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Football / timimg of the tnt pro league season
« on: February 12, 2009, 07:30:45 PM » our pro league timed properly for WCQ ???... we all know the hex starts in FEB...but our season starts in april and ends in Dec... MLS too right ??.something like that...
so is by May/June when our local players getting "match fit" and form starts to take then coaches can call up players etc??..shed some light..

Football / Who is the worlds most famous assistant coach ??
« on: January 05, 2009, 06:10:01 PM »
Who is the worlds most famous assistant coach ??

hear eh no secret latas is meh hero da da da...
but this fanfare for being named an assistant coach for tnt national team...

.man is press conference...overseas telephone hook sports...setanta...real uk print press...

latas talking bout his philosophy ...bout how he wants de game played... players etc...leaving a good future in ah hope to god this works out for the man and of course for the country also...

But it still have that thing called maturana....
ah smelling a rat... some good confusion in this ting...just give Latas de job man

without internet England assistant coach...Brazil...Germany....france..belgium...Korea...etc etc

I was an assistant once ( to Jimmy Blanc)... i could real put down cones....

Football / TnT players at Foreign Clubs
« on: December 23, 2008, 05:03:34 PM »
TnT palyers at Foreign Clubs...

ah checking how we exporting less players to outside clubs...
ah know its for various reasons..

talent... are they as good as the ones before ??/
Work Permits... we know bout this with caps etc ...
World ranking..this also affect the permit...
PFL.... of course the PFL cant match the money the boys could make outside....but at least they here playing and getting a lil change...hopefully for the clubs that do pay them..on time..

now long time it was harder to get out there...because of limits on foreign players at clubs Dwight , Nakhid, lewis Marcelle and latas and dem real break ground dey...

and then we had a rapid exodus...Nixon, Roughier, Chubby, Andrews, Wise, Stern, Sam, lawrence, Edwards etc etc...

so Tallman, Flex, palos...can you put a list together so i could check de time span between the when they left..who followed, etc etc....example

Nakhid... to Swiss club Grasshoper in 1988(??) from USA (??) ...
if anyone know how the player was spotted or the story of the move, then please state I hear Nakhid went to Europe on he own and just start to check clubs..dais true ??

dwight.. to UK with Villa in 1989... was seen playing for tnt by the visiting Villa da da meh out nah..

so this list off the top of my head is..eemmmm

ah know it have a Charles in the UK in the 50s or sixties ???...ent ??
latapy...agent Tose
Lewis...agent Tose
Marcelle....i hear macelle went to pertugal and stay with latas and lewis while knocking on doors to get a club to pick him up...Academica used to let him train with them...but not sign him...for a long time here the local press agreed to list him as "Portugal Based" but with no club name...he would work in supermarkets etc...until he was picked up by (???  Tallman),...and check this..he got the the Portugal 1st Division before latas and Lewis...great story...
Nixon..ECM to Dundee UTD
Roughier...went to ??
Dwarika....ecm to East ???
Wise...Mls..then germany...
Stern...Mls..David platt ( under yorkie advice) to Forrest
Chubby Andrews...hibs...Latas and Connection
Andrews..Carib to ?? Crewe ??
Edwards...the last 3 under Mike Berry
Samuel... to Falkirk...terry Fenick ??

frig...ah bun and ah drinking vodka...allyuh finish it up nah

before ah go...ah must mention 2 players that failed work permits and ah real feel it for them...Nigel Pierre (  Bristol Rovers) and Kerwynnw "Hardest " Jemmott ( Oxford UTD)... i really wish dey got in.....both very talented and were also young at the time..... but latas get blanked also ( Bradford ) but he kept going...

Football / TnT players that never played top flight club football in TnT
« on: December 21, 2008, 02:19:42 PM »
help meh here people...I was thinking this tis morning...

TnT players that never played top flight  club football in TnT

so ah mean 1st div football in tnt...not school, or age group club but tnt top PFL,NFL and whatever it was called back in the day...
of course Birchall,Cox,Mauge,Austin,Warner  are obvious...but off the top of my head...

Dwight Yorke...he went from school to tnt to Villa ???
Marvin Andrews ...from Carib to Raith ??...was carib in the top flight ??
Nakhid...from st  USA to Swiss Grasshoppers ??..
Evans wise ?? he play with ECM Motown right ???
Stern John...from El Do to the USa to Crew to Forest ???
Kevaughn Connell...right ??
Sealy...scott and steve...


wha bout them fellas from the 73 team....allyuh help meh...

Football / Lets Predict The new TnT Coaching staff
« on: December 21, 2008, 02:08:16 PM »
yea...ah lil game nah...even though i serious...
lets see if we could predict the news that going to come out this week....leh we see who get it right...


ah feel Brow could stay as keeper coach....
we need Wayne Lawson back as trainer...
and Babwha needs to get his voice stronger...
ah feel the Manager spot up for change as well.....

yea so dais mine...latas real believe in dem Portugese trainers ( coaches)...and Leo is he old comrade ( and could speak fluent Portuguese also..  like Latas...

I say EVE because he around the local game a while .....Dwight  have to remain as capt and wont be on the "staff"...but will be a voice also...and maybe latas will be used as a player also....time will tell that one

so lets go nah.....

Football / what is McComie and Lok Loy role
« on: December 20, 2008, 02:39:05 PM »
yea...ah see that  McComie and Lok Loy included in the list of coached to be paid for Oct,Nov,Dec....

anyone know what  roles they play ???

Football / TnT Players pay respect to Maturana
« on: December 08, 2008, 07:51:01 AM »
Right...ah doh want this mix up with a "Fire maturana thread"..
all i simply asking is for allyuh to post some actual "quotes" from tnt players with them saying.."well the coach da da da "
i know it have a few with them saying he giving dem a chance from the younger players
but show me any quote with the seniors stating this..Tallman, Flex, Palos etc...

Football / TnT Players Match Fitness
« on: December 04, 2008, 06:48:11 AM » eh no expert on match fitness but ah following de sport for a long time..
this is what i see big big clubs and countries doing..

when ah player injured or one just not playing... you ever see how they bring them back to "match fitness"???
ah mean is routine...train on they own with the trainer with some special programme to the injury etc...

then they start back  training with the first team...then some mins in a reserve game...then some more...
then some mins back on the first team..then some more...then they ready for full battle..

them doh make joke with that...right ??..we all know this right ??... ah mean this is just a recent example...
Scholes come back for Man united yesterday ( 3rd Dec 08)...after a while out...he get 20-25 mins in the Carling Cup... maybe he get some more in the EPL vz Sunderland...and we eh see de work he doing behind the scenes... and thats just a regular everyday routine around the world...

INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL DOH MAKE JOKE WITH MATCH FITNESS...and ah mean "MATCH" fitness... a whole different world compared to being "FIT"... allyuh following meh ??

now check we here in TnT...and ah going with the present Digicel Squad...leh we go over some players...and all tell me if dey "MATCH FIT" IF WE GOING BY INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS

M Phillips and Jan Willams...         both active for dey ah passing them fit
A Edwards...                       Army regular ??..ah tink so...and TnT matches... so yes for him
K. Thomas...                      yes
M.Hislop...                         yes
S.Power...                      i say he was rushed back into action...not match fit
cdy gray....                  lost his Jabloteh place...also rushed back in de earlies...not match fit
A John...                       out of season....and playing less for tnt...not match fit
J james...                 just off need some time on de pitch..just short of match fitness
C Murray...               also lost his place at club...not match fit
telesford...              match fit
Leon...                    W Conn regular ??... if so he should be just there
Daniel...                we know de club story...miss de big 6 ...not match fit
Hyland...               cacahole as far as i am concerned...some jackass advise this kid to be "unattached"                      cause Pompey go buy him...CACAHOLE.... and he eh in no Belgium... so will never be match fit
whitley...              he tell Stweart Charles..."Meh foot swell..ah cyar even walk..".. so he miss de big 6 ...
                        not he have we the heat of battle... wha yuh tink??..he match fit ??
Wolfe...                well he active..
Dwarika..                JP regular...ah guess he may be one of dem that is not a big trainer..but i guessing
McFarlane....               well he eh dey ...always have a weight problem...even he father tell me
Toussaint..                   good to go... ah eh no here we go...
so by my have bout 8 players in the 20 man squad that may be match fit...and 12 not..

International football??... you tell me

Football / TnT best ever start to a HEX
« on: December 01, 2008, 02:36:20 PM »
i think is 1989 vz USA..1-1  draw  in the USA

2001  vz Jam( ah cant type it out)  0-1  in Wembley

2005  vx  USA  1-2  at home

so if yuh tink el sal away easy....we have to write history to get 3 points ...remember when we beat dem away in 89... it was in honduras on neutral ground

so lets go tnt

Football / GUESS WHOS BACK??
« on: November 20, 2008, 10:54:56 AM »


I held my promise..
Reggae shithongs...  go watch TV for the Hex....

Until you could come out and ADMIT  'why" you got to the 98 WC... and not pretend you are the best CFU TEAM...

but well done with the last 3 games...

Football / Anthony Parris of NAPS
« on: November 10, 2008, 12:39:27 PM »
anybody ever see this kid play... i only see some of him on TV...but impressed with his technique...

I think he with W connection ( no he is not a Brazillian)..once asked leonson about him...he likes the player also BTW

did he play any tnt youth football ???...
some info please

Football / Dwight get beat in the Caribbean awards
« on: November 09, 2008, 11:53:45 AM »
yea...da shit ting Jamaica put on... dwight get beat by a jamaican...
good fuh allyuh

Football / QPCC wins North Zone title
« on: October 30, 2008, 12:14:35 PM »
congrats to QPCC ...North Zone champs...
It have a player on the forum...i cant buss he if he come out and say so then fine...but congrats to you and all at QPCC...

TD..Crab Cabral
coach..Geof wharton Lake
assistant coach ..Dexter "Bully" Gill.. ( right ??)
capt..Colm de Freitas ( Right ?)

some names off the top of my head... Brendon Barry...Vladimir suite ... Domonic Thomas...
Jason Sheppard...Dwane Cambridge...Rhett Abraham ( or Ryan ??)..
forum can add some more...

Football / Did Avery John get dropped or was he Injured ??
« on: October 17, 2008, 10:58:12 AM »
anybody have any news ???

Football / National team training session Tuesday 7th Oct
« on: October 07, 2008, 07:07:58 PM » and small mag went to check de session today at HCS at 430 pm...
sadly i had to leave at 515 pm because i had a match at the Oval in the 8 a side tournament (1-1)

so in that 45 mins...we watch dem come out and warm up under Jorge Luis...the keepers with brow.
noticed Lawrence and Scotland absent...( your guess with Lawrence is as good as mine)

Stern did some jogging on his own....kenwyne in de full mix...looking sharp actually...

Stern joined in on a two touch drill with all involved..including Tanna ( anton)...
For all who want to know...maturana stood in the middle of the pitch looking on or talking to some other person...which dont mean he not involved....I say he set out the early part of the session beforehand  and it was handled first by Luis ( trainer) and then by Anton...

No russell latapy involement as far as coaching...dont know if that changed after i left ( I doubt)

I know allyuh think i only care about The Magician....but i eh go man have de drill looking special when ever he get the ball...real pores raising ting...and of all people trying to put pressure on him is Gyasi Joyce ( yes he dey training)...but Magico had joyce chasing shadows..and Akile edwards hit Latas a kinda rash looking challenge which caused some loud shouting by team mates...

which brings me to a point....Me and SM dicussed in de session...a lot of the local based players was real pushing it hard...of course playing for a pick...which is how it should be...also becuse they are around some senior players and 'Icons" if you will...which is what should have been happening the day after we played paraguay in the World Cup...we real waste time here...but is TnT...


Football / Bad news..Whitley's "DROP FOOT" is contagious
« on: September 19, 2008, 08:55:40 AM »
I just found out that Aurtis Whitley's "Drop Foot" injury is contagious and is spreading like wildfire in the TnT camp...which may be the reason for our performances.

Maturana...DROP Players... affects the nerve in your brain, causing strange decisions.
Anton...... Drop Points... nerve in your brain affecting player selection.

Marvin Phillips...DROP WALL.. cant set a wall for free kicks with this injury
Stern John ... Drop Text...  cant hear he was dropped but can only read
Dennis Lawerence..DROP Bench... A rare USA strain of the injury
Jason Scotland...DROP Lag... just flying for miles but cant play, same feeling as JET LAG
Avery John...DROP BLADE... cant control yourself while tackleing causing other players to get DROP FOOT
Makan Hislop... DROP CHILE.... cant get dropped from team...( so only he can play with it)
Gyasi Joyce...DROP MYSTERY... no doctors explanation for this one..( but he is not a bad player eh)
A.Wolfe...DROP ANYWHERE... jsu drop him anywhere and he go play with the injury
Carlos Edwards..DROP LOAN... drop him to Sheffield..
Keon Daniel...DROP KICK... affects your right foot only
HYLAND... DROP PERMIT.... affects your ability to play for a club
Cornell Glen...DROP ALONE... cant play when you are alone..only cure is to put someone with the same injury  next to him...also affects your ability to play for a club
Chris Birchall...DROP BELLY.... only if yuh white and eat Cuban Doubles
Toussaint...DROP DROP...when you get the ball you just drop
Bleeder... DROP ARMBAND... no matter what, with this injury, a captains arm band just wont stay on your arm
Dwight Yorke...DROP CLOWN... cant play too much matches and bull tings at the same time...
D.Roberts...DROP have cell phone in Turkey ??
Julius James...DROP BACK... cant paly anywhere across the back 4.. similar to Jason Scotland's injury
Akille Edwards..DROP DEMPSEY... blurred vision of Clint Dempsey...

and news it also spreading in the TTFF..

Warner.. DROP CASH... as you drop pick it up fast fast fast
Camps...DROP ZOMBIE... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Groden...DROP YES.. you just say yes yes yes yes yes yes

and Gary Hunt get it too...DROP C#NT... well it drips...ewuew

so leh we hope Babwha clear up this soon before it spreads to the FANS...

ah jess real fed up of this federation and this i just trying for us all to have a good laugh and get ready for Guatemala...

Football / Jerrol Forbes injured
« on: September 18, 2008, 06:27:36 AM »
Anybody see the sports news with footage of Forbes scoring again for Jabloteh vs NES?... he went to do his trademark flip...and the ground was very wet...and he fall badly and got injured...i dont know the full extent of the injury but...mama...sad...ah mean some men does flip...but on a wet ground ??
hope all is well with the man ( Forbes)..

for those who dont know who Forbes is , well..Forbes holds the dubious distinction of being the only man to keep a record  goal scoring striker on the bench for a World Cup Qualifier for TnT

Football / TnT right mid/wing player options
« on: September 08, 2008, 07:10:28 PM »
somebody help me here please...
tnT right mid/wing players , tell me if this is what the list looks like

C. Edwards
C Birchall
Big Magician
Josh Johnson

wey de mudder f#cking c#nt  Anthony Wolfe come into dat ??...f#ck man...
and sorry for wolfe...cause is not he fault...fu#k man...

and doh leh meh start to make the central midfield list also...cause he on dat list too...

Football / Micheal Celestine
« on: August 31, 2008, 06:11:05 AM »
good day tnt...

yea...the player Micheal Celestine... give me some feedback...

ah know he from Tobago ( ?).... Former tnt youth ( when last i saw hime play live)... he get kick off a national team for some disipline scene...cant remember who was the coach...
fall off the radar for a while...
back in the Super league with WASA...

I think this player got some thing to work with.... he scores in the SL....saw him on some highlights, on a terrible San Juan pitch vz Crab connection...looks fit...two footed, decent pace, agression,...of course he is PFL material....

is this another in the long line of good players with some off field problems ???( we all know the list...allyuh leave TI alone plz)

and if so, can we afford to keep losing gifted players like these over the years ??>..
can we afford to not utilise players with this talent...
check de "Modern era ( 1990 to 2008).. Nakhid ( how much caps for all the players mentioned tallman ??), Dwarika, Hardest, Celestine, Gorian Highley, Attulah Guerra ( soon to be ??) ......we almost lost Whitley , some would say Ricky Aleong,...
obiviously its more that just a case of getting them "Pyscological help"...

 "Pyscological help"... thats 40%...
Youth and senior coaches..... 10%
TTFF.... 10%
The Players...20%
family support ..10%
Various ... 10 % ( press, public, peer pressuse, gyul, drugs..etc)

so leh we talk about the player Celestine and about the next part, "can we afford to keep losing these so called "Gifted players"

Football / Played against Marvin Faustin today
« on: August 28, 2008, 07:53:29 PM »
yea..i played a fete match today vz Marvin Faustin...

of course under some beers and ting he had lots to say... it was really special hearing the man go over the November 19th match with the Stadium as the backdrop cause the match was played at the Stadium training feild...

the man real fit still...he said he done with competitive ball and playing and coaching Central bank in the bank league...

he is a real cuss bud..only mudder c#nt and f#ck....also very funny...

of course the man reveal many inside things but its only fair to him and others he mention that i not reveal too much...even though he looks like a man who doh give ah F#ck...mudder

but 3 things you all will want to know

1... He is also of the opinion the Alvin and Anton running the present team...and he said this was done with Vranes in 1997 also...

2...Allyuh remember the Strike Squad was given the Chaconia Gold by the Goverment ??...
hear one medal was given to the entire medal...
and the TTFF said ' OK, we will make duplicates for all"....and a few years after...when Marvin asked for his..Oliver Camps said " Ah Cyar find it...sorry" ( It speaks)...
 Camps said he cant find the national honour...I had to ask marvin 3 times " dont have your Chaconia medal ??"...and picture de cross eye stare with "Dey Mudder C#nt" flying out he mouth... real nice one.... Remember Marvin scored the first goal of the Italia 90 campaign right?? the whole world...Bremhe scored the FIFA and Italia 90 sent Marvin a package..
." well de mudder c#nt ting in Italian" by the time " My fadder take the package somewey in Diego to transalate" ticket and everything for him to attend the Italia 90 tournament as the scorer of the first goal...Marvin said someone from the TTFF took it and went to Italy instead of him....

Revoloution time....  this shit cant go on... team lost 3-1...

Football / Marco German sensation ??
« on: August 28, 2008, 11:13:17 AM »
Marco Marin of Borussia Mochengladbach ( correck spelling ??)... anyone see this kid play ??
I only see him once in a friendly for germany before the Euro...and could not believe that Loew did not take him to the finals...
ah know he score for germany last week in a friendly... but this kid is exciting...and of course Toni Kroos also...
so give me some info...

Football / Lets pretend we are Maturana ( and Anton)
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:42:58 AM »
yea..ah lil game to lighten things up for the big clash with Guatemala...

we know how mataurana ( and Anton )like to drop big surprises on we...
so pick your 18 and starting 11 for this game ...then pick The staff 18 and 11...

my squad





       Cyd                     Sancho   Lawrence               A John

       C Edwards                 Birchall   Whitley                daniel

                                                S John

but this is the staff 18 and 11


a John



start 11


Cyd                     Hislop       lawrence                  A. John

  Edwards                      Leon    Birchall          Daniel

not much different eh ??... but look deeper....

so lets go...leh meh hear all de who not fit and who not playing for dey club, who riding pine da da da...3 facking points needed....

Football / Falkirk VZ QPR
« on: July 25, 2008, 05:08:54 AM »
Falkirk play QPR on Sat 26th July...
looking to go this with the KING again...he say it all cool...but we got a gig same night also.. so have to do some creative
imagine i have to tell latas he have a game against which team and where it he say he does just hear and  come out saturday..when we went the ross county game.. i tell him is ross he playing...and he was..ok, thats who we playing ??...
 is like when you fete match leader call yuh and say " you could play saturday??"...
so i will let you all know how this goes..
last gig in  Scotland that night...then on to Birmingham ( sun 27th)  and one in London Tues 29th July..

Football / I am going to see Falkirk FC live today
« on: July 22, 2008, 08:54:02 AM »
yes long time i eh post...but...quickly..

me and my band jointpop up in Scotland on de tour... 3 gigs up far so good..
The Little magician coming to pick up the band soon to take us to a falkirk pre season game vz Ross County ( I think ??) Sancho there again ??.....
I only spoke on the phone with him so far...and a couple texts.. he said he should play a part today... or else is me and yogi...
so i will try to give a post later..after the pints..
jointpop had a big article in the Falkirk Herald last week... the writer use the headline  " jointpop on mission to meet Bairns Hero" de whole story is about we trying to meet latas... and not stuyding we gigs...haha... but the man well know everywhere...people talking to us about him all the time...even when we gig in glasgow..the rangers fans still love him...and we gig in Edinburgh the hibs fans will say the same i am sure...
well... any falkirk fans in scotland reading this..feel free to get in touch..a drink a
small mag...clean yuh room...   

Football / My Jamaica bad wishes are over ( for now)
« on: June 14, 2008, 08:17:58 PM »
people...its no secret about me and Jamaica football...
but as the WCQ starts tomorrow ( Sunday 15th June 2008)...
 I will not make a comment on the BRITZ until they are knocked out .. or meet TnT...

A WCQ series really is a lot to handle for any country.. it really means so so much for the country , the people, the players etc... and I will not be taking part in any comments on the BRITZ...
it will be hard matter what RF and he crew vex meh with..I out until dey out..
if is friendlies, youth, gold cup etc..i dey in dey ass...but not WCQ..

This doh mean ah wishing dem luck...i hope Bahamas knock dey Brit ass out.. but i done for now..
maybe Small Mag might be my REP.. but i hope he follows me on this....but he is he own man now ...sometimes..

not to mention I leave for London for a 6 week tour with my band on Monday 16th June ( see de tour planning after tnt britz far from my mind... maybe i will lookout for some Britz for until then...see you BRITZ shithongs soon..

for UK based forumites... if you up for some noise from TnT..pick a gig and come tru.. see below

June 17th ...jointpop of Trinidad and Tobago,arrive in London for the "SPEAK SLOWLY UK TOUR 08" to promote and release the jointpop Album "The January Transfer Window" and the documentary/short film "Desperate Houseflies" ( 2-disc set)

JUNE 18-20TH London Calling ( live showcases in London)
Mon 23rd June at The Hope and Anchor, London
Tues 24th June at The Windmill , Brixton
Wed 25th June at THE FLY , London
Thur 26th June BBC Radio London
Wed 2nd July at Bar Rhumba ( Yellowblack), London
Thur 4th to Sun 6th July... Bristol.
Wed 9th July at The Vic Inn , Derby
Fri 11th July at The Cavern , Liverpool.
Sat 12th July at The Castle Club , Manchester
Wed 16th July at The Box, Glasgow
Fri 18th at The Liquid ship , Glasgow
Sat 19th July at The Metro, Falkirk
Sun 20th at Pivo Pivo , Glasgow.
Wed 23rd July to Sun 27th July , Manchester, Birmingham, Walsall.
Tues 29th July at The Hope and Anchor , London

Thur 31st July...return to TnT

« on: June 04, 2008, 02:26:26 PM »
oi...hear nah....wey did Bullerscout come out from ???....

Football / Allyuh mad oui.
« on: May 15, 2008, 09:06:15 PM »
hear nah...sorry but ah vex again....

I now come home from launching a new music video on synergy TV...

So I hearing football  noise on the TV  coming from my TV Small Mag watching a DVD of TnT vz Mexcio.( 2-1)..the game that got us to the playoff....( he supose to be studying...goat doh make sheep)

hear meh...Maturana eh watch no fu#king tapes of nothing....dey fu#king lie....dem give he some odder tapes...because hear meh....and doh say i nostalgic blah blah blah.....

go and watch some hex games for allyuh self....I eh go say no more...that team was ready for anything...anything...

sombody setting we up no ass...( somebody letting the cocaine pass)....

Football / OK..So England match sold out...wat bout Bermuda ???
« on: May 08, 2008, 09:15:29 AM »
right...sold out ..England vz TnT...26,000 people...

2 weeks after is an important WCQ  vz Bermuda..

Lets guess the size of the crowd for Bermuda..  i going with 5,000

a case of beers for the winner with the correct or closest estimate

Football / Birchall..Jack..Sancho..Avery John
« on: May 05, 2008, 06:55:56 PM »
Birchall..Jack..Sancho..Avery John

allyuh hear wha going on....we cannot stand on the side and let these players be discarded because they were the oneS with the strong voice on the blacklist...( so we hear)

we need to hear from Mr.Maturana himself as to why these players are not being considered for national duty...this is fu#king madness....

this needs to be cleared up now...

let him come out and say "honestly"..""i have seen tapes of these players and they dont fit into my plans.."""

we as supporters cant just sit here and guess why...f#ck dat...

this is Jack...remember de god save in Bahrain..

this is Birchall...
...the goal that took us to Barhain with just one goal to score...injured out in the 26th min..and on the field with ah crutch celebrating...

this is sancho.......had to come in for DOG at the WC and did a great hair get pull and ting ( das wha he get drop for ??).

This is Avery John...heart and soul always...warrior..


Football / Glenton Wolfe update ??
« on: March 27, 2008, 10:19:39 AM »
any info on Glenton Wolfe....

I think this player is a good left side option for us....I spoke with Anthony Wolfe 2 months ago and he said Glenton was injured and getting treatment....any info ???

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