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The population argument is very relative when taken in context to sport. If USA didn't focus first on NFL, Baseball & NBA, they may have a team up there withn Spain and Brazil. If Brazil switched overnight from Football to Cricket, they may mash up global cricket.

I hear yuh, but again, the fact that the US decide to focus on other sports - isnt that more a cultural thing??
Good points though...

Footbll, like any sport is mainly a cultural thing.
How come Ja does dominate the world in sprinting???
Why China or Argentina who have so much people dont dominate? Why dont they produce 40 Usain Bolt for every Usain that jamaica produce????
The population argumengt is bullshit.

I was one of those people who genuinely believed that Trinidad was blessed with players who were some of the most talented in the world, second to none in natural ability.
having travelled far and wide, lived in a few other countries, I now see that just like most Trinis, we are fooling ourselves.
JaiJohn your statemnt that our primary school footballers could rank with Spain, Argentina etc is even more ludicrous. You feel them yutes from Arima RC could be in the same class as the yutes in La Maisa, or the Madrid or Ajax academy??
Our yutes not any more talented than their counterparts in the US or Canada or Jamaica. Its just we as Trinis have a flair for dribbling, attacking and pleasing the spectators. That why people say we have the most talented yutes in the world. If that was so, how come year in-year out when Trinidad and Jamaica schoolboys play for the challenge trophy, Jamaica school footballers always beat T&T?? Yet I would be the first one to say that we have more natural ability than them....

I spend a few months in Argentina, and I could tell you is like night and day when it comes to football culture compared to the Caribbean. Then yutes play with a passion that hard to explain. in the middle of buenos aires in 12 noon midday u see scores of yutes running on the side of the highway building fitness. Whey u seeing anybody running on the beetham doing that??? LOL.
We too often mix up trini mentality to love small goal and like to dribble with natural talent.
From a technique perspective, our players are piss-poor, not to mention fitness, diet etc etc. And it shows when we play quality opponents, we cant even trap the ball properly, and Mexico makes us look like a bunch of amateurns most times we play them.

But thats not our fault, we were never a football crazy nation like these latin americans or the spaniards.
Just like they not on cricket and track and field.

If feting was a sport, we would be a top 10 team.

But just based on natural athleticism, if caribbean countries were to improve their youth structure and change the mentality, we would dominate concacaf, but that aint happening anytime soon.

All the foreign coach who come and say we blessed just talking political and want us to feel good. What u want them to say? We dont have ballers?

And up to now I aint even bring in them African nation yet who I feel have the most potential in the world....

We wanted precedence, we should follow closely..

courtesy soccernet

Palmer forms rebel football organisation
March 1, 2012
Mining magnate Clive Palmer has created his own soccer organising body which he wants to replace Football Federation Australia following the axing of his A-League club Gold Coast United.

Clive Palmer's latest antics have caused outrage in Australia

Palmer announced on Thursday he's formed an independent organisation know as Football Australia and hired former A-League chief Archie Fraser as its chief executive.

Palmer said his organisation had already been registered with the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) and was created to "oversee football at a grassroots and senior level and ensure the game is operated with transparency and fairness."

He said Football Australia aimed to replace FFA, which he claimed was incompetent at both a domestic and international level.

"The FFA has lurched from one disaster to another and needs to be replaced," Palmer said.

"They staged a hugely embarrassing World Cup bid which blew $46 million of taxpayers' money for one vote and they are running an A-League competition which is bleeding money from club owners.

"The fans, players and people with a passion for football in Australia deserve better and Football Australia will be based on full transparency and corporate governance.

"We want to ensure there is fairness in the game for all stakeholders and end the dictatorship that the game has endured under the FFA."

Palmer said he had secured "one of the best administrators in Australian sport" in Fraser, who resigned as head of the A-League in 2010 after more than a year in the role having joined from AFL club St Kilda.

Palmer reaffirmed his intention to challenge FFA's decision to revoke his A-League licence in the courts.

Wednesday's FFA decision came after Palmer continued to defy the FFA, which had issued the Gold Coast with a breach notice for contravening a direction not to use "Freedom of Speech" logos on Skilled Park signage and their players' jerseys last weekend.

Palmer had also been outspoken over the past fortnight in his criticism of the code and FFA's running of the game.

"It was a disgraceful move by Frank Lowy and the FFA as we weren't given adequate notification or a fair hearing," Palmer said on Thursday.

"I am confident that decision can be successfully challenged and we owe it to the Gold Coast supporters and players to keep the club in a national competition.

"The FFA has just decided to cut Gold Coast adrift because Lowy and his chief henchman Ben Buckley want a team in greater western Sydney, even though they are a million miles behind the NRL and the AFL."

Palmer said he also had concerns over FFA's ability to negotiate a new TV deal, with the current contract with Fox Sports due to expire at the end of next season.

Football / Re: Jamaica Football Thread.
« on: March 01, 2012, 11:24:24 AM »
Aye RF, whats the latest, long time I aint give u some talk.
Good result by jamaica, so you think tappa is the man eh?
 I feel Jamaica will make it to the Hex, although with jamaica, like T&T and west indies, inconsistency is the consistent thing it seems, u never know which ja will show up.
The key is Guatemala, everybody will beat up poor Antigua, and USA will dominate everyone else.
Some men here like they get excited and bawling Ja will top the hex already. LOL.
Its gonna be tough, USA and Mexico seem to be pulling away even further, Costa Rica still bitter they lost out last time and coming strong for sure, I think they have the most impressive preparation over the last year, Honduras will attempt to repeat, shithong Panama always seem to find a way to surprise teams, and u never know what to expect from El Salvador and Guetamala.
Predicting that 3rd team from the region to qualify is a brave endeavour.

So wha u think about Portia and PNP back in business?
U think Usain will triple gold again?
What cause that dramatic reduction in Ja crime last year? Almost unbelievable..
U think Gayle will suit up for west indies ever again?

Another very sad incident.

Brings another interesting point to light - in any other country in the world, this stuff happens. Is not only Trinidad that men get on so during these incidents. These men are mentally very disturbed, most a result of very unfortunate life development. They disregard everything to do with compassion and mercy, and they see someone who is supposedly well off as the sworn enemy. Throw in she have a lill color and very attractive, that only makes it worse. These monsters blame people like the victims for their situation, hence their rage when committing the act.
You expect a man who has been beaten, raped, continually emasculated, seen his mother and sister beaten and raped, etc. etc. to show mercy after he just finish smoke a joint and hadda go put down a wuk to get money for he next fix?

What is even more  a travesty is the fact that stuff like this goes on every day to multiple women in Trinidad, small little trinidad by these sickos out there. Its because this person is somebody it gets this attention.

Trinidad is a small place, everybody know everybody.... The police know 99% of the shady characters - I am almost certain the central police at least have a list of suspects. But stuff like this is so widespread, the resources are stretched, so cases dont have the attention they deserve. As this case get national attention now, it may be different.

Hopefully they can use all that multi-million dollar spy equipment and track the blackberry... I see on CSI NY a time they were actually able to remotely turn on blackberry phones to track them.

And the state of emergency last year when they held them hundreds of badboys and gangsters. If its one positive thing that could have come out of that, it should be that they took DNA and fingerprint samples in the processing...

We need closed-circuit cameras on all street corners too asap.

Hope she pulls thru, prayers with the family...

Football / Re: Serious forumnites - Not Posting any more
« on: January 18, 2012, 09:52:45 AM »
Nothing to talk about these days, cause we football on a downturn.

At least this year we have the Olympic qualifiers in March and the Digicel Cup in June.

2013 we have the Gold Cup (if we make it) and hopefully a bunch of friendlies as the HEX gets rolling.

2014 dead, hopefully we have some local players playing in England we could watch on tv. The highlight will be the Caribbean Cup, and world cup on tv.

2015 prelim WCQ for 2018 will be back, of which we might be involved depending on our ranking, and hopefully the Gold Cup as well....

A good bit of football coming up, I just know them fellas gonna fack it up and we will be hearing the excuse of lack of of preparation for every competition we play in, when right now we have all the time in the world to get a good project going...
From all now we should start preparing for the Caribbean Cup, whether we make a decision to use the U-23's as the core for that tournament, or use the core that just finished the WCQ, or a strategic mix of both....

Football / Re: Saudis chase Stoke star Jones
« on: January 18, 2012, 09:38:18 AM »
If you go mid east, your premiership days done.
NO BPL team takingback recycled players from there.
Football wise, thats about 3 steps backward.
THis will affect your form long term.

Jones hadda fight for he life at Stoke. Man right when they say Crouch hadda play as they just buy him. Thruth be told, Crouch is a class player, better than KJ.

He jus hadda show up every day at training and give 100%, hope for a break and keep at it.
If he does this, his BPL career will last longer.

I still feel he has more to offer, he just hadda keep at it.
Leave the mid east for later in his career.

Football / Re: 20-man squad named for friendly vs Finland.
« on: January 10, 2012, 09:19:36 PM »
Sunday the 22nd? I think i might make the fetes for that day on my

a fete still more reliable than that game breds...

Football / Re: Bolton defender Samuel likely to join Esteghlal
« on: January 10, 2012, 09:16:36 PM »
Fall from grace in a football sense.
When last I check, all the major leagues of Europe in the middle of their season, all divisions.

At the end of the day, top division in Iran aint better than about England 1st division (3rd tier), plus it does nothing for his long term aspirations (sure he still have 3-4 years play left in him) as nobody seeing him. This like some of our players moving to India/Vietnam - might get some more money but is it good for your career in the long run?

His loan deal gonna end when european leagues finishing, so he will hadda fight up in off-season when all clubs jockeying for new players, so even harder.
I cant help but think he thinking mid east money for the rest of his career now.
That all fine and good from an economic standpoint, but his football pedigree career is now over, just like Anelka now.
The hard thruth is he was once one of the best wingbacks in the Premierships, but now no longer, barely Championship caliber now. If he was, this mid east thing would have had to wait a few more years to attract him. Somewhere in his mind he had a reality check that he is 31 years old and playing championship ball consistently may be a bit beyond him now...

Football / Re: Bolton defender Samuel likely to join Esteghlal
« on: January 10, 2012, 02:54:01 PM »
Paper making, but sad to say a fall from grace. Should have been still good enough to hold a regular position in a Championship team...

A man say this move can only help our ballers, Jloyd will never play for T&T again.

Was pure class when I saw him play in the stadium a few years ago...

Hope he could stay in the middle east and make the dollars for the next few years.

General Discussion / Re: Resorts in Tobago
« on: January 06, 2012, 01:42:03 PM »
I stay in Store Bay Beach Resort couple years ago - decent.
Best is to network and find someone with a villa on plantations who renting....Bess price and u get a kitchen.
Agreed on the level of tourism service, we are well behind the Bims, Antigua, Jamaica, Bahamas etc

Football / Re: Shahdon signs with Vietnam club
« on: January 06, 2012, 01:37:48 PM »
That Brazilian coach right, that place nice to visit but I will struggle to live there long-term.
Everything different, from the air you breathe, the traffic on the roads (entire family and dog on a single scooter), the language, the food, the mentality etc etc. I have never been to China, but I am sure the big cities there will be easier for a true westerner like me.
I cld see how them fellas treated like rockstars, to begin with when I was there, I stand out, and people always interested in how i Look different, how I talk etc. Remember this was a closed society for a long while, and still strongly socialist. So if u go there on sports, esp football in the top division, you set. Them fellas must be real enjoying all them foot massage parlours too.
Thruth be told, Vietnam is a big emerging nation, I just struggle with the food and language the month I was there. But I did enjoy the nightlife tho, lots to do esp in Ho Chi Minh city (I actually hear the DJ put down a bob marley). The Hotel I stay at had a house band in the nightclub, few of the guys were caribbean origin, one was from Trini.
Experiences like this will help broaden them fellas and make them more professional. I not too sure about the standard of the league, I am sure its not that different to the PFL, except it may have more support and money in it.

Best of luck to all, I know they will be frequenting sites like these as they so far from home...If any of allyuh read this, easy on the Tiger and Ba Ba Ba beer

Football / Re: Plastic pitch-Soccergrass-turf field. here it comes
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:07:41 AM »
No public ground with real grass will ever be top quality, cause in order to maintain a good standard, the pitch need time to breathe and recover. Home, man and goat does run on savannah, normel.

And when no sports or goat feeding going on, man does park they car on it to go to some fete nearby.

You add the fact that Trinidad is very rainfall-prone, make the problem 10 time worse.

In order to maintain good grounds in T&T, you hadda fence it off and rel take care of it, like the UWI cricket field.

Turf is the real deal, but I think mainly for training. I never play on turf till i come to the US, it is perfect for football on the ground. It might just be me and my limited technique, but I always found chipping and getting height on the ball was much more difficult on turf than grass, so that was my one big drawback. The ball does also move rel fast too on the ground. Them NFL players does also have chronic "turf-toe" issues which can be very serious.

I with the English FA on this one, I hope we never have a turf pitch for our main games.

T&T not fit enough to play on turf. We need grass, and soak it before every single game, so man natural small-goal-in-the-rain skills could be used to an advantage.

Leave turf for lacrosse and American Football.

« on: December 01, 2011, 11:13:57 AM »
Trini it wasn't a matter of the plot being difficult to contain in small country, it was a case of Government and the PM in particular boldly publicizing this as an act of retribution for the SOE. An allegation which as time goes by is losing credibility. It is interesting as Brownsugar pointed out that the PM is now calling it an 'alleged' plot. I'm not trying to be flippant about this at all. I think the fact that soldiers have already been discharged points to a degree of mischief in itself. What is discouraging is there hasn't been a single person charged. What this points to at the very least is the Government tried to gain political points by skewing preliminary information about a plot while investigations were still ongoing. This is irresponsible in the extreme.

We should have heard about this a day before we had men in handcuffs ,charged for crimes.

I agree, some of this undoubtedly points to political mileage, just like Rowley doing the same, as I said at least I will give them until Monday when the accused have to be charged or released, to come clean to the population.
The GOP used a similar thing to trump up Bush's ratings in the 2 years after 9-11.
But it turned back round to bite them, as you can argue the Republicans biggest gaffe was the supposed Iraq WMD scenario, which proved to be a white elephant. Perhaps this is also what brought down the British PM at the time....
This whole episode has the potential to be just as damaging for the PP if this all proves to be one big conspiracy for political mileage or as a diversionary tactic by the Govt.

This is where your PR peeps earn their cheese. Even if you do stuff that is deemed unpopular, or you just cannot divulge sensitive information, your PR machinery should be at least appeasing the population as best as it can.
This is democracy at work.
In plenty other countries (and well developed ones that we look up to), these men would have disappeared long time, whether they guilty or innocent.

Remember, as of now, these 14 men are being held for questioning. Whether the equivalent Miranda warning has been read to them yet, we don't know, given the present conditions that they are being held under.

The key questions now become:
1) Did the Govt fabricate everything about this plot?
2) If yes, was it exclusively for political sympathy or a reason to extend the SOE (in which case what is the ultimate aim of the SOE?)
3) If no, should they have done this discretely to avoid any accusations of political points? I guarantee this would have caused more problems, then they would have been rightfully accused of "secret state behaviour infringing on citizen's rights"

Trini politics like a soap opera yes. Hadda love it.

PS Elan - yep, as Feliz mentioned, its the Al Qaeda Guyanaese guy in Trinidad, as well as the other people involved in the JFK bombing plot.

« on: December 01, 2011, 09:30:53 AM »
In most other countries in the world, if something like this goes down, the press might not even hear about it.
I know for a fact here in the US, if you pick up your cell phone and call ANYONE ELSE and say certain specific words that are connected to terrorism, the US presidency, etc etc in one conversation, I can guarantee you a big black van will pull up outside your house, storm your place and detain you...
You will be held under special US legislature and your family won't even know what happen to you.
Your entire life will be surgically examined, every person you communicated with in the last few months will be checked out, and even if there is a sniff of something, you might be shipped off to God knows where, where the best of the best of the CIA/FBI/Mossad will have fun with you.

The point I am making is that any threat, whether its alleged or just a hint, must be investigated fully, because of the potential symbolic risk. We very lucky in T&T, cause we so small, and everbody know everybody, its very hard for a Govt to secretly round up people...

Its like now how you can't even say certain phrases while in the airport in the US, you will be reported and detained.

When the SOE started, we began to hear reports of gangsters being upset and were promising retaliation when they got out.
Add that to the picture they found of Kamla in Robocop's house, the large cache of arms in Valsayn last year, the radical Islamic link, and you have more than enough to at least warrant detailed investigation.

I am sure we the public are only privy to about 30% of all that is going on, its no secret the CIA has full time operations in Trinidad, hell its been even in the news that the Govt working together with them.

Now whether the threat is really as serious as it is being made out to be, the Govt has a duty to inform the population once (if) these men are charged by Monday. I will not be surprised if they are released, it seems we have some incompetent people in law enforcement, but with external help it may work.

I for one do not listen to any reports of family who say their people not involved in this, or its political in nature - most of the 9/11 suicide bombers' family spoke of how gentle and loving their people were.

I slightly skeptical on this whole issue, but I giving the Govt till Monday to inform us.

All the bad talk they badtalk the previous administration for bringing in all that Israeli spy equipment, its that same thing they using now for these threats...

Trinidad has had 2 uprisings in its past, we have been home to radical terrorists who threaten the western world, we have had attempts on a president's life, a former attorney general murdered. Whether we like it or not, there are things afoot in sweet T&T that we would not like to believe is reality.

Any govt of the day has the duty, right and hopefully the common sense to investigate these things properly, exactly as Robocop said in the press.
I remember Panday being threatened, I remember Manning as well, but both those issues quickly disappeared. Will this be any different?
We need some answers come Monday when either they are charged or released.

Football / Re: Hard work paying off for Gay.
« on: December 01, 2011, 09:05:30 AM »
Praying and hoping this fella follows in the footsteps of his legendary Blue Thunder predecessor for the national team...

Best of luck

Football / Re: T&T U-23s Final Round Olympic Qualifiers Thread
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:03:35 PM »
I don't get it, Suriname beat Saint Kitts at home 1-0, Saint Kitts beat T&T 5-2, then T&T beat Suriname 9-1  ???

See Don Leo's football motto...

Fuh real.

Football / Re: Fire Angus Eve Thread.
« on: November 28, 2011, 11:52:40 AM »
Sam right, at this level, given the context for this team in particular, they should be the pedigree team in this group.
The players are there. Experience is there.
Obviously we were outfoxed which comes down to the coach.
or we were just not up for the game, again comes down to the coach.

Getting beaten 5-2 is no close unfortunate game, we were destroyed. When T&T played England, we know we were vastly inferior to them, but we didnt get destroyed.
Even if we somehow qualify from this group, we have big problems to solve before next year.

Suriname win their previous group with Jamaica eh...

We will see if the result of the last game later this evening was a fluke or what we deserve.

Football / Re: National football consultation today.
« on: November 28, 2011, 11:31:21 AM »
Big up Tallest

Football / I shoulda gone to Germany....
« on: November 28, 2011, 11:29:11 AM »
To those here who made the trip, I envy you.

And here I was actually telling myself that more was to come, small thing.

Now we might have to wait until the Caribbean gets an automatic spot before we challenge again seriously.

Truth is nobody know whether they will be around for the next time we hit a World Cup.

Brazil would have been ideal, now man have to think about going to flikkin Russia or in the desert.

But I have a  plan..... I will now lower my standards and look at the Gold Cup as my World Cup and go the games there once we qualify. If not, maybe then the Caribbean Cup.. At least the next one is in Antigua, that will be sweet...But wait, do we have to qualify for the tournament?? Lord.

I hope the TTFF and whoever running it put in a bid for the next tournament after that. It seems we can beat Caribbean teams at home based on our current unbeaten record.

Ato Boldon is a genius - track star turn documentary producer and put out a DVD and even autograph it and thing, cause he see that it woulda potentially be a one time thing. Talk about seeing an opportunity. Good hustle!

Wish the politicians and administrators could have some sense like him. I remember after Germany at the celebration in the Stadium to welcome back the Warriors, Manning say no expense will be spared for the team to achieve South Africa 2010 and it was a national objective! Crowd gone mad.
What a waste.

And I was thinking we cldnt get worse than flag-man Gary Hunt, now Spalk saying Govt not going to pay national coach international salary range until we competing for a WC spot. Just sums up the short-sightedness of administration in our country. We doomed to repeat the same strategy that we have used since 1991, and then wonder why we cant consistently perform at a high level at all national levels.

CONCACAF is blessed with one-hit wonders in international football - Canada, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, El Salvador, now T&T join this elite group. Maybe we just hadda accept that qualifying for a World Cup is actually exceeding expectations for our football programme?

The one good thing about the current state of affairs is that it cannot get any worse, well actually yes, if we dont even qualify for the Caribbean Cup next year. But we now have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to put something in place. So when next qualifiers come around, will we hear the same ole excuses about not enough preparation.

I wonder if Ato did a documentary on the trip to Guyana ?

General Discussion / Re: Trinidad : Guns ,drugs and secrets
« on: November 28, 2011, 10:35:59 AM »
Once I read the first sentence of that report I get turn off.
Murder capital of the Caribbean huh. Maybe this reporter forgot about another island up the chain called Jamaica.
To compare equally, murder rates are reported per 100,000.
T&T's highest has been 44 (550 murders in 2008), while in Jamaica a few years ago it reached 62 (1700 homicides). They have consistently been higher than Trinidad, although in the last 10 years, Trinidad has closed the gap tremendously from being a place where murders are 5 times less to now where it is a little less than half.

Football / Re: People read too much into Defeat and victory
« on: November 28, 2011, 09:59:40 AM »
As much as it hurts me to say it, KND have some valid points...

Over the last 35 years, based on performance, one can safely say that qualifying for and finishing in the lower half of the HEXAGONAL is par for T&T.

Sometimes we get caught up with visions of grandeur thinking we entitled to beat teams like Mexico, USA and Costa Rica. I hear a man on this forum saying that he Costa Rican pardner say they so happy and relieved that T&T didnt get through cause they fear us and Kenwyne Jones.... Bullshit! Costa Rica looks at T&T EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN AS THE FIRST 6 POINTS THEY CAN PENCIL IN. Same goes for USA and Mexico. The Guatemalas, Jamaicas and Honduras teams look at us as at least 4pts.
Same way how we shocked beyond belief that Guyana could bump us out, or St Kitts could hit us 5, these countries feel the same way when we beat them.

For us to consistently compete for a top 3 spot in the region, we need a darn good strategy and execute it, starting TOMORROW. Cause based on sponsor support, administrative effectiveness, fan support, technical ability (notice I not saying talent), fitness, depth of roster and even tactical awareness, not to mention urgency for the game on the field, T&T struggle to break into the top 5 in the region.

Football / Re: Petition for the resignation of the TTFF Executive Committee
« on: November 28, 2011, 09:30:35 AM »
207 - this rel shameful

Football / Re: Football going nowhere fast
« on: November 23, 2011, 08:27:02 AM »
Yea Deeks, AB a little short there, we have been selling out stadium in Trinidad for football decades now, but it underlines the innate problem of T&T...We really only go out to support when the team is doing well. This has gotten worse in recent times, back in the days crowds were more involved in football from earlier stages.

Perhaps the most passionate sport in the world is US college Football. One thing about going to school in the US and attending a university with a top level American Football programme I have learnt is that the players and the supporters are one of the same. Players are simply supporters who play for the team. Each and every single supporter should go out and passionately support their team. You want your team to perform at an elite level and give blood, sweat and tears for you, but you dont make the effort to attend the games, or even if you do, u just go and sit and watch quietly. You think that is fair to the players? Effort must come from both sides. The supporters effort must be akin to the players effort on the field. We the average joe cannot play for the national team, but we can do everything else that contributes to the atmosphere and support of the players who are blessed to play for us. It requires effort and commitment from the supporters, to hype up, pay to go all the games, contribute to the atmosphere, but if we dont want to make the sacrifice, can we really blame the players on the field when they do not give the extra effort required to get a result?
I remember last year for the first time in 15 years we had a losing season after consistently competing for the national title, and at the end of that losing season, the stadium was still getting the 100,000 plus fans in to support the team. Yes, sometimes we booed the team when effort came up short, but at least it showed we were passionate about it and demanded more.
There is a reason in Trinidad when u go and watch a game and boo the opposition people watch you weird. I remember booing an opposing team after their anthem was sung and if you see how people watch me dread, I say WDMC! I was really born in the wrong country yes. But all these people in the stadium have the latest Man U and Chelsea and Barcelona jersey and pack the sports bars every Champions League gameday and cheer teams that master the art of nasty play when needed and routinely boo, whistle and jeer visiting fans and players to their stadium. I never say boo the opposing team anthem or pelt them with bottle eh, but you could cheer your team on with raw passion and achieve the same thing. Sometimes I think the really true supporters of T&T football are the few hundred people on this site to be honest.

Just by virtue of importance of football to the national population, T&T should never qualify for another world cup. Every single Central American country has more passionate support than us. We have players who play every week in front large crowds in Europe, but trust me, having a support to be proud of at home and even away makes you more passionate on the field. Its human nature. When I used to talk to some of them 20 years old yutemen at school about support, you know what they told me? They say when they play at home in front 100,000 screaming fans, it raises the pores on their skin and they play to that passion, performing at a level that you cannot coach. When they travel on the road in front 100,000 opposing fans, and the school has a traveling 10,000 supporters, all they hear is the 10,000 supporting fans and that is just as powerful as if they were playing at home, cause they realise these fans going through just as much hardship as them on the field, if not greater.

Our culture is such that we extremely laid back, whether its obeying the law, reaching on time for work, or supporting the national sports. Natural talent has given us the odd success in the past, but we must never get upset with the players for not giving 100% effort. They are just 11 members of our population doing what comes natural to us.

Football / Re: TTFF recall Shabazz from Guyana (to replace Otto?)
« on: November 23, 2011, 07:58:45 AM »
I assuming that he was on loan and not full-time employed by the GFF, so in that instance,
1) The TTFF underestimated that Guyana would actually be a problem for the Warriors
2) In many loan deals for players, one of the stipulations is that the player not feature if the 2 teams meet. The TTFF should have done this, debarring him from being involved directly with the T&T games. Hopefully they will learn this moving forward.
3) The TTFF has all right to recall Shabbaz after the loan agreement is up, really dont matter if Guyana looks at him as a hero or a Godsend, the TTFF are the ultimate owners of his services and pays his salary. We are not privy to the the plans they have for him coming up. If there are concrete plans, it should be a non-issue, he should be recalled to Trinidad. If however there are no plans (which will be impossible as Guyana will be involved in preparation and playing games most of 2012), then by all means let him go back.

Realistically, Shabaaz should be recalled, as he has proven he is an asset for the women's programme, and our programme is  more important than any Golden Jaguars or Tigers or whatever their ambitions are.
They could cry vindictiveness all they want, this is the modern game and the way it is administered. I am not surprised there is confusion - an incompetent TTFF and a grossly inexperienced Guyana Federation, no wonder everybody confused.

Easy way to solve all this problem - If Guyana really want him, make him an offer to be their full time coach so he can have an option to leave the TTFF...No brainer there.

Football / Re: Strike Squad Thread (Videos Included).
« on: November 22, 2011, 11:18:45 AM »
I could remember exactly what part of the stadium I sat in for most of them games...

I personally find that more people connect with the Strike Squad than the Soca Warriors, or even the 1973 team...
November 19th stirs more emotions for the football public than Nov 16th (I even had to double check the date).

What was it about this team ?  Was it  simply the first time the country was taken on a footballing adventure where they could be part of it (unlike the Haiti tournament which was a one-off tournament played away from home over a very short time)....or did they become immortal by actually losing that game? Kinda like when a hero dies at the end of a movie...

Football / Re: Open seminar on football’s future.
« on: November 21, 2011, 10:08:40 AM »
The first them them ppl have to do is get a plan.
We hadda decide once and for all what is our aspirations moving forward.
Are we ok with being one of the top teams in the Caribbean? Top Caribbean team who tentatively challenging for a WC spot every four years? Or do we want to seriously challenge for Gold Cup semi final rounds and 2-4th in the Hex on a consistent basis?
Do we want to be challenging at all levels consistently for a WC spot or hope every now and then for a special group?
Do we want a football philosophy on how we should play the game ? Do we want to know that when opponents pencil in T&T, they could expect a team that plays a certain way that is very effective?
Unless they set that plan and promise to stick to it, nothing will change.
Of course, money will dictate this to an extent, but still, no plan = nothing sustainable.

So the plan should be to
1)get a plan
2) get the correct TD to suit the plan. Alvin Corneal can do the job depending on the plan.
3) Between the TD and consultants, devise a programme that leads to execution of the plan.
5) Devise adequate measurables to guage the plan, To be honest, for the next few years, it should not be how we do in the Gold Cup, or even the Caribbean cup, it should be based mainly on our progression in the FIFA rankings

Football / Re: Pfister to know fate today
« on: November 21, 2011, 09:59:45 AM »
A lot of talk about Pfister's salary. Can anyone say what is the going rate for an international calibre national team coach?

Very wide range breds.
This is some info for the coaches who took their national teams to the world cup in South Africa last year in USD:

- Fabio Capello (England): 9,900,000 USD/year
- Marcelo Lippi (Italy): 4,100,000
- Javier Aguirre (Mexico): 4,000,000
- Joachim Löw (Germany): 3,300,000
- Berter van Marwijk (Netherlands): 2,700,000
- Ottmar Hitzfeld (Switzerland): 2,600,000
- Vicente del Bosque (Spain): 2,200,000
- Carlos Queiroz (Portugal): 2,000,000
- Pim Verbeek (Australia): 1,820,000
- Carlos Parreira (South Africa): 1,800,000
- Dunga (Brazil): 1,250,000
- Diego Maradona (Argentina): 1,200,000
- Takeshi Okada (Japan): 1,200,000
- Ricki Herbert (New Zealand): 1,200,000
- Otto Rehhagel (Greece): 1,150,000
- Paul Le Guen (Cameroon): 960,000
- Marcelo Bielsa (Chile): 850,000
- Vahdi Halilhodzic (Cote d’Ivoire): 740,000
- Raymond Domenech (France): 720,000
- Hun Jung Moo (South Korea): 600,000
- Morten Olsen (Denmark): 570,000
- Milovan Rajevac (Ghana): 540,000
- Bob Bradley (USA): 400,000
- Radomir Antic (Serbia): 447,000
- Matjaz Kek (Slovenia): 360,000
- Gerardo Martino (Paraguay): 360,000
- Rabah Saadane (Algeria): 360,000
- Reinaldo Rueda (Honduras): 350,000
- Vladimir Weiss (Slovakia): 312,000
- Oscar Washington Tabárez (Uruguay): 300,000
- Kim Jong Hun (North Korea): 250,000
- Shaibu Amodu (Nigeria): 180,000

Pfister's salary falls just in the the lower half of that.
All things being equal, he is being paid very well.
When Carlos Quiroz was being interviewed for the job, he decided on Iran instead of the Warriors, you can see why.
Also note to mention is that some international coaches are paid very high who not on that list, eg Rijkaard-Saudi Arabia (5million a year), Guus Hiddink-Turkey (11 million a year), Jose Camacho-China (8million a year) etc etc.

IMHO, Pfister's salary is justified. Whether he is the right candidate is another question.


Football / Re: my picks for the hex
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:37:46 PM »
Easy there bro,
Guatemala aint no shit team, they are actually quite competitive, their problem is that they inconsistent. If they firing, they can get 3rd in the region.

I agree Antigua has improved greatly recently, but over 6 games, home and away at the semi-final stage, they will fall short. They might have a couple competitive games at home, I will not be surprised if they get points at home vs Guatemala or Ja,  but they will be routed in Central America and in the US.

Same for Guyana, they are good, but not over 6 games home and away at this level.

If I was Jamaica I would like my chances of finishing second in this group, once Guatemala dont go into some surreal form.

Football / Re: SEPP AND RACISM
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:29:26 PM »
Good article, but Mr Slack - being a strict muslim state should not preclude you from hosting a World Cup.

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