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Football / Reggae Boyz forum
« on: March 05, 2005, 01:39:57 PM »

Th J.A. forum site is interactive ; allows one to post pictures and to  setup titles  etc. Could this new forum site allow for the same features as the reggaeboyze site?

Football / The state of our Game
« on: March 05, 2005, 12:33:31 PM »
It is with regret and  dispondency that for decades we have the same repeating occurances concerning our  football teams. Why do we rely so heavly upon : foreign coaches? do they have a level of perceived expertise that our own national coaches lack?

Why do we rest our hope and expend our energies on the hope that  "one" single palyer will make that much of an impact to our dreams of moving ahead?

Have we not learned from the past? From our last attempt at WCQ what lessons did we learn?
Here we are still questioning the coach's philosophy, and qualifications. We are still attempting to  exalt certain players as the ' messiah'  aka Latas. This is a team game. It would seem that a well cohesive and disciplined unit could overcome  the need for a perceived 'superstar'

We are still relying on our foreign based players to play a major role; yet we have been disappointed with their contribution to the team. Recall Stern John's performance aganist the U.S.A.?  recall Latas performance aganist  Hondouras in last WCQ.

So what is the solution? when are we going to put a systematic plan in place to address the ongoing obstacles which we encounter each time at WCQ? This year  as in the  year of the "strike squad" we have within our grasp an excellent opportunity to move ahead to the "big stage"

How are we to humanly expect a player who  is disciplined to a particular level and playing in a European system to come back and within 4 days to adjust to : the heat, new players, a new system, change of time zones? Now we expect those players to perform at an optimum level  and get a positive result?

Rah rahs and noise, are not good enough to get results; there has to be an exceedingly regimented approach to breaking down games, levels of physical fitness. preparation, team system of play, strategies and cohesion to begin talking of success.

I for one will try to be in Miami, I'LL STILL FLY MY RED WHITE AND BLAK ANDI'll live with the hope that soemday we will do more that simply make it to the big stage.

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