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Football / Should SWF be given an office in Couva?
« on: May 28, 2017, 08:47:40 AM »
As a voice of the General fan of the sport an an advocacy ' body' for the sport of football should the SWF be accorded with an office with the other governing bodies at the Ato Bolden Stadium?
How much get an official recognition and  inwhat ad hoc capacity could the SWF be part of the development and support for the sport in TNT?

I will not dismiss the conspiracy theory so quickly - truth or fiction the sporting world is not as pristine as it appears - the essential core values of fair play and goodwill is liquefied by back room. And closed door deals , promises and monetary rewards. Players as pawns , players self seeking their share of the blood letting and fans drowning with illusions of anticipated glory only to be disappointed by what appears to be underachieving talented teams.
Mismanagement no management incompetence and deceit blaze a trail throughout the years! This is the legacy that is rampant within our governing bodies . The desire for success by our national teams appear to be stymied by some elected  officials who have been entrusted tobe the guardians of the sport. Yes indeed for a few pieces of silver the story unfolds of countless benefactors of the game. Meanwhile a hardworking fan pours additional int into the coffers and sheds a tear at the ill fortunes and shattered dreams of glory for a team that embodies the vicarious dream within us all- conquer the world - achieve the pinnacle of success - the little engine that can! Seems nowto bemerely stale an illusion full of sound and fury signifying nothing!!!

Football / Re: John Bostock Thread
« on: April 14, 2017, 04:58:31 AM »
Another coming of Zamora and DeLeon - all these men have no allegiances to this soil - it appears to them it's just a means to an end - opportunistic !!!!
 Let's focus our opportunities and bring dreams to fruition for youths and player development in TNT !!!!

Football / Re: Ato Boldon Stadium Thread
« on: April 14, 2017, 04:52:05 AM »
This  is all well and nice but what ever happened to the House that " Jack" built? Aka The Center of Excellence? 
Couldwhat we are seeing here is another Mansion for DJW? 
Both the gifts from FIFA?  Did the Center for Excellence came after narrowly missing WC playoffs? Ummm wondering how much of the " sell out " theory is manifesting itself in different ways?

Is like the more things change the more they look the same - strange paradox! BTW whatever is happening to the " special Advisor?" The architect on how to turn football into a profitable venture and live comfortably with millions at ones disposal?

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs USA Game (8-Jun-2017)
« on: April 06, 2017, 08:44:30 PM »
I am looking at coming through- anyone with ideas on  good hotels close to Stadium? For people coming through, where is everyone staying?
Where do you get tickets?

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs USA Game (8-Jun-2017)
« on: April 02, 2017, 11:17:54 PM »
Planning on attending this game - anyone with information on  accommodation closest to the field? and are there many  from in here Attending? Anyone organizing a section for SW forumnites

Football / Re: Boatswain double gives T&T 2-0 win over Barbados.
« on: March 11, 2017, 09:33:45 AM »
Con text context context - yeah  Barbados is not not a powerhouse however we needed a game of this nature to-
1  restore confidence
2 provide opportunities for new players
3. Provide coaching staff with some leverage to implement system


 do we celebrate the victory and use this  one off game as an adequate sampling for selecting  one or two players?

How about agame aganist Venezuela?

Or some of the Caribbean teams who qualified for Gold Cup? I am sure Jamaica itching to get a crack at we

Columbia?  We have South American countries within striking distance- let's see what's up?

I would say a few more games even an intersquad -  Foreign X1 versus Local X1

Host a mini camp with  all available eligible foreign plays  willing to come tryout  and let's see what comes out from the mix

I would think what the women's program is doing  with open camps could benefit  the men's program and we might just find a diamond in the rough

We need a more wholistic approach rather than trying to placate to  people who wish to see certain players from primarily one or two local clubs.

I say get a few more low challenging games - see if the locals could dominate them mix in with foreign talent aganist more formal cable opposition -

Consider bringing in  a Vietnam - Bangleish  or India - think of an untapped fan base for TNT that could potentially fill the stadium- not to mention that local players could get exposure to places for employment 

Football / Re: RIP Weary (Joann Charles)
« on: March 02, 2017, 09:21:20 PM »
Absolute loss!! My condolences to a sister forumnite - avid political views we shared during turbulent election times in TNT and a true Warrior-
Gonebut will not be forgotten- ent

Football / Re: Stephen Hart Thread
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:30:57 AM »
I wonder if Canada has the balls to hire him ?

On the other hand TTFA could have showed some balls and bring him back as a technical director or special advisor to the new management team that is seriously lacking in experience.

Football / Re: Women Warriors Thread
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:50:11 AM »
I applaud the concept and the philosophy behind  building a cohesive program rather than focusing on a national senior team. You build from the grassroots and have them feeding from one level to the next. Wish the men's program could adapt a similar. Concept  by having identifiable local coaches working with the national senior coach to develop a developmental program for the men's team.

Is time some of these male coaches put away their inflated egos and work together for the betterment of TNT football

Football / Re: Terry Fenwick Thread.
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:44:13 AM »
Obviously looking from the outside what appears as a " no brainer" is often clouded by what we don't know. This coach has achieved success as a player and as a coach at the local level.
In my opinion, if I was him I would offer to work with and assist with recruitment and the training of local players who show potential to develop and progress to the national team. I could see his knowledge  being use along with local coaches to develop a core group of players as part of a national team strategy for our team.

In some capacity aspiring coaches like him, and Stern John should be part of a national plan that works in conjunction with the national head coach in identifying , training and coaching players in specialized positional play and tactics. I.e defence- strikers!!

Would that team have won with Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm?
However I am curious as to why Terry Fenwick has not had the opportunity to be involved with the national team in some capacity?
Knows the region familiar with players have the playing experience? Bulling Trini woman I mean come on TTFA the man righ here in yuh back yard!  What more do you have to lose?

Football / Re: TTFF's coaching merry-go-round.
« on: January 11, 2017, 06:38:25 PM »
Enough to make yuh  get giddy with the laughing at the clowns running the circus

This is the ugly- and it looks like qualifying means little to some

Here we go again- until we look at the fundamental principles on page one of this thread we are doom to the heights of stupidity in our approach to any successful program inTnT. The ship n sinking real fast!

Now we back to the drawing board- blaming the coach- we really should ask the question:
What do we need in a TTFA administrative body?

When will the bleeding stop for TNT football? Can't even qualify for a Caribbean Cup? Can't beat one of the poorest nations out yet their football program surpasses us?

Can't qualify for Gold Cup and do we really expect to qualify for WC?
Twas one big pipe dream😕😕😕😕😕😬😬😁😁😁

Football / What the FireTruck went wrong with our 2018 WC dream?
« on: January 04, 2017, 11:27:11 PM »
In a very simple statement how did our WC dream get derailed?

When will the bleeding stop? TNT what has become of thee?

Football / Re: Saintfiet names 20 man Gold Cup Squad
« on: January 04, 2017, 12:38:28 AM »
Let's move on with the fellas who show up, trying their best and give them the support

De ting is....we have to be careful with that too.

Yes...they show up.  But who's to say they any more committed than the oens who currently getting flak? 

The ones who showin up now have few other options so it easy to show up in a sense. 

Is when you have options is when you go see how things go.

And I still maintain......leadership comes from the top and the players not blind. 

Case in point....players get sanction for not coming to camp, not making deyself available for the Nicaragua tour, and for showin up late etc.

Yet.....the assistant coach get to miss the camp AND tour and only now showin up with the team.

Not blamin Latas.....but optics nah   

This struck a chord with me to really try to be objective and to try to see this from a player's perspective. I realize as fans we want to see our best players at all times  representing TNT no matter what the circumstances. However players are also humans not  robots who blindly jump to a patriotic call of duty.
Consider the road that some of these players had to take to make  it  out of TNT to play professionally abroad. There had to be some degree of commitment  and motivation to get to that level. Now consider what they experience once  they are call to duty for country? You have administrators who appear to be self aggrandizing , self serving and self seeking only to benefit themselves.
When administrators allegedly work in ways to undermine the coach or to pit players aganist a coach how does this teach loyalty? Commitment? Patriotism? When an administrator appears to be acting to benefit the team yet publicially undermines a coach by giving him an ultimatum how does this teach commitment to players?   Why would a player want to commit to another coach if he knows that the coach may not be in for the long haul?
In many regards. What we may be seeing from these dissident players could be a byproduct of the administration who are entrusted to  guide and steer our program for the common good however that has not always been the case. Suffice to say  commitment starts from the top and if those in charge are not committed to the cause- National pride - love of country - then why should the foot soldiers blindly follow?  How many of us may even consider wantiNg to follow the directions of one who was part of a coup  in ones country? How many are looking at coaches and seeing one show up just prior to the most important games ?
See in trying to be impartial I think we ought to look at the head of the fish to see what is rotten in the state of our beloved football. We have had too corrupt a legacy of corrupt administrators who profited off the backs of players yet we tend to ignore and continue to support these rouges yet we expect players to be professional 'suck it up" and play for country despite all that is swirling around them.

This is a different perspective but in retrospect I think I am willing to see the players perspective  and I am trying to understand what would make players chose to joy ride fete play pick up games yet not want to toil for their country?

Football / Re: Saintfiet names 20 man Gold Cup Squad
« on: January 02, 2017, 06:59:12 AM »
It is rather disappointing to read of the players who allegedly are not motivated to represent their country. It seems like a denouncing of the highest honour as an athlete to wear that jersey and play for ones country.
 We may not know or have the opportunity to hear from the players but whatever the reasons  the optics of this does not set a positive trend for our skilled players. How quickly they forget that where that are today in part may have been their representation for TNT on a bigger stage.
Too often this alleged snubbery of country is raising its nasty head- recall Keon Daniels - how many times did he refuse and simply did not turn up?

Politics and sports should not intertwine within the decision making for a player . Nor should a country be held at ransom by players who believe
that their worth is above all others. I strongly support a coach who could take a stance to omit these players and begin the mentality which has been pervasive in our football legacy - the ' star boi'
With the eradication of these dissidents I would hope that we could begin to see an era of a more cohesive structured team where scoring is by committee rather than on the reliance of few.
When I follow international football it is with pride to see our national players on an international stage today I will not be so filled with zest to watch the MLS teams with these players who allegedly turn their backs on TNT during a time of need.
Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!
Players ought to make a pledge that outside interference should not get in the way of their burning desire to represent ones country.

Heard from a friend who responded to my email regarding  memories of Christmas growing up; here it is with kind permission:

My Christmas memories in sweet T&T are faded now. I remember walking to Holy Cross Catholic church with my mom for midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The sounds of frogs and crickets in the night and me chatting away to my mom about anything and everything!

I remember vague memories of some plastic grapes that sat on a table and my sister and I filled them up with water and froze them...much to my poor mother's annoyance. I remember because I was small, my job was to clean whatever was not breakable on the bottom self of some cabinet.I remember my mom would bake for everyone and anyone and we would walk and take her bread and her sweetbread to older people who talked and talked and would put their hands on my curls. I remember my mom would say we dont have much but what we have to always share.

Memories of garlic pork made by my Uncle Louis, soaked onions and chowchow home made by my mom. Sorrel and ginger beer! My first gift that I remember was a pink iron and ironing board which I believe is the reason why I love ironing so much. I believed in Santa until I was almost 12 years of age as sad as it is to say in today's world.

I remember going to Port of Spain with my mom and the smell of apples, now I now know they are red and delicious. I have lived in Canada most of my life and even from the farm that I have picked my apples I can never find the smell of the apples like the smell of apples as a child in sweet T&T. One Christmas fills my head with vague memories of Uncle Ivan, my father, my sister, my uncle George playing tricks with my nose, and my mom's baking.

Sights that still drive me to love a man that can cook for me....created by seeing my Mom and Dad in the kitchen together. Him sitting on the wooden bench he made for the kitchen and my Mom directing him with the beating of the cake mix, I remember he would wink at me and keep the spoon for me to lick after it was done just before Mom washed everything. My mom made the best sweetbread ever. Oh my gosh, I feel teary eyed just thinking of it.

All of this means so much more for me as I sit here in Trinidad and Tobago only about 30 minutes away from my childhood home. Mom and Dad are both gone, my home is not mine anymore and the memories and my life here were short. Yet I remember hearing my father singing parang, he played in the band Lara Brothers from his village in Cantaro in Santa Cruz. Tonight lime in Maracas St. Joseph hearing original parang music brought all these memories of my father back.

Christmas Day after lunch we would take a drive up to Maracas, oh gosh the drive up over the hills with the cloud dipping the mountains like at Dairy Queen, as a child I would stick my face out just to feel the breeze on my skin and to feel the wind blowing through my curls and the hot sun burning my shoulders. Christmas was about the birth of Jesus, sharing our home with friends, neibbas and family, wonderful memories that I have tried to share with my own children over the years.


Homemade wine ah real miss dat.
Between me and de wife we do our best to recreate the food and drink.  Pastelle, ham, chow-chow, roast pork, ponche a creme, ginger beer and sorrel in abundance.
yes sar

General Discussion / Re: remember the ole time days?
« on: December 25, 2016, 03:51:40 PM »
Lawd - with all the chupidness them yute involved I today: drugs guns gangs - man they should throw all de arse inprisonand give them a daily lessons on what life and playing was like back in the ole days

They go luff at how we use to refer to bad men as " bad johns" and ah thread of a buss head was  real terrors then - imagine today in not buss head nah but ah gun

More things change the more they stay the same . - wishing all the players and newly assembled coaches the best of success- At the end of the day each person is making not only a personal sacrifice but ultimately one that could benefit TnT.

National duty has to be of the highest honor that one could be part of.Growing up inTrinidad in the 60's it was my dream to make the national team- to wear the red white and black! The politics and the behind the scenes were not in my thoughts my focus was to represent and to make TnT a dominant force'
Respect each team but Fear no one ! With the right mind set we could play with anyone.
God bless TNT and best wishes under the new regime.

Personally I advocated for Hart- I probably could do a search to find  when we began tooting his horn- for so many reasons I thought that we had finally found a coach who understood our game , our context and our players - I relished inthe early success he had with this team and with the program but then the wheels fell off. Reasons one can only surmise. I am not saying any coach is beyond reproach however inmyopinion, there appeared tobe external factors and disruptions which seeped into what was a cohesive unit.

I think the success of a team like this involves more than a coach and in my opinion  Coach Hart was not given the supports or treatment toco duct business to sustain success.  I think if all supports were given and tne results were not forthcoming I could see justifiable reasoning for dismissal.  I mean would it not have made sense to have a Terry Fenwick as a technical advisor or someone else with some credentials to work on Hart's team?  Surround the man with a supportive qualified staff and let's see what could have happened?

Players doing bs and getting reprimanded should not be seen as a slap on Harts tenure - why did the TTFA not come out and publicially denounce and take a strong stance aganist playes who demonstrated a lack of discipline? Why would certainly TTFA officials allegedly be interfering and soliciting players regarding coaching practices - utter unprofessional! So in many ways I think that Coach Hart is a good fit for TnT but I believe certain players let him down and certain personnel around him did the same -
Ironically it felt like a coup!!I would always continue to support our national teams but don't have to agree with some decisions- then again there may be things that they knew that we have not - I support  but will not blindly follow those who claim to lead.

Quite compelling when there is little attention paid to the context of our football, our football ethos the attributes of a competent successful coach- instead it appears once more that we resort to nepotism, back room deals . Personal favours .  Incidieous  bias and  friend friend ting.
Is it any wonder that we continue to stagnate and be stymied in our progress.
Yet we seem to be alarmed and offended when an outsider points out the obvious in our approach to the game- recall Wim' s statement of the under the coconut limieing attitude now another states the obvious about our lack of serious intent

We clamour for positive results yet we keep doing the same things over and over hoping we will get the desired outcome - INSANITY- INCOMPETENCE at the highest level attempting to direct the course of our programs
But then in the familiar TnT refrain -"what we go do" that is how it is"

On to WC qualifiers 2022

Football / Re: TTFF's coaching merry-go-round.
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:55:12 PM »
When will we just settle for a ladder rather than this flipping merry go round ?

Football / Re: Local coach vs foreign coach.
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:48:27 PM »
A prophet is never honoured in his own country

Football / Re: Tim Kee admits: Wrong process in coaching swap.
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:46:17 PM »
Same dung different pile

Football / Re: Jamaal Shabazz is new T&T football joint head coach
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:43:31 PM »
The coup is completed - once part of a coup always thinking of overthrowing -
Note to "Saint" keep your new friends close by and your detractors even closer - yes make them part of your coaching squad - nice move

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