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Football / D Touches Match Report TT vs Bdos
« on: October 11, 2011, 08:32:34 PM »
Dear Forumites

3 points…that is what we needed and T&T delivered, in it’s usual heart attack style.

I arrived late for the game, missed the warm ups and anthems and was further delayed by some overzealous food inspectors, who chose to inspect and lock down the vendors while the game was going on. Why this couldn’t be done before the gates opened or earlier on is anyone’s guess, but pullin rank on a beers man telling him the tins in a cardboard tray and wrapped in plastic supposed to be stored on a wooden pallet instead of resting on the ground was the reason for me waiting an additional 5 minutes before I reached upstairs with a warm beer in hand.

The conditions were overcast, a cool breeze blowing and empty seats were all around. After settling in my usual spot, I witnessed T&T professionalism at it’s best with 3 “engineers” trying to hook up two speaker boxes on the running track with much difficulty.  Emitting a loud buzzing noise coming out the speaker and disturbing the patrons and more importantly the players on the field, why again this couldn’t be done before the match…ah yes!

A loud roar then made me turn to the field and I looked up in time to see Peltier making a run to goal and shielding a defender in the process….good strength and when he reached near the top of the box he fired a shot which was parried by the keeper. Still holding off the defender he managed to turn on him reach the ball and follow up side footing the ball into the open net. Goal #1 and it was sheer strength, speed and aggression that did it for Peltier…well done!

I then looked at the players and after asking a few questions to my knowledgeable neighbours the line up was as follows:-
Marvin Phillip in goal, Adams , Power, James,  Telesford, Daniel, Molino, Hyland,Jorsling  and  Peltier and Stern up top.

T&T were playing 4-4-2 in the first half and to be honest…you could understand how Bermuda beat us. Shakey, ball watching, unconvincing in the tackle and marking, making unnecessary errors and just looking like labourers…but yet, we were in control…yes unbelievable, we were in control and b’dos couldn’t come out of their half or muster any sort of attack on goal.

After a while, when T&T realized their opponents were not able only then did they start passing the ball around and trying to make some overlapping runs down the flanks, hitting it long for the wing back to run unto or for Stern up top.

Folks Stern had a bad game. He was totally off today and you know when you get a diarrhea…your two options are to take a lomotil and cork it or just sit on the toilet and let it out…Pfister decided to keep Stern on the toilet and hope he would let it out, ketch a length and play himself back into the game.
And he nearly did…showing one or two sublime touches to get past the keeper, trap a ball or flick to a teammate, but he ended up throwing away about 2-3 goals in the process, one being a sitter in a 1v1 situation inside the box. Don’t worry #14, the goals will come. In the meantime, work on your fitness, sharpness and awareness. However, to Stern’s credit he realized he was off, dropped back into the midfield at times and helped to spread the play around and allow Peltier the opportunity to burst forward.

The first half was just many bajan agricultural tackles, with T&T players coming second and crumpling in heaps. When T&T decided to dish it out, the ref would immediately call a soft foul and give most calls in the bajans favour.

We did try to knock the ball around, but jorsling and Molino to me were ineffective. Back passes and errant ones the order of the day, no off the ball runs and no bite in the midfield.

Hyland was the enforcer and he had a better afternoon, getting most things right but losing the ball on occasion, playing with his head down and was guilty of over dribbling at times. But he had a much better second half controlling the proceedings and stamping his authority on the game

The left side was totally ineffective both in attack as well as defence. Keon Daniel looked like the Skilla of old…slow, nashy, uninterested, ball watching and he just looked scared or something. Not a tackle..only covering and pointing, when the ball was there to be won if he only chook a foot.

With that Adams was under pressure right tru and he handled it ok, but he was also guilty of not marking properly, slow to recover and making bad passing choices out of the back…the refrain “to who” a common one from the crowd.  Adams was competent to match his opponent but if the quality goes up I am not sure he is up to the task. A better 2nd half but still was a cause for concern in the 1st.

Telesford was the shakiest of the lot in the back, fallin down and slipping, panic when the ball is on him…playing too fast and hurry hurry and making mistakes when composure is needed. Also he does not tackle and rather just jockeys a player running…it upset me to see a him jockey a man and run backward from the half line and have the player reach in the 18 yard box…on 4 occasions….only for James or Power to scramble back and clean up … Yes I count it. Just stand up and tackle the man, chook a foot or take him out far from the goal.

Power had an ok game…but made some errors that could have cost us a goal from time to time. Mistiming a tackle, going to ground too early etc and letting the Bajans go to goal in the second half.

James was solid and did his job well. Only thing is he and Teleford lil shakey when escorting a ball back to the keeper, they have to learn to play it back more confidently or keep the screen up stronger.

Half time 1-0. T&T in control but not convincing.

The second half starts and a sub is made with Tinto coming in and Hughton Hector for Molino and Jorsling I think.

Whatever Pfister told them fellas half time the T&T team looked a totally different unit and started to play fast, aggressive, composed and we looked like Barca for  30 second  patches every 10 -15 minutes.
Hector/Hyland/Tinto is a good midfield combo and Hector was the spark, tackling, making the runs for hyland and distributing the ball well across the park for peltier.

Peltier was the recipient of some wonderful through balls from Hector and the 2nd goal came with him beating the offside trap 1v1 with the goalie…hitting a small shot or trying a belt and getting through. Peltier then ran around the keeper and from a tight angle side foot into the net.

Stern got  a through ball an missed the chance to go 3-0 up.  Turning wonderfully beating the offside trap and hitting straight at the keeper.

From a corner Hector had a header saved and from the rebound a beautiful spell of possession followed with peltier getting into a good shooting position only to hit wide.

Peltier’s hattrick came from a counter attack, with the player taking it down the flank, beating a man, cutting in and slapping a composed shot into the V from the top of the box. Good quality finish and truly deserved, with him tracking back and tackling on the wing and going fwd dangerously.

T&T switched to a 3-4-3 and this caused the Bajans plenty worries and we just took total control over the game, knocking the ball on the ground to feet…1 touch and creating chances galore.
I can’t explain how we could look piss poor one half and like world beaters the next. Them fellas had to be playing to some kinda zone instruction, some kinda long ball strategy or some kinda ting in the 1st half…but I haven’t seen a T&T side knock the ball so in spurts so well in a long time as they did in the 2nd half.

The icing on the cake was the next sub that came on…Jagdeosingh and he did very well, taking on players beating 3-4 men at a time and getting into dangerous positions.

Pfister has the art of substitutions down. In all the games I have seen every one is on point and the correct decision made each time. Every sub is an impact sub, bringing quality to the field at the right time and correcting the problem that is being faced.

The last and final goal was the best of the lot. It came from a counter attack and after a number of good passes…Hector was found along with either jagdeosingh or peltier to his right. Hector then saw the Bajan keeper off his line and made an audacious and disrespectful chip over the keepers head , snug into the goal, quality finish and very composed.

In the 2nd half the  3-4-3 formation was done when we were attacking..... and on defense or when we lost the ball we compacted ourselves to a 3-6-1. Stern going up top to harass the last stopper. Both Hyland and Hector dropping immediately to shield the defence and Tinto was the scrapper to make the first tackle, think of a triangle in the middle of the park
Incidentally Tinto was playing more in the middle of the park and one of the wingbacks was used to push up into the midfield and help stifle the opposing attack.

The problem that I see happening is that we don’t have a fast speedy forward to complement the newfound running midfield and the use of the through balls. Peltier is playing on the wing and Stern is too slow up top. Jones is not a running fwd either. Thus Roberts is the man to try up front when he comes back from injury or if they put peltier up top…we need a good solid right winger.

At the end of the game the score could have ended  7-2 in our favour, if the bajans had capitalized on the mistakes by power or telesford in the back.

I was very very impressed with Phillip…he handled every shot and cross ball perfectly, holding well and commanding his area. He is the outright #1 for the rest of this campaign.

In conclusion if you are a pessimist, plenty for you to say boy them fellas need work…and this is true. But if you are an optimist, T&T is improving and we are getting better. Concentration, stopping the silly mistakes and if we can play like how we did in the 2nd half…we can beat people and reach the hex.

Team Rating - 6
  A win, a clean sheet and positive signs.

Player ratings

Phillip -8 Did everything right, superb on crosses and came off his line well. Good holding of the ball and distribution

Adams – 5 Shakey in the first half and improved in the second

James – 7 Solid game

Power – 6 Generally good but made some errors that could have proven costly, moving a bit wild at times

Telesford  5– Needs composure and needs to learn how to tackle properly

Daniel -4 Poor today, something is wrong.

Jorsling – 5 Average nuttin special

Molino – 6 decent but a bit lightweight and was roughed up

Hyland – 7 solid, got better as the game went on worked hard

Peltier -8 Hattrick and was busy and effective, tracked back well.

Hector -7.5 good performance, good goal and was the spark in the 2nd half too bad he only run a 45 min.

Tinto – 7 good showing and workd hard today, was effective in the middle and his dribbles were on today

Stern -4 Not a total write off but he had a bad game. Did show glimpses of skill and tried to distribute the play.

Jagdeosingh –Not enough time on the field for a proper rating but he gets a high mark for his corbeaux sweat.

Till next time!

Football / Fenerbachce only allowed to admit women and children
« on: September 21, 2011, 09:35:36 AM »
I think this is a wonderful idea...players motivated and clubs don't lose gate earnings.

BBC Sport

Fenerbahce only allowed to admit women and children

Page last updated at 04:30 GMT, Wednesday, 21 September 2011 05:30 UK

Female Fenerbahce fans No boys allowed: Only women and children are allowed to watch two matches

The Turkish football association has come up with a radical solution for tackling hooliganism - by banning men from stadiums.

Teams sanctioned for unruly behaviour by fans are instead only allowed to admit women and children aged under 12 to watch games.

On Tuesday, more than 41,000 women and children attended Fenerbahce's match against Manisaspor in Istanbul.

The move followed violence during a Fenerbahce "friendly" in July.

The Istanbul side was initially told to play two home matches behind closed doors after fans invaded the pitch during a game with the Ukrainian champions Shakhtar Donetsk.

We have to thank the ladies for coming to support us. It is difficult playing without fans

Joseph Yobo Fenerbahce

But the Turkish authorities later softened their stance and decided to let women and children attend.

Fenerbahce's 1-1 draw with Manisapor kicked off after players from both teams hurled flowers at the fans, while the visitors were greeted with applause instead of the more customary loud jeers.

The home side's captain, Alex de Sousa, said: "This memory will stay with me forever. It's not always that you see so many women and children in one game."

"We have to thank the ladies for coming to support us," his team-mate Joseph Yobo - on loan from Everton - told Lig TV. "It's difficult playing without the fans."

Manisaspor midfielder Omer Aysan agreed: "It was such a fun and pleasant atmosphere."

Before the game, fans were searched by all-women police officers.

Speaking before the match, Yasemin Mercil, a female member of Fenerbahce's executive board, said: "This really is a historic day.

"For the first time in the world, only women and children will watch a game. The women know all the chants. The same anthems, the same chants will be sung."

Football / Defending in small goal...a helpful discussion
« on: September 08, 2011, 08:44:08 AM »
Lewwe take a rest from Otto and the Warriors, EPL and La Liga...plenty time for them later.


Last night I went and take a SOE sweat in the Savannah and two "star boy" players were on the same team.

One started to buff the other for what was his style of defending...when they started to argue and explain with cuss flying in between. Both could not appreciate the others point of view.

So I said this would make good discussion here as most of us...if presumably not all..have played small goal at some point in their lives.

Now there are various sizes of small goal...from three footsteps apart and no cross bar to proper cone and pvc, welded BRC goals and the latest but shittiest in my view; the Pugg/kwikgoal semicircular mesh pop up.

Let us for the purpose of this discussion use a goal as made from proper 2" metal pipe, heavy, so the post not moving, 4 feet wide and 3 feet high and a net.

So the main sticking point  ;D...was that one should not come out the post when defending. Stay and hold it.
No matter how many attackers there were bearing down on you.


                   [               X                ]
      Y.........................> O

Now the typical tactic is to reach line and square back for Z or A to fake or slap home.

X has two options.

1) Stand up and take bang


2) intercept the pass and risk being caught near post.

Under scenario 1) there are further styles and ways and means to do this.

a) go one side of the post and give the attacker "the only option" to score and try to block when the shot comes in.

b) Stand middle and anticipate the placement.

c) Genuflect...yes crouch down, keeping the back leg along the ground, squaring yuh back and shoulders and being big in the goal...but most dangerous and the bullet factor is high.

Now under scenario two...come out and intercept. You could do the following.

a) Come out halfway, trying to cut the angle.

b) Full pelt out from the goal tackling hard any of the players before they pass or shoot.

What dear forumites is your style for defending and conversely when attacking what is your preferred method for scoring or getting out the last man.

Sorfening them with bullet usually works, but sometimes you are faced with a No prisoners last man who absorbing that normal.

Football / D Touches Match Report TT Vs Bermuda
« on: September 02, 2011, 09:32:35 PM »
Dear Forumites

The road to Brazil has begun and while we started on a positive note taking 3 points at home and a clean sheet in the process…it seemed to me that half the team still had not gotten out of bed.  Some still had yampee in they eye and a few others should have used the bathroom at home instead of putting it down on the HCS field.

That said, some players did show up and there were some positives and Otto Pfister showed his metal, making some crucial substitutions and tactical adjustments at the right time.

After the India game, I saw some positives with the team. I saw an improvement in possession, tactics, intensity of play and attitude and I had high expectations for this game as Pfister assembled the strongest T&T squad since the 2006 WC. I was aware that some of these players had never played together before and with a new coach in charge, the team would need time to gel…but I did not expect certain experienced players to look so poor especially playing at home.

I arrived at the match venue about 3:30 and the TSTT girls in their TSPCA outfits greeted patrons, handing out vuvuzelas to eager fans. Bermudez was on point with the free Dixie biscuits again and after getting a few beers and some water, I settled in the stands, sweating like a pot cover, sun BEATING down on the small crowd which swelled eventually to about 5,000 near 4:30.

I ent go lie…I real cuss mehself for not going in covered stands.

I managed to get the end of the team warm ups and TT looked very business-like doing shuttles, small jumping and passing exercises and stretches. All the overseas players looked fit, with Daniel, Peltier, Hyland and Thompson looking more muscular than when last we saw them.

Warner was in goal, striking the ball with both feet, making clearances, doing some routine catches and at that point…may I stress…that point…he was looking good. Technique on point, proper backspin and lofted kickout, decent throw etc.

Bermuda to me looked like amateurs, from the fat old big belley red men that beat us in the Marvin Lee Stadium last time around,…they assembled a number of youths, some slim veteran looking old men and about 4 players who resembled Hobbits from the Shire. None of their players looked like proper footballers and the most portly of the Hobbits actually started and was their midfield general. To put his height in perspective…Tinto was taller than him.

The teams went into the dressing rooms and we were entertained by the DJ…”we are the warriors” the new offering was being played to hype up the crowd (More on this later) and after a pomp and ceremony entrance complete with the horn sample from Tuesdays Independence Parade. The acting President, Prime Minister, Minister of Sport and TTFF President walked onto the field to shake the player’s hands.
It was at this point Ollie Camps got a chorus of BOOS, Fatigue and Insults from the crowd and they were quite vocal.

 “God Save The Queen” and “Forged From The Love of Liberty” were sung and T&T lined up in a 4-4-2 formation attacking the movietown goal. The starting line-up was Warner in goal. Carlos at left wing back, Power and James as stoppers. Anthony Wolfe at right back. Tinto on the right wing, Birchall and Hyland in the middle of the park, with Roberts of the Left and Stern and Jones up top.

I must give a round of applause to Stern John for playing in difficult circumstances. May you find strength to get through this difficult time and thank you for your contribution today. I would also like to applaud Kenwyne Jones who as captain led by example. Both players were class today, miles ahead of any other player on the field. Their skill is evident and both players took on men, were aggressive, tackled, fought for the ball. Shot when needed supported each other and played off each other well. I was pleased with their link up play and it is only when you see Kenwyne live you realize how fast and strong he is. I especially liked the fact that he was taking on men, beating and looking to run at goal…a good game today and he was unlucky not to have scored another today.

TT then got the ball rolling and we were downright terrible for the opening 15 minutes. Errant passes, poor clearances, mistrapping and the three main offenders were Hyland, Roberts and surprisingly Carlos.

Carlos in particular was having a torrid time, not linking with Roberts on the wing, opting to cut inside and try a lofted pass “TO Who” or attempting to dribble and losing the ball each time. What really summed it up was a piece of miscommunication and he made a bad back pass to Warner across the face of the goal that went for a corner.

Warner then had some antics of his own…after looking so stellar in the warm up, he attempted a kneeling down thigh trap, that inadvertently bounced off his knee. Then another speculative shot/cross from a Bermudian player was totally fumbled by him and it went for a corner…arggh.
After that the crowd just started to ketch kicks off the man and any time he held the ball he was applauded sarcastically. He actually had one good save to make in the 1st half getting down well and holding a shot to his right from a decent shot. In the second half he showed his footskills or lack thereof and did a chest trap and some ball/hand juggling when coming out to cut out long balls. To his credit his reading of the game is good and he is quick off his line. His throws are ok but his kicking needed work. Brilliant one minute and calamitous the next, not sure of him right now, but he did communicate well with his back 4 and was vocal and set up his wall when needed and was good on corners and crosses.

Roberts lacked confidence and looked very uncomfortable on the left side. Whereas he looked the real deal vs India, he looked a little more ordinary today , however to his credit he worked hard and every time he lost the ball, he worked double hard and won it back…this was well appreciated by the crowd and eventually he settled down and was back in the game. Funny enough both he and Carlos were responsible for the only goal of the match.

Hyland looked powerful, showed a few moments of brilliance… but was totally off. A flick to no one, getting screened off the ball, bad pass, mistimed tackle you name it he did it and I couldn’t believe how bad he fell off. What made it worse was that it was a hobbit in the middle with him, a youth man and some other thin nashy fella. …Those players = food …but instead they mannersed him and he just couldn’t get his passing game together today.

Birchall was the engine in the middle and worked very very hard…winning everything, putting in the tackle and applying pressure. His touch has improved but he was at fault for some intercepted passes or bad decision making. He did not take it to them as he usually does and he made a few runs but did not shoot like before.

Tinto was lively, running at them but with little or no penetration in the first half. Many dribbles were unsuccessful…a poor cross or he would just cut it back for stern or KJ or pass it to Hyland who lost the ball.

But for all the indecision and poor playing…Bermuda didn’t cross the half and only had one shot at goal which Warner dealt with. I don’t particularly remember any threat, any meaningful  attack or any bits of skill or brilliance. It was just a scrappy midfield battle. With T&T having the advantage.
From a cross or a corner…not sure…Power or KJ got down low and put in a header which hit the post.
Also from another cross Roberts did well chest trapped the ball and struck a bullet which unluckily came off the underside of the bar with the keeper beaten. On another attack KJ put in a header and the Bermudian goalie did well to get down and tip it around the post.

After 30-35 minutes only then did T&T settle but it was because of Otto and his first sub. Yes the German coach was fed up of the mistakes and lack of fluidity to the T&T team and had  Keon Daniel warming up.
I was unsure as to who was coming off as Carlos, Roberts and Hyland all looked like candidates given the pile they were putting down at the time. But when Hyland came off, Daniel went into center midfield…which was a surprise given he is a left flank regular and T&T looked a bit more lively.

Daniel was greeted by being pongs off the ball from a flyweight Bermudian player and he was not convincing in the tackle, pointing and jockeying..when the ball is right there to be won or losing the 50/50 ball. However he was the catalyst that started the TT attack.

He kept possession well, moved the ball around and made good passes into the channels. He is silky with the ball at his feet and his dribbles were successful and he did not lose the ball like Hyland. This resulted in sustained offensive pressure by T&T…attack after attack and a few corners well in a row.

It was in this spell that T&T scored it’s first and only goal for the afternoon…it was coming and you could have seen it and it started with carlos cutting inside and playing a ball down the line for Roberts who sprinted well to reach it…beat his marker and whipped in a cross for kenwyne to arrive last post and nod home from about 10 yards.

Good goal and the timing was perfect..just before the half and it deflated the visitors.

The half time came and a new artiste decided to promote his Warriors Anthem tune. Now the tune ent all that bad, but its not suited I find to a football setting…more a kinda fete, techno jump up happy tune.
But partners was in covered stand in a red jersey, flag draped on his shoulders and a white pencil jeans. He  also had a hype man with him in the same kinda garb and one of them start to jump and make split on the running track infront the stands…I know he must be was feeling d vibes eh…but those antics just get a steups and complete turnoff from all in the grounds section. Big hardback man in a white pencil jeans doing spilt…c’mon breds..  ??? Nobody ent take him on and a few were asking if the song have more than one line to it..I don’t know maybe a remix is needed but the masses ent feeling it.

The second half starts back up and Bermuda is on the attack…trying to run at T&T but never making more than 3-4 passes before being stifled out by Birchall or being dealt with by the back 4.
I was pleased by Power, James and Wolfe. They did suffer from miscommunication at times..2 of them going for the same ball. But as time went on they won everything in the air, were aggressive, played an offside trap well and Powers actually got hurt throwing his frame to block a shot and collecting a bullet to face in the process. Good sacrifice for the team.

Wolfe is not a natural right back and it showed..but he is a good footballer and he is being groomed for the position. He came into his own as the game wore on and he tackled well, recovered well, made good passes and overlapped occasionally. Nothing beat him in the air and he read the long cross balls well. He is a work in progress and coming along.

James is also a decent player. Not too good with his kicking and clearances, but good header of the ball, aggressive and good in the tackle.

The game was not dirty by any means, very few stoppages and only one yellow card to a Bermudian player for diving. A good clean game and the ref had the action flowing nicely.

After 5 minutes of soaking up pressure Stern got a long ball and was unlucky not to score, scuffing the shot and hitting it over bars. It was his last contribution and he got a round of applause for his play and determination playing under difficult circumstances. Well done #14.

Peltier then came on and impacted on the game almost immediately making darting runs down the flank and trying the through ball to KJ far post.  After a few penetrating runs the Bermuda coach made a change putting on a new wing back and after Peltier ran at him a few time Pfister then switched Peltier to the opposite flank for Tinto.

Roberts then moved up top with KJ and this new partnership  started to look promising with more and more runs by Jones or Roberts into the area. KJ was the recipient of a few tackles and I suspect this is what resulted in him coming off.

He passed the arm band to Carlos and like the armband have some kinda power…cause Carlos stopped playing shit and started to look like a General on the left..darting up and down the line making the overlapping run and looking like the Carlos of old. He is still unable to cross a ball properly with either foot and the cutback and turn getting predictable, but he can still skip and glide past players. His speed has slowed down a bit but the 2nd half was all Carlos a complete turnaround from the first half.

It was here with 15 min to go Pfister switched it to 3 at the back …with Daniel having a free Role..Tinto playing in the middle rather than the wing and allowing Wolfe the space to push up. This left Birchall playing right back and moving around the middle cleaning up wherever was needed.
I was pleased at this development  and it was here the T&T confidence came, we started passing the ball around, faster and with intensity and the Bermudians were now on the back foot.
We created a few shooting chances and one or two crosses into the box but these were either gathered by the visiting keeper or scrambled away.

With these moments of transition and increasing possession...the lack of a playmaker became evident.  Keon Daniel while useful on the ball was not effective off it and did not show for the ball or come to support the play. Tinto was also guilty off not showing, neither was what happened was a period of the game where the back three stroked the ball amongst themselves..eventually playing it long down the flank for peltier ot wolfe to chase.

It was a glaring gap…backs and fwds and nobody coming to demand the ball. Also there was little or no knock with the two central p[layers.  Most of the link up play was Jones/Kenwwyn/Roberts ..the fwd players and it is a bit worrying that this does not occur with the middle pairing.

Then the last sub came on…Clyde Leon to solidify the middle and wear down the clock for the last 10 minutes.
The formation then changed to a 4-5-1…Roberts playing the lone striker and T&T crowding the middle and playing keep away.
I like what I saw from Pfister…making changes in tactics immediately when a problem arose. Both with personnel and system.  Full marks to the coach.
Honestly Bermuda didn’t do much and India looked like a better opponent. However, T&T never stamped their authority in the game. We looked shakey at times and I would say for the most part we looked disjointed. Players took a while to wake up and get into the game and we labored through most of it.
The pace of the game was slow, but in all fairness the sun was hot and our opponents did not step up the pace dramatically either.

In conclusion a fan seeing the score or the team for the first time would be disappointed. We did not look convincing. But there were little patches of possession, skill, flair and movement to get excited about. It is definitely an improvement from the previous two coaches and we can only get better.

Also remember this is Pfisters first look at these players in a proper game and it will be a learning experience for both players and coach. But everything will iron out eventually as the games progress.

Three points in the bag and a clean sheet = a good start. This is WCQ, it’s all about 3 points and we have been successful. Looking forward to another 3 points vs Barbados next week. We have enough quality to beat these teams and I am confident of a good semi-final round from this team. We will only get better, give it time.

Team Rating – 6 – A win and a clean sheet.

Player ratings

Warner- 5 – Fair but many shakey moments not 100% confident in him yet

Wolfe, Power, James -6 All did well and were competent

Carlos-4 first half 6 second half an avg of 5….You can do better.

Tinto – 6 Lively and worked hard.

Hyland – 4- Pulled stones for the 30 min he was on the field.

Keon Daniel – 7 positive impact when he came on

Peltier – 7 very good impact sub, good touch and created opportunities

Birchall -7 hard worker and was a boss in the middle mashing up plays.

Roberts -6 got better as the game went on but not near his best

Stern -7 good fight, good link up play with Jones.

Kenwyne- 8 – very impressed by the strength, speed and leadership by Kenwyne looks a different player and led by example…tackling and all. Plus scoring a goal.

Leon- N/A too little to make an assessment. 


Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Sizzla Hospitalised After Crash
« on: August 26, 2011, 06:05:03 AM »
Apparently the Bobo was riding a Iron Horse without a helmet.

Sizzla hospitalised after crash

TT Express

Story Updated: Aug 26, 2011 at 12:50 AM ECT

Jamaican dancehall artiste Miguel Collins, popularly known as "Sizzla Kalonji'', is now a patient in the St Ann's Bay Hospital after being injured in a traffic crash Wednesday night on the Runaway Bay Main Road. Sizzla, who performed here recently, was due to perform at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on September 17.

RJR News reported that Sizzla was driving a motorcycle when he was hit by a car.

It is reported that the entertainer had just left a rehearsal for a concert scheduled for this weekend in Jamaica.

He sustained multiple injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

Sizzla was listed as being in stable condition in the accident and emergency unit.

RJR News was informed that his collar bone and one of  his fingers were broken.


Go Jamaica

Dancehall artiste Sizzla has been hospitalised in stable condition following a motor cycle crash in St Ann last night.

Sizzla, whose real name is Miguel Collins, reportedly crashed along the Salem main road near Runaway Bay around 8:30 pm Wednesday.

It is understood that the artiste, who was riding a motor cycle, collided with a bus near the popular Jerky’s Restaurant.

He was reportedly not wearing a helmet.

A member of the artiste's camp reported that the deejay was conscious, but could not speak the extent of Sizzla's injuries.

Sizzla, who hails from August Town in St Andrew, is known for hits such as Praise Ye Jah, Black Woman and Child, Thank You Mama among other conscious songs and dancehall tracks.

In June, the singjay released his 65th album titled The Scriptures.

Sizzla has been scheduled to do a series of tours in Africa, Japan, Brazil, Guyana, among countries in the Caribbean to promote the album.

Football / D Touches Match Observation T&T vs India
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:02:46 PM »
Dear Forumites,

The journey to Brazil has started and it was fitting that the first goal of the campaign was scored by none other than #14 Stern John.

I arrived late to the game and was unable to see any of the pre game antics, pitch inspection or team warm ups.

The crowd was not bad...I estimated about 2-2500 in attendance and the ticket booth was efficient, the scalpers were there in numbers, the gates easily accessible and there were a number of vendors selling everything from pelau and bake and shark to popcorn. I got a free pack of Dixie biscuit on entry and I was looking for the tstt girls, the rag, the noisemaker etc but.....SALT.

Didn't see a pieman, but the usual nuts men.."buy nuts from meh nah"..the usual pigtail bucket drinks men, the sliver cup and flags vendor and the chinggum/mints/hemp man with the see tru plastic bag was in attendance.

The sun was blistering hot and for 5:pm it was bright and sunny, uncomfortable and the glare and sun was difficult for the keeper on the movietown side (India).

The anthems were played, the Indian rendition on a kinda electronic organ akin to the Mastana Bahar intro and the TT anthem was a steelpan number. It was also pleasing that the TT flag was not dwarfed by its Indian counterpart.

Maybe I missed it but there was no entertainment, no cultural show, no dj's hyping up the crowd, no riddim section. Not a horn, whistle, thunderstick, slow hand clap or chant.

The vibes was dead...graveyard like...and there was no talking, cussin, steupsing, nuttin.

The usual crowd, you know your stadium family...the strangers that you see in the same section game after game, were not there. No big squad of males, no youths, no smallies, not even the tanties, like everybody get fed up and the crowd was made up of families with children and men on date with they new pips.

Both teams lined up in a 4-4-2 formation with India switching to a 3-5-2 midway through each half for about 15 minutes.

The TT squad

                             Marvin Phillip

 Anthony Wolfe  Carlyle Mitchell  Seon Power, Akeem Adams

Hayden Tinto  Hughtun Hector Densill Theobald (capt) Andrei Pacheco

                      Stern John  Darryl Roberts

From the kick off our captain and back four needed some time to settle and they gave away the ball under no pressure, made some hospital passes, lost the ball occasionally and forced the play a bit. But after about 5 minutes...everybody settled, got the nerves out and began to knock the ball around with authority.

I was impressed, Otto's style is evident and you could see improvement with the team. The fears I had were allayed somewhat and I think we will be comfortable against our first three opponents.

I was pleased with the shape of the team, the intensity of play, the speed and pace has improved, the possession of the ball, the off the ball runs and support were evident and we were good in attack.
Going down the wings at times, playing the long ball sometimes and if it was not on...trying to maintain possession playing thru the middle and using Roberts and Stern to hold the ball up, bring the midfield into the game or have them knock a 1-2 amongst themselves.

I was very impressed with Stern...form is temporary but class is permanent and his touch, willingness to shoot, to take on players, his screening and his vision were spot on today. He linked up well with Roberts and I like this front two with speed to run at them, the other to trap and screen. Good understanding and chemistry.

Folks Stern was tackling...yes and going in hard too. I was pleased .He scored the first goal via the penalty spot after Tinto or Roberts took on three men and was brought down in the area. It was a bullet, straight down the center and he put his finger on his lips to silence the detractors in his goal celebration.

The goal came early too and after this India came to life a little. Now folks there is a reason why India is ranked where they are ranked. To be honest, they tried were ok in shape, structure and possession. The knocked the ball around and their players did the basics well, but none were really standout or impressive. Only the winger..who tun up our wing backs a few times. Wolfe eat a belt on one occasion and get a dread cutback by the corner on another.

The TT back four were never really tested or challenged and were caught on a few occasions ball watching. I found that they allowed the Indian fwds too much space and they were hesitant to tackle..still jockeying and pointing and allowing the Indians to run at them too much instead of stepping up and resting a good blade.

Power has improved and was good in the air winning a few headers and cutting out some crosses...he was the best of the lot. But I was never comfortable with the other three and if a better teams holds on to us them fellas go be in real trouble.

But personnel aside, Pfister had the men knocking a brand...we were looking better defensively and I must say the TT side ent look so in a long time. It is a step in the right direction.

The best chance India had in the first half was when Power clumsily took out an Indian fwd 15 yards from the top off the box. I felt that Phillip didn't set his wall correctly, also I found the personnel in the wall to be a bit said so done and India's free kick taker curled a beauty into the "V". Phillips however was up to the task and got across to make the save.

Apart from that TT had a few good chances on goal...some good shots by Stern, a good drive by Tinto, Roberts going at them...the goals looked like they would come and only poor crossing by Tinto or a bad corner or a desperate lunge by the Indian defence kept TT at bay.

In terms of pulling stones two candidates were head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of killing the play, making a mistake or just playing a dunce ball and losing possession number 15 Pacheco and his wing back Adams.

Adams was nervous, unfit or just jittery as it was only bad pass, mistake or lorse ball..."to who syndrome" when kicking it long and guilty of not marking properly. The worse, worse play of the evening...a real made for tv bloopers highlight, was when he went to try and swing a cross in with all his might. he jump and leap off the ground...fuss it had venom in the cross and swipe "FRESH BREEZE" he fell down with a thud too right after.

Pacheco's touch was just off...he was moving a bit lazy or slower than the rest of the team and looked scared or bun.

At the half with the score at 1-0 TT was in control, but not comfortable. India threatened in spurts and TT started to lose a little pace and reverted to a slower deliberate knock around style.

The second half started brightly and TT scored nearly from the kick off with Tinto bursting down the line and crossing into space. Roberts then slid in and put the ball goalward. The goalie scrambled the ball and it seemed like a goalline clearance but the linesman immediately indicated that it was a goal.

That knocked the wind out of India and they tried to pass the ball around but they rarely threatened.
One attack nearly bore fruit as a mix up between Power and Mitchell allowed a ball to fall to an Indian fwd and he corked a bullet far post...but Phillips got down well to make a point blank save.

The third TT goal really pleased me as it is something we hardly ever aware on fouls and take the resulting free kick quickly. A player was pulled down en route to goal and from the resulting spot kick, while India was still looking to organize, the ball was touched quickly forward and Roberts sprinted on to it catching the entire Indian team by surprise and he buried the ball past the goalie clinically.

Before that Stern was the recipient of a good through ball and looked certain to score but the angle was tight and the goalie saved well.

TT gradually got more into the game and looked even more threatening, but the side dropped down a gear and was at walking pace from the 70th min onward.

I would have thought that Pfister would make subs...adjusting the problem players and giving others such as Stern a rest to bring on fresh men and give players a run.

But after the 75th min and no sign of a sub, it was clear Pfister knew what time it was...these were the men he going to use next game and they have to get fit. This was no audition, no trying out of players , no giving man a look...this was a get fit and wuk session.

With 8-10 min to go Toussaint came on and was an immediate live wire creating a scoring chance, drawing fouls and just being a menace to the Indian defence. I would have liked him to come on about 10 minutes sooner, but Pfister looks like he knows his team.

In the 89th min I think he brought on about 2 more players...Juma clarence who nearly scored on his first touch and somebody for theobold.

There was about 4 min injury time and tinto and toussaint combined well to terrorise the Indian defence.

I liked that TT started and finished each half strong. We kept a clean sheet, we looking like we know what we doing and we playing with more intensity and pace.

What I did not like is the central pair of Theobold and Hector...they played within their limitations, were adequate and while they both made mistakes they did not do anything special. They did not take command of the game, they did not run the show and did not stamp their authority and break down the Indians in the middle.

Most of the time it was the defence that had to do the clean up work or the fwds would be lively, press and force the Indians to make a mistake.

Also the lack of a creative midfielder is glaring. All the good through passes came either from Stern or Roberts dropping back to the midfield and playing it wide to pacheco or tinto...or the wingbacks playing the ball long across field.

Hector and Theobold don't have the specialness to make it happen, but credit to them they did well and played to their limitations.

All in all I give Pfister the thumbs up. He could have brought on Toussaint earlier, but I am sure he wanted to give Stern and Roberts the workout they needed. With the Foreign based coming back for the WCQ I understand why he ent business bout subs.

I don't know why he left on Pacheo and Adams so long  ??? when they were clearly not up to scratch also he didnt have the subs warming up atall. He didnt move up and down the touchline and he sat quietly on the bench in his white polo for most of the proceedings.

India ent no big fact a Pro League team could deal with them, but it was a useful exercise, a confidence booster and TT looked a much better unit in comparison to the last 2 coaches.

With different personnel, this team will do well. I don't think we should panic or be afraid for the next round of matches. I am only sad that Pfister didnt get another warm up game against better opposition.

A middle of Birchall and Hyland, the inclusion of a Jake Thompson, Primus, JJloyd and Carlos, throw in Kenwyne up top or add in a Daniel in the middle. We go be alright.

Folks come out for the Bermuda will be pleasantly surprised.

Till next game

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Is just a movie
« on: July 08, 2011, 06:54:07 AM »
Is just a movie

By Sheila Rampersad

Story Created: Jul 8, 2011 at 12:50 AM ECT

Trinidad Express

So Earl, I looked for you last week Wednesday, during the intermission. When I didn't see you, I looked for Errol, then I say Sonnyboy must be there so I look for him. How come none of all you was there, Earl, at Globe cinema last week Wednesday night for the 8.15?

People plan their business months before to be there that night, yes Earl, and they move in clips. From 5 p.m. that workday Wednesday, people ? I saying people, eh Earl, but was mostly men, only a handful of women and a couple infants because it wouldn't be Globe if one or two people didn't walk with their infants that hour of the night in that noise ? line up to buy tickets. A man buy 33 tickets, and wasn't to scalp, was for him and his clip. I see all of them in house middle section, a pack of men of all ages, some gangster, some grunge, some funky, some professional casual.

Movie starting at 8.15 and tickets bought by half five. By 7 p.m. they inside the cinema, blocking seats for their brethren, the line by the cafeteria winding up the stairs towards balcony and box. You know what that means, Earl? It means an hour and 15 minutes to work themselves into anticipatory paroxysms. And that they did, hooting and howling, throwing popcorn in the air, waving rags, making loud animal noises, calling out to pardners with names like "Oh!"

By the time the blue velvet curtains started to open on that old Globe screen, cheers and screams were above EMA-prescribed decibels; you could have heard them from Pyramid on Charlotte Street. Some previews, each followed by plain boos, cheers or judgements of "Sh---tttt!", and the screen went black for the name "Michael Bay" to come towards us in white letters. Globe's old, musty chairs shook with the roar, like Michael was a friend from long, long time who had returned with salvation and happiness for the dispossessed.

That roar, Earl, continued for 153 minutes. The dialogue, critics says, is incoherent, but I wouldn't know because no one in Globe that weekday Wednesday night heard a word from the screen; we only saw moving pictures. When a patron, obviously unschooled in the ways of Globe, shouted for quiet, the response was swift, spontaneous and choral, "If you want to hear the movie, go to f?king MovieTowne!" The Invaders Bay cineplex, that night in Globe, was a Decepticon, depository for the wrath of the outpriced, a muted and contained experience.

If you want to start a revolution, Earl, you don't need the romance and nostalgia of 1970, you don't need Sonnyboy's drive to be something better and bigger, or Shouters, or pan, or Mammie. You just need one Autobot. If that Autobot is Bumblebee, you could have Tunisia and Egypt combined right there on Green Corner. I know this, Earl, because at the first appearance of the yellow classic Camaro, a young man two rows in front of me leaped to his feet, and started hoarsely shouting out his lungs as if his life and the lives of all those dear to him depended on getting this Autobot to acknowledge him in Globe cinema that weekday Wednesday night - "Bumblebayyyy! Bumblebayyy! Bumblebayyy! Bumblebayyy! Bumblebayyyyyyyyyy!" As the action heightened in the plot ? which the critics say has holes but I wouldn't know ? this young man pulled off his jersey, exposing jeans dropped low on his buttocks and cotton boxers with elaborate gathers on the broad elastic band, and waved it like in fete featuring Bunji, while bouncing, bouncing and shouting, hoarsely, at the top of his lungs, "Bumblebayyyy! Bumblebayyy! Bumblebayyyyy!"

All this time, Earl, a man sitting behind me was exhaling breath that smelled like dog tootoo. At first whiff I thought someone had stepped in it en route to Globe that Wednesday night, but I realised it came in waves that matched the action on the screen, delayed by the couple seconds it took to waft from the row behind me. Them so does have woman, you know Earl.

At the climax, when Chicago was being reduced to rubble by the Driller Decepticon and Sam and his crew were inside a glass building, heroically fighting off this and that mechanical villain, Carly still in pristine white and high heels, Sam is falling off the building to sure death, Bumblebee ascends from nowhere, scaling that edifice in a few bounds and spectacularly saves his humanoid friend. The smell of dog tootoo invaded, the young shirtless man now in orgasmic delirium, stood on the seat of his chair, bounced and waved, and rhythmically declared, "Bumblebayyy! You the best f?king car! Bumblebayyyyyyyyyy!"

And this action packed sequel was not done yet. Optimus Prime is to face off with Sentinel Prime. Well, Earl, the young man didn't know what to do with himself so he climbed the handles of the seat, a foot on eat handle, and, of course, bellowed, bounced and waved.

By the time it was over, Earl, the male species in Globe that workday Wednesday night was exhausted and sweating. It being Globe, only two exits were open for hundreds to leave. A clean cut youth, jet black hair gelled slick for this important night out, threw himself on the Transformers 3 poster in the lobby, exhaled, "Oh God!" and let his tired body slip halfway to the floor.

One of the group of 33 was asking who coming back with him Thursday night.

Stanley, Errol, Claude, Wilbert, and Ralph were wrong. I with Sonnyboy, Earl. Is not just a movie.

General Discussion / Email making the rounds down here
« on: June 21, 2011, 08:45:34 PM »
I received this from 3 different people today. No I dont have the source, I don't know who the author is and I have not attached the names from the fwd list.

Just thought I would share, Movietown is a busy area and I find the victim was real brave to put up such a fight. It saved his life, but it also coulda go terribly wrong. mods I remember we have a crime and safety thread you could merge it there

Sent: Mon, 20 June, 2011 15:13:51

Dear Friends and Family,

This is what unfolded at Movie Towne P.O.S. on Saturday 18th June 2011 @ 11.55pm.  My bother-in-law and sister were almost brutally MURDERED on the western side of Movie Towne car park.  As the evening unfolded, I had a dinner party to attend however my son called me up and asked me to join him, my sister and my brother-in-law at Movie Towne POS to view the movie "X-men" at 9.15pm.  Without hesitation I did.  Excellent movie by the way.


The movie ended at 11.40pm and we all walked out towards the car park.  We first walked my son to his vehicle to make sure he was safe.  Then I turned to my sister and said "let me drop you to your vehicle." We were busy talking and without realising it I existed Movie Towne.  My brother-in-law then said to me "don't worry we would walk back inside, the car is just over there opposite Excellent Stores on the western side," (a stone throw away from the security booth). I pulled to the side and they exited my vehicle and proceeded to theirs.  I then called my sister on her cell phone while they were en route to their vehicle as I was feeling very uneasy for some reason.  We chatted as they walked and as they got into their car she said "ok, we're in the car, everything is cool".  I said ok, hanged up and proceeded towards the traffic lights.


In that fraction of a second as we both got off the phone and she turned towards her husband, she saw a very thin, young negro chap pointing a 38 calibre long nose at her husband's head.  The criminal shouted "open your f****ing door or ah go shoot all yuh!" On her side of the vehicle were two more negro men trying to open her door and diagonally behind was a White B-13 with a driver.  My brother-in-law at that instance put his glass down only to receive a gashing blow with the gun to his forehead.  The bandit then pushed the gun into his chest and he (my bother-in-law) grabbed it placing one of his finger behind the trigger and holding the barrel securely.  With death facing both of them in the face, the bandit continued to hit him continuously with a metal object bursting his head open in several places.  While this ordeal was taking place, my sister some how managed to call me on the cell screaming hysterically "they killing him, they killing him...!" I immediately spinned my vehicle around and drove straight over the median towards Movie Towne exit.  As I approached the guard booth I saw my bother-in-law's vehicle approaching and as he came to a stop there was blood everywhere.  Blood was gushing out of his head and my sister was still screaming hysterically and shaking.  He was then hastily taken to West Shore Medical.


The security at Movie Towne was of NO HELP. One security guard said to me "these things does happen sir!" Another security guard when I asked if they were not going to ward off the area said "them fellas gone already, sir!"  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  Then when I asked about the surveillance tape(s), they said "I not  sure that working  nah"  I could not believe my ears.  Is this the kind of security that Mr. Derek Chin provides at Movie Towne, P.O.S?  The safety of people that puts dollars in this man's coffers apparently seem to be insignificant to warrant proper security facilities to protect their well-being.  The restaurants and shops that are so well patronized means absolutely nothing.  Should the new branding be "Come To Movie Towne, P.O.S. At Your Risk !"


Is this the kind of place we're going to let our children and wives go too ?  Are we going to wait until one of our family members are brutally raped and murdered to do anything about this situation ?  Do you want to be brutally beaten like my brother-in-law was ? Please ask yourself these questions before venturing there !


It is obvious that the current security are either involved or not equipped or trained to ensure the safety of its patrons.  Chin needs to do something NOW about this, IT IS RIDICULOUS !!!  MY SISTER AND BROTHER-IN-LAW WAS ALMOST MURDERED . The police indicated to me that this is a regular thing that happens there and they try to keep it on the down low.


Then check this out, the very same night about one and a half hours later in the said car park when security should be on high alert due to what just previously happened, a young man is abducted at gun point, brutally beaten, tied up and thrown out of his vehicle in the Chaguaramas beach area for dead.  His car that was stolen was taken to Cocorite, to be stripped and sold I was told.


I've been informed that a group comprising of nine young men that target the Movie Towne P.O.S. is supported by a well organised "King Pin". ALL YUH HEAR WHAT I SAYING, YOU MEAN CHIN COULD NOT GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS !  WHO NEXT ? WHO NEXT ? CHIN THIS IS YOUR "BREAD AND BUTTER", DO SOMETHING NOW !!!!!


I simply ask my family and friends to forward this e-mail to everyone they know so that this never happens to them at Movie Towne, P.O.S.

Football / 2011-2012 Kit Thread
« on: May 23, 2011, 10:07:00 AM »
I find nike real messing up people jersey....but I must say that the France away kit and the Black Brazil looking Bess.
Barca is level too too this yr.

Football / How to beat the Premier League drop
« on: May 21, 2011, 11:29:39 AM »
Is a tall order but I want Wigan stay up...just for Dennis Lawrence to remain as a Premier league coach.
and Blackpool cause they does knock a good brand. Fire for birmingham, wolves and blackburn (Then Arsenal could poach Samba, Robinson and Jones)

By Chris Charles
BBC Sport Steve Kean, Mick McCarthy, Alex McLeish, Ian Holloway and Roberto Martinez

It was Sir Alex Ferguson who coined the phrase "squeaky bum time" and you can almost hear the nerve ends jangling from the north west to the West Midlands.

With West Ham already down, five clubs go into the last day of the season separated by a single point as they battle to avoid filling the final two relegation slots.

With enough permutations to leave Archimedes needing a lie down, any pair from Blackburn, Wolves, Birmingham, Blackpool and Wigan could be heading for the dreaded trapdoor come Sunday evening.

With that in mind, we've prepared this handy cut-out and keep survival guide for the infamous five, determining what they must do to keep their heads above water, barring freak results.

CLICK HERE to launch Premier League Predictor

Points: 40

Goal difference: -14

Current form (most recent result last): LLWDD

Last day: Away to Wolves

Away record: W3 D3 L12

When Sam Allardyce was sacked by the club's new owners, the Venky's poultry group, in December, Rovers were in 13th place, five points off the drop zone.

Venky's chairman Anuradha Desai said: "We want good football and Blackburn to be fourth or fifth in the league or even better." It hasn't quite worked out that way, but to use a well-worn cliché, Rovers' destiny lies in their own hands.


    They beat Wolves
    They draw with Wolves and one of Birmingham, Blackpool and Wigan fail to win
    They lose and two of Birmingham, Blackpool and Wigan fail to win

Bookies' relegation odds: 12/1 (Paddy Power)

Manager Steve Kean: "We are confident we will get a result on Sunday. It is very tight down there but we have chipped away with six results in our last eight games. That is one positive. We have got the best goal difference. That is another."

Headline they won't want to see: "Rovers And Out"

CLICK HERE to launch Premier League Predictor

Points: 40

Goal difference: -19

Current form: DLDWW

Last day: Home to Blackburn

Home record: W8 D4 L6

Wolves have been flirting with relegation all season, inspiring the "www.relegation" headlines as they juggled the bottom three slots with West Ham, West Brom and Wigan. But they have come into form at just the right time, with successive wins against West Brom and Sunderland finally lifting them out of the drop zone.

They have already taken the scalps of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City at Molineux this season and if Blackburn are added to that list, Wolves will be safe.


    They beat Blackburn
    They draw with Blackburn and two of Birmingham, Blackpool and Wigan fail to win
    They lose by one goal and two of Birmingham, Blackpool and Wigan fail to win

Bookies' relegation odds: 8/1 (William Hill)

Manager Mick McCarthy: "Ours is a winner-takes-all game. One of us could get a serious slapping and the others could draw to put us in trouble. We just don't know. I've put on the players' board: 'BEAT BLACKBURN'. Let's take care of our own game. That's what I keep saying because if we do that, then no one can do anything about it."

Headline they won't want to see: "Mick As A Parrot"

CLICK HERE to launch Premier League Predictor

Points: 39

Goal difference: -20

Current form: LLDLL

Last day: Away to Tottenham

Away record: W2 D7 L9

If there's one thing you can guarantee in the Premier League, it's that one team will drop like a stone - and this season it's Birmingham. Since winning the Carling Cup and qualifying for Europe with a famous victory over Arsenal, the Blues have gone into reverse, taking one point from the four games after their Wembley triumph and only one from their last five fixtures.

They face a tricky trip to White Hart Lane, knowing anything other than a win could mean them playing Championship football next season.


    They win by the same or a greater margin than Blackpool and Wigan
    They win and Blackburn and Wolves draw
    They draw, Wolves lose by two goals or more, and one of Blackpool and Wigan fail to win
    They lose by the same or fewer margin of goals than Blackpool and Wigan

Bookies' relegation odds: 8/11 (Sporting Bet)

Manager Alex McLeish: "It's a tough game [against Spurs] but the players have got to go and not fear it. We've got to go and do the job ourselves and see if we can pick up a point or, against expectations, three points, which would absolutely cement our Premier League status."

Headline they won't want to see: "Brum And Choke"

CLICK HERE to launch Premier League Predictor

Points: 39

Goal difference: -21

Current form: LDDDW

Last day: Away to Manchester United

Away record: W5 D4 L9

Blackpool face arguably the toughest task of the lot because, realistically, they need to get something from Old Trafford. What is in their favour is that with the Premier League wrapped up and the small matter of the Champions League final against Barcelona a week on Saturday, United are likely to put out the stiffs.

A few weeks back, Sir Alex Ferguson joked to Ian Holloway that if the title was in the bag by then he'd play himself. Ollie will be holding him to that.


    They win and Blackburn draw with Wolves
    They win and Birmingham fail to win, given that Wolves are playing Blackburn (so cannot both exceed 41 points)
    They win and Wigan fail to better their result by two or more goals
    They draw, Wigan fail to win and Birmingham lose
    They lose, Wigan lose by a similar or greater margin, and Birmingham lose by a bigger margin than Blackpool

Bookies' relegation odds: 1/4 (Stan James)

Manager Ian Holloway: "This is the most important game of my life. I believe we're good enough to pull this off and it would be in keeping with our journey so far. We are still in the fairytale and, if we go to Old Trafford and win, it will top Cinderella. In fact, it'll top any story ever written! But I believe it can happen. I've been to United before and won 4-1." (As a QPR player in 1992.)

Headline they won't want to see: "Blackpool Shower"

CLICK HERE to launch Premier League Predictor

Points: 39

Goal difference: -22

Current form: WLDDW

Last day: Away to Stoke

Away record: W3 D7 L8

The Latics have given themselves a fighting chance of survival after a thrilling win over West Ham last weekend, which condemned the Hammers to the Championship.

At 2-0 down, Wigan's six-year stay in the Premier League looked over, but they have now taken eight points from their last 15 and face a Stoke side still smarting from their FA Cup final disappointment and subsequent league defeat by Manchester City.


    They win and Blackburn draw with Wolves
    They win and better Blackpool and Birmingham's results by a margin of two or more goals
    They draw and Blackpool and Birmingham both lose
    They draw, either Blackpool or Birmingham lose, and Wolves lose by four or more goals
    They lose, while Blackpool and Birmingham both lose by goal margins two greater than Wigan

Bookies' relegation odds: 8/11 (Bet 365)

Manager Roberto Martinez: "We've come through one cup final [against West Ham] and now we have one more to prepare for this weekend. Stoke have an outstanding record at home. They are very difficult to beat and it's clear we are going to have to play very well in order to get a result."

Headline they won't want to see: "Wi-gone"

CLICK HERE to launch Premier League Predictor

Jokes / Politically Incorrect
« on: May 20, 2011, 12:39:14 PM »
Sick...but funny, it also offends everyone equally.

Politically Incorrect

In a local sports bar trivia quiz the other night, I lost by one point. The question was, where do women mostly have curly hair?...... Apparently, it's Africa       

One of the other questions was to name two things commonly found in cells.
It appears that Mexicans and African Americans is not the correct answer       

I've heard that Apple has scrapped their plans for the new children's-oriented iPod after realizing that iTouch Kids is not a good product name.     
A new Muslim clothing shop opened here in Lakeland, but I've been banned from it after asking to look at some bomber jackets     

You can say lots of bad things about pedophiles but at least they drive slowly past schools     

A friend of mine has just told me he's shagging his girlfriend and her twin.
I asked, "How can you tell them apart?" He said, "Her brother has a moustache"     

Just put a deposit down on a brand new Porsche and mentioned it on FaceBook.
I said "I can't wait for the new 911 to arrive!" Next thing I know 4000 Muslims have added me as a friend!!     

Being a modest man, when I checked into my hotel on a recent trip, I said to the lady at the registration desk ..."I hope the porn channel in my room is disabled." 
To which she replied, "No, it's regular porn, you sick bastard.”         

The red cross knocked at my door asking if I could help towards the floods in Pakistan . I said I would love to, but my hose only reaches the bottom of the driveway.

I know you will forward this one....

Jokes / I was just too embarrassed to say that
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Little Kevin was at school one morning when the teacher asked all the
children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers
came out, fireman, policeman, salesman,Company CEO, etc, but Kevin was
being uncharacteristically quiet and so the teacher asked him about his

 "My father is an exotic dancer in a gay club and takes off all
his clothes in front of other men. Sometimes if the offer is really
good, he'll go out with a man, rent a cheap hotel room and let them
sleep with him."

The teacher quickly set the other children some work and
took Little Kevin aside to ask him if that was really true.

"No" said Kevin, "He plays cricket for West Indies but I was just too embarrassed
to say that.!!!

General Discussion / VPN assistance
« on: May 03, 2011, 08:15:44 PM »
Tech Forumites I need a small helpout.

I trying to download the new black ops mappack for my xbox.

The content is region locked and as I not in the uses your ip to allow you access.Verification ting nah.

I managed to use a free vpn account to go around the thing...but the stream too slow.

So I went back on my local the rest of the pack and I reach 98%.

Problem is my free vpn account expire so I need some good soul to do one of the following for me...

1) provide a link where i could get a free trial vpn that will last more than 15-30 min without disconnecting.

2) allow me the use of your vpn (if you located in the states) so that I can continue downloading

3) You remote access my computer...and let me connect so as to download the thing for me.

Thanks in advance.

General Discussion / Sai Baba Dies
« on: April 24, 2011, 05:09:28 PM »

Revered Hindu guru Sathya Sai Baba dies at age 84


Sathya Sai Baba AP – FILE - In this April 10, 2010 file photo, Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba looks on at a function …
By AIJAZ RAHI, Associated Press – Sun Apr 24, 1:49 pm ET

PUTTAPARTI, India – Hindu guru Sathya Sai Baba, revered by millions worldwide, died Sunday after nearly a month of hospital treatment near his southern Indian ashram. He was 84.

The news brought an outpouring of grief from his followers, including high Indian officials, who remembered him as a pious person who worked selflessly to help others with the billions of dollars donated to his charitable trust.

Women selling marigold garlands broke down in tears outside the ashram, while devotees began flocking to the temple complex where the guru's body will lie through Tuesday.

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, where Sai Baba spent the past weeks on breathing support and dialysis, appealed for calm. Police, heavily deployed since Sai Baba was hospitalized March 28, kept tight control over road traffic and crowds. Shops were told to close to limit the number of people in town.

Sai Baba had a huge following, with ashrams in over 126 countries and devotees in India including high-placed politicians, movie stars, world-class athletes and industrialists.

He was said to perform miracles, conjuring jewelry, Rolex watches and "vibhuti" — a sacred ash that his followers applied to their foreheads — from his halo of wild, frizzy hair.

But rationalist critics led campaigns against him, calling him a charlatan and his miracles fake. Several news reports alleged that he sexually abused devotees — accusations he denied as vilification campaigns.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to pay last respects in Puttaparti, where a funeral with state honors is planned Wednesday morning.

Indian television ran nonstop news coverage on Sunday of the guru's death, while officials and celebrities expressed sadness over an "irreparable loss."

"Sri Satya Sai Baba was a spiritual leader who inspired millions to lead a moral and meaningful life, even as they followed the religion of their choice," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a statement. "The nation deeply mourns his passing away."

Andhra Pradesh state, where Puttaparti is located, declared four days of mourning, with its top official calling Sai Baba "a symbol of love, affection and passion."

"Sri Satya Sai Baba has given his great self to the service of humanity," Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy said. "He will be remembered for ages to come by all sections of people all over the world."

Born Nov. 23, 1926, as Sathyanarayana Raju, he was said as a child to display a tendency toward spirituality and unusual intelligence, which he expressed through music, dance and writing poetry and plays.

In 1940, at the age of 14, he declared himself an "avatar," or reincarnation, of another Hindu holy man called the Sai Baba of Shirdi, a town in western Maharashtra state, who died in 1918.

As the young guru attracted followers, his home of Puttaparti grew from a sleepy village into a vibrant town with the sprawling "Prasanthi Nilayam" ashram built in 1950, as well as a large hospital, a university and schools run by his Satya Sai Central Trust, set up in 1972 with donations from devotees.

The trust — estimated to be worth at least $8.9 billion and possibly much more — also established spiritual centers in the cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. It built another hospital in Bangalore, where Sai Baba had a summer home, and funded water supply projects in several southern states.

Though no successor has been named to run the trust, "there is or will be no vacuum," a statement released after the guru was hospitalized said.

Health woes over recent years had forced Sai Baba to cut down on public appearances. He survived a stroke and a series of heart attacks in 1963. In 2005, he began using a wheelchair, and a year later he fractured his hip when a student fell from a stool onto him.

Sai Baba was also mired in controversies, with several news reports about allegations of sexual abuse and fake miracles.

A 2004 BBC television program called the "Secret Swami" featured interviews with at least two American male devotees who claimed the guru had fondled their genitals and exposed himself to them while claiming it was part of a healing ritual.

Though he denied the allegations and was never charged with any crime, the reports led some to break with the guru.

The ashram also said Sai Baba had survived an attempt against his life, with six devotees including the guru's personal assistant killed in his bedroom in June 1993 after allegedly trying to attack him. Facts of the case still remain a mystery.

Sai Baba was never married and has no children.

Football / Real vs Barca Teams of the Century
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I feel Real winning dis one...Zidane and Fat Boy beats Messi and Dinho any day.

Real v Barca: teams of the century

BBC Sport blog editor | 13:37 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Jonathan Stevenson 

"I've got an idea," I said to my colleague the morning after Barcelona's 5-1 thumping of Shakhtar Donestk in the Champions League semi-final first leg. "When Barca and Real Madrid reach the semis, let's do a Greatest XIs blog. That'll get the punters talking."

We came up with only two problems: firstly, that it might look a bit silly to include players from the days of yore like Alfredo di Stefano and Ladislao Kubala alongside a picture (top right) of the blogger looking about 14-years-old; and secondly, have you seen how many world-class players have represented these teams down the years?

In the end, it was quite simple. We decided to take the entire last millennium out of the equation and pretend the world began in 2000. At least, I consoled myself while I crossed out the names of Diego Maradona and Michael Laudrup, 99% of you taking part in this debate will have seen the contenders in action.

So, what better way to celebrate four Clasicos in 18 days - with the second installment the Spanish Cup final on Wednesday in Valencia - than to choose your favourite Real Madrid and Barcelona teams from the past 11-and-a-bit years?

Increasingly at ease with the risk of looking foolish, here's my turn - complete with stats and facts brought to you by Infostrada Sports:

Real Madrid XI:

The author's best Real Madrid XI from 2000-present

Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas.
Easy enough to pick Spain's World Cup-winning captain, not least because he's worn Real's number one jersey with distinction since 1999, thus rendering anyone else pretty much irrelevant. Super reflexes, quick off his line and brave too.
Did you know? Despite not turning 30 until May, Casillas has played more than 400 league and 100 Champions League games for Real, and has more than 100 caps for Spain.

Right-back: Michel Salgado.

Salgado or Sergio Ramos - arguably the hardest choice in the Real XI. Salgado nicks it because of his superior defensive ability, needed in such an attack-minded side. If you want to know what he makes of Clasicos, read his column in this month's FourFourTwo. "Hate is a strong word, but Madrid want Barcelona to lose everything," he says.
Did you know? Salgado is married to former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz's daughter.

Left-back: Roberto Carlos.
Save for Paolo Maldini, if there has been a better left-back in the past 20 years I haven't seen him. Carlos gave the team energy, pace and attacking threat down that flank - and could you ever take your eyes off that stuttering run-up and thunderous free-kick?
Did you know? Carlos is the only non-European player with more than 100 Champions League appearances.

Centre-back: Fernando Hierro.

Real's skipper and inspiration, Hierro's never-say-die attitude made him the perfect foil for the creative whizz-kids at the other end of the pitch. He won La Liga five times and the Champions League three more in a stellar spell at the Bernabeu. "He was the captain of captains," said Raul.
Did you know? Hierro played in Real's Champions League final wins in 1998, 2000 and 2002. They have not been in the final since his departure.

Centre-back: Fabio Cannavaro.

Perhaps joined Real a shade after the best part of his career, but nonetheless a wonderful defender - and still the only one to be named Fifa Player of the Year. Cannavaro filled Zidane's vacant number five shirt with relish and won the league in his first two seasons in Madrid.
Did you know? On 12 August, 2009, Cannavaro won his 127th Italy cap - taking him ahead of the previous record holder, Paolo Maldini.

Centre-midfield: Claude Makelele.
Selling Makelele was perhaps the biggest mistake Real have made this century. With him, their phalanx of attacking players were free to create carnage; without him, they were rudderless. "We won't miss Makelele, his technique is average," said president Florentino Perez in 2003. After the signing of David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane begged to differ: "Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?"
Did you know? Makelele has appeared in a record eight Champions League semi-finals.

Centre-midfield: Zinedine Zidane.

A player of more astounding technical skills it is hard to imagine. Joined for a world record £46m in 2001 and blessed Spanish football with his captivating class until retiring after that World Cup final in 2006. The three-time Fifa Player of the Year's goal in the 2002 Champions League final will live long in the memory.
Did you know? In April 2002, Zidane became the first Real player since Canario in November 1960 to score a European goal at Barcelona's Camp Nou.

Right midfield: Luis Figo.
Gets the nod ahead of David Beckham because on his day the Portuguese winger was unstoppable. Joined from Barca in 2000 in one of the most controversial transfers of all time and enjoyed a wonderful seven years in Madrid, being named the world's finest footballer in 2001 and going on to win a record 127 caps for his country.
Did you know? In the last 50 years, eight players have moved from Barca to Real. Only one - Figo - has had a pig's head thrown at him as a result.

Left midfield: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The sheer volume of goals he has scored in almost two seasons at the Bernabeu almost beggars belief. He bagged 33 last season and already has 41 this time around - if it was not for Lionel Messi, he would be comfortably the most talked-about player on Earth. Finally got through a Clasico without defeat on Saturday, too.
Did you know? Ronaldo's buy-out clause is reportedly worth €1bn.

Striker: Raul.
A goalscoring machine whose heart belongs to Real Madrid. He left the club last summer after 16 trophy-laden years and 323 goals in 741 matches. Raul was a creator and a predator all rolled into one. "Real buy these big players like Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo but I think the best player in the world is Raul," said Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson in 2003.
Did you know? Raul moved to Real after Atletico Madrid chairman Jesus Gil shut down their youth academy where he was training.

Striker: Ronaldo.

The best thing about Il Fenomeno's retirement from football in February was the spate of highlights reels flying around showcasing the Brazilian in his magnificent prime. A striker of unparalleled physical power combined with an oft-overlooked finesse, before he was left ravaged by injury Ronaldo was unplayable.
Did you know? Ronaldo scored 47 goals in 49 games for Barcelona in the 1996-97 season, aged 20.

Manager: Vicente del Bosque.

A Real man through and through. He won La Liga five times in a fine playing career at the Bernabeu and remains the last man to lead Real to the Champions League trophy, in 2002. Was bizarrely sacked a year later, one day after the club had won their 29th league title.
Did you know? Del Bosque was awarded the honorary title of Marquis by King Juan Carlos after leading Spain to World Cup victory in South Africa.

Barcelona XI:

The author's Barcelona XI from 2000-present

Goalkeeper: Victor Valdes.
Almost as easy a choice as Casillas - it's easy to forget the 29-year-old Valdes has been Barca's first-choice keeper since midway through the 2003-04 season. After some shaky displays in the early days he has improved year after year and has won the Zamora Trophy for best keeper in Spain three times to Casillas's one.
Did you know? Since the 2001-02 season, Valdes leads La Liga in clean sheets - he has 131, Casillas 129.

Right-back: Dani Alves.
A man who tends to divide football fans in half. On the plus side he is a destructive force down Barca's right, starting attacks and creating goals and defying science with his boundless energy. But his play-acting and argumentative nature sometimes deflect from what a good player he is. Labelled his "natural successor" for Brazil by the great Cafu - no mean feat when Alves is competing with Maicon for the right-back privilege.
Did you know? Alves has assisted 13 goals in La Liga this season - second only to Lionel Messi.

Left-back: Gio van Bronckhorst.
Arguably under-rated as a full-back having started his career in midfield, 'Gio' was unwanted by Arsenal, 28 and on his way back from a year out with a cruciate knee ligament injury when he arrived at the Camp Nou in 2003. But he forged a superb alliance with Ronaldinho down the Barca left and helped them to two league titles and the Champions League in 2006.
Did you know? When Van Bronckhorst left Barca in 2007, it ended a 10-year period in which the Catalan club had employed at least one Dutchman.

Centre-back: Carles Puyol.

The heart and soul of Barcelona since he pulled on the famous Blaugrana shirt in October 1999. Puyol, a born and bred Catalan, has been club captain since 2004 and puts his body on the line every time he wears the armband. "Barca are the team every Catalan child wants to play for... I am living the dream," he once said.
Did you know? Puyol's surprise appearance after injury on Saturday was his 23rd in Clasicos. He hasn't missed a league match against Real since March 2001.

Centre-back: Gerard Pique.
Puyol's partner in crime since returning to the Camp Nou in May 2008 after a four-year spell at Manchester United. Tall, elegant, a masterful reader of the game despite only being 24, and with the ability to step out of defence and start attacks, Pique could turn into one of the great defenders of any era. Already has 13 major trophies to his name.
Did you know? Real Madrid have banned the 2010 World Cup song 'Waka Waka' since it emerged singer Shakira is in a relationship with Pique.

Centre-midfield: Xavi.
Arguably the world's best midfield player, it took Xavi a while to get the plaudits his perfect passing deserves, despite making his Barca debut all the way back in 1998. Unerringly accurate, he regularly completes more than 100 passes in a game, set up four goals in Barca's 6-2 win at Real a year ago, and was man of the match in the 2009 Champions League final against Man United.
Did you know? Xavi, who this season surpassed Migueli as Barca's record appearance maker, bought his mum a toaster with his first paycheck.

Centre-midfield: Deco.

Combative and skilful, Deco had one eye for a tackle and the other one for goal and the Brazilian-born Portuguese was a crucial component in the Frank Rijkaard era. His terrific work-rate made him the perfect foil for Ronaldinho - Luiz Felipe Scolari once said their partnership could "make rain fall".
Did you know? Along with Paulo Sousa and Secretario, one of only three Portuguese players to win the Champions League with two different clubs.

Centre-midfield: Andres Iniesta.
Another, like Xavi, who had to wait his turn to be appreciated. Iniesta's astonishing technical skills and reading of the game might have endeared him to the Barca fans, but his lack of goals was regularly highlighted as a major weakness for an attacking midfielder. Winners against Chelsea in the 2009 Champions League semi-final and the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final appear to have changed that.
Did you know? Iniesta's name has been applauded at every Spanish ground this season because of his winner in Johannesburg last summer.

Left forward: Ronaldinho.
How many other Barca players have ever been given a standing ovation in the Bernabeu? Ronaldinho was signed in 2003 after Barca missed out on David Beckham - perhaps the biggest slice of luck in the Catalan club's recent history. For three years he was out of this world; with that galloping stride, those mesmerising feet and a smile that charmed us all, in full flow he was truly a sight to behold.
Did you know? Ronaldinho scored five Clasico goals in the space of 18 months from November 2004 to April 2006.

Right forward: Lionel Messi.
The heir to Diego Maradona's throne in an Argentina shirt and Ronaldinho's in a Barca one - and he may yet go on to be better than them both. Messi is only 23, yet has been named the best player on Earth twice and this season already has 49 goals, breaking the Spanish record he already held with the Brazilian Ronaldo and Ferenc Puskas. Electric feet, clinical finishing, implausible balance... where will it all end?
Did you know? After watching a 16-year-old Messi against his Juventus side in a friendly in 2003, Fabio Capello asked: "Who is this little devil?"

Striker: Samuel Eto'o.
Goals, goals, goals. Eto'o, mind-bogglingly cast away by Real Madrid, was a guaranteed 25-a-season man and with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Deco, Ronaldinho and Messi teeing him up, he never disappointed. Eto'o scored in the 2006 and 2009 Champions League finals and left the club with Barca's first Treble as his legacy.
Did you know? Aged 15, Eto'o arrived at Madrid airport in 1996 to find Real had forgotten to send a representative to pick him up.

Manager: Pep Guardiola.
Could have made it into the team; after all, midfield general Guardiola only left Barca in 2001 after a successful 11-year spell. Returned to coach Barcelona B in 2007 and was - riskily - made first-team boss only a year later, winning the Treble in his first season as a coach. His contract runs out at the end of next season and Guardiola has hinted he may call it a day, but no-one in Catalonia will want him to leave.
Did you know? Guardiola counts Manuel Estiarte, apparently one of the finest water polo exponents of all time, as one of his closest friends.

I know - seven players from this season's Barcelona team. Is it too many, or does that reflect just what a top team this is? Only two from Real's current crop, but there is plenty of time for the likes of Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira and Karim Benzema to make their mark.

Maybe one day, when I'm old and grey, I'll get away with doing all-time XIs. Wonder how many of these boys would make it...

General Discussion / WIFI Thread
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Barbados...Free Wifi access for all

Source Click Here

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados Thursday, April 14, 2011 – It’s on! The goal to make Barbados the first country in the world to provide 100% free Wi-Fi access to all of its citizens is gaining major traction. 

The Wi-Fi project, branded “11:11:11ON”, is designed to position Barbados as a world leader in the global marketplace. It is widely believed that Information Technology capability and capacity is the single most important transformational force that a country can harness.

This point was reiterated by Britain’s most successful black entrepreneur, Piers Linney as he spoke at the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation’s (BEF) Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Forum held in March. Piers noted that a successful entrepreneurial economy could not be build without decent connectivity. “In the old days you built roads, canals and railways. Now you’re building information superhighways, internet connections,” the entrepreneur had noted.

“The people who contribute to the realisation of these goals will create a vastly better life for our children and their children. ”        --Melanie Jones

This month the Entrepreneurs’ Forum will focus entirely on the “11:11:11ON” initiative. The bold and ambitious initiative was endorsed by our late Prime Minister David Thompson who coined the phrase “from rum shop to bus stop” as he described the level of wireless connectivity he envisioned for his people.

“Having completely free wireless access across Barbados will be a significant turning point in our history and in the way we do business as a jurisdiction. This is absolutely essential if Barbados is to become the “The #1 Entrepreneurial Hub in the World by 2020,” said Chairman of the BEF, Peter Boos. ”

The Wi-Fi project falls under the BEF’s Business facilitation pillar which is spearheaded by Partner at LEX Caribbean, Melanie Jones. Melanie and her Wi-Fi Team will be presenting the concepts, philosophy and business models to the public. There will also be a panel discussion where the members of the public will be given the opportunity to question the Wi-Fi Team and offer suggestions on the way forward.

“The people who contribute to the realisation of these goals will create a vastly better life for our children and their children. Future generations will look back at this legacy and herald its champions as great leaders and visionaries,” explained Melanie Jones.

The Monthly Entrepreneurs’ Forums hosted by the BEF are designed to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and business professionals, as well as facilitate networking opportunities. This month the forum will be held at The Plantation Garden Theatre, St. Lawrence on Thursday April 21st from 6:00-8:00 pm

About Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc.

The Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation is a non-profit organistion founded in 2010 with the vision of making Barbados “The #1 Entrepreneurial Hub in The World by 2020”.  Led by its Chairman Peter Boos, CEO Damian McKinney, and a group of local and international entrepreneurs as its board, the goal of the Foundation is to create an enabling environment for sustainable business development through advancing best practices in the areas of Finance, Government Policy, Education and Skills, Mentorship and Business Facilitation. For more information please visit

General Discussion / Keep Religion out of schools
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Ehy Trinity yuh have a disciple breds  ;)

Here is a writer with an alternative view.

That said I do not agree with this writer, I find he is very presumptuous and I was just shaking my head at some of the things being put forth. But alyuh say a prayer for him.

Source Trinidad Express

Keep religion out of schools
By Rajiv Gopie

Story Created: Apr 15, 2011 at 12:43 AM ECT

Story Updated: Apr 15, 2011 at 12:43 AM ECT

Part 1

• Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway and the Netherlands — countries with the lowest crime rates in the world, less than 30 per cent of the people are religious.

• Colombia, Jamaica, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa — countries with the highest crime rates in the world, more than 80 per cent of the people are religious.

LAST week, when I read there was some lunacy being floated around that religion was going to be taught in schools, I almost blew a gasket. I started to write my column only to realise it was being driven by disbelief and anger and not by logic, facts, figures and academic proof which are what I base my columns on. I cooled off, decided to read the arguments of the proponents and then respond rationally.

Examine the above data from the United Nations Criminal Justice Information Network, the CIA World Factbook and various national statistical agencies. Look closely at the countries that have the lowest crime rates and what does one notice? Then look at those with the worst crime rates. What does one notice? Yes, you are right — the most religious countries are the worst in terms of crime, whilst the lowest crime rates exist in countries that have large numbers of non-religious people — atheists and agnostics.

I read an interesting argument that T&T is experiencing a high murder rate because of moral and social decay and in some odd way this is connected to lack of religious education! Is anyone as confused as I am? To tell me that teaching religious studies in school is going to lessen crime is the equivalent of saying prayer will heal cancer and HIV. Well it has not and it is not going to.

Schools are supposed to be bastions of wisdom, places where facts, figures, science, history and truth reign supreme. Not places for children to learn about stories from books that have been proven wrong so many times one wonders why revised editions have not been put out. Do not get me wrong. Religious tolerance is a worthy trait and should be instilled. But this should be done through the teaching of the social sciences, history and philosophy; through theological studies that dissect and analyse and many cases disprove religious theories. Not through forcing children to listen to people yap for hours about things that have no factual basis.

Religious tolerance needs to be fostered though everyday interaction, cultural shows, exhibitions in school libraries etc, Not by forcing kids to zone out — and they will zone out — for an hour or so a week. If anything, kids will get more dismissive; if it is one thing that all people but more so children hate, it is to be forced to do anything.

What about the non-believers, the atheists and the agnostics? What will happen to them? I know as a humanist/agnostic myself, if someone had tried to teach me religion in secondary school I would have been thrown out of class more times than I was, because I would argue endlessly. But what about the other students not like me who will sit there in discomfort for hours, being told stories that belief in some form or another of God(s) is the way to heaven?

One may ask, how many non-believers are there in secondary school? Well, I interact with secondary school pupils online a lot. Any sample would show that while many are nominal members of some religion, most could not care less and believe even less. If you do not believe me ask a teenager if they really believe in what their religion says, the stories and myths. Be prepared for a surprise. They may say they are Hindu/Muslim/Christian, but only in name; they do not adhere to or believe most of what those religions teach.

What exactly is going to be taught? Is it a cursory review of the major religions? Is it their principles, because the principles of two of the largest Abrahamic religions (Islam and Christianity) in our country are fundamentally incompatible with the Kumbaya notion being peddled in the articles I read.

Those religions state that there is only one God — their God, there is only one way — their way and others will be cast to hell and fire and brimstone and so on. Is this what 14-year-olds are going to be told?

Which religions are going to be taught? There are many minorities in T&T including some Kabir Panth, Baha'i, Baptists and Jews. Are their faiths going to be taught? What of some of the lovely passages from those good books? Are the homophobic ones going to be mentioned? How will the gay/bisexual and lesbian youngsters feel? The passages that call for the stoning of disobedient children, the ones that call people infidels, the one that says kill the Jew under the rock, the one that says fire will come to burn those who do not believe?

We would like some answers. School is for advancement, not fairy tales. It has been proven time and time again that as education increases, religion decreases, development increases and crime decreases. The teaching of religion is best left to the home and to the society that must demonstrate the values they preach.

It makes no sense to have children learn about religion and then the imams, pastors and pundits go lambasting other faiths and either calling for them to repent, convert or be prepared for hell. What should be thought in school is knowledge grounded in facts and reality. With this knowledge comes power and this power crushes the illusion of religion. From this only good things come forth.

• Next week —Religion — a failed experiment.

• Rajiv Gopie won the President's Medal for business studies/modern studies in 2006. He is an HBA candidate in International Studies and Social/Cultural Anthropology at the University of Toronto


Football / Bosnia-Hercegovina handed Fifa international ban
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Bosnia-Hercegovina handed Fifa international ban

Page last updated at 11:12 GMT, Friday, 1 April 2011 12:12 UK

Bosnia pose for a team photo Bosnia beat Romania 2-1 in their Euro 2012 qualifying campaign last week

Bosnia-Hercegovina have been suspended from world football after refusing to comply with governing body Fifa's regulations.

The Bosnian Football Federation (NSBIH) had been ordered to change its three-man presidency into one single position by both Fifa and European body Uefa.

But the move was rejected at a NSBIH meeting on Wednesday, prompting Fifa to take immediate action.

The suspension means Bosnia cannot play any international matches.

They are currently fourth in Group D of the 2012 European Championships qualifying campaign, five points behind leaders France and a point behind Belarus and Albania but with a game in hand over their rivals.

But Bosnia's next match away to Romania on 3 June looks unlikely to go ahead unless Fifa and Uefa lift the suspension, which also prevents Bosnian teams or officials from participating internationally.

"Fifa and Uefa deeply regret that this decision had to be taken," the governing bodies said in a joint statement on Friday.

Edin Dzeko in Bosnian colours Manchester City's Edin Dzeko is Bosnia's star striker

The FFBIH is run along similar lines to Bosnia's complex political system, with a rotating presidency shared between a Muslim, a Serbian and a Croatian.

Although Fifa tolerated the system because of the deep ethnic divisions following the war with neighbours Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s, the world governing body demanded the FFBIH fall into line with the rest if the world in October last year.

The federation was given a 31 March deadline to comply, but the move was rejected at a meeting in Sarajevo on Tuesday by the Bosnian Serbs, who opposed the single-president plan because of fears it would jeopardise their autonomy after 28 of the 53 NFSBiH representatives voted against the motion.

"Consequently, the NFSBiH loses all its membership rights with immediate effect and until further notice," said the Fifa and Uefa statement.

"The NFSBIH representative and club teams are no longer entitled to take part in international competitions as of 1 April 2011 and until the aforementioned problem is solved.

"This also means that, as of 1 April 2011, no NFSBiH official or representative may participate in any international match or event."

Denying the players a chance to perform on the big stage through no fault of their own is like sending innocent people to prison
Bosnia manager Safet Susic

The move has angered Bosnia manager Safet Susic, who said Uefa should formulate a solution to allow his team's Euro 2012 campaign to continue.

"There is absolutely no chance that the NFSBIH might find a way out of the present deadlock and get the job done," said the former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, whose team have never qualified for a major international event as an independent country.

"These people are incapable of running the NFSBIH properly, although this situation is partly a result of political orders because Bosnia is an ethnically divided country where a dysfunctional system has now caught up with football.

"Denying the players a chance to perform on the big stage through no fault of their own is like sending innocent people to prison.

"We can only hope that Uefa and Fifa will show some level of understanding for our political situation and come up with a feasible model because, quite frankly, I don't see another way."

Fifa could install an emergency committee to run emergency panel to run the federation for 12 months, a process which has been used in El Salvador, Kuwait, Senegal and Samoa.

Football / The first ever Black Professional Player in World Football
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Football finally remembers its forgotten pioneer

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Matt Slater | 09:58 UK time, Monday, 28 March 2011

Professional footballer, record-breaking sprinter, champion cyclist, club cricketer: to suggest Arthur Wharton could play a bit is to tell only a fraction of an incredible story.

That story, which starts in the Gold Coast (present-day Ghana) in 1865 and appears to end in a pauper's grave near Doncaster in 1930, was lost for over 60 years but is now finally being given the attention it deserves.

I say "appears to end" because a more appropriate final chapter to Wharton's life is currently being written, thanks, in large part, to the efforts of two people: Darlington businessman Shaun Campbell and Rotherham grandmother Sheila Leeson.

This pair will be part of a Wembley ceremony before Tuesday's England v Ghana friendly to celebrate Wharton's legacy as the first black professional in world football. And with this being the first senior match between England and its former colony, it is difficult to think of a more suitable occasion to mark the achievements of a true pioneer.

The son of a renowned half-Grenadian, half-Scottish Methodist minister and a Ghanaian princess, an intrepid Wharton came to England in 1884 aged 19.

Arthur Wharton

A remarkable sportsman, Wharton was versatile enough to play in goal and on the wing

The plan was to train as a missionary at Cleveland College but the more secular calling of Darlington FC proved impossible to resist. The pulpit's loss was sport's gain.

The "gentleman amateur" soon became a fixture between the sticks for Darlo and it was during his first season with the club that he was spotted by Preston North End. He joined the Lancashire giants a year later and featured in their run to the FA Cup semi-finals in 1887 (this was when the FA Cup was football's premier competition).

But Wharton was no ordinary goalie. For a start, he was also the world record-holder for 100 yards - his Amateur Athletics Association Championship-winning performance at Stamford Bridge in 1886 was the first anywhere to stop the clock at 10 seconds flat. And in 1887 he set a record time for a bike race between Preston and Blackburn.

This all-round prowess led Wharton to quit PNE for a stint as a professional runner in 1888 - so he missed being a part of the club's storied Double-winning team in 1889 - but a year later he was back in football as a professional with Rotherham Town.

Five seasons there were followed by a move to Sheffield United, where he spent most of his single season in the First Division as understudy to the legendary William "Fatty" Foulke.

After that there were stints with Stalybridge Rovers, Ashton North End and Stockport County. His last season was County's Division Two campaign in 1902.

There may have been no major honours or international caps during Wharton's 17-year career but how many other goalkeepers can you think of that were versatile enough to play winger too? And that's not to mention his feats in club cricket, athletics or cycling. Wharton would have given C. B. Fry a run for his money in a Victorian version of Superstars.

So why don't we know more about him?

There is no easy answer to that but any attempt would surely start with racism (he was commonly called "Darkie" Wharton) and end with bad luck (he fell on hard times after his playing days were finished).

That we know anything about him at all is mainly down to the aforementioned Campell and Leeson.

The latter often wondered about the grandparents her mother refused to talk about but did not pursue the matter until her mum died in 1991 and she found a box of photographs.

That box sat unopened in her house for three years until her husband died and she was forced to move. Sorting through her belongings, Leeson's son-in-law found the photos and spotted one of particular interest, a fading snap of a wiry-looking sportsman standing by a large trophy.

That sportsman was Wharton and the trophy was the prize for that record-breaking sprint 108 years before. Leeson did not need another invitation to uncover her hidden history.

Before long the retired schoolteacher, now 79, had found her grandfather's unmarked grave and, with the help of historian Phil Vasili, put together the pieces of his later years.

Once his days as a professional sportsman were over, Wharton became a miner, moving from colliery to colliery and drinking too much. From the scrap heap to the slag heap. When the end came at 65 he was penniless.
Rio Ferdinand with a model of the Arthur Wharton statue

But by 1997 he was no longer forgotten. First, a Sheffield-based charity called "Football Unites, Racism Divides" took up Wharton's cause and paid for a headstone. And then, a decade later, Campbell entered the fray.

A self-styled "creative thinker and practitioner", Campbell first heard of Wharton when he picked up a leaflet about him at an anti-racism event.

Moved by his story, Campbell set up the Arthur Wharton Foundation and began a campaign that should result in Darlington getting a fitting memorial to one of its most illustrious but underappreciated adopted sons: a bronze statue of Wharton tipping a shot over the bar.

The cast of characters who have played a role in what will be the first public statue of a black footballer in this country is almost too long to list but a few names stand out: the Ghana-born George Boateng (who became the foundation's first football patron during his stint at Hull City), Viv Anderson (the first black player to represent England in a full international), the writer Irvine Welsh and music legend Stevie Wonder.

But perhaps the biggest step towards a proper memorial to Wharton came last year when the Football Association gave £20,000 to the foundation. That money, coupled with a slightly smaller donation from Uefa, has enabled Campbell to commission the respected sculptor Vivien Mallock, whose earlier work includes the statue of a young Brian Clough that stands in Middlesbrough's Albert Park.

No firm decision has been made yet on where Mallock's Wharton will reside but Campbell promised me "it will be somewhere people can see it and be inspired by it".

A model of the statue will be presented to Leeson by Sir Trevor Brooking in Tuesday's pre-match presentation, although she told me she was more excited by the prospect of meeting some of the footballers who have followed the trail her grandfather blazed more than a century ago.

Recognising that achievement on this night of Anglo-Ghanaian relations is a celebration worthy of Wharton and an indication of how far we have come.

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Football / How to draw a foul...smack yourself in the face.
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Source Metro UK

Chile U20 star tries to get opponent sent off by smacking himself in face

In probably the greatest - or should that be worst - attempt to get an opponent sent off ever, Chile U20 star Bryan Carrasco has been caught smacking himself in the face with another player's hand in a bid to win a free-kick.

Bryan Carrasco uses Edson Montano's hand to smack himself in the face Bryan Carrasco (right) of Chile uses Edson Montano's hand to smack himself in the face (Pic: YouTube)

During the South American Under-20s World Cup qualifier between Chile and Ecuador earlier this month, Carrasco decided he would try to fool the officials and get Edson Montano sent off for raising his arms.

With his side losing 1-0 and only 14 minutes of the game remaining, Carrasco used an Ecuador throw-in to position himself behind Montano and hatch his dastardly plan.

As TV replays show, as soon as the throw-in is taken, Carrasco deliberately grabs Montano’s left hand and punches himself straight in the face.

Amazingly, the ridiculous ploy worked.

After throwing himself to the ground, the referee awarded Chile a free-kick and Carrasco quickly jumped to his feet and ran off.

Unfortunately for the 20-year-old (although fortunately for the good game of football), the referee decided to keep his cards in his pockets and decided against booking Montano.

Even worse, TV cameras picked up every second of his brazen act, leaving the match commentators suitably appalled and amused in equal measure.

Slowed down replays show the incident in all its glory, pinpointing the exact moment Carrasco grabs his opponent’s hand and hits himself in the face.

Ultimately, though, his efforts were in vain. The score-line remained the same and Ecuador went on to claim the final South American qualifying spot for the Under-20 World Cup.

Watch Carrasco hitting himself in the face with Montano's hand:

Read more:

Trinidad Express

Woodbrook residents agree to parking permits...accept Mayor's plan to reduce blocked driveways
By Camille Bethel

Story Updated: Feb 17, 2011 at 11:45 PM ECT

Woodbrook residents were up in arms on Wednesday evening when Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing proposed the introduction of permit stickers to allow them to park their vehicles outside their homes without fear of the wrecker.

However, after the permit sticker system was explained, residents agreed it would be the best solution to an ongoing problem in the neigbourhood, Lee Sing said yesterday.

"We have introduced the permit sticker to protect the Woodbrook residents from having their vehicles impounded if they park in their own driveway."

He said residents have the right to park in front their own driveways, but because there was no system in place before, there were a couple of times where their vehicles would have been impounded because they were parked in front of their driveways.

"The permit system is to avoid all of that."

Two stickers, he said, would be allotted to each household, which would have to be renewed annually.

"Woodbrook residents are only entitled to one driveway based on the regulations of the city; you, therefore, don't need more than two stickers per household.

"In fact, you only needed one because, really, you only have one driveway, and only one car could park in front of the driveway at a time."

He said if a household has more than two cars, then family members should park those cars in their yards.

Lee Sing said residents had an additional fear they would not be able to park on the road if they did not have a permit. However, he said they could park on the road if there is space.

"You are free to park anywhere on the road, governed by the normal road traffic regulations, but you can't park in front of the gateway if you don't have the sticker... We will not be held responsible for that," he said.

The mayor said the City Corporation had also proposed parking on side streets between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the best interest of the residents, but they felt it would have been an imposition on them.

"(They did not understand) that this was in their best interest, and so they did not agree with that, and so that proposal was not carried forward."

Lee Sing said at the end of the meeting, held at the St Crispin's Anglican Primary School on Ariapita Avenue, on Wednesday evening, everyone was in agreement with the permit stickers.

Football / Barcelona Forever.
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Source: BBC Sport

The house that built Barca

Uefa Champions League
Venue: The Emirates Date: Wednesday 16 February Kick-off: 1945 GMT Coverage: BBC Sport website, BBC Radio 5 live and ITV1

Pepe Reina, Cesc Fabregas and Carles Puyol are graduates of La Masia

By Matthias Krug

The small, unassuming, brown-brick house built in traditional Catalan style stands almost unnoticed as the great swarm of Barcelona fans head towards the Nou Camp.

This is the house - La Masia - that has been the foundation of Barca's success. It provides the DNA for the club's players, the philosophy for how the game should be played - to pressure, to keep possession, to attack.

The three 2010 Fifa Ballon d'Or finalists Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez, and much of Barcelona's first team all learned their trade at La Masia.

Another, of course, is Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, who is preparing to face his former classmates in the last 16 of the Champions League on Wednesday.

The stellar names to have graduated from La Masia are impressive and the Spanish champions intend to maintain their conveyor belt of talent at a new state-of-the-art facility just south of the city, which will open in September.

But back to La Masia. It is in these homely surroundings, a mere stone's throw from the Nou Camp, that promising young players have matured into world stars. Graduation photographs of current captain Carles Puyol and coach Pep Guardiola hang on the wall of the brown-tiled dining room where Messi would have had lunch. In the small adjacent games room, Xavi would have played table tennis.
Daily schedule of La Masia student
06:45 Get up and make bed
07:00 Breakfast at La Masia
07:30 School bus pick-up
08:00-14:00 School
14:15 Lunch
15:00 Free hour
16:00-18:00 Added schooling
19:00-20:45 Training
21:00 Shower/Bus back to La Masia
21:30 Dinner
22:00 TV/Internet

Nearby the kitchen, next to the stairs, a cook greets you with a hearty laugh, while in the upstairs study room, which has a view of the Nou Camp, the likes of Iniesta would have done their homework.

The bedrooms are split up with a few on the top floor and the remainder sprinkled around the Nou Camp.

La Masia has an air of tradition mingled with expectancy and an atmosphere of fun and familiarity.

There is not much more to the place than that, but it is these 600 square metres that make the Barcelona youth system so unique in producing the football equivalent of gold.

"This Barcelona team is made up of a lot of people from La Masia, and that's an important factor in our success, because we know each other for such a long time," Iniesta told BBC Sport.

"We grew up here together with the same idea of football in mind and playing according to the same philosophy."

And, in many ways, it is Iniesta, the midfielder lauded by fans across Spain this season for his 2010 World Cup-winning goal, who personifies La Masia's spirit.

"Andres is one of the players who best represents what we stand for here in La Masia, who most comes here to visit us, and who has the best links with us," said La Masia director Carles Folguera as we settled down for an interview in the conference room next to the small wooden bar area that leads into the residence.

Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Xavi
Barca's three Fifa Ballon d'Or finalists

"Andres had a very bad time at the start here in La Masia. He's very family orientated, and with his family far away in Albacete, he took some months to adapt.

"But he did adapt very well in the end, and he's really humble considering all that he's achieved. Here we teach discipline, order, control, and we try to show that a football player can be a star without being a 'show-off', just by making your team-mates better."

The key to Barca's current success is a philosophy of play which emerged as a direct descendant of Holland's Total Football of the 70's, and is implemented throughout the club's teams - from seven-year-olds right up to the first team.

"Everyone says our philosophy started with the 'Dream Team' of Cryuff," Folguera stated.

"I think it was born out of the attempt to dominate play by keeping possession of the ball. We're always looking for a type of player who's not physical but a very good thinker, who's ready to take decisions, who has talent, technique and agility. Physical strength is not important."

Scouted from across Spain, the 60 young players who live at La Masia play surprisingly little football - just over one and a half hours per day.

Instead, there is a heightened emphasis on school work, with players expected to attend extra classes with tutors at La Masia once they return to the centre after a day at school.

This way, the students who do not make it into professional football can opt for university or find employment.

"Here is where the stars all started," added Folguera, throwing a proud glance at photographs of some of the most illustrious years to have graduated from La Masia: one includes Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina with Xavi and Puyol.

"So the current players think: 'I'm in a good place'. But that's also a danger. We have to let them see that the dream is a long journey. We tell them to have patience, and that not all of them will make it.

"Pep Guardiola likes to help, but not all 48 players who are currently here can make it. Despite this, La Masia is of course the ideal place for a young player to come."

La Masia director Carles Folguera surveys a picture of graduated classes in the dining room
Folguera has seen many current stars blossom at La Masia

The less-is- more approach of Barcelona's training regime is designed to make each training session of the highest possible quality.

"It is all about bringing high intensity into those sessions," the club's football youth academy co-ordinator Albert Puig explained.

"Up to the age of 16 we don't do any fitness training with the boys, just practice with the ball. Then we add the fitness training, but always incorporated into exercises with the ball."

Little wonder, then, that players like Pedro, who hails from the Canary Islands, and local players such as Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique seemingly run with the ball stuck to their boots.

Of course, there have been mistakes - and costly ones at that - with Fabregas allowed to leave for the English Premier League and Arsenal and Pique spending four years under Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

Pique came home at a cost of £9.7m, but Fabregas is still in north London.

Watching the La Masia graduates in the Barcelona first team the game seems easy. They exhibit a sureness bordering on laziness, zip the ball back and forth in triangles and play double-one-two's that leave the opposition - and the crowd - awestruck.

"It doesn't just look easy. It is easy to play with the La Masia players," Brazilian right-back Dani Alves told the BBC. "They have unbelievable qualities on the ball and you have to be happy about playing in a team like this."

And still La Masia keeps churning them out.

Andreu Fontas, Thiago Alcantara, Marc Bartra, Jonathan dos Santos and Victor Vazquez offered a glimpse of the next Barca generation in December 2010 in Barcelona's final Champions League group match against Russian champions Rubin Kazan.

Qualification for the knockout stages of European club football's most prestigious competition was already in the bag but the largely second-string side were comfortable winners, with Fontas and Vazquez scoring in a 2-0 win.

La Masia
It costs £8 million a year to run La Masia

Why do other top clubs around Europe not replicate the La Masia model, which is estimated to cost about a fifth of the £50m fee Chelsea spent on signing Fernando Torres from Liverpool in January?

"Other clubs like Real Madrid have a good youth system too, the difference is just that they don't use theirs," Puig added. "So the work is left unfinished. We on the other hand incorporate our talents into the first team on a regular basis. It's a little bit like producing a Ferrari but then not using it."

It comes with a touch of melancholy, then, that this iconic building on the road leading to the Nou Camp will soon no longer be used to nurture the club's young players.

La Masia is closing down at the end of the 2010-11 season and is to be replaced by new facilities - for 70-80 residents - in the Ciudad Deportiva in Sant Joan Despi.

"It is a necessary move. The new facilities are more modern. These are new times, but we do not want to lose the familiar essence of this building," Folguera reflected.

Barcelona's school of excellence will expand from 600 square metres to 5,000; from two floors to five; from ageing to entirely modern facilities. But memories and a sense of pride will remain in this old brick house which has seen the stars of world football come and go.

Xavi Hernandez is nominated for the Ballon d'Or

Ballon d'Or trio light up World Cup

Jokes / Dear...
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Dear Noah,
     You said the ark wasn't leaving till 5.
Sincerely, Unicorns

Dear Twilight fans,
          Please realize that because vampires are dead and have no blood pumping through them, they can never get an erection. Enjoy fantasizing about that.
Sincerely, Logic
Dear Icebergs,
          Sorry to hear about the global warming. Karma's a b * tch.
Sincerely, The Titanic
Dear J.K. Rowling,
          Your books are entirely unrealistic. I mean, a ginger kid with two friends?

Sincerely, Anonymous

Dear America,
          You produced Miley Cyrus. Bieber is your punishment.
Sincerely, Canada
Dear Boyfriend,
          I can make your girlfriend scream louder than you can.
Sincerely, Spiders
Dear Voldemort,
          So they screwed up your nose too?
Sincerely, Michael Jackson
Dear Yahoo,
          I've never heard anyone say, "I don't know, let's Yahoo! it..." just saying...

Sincerely, Google

Dear girls who have been dumped,
          There are plenty of fish in the sea... Just kidding! They're all dead.
Sincerely, BP
Dear 2010,
          So I hear the best rapper is white and the president is black? WTF happened?!

Sincerely, 1985

Dear Justin Bieber,
          Ariel would really love her voice back.
Sincerely, King Triton
Dear Rose,
There was definitely room on that raft for the both of us.
Sincerely, Jack
Dear Windshield Wipers,

          Can't touch this.
Sincerely, That Little Triangle
Dear Taylor Swift,
          If it is of any interest to you, Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves in the end.

Sincerely, Shakespeare

Dear Soccer Fans,
          B B B B B B Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z
          Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z!

Sincerely, Vuvuzelas

Dear Saturn,
          I liked it, so I put a ring on it.
Sincerely, God
Dear Rubik's Cube,
Sincerely, Colorblind
Dear Santa,
          Please tell me how you managed to stop at three Ho's.
Sincerely, Tiger Woods
Dear Boys Wearing Skinny Jeans,
          I. Can't. Breathe.
Sincerely, Your Balls
Dear Martin Luther King Jr.,
          I have a dream within a dream within a dream within another dream... What now?

Sincerely, Leonardo DiCaprio

Dear Sleeping Beauty,
          I had to join the army, dress up like a man, defeat the hun army and totally save China for my man. All you had to do was wake up.

Sincerely, Mulan
Dear Romeo,
          My death isn't the only thing I've been faking...
Sincerely, Juliet
Dear Fox News,
          So far, no news about foxes.
Sincerely, Unimpressed
Dear Toaster,
          Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
Sincerely, Toast     
Dear Edward,
I really hope that one day, I can find my way into your heart.
Sincerely, a stake
Dear Prince Charming,
          You've got some explaining to do!
Sincerely, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty

General Discussion / Snatch and grab horrors on Queen St
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Remember my crime and safety thread...alyuh feel I was on kicks and exaggerating...look it reach papers.
Be safe when you come down for Carnival eh and watch yuhself...cause people watching you.

Snatch and grab horrors on Queen St
Criminals pushing out businesses

Published: Wed, 2011-02-02 23:25
Geisha Kowlessar

Trinidad Guardian

Uniformed police officers stand on Queen Street, Port-of-Spain. PHOTOS: KRISTIAN DE SILVA

One day after Deputy Police Commissioner (Operations) Jack Ewatski assured of greater police visibility in east Port-of-Spain, businessowners say they are forced to flee the area as criminals continue to be relentless. Frustrated and frightened by the sharp increase in daylight shootings and robberies, businessmen said sales have plummeted, forcing some to relocate into the inner city.

Others who have remained are made to fork large sums of money to install security devices, including placing iron bars along glass countertops. Expressing little faith in the Police Service, business owners expressed doubt over law enforcement’s grip on crime. They said not enough focus was placed on east Port-of-Spain by the police, resulting in customers jewelry being snatched as soon as they left the stores.

Jewelry stores shut up early

At lower Queen Street are a cluster of some nine jewelry shops, all of which shut their doors early. One of the stores recently was sold to new managers after the owner ran from the area. Another store also was relocated recently to another part of Port-of-Spain and a third owner was seeking to get out of the area completely. Yaseem Pacheco, the owner of “Gold n’ Gifts” said yesterday proprietors no longer had the will to battle criminals as “snatch and grab bandits” were increasingly prevalent in east Port-of-Spain.

As Pacheco stood behind a heavy iron door, he said a customer who had just bought a bracelet yesterday had it snatched moments after leaving the store.  “That is something we have to deal with all the time. Customers are constantly in fear because everywhere you turn these people are waiting to rob them,” Pacheco said. Last Friday, mere hours after the police post at Piccadilly Street, Port-of-Spain, was relocated, gang violence erupted, leaving two men dead and two others wounded.

Fearing that the feud between warring factions may soon permeate throughout east Port-of-Spain, Pacheco said since the police at Piccadilly Street, Port-of-Spain, was relocated “criminals has reign to do what they want.” He added: “As the customers come out of the jewelry store you have people marking them to rob them and it happening nearly everyday.

“A couple of jewelry stores already have closed down, one that was on Nelson Street have moved across to Queen Street. The situation is very frightening, especially with the gunplay so close to the business area.” Next door, Charlene Peters, an employee of Queen’s Jewellery, described the worsening crime situation in east Port-of-Spain as frightening. “It is very worrisome, knowing that the high level of crime is right on the other stretch and because of that sales are obviously slow. “We fear for our lives. You leaving home but you don’t know if you returning home alive to your family, ” Peters added.

Sales drop

Another owner of a jewelry store, who gave her name as Jen, said after Friday’s double murder Queen Street was renamed the “Gaza Strip.” Saying the police post at Piccadilly Street was ineffective in the fight against crime, Jen said she was forced to close as early as 2 pm each day. “The police did nothing for us. Normally we try to close around 4 pm but we cannot do that anymore. We have to close as early as 2 pm and other businesses doing the same. “When it quiet you have to close early and from the time anything happens you have to close and that not making sense because criminals pushing out businesses,” Jen said.

In operation for about four years, Jen said increasing crime, coupled with an unstable economy, may result in her business closing altogether. Describing sales as “practically nil” Jen said there were days she would close without registering any profits. She said: “There are days when we would open and just close in the afternoon without making any sales. “When thing happen people would come as far as Charlotte Street and not here because they are scared of coming to this side. And even when customers come as soon as they buy something they would get it snatched,” Jen said.

She added that businessowners were even sceptical to take out an item from the trays to show it to customers for fear of it being grabbed by thieves. “People coming in the jewelry stores well dressed and as soon as you take out something to show it to them they snatch it and gone. Is loss all around,” Jen said. She said so poor were her sales that she estimated losses to be close to 75 per cent daily. She added: “When we open sales are about 25 per cent for the day, nothing more than that. Sales really bad because nobody coming, everybody running instead.”

Insufficient police presence

While the presence of uniformed officers acted as a deterrent to some level, Pacheco recommended more plainclothes policemen be deployed in east Port-of-Spain. She said: “We need plainclothes officers because the officers in uniform are not really a deterrent. “Uniformed officers keeping away the criminals to some extent but you need plainclothes officers to catch them and that is where the problem lies. “Police need to catch the bandits who lurking everywhere to rob customers,” Pacheco said.

Echoing his sentiments, Jen said every week, gunshots could be heard close to her establishment. “Every week is a shooting, is something happening here. We scared but this is what we do for a living,” Jen said. Saying she desperately wanted to relocate Jen said she may be unable to pay the exorbitant rent in the inner city. “We already paying a rent of $10,000 a month but if we move closer to Port-of-Spain, like on Charlotte or Frederick Streets, the rent is way to high because it ranges between $30,000 to $40,000.

“We already making next to nothing where we are so it would be very difficult to pay that big rent. “We definitely looking to move but to somewhere more affordable,” Jen added. Calling for greater visibility by the Joint Army-Police Patrols, Jen, like most businessowners, urged for a sustained presence of law enforcement. She said many people also had lost faith in the ability of the Police Service because of its slow response. “When you see the police is just once for the day and in this area, where crime is a hotbed, that is unacceptable. Criminals doing what they want,” she said.

Gang violence rampant

Executive member of the east Port-of-Spain Business Association, Jamal Hosein, also contented that gang violence was having an increasingly negative impact on the business community. Hosein, whose popular establishment—Hosein’s Roti—has been at Queen and George Streets for some 25 years, called on the police to immediately step up their efforts. Saying he had been “adventurous” in remaining at the area for so many years, Hosein described the crime situation as “always bad.” “When we first opened 25 years ago the crime situation was bad and today it is still bad. Gang violence will definitely affect businesses because customers will be sceptical about coming into the area,” Hosein said. He too added to the chorus of voices who charged the police presence at east Port-of-Spain was insufficient.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Sparrow Comes Back Home
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The Birdie looking good.

Sparrow Comes Back Home

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / THE BEST SWAPPI HE CAN BE
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Trinidad Express Sunday Mix


By Nigel Telesford

Story Created: Jan 29, 2011 at 12:01 AM ECT

Story Updated: Jan 29, 2011 at 12:01 AM ECT

Some people might think that Marvin "Swappi" Davis is a new artiste who just burst onto the scene last year with his Soca/Dancehall hit, "Me Na Go Play", but that's far from the truth. As part of the duo known as Colony, Davis placed third in the first season of the hit television series, Synergy Soca Star in 2006. That year, the multi-talented entertainer believed he was ready and about to ascend into the big leagues of the music industry, but in the words of the now mega-popular artiste: "back then, the world was not ready for Swappi yet."

"It's all about finding yourself," he advised, "and your space in the industry. Years ago, even though I thought I was ready, I hadn't found my space yet. You have to be honest with yourself in order to see who you really are and figure out where you're supposed to be and when you find yourself and your space, the music finds you and the people find you and everything just falls into place like ah puzzle!"

Amazingly, Swappi's puzzle came together just as he was about to give up on the music business and the resulting picture shot him straight to stardom, success and a "swappilicious position" in the industry.

"Is 15 years I've been trying to fight up with dis ting," he related, "and last year I was really and truly about to give up... I just gave the tune a try and played with it a bit, but I didn't realise that would be the beginning of my career rather than the end. Honestly, I was going to throw in the towel because of so many disappointments in the past: people used to promise me they would play my songs and then nothing, so right now I'm still in disbelief that all this is really happening... I have to thank everybody who's supporting me now and the people who have been there from day one, the new fans that are holding Swappi up right now and the entire country for giving me a chance to show what I can do."

What "Swappi" has managed to do quite effectively is to bridge the gap between Jamaican dancehall and Trinbagonian soca. Unlike his ragga-soca predecessors, KMC and Bunji Garlin who perfected the lyrical, story-telling and street-savvy elements of the culture, "Swappi's" style is rooted on the dance floor and comes at a time when passa-passa dancing has captivated the masses and is now part and parcel of Carnival culture.

"Some people say I sound like Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal and that I am copying their styles," he said, "but for me to be even compared to big, established artistes like them makes me smile with joy and pride. Yes, of course I've been influenced by their music — we have all been influenced by Jamaican music and culture over time, but even if I tried my hardest-bestest I still couldn't be either of them, or attempt to take either of their places in the industry.

"I am me — Swappi and I'm trying to be the best Swappi I can be, but if people want to compare me, well... let them go ahead. When Sean Paul first came out, everyone said he was copying Supercat's style, but by the time he made "Gimmie The Light" and broke out into the mainstream, the world recognised him as Sean-dah Paul, right?"

A past student of the Malick, Belmont and Morvant Laventille Secondary Schools, Davis honed his singing, dancing and performing abilities while participating in various school competitions and events. Now, as a staple of the party, concert and fete arena, "Swappi" has to pinch himself often to make sure he's really awake and not caught up in a dream.

"I never thought that I would have been singing alongside Beenie Man," he admitted, "or collaborating with Destra and Shal and all these people like Machel who I've been looking at and learning from and admiring since I was a little boy. So for it to happen the way it happened and for me to have proven myself to the extent where they were the ones who approached me to collaborate with them and not the other way around, well that really gave me some more confidence and more assurance that yes, I'm really on the right path where I'm supposed to be and doing what I'm supposed to be doing at this time..."

As the season heats up, Swappi is "well in ah gear" with three big collaborations, as well as his own solo releases, "Any Day", "Carnival Hooligan" and "8811/Wet Meh Dong".

"I'm looking forward to Soca Monarch this year," he enthused. "I entered last year, but I think the music was so new and fresh that they couldn't really accept me yet, but now that Swappi has made a name for himself and I have a bit more catalogue and air-time, I think I have a fair chance and it will be a very interesting experience. I'm entering both the power and the groovy category because I still have two more songs to release! The money is good incentive yes, but I'm really looking forward to the big stage... It's something I've been dreaming about for so long, I can't wait to be up there doing what I love and what I believe I was born to do!"

General Discussion / $m barrier contract to be awarded soon'
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$m barrier contract to be awarded soon'
By Camille Bethel

Story Created: Jan 5, 2011 at 11:49 PM ECT

Story Updated: Jan 5, 2011 at 11:49 PM ECT

A $21 million contract to build a barrier along the Solomon Hochoy and Uriah Butler Highways will be given out shortly and work will begin in mid-February, Director of Highways Roger Ganesh said yesterday.

The first spot where the barriers will be erected is at the approach to the Claxton Bay overpass, considered one of the deadliest spots on the highway.

"We are in the process right now of having it tendered out competitively. We have approval from the Minister (of Works and Transport Jack Warner) and the Permanent Secretary. It has to now go to the central tendering board, where they will invite tenders which will be evaluated," Ganesh said yesterday.

"We are pushing it and trying to get it done as fast as possible, but we cannot breach the procurement rules."

Ganesh said the first part of the median separation project will begin in south at the "black spots" along the Solomon Hochoy Highway, close to the Cedar Hill Road, Claxton Bay, where drivers cross the median often.

"I don't know why, but in our research we find a lot of people speeding there downhill and also uphill when coming from the south to north and crossing the median there, so that's a black spot," he said.

"We are targeting that spot first of all and then we are continuing during the course of this fiscal year with the rest of the project. We have approval by Cabinet for $21 million to be spent on cable barriers in total for this year."

Ganesh said they are going to try as much as possible to get the entire Solomon Hochoy and Uriah Butler Highways separated during this fiscal year.

"The median of our highway is designed for 50 miles per hour, that's the speed limit. Our design standards for our highways here is for 50 miles per hour not 100 miles per hour or 80 or 110 or 120. People are crossing the median because they are exceeding the speed limit and they are injuring and killing other innocent people on the other side."

He said research done in the United States over the past five to ten years have proven the cable barriers to be very effective and cost-effective to maintain.

Executive director of Premier Road Maintenance Company Ltd Jeff Paguandas, who has been promoting the use of the cable barriers for the past five years, agrees with Ganesh.

"We know how good the system is, we know how viable the system is and, most of all, we know the system saves lives," Paguandas said.


I was just looking at the news and the Catholic Church in TT has reversed their views on playing mas and have come out with a band...yes a mas band.

The costumes are minshallesque and all masqueraders will be fully clothed. They will be going up for competition as the prize money is 2 million and will be crossing the stage like everyone alcohol or lewd music will be offered and if there is any wining or lewd behaviour you will be escorted out the band by marshalls.

They want to show that Mas does not have to be beads and feathers and they want to take back mas and show its creativity...costumes not cheap they are 2500 each.

I think this is a real good and wonderful idea.

Of course there are those who are opposed but I think its a bold step by Archbishop Gilbert and Monsignor Jason et al.

Maybe they take the idea from RAS MAS by Explainer.

Will post the newspaper article when it is published. 

Football / Latest Fight at Man City...Toure vs Adebayor
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Manchester City

Kolo Toure and Adebayor fight during latest training ground bust-up at Manchester City
At least Roberto Mancini cannot accuse his Manchester City players of lacking fighting spirit as they attempt to end the club’s 35-year wait for success.

If the New Year resolution at Eastlands was to draw a line under the rows, confrontations and behaviour more akin to a taxi rank at 3am, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor ensured that 2011 would be no different to 2010 as they rolled around the club’s training pitch this morning exchanging headlocks and handbags in front of their team-mates, Mancini and a bank of powerful zoom lenses.

As Francis Lee regularly remarked during his turbulent tenure as Manchester City chairman, if cups were awarded for cock-ups, the old trophy room at Maine Road would have rivalled Manchester United’s for silverware due to the club’s unerring ability to stumble into ridicule.

Those days are now as much a relic of the past as the Maine Road floodlights, but even in the slick new era of Abu Dhabi money and blue-sky thinking, the old days continue to haunt the club as proved by the latest public exhibition of tension, friction and enmity provided by Tuesday’s bust-up between Toure and Adebayor.

With the latest spat coming just a month after Mario Balotelli and Jerome Boateng were photographed grappling on the same Carrington training pitch, the club’s decision in the year 2000 build their new training ground next to a popular public footpath -- the perfect location for scandal-seeking paparazzi -- is ensuring that the old City naivety continues to be a thorn in the club’s side today.

The privacy craved by City, and enjoyed by United, Arsenal and Chelsea, is impossible to find due to the faux-pas of basing their training centre in such a public location.

Yesterday’s clash is understood to have been sparked by words exchanged between the two men, but Mancini’s insistence on players training with the same intensity that is required in games has led to heated clashes.

With both Adebayor and Toure currently out of the team -- neither made the squad for Saturday’s Premier League victory against Blackpool -- tensions were perhaps raised further by a shared frustration at their lack of involvement.

Adebayor’s determination to leave the club this month, with some players understood to be keen to see the back of the Togolese forward, is unlikely to have done much to ease his unhappiness.

As with the Balotelli-Boateng incident, the club were quick to play down the clash between Toure and Adebayor -- team-mates at Arsenal prior to their moves to City in the summer of 2009 -- by insisting that such confrontations are routine.

A City spokesman said: “There was an incident but it was nothing different to what goes on at all clubs. Training carried on and they (Toure and Adebayor) shook hands afterwards.”

Training ground bust-ups are nothing new and certainly not restricted to Manchester City. John Hartson’s infamous assault on Eyal Berkovic at West Ham, when the Welshman was caught on camera kicking the Israeli in the face, is one example of clashes elsewhere, while the end of Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Manchester United career was allegedly hastened by a training ground clash with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Long before Mancini arrived at City, Joey Barton received a four-month suspended prison sentence after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm in a training ground attack on Ousmane Dabo in May 2007.

City’s problem now, however, is the regularity of their in-house spats becoming public. Not only has there been Toure versus Adebayor and Balotelli versus Boateng, this season alone has seen James Milner involved in a tunnel clash with Yaya Toure and a heated on-pitch row between Adebayor and Vincent Kompany during the defeat at Wolves in October.

And prior to his decision to withdraw a transfer request last month, club captain Carlos Tevez repeatedly challenged Mancini’s authority with public criticism of his management before reacting petulantly to being substituted against Bolton on Dec 4.

Mancini enjoys the high-intensity and believes the friction can give his team an edge when they go out on the pitch for real.

And with City vying for the league title, the Italian is unlikely to ask his players to calm it down, with or without the cameras watching.

General Discussion / Snackette Sports
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We had a small lime in the office for the season and amongst the beverages a number of games such as dominoes, cards, draughts, chess, scrabble etc came out.

It was amazing how the "younger generation" did not have a clue as to any of these games.

The only thing they coulda play was "all fours" and dey couldn't even set d pack good or count for game properly.

Nintendo really mess up the upcoming generation.

Imagine a youthman of about 19 tellin me he never hear bout "chikeepets" and never play scrabble. I say whey.

Also things that were traditional snackette sports such as pool, snooker, all fours and darts. Tournaments and playing of these games have fallen due to crime and the stigma attached to going to certain establishments.

Now I talking from a town perspective...maybe country youth know dese tings, but I feel we have to keep snackette sports alive and teach the young uns how to have good clean fun.

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