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Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Germany U-17 Game
« on: August 26, 2007, 05:24:31 AM »
Which is exactly my point as well, if speed is relative then you change to suit tactics, but coaching skill is relative too. I think the coaching staff seriously

underestimated the physical ability of the opposition and coached this technique too much in practice. Now perhaps they are not confident enough to change to



Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Germany U-17 Game
« on: August 26, 2007, 05:05:09 AM »
Rodney, speed is a relative term yes! These defenders were speed demons in the CFU and among the best in CONCACAF. If we had sent them on just one

African tour they would have a clue what was about to face them. Well their horizons just got broadened. In spite of all this I still give this team props for giving

just for fighting to get here in the first place. commentator just say Caribbean teams need to play the worlds best on a regular basis AND improve physically.

Steups, everybody here know dat.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Germany U-17 Game
« on: August 26, 2007, 04:56:13 AM »
They were lookin' half decent for a little while but this is an extremely poor defensive showing now. The team fightin hard but some players just ball watching

and losin concentration. That right side is LEAKY! The players bun, Cyrus runnin hard but like he was gettin stitches just before the last goal. Maund and Lewis

fading in and out of the game. Like the other teams before they are overpowering T&T with speed and strength. I jus hope the psychological damage on these

young men is not too great. If they recover from this we have hope. We could really use a sports psychologist now!


Football / Re: Corneal already looking beyond Korea experience.
« on: August 25, 2007, 03:23:10 AM »
From the last poster, Coops:

 ÈI've often said we don't play enough Football,in the US Soccer is played year round,when i say year round i mean you can find a league/tournament to play in any time of the year,Football is still seasonal in T&T,no Indoor leagues,Minor leagues (dead),Sand Soccer etc etcÈ

I read some of your posts and you are more definitely knowledgeable than me in football. But I feel if we play in T&T all year round our small size means we play

the same set of people over and over and the best players feel they are THE standard.  Hence the shithong-starboy syndrome AKA

 big fish small pond that hindered the careers of some of our more gifted T&T players in the past (I refuse to call names  ::)). Development of the young player

comes mainly by adaptive adjustments the player makes when stretching themselves to meet established standards.  According to Corneal the U-17 players have

 said that the speed and technique of the Ghanaian and Colombian players was like

nothing they experienced before. The old barriers have been exceeded and they have a new threshold to aspire to which is what everyone knows is the silver

lining.  A usefull analogy might be a boxer that has plenty potential but only fights in his small club. He may accumulate a 100% victory rate in the club but he

would  be a better fighter if he fought better quality opponents and had an 80% victory rate. The best solution is a lot of playing time at a level where you are

forced to  fight for every touch of the ball. I feel that only possible in a big pond environment.


Football / Re: Corneal already looking beyond Korea experience.
« on: August 25, 2007, 02:23:12 AM »
Greetings all
I tried to post this earlier tonight so if it comes up twice dais why. I am no football expert but to me team preparation is very simple, at least on paper. The TTFF could start Monday morning.

September 1st. 2007. -Start the process of finding a national under-12 coach and management team, select coach and team officials by November.

January 2008. -Team selection done, training begins 1 X week for 3 months.

April-July. -Play a Tobago U-12, pro-league U-13s. Go a mid-table CFU nation like Grenada, Vincy, Bim etc. to play 2 games against their U-12 team.

January-April 2009. -Our now U-13s train 1X week for 3 months.

April-May. - Play pro-league U-13 XI, Tobago U-13, Tobago U-15, joint training sessions and games against the T&T U-15s. Pick a CFU minnow like Aruba and play 2 games against their U-15s . They will be grateful for the practice minus the massive cut-ass. Go another CFU mid-power and play 2 games against their U-15s.

August - Enter the the U-13s in the 2009 U-15 CFU tournament, expecting victories against CFU minnows and competitiveness against mid-table teams. We advance from our group prepared to go down fighting against Jamaica, Haiti and T&T U-15s. :devil:

January-April 2010. -Resume training. 1X week.

May-August.  Pro-league U-15 teams, a pro-league U-15 XI, Tobago U-15s, and joint training with T&T U-16s. Play 2 games against one of Haiti, Jamaica, or Cuba U-14s .

January-March 2011. - Resume training 1X week.
April- August. Enter Dallas Cup tournament in U-17 category. Play Pro-league U-15 XI, Pro-league U-17 teams, Tobago U-15, and play 2 games each against two mid-table U-15 CONCACAF teams (Honduras, El-Salvador, Cuba Guatemala and Panama, Haiti).

August- Enter CFU U-15 tournament. After 4 years together and at least 6 internationals, we clean fackin house.  ;D

October-December. Resistance training. Play U-20s, Pro-league teams.
January- April- Two of USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada. 1 Mid-table African team, 1 mid-table UEFA or academy team.
April- CONCACAF U-17 WC qualifications. At this rate we should be superior to all but Mexico, US and Costa Rica, following history.
June-August. Friendlies against 1 African top 2 qualifier, 2 European top 4 qualifiers and a top 3 S.American qualifier.

This is very simplistic  but something along these lines is the kind of investment required of US to reap the benefits of qualifying and advancing in successive U-17, U-20 and Senior WCs. Fancy plans and talk will never make this happen. The financial, organizational and political challenges would require exceptional initiative, innovation and execution on the part of the TTFF, like  getting government, pro-league, private sector involved. I donèt know if this is achievable under this TTFF.


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