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General Discussion / Re: If allyuh find 10,000 would you return it?
« on: June 02, 2013, 05:57:02 PM »
Long time, I woulda keep it.

But now...I ent saying is manna from Heaven.

When money appear so it hadda be somebody own and if it go missing they will find you...especially in T&T.

I find money on the ground many times...100 and ting. I does give it to charity.

Nuttin in life free...if I ent earn it I ent want it.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: May 29, 2013, 01:18:23 PM »
They hadda show more of Khaleesie nekkid

Setta marching through the desert shit...giwwe some zammy scenes.

Football / Re: TTFF New Logo.
« on: May 23, 2013, 11:50:35 AM »
I find dat black and white football killing it...too common and it cheapening the logo.

Plus the amount of shading and fading of colour, (reds, gold, ) makes it difficult for printing and embroidery etc. Especially on shirts, polos etc.

The number of colours on the logo also makes printing etc more expensive.

We all know is a football need for the big black and white ball.

Take a EPL club team...a cannon, a devil, a lion...thats what we needed. Cast your minds to national team logos..holland have a lion, france have a cock  ;), Germany the kinda eagle/corbeaux looking ting, brazil and argentina a kinda graphic, spain a coat of arms ting just like potrugal with a cross...yuh get meh drift

We needed a Hummingbird or a Steel Pan instead of that fact if they change the ball to a steel pan I go be happy.

But it's a start and an improvement.

Football / Re: Dennis Lawrence might be T&T coach soon.
« on: May 14, 2013, 08:11:37 AM »
When Martinez moves to Everton you dont think Dennis might go with him there?

General Discussion / Re: Prices of stuff in T&T.
« on: May 07, 2013, 11:08:39 AM »
Check Hi Lo Specials

Watch the Chain up yuh price of a cup of cheese or rice etc. They ent print the price for the entire thing. Notice no salad or fruit either. Hi lo does sell apple for 12$ for one in Maraval...the big ones. and 4 for the small gala ones

General Discussion / Re: Prices of stuff in T&T.
« on: May 07, 2013, 09:38:37 AM »
Alyuh hadda break it down in Laymans terms and what people could understand...

A KFC dinner special is 40$...3 piece of chicken.

A single piece of chicken is 11...wing leg or thigh a center Bress is 12.

A Big Box is $50.

A Zinger is 26 and a Zinger special is $32.

But if you go Trini Fried Chicken is 10$ for a chicken Sandwich and 20 for a 2 piece and fries.

A doubles is 4$

A Footlong subway is $40+ and a 6 inch will clock you in and around 30...unless you take the $20 special of the day.

Chinee Food fluctuates from the park street 16, 23 and 40 dollar special or yuh could go Kam wha and start at $45 in the buffet line one meat special. Doh ask for beef or Shrimp Dais 10 and 15$ more.

Gyro is a 30$ wherever on the avenue. If yuh want a mix or cheese add 5$ extra to each ingredient.

Pizza go flatten you...100$ + for a large anywhere.

A restaurant meal will take about $300 minimum and dats lunch...dinner is a cool $400 and up.

Roti...oh shit Roti does hut meh...a chicken roti clocking close to 30 now, at least in town...boneless is 5-10$ more and Shrimp does start at $40. Yuh getting less "sides" aloo and pumpkin etc and less buss up shut and dhalpourie now.

A pie is around 4-6$ and dat is d small pastry ones. Puff and ting is about 3$...a Bread is 12$ up

Butter is 16-18 for a block and closer to 25 if yuh want Kerrygold.

Toilet Paper is about 25$ for 6 roll to wipe yuh bamsee.

A 3 pack bar of about 15$...yuh might pay a $12 if yuh latering up in protex...But 30+ if yuh want dove or irish spring.

Cheese...well lets say the block smaller for the amount yuh paying.

Tuna in tin...went from 4-5$ to 11 in a few months...Bumblebee. If yuh want Cuisine its about 7-8. Brunswick slightly higher7-9.

Fish is big money and ting like oxtail is for special occasions

General Discussion / Re: Anybody know any good whore house in T&T ?
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:37:25 AM »
I wonder if the crackdown on the establishment was due to this Video and somebody squealing  ;)

75 of them gone.

The tune good...but yuh cant do nuttin to it.

After yuh hear the chorus and the first setta a kinda anti climax.

Yuh cant jam, yuh cant jump and wave...the tune good for if yuh tired and chipping home.

In party, it does hype yuh den yuh does just have to wheel it or go to another gets boring.

They need a road mix or a uptempo kinda thing to have people jamming.

General Discussion / Re: Black Friday Shopping
« on: November 28, 2012, 01:19:10 PM »
This was the first time in 6 years I ent come up for black friday and I was bummy...cause online wasnt cutting it.

For me it is a cohesive plan of attack.

After thanksgiving dinner bout 8-9pm I reaching best buy or walmart and I joining the line ketching kicks with people.

The days before we scouring the papers and online sites for best deals...then yuh go in the store and map the location days before, make friend with the youths working there as they are the ones who tell you how much stock they have or they handing you the tickets for the items when you line up.

When the store hadda rush the big item...the other the smaller items and the third person hadda hold the line by the cashier.

The cashier line is what does take up the time.

My team is my wife and sister...everybody know they role as certain items are limited per customer.

I time I buy six lenovo laptop at close to 200 each...I had to get the people I make friend with in the line buy them for me....I sell them when I reach home and make back meh plane ticket and other shopping money.

Also too, the young people does help you out...Xbox live card reg 25 us was going at 9$...limit one per customer...A youth man watch me and say..I'm gonna help out a fellow 12 card I take and he cash it normal normal.

Electronics, TV, Movies, TOys and video games is level sale...rush it like wrong change.

Yuh does just hadda plan yuh attack good...I home by 5:00 am.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Who know bout Fire Flight
« on: November 05, 2012, 08:05:00 PM »
FF I buss dat one on this forum years ago with a black and white cover of ajala

Check the archives nah.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Who know bout Fire Flight
« on: November 05, 2012, 07:51:21 PM »
A soldier I subscribe to on you tube upload a whole slew of fire flight tune

I too lazy to post all the just click the rest in the sidebar.

enjoy this classic Mornin Lovin

General Discussion / Re: Snoop dog tun rasta??
« on: October 10, 2012, 01:49:21 PM »
I see him in the Fifa 13 ad.

Rasta does play xbox 360 online too...I thought that is babylon ting.

Football / Re: FIFA 13
« on: October 08, 2012, 02:17:59 PM »
Jose Enrique wins FIFA 13 celebrity Cup

Check the video

Football / Re: I think we should all chip in and help the team?
« on: October 05, 2012, 07:42:14 AM »
I say we overs...

Alyuh putting effort in a Govnt that doh give 2 shit about we, a Football federation that skin open we kakahole umpteen times and a bunch of players who doh give two arse neither.

Because some of them same players we going and fight up and sacrifice to give money to represent us... going and come and stroll on the field, not tackle, coast, point etc.

We are not a belley and badmind nation.

I woulda give money to see somebody like Birchall come and run he tail off for T&T...I not giving no money to see Keon Daniel coast on no field.

I rather we not go... as opposed to sending a half ass squad who go get licks from some small island side.

General Discussion / Re: Planass from Minister's Son
« on: October 02, 2012, 11:17:13 AM »
Trinidad Guardian
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thirteen days after he allegedly “planassed” a businessman in Woodbrook, Shane Gopeesingh has surrendered to police. Gopeesingh, 28, of Ellerslie Park, Maraval, reportedly walked into the Central Police Station, Port-of-Spain, yesterday morning, accompanied by his attorney Ravi Rajcoomar. Gopeesingh, son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, was interviewed but was not placed in a holding cell. Up to 5.30 pm yesterday, senior police said “loose ends were still being tied up.”
Gopeesingh remained in police custody last night. ASP Ajith Persad of the Port-of-Spain Criminal Investigations Department was appointed as the lead investigator last Thursday. Gregory Wight, 56, of Diego Martin, was allegedly “planassed” by Shane Gopeesingh on September 18 outside Brooklyn Bar, Woodbrook. The incident was captured by a private security camera and later posted on YouTube.

Ah notice we seeing people's true colours on this thread. For a very homophobic group, there seems to be a very open view when it comes to lesbianism. Ah wonder why?

Come nah man...4 bress + 2 nanny = more fun.

General Discussion / Re: Planass from Minister's Son
« on: September 28, 2012, 06:33:52 AM »
I really waiting to see the outcome of the last line of the article.

'Planass' victim calls for arrest

By Jensen LaVende

Story Updated: Sep 27, 2012 at 11:01 PM ECT

WHY has he not been arrested?

This is the question being asked by the man who was allegedly beaten by the son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh last week Wednesday morning while eating doubles outside Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook.
In a telephone interview with the Express yesterday, Gregory Wight expressed his frustration at the pace of the police investigation.

"I would like to see the perpetrator of this heinous act arrested right away. How can he not be arrested after all this time? What is going on? You have every piece of evidence...the doubles man has given his statement, the owner of the bar has handed over the tape. They have every official reason to arrest this man," Wight said.

The video clip of the incident has been posted on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites.
Wight, 56, chief executive officer of Stuart Brothers, an export company located in Cocorite, said had he been the attacker he would have been jailed, so why can't the reverse take place.

"If I had committed that act, before lunch time I would have been arrested. Why is he being given all this special treatment? This was the most heinous act of aggression and violence and wounding and he has not been arrested eight days later. It is a national disgrace," he said.

Wight said following the attack his life has been turned upside down and he now only sleeps for an hour a day.
"I am generally a quiet cell phone, I mean it has been about 400 people who have reached out to me so far, which is wonderful but it is just too much... I don't have a press agent you know. I spend 80 per cent of my time on this now," said Wight, a regular writer to the Express' Letters to the Editor section for the past 36 years.

Wight, despite his anger, said he truly feels for the accused.
"I feel very sorry for him; something traumatic must have happened in his life to cause him to fly off the handle like that when somebody asked him to turn off his engine for a while to eat doubles. I really feel sorry for him."

Wight said at the end of the school term he would like to have an anti-violence march for five days straight in hotspots of the country to spread the word of non-violence.

Police sources close to the investigation said they visited the home of the accused yesterday, but he was not there.

Officers said they will not make an arrest since there have not been any orders from their superiors to do so.

General Discussion / Re: Planass from Minister's Son
« on: September 28, 2012, 06:30:37 AM »
and the saga continues...

He hasn't left the country'
By Jensen LaVende

Story Updated: Sep 27, 2012 at 11:01 PM ECT

Speaking to members of the media yesterday following the National Youth Productivity Forum hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain, Gopeesingh said his son was still in the country and he did not want to say anything to jeopardise the investigations.
"Right now Shane is at home. He is possibly at work today," Gopeesingh said.

Asked if he would be taking his son to the police station for questioning, Gopeesingh said: "As you realise this is an ongoing police investigation that demands the fullest independence and the respect and I wish to honour that independence and as such I would want to reiterate my statement from yesterday (Wednesday) that it will not be fair for me to comment and leave the matter."

Asked if his son was co-operating with the police and about the presumption that his son would escape the law because of his father's status, Gopeesingh said he would leave all those comments for his son's attorney.

"Please allow me not to make any more comments on the matter...I think I have said enough on the matter, I think I've said what needed to be said on the matter. I will allow the independence of the investigation to continue without me interfering whatsoever and me making any statements whatsoever."

Football / Q&A: So what makes a bad tackle?
« on: September 27, 2012, 09:02:27 AM »
This article is for all to read and digest...yes even you biased ManU fans. Also this tackling thing is subjective...a legitimate attempt is hard to assess. Especially if a man clumsy or he naturally wild. Also excessive force is subjective. A man might just be strong and the person who collect the jam might be a feeble player.


Q&A: So what makes a bad tackle?

By Claire Heald
BBC News Online

Premier League managers are in critical form after some controversial decisions in recent matches.
Jonjo Shelvey's tackle for Liverpool against Manchester United on Sunday earned a sending-off while David Luiz's challenge for Chelsea against Stoke resulted in just a booking.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thought the decision to send his man off was harsh, while Stoke boss Tony Pulis was incensed that Luiz managed to stay on the pitch .

So what constitutes a bad tackle? Head of Premier League referees Mike Riley explains.
Where's the line between a decent challenge and a sending-off offence?

Effectively there are four types of challenge - firstly a correct tackle, where the player fairly wins the ball and there is no impact on their opponent, the vast majority of challenges.

A small element are careless - the player makes a legitimate attempt but either in their timing or the skill of the opponent, they foul the other player and a free kick is given.

If the tackle is reckless in nature, the player is booked, a yellow card is given.

If a player endangers the safety of their opponent, it's a red card, a sending-off.

A tackle happens in a blink of an eye and in that second, the referee must consider lots of factors. Was it careless? Did the player show a lack of regard for his opponent's safety? Or did he use excessive force? There is also the state of the pitch, the conditions and the state of the game.

What makes a red card tackle stand out?

The advice to players is to be mindful of their responsibilities towards an opponent and beware that if they commit to a tackle, at speed, with intensity, with two feet off the ground, they run the risk of being sent off.

Shelvey was sent off after a clash with Evans
The advice from referees and assistants to players is to put themselves in their opponent's place and ask: "Can I make this challenge without having an adverse effect on my opponent?"

Referees look for the intensity, and the physical contact that's made.

What about the angle of the tackle, if the player wins the ball, if studs are up or down?

The angle is not important, it's the degree of intensity and contact made.
And a player could win the ball with one foot and still endanger their opponent with the other. A decade ago, if a player won the ball, the tackle could be seen as legitimate, but now the emphasis is on the safety of the players.

The number of free-kicks given has declined in Premier League games and is amongst the lowest per game of any major league worldwide.

With studs, almost by definition, if a player is going into a tackle two-footed, airborne, their studs raised, then they cannot control their velocity and risk a red card.

How do referees try to ensure uniformity across the league?

At the start of every season the Professional Game Match Officials - the body which runs refereeing in England - visit clubs and go through examples of controversial incidents.
They tell players and management staff that if players commit to a challenge at speed with both feet off the ground they risk a red card.
If there is a spate of controversial decisions, the PGMO comes together with the PFA and LMA and re-issues the guidelines on what is an acceptable challenge - to try to reach a common understanding and interpretation of the rules.

The "select group" of the Premier League's 16 referees and 30 assistant referees meet every two weeks to review and discuss incidents. Their performance is also reviewed using a post-match analysis computer system.

General Discussion / Claxton Bay family living in fear as son beheaded
« on: September 27, 2012, 06:31:20 AM »
This country need plenty prayers...those of you living abroad stay right there.

Source Trinidad Guardian


After years of pining for each other, Rajesh Ramdeo and his lover, who was married, decided to elope earlier this month. However, the 20-year-old Claxton Bay man paid the ultimate price for his forbidden love when he was tortured, killed, decapitated and left to rot in the Moruga forests. The woman at the centre of the love triangle is ow being sought by police, along with her husband. She was said to be a relative of the dead man’s mother, Shanti Boodoosingh.
Police said a week before Ramdeo went missing, his lover fled her marital home with her three-year-old son. They stayed together for one week but on September 5, Ramdeo disappeared and his lover returned home. For three weeks, Ramdeo’s relatives searched all over for him.
On Saturday their worst fears were realised when Ramdeo’s decomposed corpse was found in a track off Saunders Trace, St Mary’s Village, Moruga. His head was found about two feet from the body and some of his teeth were pulled out. His private parts were chopped off and stuffed in his mouth. A relative who requested anonymity said they were fearful for their lives since the gruesome discovery. She said a stranger called their phone on Wednesday night and promised to kill everybody.
“Right now we cannot stay in the house in peace. We are worried since we got death threats,” she added. Last April, the relative said Ramdeo was beaten and left for dead. He stayed in the hospital for two weeks recuperating from a broken leg.
Boodoosingh said she wanted protection for her family. “Right now I am thinking about my son...He did not deserve to die like this,” she said. She said Rajesh was a loving son and she often begged him to end the affair.
His brother Videsh Ramdeo said they wanted justice. “Bring the death penalty...People who torture and kill other people should be hanged,” he said. Up to late yesterday, a suspect was in custody. An autopsy will be done on Ramdeo’s body today at the Forensic Science Centre in St James. Officers from the Southern Homicide Bureau are continuing investigations.

General Discussion / Re: Planass from Minister's Son
« on: September 26, 2012, 10:02:13 AM »
It might sound sad eh...but in discussions with my peers I have gotten differing points of view and I am shocked at most of the responses.

1) The white man tell him more than the gutter story...a normal man doh trip off just so and pull blade for people.

2) If he wanted to chop him or planass him good he woulda deal him more was a kinda intimidation bully kinda scene fatboy was on. If fatboy was serious he woulda chop him up.

3) Who stopping a fat man with a cutlass? I go take chop because another man start him and tell him something...

4)Why the others around did not move or wasnt they business to get into.

5)Why the doubles man sell him after the incident..he fraid chop too or he is a good customer?

6)Fatman didnt look like he pay for his doubles.

7)Incident pass and gone and the day continue as normal...doubles selling and barra and channa eating.

Maxg, it sad eh...but right now down here is A for apple, B for bat and C bout yuhself.

I hope fatboy is dealt with by the authorities, but i suspect....he go pay a piece of change and charges go be dropped.

This pop up on tv the other day for independence

Had to share it with the forum.

Some of them fellas looking real bad now compared to how they used to be. Also many of them are no longer with us.

Last thing, it kinda disturbing how Gypsy caressing the cocoa.

Mods could you please embed the video, thanks

General Discussion / The biggest bam-c in Brazil
« on: August 17, 2012, 10:04:53 PM »
From 3:30 is pace

<a href=";" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">;</a>

General Discussion / Re: New PoS traffic rules in effect from April 2
« on: August 14, 2012, 07:39:33 PM »
So hear d kix,

All the highway the avenue and tragarete turn into...they installing traffic lights on it too :rotfl:

Completely defeating the purpose of the free flow of traffic.

Yuh ent see is imps and duncees running this show.

Revert the plan back to how it was.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / The 7 ages of Machel
« on: August 10, 2012, 09:42:33 AM »
Source Trinidad Express

The 7 ages of Machel
By Rubadiri Victor
Story Updated: Aug 9, 2012 at 11:06 PM ECT

In previous articles, I revealed genius Trini musical talents who have had global impact—to give context to Machel Montano. Let's examine Machel now: In 2003, I wrote: "Machel is the pure distillation of the phallic power in Trinbago music. There's a direct line between him, Sparrow, the original Shorty, and a whole band of cocksmen—musical and village-ram alike.

He's that in presence as performer as he's it as songwriter. His music is shot-through with that pure life-force that at times even he does not know how to control. He's been the channel the music has chosen—just as it chose SuperBlue years before... He's the one transforming the festival and thus the country, and taking a generation of celebrants along with him." I stand by those words.

We need to understand people who embody our collective self—like Kitchener, Shorty, Rudder... For more than a decade, Machel projected himself into the centre of our Carnival. He's matched that ambition with material and performing skills that place him there on merit. He provides the premium soundtrack for the 300 Trini-style carnivals and is their biggest draw. All our festival musicians aspire to this—he's done it. He's our biggest home-grown talent at present, raking in tens of millions annually—far outstripping his closest soca peers.

His presence is so seismic that at least two Carnivals in the last 15 suffered economically and otherwise by his absence. He draws crowds up to 45,000 locally, and up to 15,000 in the metropolitan diaspora. However, the global mainstream career he's dreamed of has eluded him. Thus far... Apart from interesting forays I will map, Machel remains largely unknown outside of Caribbean diaspora circuits, although buzzes exist on fringes of metropolitan markets.

Machel's max-ing his possibilities in the diaspora—and is again exploring crossover. For this reason—and because he consumes so much attention from our political and corporate elite—we need to understand his career. We can then facilitate him wisely and help our elites diversify their attention. I've broken Machel's career into seven stages. Each offers clues to successes, failures and lessons.

The first age of Machel was child prodigy. Groomed in the mould of the greatest—Michael Jackson—Machel sang, danced and charmed, but importantly, even at that age, Machel localised his performance, borrowing tropes from Blueboy and Sparrow. Placing fifth in Dimanche Gras with "Too Young to Soca", he could have been an historical footnote—but his parents had other plans...

The key to Machel's difference was the formation of Pranasonic Express—a band of boys, like the Rivers brothers, from musical families. Pranasonic became the lever for all Machel's transformations. And the committed, obsessive management of mother Liz.

Machel's second age was his teens. He had choices: the culture was "become a Dimanche Gras calypsonian". He tried, but Pranasonic gave him options—but nobody believed Pranasonic could evolve to match a Sound Revolution.

The third age is the key: in the late '80s, after two decades of sophistication built on brass bands and Trini pop, local music entered crisis. Suddenly the best bands were Bajan. The biggest was Spice. They played better, their songs were sweeter, their rhythm more true... Soca's sound changed.

T&T culture has crises of inheritance brought on by absences of institutions to pass on skill generationally. Results include youngsters lacking traditional skill and elders who cannot adapt to modernity.
Trini music suffered transition into the digital age of drum-machines and keyboards. The brilliant arrangements of Golden Age soca by producers like Art D Couteau, Errol Ince and Ed Watson became dumbed-down by producers who couldn't translate old into new, couldn't find sounds that conjugated the age. Soca moved out of step with the times—reduced to the ridiculous tuk-kung-ku-tuku-tung. Trini bands couldn't connect to audiences... "Anybody from Trinidad!" gimmicks entered—to get crowd participation—because the music was weak...

Xtatic admitted this—and didn't try to cheat. They stared soca's irrelevance in the face. This is the difference: they confessed nobody was interested in Trini-Soca. More importantly, they experimented. They admitted when they performed international hits crowds responded, but vowed never to become a cover band. But there was no denying Trinis wanted international music over local.

Xtatic began to study why international music connected to audiences more—production, rhythm, melody, beats, song structure, hooks, lyrics... They incorporated passages from international songs in their sets- but Soca-fied them. They began writing from that place pop music comes from. They failed many times. But gradually they saw performances and songs connect.

Most soca bands still rely on international songs to establish connection with crowds. Until every soca band wrestles to find soca songs, a sound and arrangements to sustain audiences for a three-hour set, then soca will continue to be dominated by one band—and our Carnival will continue to be in crisis globally.

In this third age in the early '90s, Machel transcended: he stared down the crisis and unlocked more power within soca... The other band doing that—using a different formula—was David Rudder's Charlie's Roots...

Next: Crises and victories.
• Rubadiri Victor is a cultural activist.

Football / Re: The Stretford End- Home of the Champions
« on: August 09, 2012, 12:42:40 PM »

No we not selling him to you this yr.

Any time VP go to ManU I hope vermaerlen, kosielny and song kick the shit outta him.

VP is a neemakaram.

General Discussion / Re: New PoS traffic rules in effect from April 2
« on: July 25, 2012, 06:05:51 AM »
Trinidad Express

'We're not taking any traffic plan'
Businesses firing workers; taxi-drivers, residents slam new routes

By Anna Ramdass
The Port of Spain West traffic plan must be scrapped immediately.
Just one week into the implementation of the new traffic plan for west Port of Spain, there are numerous calls for its immediate removal, among them business owners, who say they are enduring heavy financial losses and have no choice but to send home workers.

Emotions ran high during a public meeting at the St James Amphitheatre on Monday night where persons from all walks of life, from taxi-drivers to business owners, complained that the traffic plan was negatively affecting their livelihoods.

Scores of people voiced their concerns, saying the free flow of traffic makes it easier for bandits to attack, pedestrians are suffering because they cannot access taxis and everyone, including young children and the elderly, is at risk from having to cross four lanes of traffic on major roadways.

The traffic plan, which was developed by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure and supported by the Port of Spain City Corporation, went into effect on July 16.

Traffic on major roadways such as Ariapita Avenue, Western Main Road and Tragarete Road changed direction to accommodate the one-way traffic in the plan.

This, in effect, created a faster flow of traffic on these routes, but residents and business owners say these new "highways" are making their lives hell.

Grant Chin, owner of Jacqueline's bakery on Ariapita Avenue, said he was now forced to fire five employees because his business was suffering.
"These five ladies are very good workers, but for the survivability of Jacqueline's, I have to do it because I cannot last for three months. I am now selling bread on a freeway," he said.
He said he was losing six hours of business a day as there was no parking on the Avenue from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In addition, he said permanent no parking signs which have now been installed affect business during other hours of the day.

Waldron Louison, owner of West Classy Food in St James, said it appeared there was a deliberate plan by the People's Partnership Government to destroy businesses.
"I am not happy with what I saw on my cash register a matter of fact, I am seriously considering sending home three young ladies tomorrow," said Louison.
"Hold on! Hold on!" shouted members of the audience.
Louison said another business colleague informed him that losses were so great in his own business that earnings slipped from $17,000 to $964 in one week.
This person, he said, was also faced with having to send home five employees.
"He (colleague) believes that the plan is to rid the St James and Ariapita Avenue of us and allow part of the cabal to buy out our business and buy out the real estate at dog cheap price," said Louison.

Melissa Dalloo, owner of Ali's Veggie Mart in St James, said not only was her business suffering, her life was also at risk as she disclosed that last Wednesday, she was robbed in broad daylight, at 11.30 a.m., by two bandits.

Dalloo said two men, armed with guns, exited a yellow-band maxi and entered her business and demanded that she hand over her gold bracelet and necklace.
She said if it weren't for one of her employees, she would have been dead.
"If my worker didn't stand up for me, they might have shot me and kill me. I have four little children; Lee Sing needs to change that highway into a two-way. Lee Sing make that a freeway for bandit to jump out and rob businesspeople; that is wrong," she said.

James Ceasar, owner of Hioasis in St James, said a political game was being played, and people must not be trampled on.
The owner of Asha's Variety Store in St James told the Express that she, too, now has to fire employees as the new traffic plan had crippled business.

Natasha Ferrera, another businesswoman, said she can no longer sell breakfast on mornings.
She said her income had also taken a blow, which affected her from giving charity to the Living Waters Community each month to help battered children.
She also said young women were now being put at risk because they were getting into taxis and were not sure as to what routes they were going to be taking.
"Yes, we need to change and make things better, but human beings must not suffer for progress," she said.

A number of residents of the affected areas complained of difficulty in getting taxis and the fact that they now have to walk from Tragarete Road to Ariapita Avenue to get taxis to head into Port of Spain.
Resident Lorraine Simon expressed concern as to what will happen to hundreds of schoolchildren who have to travel home when school re-opens.
Many expressed fear that some child may get knocked down by speeding cars when trying to cross the roads.

Ivy Forde, 88, made an appeal for the traffic plan to be abandoned, saying her life was at risk.
She said she was nearly blind, having had two eye surgeries, and had extreme difficulty crossing the roads with her grandchildren.
"I don't know who planning this, but to me, this is definitely a waste of time...everybody loves the old people, everybody love the children, but when it comes to that, who love we? Nobody loves us; politicians are not the Government, the people are the Government. They are there to seek our welfare but is the people suffering, and we are not going to stick for that in St James," said Forde.

Chairman of the Woodbrook Residents Committee Lynette Dolly said she wrote to Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing on behalf of the residents, complaining there were too many dangers in the new system and the plan must be revisited.

Several taxi-drivers said they, too, were facing the pinch.
Culbert Alexis said he puts $80 in gas a day in his vehicle and goes home with $90.
He said people did not know where to get taxis and women were scared to travel.
He recalled an incident where he had to look after a female passenger who was forced to walk from Tragarete Road to Ariapita Avenue and looked as though she wanted to faint as she was just told by the doctor that she was experiencing menopause symptoms.

Alexis said he now goes home early because the roads were unsafe and passengers were nowhere to be found as the plan did not make any accommodation for pedestrians.

Another taxi-driver said people were now at risk because they were walking in search of transport and were now prey for bandits and rapists.

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Trinidad Express

It's early days yet
Lee Sing insists on 3-month trial:

By Anna Ramdass

Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing said yesterday the new traffic plan must be allowed to continue into its three-month trial period, after which, it would be revisited.

Speaking to the Express by phone and questioned on the call by business owners and residents for the traffic plan to be scrapped, Lee Sing said it was still "early days" into the plan but added it was being reviewed daily.

"The plan was never intended to be a St James or Woodbrook plan; it is a national plan intended to bring relief to traffic coming into the city, and on the basis of that, we are now moving people faster in and out of the city," said Lee Sing.

Lee Sing said the plan was from the Ministry of Works, which he supported because he understood its "vision".

He said taxi-drivers must establish their own routes while the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) must understand its role in catering for public passengers.

However, while Lee Sing said the three-month trial period must take its course, Port of Spain South MP Marlene McDonald said this could not happen.

"In three months, this plan is going to mash up my constituency; businesses cannot hold on for three months'' McDonald told the Express.

McDonald, who attended a public meeting in St James on Monday night where stakeholders called for the traffic plan to be scrapped, said she must stand with her constituents.

She said she spent the entire day on Saturday walking the district, and residents wanted the traffic plan to be reverted.

She added that the concerns of the business owners were legitimate as she noted their businesses suffered a blow during the State of Emergency last year, and they were now facing another blow with the new traffic plan.

"This new traffic plan to me is orchestrated to finish off the businesses in these areas," she said.
McDonald said she had spoken to Lee Sing and also Works Minister Emmanuel George who were both "very amenable" to making changes to the traffic plan.

McDonald will be holding a press conference today at 1 p.m. at her constituency office in St James to discuss the issue further.

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