreases exponentially.
You could go azteca with all the heart and fight in the world, if your players are not well prepared, you will get destroyed and embarassed. You can lose a game but show heart and fight. I am 100% sure, no player for T&T ever goes on the field and plans to take it easy and go through the motions. I agree, our mentality is not as intense as the latin americans or even jamaica and that could be construed as lacking passion, but then again, if trinidad playing football and the average man in trinidad dont even know we playing, or who we playing, how we expect our players to be any different. They are just 11 citizens and supporters who just happen to play for us...Bottom line, all this talk about Trinidad not playing with heart, go easy on them. Put a man out on the foeld and run and chase a ball in the hot sun non stop and get kick down over and over again nah, you will see how long heart and passion will last..

Is Ian Alleyne on one side and the reporter on the next side.

them fellas making they own stories now for true

yea Palos I with u on dis one, that Chelsea side is real toots in terms of playing quality, for the tru love of the game, they should not even hve made it past Napoli...
But I guess its a game based on results, thats all that matters. And the players had real heart. At evey moment they were tested over the last few months they somehow managed to claw back. That counts for something I guess.

They are not much different to T&T at Germany in terms of their strategies last few games in the UCL, you hadda play within your means. Chelsea know they cannot play head on football with any of the other 3 semi finalists, so they devise a plan to give them the best shot...And it wuk.

I personally dont have a favourite european team, some I do like more than some, Chelsea is one of those I dont really care for. As far as I concerned they just a notch above Man City in terms of football pedigree, although all this money they have and a few big name players, they are still a relatively "small side" compared to Bayern.

The best thing about the game yesterady was to see Drogba in action, as well as the 2 best keepers on the planet.
that goal by drogba was insane, to beat a keeper of that pedigree and string him up on the near post to boot....
I have a feeling Abrohimivic, although happy with the title, gonna do some major changes in the summer - he aint a man who want to be associated with a boring team that park the bus. Chelsea look like world beaters when they play smaller sides in the premiership, but against top teams they look very ordinary. RDM will definitely be replaced. Little wonder the Russian call Guardiola and tell him to name his price...

KND make a good point, qualifications aside, it harder for him to make breakthrough compared to his white peers.

He hadda relll standout as a youth/lower devision coach to move up the ladder.

Remember he is a man who have a reputation eh, and that reputation aint the best in terms of a disciplined manager. I cld see yorkie smiling on d sidelines even while his team is being relegated.

But try a thing yes, yuh never know...

seem to be a small growing movement by teams in europe to hire young, you never know..
But I think he hadda establish himself a  lill bit more with some youths and reserves at Man Utd first...

Football / Re: Who is better? Messi versus Ronaldo...The stats!
« on: May 04, 2012, 02:23:19 PM »
Who have more girls?


IMHO - If I was a coach and I needed to pick a player for my team, I would go with Ronaldo. But he come with a lill baggage (attitude). Messi may be the nicer guy but Ronaldo is more multidimensional (good in air, free kicks from distance, pace, strength etc).
We lucky to be seeing 2 great talents at the same time...

As for the argument of greatest of all time, everytime I hear that I laugh.
Players at the present will always be regarded as the best of all time.
These guys didnt want anything with Ronaldinho at his prime. kaka and Rivaldo at their best would be in the same class as them.
And non of these mentioned in the same level as Zizoux or King Ronaldo, so how dare they even be compared to Maradonna is beyone me.

Chelsea won 1-0 and tied 2-2

barca missed a penalty and other open chances.

in other words Chelsea was lucky to win

You cannot base a world cup qualification on being lucky, it will not work out.

It worked for T&T in 2005..
1) The Guatemala defender who was marking Stern came off injured for treatment when he scored the winning goal
2) Latapy decide to lace back up his boots
3) Mexico sent a second strength team to face us in the last game
4) The ball rebound off the post and hit Stern and went in the goal for T&T's equaliser
5) We get Bahrain to play from Asia
6) We get the first leg at home, thus having to do half the travelling as Bahrain did
7) Kelvin Jack made the save of his life in the last minute of the Bahrain game on a goalbound shot

Football / Re: Champions League Thread, 2011/2012
« on: April 25, 2012, 08:52:50 PM »
Like both teams.
Will prefer a Madrid - Chelsea final to see Madrid demolish the Blues, but I feel Bayern have a good chance today because of one main reason - MANUEL NEUER . Best keeper in the world.
But whoever win today I feel winning the competition.

Since this yute was at Shalke, first few times I see him I say he is the next Petr Chech.
You dont make 2 saves against kaka and ronaldo every day, and is not like they take bad penalties.

On a different note, whey Robben does get them customized jerseys from  :rotfl:

Do not forget United are the team to show the blueprint ..Semi in 07/08 , Barca did not score over 2 legs

Alot of that was down to Quieroz and it is no surprise that after he left that season we were well beaten over the next 2 times we met them and I could understand why Fergie went a bit for it (especially in 2011) as it was a final and sometimes you gotta give it a go in a final but he is terrible at tactics and Phelan our assistant is 10 times worse...

But since Quieroz's blueprint Chelsea, Inter and Madrid have tweaked and customized for their personell to use it against them

And to think this Quiroz fella was on a TTFF shortlist not too long ago...

You get what you pay for - it applies to cars, whores and international coaches. Trinidad and Tobago DIDNT CHOOSE PFISTER over Quiroz, it was the almost 3 times greater annual salary that Iran offered that made Quiroz go there...

Football / Re: 2012 Champions League Thread (Chelsea v Barcelona).
« on: April 25, 2012, 11:07:09 AM »
When you miss a penalty, hit the post, and fall asleep defensively (on Ramires' goal), yuh can't blame the lack of a plan B.  Even with Chelsea locked up tight, Barca had enough chances to still come out of that game on top...especially in the first leg of the tie.  In this match there was nothing wrong with a lack of a plan B so to speak.  Lack of a plan B didn't cause Busquets to hoof the ball over the bar on a routine volley inside the box, lack of a plan B didn't cause Cech to pull off some really big saves....

Even the offside goal last night, by the letter of the law, Alves was offside, but it was very marginal...7 out of 10 times (esp if the linesman was on the other side of the field) that's a goal. 

There's alot of "fortune" in football that tactics and analysis have no answer to.

Agreed, that is why I not really understanding all the panic buttons Barca pressing and the talk about Guardiola stepping down. To me that is a backward, knee jerk reaction.

Fact of the matter is that Barca is by far the best team anywhere in football. Just the fact that the only way to beat them is to abandon all principles and park the bus is a testament to what they are. They were lacking a few things, imo an out and out striker, an aerial threat and a more direct approach.. And they were short on luck.

They should look at this loss as a challenge to take into next year to make some changes to keep a good thing going.

Barca should use these losses as the motivation they was missing that cause it to get a lil stale this year, not a reason to rip up the blueprint.

I can't see how Guardiola leaving would push them forward.

Fair post, but sometimes a refresh does make all the difference.
WIth or without him, they will continue to achieve success in the near future.

All this recent focus on how teams tactically neutralising Barcelona is also insightful on how teams like T&T can and SHOULD play when we visit Central America. In the case of Mexico and Costa Rica especially, doesnt matter if is home or away, we have seen exactly how to play teams that will control the ball against us...

First of all, all the love the world has for Barca because of their silky possession football, this style s not for everyone, Trinidad and Tobago included. Its just not our style to play like that. We like to watch it on tv, but we are incapable of playing like that. We do not have the discipline nor technique to play that kinda football. The Latin Americans (following Spain too) realise that they are inferior physically to the north americans and caribbean countries, hence that their style of controlling the ball with more technique and less touch passing. Trinidad is a lot more like Germany or England in terms of approach, we rely on individual strength a lot.
If any team in world football sets a defense like what Chelsea did yesterday, T&T will have no clue what to do. We do not have the patience or discipline to play in a compressed offensive half (akin to half court sets in basketball) against a set defense. Instead we rely on an open running game to ketch teams on the counter to beat them.
But what Chelsea and madrid show is how to neutralise a team that will always have the ball more than us and have better players technically than us. Having the actual players of the quality to carry his gameplan through is another question. But at least its a plan to aspire toward.
With regard to the counter attacking perspective, we have that naturally with them speedy gonzales players we always produce (the finishing quality is a different matter though).
Whenever T&T play top concacaf teams, we always look like he hanging on, chasing the game, one play from getting a red card, and one play from getting scored on. The Chelsea and Madrid displays should be the benchmark we aspire to play when in Central America.
At the end of the day, you cannot lose if you do not concede.
Against Mexico, we will never control the ball, and they will always attempt to pull us out and open us up. One big difference between Mexico and Barcelona though is Barca's inability to shoot with quality from outside the box, while that is second nature for Mexico. This adds another complexity to how you stifle them.

Beenhakker was the only coach who came closest to instilling this sort of tactical play for T&T. One little aside is that leo Beenhakker won La Liga 3 years in a row with Madrid in the late 80's, therefore it is not surprising he has the know how to get it done and bring success to moderate teams like T&T. With a bit of luck, we could have picked points off both Sweden and England. Thats what a $50,000USD a month coach vs local gives you.
Thats what Beenhakker vs Sweden (0-0) gives you compared to BSC who tried to take on Mexico and lost 0-4 in the Gold Cup.

I hope Cornmeal, Eve et al taking note, if not we will continue to be like Man Utd and trying to take on Barca  in the wrong way and getting cutarse. In our case we will not be losing tournament finals, we will just continue to be the beating boys in WCQ's and Gold Cups.

Like both teams.
Will prefer a Madrid - Chelsea final to see Madrid demolish the Blues, but I feel Bayern have a good chance today because of one main reason - MANUEL NEUER . Best keeper in the world.
But whoever win today I feel winning the competition.

Football / Re: 2012 Champions League Thread (Chelsea v Barcelona).
« on: April 25, 2012, 08:37:30 AM »
Mourinho laid the blueprint for beating Barca some years ago, teams very well know what they need to do to beat them.
Thing is, only a handful of teams have the quality to carry out that plan - Chelsea & Madrid. Man Utd, Milan, Bayern also maybe, but it not in their nature to play so defensive, that why Man Utd get wash up in them 2 finals. Same goes for when Arsenal play Barca.

This whole philosophy to neutralise Barca is the same thing teams did in the WC vs Spain, look at how all them games went, almost like last night, and Spain won most games 1-0 en route to the final. Anytime you have decent players who pack in defense, its gonna be very hard for anyone to break them down. It is clear that vs Barca, you do not play with a high line. And they have to accept it that their tactics need more variety, as more and more teams will get the discipline to do what Madrid, Chelsea and Inter 2 years ago did.
The 2 goals Barca scored last nite were when Chelsea were forward and retreating. Once their backs were to the goal and set defensively, it was a different story.

I feel Spain will get some some serious stress in the Euros, as teams like Holland, Germany and lesser extent Italy have the quality to neutralise them.
What these teams doing vs Barca is what Beenhakker drilled into us when we played superior opponents in the WC.
I hope Guardiola leave Barca, take on a new challenge, cause he has won everything there is to win with them.
Over this season, they have shown a lack of freshness, they miss Villa bad, polus they just took a dip in form at the crucial time. And after all them excuses, they shlda still won this series very comfortably with the chances they created...

Football / Re: Condolences Thread
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:11:57 AM »
Sorry to hear breds....

Football / Re: Nick DeLeon signs with MLS early
« on: April 22, 2012, 04:11:27 PM »
Allyuh CANNOT blame de yute.......what does T&T football have to offer him??? nuttin but ah bag ah crix and some mauby and sweet bread???
Again we have neither the leadership or the coaches who would draw these players to TnT.

Not meaning to sound all JFK and all, but the correct question for anyone genuinely connected to Trinidad and Tobago is what they could do for the country.....
Putting on that national shirt should be the greatest honour in the world, even if is crix you getting to eat...

That the difference between Birchall and Zamora.
That the difference between the legions of 1st generation jamaicans in the US and UK compared to trinis.

best football game sI seen in a while. Top class quality.

Laverkusen hadda be real good to be winning the Bundesliga ahead of Bayern.
I rememebr at one point last year, Bayern went almost 10 game without Neuer conceeding a goal.

Would love to see them in the final..

Football / Views on technology in the game to prevent controversy?
« on: April 16, 2012, 08:25:35 AM »
So it seems that there are 2 different types of technology that is being tested in an ultimate attempt to introduce to the game...
One using an electronic chip in the ball to detect when it pass the line
the other using the familiar hawkeye (that cricket and tennis use) for line decisions, lbw etc.

What allyuh think about the introduction of technology to the game? I know for many years FIFA had a set stance of not bothering with it and maintaniing the "humanity" of the game, but it seems like they have changed now...
Which technology allyuh feel better? I feel Hawkeye is the way to go for the one simple reason that offsides are the second most controversial set of calls. Just like how they review LBW's now in cricket, I feel is high time now to review goals that are controversial...This has many advantages - the linesmen cld be more generous and allow play to continue when in doubt, cause they know the plays could be reviewed after...
Hawkeye would allow for this as well

I dont think technology shld be used just yet for other issues like fouls, penalties, hand ball etc (like how NBA and NFL review everything).

And on this topic - can anyone tell me the role of the 2 extra officials in European games, the men who stand behind the goal?

BS - ok i stand corrected, i really thought the monies in question were specifically referring to monies we got from FIFA/external sponsors/TV deals etc.
Once the Govt donated 1 cent to that controversial pool, which cannot be accounted for, the onus is on the PM now to intervene, in light of the courts decisions so far...
At the very least, JW should be suspended until he produces records, loses any further appeal or pays the players.

But it have plenty at play here eh...
1) Fitzgerald hinds have a political agenda to undermine JW
2) JW have his own agenda, as I truly believe he wakes up everday and think that he deserves the money he took as he singlehandedly bankroll the senior team for a decade
3) The PM needed JW for election funding last time, and he is a performing Minister with a big chequebook. I feel if she politicise this, she can get plenty points if she were to kick out JW.

At the end of the day, this money that the players asking for is peanuts for a man like JW...
Its an ego thing going on between them.
He underestimated the determination of the guys who held out and still pounding now...
...And something tells me its more than just producing the records to determine the payments to the players, I feel there are things in those records that are more damaging to him and the TTFF....

Football / Re: Ashford Jackman speculates on the post-Warner scenario
« on: April 12, 2012, 08:12:26 AM »
Ditto, good piece

Football Supporter - I hear yuh, good post, but remember Toppin allegedly misused taxpayers money, on behalf of the Govt. Its the Govt's direct responsibility to oversee that.
Warner we all know tief the money, but
1) By the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, he is entitled to a fair trial and appeals... Aren't convicted felons granted bail if they are given an appeal?

2) The money he tief was from a bunch of private citizens he went into a private agreement with. The money was not the Govt of Trinidad and Tobago's either, it came from sponsors and tv deals etc and it was in the care of the TTFF -a private organization who supposed to have the best interest of the players at heart.
Imagine if u was teaching in a school, and they convict u of bank fraud from Scotiabank - is the prinicipal of the school responsible for investigating you??

This all boils back down to that line between Govt and the football federation as FIFA dictates..

I agree Warner whould be made to pay and account - but we hadda stick to the law, if not we not too different to warner who we know is master of bending and twisting to suit himself.

 At some point KPB will have to make a strong decision. Maybe just waiting for election run-up??

As much as I side with the players and believe JW has to pay, contacting the PM directly and expecting her to intervene is a bit tricky.
This is a private matter involving someone who is a Govt Minister. That should not factor in this. What would the Govt do? As far as I can see, the most that the Govt can do is tell Warner privately that he should pay up and follow the law of the land. If he want to appeal and drag it out, by law, he entitled to do that.
If Warner end up in jail for his refusal to pay, so be it.

In saying that, the OPM should have at least acknowledged receipt of the second letter and said they cannot intervene, as these are no ordinary joe-blokes, this is a national issue.

Football / Re: Best local coach we currently have.
« on: April 04, 2012, 08:08:23 AM »
Seeing that we will not be hiring a world class, foreign, experienced coach anytime soon, this is a very valid topic.

Hard to tell our best local coach...
Gally has not coached top level I think for a while, so might not be best fit.
Fervier had an opportunity in the past and didnt really perform that well.
St Clair I think still has something to offer, not sure if its national senior team.
Cornmeal should be kept in some capacity, just solely based on his experience.
Tiger - I aint think he interested in the wuk to be honest.
Zoran Vranes - should be part of the setup.
Terry Fenwick - inho should be given a chance to lead the senior team.

U hadda look at T&T football wholistically and what we need - and thats on field discipline and structure. To keep that at a high level, we hadda improve fitness twofold, but that not really the head coach job.
I know Fenwick have issues with the TTFF and local football fraternity, so I doubt he will veer get a chance.
At this level, u need someone with experience managing against north and central american teams... Guys like Eve et al have promise, but they still  need to craft their trade and get that invaluable experience...But he shuld def be kept in the mix and given a chance to develop.

based purely on football track record at different levels, ability to get maximum out of players (esp young ones as we rebuilding):

Fenwick should be Senior TD
Vranes and Cornmeal as assts

BSC as head U20 and U17 programs (olympics done so no more U23's)
Eve as asst

Football / Re: My views on T&T's 2012 Olympic qualifying series.
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:09:53 PM »
Good post Palos,
to this day it still have some men braying that Latas should have played more in the World Cup...

You said it rite - decent teams do not get routed, they might get beaten by a better team, but not routed.
Every single game we play the main goal should be to avoid defeat.
We shuold have a very disciplined structure.
Winning comes in afterwards.

Why u think Mexicans players look so fast vs Trinidad and Tobago? is because we bun, out of position and not as good technically.
Technically, we may never be as good as them, but I know for a fact that we faster and stronger.
mexico also knows this and plans accordingly.

So all u need to do is work on the tactical formation/structure to neutralise their strengths.
This is one of those things thats a lot easier said than done, as u need the players, coaching and prep games to get good at it.
You do not have to be better than another team to beat them in this game...

next up, Digicel qualifiers:

The one good thing is that we have plenty timeeeeee.

For this competition, we have at least 6 games to play to qualify for the finals in December, where perhaps another 4-5 in that tournament if we are to qualify for the gold cup. Thats plenty games we will be playing later this year. We have FIFA dates between now and qualifying, and CONCACAF will be in the midst of WCQualifying, so opportunities to get in some games with teams seeking to get into form. We should not be at a shortage for preparation. You cant ask for it better.

We hadda forget about men like Kenwyne, carlos etc, as the Digicel Cup qualifying rounds and finals not on FIFA dates, so they wont be part of this. We have nuff men in lesser leagues all around the world and here in the PFL to put together a good mix of about 30 players from the current U23 and senior squad. This core of players should be the core to travel to the Gold Cup in 2013. That should be our ultimate aim, to reach the second round of the GC next year. That is our world cup. Do that and our ranking will move back up, we will get more games, we will get favourable draws for WCQ next time etc etc.

We have just under 6 months before the next critical bit of action begins. Lets see how we use it.

If was me in charge or had a say, here is what would be my plan...

The digicel tournament qualifiers will be used to send a message to CONCACAF that T&T is serious once again after the embarassment of the WC campaign and the humiliation of the 7 goal defeat to Mexico. My mission is to score 15+ goals on St Kitts, St Martin and Anguilla.
Trust me, when Mexico came out to play T&T in their first game last week, they had a plan and that plan was to send a signal and boost their confidence.

The next plan will be to repeat this against Cuba and the other 2 teams in the next qualifying round. Absolutely no losses, no draws and only multiple goal victories.

And for the finals in December, the aim is to not only qualify for the Gold Cup, but to win the competition. We will have to go through Jamaica, but that must be the aim. We have not won this competition that we have dominated in he past for quite a while now. We must send a statement and boost our own belief.

T&T football not dead, we have plenty to look forward to....

How we plan and prepare for it is another story though....

Football / Re: My views on T&T's 2012 Olympic qualifying series.
« on: March 30, 2012, 08:48:58 AM »
All I can think about is a poast I made when we were in the camp in Florida 2 weeks ago.
there is no way in hell you should be on the verge of a big tournament like this, with such a pedigree team, so much experience, preperation, etc etc and be losing to some no-name local community team from orlando.not from a national team.
Canada lost to that same team and are in the semi-finals. What's your point?  :yapping:

My point was that this close to the finals tournament, we should be getting better results if we are a truly quality team.
So whats your argument? Because Canada also lose to Ft Lauderdale, that mean we equal to Canada?
Let me tell you in case you didnt know, football is not 1+1 = 2, as beenhakker always said. If we use your logic, how in God's name we draw with Panama yet Mexico needed a very late goal to beat them 1-0, while we collect 7??
Football is played on the field, not based on mutal results. Football is goverened by the context in which it is played.. For all we know, Fort Lauderdale played a full strength team vs Canada and a bunch of trialists vs Trinidad...

At the end of the day, U-23 qualifying is real hard. We have never come close. Honduras is a real top team at this level, they won the competition twice, last series they beat the US in the US. Panama is always competitive, their youth teams have been very impressive over the last decade, and well Mexico is just world class. They just won the U17 WC, came in top 4 in the U20 or something so, plus the core of their team play in the Copa America last year...
I have NO PROBLEM whatsoevere with the results vs Honduras and Panama...Its the Mexico game that hurts.
Nothing wrong with having teams better than u, we were competitive in the last 2 games, but we collapsed in the first. I did not see the game, so I will not be too judgemental on Eve, maybe he should have made more tactical switches, some of the blame obviously lies with the players as they were the ones on the field...
This is the big difference betwene a pedigree, proven international coach and local coaches - the ability to mould a team that can keep shape, discipline and adjust when they ned to...
Man talking about how we cant do the basics and looking bun on the field and playing book kick football. If u take this T&T team and put them against lesser opposition, they will look like Brazil. But playing against a better team (mexico) who play fast one touch, high pressure game, we cannot do the things we usually do. thats why Barcelona look so good, they press insanely to put pressure on the opposition and make them give away possession and chase the game and get tired.
Out football philosophy is not Barcelona's nor is it Mexico's, it will never be. But if we are to compete with CONCACAF best, we have to figure out a way to better neutralise their strengths and promote ours. We have failed to do this over the last 50 years. The US has figured out how to do it. Canada has done on occassions. Jamaica and T&T have not.

We have 2 options now - wait till we produce another stream of very talented ballers like we did in the late 80's early 90's or we make an investment to get world class trainers and turn our average players now into competitive teams.
I much prefer the latter.
The first plan we tried and won tons of Digicel Cups and waltzed thru early WCQ rounds only to come up short.
The second plan with Beenhakker saw a very structured team assembled with experienced, average players. None of theose players had he raw talent of Evans Wise, Jerren Nixon, Leonson Lewis, terry St Louis, Arnold Dwarika etc, but look what happened (we also had some luck too and a spark with latas).

Football / Re: My views on T&T's 2012 Olympic qualifying series.
« on: March 29, 2012, 08:36:38 AM »
yea Flexos, good piece.
I didnt see any of the games apart from highlights, so I wont comment on who play how, or Eve.

All I can think about is a poast I made when we were in the camp in Florida 2 weeks ago.
there is no way in hell you should be on the verge of a big tournament like this, with such a pedigree team, so much experience, preperation, etc etc and be losing to some no-name local community team from orlando.not from a national team. You could make all the excuse you want about trying different things, experimenting etc, fact is if u are to be taken seriously, you cant be losing games like that....
That should have been a red flag then.
Apart from the loss to Mexico, there is no big embarrassment in losing to Honduras and drawing Panama, these are 2 very excellent youth teams, always have been, much more pedigree than us....
But the Mexico game was the killer, how in God's name you concede 7 goals is beyond me.
And I remember when parents come out and launch this big thing against Anton about how he ruff up and abuse the last team when they get embarass by Mexico, well I hope Angus went easy on them now....  SMH. lets continue to pamper our players and settle for mediocrity...

Its pretty clear that we are a Caribbean top team (forget about the dismal last WC campaign), if we are to really become a top CONCACAF team, fundamental changes have to occur.
We cld blame Angus and the players to an extent, but they are just an extension of all of us. We expect them to do well everytime and win games, yet we struggle to get supporters in the stadium to give them a boost. THey are just supporters playing for our team, and theiir attitude and intensity is the same as us. Plus the other teams were simply better than us.

This team should form the core for the digicel cup.

We need some foreigners to help with team prep. At the end of the day, our biggest success in football came under the guidance of a pedigree, internationally experienced coach who also got the respect of the players. You get what you pay for.

I would love to see the TTFF go after some past US coaches (Sampson/Bradley/Arena). We desperately need some structure and discipline.

Football / Re: Canada U-23 to face Trinidad and Tobago
« on: March 18, 2012, 11:23:47 AM »
I know friendlies are meant to experiment and try different things, but this team has had some appalling results last few games...The only game I would not be too worried about was the loss against the Jamaican club team, but the Ja U-23, the local FLorida teama nd now the Canada U-23 team - these teams should have nothing on us.
Our olympic team has been together for a while.
They have had a lot invested in them.
The Jamaican U-23 team, which I know is not that different to us in terms of quality (they got knocked out in the 93min from Suriname) - they have not been together as a unit for as long as us.
The Fort Lauferdale team - wtf,  a local, semi-pro state team dusting our national olympic squad??? Steups.
At 22 years old, your team should not be that different to your senior squad, so big man vs U-23 at this level dont really mean much.
Canada is a top quality team, they will be competing for a spot just like us, but from the reports, we are not looking good.
I hope Eve know in his heart that Canada was also experimenting too, and, given that,  the reason for our poor performance does not hold. Why did they not look poor? Why did they not lose the game?
Winning is a mentality, a habit, sometime u win a game after playing poorly. I scared these guys have lost that winning mentality....

Do we feel we are the only team in CONCACAF who have issues getting players together ideally? We might have the least problems, as most of those other teams have a full roster of full time professionals.
Stop making excuses for the team.

This is a promising team for us, big time, and much is expected. But this U-23 qualification is gonna be real hard, perhaps harder than any Hexagonal. Only 2 teams qualify. We could get seriously embarrassed, even with a decent team.

At this point, we should have finished experimenting with formations and fringe players.
We should be working on players aptitide to adjust quickly to change in formations and instructions, controlling a game and closing it out at our will.

Football / Re: Paul explains Olympic team absence
« on: March 16, 2012, 08:40:48 AM »
Agreed with all of the above...
Very unprofessional..If the article above is to be believed, it is clear that he is not only ignoring communication, he is also lying in that he said the Mgt team never contacted him, while the Mgt team made tremendous efforts to contact him...
Also, it seems that the Manager was aware of his injury and still told him to contact them when he came to trinidad to have a meet up to chat. The onus was on him and he never did.

This is all about playing for your country, thats all that matters. Any personal agendas should be secondary.
Is either u up for it or not.
Seems as if he is not.
Unless his attitude changes, thanks for the services in the past, and good luck with your new career.  We dont need this in our national programme.

Cricket Anyone / Re: Viv's Swagger
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:24:16 AM »
Just goes to show how we look at attitude...

We love and revere Viv, but CR7 aint that different, and the world hate him.

Whats the difference?

Cricket Anyone / West Indies vs Australia 2012 Thread
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:20:16 AM »
On the eve of the start of 5 ODI's and 3 tests,
What are the predictions?

Good measure of where we are against the top side in ODI's...

Windies team for first 3 ODI's:
Darren Sammy (capt), Denesh Ramdin (vc), Tino Best, Devendra Bishoo, Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Kieran Powell, Kemar Roach, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels
Johnson Charles, Tino Best, Devendra Bishoo, Dwayne Bravo

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