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Football / Fitness, Dunceness or both?
« on: September 07, 2016, 09:27:47 AM »
Hart has a problem and it stems from the midfield.

We have no bruiser to win the ball and too many luxury players that do not tackle and track back.

Also it is a mental ting and we just dunce. We are just not fit enough or we cannot mentally focus to carry out a set of instructions. Is long time we collecting goal, look at the timing. Same pattern when we shut down.

Let's put the picture into perspective.

Usa 4 - TT 0 - goals conceded 44,59,64 & 72

Guatemala 2 - TT 2 - conceded - 36,86

China 4 - TT 2 - conceded 3,31,65,89

Uruguay 3- TT 1 - conceded 26,40,52

Peru 4 - TT 0 - conceded 37,39,50 & 90

TT 6 - St Vincent 0 - scored 36,49,60,66,86,89  ;D well done fellas

TT 3 - Vincy 2 - conceded 45 & 77

Haiti 1 - TT 0 - conceded 83

TT 2 - Guatemala 1 - conceded 90

Concede 22, score 15 out of 9 games...bad stats.

Alyuh seeing the pattern and the amount of goal we sucking against all levels of competition. Something is wrong still with the defence and midfield. Tactics and game management have to change, the trend going on too long against us.

Football / Time to train the waggonists
« on: September 06, 2016, 10:21:51 AM »
Hi everyone,

I may not have posted in a while, but I am here from time to time keeping abreast of all the news and goings on amongst our internet family.

What struck me about the last match was in the lead up, we got a call from the coach and the players themselves about supporting the team. It was mentioned that the fans just look at the game like a TV and do not involve themselves or motivate the team so I would like the TTFF or any other group to help improve the atmosphere at the game.

I have been around since the strike squad and while the 2006 Warriors made it, the love and vibe that the strike squad had...has never been replicated.

This campaign is nearing completion and yet people don't know whats going on, how many points the team needed, what stage of qualifying we are in and who the players are on the field.

Also in a do or die game with a full stadium...the vibes last friday was DEAD.

It is a combination of factors, but we have to accept that the average TT football attendee has changed.

The "die hards" have tabanca from a previous campaign or have felt aggrieved by an action of Warner, the TTFF, or the team so they are no longer there and watch TV home.
The country is in a recession and with certain games not having Children priced tickets, families are now being excluded.
Then we have those who are football experts and who will watch Champions League, La Liga and BPL...and say me...I not paying no money to watch them fellas.

So what you are left with are casual fans and the waggonists...Our greatest resource and who if guided correctly can create the atmosphere the team desires.

The numbers of women attending games now are greater than previous campaigns and they are coming for the lime or for the selfie to post on instagram. It kinda sad that there are plenty men in this selfie category too and instead of watching the game is phone spinning around and documenting their actions. But anyways to build the vibes in the stadium, this is what can be improved.

1) Sing the anthem. No standing up, no murmuring...sing whatever note that you can produce.

2) Allow more instruments and drums into the stadium. (FIFA rules may have prevented this) but years ago there were multiple riddim sections around the stadium, including tassa. When one took a rest another picked up and so it went. You could give cheaper tickets to individuals of these bands or let corporate TT sponsor them, so you have at least 6-8 of these placed strategically around the stadium.

Also you have to train them to observe and compliment the action on the field. Instead of having a group just beating for beating sake they should know when to up the tempo, a certain drum pattern for a corner, a uptempo riddim when we score, another when we concede etc. Never know coach hart could also use the drums as a signal for certain plays on the field or to get messages to the team. Wishful thinking? strategy?...Organized fan groups in Europe do it.

3) To go with the drums we need chants and you need chain up men! We are Trinis, we follow instructions every carnival and so it could also happen at the game. But you need a invest in a few youths with personality or some celebrities and have the chants. If you have to give them a loudspeaker (again banned by Fifa in some places) do so. Make up some catchy slogans or lines, put it in the media, put it on facebook and when its game time, get the "jester" to perform and infect the crowd. The chant can then become famous.

4) To go with the chant you need a noise maker...corporate TT usually bmobile or digicel used to give out thundersticks, but before thundersticks we had the greatest noisemaker ever in the form of a rattle.
Cast your minds back to the 2000 campaign and Coca Cola gave everybody in the stadium a empty coke bottle with some one cent pieces in it. The label was branded with the game date and everybody shook those makeshift rattles and made plenty noise. Again the rattle can work we just have to make the noise in unison...Chain up man again to start to the ting.

5) Synchronized movement in the stands. ( Yeah we do the wave..its nice) but there are so many other things we can do. In the era of the strike squad, the area under the clock was reserved for the Army only, as they came out to support their team mates and these Army personnel were some of our first cheerleaders. The were the ones who did the wave, in a small area, but they also did left to right arm movements, synchronized salutes, they stood up and down in a pattern and waved cloth, sticks and other things to create the visual effect for their comrades on the field.

The ideas above are not new but they have been forgotten by many and all it takes is one corporate entity or the ttff to start the initiative. One group of 50-60 youths all dressed alike with noisemakers and chants could start the ting. These things are done by the biggest clubs in the world, it is just they have been repeated over and over the years so that the culture is formed. The waggonists are impressionable, it is time we turn them into a supporting fan.

People have forgotten the slow hand clap for a corner or freekick...(we doing that Iceland Euro Clap long time, that not new), they have forgotten the "T&T we want a goal" and the synchronised clapping that came with it . They have forgotten the jeers when a opposing keeper runs up to kick a goal kick. The chants from Intercol can be brought back again and used for the national team...maybe my age is showing, but once we start back those little things maybe it can motivate the fellas on the field and coach Hart and Kenwyne wouldnt have to beg for support.

See you in the nex hex game

Football / D Touches Match Report - TT vs Usa Nov 17th 2015
« on: November 18, 2015, 10:09:46 AM »
Dear Forumites,

It's been a long time since the national stadium was filled to capacity and it was one of those rare moments that we left feeling happy, proud, excited and we even felt a tad upset, because we could have won by a slim margin had we taken the chances that we created.

I told you that this team is special; there is a spirit, cohesion and bond that is very visible and our hard work is now being seen, kudos to coach Hart and the Warriors for the outstanding performance yesterday.
At the beginning of the game I would have been satisfied with a draw. Let us not get carried away, the USA will always be a formidable opponent and a big side. But with them being on the decline, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to pip them.

The anticipation for this game increased after our away win vs Guatemala and since then ticket sales were brisk and people started to come on board. Most came just to see how the side running, but all the waggonists and turned off die hards will reunite once more behind this team.

Work commitments prevented me from reaching woodbrook earlier than usual and at 4:45 I was in gridlocked traffic by roxy roundabout. All the side streets were full and I managed to squeeze in a spot close to de vertille street. I then took a stroll on the avenue, pub crawl style while meeting up my partners. Frankie's was ram with USA supporters, the travelling Sam's Army about 75-100 strong and they could teach us a lesson in how to support. Stopped by Smokey & Bunty (yes they relocate to the ave) and finally by my regular watering hole Anchor Cafe.

The avenue has a music truck blaring soca, nationals and visitors alike are walking towards the stadium with purpose and it felt like carnival, a party and war all rolled into one. It was then the Sam's Army passed marching towards the stadium. They are new to this football thing, but they have surpassed us in all areas, even in being fans. I was totally amazed at their organization, bravery and mentality...they just different.

They were in full kit, costumes, face paint and of all ages, women and children included. They walked in a 300. With a "general" at the front barking orders, telling them where to march, "strong side" and they pulled to the right. "Centre" and they back in the middle and they strode down the avenue with purpose. Cars and people moved out their way and then it was clapping and chanting..."We are the USA and we will win" " We are away from home and we will win"

So I taking in this chanting and clapping, not a heckler bother them, people move out the way and they were in control. They were at home and enjoying every minute of it. Reaching the chaos that was the stadium entrance I saw a even more interesting sight...the general bark a order and then all the males, pulled to the side all the women and children filed into the middle and they closed ranks and joined the melee that was the stadium entrance.

I was totally disappointed with the TTFF, security, police and whoever planned this. I am aware of the ISIS threat and the need for security, but "the show" that we needed to put on to pretend that we doing something and looking serious was completely overshadowed by the lack of common sense, execution and thought.

The stadium is sold out and you are trying to file 22,000 people through one entrance and specifically through 5 metal scaffold lanes. With no police or security forming any lines or controlling the flow of people. It was one large mass of pushing, cussing, fighting and disorganisation. I reached the entrance at 5:45 or thereabouts, I did not reach in the stadium till 7:10. I cuss, I float, I push, I elbow and I am a nice, well mannered guy. I also did not line up properly...I used the path of least resistance and moved up the side and cut in. I also felt sorry for all the elderly, the children and the females who were caught in the stampede.

The paco rabane one million cologne that I sprayed on less than an hour before, ended up smelling like 50 cents by the time I actually saw the scaffolding entrance and then in the midst of the melee, an unfortunate situation occurred as disabled person in a wheelchair attempted to plough his way through by his handlers. Just like a politician and his entourage in rush hour traffic, wheelchair man moved through, but it is the space created  behind the wheelchair man that everyone started to fight over. More push, more shove and it was just bad. bad. bad. pure third world.

Might I offer a solution; open the gate on the other side of the stadium for covered patrons. Open the gate by the training field entrance as well, so you have three entrance points. Yes we know you want to funnel everybody so they can see the warrior banners and the stage with music and the little sponsor tent where you can kick a football to win a prize and the warriors merchandise tent. But it is not worth the safety and comfort of your patrons.

Finally when I arrived by the hallowed gates, one srp police with a lil cable baton start to play hero and say women and children in the centre lanes men on the side and want to filter people who taking push for the past hour. The kinda cuss and push he get, he shoulda just realise it was an exercise in futility, but he was a good police and he tried his best to "follow" instructions.

One good thing that the organisers did do was open more turnstiles, so getting in was a breeze compared to the chaos before. I was so blasted vex, sweating, holding a pee. Went to the bathroom to take a small fresh and appsssahh bathroom open, it clean, lights turn on, water flowing and look ting, it have toilet paper and soap. Let us give thanks for small mercies!

I was fortunate enough to get a Tribe All Inclusive package to the game and I would like to thank whoever from Tribe and the TTFF for putting this together for the fans. A football game is an experience in itself, but Tribe showed their professionalism and made it into an Ultimate Event. I have never had so much fun in a football game. Food for the eyes and the stomach, doubles, sno cones with and without alcho, puncheon lollies, shots and beers and all within arms reach. No lines, efficient servers, Carib girls, Tribe Models, Trinkets, Giveaways and the Laventille Riddim Section. In all my years of going football, I never enjoy mehself so. Thanks Tribe & TTFF!

Still vex from the crowd situation, I fire a few to calm mehself. Got my seat and warrior nation tv roped me into an interview. Big up to Anton Marin, Omar Romero and Andre Samuel and keep up the good work. I really wasn't in the camera mood and I hadn't settled properly as such I didn't take in the warm up nor the vibes from the crowd at that time so apologies for that.

Looking around Tribe was not the only all inclusive section in the stadium, an Insurance company was to the left, Island finance I believe and their menu was looking good too pelau, accra, bake & shark was sharing and they also had their own riddim section, promo girls and bar attendants. I will even give them props as they had servers too, bringing drinks to seat.

The teams walk out and we stand up for the Anthems and greetings from the dignitaries. Last few games when they announced the heads of state and the government ministers a loud boo would be heard from the crowd. This rounds it was a big cheer for Dr. Rowley and the loudest cheer went to Russel Latapy who greeted the players as well.

I would like to big up the Warrior Nation members who diligently and expertly brought out the giant flag. It was a sight to behold and they unfurled it quickly just before the anthem started. What a show of national pride, you really don't know the great response that flag gets from all those in the opposing stand and players on the field. Everybody turned and looked, all the camera men starting snapping away and phones just come out recording. When you are in grounds you don't see the reactions, but this act is an important one. Good job again for all those involved.

Both teams lined up in a 4-4-2, with T&T morphing into a 4-5-1 on occasion.

Jan was in the post, cyrus in the right back position, Bateau and Abu Bakr stoppers with Williams as left back. The middle was george, highland, boucaud and joevin, with Kenwyn and cato upfront.

We then started with all guns blazing and we pressed them from the jump. In the first minute we had an attack that should have scored and it was pace. With Cato, Joevin and Kenwyn in the mix.

The US gave us plenty respect and set up defensively, but after twenty minutes they could not come out their half and they hardly touched the ball. Any attack that was launched by bradley and co. was quickly shut down, we won the ball pressing quickly and  T&T started to knock a brand...yes I couldn't believe it we look like a BIG FLICKING SIDE. Every man put in a shift and wuk hard, disciplined, putting in the required tackle, covering space or running at opposing players. It was a clean game and T&T had no yellow cards despite playing hard and strong.

T&T's game now uses the speed and skill of joevin or cato on the wings to drive the play forward and then they cut inside taking players with them. Either drawing the foul or slipping the ball for kenwyn or reversing the ball for the play on the opposite flank.

The strings were being pulled by my man of the match Andre Boucaud number 14 in the green boots. Calmness personified, with a sole roll trap and turn. Perfect touch, vision, slowing the game down as necessary and directing the play. Bouncing it with Hyland and bringing in all the other players. Last player to organise a middle so for TT with such efficiency was Nahkid. Boucaud also is a good dribbler and has one of the best screens in the team. He has a kinda buddha iron palm, once he hit yuh dat you are kept at bay and then he just moves off.

Early in the first half the T&T attack ended up with Kenwyn hitting a man a rolly polly and then slapping a shot. From where I was sitting it looked like goal..I see net shake and I was sure it was goal, I didn't know why it was called off.

Then beautau made a error hitting Abu bakr a pull stones pass that he couldn't get and the US got a throw. this error nearly cost us as from the lil play that happened after Altidor got the ball and hit a dippers from about 20 yards out, nearly catching Jan off his line.

After that T&T was all in control, one scary moment was when a ball was whipped across the goal and bakr got a toe to it, but all the long balls that USA launched were cut out by the stoppers or the keeper. Jan is now dealing with the air ball better and being more commanding in the area.

At some point cato with his speed was slipped in and after expertly riding the tackle got into a good shooting position in the box. Unfortunately he dragged his shot wide, but it was the clearest sight of goal TT had for the evening so far.

We had one or two free kicks and corners, but most ended up with a over hit shot or save by Howard.

0-0 at the half and I was very satisfied with what was happening so far.

In terms of beat, TT was leading this department hands down, cato rip nuff men on the flanks, plenty men get genuflect by the corner flag and plenty cut back and skate. Roll polly share right thru; Kenwyne hit one, Cato, Hyland. Joevin push and run had men busy on the left side and the lil fake and change of direction had them fouling.

Notable mention was boucaud hitting two men a fake and turn, then doing a tock tock beat tru the space.

But the two best were done by Hyland, receiving a pass he faked the trap, drop the shoulder and hit two men a wrong address in the centre of the park. But the real beat of the night, was when he brush some US midfielder easy easy with a stop and push.. crowd went wild!!!!

At the resumption, TT started off slow, ball watching and it resulted in altidor crossing a ball for a zardes who's header came off the bar. He really shoulda score. It was a glaring sitter and I just had to calm meh nerves with another beer.

After that from minute 60, it was all USA and we were just closing and covering. Bradley start to run that middle and we start to panic and waste the little possession we had. The crosses and corners start but bakr and bateau held firm.

Bradley really is a boss, if you see his touch and positioning rarely making mistakes and weighting passes perfectly it was good lesson in technique if you into them kinda ting.

Fitness is the reason we did not win this game. The Guatemala game and travel time took its toll and you see it in little things, mis placed passes, men going to ground, the stretching, the lil off touch. But heart, fight, belief and determination could equalize that and we soldiered on.

We got away again thanks to Jan and his reflex save, tipping over a bullet that was destined for the jep nest late in the second half.

Coach Hart then made three important changes, at the right time too. While many may say he should have brought on caesar and cummings earlier to run at them. Cato and Boucaud were in form and in the match up against their opponents they had the upper hand. But the most important sub that people will overlook is Hoyte coming on.

It was around the 80th min, but Hoyte won three tackles against Yedlin that woulda be game over for us. We needed that freshness and professionalism in the back. He even won some tackles cleanly nipping it away off people at the last second. Hoyte, for the small run you get well done breds, yuh wuk hard.

I was glad with the draw and in all fairness, the game was even with the US fitness being superior and giving them the momentum in the second half.

Let enjoy the moment, but we still have work to do, we ent achieve nutting yet but moving on to the next round is firmly within our grasp. We should aim for nothing less than 6 points vs St Vincent in March next year, deal with Guatemala at home and well that US game away is a mere formality, we could experiment then.

Let's hope the stadium is ram out again vs St Vincent.

Till next time!

Football / About Last Night...Progress Before Perfection
« on: October 14, 2015, 07:18:42 AM »
Dear Forumites,

While many of you may be disappointed with last nights scoreline, let us keep things in perspective and look at the big picture. A World Cup journey is long and arduous and while preparation began many moons ago I saw last night a number of positive steps. Remember it is not only about the team on the field, it is about the coaching, the marketing, the off field issues and infrastructure, the public and in time all will be just right giving our team the best chance at progressing in this qualification phase.

Let us start by wishing our Captain a speedy recovery from injury as he went into a challenge with the opposing goalkeeper. While he did not have a good game, he did try to do the right things and encourage his team mates on the field. There were times he even resorted to playing deep and bringing the ball out the back. Keep your head up and press on.

I must applaud the TTFF and whoever is doing their marketing campaign. Everything is being done professionally and to intl standards. Also they are using their social media presence very effectively to woo patrons. Don't worry about last nights turnout.; there were many factors contributing to the poor showing. Day of week, inclement weather, miami carnival, Shabba concert the other day, Jr. Gong to come funds were tight for people this month and to pay to see Nicaragua...well it had people skeptical.
Also I believe flow had the game on tv, so that kept others away.

The TTFF now understand that football is an entertainment event and did the following; new rebranding of the team, new secondary logo with a lil spartan helment, a proper social media presence with hashtags, events on facebook, consistent ads, a new celebrity "supporter" character, branded visible team bus, even the tickets were of a better standard; done by andes gate solutions.

Walking into the stadium was very impressive as they put up trellis scaffolding in the main gate by St Johns Ambulance. Here they fashioned an arena type, Colosseum entrance, with larger than life size banners of our players in various poses. Excellent execution, fans also took pictures against this magnificent backdrop with their favourite players and it was heartening to see families and groups pose up.

Then there was a small stage, complete with lights, pumping music and dj to hype up the crowd. A small store was set up under a tent selling t-shirts and warrior merchandise and there were youths with backpacks selling warrior stickers and other things. I was really taken aback...they got it right!  ;D

Now here is where they started to get it wrong.  >:( :bs: There are at least 8-10 gates in the grounds section. Maybe they were expecting a large crowd, but they made us walk quite to arse down by the gates located opposite the marriot.

Ok, no scene maybe they didnt want congestion by the stage area out front...but get this they had only 2 gates open, yes two, so the lines were long long and snaking. A quick digital scan and you were in; but then you have to walk further west to access the staircase so essentially you enter the grounds section past the goal post on Movietown side.

No scene;but I was looking to take a pee before the game, wha bout the bathroom on that side lock. Ok start to walk again, second bathroom by jean pierre lock, believe the only male toilet open was the one past all the vendors near the corner flag on the clock side of the stadium.  :bs: Come on better than that and wha bout the toilet had no water, neither the vendors selling food. Believe I didn't eat no pie, nuttin last night.

So after reaching up in the stands, I was greeted by a big scaffolding stage. Apparently, Flow set up this thing here and put their cameras and commentators. Fenwick and Corneal there to commentate on the game. They effectively removed at least 60 seats for people and the stage took up part of the walkway, creating a bottleneck up top and safety hazard. Coupled with wires, electricity etc...I ent no Osha man, but plain common sense, that just wasn't right.

Infront of them were the new fans that seem to be paid to create an atmosphere. So there was the new "superfan" mascot with the TT flag draped on him like a cape and this group actually had chants and songs going on. I kid you not...but you could tell it was scripted, the words, the ole...but they try. It's just nobody ent take them on and after a while they got tired and quiet down.

Another interesting thing is they set up 3 speakers in grounds on the track and while the game going on start to blast a MP3 of a iron and riddim section. No live thing eh, but iron on CD. All in an attempt to create a atmosphere. Then they start to adjust volume...more kicks, high and low.

Anthems sung, teams line up and all the TT players standing head and shoulders over their opponents. We start out in a 4-4-2, adjusting to a 3-5-2 when we realise Nicaragua had nuttin.
To be fair TT controlled the early 20 mins of the game well, we attacked with pace, creating chances and joevin jones and trevin ceasar were our main threats, jovein running up the flank and trevin on the opposite flank taking it to them.

Kenwyn was point man taking the long ball and knocking it back but after a while service was hard to come by. Kevan george did a good job defensively in the midfield but we were lacking distribution. kenwyn then dropped deep like rooney and started to help bring the ball out.

After the opening 20 mins where we had some crosses and shots. We just fell apart, I dont know if we ran out of ideas, were trying something or just were off but the mistakes started to happen and we played a tippy tappy game knocking the ball in the back under no pressure. Reach halfline...send it long to the opposite flank and if it wasnt lost in this process, a wing run or a post up play would be intercepted or messed up due to a bad pass or touch...we look like arsenal on a very bad day!

But Nicaragua couldnt make a note, they couldnt string 3 passes and we won the ball back very quickly. I was pleased with this aspect of our game and unless you following the team a while, you wouldn't appreciate this. Nicaragua got maybe one corner and a probably one shot off for the entire first half and it was always self inflicted mistakes causing that. We were in total control!

Nicaragua did have a midget number 10 that had Cyrus and Marshall hot. Cyrus collect a belt and Marshall genuflect with a fake and cut by the corner flag. He also get a quick breed with a step over too quietly.

The beat of the night, was by either Ceasar or Cummings in the first half...a long ball bounced and the tt player faked the defender and backheeled it over his head. He nearly get it clean but the defender jumped just in time to graze the ball away.

Half time reach, second half start and is same ole same ole. But we were making inroads down the flanks, we were good on the counter and we were creating chances, it is just the final ball was lacking or intercepted.

Marshall was replaced by Abu Bakr and he didnt have much to do, playing on the right side of a back three. He just moved a bit clumsy at times and needs to pass out the ball faster, but nothing detrimental.

When Andre Boucaud came on our game stepped up a level big time. We need his composure and play making ability on the field. We started to bounce the ball, the knock brand started and he supported the play and brought it out from the back. The through ball finally started to come and I believe coach hart is still experimenting looking for his best combo.

The good thing is that nobody has a sure pick on this side any more, the star boy thing not happening again and the recruits all tusty and running hard and trying their best. We cannot discard any player as our pool is small, but Hyland needs to step up his game soon. I know what he is capable of and I think its a confidence thing.

What we should take from our opponents last night is that they managed a clean sheet away from home playing absolutely no brand. With no attacking threat and just organizing themselves behind the ball in the final third. At the 80th minute the theatrics came out and alot of stoppages and faking. But we need these lessons and how to react.

kenwyne just before he came off blocked a shot that seemed to be going in from Ceasar or Cummings but that was a hard luck, nuttin you coulda do about that.

But we did put the ball in the back of the net from a seemed a legit goal, a good header from Abu Bakr, but the ref called a foul. The Nicaraguan goalie flopped and convinced him he was fouled so the goal didnt stand.

There was one small victory in the stands last night by a supporter who finally got it right in the 90th min. The solider bought a plastic vuvuzela and ketch he arse whole night to blow it. With every attempt the man failed and sounded like Snuffelupagus from sesame street with a bad cold. People laugh, they heckle him and the fella feel real shame. When he finally get some noise the whole crowd in grounds gave him a cheer and a clap. It was good entertainment you had to be there.

So while disappointed in the result, I was not surprised and I saw progress being made by the team. It was a friendly exercise and I feel the coach got some answers last night.

Let us hope kenwyne is not seriously injured and let us ready ourselves for the next two important games. They are difficult games and I think anything more than 2 points for us is a bonus. Let us be realistic and try to win both of them, but the schedule and timing is difficult.

Don't panic and fret, we will press on and regroup. This team has what it takes to make it to Russia! Remember progress before perfection.

Football / D Touches Match Observation - T&T Women Warriors vs Ecuador
« on: December 03, 2014, 03:15:40 PM »
It is with a heavy heart that I write this...and I am trying to use this as a form of therapy, but I cyar lie...I am depressed, this loss hurt meh real real bad.

It was Nov 19th all over again and big people cried yesterday in the stadium. Most like me were in shock, numb and just silent, while others too young to know what’s going on or just disconnected from what transpired wined away with Olatunji and the music whilst heading towards the exit.

Let us be honest...we choked...not once, twice, but three times in an effort to qualify for this WC and yet  these ladies showed, character, determination and fight. They gave their all and despite the fight down, poor prep, mistakes and struggles along the way, the end was in sight. The fairy tale looked like it would have a golden moment but alas it was not to be.

The really sad thing about all of this was that the Women’s team brought out new fans, they re-energised many old fans or those who were fed up with the TTFF and the men’s team. They were fresh and they brought a spirit, yes a light hearted warming spirit that we all wanted and were proud to have called our own. 

But let’s recount the hours leading up to the “Feel Sick”.

Personally, I woke up yesterday with a real good feeling, I said my prayers and I was certain we woulda pull off the victory. Getting caught up in a work meeting, meant I could not escape till 4:30, but I managed to shower and gears up in the office facilities and I left closer to 5:00 pm. Gridlock in town, not a taxi to be had and taking a drop with a co-worker, I managed to reach woodbrook around 5:10. With traffic crawling I opted to walk the rest...oh what a nice feeling it was!

Sun is setting, hundreds of fellow nationals moving with purpose, all heading in the same direction, red everywhere with an unspoken bond. For those who ever played Mas it is the same feeling you get when you are walking to meet your band on a Carnival tues morning.

O’connor street, De vertile Street...I walking, pressure mounting as the scalpers ply a brisk business at $200 and $400 a piece to be part of history. No place to park, people moving frantic and now we see the masses and police at the entrance to the stadium. A sea of red,but people are well mannered and orderly..we are actually lining up to enter the eight makeshift scaffold channels leading to the stadium courtyard.

The wait was long and upon approaching the channels the reason for the wait annoyed me. Four of the channels were occupied by “Security”...not asking to see tickets, just turning the eight lanes into four and forming a ”channa bottle” line and all the confusion, stop and start and merging that had to take place.

After passing through the scaffold channel, we were then “searched” by a number of men and ladies pretending to be security officers. Either they were tired or overwhelmed but passing the wand on your pockets, hearing the beep, and then saying go tru without looking makes no sense...either do your job properly or don’t bother to have it in place...all this simply did was add to the time and frustration to get into the stadium.

In the grassed area just after the security checkpoint there were a few tents with the 12th man jerseys and match programmes being sold, but the usual activites, giveaways and sponsors were absent.
Finally, I joined the line to get inside the uncovered section...again another exhibition of third world planning/exhibition at it’s best.  You know tickets are sold out, you know its 20,000 coming and yet only six turnstiles are you had to wait a few minutes for the ticket scanner to work and verify that your ticket was legit. Come nah man!

After using the bathroom which had no lights (Security hazard), I checked out the vendors to see what I could munch on. The days of pies, souse and corn soup gone; it’s fried chicken, bake & shark, pelau and hotdog and the new vendors with Pricemart  Items - cake, doughnut, Pringles and chocolate..tink it easy with dem.

After getting two warm beers, I took my seat and took in the atmosphere. I was happy, I was excited and I wished that all those who loved T&T football could experience this. The stadium was full, the kinda full that was reserved for England and WCQ against Bahrain and Mexico, since 2005 the Crawford ent see nuttin like this.

I’m sorry that I didn’t see the warm ups of the teams, I missed Benjai’s performance and even the starting line up, but I was most present for the chorus of boos that were directed at our Prime Minister when her name was announced. I felt shame...not only for her but for those doing the booing. Intl stage, the world watching and you collect a “Full Stadium Blast Boo”. After that Mr. Tim Key was the second one to collect a “Boo” dose and his own was just as hard. The fans around, then christened him “Stinkey” and let’s just say people in the stadium not pleased with either of them.

The Anthems started and we sang our anthem with gusto. It was a pore raising experience...loud and proud.  It was a crowd that believed and it was a crowd that despite not knowing how to be a fan, wanted the girls to do well.Ecuador had a handful of supporters in the covered section and seven to eight fans in good spirits with a flag in uncovered. They were jeered and taunted, but they walked along the bottom of the stands near the fence and took up residence near the corner flag close to the covered section. I looked at them..thinking to myself, licks for alyuh...not today...dem girls serious today, T&T winning.

The Siparia riddim section started to beat a riddim with gusto and another riddim section started up under the clock and it was pace for the opening 20 minutes with TT on the attack.

TT started out with a 4-4-2 but then moved to a 3-5-2 with the following line up-  Kimika Forbes; Patrice Superville, Brianna Ryce, Rhea Belgrave, Arin King, Maylee Attin Johnson (capt), Tasha St Louis, Ahkeela Mollon, Karyn Forbes, Janine Francois and Kennya Cordner.

Yaya and Mollon were the main threats on the wings and the poor Ecuadorian left back was getting “rip” time and time again...”food”... but with all the fancy flicks, belt and beat, Ecuador stood firm.
Ecuador sat back and played for the counter and let T&T tire out themselves, in fact Ecuador forced Forbes into a dangerous save or two and the number 14 Forward for Ecuador was pacy and kept our back line alert.

Arin King was a standout and had a very good game. Calm and composed bringin the ball out the back, reading the game good and winning everything she kept #14 at bay, which is when #14 then switched and harrassed the other stopper.

Maylee Attin Johnson was a beast, fit and composed, tackling well and provided hustle, support, short everything a midfielder supposed to do. The engine on her is phenomenal and she ran the entire game.

Ecuador played a 3-4-3 system, letting the three forward players and the midfield push up as far as possible...with a big gap between them and the defence. They also bypassed both their and our midfield hitting it long for #14 to run onto. The large transitional space was this allowed the Ecuador midfield to recover and for the defence to organize themselves. The Ecuador defence was on point, wave after wave was repelled, composure galore from the back three and no panic in moving out the ball to safety. Their keeper was short but agile and did not get any work to do in the first half.

For all our movement, knock and pretty flick the final third let us down..shooting wide, taking long to trap or we over dribbled. The cross ball tactic also didn’t connect either and we only got one sure look on goal...a header which was flashed wide. Apart from that Ecuador had 2-3 chances which forced a save from our keeper and we had the possession of the ball. I am really disappointed that we did not make better use of our corners and free kicks, given that this was our strong point in the last run of games.
Ecuador played nuttin...we were physically bigger, stronger and fitter. But they were disciplined and were content to let the clock run fact it seemed they were playing for penalties.

Our first sub was a strange one as the young lady went to ground after making a cross and it looked innocuous. However, I kept an eye on the Coach (Waldrum) with every break in play. With any injury a TT member warmed up with an assistant. He was always patrolling the lines and was giving instructions. Then you could see an adjustment being made. When St Louis eventually came off she received what looked like a soft tackle, normal run of the mill collision, but she folded up like a Patraj Roti and was immediately replaced. The replacement Maria Shade was just as effective, pace and aggression running at them and penetrating.

The ref and all was on our side...we made many silly fouls in the area, some off the ball stuff happened and plenty blade share foul. People in the crowd believed we “spend a good money” and while we received a yellow or two, Ecuador had many a moment to be upset about in terms of the officiating.

At half time with T&T in full control I wasn’t worried, I told myself the goal will come and I wouldn’t panic till the 70th. The half time show consisted of Maximus Dan and some moko jumbies circling the track and he created more excitement with his new tunes and he brought back the ole classic “Fighter” whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

The Warrior Nation Flag came out and was on display, the Siparia riddim section was in full swing and brass was added to the repertoire, from Chutney to Calypso Siparia riddim was pumping!

Tweet...and we started the second half breathless. Cyap, belt, spanner, breed,  flick up, attempted bicycle we tried it all on the Ecuador players and nuttin pass the lil Ecuador keeper. We had at least 2-3, one on one attempts when our forward managed to break the offside trap but uncertainty prevailed...the end result would be neither a cross or a shot, we would over push and beat or we didn’t square the ball to the open player, going for glory when playing simple would have sufficed.  We started to panic and after the opening 15 minutes of the second half tiredness started to come in.

Shots, crosses, ball hit post, you name it we tried it and throughout it all Ecuador would try a long shot or get a breakaway to remind us to be careful and not make any mistakes.

From the 60-80th minute, we laid siege to the Ecuador goal with shots, corners, breakways and in the end..the legs started to drop but moreso, panic and frustration started to creep in. We didn’t play anything in the final 10 mins and we were holding on as Ecuador started to play some long hoof to relive the pressure on themselves and keep the ball in our half.

At around the 80th minute...I got genuinely worried as I have seen this scenario played out countless times...when you cant score, no matter what you do..when yuh sour yuh sour. Also there is a thing called a “feel sick” where a purgers comes from nowhere in the dregs. Manchester United in their glory days were masters of this and the last World Cup in Brazil had too many of these to count.

But funny enough, everybody knew when the moment arrived. Most of us were preparing for extra time and the penalties as the board came up and the 3 minutes were already announced. Siparia was on a break as they were tired, some people went to the bathroom and we were just waiting to see the game out.
A routine long ball from Ecuador was trapped by their forward who tried to beat and was closed down by three T&T player. It happened right infront of me...the girl slipped and fell, it wasn’t a bad tackle or anything but because of the number of players around her the ref took the chain up.

It was then, everybody knew...everybody...the crowd behind me fellas bawling, they have a funny feeling, men saying we going and get cork, every body saying this looking like a jumbie vibes.

In truth and in fact it happened...from the time the two Ecuador women stepped up to take the kick and I looked across at how we were set up...I saw the purgers coming.

It was as if a Jumbie descended on the stadium and the team ...and as the ball was kicked in...I saw our keeper come out, go back, come out again, flap and miss...the ball back in the other direction and the net bulge.


Joy and ecstasy from Ecuador as they ran and celebrated...they made it to the WC.
It was at this moment the T&T fans who only minutes before were cheering on their up and walked out...In droves!

The riddim section did not play..stunned silence, we did not rally our team, we did not pick them up and we never really were the 12th man for our team. We were simply observers, jamming and wining, having a time at the efforts of the girls on the field. But guess what...that is all we know, you can’t blame them.

The girls mentally just lost it and even as they tried a last attack with a shot missing the goal in the dregs, the reality of the situation and all the pressure they saw for the last few months just came down onto all of them.

The ref and all felt sorry for us and played 6 minutes extra time just to give us a chance, but it had already happened.

Just like that our dream was over and like Nov 19th, this was just as bad or even worse.

Then came the third world ism and outta timing mentality again. Girls on the field crying, Ecuador celebrating  the moment in progress...Out runs Olatunji and the DJ running music. The poor girls couldn’t even get up, do a lap of recognition, was just drag them off the field and Ola and the Dj trying to hype a empty stadium.

People just walk out and steups, people cussin, people crying and the waggonists wining. The music truck that was waiting outside for the celebrations barely made it to the Woodbrook youth center before it was shut down and everyone just went home sour.

Honestly I was depressed, in fact just reliving yesterday had me extremely sick. We would never have such a chance at glory again and I felt it for the team. Being a T&T fan is the hardest ting ever and last night further pushed people away from football. It traumatised the nation and we will not recover from this setback anytime soon.

In closing I would like to thank all the T&T women warriors for their heart, determination and character. You did your best and even though you didn’t qualify I am still very proud of you all.
Realise this...the game is bigger than you...but even bigger than football, even bigger than Trinidad & Tobago there is a thing called BLIGHT!

It is a sourness that happens when someone either inflicts it upon you or when people do bad things.
You ladies were simply the victims of those who profited from your efforts. We have powerful people in this country who do the wrong things under the guise of help, we steal from each other, we lie, we showboat to look good and we take advantage of those in need and the helpless.

The TTFF and by extension, Trinidad and Tobago is a heavy place right now and we will never see success in football until a cleansing happens.

Bad vibes and negativity can never prosper and T&T will never be able to move forward until we start living right, doing the right things and putting the correct measures in place.

Till next time...

Football / Local Based...Whappening with Flow & Sportsmax
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They real mess up last weekend and I find the programming this week iffy.

I watch the Chelsea game on NBC channel 60, but anybody know what is d scene with sportsmax.

Football / D Touches Match Report - T&T vs JA
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Dear Forumites,

It’s been a while since I attended a T&T game, but tonight I was pleased with what transpired on the field. We got the result we wanted and while our performance was far from stellar. I saw an honest effort from all the players who did what they were asked to do. A very good workman like performance that with time can yield positive results.

Now forget EPL, La Liga, todays WCQ and even our Gold Cup performance, this was a notch below in terms of quality, aggression, intensity and speed of play. But take it for what it was, two teams below full strength testing new players.

The night’s adventure started with finding a parking spot. Apparently parking in the stadium is now for big boys with passes only, so the attendants on duty forced you to turn into the car park opposite the stadium entrance for a $20 fee. I took a chance, drove around the block and was fortunate to get a squeeze on De verteil st.

Walking in the stadium, there were more scalpers than usual asking to buy extras and selling tickets below cost. To be honest I feel some of them were smart men, you could have gotten a grounds at $50 instead of $75 and a stands for $75 instead of $100. There were also certain scalpers telling female ticket purchasers that they could get two females in on one ticket. But the thing is from being around events you know the regular scalpers...didn’t see them today. Also why would you buy a ticket from a stranger, when the TTFF ticket booth is right there and the line is short?

Anyways proceeding through the main entrance gate, to the left was a tent set up by Joma and the T&T kit was on sale, red or white in all sizes for $300. The kit is nice and there are some nice inner lining details. It’s a good quality kit and I was a bit upset I didn’t walk with extra cash. No linx or card machines were available and the rep said they were not available in stores as yet. It slight unless you like the fitted look or if you sporting a lil belly, it is advisable to get a size larger than usual.

When I took my seat in the covered stand, I missed the warm ups and the teams were already out on the field. The T&T players all were wearing the new nike hypervenom or mercurial boots in fluorescent green and purple, while the majority of the Jamaican team wore yellow adidas boots or bright orange ones. Player for player the Jamaicans looked taller and more solid than our country men and during the game we looked and played a bit “finny” at times.

Our president shook hands with both teams, received a framed jersey from “Me Mum”...a moment of silence was held for Jamaica’s former coach Theodore Whitmore as he lost his son recently and the national anthems of both countries were played.

The covered stands posse real stush and it’s a real no vibes scene across there. That stand is for the president and the ministers to pose, men who courting, people over 60 and if you bringing your infant son or daughter to the game. Nobody singing the anthem, no kicks comments, polite clapping and they not too knowledgeable of the game and the players on the field... Across there not for me, additionally the entire stand had not a pie man. A woman was hustling pricemart doughnuts and pommecethere, a crowded concession stand with hotdogs and popcorn and another fella with corn soup. Beers were scarce and for the amount of people, I don’t think they adequately catered or provided the right amount of concessions. “Grounds” is the place to be for a football match hands down.

On to the action...the game starts and we get noise from a riddim section under the scoreboard. Whole game, these fellas kept up the riddim  and it added excitement to the game.

TT starts with a 4-5-1 with Williams in goal, David left back, Cyrus and Mitchell as stoppers and Edwards at right back . Middle was Boucaud and me Mum as the defensive players, joevin jones and peltier on the wings and Guerra center and Kenwyne up top by himself.

Jamaica starts off with a 3-5-2...3 men marshalling kenwyne and the other 5 midfielders matching up nicely with the T&T midfield.

The opening 5 mins was poor by T&T with some bad passes, nothing going forward and the keeper Williams looked really shaky playing a back pass to a defender that nearly got him in trouble and after getting shut down quickly he made a poor clearance which looked like school boy goalkeeping. But then TT started to play the ball around...knocking it about the back and then trying a flank attack with either joevin or peltier bursting forward.

This tactic kept the Jamaicans at bay but we were always susceptible to the counter, with Birchall or Boucaud cleaning up well or Cyrus or Mitchell booming it long. This was an opening 20 min tactic...because after that , balls were knocked tru the middle for kenwyne to hold up and he would try to knock it off for Guerra or the advancing flank players. Guerra was also used as a playmaker, receiving the balls from birchall or Boucaud and he would then try to burst forward and lay off the ball for a shot.
About 10 mins in one of the wingers...I believe it was peltier got around his man well and squared a ball to Kenwyne Jones on the top of the six yard box unmarked. And what did he do...miskick a sitter...poor poor and it sent everybody in the stadium cussing.

After that however he nearly made amends as he rose high and connected with a cross, the Jamaican keeper and another T&T player collided and Kenwyne’s header was cleared off the line by a scrambling JA defender.
Peltier was exciting to watch, but was guilty of over dribbling at times. Unfortunately he only lasted 20 mins after he collected a jam and was withdrawn. A #13 Winchester came on for him and he was a useful replacement.

Coming down to the end of the half, Birchall got a nice set from Guerra and let fly from about 30 yards, it would have been great for him to score on his farewell game but it was not to be. To his credit he ran tirelessly showed his class by spreading the play, pinging some long balls across the park. He was solid in the tackle and injured himself getting stuck in. He also was taken out after trying a mazy run but Me Mum had a solid game and came off after 70 mins to a standing ovation. I still think this retirement is a bit premature...but say wha...Thank You for the memories Me Mum, a true Warrior.

In the back I was very pleased with Aubry David...he was solid and didn’t put a foot wrong. Won every battle, cleared every ball for a throw or goal kick, screened the ball well and got forward from time to time to help out joevin on the wing.

Daniel Cyrus also did well heading and tackling good, closing down the plays and making a bursting run from the back on occasion. This fella has dribbling ability and good footskills for a central defender, he didn’t get carried away and did what was required.

Mitchell was also solid and I liked the partnership between him and Cyrus . They covered each other well, played the offside trap when necessary and put in the crunching “feel it” tackle when the occasion required it.

Carlos didn’t get that much to do today as the Jamaican attacks came down the side with David. But the few times they came down his side he was found wanting a bit. He was left out on a few occasions and had to resort to the last ditch skate tackle. He also put in a tackle/body push when he lost the ball beating across the goal that looked like a penalty. But besides those two errors he commanded the troops well, giving instructions and marshalling the others in the back line. We can’t park up Carlos just yet...he still has ting to offer.

Half time approaches and it is 0-0 with T&T maintaining most of the possession, JA trying the counter attack or wing play and getting shut down in the process.

The second half had a number of changes and I couldn’t keep up with all of them but as the game wore on Boucaud was our class player on the night followed by Guerra.  Boucaud is the closest thing to an organizer on our team. Think defensive Yorke, Think general Nahkid...a few notches down is Boucaud but he wins the ball, passes it well, screens and holds up the play and threads it good to Guerra, Kenwyne or Birchall.  Good technique, full range of passes, good in the and composed. Nobody won the ball off him today and his professionalism stood out.

Guerra is an exciting prospect, talented but something holding him back.  I don’t know if is a fight down from the other players, a confidence issue or his mental decision making process...but he drifted in and out of the game. There were times some players didn’t pass the ball to him when he was in a good position. Other times he would cut back and slow up the play, when he could have gone to goal for himself. But he has talent and a level of skill which was on display more so in the second half. From some deft one touch flicks to bursts of acceleration Guerra’s touch was on tonight and shortly after the resumption he took a ball, skipped past a player, shielded off another and slapped a crisp shot into the far corner from the top of the box. ...A bess goal out of nowhere.  It was after this his confidence grew and he performed well , supporting the play, running the channels to help Kenwyn and taking it to the JA defenders.  Good game and T&T can expect great things with him and Molino or Hyland in the center.

Joevin jones had a forgettable game and I christened him “pick and drop”.  After doing something extremely well, such as winning a ball or dribbling a player, he would then put in a woeful cross or try to run past three men losing the ball in the process. He is a bit lightweight and his dribbling is not explosive to take him past men in the attacking third. But to his credit he shielded the ball well, made some telling passes and has a good knock. I think he is better suited to the wingback position, instead of further up the pitch, but based on this game Aubry David looked a more composed solid defender and Coach hart, I am sure will find his best position.

Winchester was tricky, took on his men well and was fouled for a penalty that kenwyne jones scored with aplomb down the center of the goal. He is a useful player, he has some skill and speed and is fit, getting back to put in the tackle and good going forward.

Kenwyne Jones was fouled alot and was unlucky not to be awarded a penalty as he was taken out in the box a few times. He is a pro and at times, you could see him playing for the foul but he didn’t have one of his better games tonight.

At 2-0 up and with 15 or so mins to go T&T turned on the style and flair. A complete change of tactics again and it was small touch, flick, dribble and run into space.

All the pressure was off and they just decided to enjoy themselves and play for the fans. It was at this time jones came off, Mitchell came off, Boucaud, Edwards and somebody else and all I remember is Abu Bakr coming on and cleaning up men with skate tackles and a youthman with some zest upfront running at them. Theobold had a lil 10 min sweat and he handled himself in the time afforded to him.

JA clearly came with a young inexperienced team and they were outplayed for most of the game. They had one threatening moment in the first half where one of their players beat a few men and took a shot from the top of the box, but they didn’t have any really threatening attacks, bar the one scare when Carlos took out the player in the area.

They did have a wild man #18 with a Ras who came on as a sub and was pelting tackles wild wild. He got some good boo from the “grounds” posse and eventually got a card for his agricultural approach to the game.
There were a few injuries, lil elbow and jab pass and plenty blade, with T&T players coming second most of the time. But in the second half when we turned up the intensity, we started to dish it out to them and eventually we held our own. No real fight or tempers flaring, just passionate play from both teams.

Man of the match is a toss up between Boucaud or David, with Guerra coming third. Guerra’s goal was a good one and you will enjoy it on the news highlights tomorrow.

All the players performed credibly and if the local ones fly out they will blossom. The difference between local based and foreign based was evident  and we just need to get these young fellas out of here faster before they develop any more bad habits.

Come back out and support the Warriors, you will not be disappointed, they play slow at times but when they get the lil confidence and support they raise the level and start flowing smoothly. They are improving and with time will make the nation proud once again.

Till next time...

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Who know bout Fire Flight
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A soldier I subscribe to on you tube upload a whole slew of fire flight tune

I too lazy to post all the just click the rest in the sidebar.

enjoy this classic Mornin Lovin

Football / Q&A: So what makes a bad tackle?
« on: September 27, 2012, 09:02:27 AM »
This article is for all to read and digest...yes even you biased ManU fans. Also this tackling thing is subjective...a legitimate attempt is hard to assess. Especially if a man clumsy or he naturally wild. Also excessive force is subjective. A man might just be strong and the person who collect the jam might be a feeble player.


Q&A: So what makes a bad tackle?

By Claire Heald
BBC News Online

Premier League managers are in critical form after some controversial decisions in recent matches.
Jonjo Shelvey's tackle for Liverpool against Manchester United on Sunday earned a sending-off while David Luiz's challenge for Chelsea against Stoke resulted in just a booking.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thought the decision to send his man off was harsh, while Stoke boss Tony Pulis was incensed that Luiz managed to stay on the pitch .

So what constitutes a bad tackle? Head of Premier League referees Mike Riley explains.
Where's the line between a decent challenge and a sending-off offence?

Effectively there are four types of challenge - firstly a correct tackle, where the player fairly wins the ball and there is no impact on their opponent, the vast majority of challenges.

A small element are careless - the player makes a legitimate attempt but either in their timing or the skill of the opponent, they foul the other player and a free kick is given.

If the tackle is reckless in nature, the player is booked, a yellow card is given.

If a player endangers the safety of their opponent, it's a red card, a sending-off.

A tackle happens in a blink of an eye and in that second, the referee must consider lots of factors. Was it careless? Did the player show a lack of regard for his opponent's safety? Or did he use excessive force? There is also the state of the pitch, the conditions and the state of the game.

What makes a red card tackle stand out?

The advice to players is to be mindful of their responsibilities towards an opponent and beware that if they commit to a tackle, at speed, with intensity, with two feet off the ground, they run the risk of being sent off.

Shelvey was sent off after a clash with Evans
The advice from referees and assistants to players is to put themselves in their opponent's place and ask: "Can I make this challenge without having an adverse effect on my opponent?"

Referees look for the intensity, and the physical contact that's made.

What about the angle of the tackle, if the player wins the ball, if studs are up or down?

The angle is not important, it's the degree of intensity and contact made.
And a player could win the ball with one foot and still endanger their opponent with the other. A decade ago, if a player won the ball, the tackle could be seen as legitimate, but now the emphasis is on the safety of the players.

The number of free-kicks given has declined in Premier League games and is amongst the lowest per game of any major league worldwide.

With studs, almost by definition, if a player is going into a tackle two-footed, airborne, their studs raised, then they cannot control their velocity and risk a red card.

How do referees try to ensure uniformity across the league?

At the start of every season the Professional Game Match Officials - the body which runs refereeing in England - visit clubs and go through examples of controversial incidents.
They tell players and management staff that if players commit to a challenge at speed with both feet off the ground they risk a red card.
If there is a spate of controversial decisions, the PGMO comes together with the PFA and LMA and re-issues the guidelines on what is an acceptable challenge - to try to reach a common understanding and interpretation of the rules.

The "select group" of the Premier League's 16 referees and 30 assistant referees meet every two weeks to review and discuss incidents. Their performance is also reviewed using a post-match analysis computer system.

General Discussion / Claxton Bay family living in fear as son beheaded
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This country need plenty prayers...those of you living abroad stay right there.

Source Trinidad Guardian


After years of pining for each other, Rajesh Ramdeo and his lover, who was married, decided to elope earlier this month. However, the 20-year-old Claxton Bay man paid the ultimate price for his forbidden love when he was tortured, killed, decapitated and left to rot in the Moruga forests. The woman at the centre of the love triangle is ow being sought by police, along with her husband. She was said to be a relative of the dead man’s mother, Shanti Boodoosingh.
Police said a week before Ramdeo went missing, his lover fled her marital home with her three-year-old son. They stayed together for one week but on September 5, Ramdeo disappeared and his lover returned home. For three weeks, Ramdeo’s relatives searched all over for him.
On Saturday their worst fears were realised when Ramdeo’s decomposed corpse was found in a track off Saunders Trace, St Mary’s Village, Moruga. His head was found about two feet from the body and some of his teeth were pulled out. His private parts were chopped off and stuffed in his mouth. A relative who requested anonymity said they were fearful for their lives since the gruesome discovery. She said a stranger called their phone on Wednesday night and promised to kill everybody.
“Right now we cannot stay in the house in peace. We are worried since we got death threats,” she added. Last April, the relative said Ramdeo was beaten and left for dead. He stayed in the hospital for two weeks recuperating from a broken leg.
Boodoosingh said she wanted protection for her family. “Right now I am thinking about my son...He did not deserve to die like this,” she said. She said Rajesh was a loving son and she often begged him to end the affair.
His brother Videsh Ramdeo said they wanted justice. “Bring the death penalty...People who torture and kill other people should be hanged,” he said. Up to late yesterday, a suspect was in custody. An autopsy will be done on Ramdeo’s body today at the Forensic Science Centre in St James. Officers from the Southern Homicide Bureau are continuing investigations.

This pop up on tv the other day for independence

Had to share it with the forum.

Some of them fellas looking real bad now compared to how they used to be. Also many of them are no longer with us.

Last thing, it kinda disturbing how Gypsy caressing the cocoa.

Mods could you please embed the video, thanks

General Discussion / The biggest bam-c in Brazil
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From 3:30 is pace

<a href=";" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">;</a>

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / The 7 ages of Machel
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Source Trinidad Express

The 7 ages of Machel
By Rubadiri Victor
Story Updated: Aug 9, 2012 at 11:06 PM ECT

In previous articles, I revealed genius Trini musical talents who have had global impact—to give context to Machel Montano. Let's examine Machel now: In 2003, I wrote: "Machel is the pure distillation of the phallic power in Trinbago music. There's a direct line between him, Sparrow, the original Shorty, and a whole band of cocksmen—musical and village-ram alike.

He's that in presence as performer as he's it as songwriter. His music is shot-through with that pure life-force that at times even he does not know how to control. He's been the channel the music has chosen—just as it chose SuperBlue years before... He's the one transforming the festival and thus the country, and taking a generation of celebrants along with him." I stand by those words.

We need to understand people who embody our collective self—like Kitchener, Shorty, Rudder... For more than a decade, Machel projected himself into the centre of our Carnival. He's matched that ambition with material and performing skills that place him there on merit. He provides the premium soundtrack for the 300 Trini-style carnivals and is their biggest draw. All our festival musicians aspire to this—he's done it. He's our biggest home-grown talent at present, raking in tens of millions annually—far outstripping his closest soca peers.

His presence is so seismic that at least two Carnivals in the last 15 suffered economically and otherwise by his absence. He draws crowds up to 45,000 locally, and up to 15,000 in the metropolitan diaspora. However, the global mainstream career he's dreamed of has eluded him. Thus far... Apart from interesting forays I will map, Machel remains largely unknown outside of Caribbean diaspora circuits, although buzzes exist on fringes of metropolitan markets.

Machel's max-ing his possibilities in the diaspora—and is again exploring crossover. For this reason—and because he consumes so much attention from our political and corporate elite—we need to understand his career. We can then facilitate him wisely and help our elites diversify their attention. I've broken Machel's career into seven stages. Each offers clues to successes, failures and lessons.

The first age of Machel was child prodigy. Groomed in the mould of the greatest—Michael Jackson—Machel sang, danced and charmed, but importantly, even at that age, Machel localised his performance, borrowing tropes from Blueboy and Sparrow. Placing fifth in Dimanche Gras with "Too Young to Soca", he could have been an historical footnote—but his parents had other plans...

The key to Machel's difference was the formation of Pranasonic Express—a band of boys, like the Rivers brothers, from musical families. Pranasonic became the lever for all Machel's transformations. And the committed, obsessive management of mother Liz.

Machel's second age was his teens. He had choices: the culture was "become a Dimanche Gras calypsonian". He tried, but Pranasonic gave him options—but nobody believed Pranasonic could evolve to match a Sound Revolution.

The third age is the key: in the late '80s, after two decades of sophistication built on brass bands and Trini pop, local music entered crisis. Suddenly the best bands were Bajan. The biggest was Spice. They played better, their songs were sweeter, their rhythm more true... Soca's sound changed.

T&T culture has crises of inheritance brought on by absences of institutions to pass on skill generationally. Results include youngsters lacking traditional skill and elders who cannot adapt to modernity.
Trini music suffered transition into the digital age of drum-machines and keyboards. The brilliant arrangements of Golden Age soca by producers like Art D Couteau, Errol Ince and Ed Watson became dumbed-down by producers who couldn't translate old into new, couldn't find sounds that conjugated the age. Soca moved out of step with the times—reduced to the ridiculous tuk-kung-ku-tuku-tung. Trini bands couldn't connect to audiences... "Anybody from Trinidad!" gimmicks entered—to get crowd participation—because the music was weak...

Xtatic admitted this—and didn't try to cheat. They stared soca's irrelevance in the face. This is the difference: they confessed nobody was interested in Trini-Soca. More importantly, they experimented. They admitted when they performed international hits crowds responded, but vowed never to become a cover band. But there was no denying Trinis wanted international music over local.

Xtatic began to study why international music connected to audiences more—production, rhythm, melody, beats, song structure, hooks, lyrics... They incorporated passages from international songs in their sets- but Soca-fied them. They began writing from that place pop music comes from. They failed many times. But gradually they saw performances and songs connect.

Most soca bands still rely on international songs to establish connection with crowds. Until every soca band wrestles to find soca songs, a sound and arrangements to sustain audiences for a three-hour set, then soca will continue to be dominated by one band—and our Carnival will continue to be in crisis globally.

In this third age in the early '90s, Machel transcended: he stared down the crisis and unlocked more power within soca... The other band doing that—using a different formula—was David Rudder's Charlie's Roots...

Next: Crises and victories.
• Rubadiri Victor is a cultural activist.

Football / Man City: The Science Behind The Champions
« on: July 24, 2012, 02:11:56 PM »

Manchester City: The science behind the champions

By Sam Sheringham
BBC Sport

Attached to one of the walls in an anonymous corridor of Manchester City's Carrington training ground is a shelving unit.

Resembling a set of pigeon holes at a hall of residence, it is divided into narrow slots, each carrying a laminated tag bearing the name of one of City's multi-millionaire players: Aguero, Hart, Toure, Balotelli and so on.

Within each slot are two vessels, one large and one small. The bigger one will be filled with the given player's personalised recovery drink - a concoction of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients blended according to detailed analysis of their blood and saliva.

The smaller pot will be used for any dietary supplements, such as fish oils and multi-vitamins, which tests have revealed to be lacking in a player's diet.

City's embrace of sports science is not unique in a league where every club is searching for the slightest edge over their rivals, but the extent of their commitment exemplifies a determination to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of success.

It reflects an attention to the finest of details at a club that won Premier League by the finest of margins on that unforgettable afternoon in May.

BBC Sport Click Here for More

General Discussion / Govt to remove nursing exam
« on: July 03, 2012, 06:10:31 AM »
 >:( :bs: They looking to kill more people down here now. This is a skilled and a noble profession, now because they can't pass the exam they want to let them in easy...steups. Theory and Practical is two different ting...Put a hand!!!  :pissedoff:

Source Trinidad Express

Govt to remove nursing it tries to fill over 3,000 vacancies

By Renuka Singh

Story Updated: Jul 3, 2012 at 12:55 AM ECT

GOVERNMENT is moving to remove a practical testing element for nurses to qualify in a bid to fill over 3,000 vacancies in the health sector.

This from Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan yesterday who said the examination overseen by the Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago will no longer be necessary for nurses to begin practising at the nation's hospitals once the amendments to the Nursing and Midwives Act are passed in Parliament.

Speaking at a media conference at the Ministry of Health's head office on Park Street, Port of Spain, Khan said between 2009-2012 over 40 per cent of graduating nurses failed the licensing exam.
He said that nurses who fail the exam on three consecutive occasions are permanently disqualified from practising.

Khan said nursing graduates were already holding nursing certificate or Bachelor's degree from a training institution yet the present law mandated that they still sit an examination imposed by the Nursing Council in order to be become registered nurses and practise their profession.

"The removal of this examination will bring the registration and licensing of our nurses in line with other such noble professionals. Our nurses who are trained in Trinidad and Tobago will have automatic registration to practice within Trinidad and Tobago, and those who wish to practice abroad can sit any relevant registration exam to practice in that territory," he said.

"This among other factors has impacted negatively on the Ministry's manpower planning, as there continues to be a serious shortfall in nursing personnel. In order to address this problem and to ensure there is continuous improvement within the health sector, the Ministry is exploring various initiatives," he said.

Khan said while the Ministry has increased its training programmes and now enrolls 300 nursing students, there continues to be a "severe shortage of nurses within our local health system".

Khan said five amendments to the Nurses and Midwives Act, already approved by Cabinet, will also reduce the current size of the Nursing Council.

He said the Nurses and Midwives Act currently stipulates that the Nursing Council consists of 22 people, but he thought that was too large and suggested that it be reduced to 13 people comprising elected, non-elected members and lay people.

To further streamline the training processes, Khan said the Government recently agreed to move all nursing training programmes from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training.
A representative of the Nurses Council yesterday said the body will be sending out a media release today, but would not speak on the issue until then.

Valerie Alleyne-Rawlins, president of the T&T Registered Nurses Association yesterday said the licensing exam determined the graduates "fitness" to practice as a nurse. She said she was unaware of the amendments and would only comment when she got more information from the Ministry of Health.

The Jumbies acting up again...

Millionaire calls in pundit, police after 'strange fires'
By Carolyn Kissoon

Story Created: Jun 20, 2012 at 11:52 PM ECT
Story Updated: Jun 20, 2012 at 11:52 PM ECT

Police are investigating reports of several mysterious fires at the home of a millionaire Central businessman.
Investigators said the fires began on June 14, after a female employee, a national of Guyana, was dismissed.

Another unexplained fire erupted on Tuesday, the businessman reported to the Freeport Police Station.
Police said the female employee made several threats against the family.

The police, fire service and a spiritual leader have been called in to assist the family, who live in a mansion, in Freeport.

The family estimates losses at $550,000.

The Express was told that several rooms in the family's mansion ignited, burning clothing and furniture.

A police officer witnessed one of the fires, as he interviewed the family on the weekend. The officer said the blaze broke out in a closet inside one of the bedrooms, destroying thousands of dollars in clothing. He described the fire as "strange".

Central Division fire-fighters were contacted on several occasions and assisted in extinguishing the fires.
Police said the family has connected a water hose to a pump in a pond at the back of the house to help in putting out the flames.

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) was also contacted and reported that electrical wiring was intact.

Police said a Hindu priest was summoned during one of the fires and put out the blaze with "sacred water".
Prayer services were also held at the house.

The family is seeking spiritual guidance, as they now fear for their lives. Central Division police are also investigating the cases.

General Discussion / 33 appear in court for 'vice party'
« on: June 20, 2012, 06:58:43 AM »
 ;D this party was real suffering for drinks  ;) Big fathers day and the police jumbieing them so  :rotfl:


33 appear in court for 'vice party'
By Joel Julien

Story Created: Jun 18, 2012 at 10:51 PM ECT

Story Updated: Jun 18, 2012 at 10:51 PM ECT

THIRTY-THREE people yesterday appeared before a Tunapuna Magistrate charged with various levels of involvement in a "vice party" held over the Father's Day weekend.

Anthony Smith yesterday pleaded guilty to planning the "vice party" and was sentenced to three month's hard labour by Magistrate Gail Gonzales.

The Tunapuna First Magistrate's Court yesterday heard that Smith had organised a "vice party" and advertised the event using BlackBerry Messenger.

Hired "dancers" were outfitted in black and white uniforms and scattered throughout the party. The event was held in a rented house in El Dorado and tickets were sold for $200.

Around 4 a.m. officers of the Northern Division Task Force stormed the party and saw naked women "gyrating" on men.

Sgt Mark Maharaj led a team from the Northern Division Task Force, including constables Kevorne Joseph and Dexter Edwards to a house located on Sealey Street in El Dorado.

Sixteen females were charged with "lewd and suggestive dancing". Ten of the females, including two minors, pleaded guilty to the charges. Jamila Francis received the lowest fine after she told Gonzales she had two children to take care of and decided to dance at the party to make money.

Gonzales commended Francis for her honesty. Francis was fined $300 while the other nine women who pleaded guilty were all fined $400.

Jinai Johnson, who pleaded not guilty, said she went to the party with her husband while Nikeisha Rougier said she was a patron in the party and not one of the dancers.

Johnson, Rougier, Asha Anderson, Aleisha Job and Addie Williams pleaded not guilty and were placed on $5,000 bail.

Sparkle Smith, the wife of the planner of the "vice party", also pleaded not guilty and was granted $10,000 bail. They are to return to court on July 16. Seventeen men were charged with aiding and abetting in the "lewd and suggestive" dancing performed by the women.

Three of the men pleaded guilty, including Smith, the planner of the "vice party".

Smith's father, Trevor, also pleaded guilty and was fined $400. Jervon Lindsay was the only other person to enter a guilty plea. He too was fined $400.

The 14 other men pleaded not guilty including the disc jockey hired for the "vice party", Derwin Mc Erwin. All 14 men were placed on $10,000 bail. They are to return to court on July 16. Smith was also charged with selling alcohol without a liquor licence.

Four cases of beer, two bottles of Black and White scotch, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black scotch, a bottle of Hennessy and a bottle of Absolut Vodka were yesterday presented to the court as evidence.

Smith pleaded not guilty and was granted $10,000 bail.

General Discussion / Too much advantage
« on: June 15, 2012, 09:17:18 PM »

I real feel sorry for this fact I even believe he was innocent and that it was him in the ID.

The security real advantage this man. See how sweet T&T turn. Is only cause he frail and nashy they advantage him so.

Mods please embed

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General Discussion / Central Bank to launch $50 note
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Source Trinidad Express

Central Bank to launch $50 note

Story Created: Jun 14, 2012 at 10:50 PM ECT

Story Updated: Jun 14, 2012 at 10:50 PM ECT

Trinidad and Tobago is getting new money.

The Central Bank will launch a new $50 currency note on June 20 at the bank's main concourse in Port of Spain.

The note is being issued to commemorate Trinidad and Tobago's 50th independence anniversary, an invitation to the launch said.

The country already uses $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100 notes as well as coins as currency.

The Central Bank also recently offered for sale Diamond Jubilee coins.

Coins were minted to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Mods before you merge this...

I was not a real heavy comics man, but I like meh comic book even up to today.I find they taking this ting too far

Now I have a real problem with this...Not only you trying to hop on the trend and be popular since Obama bring up the issue. But to put it in a comic me like yuh forcing it on the children....leave them in they innocence.

Why expose children to this? I mean when you small you ent studying Ernie and Bert and the smurfs and the rest of them, if they boysing or not. Yuh never study why Jughead had no girls and is only Archie and Reggie getting action. Same way Wimpy was big and fat eating hamburger and was solo. Why bring up a issue and have parent explaining all kinda thing to them.

Also if you read the characters Wiki page...the comic only implied he was boysing in the few episodes he was in and never outwardly read and spell for them but to come out and do this...I find it wrong. When you small you ent picking up this thing.


Northstar Wikipedia

I real benin on Marvel for this one.  >:(

General Discussion / Park-and-ride from Savannah coming in July
« on: March 29, 2012, 08:09:31 AM »
Now the Mayor trying eh, but the reality is that 1) The savannah and Stadium go further get dilapidated and more of an eyesore with this.

2) What provision will be put in place in terms of security/toilets/proper waiting areas/sheds etc. at both locations. Also where is the park and ride station/stop in town?  Is it centrally located or can you just hail down the shuttle and hop on once you have a ticket from anywhere.

3) When he paves more grass in the savannah and the runoff occurs when rain fall whappening when it flood. The whole area from NAPA to cipriani blvd is a pool since Carlos John pave the first stretch and that water does gush straight down into town.

4) The culture that is a man who shopping in town with bags of groceries and heavy parcels go look to travel to his car. No way that either they will travel to town or park in town not a combination of both. Especially when rain and sun beating.

5) This will not work unless parking is totally banned in the capital. This ent go happen cause DOMA go kick brass. The private car parks will now have a field day and jack up hourly parking even more.

6) I feel this will be the death of POS....I dont have to go there anymore...the malls go get my $$$.
No vagrant bothering yuh, no pee and shit to skip over, I walking about in AC and I not likely to roll meh ankle on a piece of bad pavement...or get wreck or get a ticket.

Trinidad Guardian

Park-and-ride from Savannah coming in July
Thursday, March 29, 2012
Michelle A Eng Leang
Text Size:
Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing

Sugar land. Cattle pasture. A stage for cultural events, especially Carnival. Sports grounds. The world’s largest traffic roundabout. Mayor of Port-of-Spain Louis Lee Sing wants to add “parking lot” to that list as he plans to use a portion of the Queen’s Park Savannah to ease the traffic congestion in the city.


In a telephone interview, Lee Sing confirmed the Carlos John Boulevard, the paved area within the Savannah, will be used to facilitate a park-and-ride system for people going into the city. He admitted a formal tally has not been decided but anticipated the Savannah car park would house 200 vehicles at a time. Shuttles would transport users to and from the heart of the city, he added.


Lee Sing said the service would cater not only to those looking to visit offices but also shoppers. The details, he said, were being worked out by the Ministry of Works, which was partnering with the City of Port-of-Spain on a massive drive to improve vehicle flow on the streets.


Lee Sing said he had seen preliminary drafts of the shuttle routes from the car park and they would stop at every other block, so commuters could make their way on foot east or west. A ticket was likely to cost between $5 and $10 and that would include parking as well as a return ride, he added.


Lee Sing was unable to confirm whether the cost to park was per hour or total period of stay. He said July 11 was the start date and there would be “minimal changes” to the Savannah. He said the Hasely Crawford Stadium would be the other site for the  park-and-ride plan.


When asked about the reaction of conservation groups to the plans for the Savannah, Lee Sing said it was time to “move from the ole talk to action.” Contacted for comment, a senior official of Citizens for Conversation said she was unaware of the park-and-ride plan but had full confidence Lee Sing would share all relevant information with the group in a timely manner, since that was a routine to which he had adhered since he was appointed.

Football / Great news for Chelsea Fans...and players
« on: March 10, 2012, 07:54:55 AM »
Is no wonder Drogba and Lampard does get groin strain.

By Chris Wright

Good news everybody, we are hearing this morning that Eva Carneiro is to stay on as Chelsea’s first-team doctor despite the untimely sacking of the man, over last weekend, who had the grace, foresight and endeavour to appoint her back in the summer – one Andres Villas-Boas.

If his Chelsea legacy is to consist of but one thing, then AVB will forever be the man that bought us Eva and sat her upon the substitute’s bench in our hearts. Lovely, lovely Eva…

General Discussion / CABLE TV FOR INMATES
« on: March 02, 2012, 05:56:49 AM »

Coming soon at Santa Rosa prison
By Anna Ramdass

Story Created: Mar 1, 2012 at 1:13 AM ECT

Story Updated: Mar 1, 2012 at 10:45 AM ECT

Plans are under way to install cable television at the multi-million-dollar Santa Rosa prison so inmates will have the luxury of watching a variety of channels while serving time for their crimes.

Commissioner of Prisons Martin Martinez confirmed to the Express yesterday that he intends to install cable TV at the prison.

He said this is necessary “if we are talking about reform and rehabilitation”.

“That is the plan, we already have televisions in all our prisons, Port of Spain, Carrera... in the new facility, it will be no different,” said Martinez.

At the other prisons, he said, only local programming is available to the prisoners, but in the Santa Rosa prison this will be upgraded.

Asked if cable-ready televisions will be placed in the cells, Martinez explained that there are dormitories, not cells, at the Santa Rosa prison.

He said there are dormitory areas where inmates are housed, and a minimum of 13 prisoners to a maximum of 26 will be kept in each dormitory.

At present, the Santa Rosa prison is empty, but Martinez said gradually prisoners will be moved from other prisons to the new facility to relieve the overcrowding problem.

At the Senate sitting on Tuesday, National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy said Government spent close to $60 million to modify and lease the Santa Rosa facility to accommodate a prison because of the urgent need for a place to house prisoners held during the State of Emergency last year.

The Santa Rosa facility was rented at $850,000 a month for a six-month period, which expired last month.

A total of $50 million was spent to modify the venue, and another $3,329,250 for office accommodation. He said consideration was being given to purchase the property from its owners—Wala Wala Ltd.

Martinez said this was a “wonderful idea” which he supports fully.

However, one of the directors of Wala Wala Ltd, Dr George Laquis, said he is still waiting on word from the Government as to what it plans to do—whether to continue to lease the facility or purchase it.

Laquis told the Express the millions spent on rent and modifications were justifiable, and those who levelled criticisms (Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds) do not know about real estate and its value.

He said Government got a good deal in paying $850,000 a month rent for the facility and Wala Wala Ltd could have made more money if it had proceeded with its initial plan to turn the venue into an indoor merchandise mart—which Laquis said would have been the “MovieTowne of the East”.

Laquis said plans were already completed and many big and small tenants had already expressed interest in the mart. He noted that the facility is over 400,000 square feet of building on 16.32 acres of land.

Laquis pointed out that Santa Rosa and environs are lucrative in terms of setting up commercial space because of the high population base. He noted that Trincity Mall, Food Basket and Naipaul’s Xtra Foods Supermarket are all operating successfully in the East.

While the plan to turn the facility into a booming business is put on hold until Government makes a decision, Laquis said he was impressed by the transformation of the facility into what he described as the “best prison in Trinidad”.

He said he was in awe of how spacious the place was and he also confirmed cable TV was to be installed.

Laquis said Wala Wala Ltd will cooperate with the Government and “if it is in everybody’s best interest to sell, we will sell”.

During the State of Emergency last year, prisoners had to be evacuated from the Santa Rosa prison because of a leaking roof. Sandy said the roof was repaired at the expense of Wala Wala Ltd. Asked yesterday how much was spent to fix the roof, Laquis said the company spent a total of $5 million in renovations, inclusive of the roof work.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Prophet Benjamin Thread
« on: February 09, 2012, 06:42:43 AM »
Prophet Benjamin: Rastaman ready for soca big stage

Source :Trinidad Guardian

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Bobie-lee Dixon

He first penetrated the local entertainment scene in 2005 singing Pretty Boy Fella. The song, reggae influenced, was an instant hit and dominated local urban frequencies for quite some time, making the then 25-year-old Point Fortin resident a seemingly overnight success. With follow ups like Delilah On The Loose, Rude Boy Rudy, Usual Suspect and Love But Na Blind among others, Devon “Prophet Benjamin” Samuel, proved to all he was no one-hit wonder. This year he’s got them talking again with his notorious Throw Wine soca smasher. The song which he describes as “just a fun song,” is receiving love from every corner of the soca arena.



So well received, it has also earned him a place in the finals of the Digicel International Power Soca Monarch Competition. Yep, this rastaman who is of the Bobo Shanti Order will get loose come February 17, at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. “This song was just designed to be a fun song for the singer and listeners. It was to bring a joy and I think I accomplished that because everywhere I go people stop me to share their feelings about the song,” disclosed Samuel. It might be the first time the 33-year-old father of three is in any final revolving around soca, but Throw Wine is not his first attempt at the genre. Samuel has had a couple—one being a collaboration with Bunji Garlin titled Ah Want To Bun A Fire, the other called Fire Finger. Both were also successful.


Spreading his message

Addressing the talk by some that Bobo Shanti should not sing soca, Samuel said people are entitled to their own opinions, but it’s just their opinion. “I don’t believe anyone should make decisions for anybody on what they should or should not do. My leader is Christ and if He say go ahead then rasta hold back for nobody.” He said he entered the competition because he felt it was the only opportunity he had to bring across the message he intends to. “People love the song but they have formed their own opinions of it. But all I can say the story will be told through my performance at the finals.”

General Discussion / Hummingbird haven
« on: November 29, 2011, 09:54:27 AM »
Trinidad Express

Hummingbird haven
By Kimberly Castillo

Story Created: Nov 16, 2011 at 11:57 PM ECT

There are no signs leading to Yerette, no imposing billboards advertising what may be the best place to experience hummingbirds up close. You know you've arrived when you see possibly the largest silk cotton tree in Trinidad at the bottom of the driveway leading to the home of Dr Theodore Ferguson and his wife, Gloria, in Valley View, Maracas, St Joseph.

Between August and September last year, the Fergusons discovered that dozens of well-maintained bird feeders placed strategically in and among their lush, green landscape just beyond their verandah, could lure some of the world's smallest flying acrobats—the hummingbirds. To say that what they created is now a hummingbird oasis will be the greatest understatement.

Rather than keep it to themselves, the Fergusons made the decision to open their home and share what they had with Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the world.

When I first arrived at Yerette, the skies were overcast and a light rain had just begun. In the distance, low clouds formed a skirt around Trinidad's second tallest peak, El Tucuche, yet all I could notice were the scores, perhaps even hundreds of hummingbirds, like floating jewels, just an arm's length away from me. I had heard reviews about this place—all great; but seeing is believing. And the sight of these birds, in plentiful abundance, stopped me in my tracks and left me speechless.

"I never planned to go into this. It came out of my love for photography," said Ferguson, who is arguably one of Trinidad's best bird photographers. He is also a walking encyclopedia on hummingbirds and has even gone to great lengths to observe these birds in their natural habitat.

Ferguson has staked out and photographed all the species of hummingbird in Trinidad and Tobago. Thirteen species can be found at Yerette, which was named after the Amerindian word for hummingbird.

On any given day, Ferguson estimates that there are between 750 and 3,000 hummingbirds in his oasis. "Numbers are greatest during cool, overcast conditions when we experience the hummingbird shower, especially at the end of a heavy rain shower," said Ferguson.

As he and I talked, a hummingbird zipped closely by my ear; it was enough to make the hairs on my hand stand on end.

The Fergusons have dozens of bird feeders in their yard. Each day, it takes about two hours to feed the birds and another two hours to maintain the garden.

There is a science to feeding hummingbirds. It's not as simple as mixing brown sugar with water. In fact, by so doing, one can inadvertently poison the hummingbirds—this is because brown sugar contains iron, which damages their internal organs, said Ferguson. Instead, Ferguson brings to a boil granulated sugar and water. He allows it to cool before refilling half-empty feeders.

The birds, he says, must be treated well. "In reorganising our garden, we placed the emphasis on flowering plants rather than lawn and green hedges. For example, our green hibiscus hedge was transformed into more bushy, flowering shrubs. Also, we sought to have a variety of flowering plants in order to attract a wider variety of species—this worked beautifully; we now have 13 of the 16 species found in Trinidad," said Ferguson.

They may be among the smallest birds in the animal kingdom, yet their flying capabilities more than make up for any deficiency on their part. For instance, these birds have excellent memories; while their brains are tiny, they have the largest brain in relation to body size among birds, said Ferguson. The hummingbird has weak feet, yet its wings beat up to 200 times a second; they can fly in any direction, including upside-down.

With the exception of their wings, hummingbirds are naturally iridescent, which is why, depending on the angle or the way the sunlight catches their tiny bodies, hummingbirds seem to change colours before our very eyes. At first glance, the breast of the tufted coquette appears to be brilliant orange in colour; look again, and before you know it, his bright, orange-coloured breast has turned a shimmering emerald green.

In just under a year, visitors from as far away as Australia and Japan have visited Yerette, and international birders and photographers have also made trips there part of their itinerary.

Messages posted in the visitors' log indicate the wonder and amazement many have experienced at Yerette. Visits to Yerette must be booked in advance by contacting the Fergusons at 663-2623, 373-1379 or 397-3724. While there, visitors can enjoy the hummingbirds up close, be treated to an equally impressive photo slide show, enjoy a complimentary morning or afternoon tea and view the Yerette Art Gallery, where hummingbird photos and craft items by Gloria Ferguson can be bought.

The hummingbird is a national symbol, it can be found on our currency, coat of arms and is an insignia of our protective services, yet few locals know much about these spectacular birds, said Ferguson.

He insisted that our environment must be promoted in a more positive way.

"Here at Yerette, we hope that we are helping people to have a better appreciation of what exists by giving our visitors a close-up view of one beauty in our midst—hummingbirds," he said.

On leaving Yerette, I decided that it's difficult choosing just one favourite among the hummingbird species, having seen so many beautiful birds. But if I had to choose, then it would be the Tufted Coquette.

When you visit Yerette, try choosing a favourite of your own.

General Discussion / Lee Sing: No glass bottles in PoS for Carnival
« on: November 17, 2011, 06:56:17 AM »

Lee Sing: No glass bottles in PoS for Carnival

Published: Thu, 2011-11-17 19:21
Rhonda Krystal Rambally

Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing says no glass bottles will be allowed in the city on Carnival Monday and Tuesday next year. He said glass bottles would be taken away persons those found with them and should someone refuse to give it up, charges of resisting arrest would likely be laid. He said appropriate notices and warnings will be made available. Lee Sing said the use of glass bottles had been a cause for concern since the origin of the city’s Carnival. When asked if a law existed prohibiting its use, he replied no, saying however, there is a resolution within the council. “We are in charge of this city. Carnival is under our proclamation. “You think we do these proclamations every year because we don’t have to?” he said.

Lee Sing was speaking to the media at a press conference yesterday at City Hall, Knox Street, in Port-of-Spain, to announce plans for Carnival 2012. Among some of the other plans are an increase in the prizes; prohibition of vending in certain areas; and the transformation of Woodford Square into a Carnival Picnic Square. Lee Sing said: “People have always found the glass bottle an excellent instrument of violence which is to say it is used as a weapon to be thrown.” He said after some consideration the city decided to do something to discourage the use of glass bottles and wrote to the relevant manufacturers to alert them “that the sale of glass bottles and drinks in glass material will be prohibited within the city.”

He said City Police will be on the alert and the Corporation will engage Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs and his officers and other security forces to ensure drinks in glass bottles are not on sale. Lee Sing said the city’s Carnival route will include Charlotte Street and Piccadilly Greens. He said last year there was “tremendous” bottleneck at the Queen’s Park Savannah (QPS) largely because the bands went up Frederick Street. “The beauty of the mas is the mobility,” he said. Deputy mayor and chairman of the city’s Carnival committee, Keron Valentine, said prizes for Downtown Carnival Band of the Year had doubled. He said winners will now receive $40,000, $30,000 and $25,000 for first, second and third places respectively.

Changes planned

• Big screen TVs for paying patrons downtown
• No J’ouvert bands allowed into residential areas not within parade route
• Criminal charges for J’ouvert bands bandleaders whose masqueraders deface people’s properties
• Permission and payment for banners and pennants at City Hall
• Users of Carnival Picnic Square (Woodford Square) to pay fee
• No vending allowed on Ariapita Avenue between Alfredo and Fitt Streets; South Quay; New Street to the QPS and Memorial Park.

Football / Iranian soccer players suspended over "goosing"
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A combo photo shows Iranian national soccer team defender Mohammad Nosrati (L) and Persepolis team football player Sheys Rezaei at the Azadi stadium, in Tehran. Iran's football federation on October 31, 2011, imposed indefinite bans on the two Persepolis players Nosrati and his teammate Rezaei for their "immoral acts" during goal celebrations, state television's website reported. Footage on YouTube shows Nosrati pinching his teammate Rezaei's bottom as they celebrated a goal against Damash.
Photograph by: ATTA KENARE, AFP/Getty Images

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TEHRAN - Iran's football federation has suspended two players from the top team involved in an "inappropriate" goal celebration, the ISNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

The federation will issue a final verdict next week on Mohammad Nosrati, who appeared to briefly put his hand between the buttocks of Sheys Rezaei as Persepolis players huddled together to celebrate a goal against Damash Gilan in a televised match on Saturday.

The gesture might have caused little comment in the West where fans are used to "laddish" behaviour by soccer stars, but it caused some outrage in the Islamic Republic.

Jalal Yahyazadeh, a cleric and member of parliament, said the "shamelsss act" had "upset, angered and outraged" all sports fans and that the sports minister should be held accountable.

"What happened is absolutely not acceptable because it was a very ugly thing," he was quoted as saying by ISNA.

After the incident made headlines in some international media and with a clip available on the Internet, the federation's media committee met on Tuesday and "demanded that elements who damaged the country's sporting spirit be dealt with firmly," the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Soccer is the most popular spectator sport in Iran, although women are barred from attending matches.
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General Discussion / Mysterious group of ancient Humans Discovered
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DNA Reveals the Story of a Mysterious Group of Ancient Humans
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A tooth found in Denisova Cave, Siberia. Genetic analysis has revealed that the tooth belonged to a member of an ancient human group that was distinct from both modern humans and Neanderthals. Image: Reich et. al./Nature

At the end of the last ice age modern humans were migrating out of Africa, Neanderthals roamed Europe, and new research has shown that a previously unknown population of ancient humans lived in Asia. All that remains of this mysterious group is a section of finger bone and a wisdom tooth. The group has been named the Denisovans after Denisova Cave in Siberia where the tooth and bone segment were found. A few months ago researchers completed an analysis of mitochondrial DNA from the finger bone and concluded that it had belonged to a child who lived about 40,000 years ago and was genetically different from both modern humans and Neanderthals.

An analysis of Denisovan nuclear DNA extracted from the same finger bone was published today in Nature. Analysis of DNA extracted from the nuclei of cells offers a more detailed picture of genetic differences than analysis of mitochondrial DNA. The nuclear DNA confirmed that the Denisovans were more closely related to Neanderthals than to modern humans but were genetically different from both groups. The researchers suggested that the Denisovans were once a widespread population that occupied much of Asia. They suspect that other Denisovan remains may have already been uncovered in other parts of Asia but have not been identified as such because Denisovans were unknown at the time of discovery. Genetic tests on other ancient human remains would be needed to confirm this idea.

Most surprisingly, researchers found evidence of interbreeding between Denisovans and modern humans written in the DNA of present-day Melanesians – individuals who are native to New Guinea and other Melanesian islands share about five percent of their genome with the ancient Denisovan child. Strangely there is no evidence of Denisovan genes in present-day human populations from other parts of the world. This means that Melanesian ancestors must have come into contact and interbred with Denisovans sometime after separating from other groups of humans during their migration across Asia.

This evidence of modern human and Denisovan interbreeding follows the genetic confirmation earlier this year that modern humans also interbred with Neanderthals. The division of modern humans and Neanderthals into two separate species has become blurry because present-day non-Africans share genes with ancient Neanderthals. So were the Denisovans a separate species of human? The researchers have stopped short of making this claim, and given the evidence for interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals and Denisovans, it is difficult to draw distinct species lines between the three groups.

Despite wide differences in appearance there is very little genetic difference between present-day people from different parts of the world. In our ancient past, however, it seems that geographical separation over long periods of time gave rise to significant genetic differences among groups of humans such as Neanderthals, Denisovans, and anatomically modern humans. But as migration led to increased contact and interbreeding between these groups, these genetic differences may have been smoothed out. So, to quote T.S. Eliot, the Neanderthals and Denisovans may have ended “not with a bang but a whimper” as they simply faded into us.

I mean this ent rocket science...I think most coaches do this...but then again yuh never know with us down here. Maybe this is what Pfister does with our boys when they are not going abroad on trials.


Newcastle profit from Pardew's methodical approach

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Alistair Magowan - BBC Sport | 16:46 UK time, Thursday, 13 October 2011

One of the hard truths about football coaching is that while many managers recognise the value of defensive discipline and team shape, spending hours doing it on the training pitch is a sure-fire method for ensuring most of the team get bored.

Newcastle, who have hardly been known for their strength in this area in recent years, have come up with a straightforward solution which has kept their players switched on and helped earn them the title of the Premier League's meanest defence heading into this weekend's fixtures.

Twice a week manager Alan Pardew splits his training sessions into two and drags his defenders away to work on positioning and covering and, while it is not exactly rocket science, the regularity of the sessions is clearly making an impact.

The Newcastle defence has significantly improved since last season.

First-team coach Steve Stone says there have been several factors in the Magpies' success this season, which has seen them rise to fourth in the Premier League table.

But combining hard work on the training pitch, detailed video analysis and weekly "defenders' meetings" has led to the usually porous defence conceding only four goals in seven league games.

"Newcastle have been a bit gung-ho in the past with the centre-halves marauding forward and the like, but you can't really play like that in Premier League," Stone says.

"If you are out of position and you lose the ball, teams can cut through you so quickly. When you play Manchester United, Arsenal or Tottenham, for example, you are at your weakest when you have the ball, when you are attacking or when you have a corner.

"That's when they can hurt you because you are out of position so we try and make sure we are in position as much as possible.

"Me and [assistant manager] John Carver take the forwards, and the manager takes the defenders away and we've introduced certain principles into the tactics so that, for instance, it doesn't matter if Ryan Taylor was to play right-back or left-back, he knows exactly what he has to do adjacent to the positions that the centre-halves are in.

"Basically, the manager runs through every scenario of where the players should be when the ball is in a certain position, whether it's a wide area, a central area, a goal kick, or whatever.

"It is something that actually started to come together last season and the manager said we'd be better at it this season once they understood his principles."

Those sceptical of Newcastle's lofty position will argue that they have yet to face any of the Premier League's big sides this season.

The team's equilibrium will be put to the test when they play Tottenham on Sunday before they come up against Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea in the space of three weeks beginning in November.

But Stone, who was promoted to the first-team staff when Pardew replaced Chris Hughton last December, believes the squad has an added depth to combat those challenges.

The departures of Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll, Jose Enrique and Joey Barton left some fans feeling that the club was going in the wrong direction, particularly as there was no big-name signing to replace the £35m Carroll.

In their places, however, the likes of Demba Ba, Gabriel Obertan and Sylvain Marveaux have all added extra pace to the side, while Yohan Cabaye has proven a perfect foil for Cheik Tiote in central midfield.

"We now have five or six strikers vying for two places so they know they need to do well otherwise they'll be out [of] the team," Stone adds. "Last year we had to play the same two strikers, the same wide men and we didn't have any options coming from the bench.

"Now it's very strong and we have good players available. Look at Dan Gosling, who is an England under-21 international - he couldn't get in the squad recently; Shane Ferguson too. That's another reason why we have started well, because we have a fighting team spirit."

There is still money in the pot to bring in another striker in January, Stone says, but he insists that any potential purchase will have to suit what the team needs. There will be no star signings for the sake of it.

That sort of reasoning, combined with praise from his players, gives the impression that Pardew has not only restored some method to the madness at Newcastle, but also a significant boost to his reputation.

After his sacking by Southampton in August 2010, Pardew's appointment was met with indifference by Newcastle fans last winter.

Yet Stone has been impressed with the former Reading, Charlton and West Ham boss and says his man-management is a real asset.

"Tactically, he is as good as anyone," says Stone. "Some managers dither on the sidelines and that can cost you, but he will change things because he believes in his own ability and his own decisions. Managers earn their corn on match days don't they?

"He's got to work with the team all week, but he speaks very well and speaks in a way that gets players on side with him. It's not a rollocking, it's asking them to do it rather than telling them to do it so everybody feels part of a group.

"He treats players like adults where I've seen other managers treat players like kids and they don't respond to that at all. He has been in the game a long time as a manager so it's not like he has stepped in at Newcastle and it's all new to him. He understands the game."

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