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Football / Jack Honer...Lets do it
« on: February 08, 2012, 11:10:40 PM »
Jack horner...anytime ...anywhere..let's do it...

Football / Taking back the Marvin Lee Stadium today
« on: January 05, 2012, 06:43:57 AM »
Lets discuss this...

The Marvin lee stadium...the concacaf center of excellence..the joao havelange ..joe public home...whatever you call it

.... because i dont have the official answer to this then i can only ask some hard questions

as i recall...this was a gift/project from FIFA to who ???... Concacaf ??.. Tnt ??.. TTFF ???...Warner ??
In a touching gesture..Jack named it in tribute to Joao .... and again for the late marvin...god bless.

In comes Joe Public FC..flexing muscle ( and kits)....weddings,fetes,lou rawls,engelbert humperdink,bollowood and magic shows and conferences and of course coaching courses etc.

another FIFA upgrade with artificial grass surface.... i even played a fete match there but will watch the national youth team train next to me in de Savannah while Joe public FC use their home ground to wreak havoc on the super league and east zone.

so if warner really owns this under some guise then he has all rights ...but if this is a FIFA gift...then this should be now taken over by who ???  concacaf ??... TnT Govt (oops same)??..TTFF (oops same)??..

this should be turned into the TTFF headquarters .... they got every thing there and with some upgrades and imagine they condemned  a training pitch to make a bigger car park for fetes and conferences ( non football).....

if its really concacaf ...then can Guyana or costa rica apply for its use as a training camp to use for WC preparation ???

Its sitting there waiting ???... can we have it ??  or is this jacks house ??? his neverland for his sons ??

Football / New FIFA Rule.. All number 10's MUST play
« on: January 05, 2012, 06:15:56 AM »
All mavericks, enigmas, magicians, romantics ( or "liability" as we once called our very own )... you are allowed a 10 year extension on your life span before the game knows no more of your type... for a "nominal" fee of  1 US dollar you can play on as "protected species"

and of course we wont be fooled... these players are "born this way"....

Football / My Obsevations in Guyana ( 1st match)..dont merge yet plz
« on: November 15, 2011, 11:24:37 AM »
forum.... sorry for the delay with this.... and this may be merged but i should really mention a few things before from Guyana last Friday ( 11-11-11)

The truth is i really feeling this real bad...cant even function...and i know this is the general feeling...
 and this is not a technical report or a TTFF rant or who play shit or who have heart or 4-4-2 or 4-5-1  or Kenwyne in shit......we do all that right here all ready...

but i saw Just Cool response to one of my post ( below)

Quote from: Big Magician on Yesterday at 03:34:08 PM

    allyuh shoulda see the Hotel the team stayed at in Guyana...  think Mayaro Beach House...shameful

Breds, doh be so standoffish nah, @ least give us your take on things. after all, this is ah forum, if yuh was there and you saw things that could've contributed to these result, then please enlighten us.

and Just you and others.... not even sure what standoffish means...but as i said... just to destroyed to type.... but this is what i meant by that hotel comment...

Me and Small Mag sort out a cheap over night place to stay .. "Cara Suites".. downtown Georgetown...

now we never been to we get there and say " say what" it would do... to find out Bruce Anansen staying there... the man is my QPCC i say well the place good enough... plus he gave us the starting team at  3pm... Small Mag send it to Flex... cause we both said its too early to post on the forum... just in case..

anyhow... we had to go the the so called " Kings Plaza"... where the team stayed to collect our tickets... so we asked a taxi man ... he said its not too far and will cost 4 US .. ok...lets go....

now allyuh could go and google it...i not on all dat.... maybe upstairs is a massive top class place with pool and ting....
but with my eyes... when the taxi stop at the place.. i thought the man went to collect i still in the car... he said "this is the hotel".. i said" no man"... ""Kings Plaza"...and he said again "this is it..."... i still staying no as its a club with some floors  upstairs ...even seeing the club part with the dark lights and a lady standing in the doorway... is only because i see Pfister in a lobby- like room i say "oh shit... "

so we went out... Pfister  on a lap top.. in a cramped room acting as a lobby...with 2 bag of balls and water coolers around him... i shook his hand and said good luck and he nodded...

back in the and Smalls watch each other " dais wey dem boys staying ??"... so hold on.. if they come downstairs...then they on the main road...serious...3 of them cant fit and lime in the

poolside ??...dont think it have one....cant see where... so... them confined to some rooms...

I could not see that as an environment for any focus or comfort... now i know how this argument will go... them eh deserve no nice hotel da da da and what a hotel have to do with it da da da ...

but the thing is... me and Smalls went to the gold cup in 2005... and i do remember 'THAT hotel.... and of course we know they stay at Crown plaza or Hyatt in tnt... so go ahead and argue...

next thing... we get to Providence... we always like to get there in time for the warm ups... as this reveals a lot... check this..... I swear it was Shabazz putting down markers and cones for the entire warm up session to come.... no sign of tnt coaches... ok... big deal...maybe they timing it...

out come Guyana in order and doing their warm ups in an organized fashion... still no tnt...

out come tnt.. some by some... no markers no cones...nothing... keepers doing a ting... men in 3's or 2's or 4's doing they own ting... "Barber" next to some of them here and there...

then i started to try to remember if i saw the warm ups vz Bermuda at home in tnt... i dont think so...for some strange reason we got there late that day... in time for kick off...and I was on tour for the Barbados match at home... i cant compare to tell if thats Pfister's style...

so lets say Guyana pull a style on we and gave us no markers and cones... could we not get a bit creative and organize something ???... so i guess now is "what cones and warm up have to do with it right ???".... ah swear to God we never saw the team stretch.. maybe they did in the dressing room....

normally the starting 11 would play the lil 5 a side amongst each other.... this time...was every body playing 2 man in the middle in 2 separate sections... including Pacheco and Wolfe..who was not on the 18....

AND..AND ..we went back in the dressing rooms before Guyana....

i will not go into anything on the field of play... some of you did that job all ready... i guess most of you here dont even know i am a Concacaf qualified coach with 10 years coaching ... but i dont get into that here on the forum...

let me mention also ..the Guyanese fans... ah feel shame... shame...DAT is fans... we get pelt twice...and nuff cuss ( trini scun%s)... real football atmosphere...

and i must also mention... football superstitions... of which Small Mag is king.. im just a prince...

we flew on Caribbean Airlines... but from tnt.. we walk down the tunnel ting we never saw the plane body.. is when we exit the plane in Guyana... Small Mag bawl " oh shit",,,"check what we fly on"..
I turn round to see it was an "Air Jamaica"... De man start to complain ..if he knew that, he woulda take a different plane da da da ...

15 mins in the taxi to Georgetown.. we pass a sign on the road " Caledonia"... he watch me again... Shabazz da da da ....

our drunk taxi man doing it on the road.... the driving in Guyana is the worst i ever see anywhere in the world.... and de driver ask me if we have plenty " waddaps" in tnt ??... i say what ?? car crash... i say yea..he say yea here too... of fu#king course...dey mad.. and i know we he asked " Who TnT Playing ?"

so as i said... Just Cool and others...make what yous want from these "minor" observations... but our Guyana trip wont be forgotten as long as we live and beyond.

also..thanks to all that mentioned our safety and concern when we were there....

Football / Otto's thoughts
« on: November 01, 2011, 04:09:23 PM »
thinking about Otto's situation...

The man who interview him for the job gone..look loy
The man who probably welcome him gone..Jack Warner
The president of the TTFF when Otto got here gone... Oliver Capms ( It Goesssssssssssssssssssss)

Thinking Otto wanted to fly to USA to watch Birchall and other players ... who he asking for that ??
maybe watch a Champions league game with Hyland as center back..and have a chat with Mario Been about he boy...who he asking for that ???
Hop over to UK to keep tabs on players he doing that ???
maybe Otto wanted to go to Mexico to have a look at some of the U-23s.. how he doing that ??

so who he dealing with ??..Peter Rampersad ??..a man who look like he need a jug of coffee all day ???
Groden ???.... the man who will charge Rampersad extra for the coffee ???

well maybe the players have the Guyana and Port of Spain..


Football / any word on Tulla Guerra ??..and Stefan Knox ??
« on: October 30, 2011, 09:40:13 AM »
any word on Tulla Guerra ??.. i watched a few matches on TV... WI Sports show pro league live... Tulla did not play with jabloteh or rangers... anyone knows ??... and was it him that got kicked off the national team from otto ???

and Stefan Knox ??..former U 17 world cup player.. i rated him then..but he never returned ... any updates ??..thanks

what about Oliver camps ??

Football / Greetings from The UK..on tour
« on: October 04, 2011, 07:22:38 AM »
hey folks... on tour in the UK... but try to get on here to follow things..thank god for this..
check links below for some tour diary  and video diary... lots of football stuff included in Blog Diary

wishing for 6 points next week...

and Tallman..stop sending posts and pics of Zamora for me to try and find him..

check and like jointpop on facebook for updates etc...

stuff here on my Old Trafford visit.  ( PT 2)!/note.php?note_id=237520729632108

Falkirk vz Rangers included here ( PT 3)!/note.php?note_id=240926442624870!/note.php?note_id=234789829905198  jointpop diary pt 1

VIDEO Blogs ( PT 1)    jointpop video blog pt 2  ( PT 3)  ( part 4)

Football / XI vs Brent Sancho XI
« on: May 15, 2011, 08:04:53 PM »
When: Sunday, August 7th (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
Where: Larry Gomes Stadium

facebook event page

On a side note, a few and Warrior Nation members will be on Andre Baptiste's show on i95.5FM on Saturday August 6th.

Football / "Shay" Seymour
« on: March 23, 2011, 07:26:11 PM »
hi folks
just watched the Andre Baptiste series with Shay Seymour... I know i did a similar post before about that TV this may go to that thread....but can Tallman or any mods or anyone else for that matter shed some more info on Shay ???
a real gentleman on the show... I know some about him,..played in England etc..Bury FC, Poole Town and he said 5 to 7 clubs.

noted he kept saying ; "That sort of thing" in every 2 sentences...
played against Stanly Matthews ( Blackpool)...he scored..and they won...also against Stan Mortinson
only racists thing he recalls was a man in the stands shouting " mark the Darkie"
also played cricket in England
married a Swiss woman
returned to Trinidad when his wife died of cancer
got his coaching badges in UK
coached in UK... coached the nat west bank team
at a course in UK... he met Alvin Corneal for the first time
when he came back to tnt...he came with the intension to coach ...and got turned off forever watching a session where the players looked un interested...and said he could never tolerate non discipline...turned his back from football since that.

please shed some light....

Football / Coaches of the TnT Pro league...debate
« on: February 26, 2011, 11:52:27 AM »
thinking about the debate of local coaches etc... how many of them get to work with national teams... and based on what... lets check this.. and i going from the start of the pro league (how old is it ??)

of course i will need your help here with some names
head coaches and some assistant coaches

Terry Fenwick ( 2 spells)..Ricky Hill.. I recall Street being there early (?).. Earl Jean ( by default)
assistants ... Angus Eve.. not sure of the present guys name.. name more plz ...
so thats 3 foreign and 2 local

w connection... Stewart Charles..
assistants... Carrington... Williams..Earl Jean... name more plz
so 2 and 2

Joe public... Vranes (??)... McComie...Griffith (Bdos).. King.. Latchoo ...
assistants... Saunders ( ??) Arab... name more plz
so 2  and 5

Ma Pau... McComie...a brazilian ( Failureinho)..Ron La
assistant.. Angus Eve... name more plz
so 1 and 3

Rangers... Street ...Bally (??
assistant ????

Tobago... Granville
assistant ??

Southend... who is the official coach ??..Roughier ??
assistant ???

North East Stars... McLean ( Guyana)..A Yankee (??)... Shurland David
assistants ..Dwarika.. name more plz
so 2 and 2

Caledonia... Shabazz...
assistant..Jerry Moe... Travis Mulraine more plz

Defence Force... was Hackette there ??...Ross Russell... name more plz
assistants... Hudson Charles.. name more plz

Petrotrin... Williams... a brazillian ( Ignorantinho)...
Larry more plz

Police... Isa...Kelvin Jones (?)..
assistants ???

Docs Kewallas ( who coached there ?/

ah forget any teams dey ??

so right... when the other names come in...or  added...lets make some assessments only based on the success of course... cause not all of us get the chance to see them do sessions etc...which reveals a lot....

so check some of the appointments of national teams ( various age groups etc)
the above list got 4 National senior team coaches.. Stewart Charles, Isa, Vranes and Shabazz ( interim)
assistants national Senior team coaches...Ron La, Russell, any more ??

Mens U-23... head coach Appointments.. Vranes, , McComie
Assistants.. Hudson Charles (??)... Williams ( ??)

Mens U-20.. Vranes,
assistants..Charles,Williams, Angus eve ( ??)

Mens U-17.. ?? none
assistants... Charles

Women ...Shabazz

and coaches for national teams not on the list... Anton Corneal, Sean Cooper,Grovesnor, La Foucade,Richard Hood, Marlon Charles, Look Loy, more plz.. Coops.. ah putting yuh name here

so lets local coaches ??..what they offer ??... any insight on any of the above style and methods ?? they get national appointments ??..

Football / Good Interviews on WI Sports
« on: January 07, 2011, 07:32:43 AM »
People...good day...happy new year

I've been watching some Interviews recently on WI Sports with andre Baptiste...the football ones with some of the older past Players

saw 4 good ones with Alvin Corneal..Sedly Joseph ..gally ..and Willie Rodriguez

really good insights into past players and days etc... i would have read many things they mentioned...but nice to see them talk about them days...good stuff to archive. ( TTFF??)
common thing from all 4 men...played for free unless on tour (minimal money)

now i start following tnt deep in 1975.. so i miss all dem old names...
but common names they would mention as top players
berassa...Franco..Corneal..Nunes..DeLabastide..Gally...Aleong/s ...David..archie..murren...tex...hinds...
keppers Gonsalves and Tiger ( seems to be hands down the best ever)

hope he gets some of the 1973 team in soon...would love to hear from them... i only saw the tail end of david... carpette etc...

anyone seeing these ???

Football / World Soccer magazine
« on: September 17, 2010, 04:31:10 AM »
hey... not sure how many here know or remember the magazine called world Soccer....should still be around... back in the 80's and 90's i lived on them....before this great forum and the internet of course...
thankfully i had ..well still have some best friends who are pilots...and they flew to london back then.. and the mag was a must for me....
it listed concacaf scores..even tnt league results...
this is where you could get updates on the few euro based players..latas...lewis..marcelle..nakhid..yorkie etc...
i used to go straight to the Portuguese section to check the tnt boys....

I would still buy one today...
i still like to hold a physical mag or news paper and read.. old school nah....
i will read the local paper football stories first... then respond on the forum to the same story... plus ah have this bad habit of eating and i make breakfast..put it away..and zip down to get papers and hurry back just to eat and read...
the internet took away some of that gloss...but the forum and the net is champion today..and thanks to the mods for this...
small mag cant believe we used to watch english matches like 3 weeks after on TV... he cant even watch a delayed game on the same
not to mention starving for a news report on latas and lewis and them...those were the days my friend.. i thought they would never end...

lets all stay strong for tnt football in this rough time...have no fear... we are tnt

Football / Guessing Game
« on: September 15, 2010, 08:03:17 PM »
so lets guess

they mentioned some USA based players for some matches..lets guess some names

and "an opponent to be announced" on Oct 6th ... guess the opponent


Football / Under-23s blank Antigua & Barbuda 2-0.
« on: July 23, 2010, 03:24:16 PM »
Under-23s blank Antigua & Barbuda 2-0.
T&T Guardian Reports.

T&T Under-23 footballers (Olympic squad) registered a comfortable 2-0 win over the Antigua & Barbuda senior men’s team in a friendly encounter at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya yesterday.

The scorers for T&T were Sean De Silva in the first-half and substitute Marcus Joseph, with a late second-half item. De Silva opened the scoring in the 31st minute when he placed a right footer low and hard into the right corner from the left edge of the box past the dive of goalkeeper Javid Joseph from a Leston Paul feed.

At the start of the second-half, T&T’s Jamal Clarence, Micah Lewis and Abdullah Mohammed were all introduced for Trent Lougheed, De Silva and Jevon Morris as coached Zoran Vranes tried to give as players some playing time.

With T&T still ahead 1-0, defenders Aubrey David and Akeem Adams were also substituted for Curtis Gonzales and Robert Primus on the hour mark while striker Marus Joseph and goalkeeper Andre Marchan replaced Jean-Luc Rochford and Glenroy Samuel respectively, eight minutes later.

Despite the many changes, the young Soca Warriors still continued to enoy the better of the exchanges and six minutes from the end Marcus Joseph sealed the win when he drilled a low left footed shot past the out-of-position Javid Joseph to seal victory.

The win was a confidence booster for the T&T squad which is preparing for Olympic qualifiers, while it was the second defeat in three days for the visitors who were also whipped 4-1 by the senior Soca Warriors at the same venue on Wednesday night, as they continue preparations for Digicel Caribbean Cup qualifiers beginning on August 18.

Football / TnT's best central defenders
« on: March 29, 2010, 05:05:18 PM »
central defenders eh...of course lots to put in perspective... level played...class,,technique...reading...heading...and a big point is pre back pass rule and post back pass rule...etc etc

my opinion...and i watching from mid 70's...

Marvin Andrews
Dennis lawrence
Brent Sancho
dexter Francis
Clayton Morris
Richard Therdore
and im Tipping Robert Primus to be added to this list soon...very soon

Football / A Letter from Falkirk Football Club Magazine
« on: March 16, 2010, 11:47:35 AM »
People.. I got this letter today... it was written by Brian Flynn of Falkirk,Scotland ... this was after the TnT Vz Honduras WCQ in tnt last year ( 2009) on

Bishops Chair Trinidad & Tobago Trip 2009

When Russell left the club and took up his post as Assistant/Player Coach with his national team we made a decision to try and get over for a game. We felt his service to Falkirk had been second to none and personally I had become rather attached to the wee man having admired him from the stands since the Awful view days and marvelled at those silky skills and blinding tricks. He was also a regular visitor to BTW and always had lots of time to have a drink (and a smoke) with the boys talking football.

I was also delighted to get involved in Latapy Day and the Bishops Chair boys got together and presented him with a specially commissioned painting, which was given to him at a Sportsman’s lunch all of which was greatly appreciated by him I know.

Anyway we decided on the Honduras home game on March 27th and booked the flights, unfortunately only three of us could manage the trip. I think if they had all known what was in store more would have been on that flight, the week was one of the most memorable ever for me, Clarkie and Big Keith. Not that Trinidad is all bounty advert beaches and cocktails. It is widely known as the murder capital of the Caribbean and is the more industrial of the two islands, Tobago being more of a holiday destination. However, the welcome we received from the locals was just amazing. We were treated like royalty or visiting dignitaries rather than three football fans there for a few beers and to take in a match.

Having been at the World Cup in 2006 and met many Trinis and also Sandy Alexander had invited a party of them from London up to Falkirk; we knew how much they loved a party and the affinity with the Scots had already been established. We also hosted a band called Jointpop at BTW and had kept in touch with them by email and phone and got into their music.

When we arrived a text hit my phone almost straight away from Russell, “Welcome to our little paradise” and our Trinidad adventure had begun.

Trip to Maracas Beach
A beautiful spot for swimming, surfing, sunbathing and Bake & Shark from Richards (local seafood delicacy). Bought a polystyrene cooler for the beer, rum and ice. Gary sat on it so I thought I could too, not so lucky it ended up in bits in the sand! Forgot I am about 4 stone heavier than him. Went back to Dion’s (the drummer’s) house to let the traffic die down met his fantastic family, more Rum, met Gary’s wife Wendy and their great Kids Rainbow and Cheyenne. (He is in touch with his spiritual roots Man!) Realised Wendy’s accent was in fact Welsh although she has never been there; she also looked a bit like Nessa from Gavin and Stacey, hysterically when she got drunk we had her screaming “Ho... Whats Occurring!” at the top of her voice. Keith couldn’t get money out of the bank.

Meeting Russell
The Wee Man was holding court on the Tuesday night at ‘More Vino’ bar restaurant, chatted for ages, amazingly he rates Kevin McBride very highly! We said we would try and get him a T&T passport and citizenship if he was interested! He has very specific plans if he ever becomes a club manager in Europe to pick out the diamonds in the lower leagues of Spain and Portugal, still harbours ambitions to manage the Bairns one day. He kept saying to us, ‘well guys I have to get to bed now it’s a big week for me’ we would say goodnight and turn round ten minutes later and he was still sitting in the same seat with another drink! I asked him why Stern John had taken (and missed ) the second penalty against El Salvador. He said “Ask him yourself he is sitting next to you!” To be fair he was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses but I was suitably embarrassed. We left Russell in the place! Keith couldn’t get money out of the bank.

Fishing Trip to the Islands.
Gary and Dion and mates Brains and Scott took us out fishing almost straight away we caught a whopper of a Tarpon (honest) got the pictures to prove it. Rescued two young couples from Venezuela stranded on a beach, they had been dropped off in a boat and forgotten about earlier that day. Thought about throwing the boys back! Ran out of beer on the boat so we had to drink Rum and Coke in the car back to Port of Spain, Gary (the driver) also had one behind the wheel whilst driving, lighting a fag and taking a phone call! Not the same controls over driving behaviour shall we say. Keith couldn’t get money out of the bank.

 Jointpop Gig
On the Thursday night saw Jointpop live at Shakers on the Avenue they were awesome, they told us they are a possibility for T-in the Park so watch this space, met lots of great people all of whom are coming to the next BTW Jointpop gig. Had too many Jagerbombs, taxi home with kilt hanging out the door taxi driver tells me “De skirt is on de road Man!”. Keith couldn’t get money out of the bank.

Match day
Watched the Scotland game in Sports Bar had to leave before the third goal went in to go and get our tickets. Russell’s fixer Charlie arranged for the tickets to be delivered to our hotel, got to the game an hour before kickoff, bought a cooler bag full of Carib (local beer) for about a fiver which lasted the whole game. Densill played first half (Yogi was not far wrong about him). Honduras scored (nightmare we are jinxes!) Russell came on with 15 minutes to go, rapturous reception, ball comes to him, he kills it and fires a superb diagonal ball to Kieran Highland who squeezes it under the keeper for the equaliser (phew we’re not jinxes).   Back to Shakers for more Caribs, Rum and Jagerbombs. Keith couldn’t get money out of the bank.

Going Home
Next day we had to head off but Sandy Alexander had given us some FFC Latapy 10 away tops to gift to people, we gave the last two to a couple of young guys working as porters in the Hotel. Honestly you would have thought we had given them the crown jewels, they were so grateful. Many of the locals have very little in terms of material possessions and the overwhelming feeling we left with was of the humble, friendly people who made every effort to send us home with fantastic memories of their “Little Paradise”. Like Russell they left us with a lasting impression............ TnT we will be back.

« on: September 16, 2009, 06:04:50 AM »

Football / When is the next TTFF Elections ???
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:26:12 PM »
anyone knows ???

Football / TnT vz Mexico...last HEX match
« on: September 14, 2009, 07:06:24 PM »
lemme test allyuh TTFF long brain knowledge

so one home game left...Mexico... we out...

what will be the  ticket prices??

how Jack go play it ???

he might come with "Free for all to see the new beginning for 2014 da da da"

"A Gift to the nation da da da"

reduced price of 100 and 200

no online purchase for this ???

cause hear still have TV rights money for 2 games eh...dont forget that

so the Revolution will begin when the U-20 get home... and be in place before the U-17 womens world cup

RF...yuh selling yuh TV ???... I want to watch de World Cup

Football / Lets have a SW.NET Sweat
« on: August 15, 2009, 07:36:27 AM »
yea time for a SW.NET sweat...
lets sort it out...
first things first..Padners..the fish broth...
a ground
a date...
lets go..

No RF  and no Zamora

Football / let me see if allyuh know TnT football
« on: August 14, 2009, 11:27:27 PM »
and this is not about players etc

this is about why after 3 years with tnt in the WORLD CUP and the senior team left for dead...
and why the focus gone to the U-20's

leh me see if yuh know real TTFF long brains...go on

and this is about the REVOLUTION...or else "THE DUOEN" coming for we

Football / Zamora and Samuel issue an apology to T&T
« on: August 06, 2009, 04:53:04 PM »
ah know it go merge...beacuse it look like it not important to allyuh....

The two players J Lloyd and Zamora should already have they speech written out for the first press conference...

and if it eh read something like  "well I know i said NO the first time..because da da da ...and then when I tried the second time..the rule stated da da da ...and now i am just happy to be here and sorry to the people i offended the first time da da da "...


i cant believe allyuh taking this so easy....dem men tell we haul we mudder c#nt...
 and now allyuh asking..."Can zamora play left wing ???...

what kinda f#cking pride in the red white and black is that ??  F#CK MAN

and is only Big Mag this and dat,,,,I never tell we haul we mudder #nt

Football / Put yuhself in Latas boots for a minute
« on: July 27, 2009, 08:09:40 PM »
yea... put yuhself in latas boots for a minute....

de man here a while now...he watching real pro league games... he doing sessions with the locals.. and did some camps...he start playing in de PFL now... he know all de foreign based...
he lose 2 WCQ... he watch he team hang on vz st kitts..... he know his last match as a player in WCQ he came on and changed the game vz Honduras.... we get a point.... he know in the semi final round he play a role... he eh lose as a player  since this new come back... he know his age...he knows his fitness levels

so with all that... yuh think he playing on Aug 12th ???

my answer... he should be playing...from de start.... because hear what.... de 2-3 men he trying in the position he can fill ( 2nd striker..withdrawn..whatever yuh call it).... it eh happen yet....
if thats me i nah... allyuh shaming me man... i going out dey yes....ah mean...he IS the PLAYER/COACH afterall....

wee man...if yuh  reading some sit ups yes... yuh starting on Aug 12 th

and ah know all the predictable answers allyuh coming with...but check the facts

Football / Beat this TnT side
« on: April 21, 2009, 01:57:21 PM »
tnT 18 man squad for the next 2 matches...of course injuries ect....but beat this side

   sancho                   Andrews  lawrence    A. John

  C Edwards                Birchall   Yorke         C. samuel

                              S.John  J.Scotland

GK  Tony Warner
Def..Spann, Glenton wolffe ( my choice if fit and playing for W CONN..or Pacheco)

Mid.. K.daniel, K.Hyland

FWD..K.Jones, R.Latapy

Football / what would be Latapy's dress code on the sidelines??
« on: April 20, 2009, 11:29:25 AM »
me and small mag was getting kicks this weekend at a north coast beach house ( ant-summit nah)

we trying to guess what de magician will wear in his debut match as head coach..
I say..full suit and tie....and then in the 60 min ,,rip it off like superman to reveal the tnt kit ( with boots)

small mag say track top...

leh meh hear some guesses...just to take some of the pressure off nah....

Football / who is the new TnT Captain ??
« on: March 21, 2009, 04:25:16 AM »
who wearing the armband for the next 4 WCQ ???

I say Dennis lawrence

Football / wey RF and dem gone ???
« on: March 17, 2009, 06:16:22 PM »
ah missing de BRITZ man ??..wey dem ???  inna Hengland looking fuh Britz ???

Football / News on Brent Sancho and TnT
« on: March 14, 2009, 02:20:26 AM »
check this little conversation with a very high ranking TTFF offical at the Tnt U-20 vz USA match ...very high ranking...second in command

TTFF yuh going ??
BM...I cool...

BM...when allyuh calling back Brent Sancho boy ???

TTFF O... no words/...but the body langauge is like...oh no...please

BM..wha he do allyuh so boy ???

TTFF O...yuh know i cant answer yuh dat...yuh know i love yuh and i cant lie to yuh...

take it away Palos...

Football / Enter The Guerra
« on: February 16, 2009, 05:30:54 AM »
folks... anybody know what Attulah Guerra up to ???
and as we at it also Glenton Wolfe ??

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