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Lincoln Phillips joins Loyola women's soccer coaching staff.

31 May, 2012

The Loyola University Maryland women’s soccer team and head coach Katherine Vettori have brought on Lincoln Phillips as an assistant coach.
Phillips, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, spent the last seven years as the Technical Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation Men’s Senior National Team, where he helped guide the small islands of Trinidad and Tobago to their first-ever World Cup appearance in 2006.
“We are excited to welcome Lincoln to the Loyola women’s soccer family,” said Vettori. “His experience at all levels of soccer, including coaching and playing at the highest level internationally, will be an asset and give a new perspective at Loyola. Lincoln’s knowledge of the game and desire to teach will help our student-athletes grow both on and off the field.”
Phillips was a former U.S. National Team Goalkeeper Coach and is one of only 12 FIFA Licensed coaches.  He is regarded by many as the best goalkeeper that Trinidad and Tobago has ever produced.
Throughout his professional career, which included stints both overseas and in the United States, Phillips was a goalkeeper for Maple from 1960-63 and the Defence Force from 1964-67 before coming to the Baltimore area, where he played for the Baltimore Bays and the Washington Darts from 1968-73.
Following his playing career, Phillips spent three years as the goalkeeper coach for the U.S. National Team from 1992-94, helping the squad qualify for the 1994 World Cup. He then served as a FIFA Staff Goalkeeper instructor from 1994-05, conducting coaching development workshops for FIFA in the Caribbean and Asia.
Phillips began his coaching career at Howard University, where he led the men’s soccer team to two NCAA Division I National Championships in 1971 and 1974, becoming the first African-American coach to win an NCAA title.
Following a 10-year stint with the Bison, Phillips became the athletic director at Newport Preparatory Schools in Kensington, Md., where he served from 1981-86.
He then spent three years as the Head Coach/General Manager of the Maryland Bays, before taking on the challenge as head coach of the men’s soccer team at Virginia Commonwealth from 1991-95. While at the helm of the Rams’ program, he led VCU to its first-ever top-25 ranking.
During that period, Phillips had also already been running the Lincoln Phillips Soccer School, which had a 20-year run from 1975-1995. He also served as a National Schools Staff Instructor from 1983-2001.
Phillips brings 50 years of coaching and playing experience to Loyola, and is also the author of two books. One was an instructional book released in 1996 entitled, “Soccer Goalkeeping: The Last Line of Defense, the First Line of Attack,” and the other an autobiography called, “KEEPER! Rising Above and Beyond the Crossbar: An Autobiography.”
A goalkeeper at Burke’s College from 1954-57 and then for Queen’s Royal College from 1958-59, Phillips received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in physical education from Howard.

Football / Luciano Woodley Passes Away
« on: February 01, 2008, 06:59:15 AM »
Luciano Woodley died at his home around 2:00 am (TT time) today. 

Luci – I would like to say thanks so much for your friendship and the special times we spent on and off the field. 

Love from your partner,


Football / Emotional Intelligence
« on: October 27, 2005, 05:58:36 AM »
Emotional Intelligence

As Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Soca Warriors lead up to these two crucial games against Bahrain on November 12 and 16, it is important that T&T administrators, coaches, players, T&T media, and supporters use emotional intelligence.  We have to concentrate on ourselves, and not be distracted by the recent psychological warfare by Bahrain.  We cannot worry about issues that we cannot control.  We should be concerned about what we can control, and that’s ourselves.  At this point, focusing on ourselves is a requisite.   

According to Emerson, an organizational behavior theorist, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters as compared to what lies within us.”  In addition, John Maxwell, a renowned writer and speaker on leadership, states, “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.  And so it is with you – we are in charge of our attitudes.”  Whatever negative happenings have occurred within the last week, let’s turn them into positives.  Conflict is inevitable in our lives.  Conflict is not the problem; it is what we do with the conflict is the problem. 

Despite the recent developments, I believe that Leo Beenhakker and his staff have remained unperturbed.  I spoke to Lincoln Phillips twice within the last week, and the central theme of our discussions was for us to stay unified and positive.  Regarding the players, I know they understand the history of 1973 and 1989.  This cannot happen again!  The job of the players is to prepare for the games physically, tactically, and psychologically with one aim in mind: victory.  Qualifying for the World Cup will be a historic moment for T&T, and its implications will be far reaching for the future of our country.       

To T&T Soca Warriors fans, at this time, support is essential, be passionate, but try to refrain from negativity.  To all of us in the callaloo, administrators, players, coaches, T&T media, and supporters, it is imperative that we participate in emotional intelligence. 

One goal - Germany! 

Trevor Leiba 

Football / Greetings
« on: July 01, 2005, 01:12:39 PM »
I have been an avid follower of the SocaWarriors Website for awhile, but I have never submitted a post.  Well, let me now take time to write my first post. 

First of all, I must say this is an outstanding Website.  Not only is it very informative, but it is so humorous.  I frequently read the Website for information on T&T football and news from home.  As you know, Lincoln Phillips follows this site as a source of information and gets a great deal of enjoyment from it.  Although he may not like the cursing too much, he gets a lot of kicks from the old talk.  From time to time, I know Hannibal Najjar reads the Website.  A couple weeks ago, Keston Nancoo visited me, and we looked at the site together.  Keston had a lot of fun over Palos’ post pertaining to the bet with the Mexican young lady.  Luciano Woodley was by my house a couple months ago, and I told him about the story on his fantastic 1970 college season that was on the Website.

This site is real kicks.  There are so many interesting posts, but one that I enjoyed lately was the dialogue between Palos and Coop’s.  As most of you may know, Coop’s is an old master.  As the dialogue developed, I was wondering how Palos was going to deal with Coop’s.  Palos, I like how you dealt with the situation.  You got your point across, but you were very respectful.  Palos, you are obvious an old timer.  You described the yesteryears of football in Trinidad quite vividly.  It reminded me of the article that was recently written by Sammy Llewellyn. 

Sometimes the site gets heated, but I believe this is largely due to the passion of forumnites.  True Trini likes to give Triniman a hard time, but Triniman knows his stuff too.  Triniman sounds like he is young, but he does his homework.  I do not know if most of you know Doc, but he is an old master himself.  Dtool, he is a very old master in many ways.  There is a lot to learn from him.  Sam, you are amazing, where do you get your information?  Flex and Tallman, kudos to you for your maintenance of such a marvelous site! 

In reference to Nakhid, I also was wondering what the latest on his saga is.  I believe Beenhakker gave meh partner a six-for-a-nine role.  I must ask Barry Henderson what is going on with him.  As far as I know, David is not playing in the All Stars tournament in DC this year with Juniors, because I have hung up my boots in organizing and coaching the team.  I have not heard from Barry, so I gather he is not trying to bring Juniors in the tournament.  Maybe David went back to Lebanon to plant peas.       

Let me conclude with some words on Alvin Corneal.  There is no in between with Alvin.  You either like him or you dislike him.  However, you cannot deny Alvin’s knowledge of the game.  I have been around this sport for a longtime, and he is one of the most knowledgeable minds on the game I have met.  Also, he is probably the best player with whom I have been associated.  Without a doubt, he is the best spot kicker of the ball I have seen.  Believe it or not, Alvin has been extremely helpful to many people.  Alvin’s major problematic issues are related to his handling of personal matters and interpersonal relationships.  Let me leave you all with that!  That is a book by itself.   

Keep supporting the Socawarriors on the road to Germany!  Love to all. 

Trevor Leiba

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