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Interview whit Dr Henry UWI lecturer / Senator all listen to co mess

This interview is based on our central bank governor this is another rushme appointment.

General Discussion / T&T NY CONSULATE 18 FIRED
« on: July 18, 2012, 02:51:50 PM »
Just heard on the news 18 people was fired from the Trinbago consulate in NY.

one of the fired workers was interviewd, she said, they were told that they would be given a exam ttheir job was safe, they took the exam along with members of the public never heard anything untill they was escorted out of the building without an explanation .

This Government iz for real, transperence and new politics, serve the people, serve the people .


General Discussion / MSJ withdraws from People’s Partnership
« on: June 18, 2012, 07:50:56 PM »
MSJ withdraws from People’s Partnership
...and Abdulah quits as govt senator
By Reshma Ragoonath (Guardian).

Weeks after celebrating its second year in office, the People’s Partnership suffered a blow yesterday with the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) announcing its decision to leave the coalition government. At yesterday’s news conference held at the headquarters of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU), Paramount Building, Circular Road, San Fernando, MSJ leader David Abdulah, accompanied by his party’s activists council, made the announcement.

He also announced his decision to quit as a government senator. Abdulah, who remained solemn-faced as he read from a six-page statement, said: “The national executive and activists council of the Movement for Social Justice have decided that our party will remove itself from the People’s Partnership coalition of political parties. “As a consequence of this, the MSJ will not be in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Abdulah said Labour Minister Errol McLeod was advised that the council was considering leaving the partnership. He said, however, the decision to pull out of the partnership was taken after a meeting with the national executive on Saturday and the activists council yesterday morning. He said the decision was not taken “lightly or easily.”

Abdulah said he sent Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the other coalition members an e-mail yesterday, informing them of his party’s position. He said while the party still adhered to the principles of the Fyzabad Accord for equity, respect and good governance, it could no longer adhere to the provisions of the accord which formed the political union of the United National Congress (UNC) the Congress of the People (COP) the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC.)

“We believe that the time has come for the MSJ to paddle its own canoe,” Abdulah said. “We recognise that to do this, to build a mass party that is non-ethnic and which does not depend on the largesse of either the State or powerful financiers is not an easy task.” He said the party was prepared to meet with Persad-Bissessar, if requested, in her capacity as UNC leader.

The MSJ Leader said: “I do not know if the decision we have taken is up for review or reconsideration...It is a decision we have taken and we are prepared to go forward with that.” Abdulah said he could not speak for the COP which has also raised concerns. “It is for the COP in terms of its own internal debates and discussions and assessments to make a decision on what is best for the country,” he said.

“The leader of the COP has stated categorically that the COP has concerns, but it is for the COP to address how best they see those concerns, to tackle and dealt with, not for us.” The MSJ, he said, recognised that “we have a responsibility to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago as we were an integral part of the partnership that campaigned in 2010 and asked you to vote for the partnership to be your government.

“We do not regret that decision,” he said. “It was the right thing to do at that time... “As it is the right thing for us to now withdraw from the partnership.” He also said he does not feel alienated in the Government.

Dear Prime Minister,
We write to you in your capacity as Prime Minister and Political Leader of the United National Congress; one of the coalition members of the People's Partnership Government. As the 2nd anniversary of this administration approaches, in keeping with your promise of Good, Honest, Transparent and Accountable Governance we look forward to full disclosure on the following issues which to date remain shrouded in mystery.
1) Who was ultimately and directly responsible for the appointment of the vastly unqualified Reshmi Ramnarine to Director of an organization critical to the national security of Trinidad & Tobago?
2) What was the transparent process used to appoint the new CEO of WASA?
3) Why was Dr. Bhoe Tewarie, a Director of CL Financial at the time of its collapse, appointed as a Government Minister? Why is he allowed to still hold this important office, especially considering the extremely questionable discoveries being revealed almost daily and the catastrophic
 calamites that ensued?
4) Why was the painfully flawed process inherited from the previous administration to select a Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Police continued?
5) What was the process used by the Minister of Transport to engage the services of new legal counsel at the Port Authority?
6) What are the criteria for appointments to State Boards, management positions in State Agencies and Diplomatic Posts? Can the resumes/qualifications of all persons occupying these positions be immediately made available online for public consumption?
Minister Jack Warner:
1) Why was Mr Warner, in the face of the Code of Ethics and convention since 1988, allowed to maintain his position at FIFA after being sworn in as a Government Minister?
2) Why was Mr Warner allowed to continue his ministerial role after leaving FIFA amid international corruption allegations?

3) Why has the government not insisted that Mr Warner provide irrefutable evidence that all money received by the TTFF from FIFA and the Korean Football Federation for earthquake ravished Haiti, was actually delivered to the Federation of Haitian Football? This in light of the fact
 that the TTFF has confirmed receipt of the funds which it stated was deposited to an account under Mr Warner's control.
4) Was Mr Warner's personal lawyer awarded significant million dollar legal briefs by two state agencies which fell under his ministry? If so, how could this be right?
5) Why is Jack Warner, whose reputation and credibility are under intense international scrutiny, still a Government Minister?
1) What is the status of the Attorney General's investigation into the controversial NP contract involving the Gopaul's? What, if any, are his findings?
2) Why the rush to award mega projects the likes of the Rapid Rail, Invader's Bay, Judicial Centres, New Hospitals and UWI Debe before the enactment of the promised Procurement Legislation?
3) When can we expect the promised Procurement Legislation to be a reality?
4) How many of the ninety one recommendations of the Uff Commission of Inquiry have been implemented and by which agencies?
State of Emergency (SoE):
1) Our Constitution dictates that our citizens be provided a specific reason for the declaration of a SoE. What was that reason?

2) Who provided the legal advice to the government on the SoE?
3) Was there meaningful consultation with the leaders of our protective services prior to the declaration of the SoE? If so, over what period...weeks, days, hours, minutes?
4) Who, in spite of the fact that the Anti Gang Act was proclaimed mere days prior to the start of the SoE, advised the Police to make arrests under said legislation?
5) Do the arrest, charging and subsequent release (due to little and in many cases "not a shred of evidence") of many of our citizens during the SoE amount to violations of due process and human rights?

6) Was there any attempt to verify the veracity of the information on the alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister and three Government Ministers before a decision was taken to go public? On what basis was sixteen persons detained?
Moving Forward:
1) When will we address in earnest our social ills of illiteracy, poverty, HIV Aids, health care and safety & security?
2) When will Constitutional Reform (inclusive of Prime Ministerial term limits, Referendum and Recall) become a reality?
3) What will you do now to ensure that our institutions (Police, DPP, Judiciary, EMA, Media, BIR, etc) become strong, truly independent and free from political interference?
4) When will we begin in earnest, the process to realize economic diversification and food security?

We respectfully remind you that the People's Partnership was catapulted into office on the strength of its promise to deliver Good, Honest, Transparent and Accountable Governance and look forward to your comprehensive and honest response.

General Discussion / Indian Arrival Day Or Arrival Day
« on: May 25, 2012, 05:53:25 PM »

Indian Arrival Day, celebrated on 30th May, commemorates the arrival of the first Indian Indentured labourers from India to Trinidad, in May 1845, on the ship Fatel Razack. The Fatel Razack brought not only a new labour force to assist in the economic development of Trinidad, but also a new people with a new culture.

While this momentous event has been celebrated among the East Indian community in Trinidad and Tobago for many years, it was not until 1994 that it was made an official public holiday. It was called Arrival Day. In 1995, it was re-named Indian Arrival Day. On 30th May each year, Indian Arrival Day commemorates this momentous event by staging a re-enactment of the arrival of the Fatel Razack at various beaches throughout Trinidad and Tobago. There is also music and dance, and outstanding members of the community are honoured for their contributions to society.

Indian Immigration to Trinidad spanned the period 1845-1917. During this period over 140,000 Indians were transported to the island. The journey was long and arduous and living conditions were deplorable. After disembarking at Nelson Island, the arrivals were fed and rested for a couple weeks and then sent to the various estates that had requested them previously.


The East Indians brought to Trinidad a wide range of festivals and religious observances. For East Indians - both Hindus and Muslims - these celebrations were important. They allowed the immigrants to hold on to the values and principles which had sustained them for centuries. They also served to make the harsh daily life more bearable. Events such as Divali, Eid-ul-Fitr, Phagwa and Hoosay have, over the years, become part of the cultural fabric of Trinidad and Tobago.

East Indians who came to the Caribbean initially came from various regions in India, each with its own language and customs. However, by the late 19th century there was less diversity in language as the majority of immigrants originated from Uttar Pradesh. The inhabitants of this region spoke Bhojpuri, a Hindi dialect, which became the shared and unifying language for East Indians in Trinidad.

The indentured labourers brought not only their religion, food and clothing, but also the names of the places from which they came. They gave to the places they settled in Trinidad, the place names with which they were familiar. Hence the reason for village names such as Fyzabad, Barrackpore, Chandernagore, and many others.

One ancient practice which has recently become a western phenomenon is the Mehndi (or Henna) which is the ancient art of body tattooing. Mehndi powder is made out of dried leaves from a shrub. Traditionally, mehndi is used to decorate the hands and feet of a new bride
This holiday should never be not even arrival day ,but the racist politicians would always come up with a divider.

Shake-up at Pan in Schools Unit
By Peter Balroop - May 18th 2012 12:05 PM
Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, Minister of Education

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PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Education Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh are “taking basket” from advisers who seem intent on crippling the Pan in Schools programme. Members of the Pan in Schools Unit (PISU) who fall within Gopeesingh’s portfolio are expressing horror at the Cabinet decision two weeks ago to broaden  read more…
PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Education Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh are “taking basket” from advisers who seem intent on crippling the Pan in Schools programme.

Members of the Pan in Schools Unit (PISU) who fall within Gopeesingh’s portfolio are expressing horror at the Cabinet decision two weeks ago to broaden the scope of the programme, which started in full in 2003, to include instruments like the sitar, dholak, dhantal, tabla and tassa drums.

These are all instruments integral to the playing of East Indian music, but the programme will also include the addition of other instruments like the cuatro, guitar, zylophone and African drums.

But influential members of the PISU, who fall within the Curriculum Department of the Education Ministry, are aghast at the idea of cluttering up a pan programme that has been accepted by international musicians as the easiest way to teach a child music.

“In ten minutes you will be playing a song on the pan if you have a good instructor,” stressed a PISU source who demanded anonymity because he said being identified could lead to him losing his job.

In July, he said, the one-year contracts of the 35 instructors, one project coordinator and seven regional coordinators come up for renewal, and they are fearful that the People’s Partnership Government’s announced aim of making the PISU a multiculturalism unit is a dagger aimed at the unit’s heart.

In any event, he said, the aim seemed to be to disband the unit, despite the evidence being there that learning to play the pan had taken students in 97 primary and 85 secondary schools across the country by storm.

The Prime Minister announced last week that the Pan in Schools programme will continue and that the instructors need not fear for their jobs. Members of the PISU, however, do not have confidence in these assurances and believe the multi-cultural initiative is doomed to failure.

PISU sources say they know the topic is controversial but they have to talk out to save a project that pannists from several countries have been contacting them for information on how it could be implemented in their territories.

“It is accepted in countries like the USA, United Kingdom and Japan that the pan is the best music-teaching tool.

“All the instruments that Kamla (Persad-Bissessar) and Tim (Gopeesingh) now want to include in the Pan in Schools programme are non-melodic instruments. Pan is a melodic, percussive instrument.
“As a teaching tool, they are all big steps backward.
“We don’t mind the other instruments being introduced to the schoolchildren, but not in the space occupied by the pan today.
“Let them start a pilot programme for the other instruments,” said one source.

TnT Mirror was told that there seemed to be a deliberate attempt to squeeze the PISU from the funding standpoint.

From having an independent budget of $8 million annually, the PISU now has to rely on funding from the Ministry’s Curriculum Department.

The result, Mirror learnt, is since the PP Government came into power in May 2010 the PISU has not been able to purchase any more pans.

Further, debts to suppliers have now mounted to some $4 million, Mirror learnt, and creditors were pressing for their pound of flesh.

“The whole world is saying that the pan is the best instrument for teaching music, but we want to keep it down, crush it.
“We have something here we don’t understand,” one source bitterly observed.

The PISU has been promoting the biennial Junior Music Festival as well as the annual Schools Panorama, using standardised pans that have effectively dealt with the need for each school to pay for transport for pans to the competition venue, it was learnt.

Since the programme started nine years ago, the most famous graduate has been Liam Teague, who is now an Assistant Professor of Music at Northern Illinois University.

From the same NIU, Mia Gormandy, a former St Joseph’s Convent, Port-of-Spain student, and Sophie Subero, a former St Augustine Secondary student, graduated with master’s degrees in music, a source related.

With the PISU in place, exposing pupils from the primary school level to music, by the time they were in university they would be writing music, the source added.

The irony, he said, was the Pan in Schools programme was first launched in the late 1990s, when Persad-Bissessar served her short stint as Education Minister.

“It is not too late for the Prime Minister and Dr. Gopeesingh to realise they are taking basket from their advisers and reconsider their options.
“To add on all those instruments to the pan programme would be like imposing an overweight jockey on a top class racehorse, anchoring our young nationals at the back of the musical field,” declared another witty source.

General Discussion / $2M SIA ROBBERY
« on: May 23, 2012, 04:11:58 PM »
SIA robbed
By Irene Medina - May 20th 2012 12:00 PM
Spy Chief: Newly appointed Director of the Strategic Service Agency Bisnath Maharaj

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… $2m surveillance equipment stolen, files missing THE country’s leading intelligence gathering agency, the Strategic Intelligence Services’ Arima facility, located at the O’Meara Industrial Estate, was broken into last weekend and all of its records, including surveillance equipment and computers totalling $2 million, were stolen. The stolen equipment is said  read more…
… $2m surveillance equipment stolen, files missing
THE country’s leading intelligence gathering agency, the Strategic Intelligence Services’ Arima facility, located at the O’Meara Industrial Estate, was broken into last weekend and all of its records, including surveillance equipment and computers totalling $2 million, were stolen.

The stolen equipment is said to contain highly sensitive and confidential data on a number of intelligence investigations, spanning over a four-year period, that have targeted a number of high crime operatives such as persons involved in narco-trafficking, terrorism activities, human trafficking and other types of crime, including white-collar crime.

Mirror learnt that the break-in occurred over the last weekend, and is being passed off as a random robbery by an unknown petty thief since $15,000 in cash was also stolen from the facility. According to informed sources, the matter was not reported to the police up to press time Friday.

Among the files stolen is a folder which contains records on Works Minister and chairman of the United National Congress, Jack Warner, Mirror has learnt.

Mirror contacted newly appointed Director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) Bisnath Maharaj who did not deny the report. Maharaj, a former police officer, turned lawyer told Mirror he was at a meeting and could not speak.

“I really cannot talk now…. Please call me back,” he said before hanging up the phone.

The SSA is a merger between the SIA, the disbanded Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) and the SSA, and is expected to be replaced by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) when legislation goes before the Parliament.

Insiders claim that Deputy Director of the SIA Julie Browne and her assistant Carlton Dennie, two whistle blowers, whose actions led, in part, to the re-organising of the spy agency, which had been established under the Patrick Manning-led administration following the 1990 attempted coup on the country’s Parliament by the Jamaat al Muslimeen, have been keeping the break-in hush-hush, in an effort to prevent the information becoming public.

According to one highly credible source, “this is really shameful. A break-in at a highly sensitive facility that is supposed to contain files on a number of surveillance targets, and everybody is passing it off as is it was the work of petty thieves and pipers.”

The source added that the building, which contained such high-tech equipment and sensitive data, was being protected by a watchman.

“Both Browne and Dennie are trying to keep it quiet, but somewhere out there are hundreds of highly classisfied files on surveillance targets out in the public domain…. “This is going to severely compromise this country’s national security,” the source added.

Another well placed security official confirmed that among the items stolen were three laptops, desktop computers, cameras, and other surveillance items, which could now find themselves in the hands of the highest bidder.

Mirror learnt that the SIA Arima facility was acquired about four years ago, under the PNM administration and was used as a warehouse to store and carry out maintenance works on vehicles which were being used for surveillance purposes. The building was also outfitted with a handful of technicians and millions of dollars worth of specialised spyware to monitor the activities of known criminals and other persons of interests including politicians.

In fact one informed source said that it became necessary for the Intelligence Agency to have a fleet of vehicles under its control, instead of using the services of auto rental shops, whose number plates became known to bandits and criminals and who would in turn target these businesses unfairly.

“The decision was taken to acquire a property where these vehicles could be housed, maintained and distributed to which ever government agency required their use.
“The property was well secured, complete with indoor and outdoor cameras, which made it very difficult for anyone, whether piper or criminals or other operatives, who had an interest in getting the information into their hands,” the source said.

He further explained that the data acquired focused on surveillance targets which were organised in four categories, namely – Counter Narcotics; Counter Terrorism; Human Trafficking and Human Crime.

He added that there was also a counter intelligence section which focused on politicians, activities considered subversive.

Court victory for ex-Village People lead singer
LOS ANGELES, Wed May 09, 08:03 PM
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FILE - This 2007 file photo released by Victor Willis World shows former Village People lead singer Victor Willis in costume....More
When it comes to compiling a list of the great songwriters of the past 50 years, Victor Willis' name likely wouldn't merit more than an asterisk.

Far better known as the cop in the novelty disco act the Village People, Willis is also remembered for a number of drug-related troubles in the early 2000s that nearly up-ended his post-Village People days.

Yet there he was this week, being mentioned in the same breath as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, after he won a court battle to claim at least a third of the copyrights for such songs as "Macho Man," "Y.M.C.A." and "In the Navy" that he co-wrote for his old group.

The former "Macho Man," who says he has a new album titled "Solo Man" coming out in a few weeks, declined to say what kind of payday he expects Monday's ruling by U.S. District Judge Barry Moskowitz to bring him.

"But those songs, they gross millions a year, so it could be a significant thing," he noted with a chuckle.

Willis was a musician-actor who, among other things, had appeared on Broadway in "The Wiz" when Jacques Moreli decided to cash in on the disco craze in 1977 by putting together a group made up of beefy, macho-looking guys dressed as a biker, a construction worker, a cop, a cowboy and an Indian chief.

Willis, who was the group's lead singer, was soon dancing up a storm with his cohorts to catchy beats while disco balls glittered and music blared around the country and in Europe.

The Village People sold tens of millions of records in the 1970s, and Willis co-wrote all the big hits. But he also signed away his copyrights to the songs for a cut of the profits that today ranges from 12 to 20 percent.

"I was very young and naive," he said by phone from New York on Thursday. "I didn't know at that point what I was going to be giving away. So If they put a contract in front of me, I signed it."

He said he suspects many other young artists did as well, and he hopes his court victory this week will eventually benefit them, too.

When Congress updated federal copyright law in 1978, it allowed songwriters to reclaim such signed-away copyrights after 35 years. That's something that over time is expected to affect the rights to songs by Dylan, Springsteen, Tom Petty, Billy Joel and others.

After Willis sought to get the copyrights to 33 songs back, the owners, Can't Stop Productions and Scorpio Music, sued to stop him, arguing that he was simply a "worker for hire" for the Village People and therefore had no stake in the songs. They also argued that because his co-writers didn't join him in seeking their share of the copyrights Willis shouldn't be granted his share either.

The companies dropped the "worker for hire" argument before Moskowitz issued his ruling Monday. The ruling determined that Willis didn't need to join with the others.

Still to be determined is just how much of the copyrights he'll control, one third or one half.

His co-writers are credited as Moreli and Henri Belolo, although Willis says he and Moreli really wrote the songs.

"Belolo didn't write anything. He was just the publisher," he said, adding he's confident that means the court will give him 50 percent.

The music publishers' attorney, Stewart Levy, disagrees, saying he expects Willis will get no more than a third, which he maintains isn't much more lucrative than the 20 percent he gets these days for "Y.M.C.A."

"We're disappointed of course but we don't think it's as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be," he said of Monday's ruling.

Willis' attorney, Brian Caplan said the case is the first addressing the rights of songwriters to terminate agreements they signed decades ago, and as such, lays the legal groundwork for others who seek to reclaim their copyrights.

That could open "a tremendous can of worms" for the music industry, said Mark Volman, coordinator of the Entertainment Industry Studies program and an assistant professor at Belmont University in Tennessee.

"It would be a tremendous win (for songwriters) to get something like that in place," said Volman, who as a founding member of the 1960s group the Turtles fought his own share of battles over royalty rights signed away.

As for Willis, he's looking to getting on with his career.

After vocal cord surgery in 2008, and a series of arrests on drug-related charges in the mid-2000s that resulted in a stint in rehab, he says his life has turned around in recent years.

"Life is fine. I went through whatever I went through, but everything is going great now," he said.

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General Discussion / IMF report: T&T economy turning corner
« on: April 14, 2012, 06:16:12 AM »
IMF report: T&T economy turning corner

The T&T economy is turning around the corner and growth is expected in 2012, stated the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest report. Commercial bank credit, particularly to the business sector, has expanded steadily since mid-2011, for the first time since early 2010, and retail sales increased by 6.4 per cent up to the third quarter of 2011.
The March 15, 2012, report said T&T’s recovery comes after an extended slowdown lasting three years, in which “ample buffers have provided room for maneuver,” accommodating an expansionary fiscal stance in 2010/2011, and resources to deal with the collapse of “a systemic insurance company,” which it identified as Clico.
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar referred to the IMF report during her address at the April 2 ceremony launching the country’s celebrations to mark our 50th anniversary of Independence. The report was released only days before.

 Among the report’s highlights were:
• weaker than anticipated energy sector activity, which contributed to a decline in 2011
• the central government’s finances were “nearly balanced” in fiscal 2010/2011
• monetary policy remained “accommodative in the face of subdued inflation”
• strain had emerged in the financial system “as a consequence of the prolonged slowdown and the collapse of the CL Financial Group and its insurance subsidiary Clico.” But progress was made in compensating Clico claimants although on-going legal issues could lead to further delays.
The country’s external accounts rebounded in 2010, the economic outlook improved in the short-term, but there remained “significant downside risks.” Details of the report were released yesterday by Government Information Services Ltd.
Regarding the rebounding of the country’s external accounts, the report said current account surplus increased to 20 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010, and was estimated to be 21 per cent in 2011, up from eight per cent in 2009. This would have stemmed mainly from the improvement in energy prices and a recovery in non-energy exports.
“Gross official reserves grew to US$9.8 billion. This represents 13 months of import cover, at the end of 2011, increasing from US$9.1 billion at the end of 2010. “Surveying the outlook in the short-term, the report said real economic activity is expected to increase by 1.7 per cent in 2012, “as the energy sector resumes normal operations later in the year, and the non-energy sector picks up momentum with the acceleration of public investment and the restructuring of Clico liabilities.
“Inflation is expected to remain moderate. Medium-term growth is expected to rise to 2.5 per cent. This was described as having been “significantly less than in the years preceding the crisis, in part due to the weak outlook for the energy sector.” Further to this, the report said the non-energy growth is expected to reach its potential of 3.5 per cent in 2012.
The latest IMF report therefore represents major positive news for Trinidad and Tobago and was highly encouraging to Finance Minister Winston Dookeran, who was enthusiastically congratulated by his colleagues during the last IMF general meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay last month.

General Discussion / Girl, 7, living in pain
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:14:41 AM »
Girl, 7, living in pain

Stricken with Crohn's disease

 By Elizabeth Williams Tobago Bureau

When you are poor in Trinbago you have to go true hell .

Story Created: Mar 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM ECT
Story Updated: Mar 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM ECT )

Seven-year-old Naiomi Moonsammy lives in pain on a daily basis.

During a visit to her home in Mason Hall, Tobago, by the Express, it was discovered her physical surroundings also cause discomfort due to the holes in the ceiling and floor of her home.
Little Naiomi dreams of a new home for her family.

However, she cannot go outside to play with her friends because she suffers with Crohn's disease. 
According to the US-based Mayo Clinic, Crohn's disease is a form of an inflammatory bowel disease, it usually affects the intestines, but may occur anywhere from the mouth to the end of the rectum.
Naiomi's  mother, Jennifer Moonsammy, said  several trips to doctors between Trinidad and Tobago have all proven futile.
They have visited Mt Hope, Port of Spain and the Scarborough Regional Hospital for help for the past six years, and after several tests were done, Crohn's disease was diagnosed but the surgery still has not taken place, as one  doctor has not signed the necessary documents for the go ahead.
 "And they did the test, they say the stool is passing through her vagina. She gets a lot of pain with that. Every day, every time she eats, every five, 10 minutes she get that pain," Moonsammy said.
Naiomi's blood count is very low, and because of this, her heart beat is irregular. Only weighing 20 pounds, she has not been able to gain weight for several years, her ribs are now showing and she has to wear disposable diapers daily.
The family owns a rusted fridge, television set which is not operational, and the house is in disrepair. Recently the family received an eviction notice.
The mother said she can pay rent, but needs somewhere affordable

Moonsammy said her husband died when Naiomi was very young, and she is the sole breadwinner for five children. She has been unable to source a home from the Division of Settlements. The child can no longer attend the Mason Hall Government Primary School, where the principal has praised her work. 
Naiomi told the Express she feels weak, and it is a struggle living daily, but she is not giving up hope.
"Sometimes like if I sleep something bothering me. So I can't even get to sleep. I usually wake up mummy and ask her to pray for me to sleep," Naiomi said.
Naiomi said she is praying for her brothers and sisters, her mother, and a miracle for her family. Her dream is to become a driver, to transport groceries home for her mother.
 "And I always pray to God for them, to get them bless and I get bless too. My mummy would get bless. Sometime I know someday I will get heal," Naiomi said.
When contacted on the matter Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan promised to have the matter addressed in the shortest possible time, for Naiomi to have surgery. Anyone wishing to help this family can call 321-0654.

Previous Article Moonilal: 14,458 employed with URP

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Fetes overpriced
« on: February 28, 2012, 06:28:24 AM »
Fetes overpriced
Tuesday, February 28 2012

THE EDITOR: Carnival is over but the bacchanal is still fresh in our minds. From the controversial wins of a certain soca artiste who seems to be the Prime Minister’s favourite to Tribe rebelling. The memories would forever be etched in our minds.

I recently read an interesting article and I must add that I agree with the person concerning the ticket prices of fetes. There is no doubt that the Carnival is fast becoming an entity to suit those who are the highest income earners in the land. Imagine that there are very few fetes that cost at least $100 while the most expensive would be around $2,000. Hmm, is Carnival now for the most elite? Hmm, I don’t know and worse yet, the price of costumes, wow. The way things are going, many poor people are left to constantly take out loans if they wish to participate in the festival, my gosh.

Why are fetes so expensive and what is the Government doing or can the Government do anything to control the exorbitant prices? Hmm, I wonder but then again if persons are willing to fork out the money then the supply is meeting the demand. I am even more disappointed that prestige schools also charged too high prices for the fetes.


                                               Welcome to Trinbago land of greedy people .

General Discussion / Death of Calif. girl after fight ruled homicide
« on: February 27, 2012, 09:51:45 PM »
Death of Calif. girl after fight ruled homicide
LONG BEACH, Calif., Mon Feb 27, 10:11 PM
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Students and parents arrive past a memorial, left, outside Willard Elementary School for student Joanna Ramos, 10, in Long...More
What began as an after-school fight between two young girls over a boy exploded into a homicide investigation Monday, when authorities said a 10-year-old died of a head injury after the confrontation with an 11-year-old classmate.

The finding rattled the already shaken school community at Willard Elementary, where Joanna Ramos attended the fifth grade. She died Friday, about six hours after a brief fight with another girl in an alley near the school in a working-class neighborhood in the port city of Long Beach.

Joanna, who would have turned 11 on March 12, underwent emergency surgery for a blood clot on her brain late Friday after she began vomiting and complained of a headache, her older sister, 17-year-old Vanessa Urbina, told The Associated Press.

Investigators have not detailed what might have led to such an injury. A blow to the head could have caused a deadly trauma, though the circumstances in this case are exceptionally rare.

Punches to the head can often lead to delayed bleeding if a vein is torn, and that can lead to a clot when blood collects on the surface of the brain, said Dr. Keith Black, a neurosurgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

"This is rare, in that I've never seen it in a female, certainly not in a female adolescent," said Black, who was not involved in Joanna's medical care.

Black sees such injuries all the time among older patients and said a blow to the head from one young girl to another could "absolutely" be sufficient to cause enough trauma to lead to death.

Joanna was unconscious by the time she arrived at the emergency room, but hospital staff revived her three times before she went into surgery for the clot, Urbina said.

"After surgery the doctor said she was still alive, and then a few minutes later he comes back and tells us that her heart stopped and they couldn't bring her back," Urbina said, crying as she sat on the steps of the school near a memorial of flowers and balloons.

Police said they have made no arrests and were conducting an investigation that will be presented to prosecutors when it's completed. Coroner's Lt. Fred Corral said Ramos died of blunt force trauma to the head, but he didn't immediately have further details about her injuries.

Worried parents lingered as they dropped off their children Monday in a light rain and wondered aloud how the school, tucked a few blocks off a major city street, could have become the scene of such unexpected violence.

Victoria Pyles said her daughter started classes at the school last week, after the family moved to the neighborhood. Her daughter likes the school, Pyles said, but now she isn't sure whether to leave her there.

"I'm just so confused at this moment, thinking should I take my daughter out of this school," Pyles said. "If this is what is going on, I don't like it. It's very scary."

School officials believe the fight occurred near the school in a 15-minute window between the time school let out and the start of Joanna's after-school program at 2:30 p.m., said Chris Eftychiou, a spokesman for the Long Beach Unified School District.

Joanna didn't have any visible injuries or show any signs of distress for about an hour, but she eventually told staff she felt unwell and was picked up by a relative, he said.

Urbina, the older sister, said Joanna's cousin picked her up. After he mother retrieved her, Joanna vomited in the car all the way home and told her mother she felt sleepy and wanted to go to bed.

Symptoms - such as headache, nausea, lethargy - may not set in for hours and people can mistakenly think that they're fine, Black said.

Typically, he said, the hit to the head would have to be fairly significant to cause a blood clot and often involves the head hitting walls or the ground, but a punch is enough.

"You can certainly get enough of an impact to get enough movement in the brain by a fist to tear a vein, if it's in the right location," Black said.

Police have said the fight lasted less than a minute, did not involve weapons, and no one was knocked to the ground. Detectives interviewed family and friends of both girls, but there was no indication that Joanna was bullied. Seven witnesses to the fight were being interviewed.

A friend of Joanna's saw her as she reported to the after-school program after the fight and said she had blood on her knuckles from wiping at a bloody nose, said Cristina Perez, the friend's mother.

Perez said her daughter, who is 10, heard about plans for the fight during recess earlier in the day and knew to stay away from the alley after school.

"We've just got to pay more attention to our kids too, not just dropping them off at the school. I'm always on my daughter, always," Perez, 30, said as she gathered with other concerned parents outside the school Monday. "I tell her, `You see a fight (and) you stay away from it.'"

Perez and other mothers said their children told them the fight was over a boy.

"They took off their backpacks, and they put their hair in a bun, and then that's when they said `go' and that's when they started hitting each other," Joanna's friend and classmate Maggie Martinez, who watched the fight, told KNBC.

Martinez and other friends said they tried to stop the fight but were held back by boys who were watching and wanted it to continue.

Urbina said her sister was a happy child who liked to sing, dance and watch soap operas and loved having her hair curled. She had asked her parents to take the whole family to an amusement park to celebrate her birthday.

Joanna also helped Urbina care for her infant son and would get up in the middle of the night to fix him his bottle, Urbina recalled.

"She was so young for this to happen," Urbina said. "She was so happy and so many people loved her."

Fights involving young children, including girls, are increasing nationally, in part because of the wired world children now live in, said Travis Brown, a national expert on bullying and school violence.

Children used to have a disagreement at school and would have a night or a weekend to cool down, but social media and text messaging mean students can continue their dispute 24 hours a day, he said.

Social media sites also allow other students to weigh in and amplify the pressure to settle things in a public way, said Brown, who runs the website nobullyingtour.com.

"There was a time when a kid had a way to escape the things at school, but now there's no escape," he said. "That stuff just escalates to a point where it gets out of hand. This is an everyday occurrence."


Associated Press writers Robert Jablon, Alicia Chang and Andrew Dalton in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / What Song For Road March
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By now we heard all the songs for carnival,  i like kewin dubious  Bacchananl, bacchanal .

General Discussion / How Daaga treats a poor black sister
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How Daaga treats a poor black sister

By Online Editor - February 10th 2012 12:16 PM

Makandal Daaga (left) PEARL DAVIS: “I want the whole nation to know about the treatment I am getting from NJAC.”

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From our Files: 29 Years Ago WHAT sort of people’s government would refuse to pay a woman rent for premises they occupy? That is the question residents of Upper Oxford Street in Port of Spain have been asking themselves after a big cussout which took place last Friday between toprankers  read more…

From our Files: 29 Years Ago
WHAT sort of people’s government would refuse to pay a woman rent for premises they occupy?
That is the question residents of Upper Oxford Street in Port of Spain have been asking themselves after a big cussout which took place last Friday between toprankers of the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) and proprietress Pearl Davis.
The fireworks was all because Mrs. Davis accused the Black Power boys of illegally occupying premises at downstairs of No. 62 Oxford Street.
The frustrated woman said that she first rented the premises to NJAC lawyer – they call him their Justice Minister – Jaruwa Mobota in October, 1981, at a monthly fee of $1,500.
Since then it has been home of the organisation’s Neracom Printery.
The lease for the building expired in October of last year, and Mrs. Davis said NJAC asked for an extension and she agreed to give them until January 2 to get out.

No. 62 Oxford Street … which NJAC is not giving up
At the same time, however, she said she hiked the rent up to $2,700 because she felt she had given the group a present because fees were much higher elsewhere in the city.
Especially as they occupied the whole downstairs.
Since then, Mrs. Davis says NJAC has been paying her with cheques that bounce.
“Not only that, but they have also been paying me piece, piece like a sou sou.
 “They only talking about how things bad downstairs, but when I tell them to close down and give me my money, they say that and God’s face I will not see.
 “To make matters worse, a couple of days before Christmas, Mr. Granger (NJAC leader Makandal Daaga – formerly Geddes Granger) walk up here and say he want upstairs too.
 “Can you imagine that? They giving me bounce cheques for rent, and now they want to rent upstairs too.
 “I tell Geddes I living here so what he trying to say.
 “You know the man tell me he will look for a place for me to stay.
 “You ever hear such farseness?
 “He say he don’t want to move because he taking over the government by the middle of March.”
When Mrs. Davis sent for the Mirror, she felt we would not print a word of the story.
After all, the Black Power boys are not averse to spreading fear and terror throughout TnT in their bid to wrest political power from the ruling People’s National Movement.
“I want the whole nation to know the kind of treatment I am getting from NJAC.
 “I thought I would give them a chance.
 “I even voted for their Lasana Kwesi in 1981 because I thought he was a nice, quiet boy and I didn’t want to support Cutty Joseph anymore.
 “So I not a poor Black sister too?
 “Imagine NJAC own two restaurants – one on Duke Street and the other in San Fernando.
 “Every night you should see the big bags of money they collect from the Kumasi place on Duke Street.
 “Those fellas must be doing real good because most of them have their own cars.
 “When they order paint to paint up the streets and the walls, is by the truckload they ordering.
 “And every week you bound to hear about six or seven of them going somewhere.
 “If they not going to Grenada or Barbados or Martinique, they heading for Nicaragua or El Salvador.
 “Where they getting this money from if they can’t find money to pay me?
 “I don’t want no crying from them now.
 “I want my rent and they should pay me!
 “They can’t get on like this when they say they want to take over the government.
 “And they can’t talk of respecting and elevating the woman when that is the way they are treating me.
 “What head they pushing?
 “Right now they have my whole place nasty.
 “Downstairs is in a dilapidated condition with stinking toilets and broken stinks and stained tiles.
 “They won’t spend a cent to fix the place.
 “You should see the amount of roaches and mice. I even asked them recently to bring in Rentokil to spray the premises.
 “On Friday we had a big cussout for the rent and my place.
 “They feel I ’fraid them but they wrong.
 “I tell them ‘me ain’t’ fraid allyuh at all’ ….. and I meant that.
 “They are not behaving like any people’s government, and no matter how I keep searching for Mobota in town, no one seems to know where he is any longer

General Discussion / Govt sex ring
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Govt sex ring

By Online Editor - February 10th 2012 12:00 PM

State official providing ‘escort service’ to big wigs OFFICIALS at the Public Transport Service Corporation have complained to Transport Minister Devant Maharaj over the use of the PTSC’s facilities by a senior State official to facilitate a prostitution ring. The prostitution ring, which masquerades as an ‘escort service’, is said  read more…

State official providing ‘escort service’ to big wigs
OFFICIALS at the Public Transport Service Corporation have complained to Transport Minister Devant Maharaj over the use of the PTSC’s facilities by a senior State official to facilitate a prostitution ring.
The prostitution ring, which masquerades as an ‘escort service’, is said to have as clientele State board officials and even government ministers, according to well-placed sources.
The ‘escort service’, which provides mainly Colombian nationals to its wealthy clientele, is said to operate from a Port of Spain hotel that has an established connection to Government’s tourism thrust.
The girls are offered to their clientele through a legitimate Facebook group popular with young United National Congress professionals and which holds regular after-work limes for its membership. The group is dominated by People’s Partnership supporters and officials.
The girls are provided to carefully selected pre-screened members during the gatherings.
The senior State official behind the escort service is a well-known operative of the UNC who has served at the parliamentary level and who was involved in an incident which required the attention of the police last year.
Mirror learnt that this official also provides “escorts” for bachelor parties and private gatherings for his clients.
The sources could not confirm whether the matter has been brought to the attention of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar but no action has been taken against the official, who continues to hold significant positions in the State apparatus even as the matter is whispered about in Government circles.
UNC general secretary and advisor to the Prime Minister Dave Tancoo denied any knowledge of the surreptitious activity by his senior party members, but told TnT Mirror that he is aware of the Facebook group.
“I am aware of the group and I have been invited to a number of functions but I have never attended any. On some occasions, the invitation comes at very short notice, like one day in advance, so I have never attended.
 “That is as much as I know, I don’t know anything about any escort service, nor do I know who is behind this Facebook group,” he said. Tancoo also denied reports that the matter was raised with him with the expectation that it would be brought to the attention of the Prime Minister.
Mirror checks revealed that the Facebook group was established after the PP government won office and was intended to target young UNC professionals, so that they could exchange information, network and socialise.
But, according to one source, “this was fine for a while but then people started falling off and there are those who were getting into all kinds of mischief, so anything is possible,” he said.
Transport Minister Maharaj, who has responsibility for PTSC, also denied any knowledge of this prostitution ring, involving Colombians, although officials insisted that information on the matter has been passed on to the Minister.
“I don’t know anything about it,” Maharaj said, adding that “nothing like that has ever been brought to my attention.”
He, however, made it clear that should he find any truth in the allegation, he would leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of the matter.
“I would take immediate action,” he said, adding: “I know the Prime Minister as a woman would not sanction anything like that.
 “I will launch a full scale investigation at once,” he promised.
Maharaj said if there is any truth to the allegations, “I will not condone this.”
He said that the person whose name was being called in the alleged sex ring was someone he had the utmost respect for since that person had a good track record and had been involved in the politics for a long time.
“If any such information comes to me then I will investigate and bring it to some kind of conclusion,” he said.

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posted 31 Jan 2012 13:23 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 31 Jan 2012 13:44 ] Well-known talk show host and public motivational speaker David Muhammad has had his programs on Power 102.1FM suspended until further notice due to what may appear to be outside political influences.

On Friday, January 27th Mr. Muhammad was phoned by the program manager at the station and told that he is suspended pending an investigation into incitement on the air due to the intervention of government interests. This suspension was revoked by the CEO the next day (Saturday 28th) after he confirmed that neither he; the head of the station nor the directors of the radio station knew anything about the matter. Muhammad was back on the radio as normal on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th. The matter of freedom of speech in the media was discussed generically in this period on I95.5FM as well as on Mr. Muhammad's program 'The Black Agenda'.

On Tuesday 31st Mr. Muhammad was told by the CEO that he is now in fact suspended until further notice. The reason given for this suspension was Muhammad's reaction to the first suspension which was actually fabricated, apparently by another manager within the station who has not been suspended.
Mr. Muhammad has expressed that he is more curious now than ever before that there may be ulterior motives influenced by political entities behind this entire process, and to date no explanation has been given as to how the program manager was misled into being given a false instruction as consequential as it was.

The Black Agenda program commentaries shall continue as normal online and be posted on www.youtube.com/blackagendaproject. He is expected to either resume duty soon on the same station or possibly on another radio station by Monday, February 27th, 2012.

Muhammad has been conducting the Black Agenda program since 2002 and has dominated the top spot in the most recent MFO Survey at #1 with a night time audience share of 14%. (Roxanne Muhammad)


General Discussion / A PERFECT VIRGINA
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Checkout what women in those develop countries does worry about ,women in Trinbago don't even worry about these things .

Sam ah know you will like this.

General Discussion / Shadeism
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From: This short TV documentary is an introduction to the issue of shadeism ...


Season Greetings to the warriors @ heart , i am hoping for the new year to be much better than 2011,
piece my homies .
Hoping you guys enjoy this truthful documentry.

General Discussion / Integrity and the PP — Part 1
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Integrity and the PP — Part 1
TREVOR SUDAMA Tuesday, September 27 2011

If we are to assess the PP in terms of the practice of integrity as an integral element of good governance, it is necessary first to divorce rhetoric from reality and promise from performance.

We must also remove the thick cover of public relations and spin which surround all government actions and look at what lies beneath. The state of emergency has now become an added distraction.

Historically, the rhetoric was no more resounding and compelling than the PNM’s crusading slogan in the elections of 1956 “to bring morality in public affairs”, which would translate into integrity in public life. Such a promise was the outcome of a relentless pillorying of the Gomes administration for widespread graft, corruption and other misdeeds.

Shortly after the elections, however, indicators of corruption and lack of integrity surfaced under the PNM administration with disturbing regularity. A Minister of Government would release his son without authority from a police cell.

Then there was the Lock-Joint scandal, the gas station racket, the DC 9 fiasco, the undervaluation of Government oil holdings sold to Tesoro, the import of contraband goods by a Minister and his open demand for a ten-percent kickback on investments. And this Minister was a confidant and protégé of the Prime Minister.

Later came the Caroni Racing Complex issue and the huge wastage, mismanagement and irregular dealings in the construction of the Mount Hope Medical Sciences Complex. Morality seemed to have taken flight.

The PP has not been as ambitious and extravagant in its campaign rhetoric to bring a new dispensation of integrity in public life as was the case in the first PNM campaign. Nevertheless it did promise in its Manifesto “not to tolerate any form of corruption”.

Furthermore the Prime Minister speaking to an audience in London shortly after being elected to office would proclaim that she is committed to rooting out corruption in Trinidad and Tobago.

Then there are the loud threats and fulminations of an Attorney General who rides cowboy style on what he perceives to be the corruption trail. However, his pursuit seems confined only to allegations of corruption under the former PNM administration. He is not overly concerned with reports of corruption under the current PP administration.

However the reality is that corruption takes many forms and seems to be well, alive and flourishing in Trinindad and Tobago today if we are to go by pervasive rumours of bribe taking by high government officials and bribe giving by those seeking favours including the multitude seeking contracts.

There is a mad frenzy in the pursuit of contracts whether for CEPEP, URP, housing, road rehabilitation and drainage, site developments, water and sewerage projects, purchase of materials and accessories and even consultancies. It is perceived as the sure route to get rich quick. One high official is said to be asking for $50,000 to grant a particular favour and is alleged to be at the beck and call of a generous contractor. Another is reputed to be boldly seeking gifts to facilitate the approval of projects. The above maybe deemed to be mere rumours but, given their persistence, one can conclude that there would be some truth to some of the allegations made.

The PP also promised in its Manifesto that it would “not politicise the civil service, commissions or State enterprises”. But reports of political appointments abound.

In one instance a government official was hand picked to head the Financial Intelligence Unit in the absence of proper recruiting procedures. When the Public Service Commission finally made an appointment to the post it was vetoed by the Prime Minister. One can draw one’s own conclusion as to whether this is evidence of the politicisation of the public service.

But the commitment given not to politicise State enterprises is the biggest joke of all when the only criteria for State board appointments seems to be party affiliation, being liming associates, relations and donors. And these criteria apply not only to the chairmen and members of State boards but to CEOs and other managerial ranks in these enterprises. Thus we have the installation of many square pegs in round holes resulting in the compromised performance and misdirection of many State enterprises. It is of note that 16 months after the PP has taken office a significant number of State boards are yet to be appointed.

The reason is that there is a careful process to determine party loyalties and compliant behaviour. A further discussion of State board activity will be continued in the next column.

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Trinidad and Tobago History / Last train to San Fernando
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<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/sdkz-rZs3s0" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/sdkz-rZs3s0</a>

Got this in my email box ,thought i should share this with you guys.

General Discussion / 3 dead, 56 injured in horrific Reno air show crash
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3 dead, 56 injured in horrific Reno air show crash
RENO, Nev., Sat Sep 17, 12:45 AM
This is a tragedy.

A P-51 Mustang airplane is shown right before crashing at the Reno Air show on Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 in Reno Nevada. The...More
A World War II-era fighter plane flown by a veteran Hollywood stunt pilot plunged Friday into the edge of the grandstands during a popular air race, killing three people, injuring more than 50 spectators and creating a horrific scene strewn with smoking debris.

The plane, piloted by 74-year-old Jimmy Leeward, spiraled out of control without warning and appeared to disintegrate upon impact. Bloodied bodies were spread across the area as people tended to the victims and ambulances rushed to the scene.

Authorities were investigating the cause, but an official with the event said there were indications that mechanical problems were to blame.

Maureen Higgins of Alabama, who has been coming to the air races for 16 years, said the pilot was on his third lap when he lost control.

She was sitting about 30 yards away from the crash and watched in horror as the man in front of her started bleeding after debris hit him in the head.

"I saw body parts and gore like you wouldn't believe it. I'm talking an arm, a leg," Higgins said "The alive people were missing body parts. I am not kidding you. It was gore. Unbelievable gore."

Among the dead was Leeward, of Ocala, Fla., a veteran airman and movie stunt pilot who named his P-51 Mustang fighter plane the "Galloping Ghost," according to Mike Houghton, president and CEO of Reno Air Races. Officials earlier said Leeward was 80.

Renown Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Kathy Carter confirmed that two others died, but did not provide their identities.

Stephanie Kruse, a spokeswoman for the Regional Emergency Medical Service Authority, told The Associated Press that emergency crews took a total of 56 injury victims to three hospitals. She said they also observed a number of people being transported by private vehicle, which they are not including in their count.

Kruse said of the total 56, at the time of transport, 15 were considered in critical condition, 13 were serious condition with potentially life-threatening injuries and 28 were non-serious or non-life threatening.

"This is a very large incident, probably one of the largest this community has seen in decades," Kruse told The Associated Press. "The community is pulling together to try to deal with the scope of it. The hospitals have certainly geared up and staffed up to deal with it."

The P-51 Mustang, a class of fighter plane that can fly at speeds in excess of 500 mph, crashed into a box-seat area in front of the grandstand at about 4:30 p.m., race spokesman Mike Draper said. Houghton said Leeward appeared to have "lost control of the aircraft," though details on why that happened weren't immediately known.

Houghton said at a news conference hours after the crash that there appeared to be a "problem with the aircraft that caused it to go out of control." He did not elaborate.

He said the rest of the races have been canceled as the NTSB investigates.

KRNV-TV weatherman Jeff Martinez, who was just outside the air race grounds at the time, said the plane veered to the right and then "it just augered straight into the ground."

"You saw pieces and parts going everywhere," he said. "Everyone is in disbelief."

Tim Linville, 48, of Reno, said the pilot appeared to lose partial control off the plane when he veered off course and flew over the bleachers near where Linville was standing with his two daughters.

"I told the girls to run and the pilot pulled the plane straight up, but he couldn't do anything else with it," Linville told the AP. "That's when it nosedived right into the box seats."

Linville said after the plane went straight up, it barrel rolled and inverted downward, crashing into an area where at least 20 people were sitting.

"If he wouldn't have pulled up, he would have taken out the entire bleacher section," and hurt thousands of people, Linville said.

Linville said the plane smashed into the ground and shattered like an enormous water balloon, sending shrapnel and debris into the crowd.

"It was just flying everywhere," he said.

Leeward, the owner of the Leeward Air Ranch Racing Team, was a well-known racing pilot. His website says he has flown more than 120 races and served as a stunt pilot for numerous movies, including "Amelia" and "Cloud Dancer."

In an interview with the Ocala (Fla.) Star-Banner last year, he described how he has flown 250 types of planes and has a particular fondness for the P-51, which came into the war relatively late and was used as a long-range bomber escort over Europe. Among the famous pilots of the hot new fighter was WWII double ace Chuck Yeager.

"They're more fun. More speed, more challenge. Speed, speed and more speed," Leeward said.

Leeward talked about racing strategy in an interview Thursday with LiveAirShow TV while standing in front of his plane.

"Right now I think we've calculated out, we're as fast as anybody in the field, or maybe even a little faster," he said. "But uh, to start with, we didn't really want to show our hand until about Saturday or Sunday. We've been playing poker since last Monday. And uh so, it's ready, we're ready to show a couple more cards, so we'll see on Friday what happens, and on Saturday we'll probably go ahead and play our third ace, and on Sunday we'll do our fourth ace."

Houghton described Leeward as "a good friend."

"Everybody knows him. It's a tight-knit family. He's been here for a long, long time," Houghton said.

He also described Leeward as a "very qualified, very experienced pilot" and that he was in good medical condition. He also suggested Leeward would have made every effort to avoid casualties on the ground if he knew he was going to crash.

"If it was in Jimmy's power, he would have done everything he possibly could," Houghton said.

The National Championship Air Races draws thousands of people to Reno every year in September to watch various military and civilian planes race. They also have attracted scrutiny in the past over safety concerns, including four pilots killed in 2007 and 2008. It was such a concern that local school officials once considered whether they should not allow student field trips at the event.

The competition is like a car race in the sky, with planes flying wingtip-to-wingtip as low as 50 feet off the sagebrush at speeds sometimes surpassing 500 mph. Pilots follow an oval path around pylons, with distances and speeds depending on the class of aircraft.

The FAA and air race organizers spend months preparing for air races as they develop a plan involving pilot qualification, training and testing along with a layout for the course. The FAA inspects pilots' practice runs and brief pilots on the route maneuvers and emergency procedures.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., issued a statement saying he was "deeply saddened" about the crash.

"My thoughts are with the families of those who have lost their lives and with those who were wounded in this horrific tragedy," he said. "I am so grateful to our first responders for their swift action and will continue to monitor this situation as it develops."

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Calypso On Trial
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Read  a  little history of calypso on trial


Here is a piece of calypso history.
                                    Calypso On Trial

       The saga of Lord Invader's fight for recognition as owner of the

       to the calypso ‘Rum and Coca Cola’.

       The piece also includes a few nostalgic photos of Port of Spain

       As it looked back in the early 1940’s.

       And a photo of Lord Invader and other calypsonians (from 1943).

       A most interesting episode in the history of Kaiso.

       Click on link below…and enjoy:


      I first heard about this many moons ago whilst liming on our
      at 75 Oxford Street - But never in so much detail. I would have been
      about ten yrs at the time.
      Much thanks should go to Bostonian photographer, Kevin Burke for
      his research of this issue over many years

General Discussion / Watson Duke
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It was just announced PSA president Watson Duke was fired a woman is now president of PSA . I find they take long to throw him out .

General Discussion / PNM Thread
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PNM govt neglected young people of 2002

Published: Thu, 2011-09-15 23:56


I feel duty bound to pen this letter after listening to MP Donna Cox complaining of the People’s Partnership hijacking the Making Life Important programme and also of not being allowed to speak at its launch. The other reason is the level of debate in Parliament from the Opposition. This letter refers in the main to World Bank report No 220088TR, dated June 2000. I will quote extensively from this document as I go on.
At that time, 2000, I was the minister with responsibility for social development, sport, community development, gender affairs and consumer affairs. Please be aware what you read now was the situation in or prior to 2000. The report could very well be called a situational analysis of the youth: “In recent years Trinidad and Tobago has experienced increasing social problems relating to its youth population despite the economy’s improved performance. A major preoccupation of the government [UNC] is to understand the causes behind the situation and how to overcome them.”
The overall goal of the report was to assist, which would have ultimately led to an improved youth development programme. This now leads me to the objectives, which were:
 • Uncover and analyse key issues facing the youth.
 • Explore a rationale for investing in youth development activities.
 • Review current services for youth.
 • Examine policy and legislation relating to youth and capacity for implementation.
 • Propose intervention to reduce the risks faced by youths and increase the potential for social human capital development.
At the time the study was done there were two principal factors which increased youths’ risks. They were restricted access to a secondary education system and high-level youth unemployment. The report pointed to poverty, crime, drug culture, early sexual activity and pregnancy. The then government was credited for making progress in addressing these issues. I wish to quote this very interesting part that said “secondary education reform will take several years to be achieved.” Our government shortened this wait and immediately introduced universal secondary education. Remember?
On the transition to secondary education before we acted, a substantial number fell behind academically and about one-third was left out altogether: “Youth of African descent are particularly vulnerable in this regard.” The cost of youth crime and school dropouts provide strong arguments for investing in interventions to reach out to at-risk youths, the report opined. This document examined seriously education reform, training skills development, sport and youth activities, and programmes for specific risk groups. Investing in youth would have brought about significant social and economic benefits.
The report was very comprehensive as it analysed youth, their behaviour, their environment and risks they faced. The UNC government was forced out of office not long thereafter but in little time we had the Youth Affairs arm of the ministry pilot three projects in an attempt to curb the menace we saw coming. These projects targeted Datsnville in Enterprise, Gunhill, Cap de Ville, Point Fortin and Laventille. Concerted efforts were being made by various government agencies to chart positive paths ahead.
 As I mentioned earlier, this document, well researched, could have been a critical guide to have dealt with problems youths faced 11 years ago. I know the document was in the hands of the government (PNM) and was not heeded.
Today again, rather than acknowledging the problems of some of its core supporters, the Opposition plays politics. When I heard Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in her winding up of the state of emergency debate announcing decisions to right the wrongs mean- ingfully, I remembered this re-port. There is hope. We must build our country, united and moored in sound moral and spiritual values. MP Cox, you were left out of a programme but your government neglected the young people of 2000 who are now adults. I would not have begrudged your government if you had hijacked this report.
Manohar Ramsaran

General Discussion / Brother And Sister Get Caught Having Sex In Elevator!
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Brother And Sister Get Caught Having Sex In Elevator!
Posted by Admin on September 7, 2011 

A brother and sister are facing jail after they were spotted having sex in a railway station lift. Richard Finlayson, 21, and sibling Kirsty, 18, were caught in the elevator as they were filmed by CCTV cameras.

The 15-minute clip showed them exiting the lift — only to return a short time later to have sex again. And as they left for a second time Richard gave Kirsty a £20 note. The pair were later arrested by police after a railway worker at Motherwell Station raised the alarm. A family friend said the revelations had left the pair’s family “destroyed”. It came after Richard, of Carluke, Lanarkshire, and Kirsty of Lesmahagow, admitted having unlawful sexual intercourse in June last year.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard how they left an 11-year-old boy who was with them on the platform during their illicit tryst. Depute fiscal Amanda Gallagher said: “They both went into the lift and were seen having sexual intercourse on the CCTV. Both accused then exited the lift for a short period before returning and continuing having sexual intercourse. Both accused then stood up and left the lift. At which point Mr Finlayson was seen giving his sister some money.”

The court was told Kirsty Finlayson had admitted the act to police. But she denied she’d had sex for cash — while Richard said he gave her the £20 “as a brother, not for payment”. The family friend said: “We’re devastated. I was sickened when I heard about it. Most of the family knew nothing about it until letters for the case came in. We can’t believe it. It is a nightmare.” Sheriff Ray Small ordered Richard to be placed on the sex offenders’ register. The brother and sister will be sentenced next month.

General Discussion / Inside the spy unit that NYPD says doesn't exist
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Inside the spy unit that NYPD says doesn't exist
NEW YORK, Wed Aug 31, 11:20 AM
In this Aug. 18, 2011 photo, people pass below a New York Police Department security camera, upper left, which is above a...More
Working with the CIA, the New York Police Department maintained a list of "ancestries of interest" and dispatched undercover officers to monitor Muslim businesses and social groups, according to new documents that offer a rare glimpse inside an intelligence program the NYPD insists doesn't exist.

The documents add new details to an Associated Press investigation that explained how undercover NYPD officers singled out Muslim communities for surveillance and infiltration.

The Demographics Unit, a squad of 16 officers fluent in a total of at least five languages, was told to map ethnic communities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and identify where people socialize, shop and pray.

Once that analysis was complete, according to documents obtained by the AP, the NYPD would "deploy officers in civilian clothes throughout the ethnic communities."

The architect of this and other programs was a veteran CIA officer who oversaw the program while working with the NYPD on the CIA payroll. It was an unusual arrangement for the CIA, which is prohibited from spying inside the U.S.

After the AP report, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the NYPD has kept the city safe and does not take religion into account in its policing. The NYPD denied the Demographics Unit exists.

"There is no such unit," police spokesman Paul Browne said before the first AP story ran. "There is nothing called the Demographics Unit."

Internal police documents show otherwise. An NYPD presentation, delivered inside the department, described the mission and makeup of the Demographics Unit. Undercover officers were told to look not only for evidence of terrorism and crimes but also to determine the ethnicity of business owners and eavesdrop on conversations inside cafes.

A police memorandum from 2006 described an NYPD supervisor rebuking an undercover detective for not doing a good enough job reporting on community events and "rhetoric heard in cafes and hotspot locations."

How law enforcement agencies, both local and federal, can stay ahead of Islamic terrorists without using racial profiling techniques has been hotly debated since 9/11. Singling out minorities for extra scrutiny without evidence of wrongdoing has been criticized as discriminatory. Not focusing on Muslim neighborhoods has been equally criticized as political correctness run amok. The documents describe how the nation's largest police force has come down on that issue.

Working out of the police department's offices at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the Demographics Unit maintained a list of 28 countries that, along with "American Black Muslim," it considered "ancestries of interest." Nearly all are Muslim countries.

Police used census data and government databases to map areas it considered "hot spots" as well as the ethnic neighborhoods of New York's tri-state area, the documents show.

Undercover officers known as "rakers" - a term the NYPD also denied existed - were then told to participate in social activities such as cricket matches and visit cafes and clubs, the documents show.

Police had a list of "key indicators" of problems. It included obvious signs of trouble such as criminal activity and extremist rhetoric by imams. But it also included things commonly seen in neighborhoods, such as community centers, religious schools and "community bulletin boards (located in houses of worship)."

Rakers were also used to monitor neighborhood sentiment. After CIA drone attacks in Pakistan for instance, current and former officials said, undercover officers would move through Pakistani neighborhoods to listen for angry rhetoric or anti-American comments.

At least one lawyer inside the police department has raised concerns about the Demographics Unit, current and former officials told the AP. Because of those concerns, the officials said, the information gathered from the unit is kept on a computer at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, not in the department's normal intelligence database. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the intelligence programs.

The AP independently authenticated the NYPD presentation through an interview with one official who saw it and by reviewing electronic data embedded in the file. A former official who had not seen the presentation said the content of the presentation was correct. For the internal memo, the AP verified the names and locations mentioned in the document, and the content is consistent with a program described by numerous current and former officials.

In an email Tuesday night, Browne disputed the AP's original story, saying the NYPD only follows leads and does not simply trawl communities.

"We do not employ undercovers or confidential informants unless there is information indicating the possibility of unlawful activity," Browne wrote.

That issue has legal significance. The NYPD says it follows the same guidelines as the FBI, which cannot use undercover agents to monitor communities without first receiving an allegation or indication of criminal activity.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the CIA sent a respected veteran officer, Lawrence Sanchez, to New York, where he worked closely with the NYPD. Officials said he was instrumental in creating programs such as the Demographics Unit and met regularly with unit supervisors to guide the effort. After a two-year rotation in New York, Sanchez took a leave of absence, came off the agency's payroll and became the NYPD's second-ranking intelligence official. He formally left the agency in 2007 and stayed with the NYPD until last year.

The CIA recently dispatched another officer to work in the Intelligence Division for what officials described as a management sabbatical. A U.S. official familiar with the NYPD-CIA partnership said Sanchez's time in New York was a unique assignment created in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. But the official said the current officer's job was much different and was an opportunity for him to learn from an organization outside the CIA.

Both the CIA said and the NYPD have said the agency is not involved in domestic spying and said the partnership is the kind of counterterrorism collaboration Americans expect.

The NYPD Intelligence Division has unquestionably been essential to the city's best counterterrorism successes, including the thwarted plot to bomb the subway system in 2004. Undercover officers also helped lead to the guilty plea of two men arrested on their way to receive terrorism training in Somalia.

"We throw 1,200 police officers into the fight every day to make sure the same people or similarly inspired people who killed 3,000 New Yorkers a decade ago don't come back and do it again," Browne said earlier this month when asked about the NYPD's intelligence tactics.

The Demographics Unit had officers who spoke Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, according to the police presentation. The undercover officers were divided into teams based on ethnicity. Arab officers could blend into Arab neighborhoods and Southwest Asian officers, those from Pakistan and Afghanistan, could more easily blend into those neighborhoods.

Rep. Yvette Clarke, a Democrat who represents much of Brooklyn and sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, said the NYPD can protect the city without singling out specific ethnic and religious groups. She joined Muslim organizations in calling for a Justice Department investigation into the NYPD Intelligence Division. The department said it would review the request for an investigation.

Clarke acknowledged that the 2001 terrorist attacks made Americans more willing to accept aggressive tactics, particularly involving Muslims. But she said Americans would be outraged if police infiltrated Baptist churches looking for evangelical Christian extremists.

"There were those who, during World War II, said, `Good, I'm glad they're interning all the Japanese-Americans who are living here,'" Clarke said. "But we look back on that period with disdain."


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General Discussion / Ky. jury rules against penis amputation patient
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Ky. jury rules against penis amputation patient
SHELBYVILLE, Ky., Wed Aug 24, 05:02 PM
I dont know if this was posted before . 
Phillip Seaton, right, and his wife Deborah are shown Monday, Aug. 22, 2011 in Shelby County Circuit courtroom in Shelbyville...More
A jury on Wednesday ruled against a Kentucky truck driver who sued his urologist claiming the doctor amputated part of his penis without his consent.

The six-man, six-woman jury deliberated briefly before coming back with the verdict in the lawsuit filed by 64-year-old Phillip Seaton, and his wife, Deborah, in Shelby County Circuit Court.

The jury ruled unanimously against the claim that Dr. John Patterson of Frankfort had failed to exercise proper care. It ruled 10-2 against the claim that Seaton hadn't consented to the amputation.

Jurors were told that Seaton had gone to Patterson seeking a circumcision in 2007, but the doctor decided to amputate part of the organ after he found potentially deadly cancer during surgery.

All jurors, including the forewoman, declined to comment as they filed out of the courthouse after the trial.

Seaton, who with his wife of 35 years had been seeking more than $16 million in damages for "loss of service, love and affection," also declined to comment after the verdict.

The Seatons' attorney, Kevin George, said in closing arguments, "Phillip has changed. He was mutilated. His manhood was taken."

George said he planned to appeal the decision on the grounds that a doctor is allowed to change a consent for surgery only if there is a danger of imminent death.

"There was no emergency, no reason to do it," George said of the amputation.

Patterson said after the verdict, "I think we're feeling pretty good." He declined to say more about the highly publicized case, calling one reporter who tried to question him "a member of the tabloid press."

"We feel like justice was done," the doctor's attorney, Clay Robinson, said.

"No doctor ever wins a malpractice action," Robinson said. "It's just a matter of how much you lose by."

The key question of the case revolved around whether Patterson should have halted the surgery when he made the surprise discovery of penile cancer, then consulted the Seatons before taking further action.

Seaton, a heavyset former truck driver from Waddy sporting a long, gray ponytail and gray beard, receives Social Security disability payments because of arthritis and bad eyesight, according to court testimony. Clad in a button-down shirt, he showed little reaction through most of the three days of testimony but said on the witness stand that he was "bad case" emotionally after hearing the news of the partial amputation and had wanted to run from the hospital.

"I didn't have no say in it," Seaton said. "I wasn't told what had to be done. It was just done."

According to court testimony, Seaton had told his general practitioner during a routine examination that he was experiencing burning when he urinated and was prescribed a cream. When symptoms persisted, the doctor later referred Seaton to Patterson, who recommended a simple circumcision, according to court testimony.

Seaton had testified that he had not been told prior to the surgery that it would be anything but a circumcision, and had even joked with his doctor about the procedure.

But Patterson testified Monday that when he cut the foreskin, the tip of the penis had the appearance of rotten cauliflower, indicating cancer. A pathologist later testified that tests confirmed the diagnosis.

"What I saw was not a penis. What I saw was cancer," Patterson had testified.

Patterson said he removed less than an inch of Seaton's penis. The rest of the penis was amputated by another doctor later, Patterson's lawyer said.

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General Discussion / CARIBBEAN*TALK*] Betrayal of the African Vote
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    CARIBBEAN*TALK*] Betrayal of the African Vote

    The recent reshuffle or realignment of portfolios by the Honourable Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar is a clear betrayal of the African vote from the national community.
    The actions of the Honourable Prime Minister do not reflect a master stroke from one who professes to be the Mother of the Nation but rather reflects the biases of both gender and race within the People’s Partnership coalition.
    In spite of the well-crafted responses offered for this realignment of portfolios, one cannot ignore the fact that all the critical ministries are now headed by Members of Parliament of East Indian decent.
    These facts as we know them speak for themselves:
    - Minister of Health Dr. Fuad Khan
    - Minister of Science Technology and Tertiary Education Mr. Fazal Karim
    - Minister of the People and Social Development Dr. Glen Ramadharsingh
    - Minister of Public Administration Ms. Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan
    - Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Mr. Kevin Ramnarine
    - Minister of Education Dr. Timothy Gopeesingh
    - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan
    - Minister of Transport Mr. Devant Maharaj
    - Minister of Local Government Mr. Chandresh Sharma
    - Minister of Finance Mr. Winston Dookeran
    - Minister of Housing and the Environment Dr. Roodal Mooilal
    - Minister of Legal Affairs Mr. Prakash Ramadhar
    - Minister of Food Production, Land and Marine Affairs Mr. Vasant Bharath
    - Minister of Community Development Mr. Nizam Baksh
    - Minister of Planning, Social and Economic Restructuring Dr. Beau Tewarie
    - Minister of the Attorney General Mr. Anand Ramlogan
    These are the facts.  Regardless of what the Honourable Prime Minister wishes for us to think, the realignment of her Cabinet represents the marginalization of the African community and a misrepresentation of what was articulated on the People’s Partnership platform, which promised equality and justice in governing the affairs of this country.
    It is strange that African Members of Parliament headed the two ministries from which major portfolios were excised and these two portfolios were placed under the control of East Indian Members of Parliament.  The facts do not lie:
    i.      The portfolio of URP was removed from the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprises headed by Mr. Errol McLeod and was placed under an East Indian Member of Parliament, Mr. Chandresh Sharma, Minister of Local Government; and
    ii.    The portfolio of Transport was removed from the Ministry of Works and Transport headed by Mr. Jack Warner and was placed under an East Indian Senator, Mr. Devant Maharaj in the Ministry of Transport set up to facilitate his rise to the position of Minister.
    What is even more bemusing is that the two major work intensive labour portfolios, CEPEP and URP are now under East Indian Members of Parliament whose focus all lie south of the Caroni Bridge.
    Of all the changes the latter is the most confusing since prior to the realignment the Honourable Prime Minister indicated that change would have been based on performance.  It is confusing for anyone to understand how the best performing Minister could have his Ministry split in two while Ministers whose performance received very little ratings in the multiple polls published in various media could have portfolios added to their Ministry.  I am speaking specifically here to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Local Government.
    If this therefore is not an act of betrayal against the African vote, well clearly I do not know what is.   What I do know though is that come 2015, the Prime Minister must perform miracles to convince the African community that her politics is not built on a race relations platform which alienates the African people.
    -- Selwyn T. Josephselwynt@gmail.com "Not everything that is faced could be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." James Baldwin, Author

i got this in my mailbox today.

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SEX PLOSION : The sexologist Dr Raj would answer all your question .

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