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Football / Copa NYC - Brawl
« on: May 09, 2010, 10:46:55 PM »
Last Saturday Trinidad and Tobago played a qualifier in the Copa NYC against Uruguay. A tnt eleven was named based in NYC and i played in the game trying to make it into the cup. Uruguay was a good team, making runs off the ball, but in the second half a brawl ensued. Big just like the Jabloteh fight, maybe even bigger. Fans of both teams got involved and ambulance and police came right after. It was caught on tape and should be on the internet by someone soon.

Disgrace cause the TnT players started the fight and beat one old Uruguay coach to the ground. Embarrassment because Espn caught it on camera and Trinis are going to look like animals.


Football / My perspective on (K. Jones)
« on: December 24, 2009, 12:18:25 AM »
I normally are against the masses AND here i go again.

The guy is fast, strong, Roy keane " a great finisher", aerial prowess, and troubles defences.
as for goals: Tevez, Adebayor, Kuyt all have as much goals as him and a much better midfield to give assists. The people on the forum who don't think he is good, obviously don't know much of the game.

John Terry: "He is a very good player, very hard working and probably the best in the air in the entire Premier League, he really is that good"

Roy Keane: "If certain strikers are worth £20 million, then he is worth £40 million and I would not swap him"

Steve Bruce: " “If you catch him on his day then because of his physical presence, pace and power, he’s unplayable. There’s not many people as big as the boy.”

So if these people in the league who are present, every week, have played with the best, watched the best play live agree that he is a quality player... why do you ( a person that probably never played pro, never played against him, or seen an actual pro game sit from your fox soccer channel) say he is not good. When he play for Trinidad and Tobago this campaign, he played with guys in center midfield that couldn't string passes out to the attacking third. It was mostly long-balls form the defence, do you think Jermain Dufoe would score 13 goals with Sunderland's midfield?

My thoughts: He obviously is good and is a threat to any defence. It would be great to see him play with a midfield to truly assess his striking talents. He has not played with a quality midfielder unlike Yorke, and with a transfer  in the foreseeable  future he could be a top striker with the help of a better midfield.

Football / Perspective of a player (important thread)
« on: October 27, 2009, 01:28:56 AM »

I rarely start threads but i think now is a good time for this;

I would first like to start off saying that other players who i know read the forum including National players so that people could get an understanding of what goes on in the leagues you play in. I play at the D1 level in America and although people don't think that this league should not be given consideration for guys getting selected, they most probably never went to a game before.

Secondly i would just like to point out the flaws i see currently in Tnt football presently..(I am a firm believer of copying what the best do, in order to be the best you have to learn from the best)

Cons of TNT football mentality:

1) Fabio Capello we see scouts the games of not only the top flight players but the upcoming ones (Carlton Cole) could someone name one occasion that Latapy or his staff went to Turkey, Belgium or USA to see any nationals play. Does he know the likes of Justin Fojo, Javed Mohammed, Stephan St. Louis, Yohance Marshall exists?

SOLUTION - get out there and scout, we have way less players to choose from, so we should get as much talent as possible and develop it

2) Tackling - i read on this forum, time and time again that a guy plays good defence when he puts in a good "blade". Avery John, Spann, Keyno thomas are poor readers of the game because they slide tackle  alot. Maicon, John Terry, Ferdinand probably have to slide tackle twice a match, only if it is needed.

Solution - Young players, don't only watch Drogba score amazing goals, learn to watch John Terry and Carles Puyol when they defend to see their positioning before they get the ball.

3) Fitness - Two years ago i was doing fitness drills, Coopers tests, shuttles and I probably was running for an 1hr and a half in preparation for my preseason. While on the training ground that a Pro league team was training on an ex - warriors and at the time assistant coach of the team began laughing and asked if my friends and i were training on a track team and you gain fitness from playing. As funny as it was to him, I guess i got the last laugh when i saw the team struggling of tiredness in the Concacaf Cup, losing all their games. I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the local players are not as fit as the foreign players. And as such lapses in concentration occur in defending, which causes goals. eg in COSTA RICA recently.

Solution - Start running. You could have the skill of Messi but if you are afraid to make an attacking run because you may not be able to get back, then you will never be 100%. Who do you think is fit Jake Thomson or Keon Daniel?

4) Speed of play - Tnt speed of play is too slow for international play. We made it to the world cup because there were enough foreign based players to raise the speed of play. This time the foreigners were too old (Yorke, latas, Tallman). In the hands of Clyde Leon, Trent Noel, Theobald, kEON dANIEL, the speed of play was too slow. In College here, they push for us to move the ball quickly. Switch sides quickly and get up the pitch fast. Local players have a tendency to hold on to the ball for long ( a tendency that had me riding pine in my freshman year)

Solution - Coaches should practice counter attacks, moving the ball quicker and the youth coaches should insist that their players keep the ball moving!! Impossible is nothing

I have many more to add, but if you disagree with any... let me know

1)the development of the current u-20's.

Football / Where is Atiba Fraser playing???
« on: September 24, 2009, 11:41:11 AM »
 I know he played for CIC back in 2004 and had alot of dribbling ability. Nice attacking midfielder and i heard he still plays... anyone knows about him???

Football / Applauding Brent Sancho
« on: April 14, 2009, 07:55:55 PM »
I wanted to congratulate Brent Sancho on his recent achievement. January of this year i participated in a training session with him and other national players. The session was run by Scott Sealy and was meant for a couple of the players to keep in shape; including theobald, Cyd, Glenn and Hyland. During the session i found Glenn to be themost arrogant of everyone there. His attitude towards the younger players was horrific. He never acted like a national hero. He was acting like he signed a 5yr contract at Chelsea. He was " A BIG PLAYER". This was not the first time as i trained with him a year and a half ago at Jabloteh for a couple sessions and had no respect for people younger than him. I think that this is a pure example of getting what comes to you. I never had a personal grudge with him, but he is not or ever humble towards people he deems he is better than.
Brent on the other hand, is a true leader. During one of the fitness sessions, he pushed me to my limit and even though he could have finished before me, he stayed behind me , making me go harder. He was a true leader to me and i respect that. Moreover, his attitude to the session was very professional. Every drill, even he was better than is was, never complained and maintained his high standards

All the best Brent.. hope to see you at the World Cup.

Cornell fix your attitude brother, i was a big fan of you in 06'

Football / Trinidad and Tobago´s defence crisis
« on: March 22, 2009, 07:25:33 PM »
I think that the coach should give James and Marshall a look at a wing-back position. I know thats not their natural position,but its worth a try...

I spoke to a member of the WC2006 team and he said that James was not all that. But then again, he played defence and didn´t even get in the WC.

I played with Marshall for years now, and his best attribute is his ability to learn quick and adapt. He is good in the air and at his feet and just makes a few mistakes that every rookie makes. But i think he is the way to go.

Makan Hislop i think has been given enough chances. He is just another blade cutter. He is good in the air but lacks the ability with the ball at his feet. Good prospect but, he cost as the first goal in El Salvador. He made a cardinal offence as a defender and fouled the guy on top the box, when all he had to do was cover him without tackling...

Dennis Lawrence is picked only because... He made the same mistake Hislop made. And cost us the game.  Not stern John.. but him. a wild tackle on top the box. Veteran defender with veteran legs. When you are not up to speed you use your mental some more. he did not.

Brent Sancho.. I played with him over the xmas holidays and he looked sharp. He is more versatile to playing the wing-back role. Plays with pure heart. Not the best defenders in terms of reading the game but makes up with his pride.

Avery John... did hear from him in a while. would have liked to see him, but looks like its too late.

Kenyo Thomas... Strong built, tough defender but is a labourer (no skill). In this day and age, you dont see defeners slide tackling and "pelting their frame". Look at Vidic and Ferdinand, you dont see them on the floor sliding. They read the game before a play happens and as such avoids the sliding. Thomas is over-wight and will never make abroad with his size. He is slow but I guess he is on the team because their is no one else.

I think that the young defenders should be included into the training squad to avoid a total collapse come 2014...

I am a defender in the US college system and i also think that players here should get a look at and play together because in a couple years time he will be representing the country and i want to be ready!!!

Football / does anyone have a contact for Marcelle Francois in NY???
« on: October 23, 2007, 08:18:31 PM »
email or number plzz...

Football / Online links for foreign-base trinis
« on: February 17, 2007, 03:41:17 AM »
If you know any live links either to see a local channel or for football games can u post them plz. A man missin d Trini, and dying in the cold before pre-season... I heard there are links for tv6 and ncc4???

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