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Football / Re: Simoes wants to help with Nkosi’s comeback.
« on: April 07, 2006, 09:35:55 AM »
in terms of  foreign coaches simoes and beenie is the best we ever had.....they work for their players...not only on the field but off the field also....

Football / Re: Gally is technical director at Starworld.
« on: April 07, 2006, 09:30:11 AM »
Man like Blacksmith, Petty and Stoutey in da squad. Pure killas. P'town massive!!!
them fellas done play....woulda be a big boost if they were therre though......

Football / Re: Gally is technical director at Starworld.
« on: April 06, 2006, 12:28:30 PM »
vijay has been struggling with his weight and fitness for the past three seasons....hope he does well this year though...not sure if he still with starworld as that list of players has guys who are not there anymore...

Football / Re: Players insight on the under 21 qualifiers
« on: April 06, 2006, 12:13:44 PM »
at least beenie man was there...so he had a god observation of what took place....we will wait and see what goes on....i think that wim  should be the coach of that team...lots of prospective senior team players could come from that team...but is our system again which failed us...best of luck in the future though...bless 

Football / Re: TT Senior Team Youth Policy
« on: March 29, 2006, 12:45:51 AM »
touches thank you very very very very much for touching this issue...we identify young players in the college league home an we say yes they good and these guys go take we somewhere...but these guys are no getting the exposure to take us somewhere...yes simoes and some of the other foreign coaches did it...clayton morris also did it..so the national coaches in the future should not be afraid to take this chance...its like someone finishing school and when they go for a job they say they cant hire them because they doh have experience..is the same thing that goes on with some of we talented young players give them the chance to learn from there mistakes...thanks again touches...bless

Football / Re: Shakes among T&T U-21s preparing for CAC qualifiers.
« on: March 29, 2006, 12:29:47 AM »
i like what they doing with this team the consistency will show in the up coming games...all the best to the team...this team should be together all year round...with guys who showing potential being added to mix experience with new  ideas....for all the heads on this forum say something to the authorities doh let what me and ex players had to go trough happen to these players...after the tournament they just break up teams and good players just left on the wayside...oh my goosh highley..yuh will look back at this later on in life and see where yuh messesd up i wish yuh could mature soon...any word on keon daniel a.k.a schillaci...

well i start with PASSIT...then i take ah lil chuk with A&R in Sando..also San Fernando city united....Ste. Madeline strikers...then i went to Starworld Strikers after a split with ste. madeline and starworld ...spent one year with Docs Khelwalaas....then back to Starworld where i played from age 18 until their second year in the  Pro League...played for south zone u 15,16 and d coal pot team...also the center for excellence programme...under sloan seales...

schools played for.... Pleasantville junior..93 to 96.. and senior sec...97 to 99...i left and then went  P-Town in '99 till '01 win the intercol.make de allstar first team.

national teams...
u15 sloan seales and lester young
u17 first picked by isa then dropped...isa get fired...got a call back by keith lookloy
u20 had aa good start but granville went mad and dropped me wilthshire, spann and ah few good players
u23 rene simoes
senior team clayton morris and hutson charles

presently at university in the US...
and ah play nuff minor league bac home...fuh all de Deep South Men..wuh allyuh noe bout Pele Pele?????

oH GORM HOW AH GO FORGET HARD SWEAT WITH AH CHUBBY BOTTLE FULL WITH WATER ON DE BASKETBALL COURT.. This was ah hard sweat back at St Benedicts. from de time yuh reach tuh school at seven in de morning straight till bell ring. Ah cyar forget bottle football in class.. level spanner used tuh go down dey

This fuh meh benedicts forumites.... Inter Class and sweat in de audotorium..

Ah play in de Point Fortin leagues under 19 was ah player coach back den with Black Gold.. ah had one start for de whole season (subsituted in the 15th minute) and ah come off de bench at another time.

Ah know meh Point ppl go remember PASSIT Soccer camps when Steve David was coaching ah was ah part ah de powerfull back line then was me Boom and Bulk... so man used tuh get level wet.. I had more red cards than starts back then... come tuh think of it i still do!!!
i played for PASSIT  back in them days, Steve David is a good coach man...also monty douglas, muhammad isa and norris ferguson was there too

Football / Re: Soca Warriors USA to promote T&T football.
« on: March 25, 2006, 04:04:58 PM »
doh worry man this is a  learning experience for my breadren noreiga.....i know him pretty well and despite what people say he is one of the most dedicated and disciplined young players we country have...so let we wish him luck and hope for the best....the man is not the best but he is ah hard worker...after all ent that is what we want to see.....a next young trinidadian graduating into the ranks of being a professional player and representing  we country on the world stage...much love still...bless

Football / Re: Starworld Strikers back in top flight.
« on: March 22, 2006, 10:39:15 AM »
as a former  balller at the club i wish them all the best and hope the season is a productive one....hope that the management dont repeat mistakes of the past...respect to them though....i wish that gally is given another shot as coach...they will do well...bless

Football / Re: Where are they now?
« on: March 20, 2006, 04:21:57 PM »

Glenn Benjamin is a coach at the University of Mobile.

what about the other benjamin? I remember Glenn and Alvin. Can't remember which one was on the '91 team with yorke.
Then in the late 90's a 3rd brother Nicholas had a big goal-scoring season.
that was glen

Football / Re: Where are they now?
« on: March 20, 2006, 04:21:08 PM »
by the way fellas...where dem Benedicts men from the 90's like Sampson, Jordan, Landeau, Neverson and Benjamin?

so where is Marvin Gordon ? (who maybe play 9 years of intercol)glen benjamin doh coach mobile no more....he was ah grad assisstant coach, but he sill doing he thing down there in alabama..i does see him once in ah while...he was here jus before the christmas to play in ah alumni game...bless
Marvin Gordon plays for Defence Force

Football / Re: Gally on 95.5fm I-sports this Saturday @ 6pm TT time
« on: March 19, 2006, 11:18:31 AM »
Good tuh hear Gally gettin back into shape and dat everything went well wit he surgery..fuh all ah allyuh doubterz..de man is still ah good coach and he could serve de country well at any national level...me eh tryin tuh class him wit Leo or tryin tuh take nuttin from Leo..it clear tuh see dat Leo is ah far more experienced coach dan Gally buh if given de same respect dat Leo ha rite now..I believe he could be successful..Cuz check dis..Simoes and Leo ha all de say in selecting whatever or whoever dey want (staff members an players etc)..no local coach had dem priviledges. Jack always want tuh impose heself an disrupt everything..and ah respect Gally cuz he oppose dat as ah coach an Jack eh like dat.Buh anyhow..locally when talkin bout coaches Gally is de BOSS, dem other men is Mickey Mouse Coach..an me eh talkin as no supporter..I talkin as ah player. Easy!!!!!
well sai meh breadren....i endorse that statement....nuff respect to my coach gally cummings....breezers good points .....bless

Football / Re: T&T U21 vs JoePublic - Live Texts from PATRIOT
« on: March 18, 2006, 11:21:11 AM »
thanks for that update on the game....nice to see former national players contributing to the local pro league again...despite all the critcisms of these players they still gave a good input to he national team..for the u21 team best of luck in preparation for your tournament...i was there once..hope that they play more gaames though as experience and confidence will build...respect to dwarika....work hard and hopefully there might be a chance for germany...bless

Shooter, not sure what you meant by that post. Anyway, Ah feelin' good vibes fuh Germany

sorry...for real i was really talking about teobald...i think he should go to the world cup to gain some experience i could be wrong because he not really playing right now.....but i meant kaka was at the 2002 world cup and did not play but he will be a big part of brazils world cup team .....ronaldo was at the 94 world cup and did not play he did very well in 98 and 2002....so i am saying we see his talent we got to push him and give him the confidence and experience....respect still...bless

I would be very surprised if Rougier and Theobald make de final 23.  Rougier doesn't have the speed to play right wing back and Theobald is too soft.  To me Theobald looks like another Brent rahim in the making.  hopefully i'm wrong.  I think Sealy or Shakes will make de final 23 before Rougier or Theobald.

I share your concerns about Theobald but I feel he might be the LAST midfielder to just squeeze in and is being groomed by Latas for a bigger role in the future.
remember ronaldo in 94 .....kaka  in 2oo2 they did not go on the field but was there...what kind of ballers are they today...ronldo did well in 98 and 2oo2 .....kaka is most likely to do well n germany....

Football / Re: Math report of the Trinidad vs USA under 17
« on: February 26, 2006, 11:23:19 AM »
higley......huh beautiful talent.......he is one of the  most loved youth ballers in the country because of  his natural talent.....he just going down further because he takin these chances he getting for a joke....he is not exciting as he should be on the football field.....he looking lazy out there beccause he has develoed a lazy attitutude toward the game as a whole....but how many chances will  the federation give to this baller...this is the stage where young ballers need the chances they getting to move on to the next level....i say give somebody else a look.....someone who loves the game and deserves a look at.,...

Football / Re: Ah in London
« on: February 25, 2006, 01:57:18 PM »
hahahahaha anytime joker.

let me tell you what..BOY!

Best yuh jes leave me to hell alone..ok.

Is man like you who spoiling this forum!

flavio leave the man nah boy.....lol....the man could drink how much he want.....he is ah truetrini....doh study it jess give we some good info concerning the game that we coud work with....lol allyuh is trouble yes...bless

Football / Re: e-man
« on: February 25, 2006, 01:46:50 PM »
good job father....bless

Football / Re: uefa champions league
« on: February 25, 2006, 01:39:15 PM »
juventus is ah jumbie team boy....them italians does do good a this stage....it will be tuff for them though

Football / Re: Jan Steadman working for Trinidad and Tobago
« on: February 25, 2006, 12:22:13 PM »
is not no biasness i could surely tell yuh that... he could be wrong .....i not encouraging the wrong things he talking bout....all i sayingi is that everybody has their views and when someone say something at the time they think they right....is not that they always looking for ole talk or conflict on the forum .....seen......most guys on he forum talk  about things because of their exrience and kowledge......you say things because at the time yuh think its valid and justifible relating to  a given issue......and i honestly try to understand them and learn from what yuh have to say .....i will not always agree but i try my best to understand......as i say is not no biasnesss....bless....good  luck to d socawarriors on the game tuesday.....bless

Football / Re: Jan Steadman working for Trinidad and Tobago
« on: February 25, 2006, 01:59:59 AM »
truetrini yuh know what is allyuh real issues on this forum.....allyuh cant handle how the new guys bringing about some valid and vital information about issues on the forum...this is a forum  where there is differences in views and yuh free to give yuh own views on the forum in ah intelligent way.....but trinidadian mentality we doh like changes......allyuh feel because allyuh have four stars under allyuh name on this forum allyuh more knowledgeable about things......not everytime somebody disagree they looking for an argument or trying to bullshit some one....is just that they think they view is right at the time and they stand by it..... allyuh guys jus the same way....but one love still ....continue bringing about views because at the end of the day we all will learn something from it.......bless

Football / Re: Under 21 update
« on: February 19, 2006, 01:01:58 AM »
alyuh men missing d point. if south secondary schools have the most success in the pass 6-9 years and yet still we struggling to feel more than 5 players at a time on the senior team we know we have a problem. that is d point.

yet still, we have a whole heap ah town men on d team. the selectors give them they bly to play for trinidad and then they get their contracts and then they is men who representing we country all d time. why they aint give d south men they bly too? give south men dey bly nah and yuh go see how they go blow up too. south men not given a fair chance.

as for leo picking players, yes!!! he have the final say but if they only recommending north men to him then obviously d man go just pick who he see. if leo was here longer he woulda wipe out that north players thing. he doh have time to go and look all over d place. d man now reach and taking advise from the heads.

at present, more than 80% of the players on the senior team is from north. WHY? doh tell me no shit about "merit" because them get their "merit" due to other men getting them on d national team in d first place and then they build on it and move on to play outside of trinidad.

if alyuh men doh want to admit that it have a issue of north and south players being selected on the national team then alyuh just facking ignorant and doh like to hear the truth. just like we ministers and them. but me aint blame alyuh boy, we humans like that. i doh like to hear the truth either. i being honest.

well doh talk about tobago, is only because yorke was very success at Man Utd in particular he on the team and well cyd gray move to trinidad and playing with san juan. if them fellas was not successful alyuh woulda never see d team.

rene simone had more time than leo and he was a fair man. he went to facking MINOR LEAGUE to look for players. players from tobago, south, north and east was selected. doh matter how they try to tell him who to pick he tell them "THIS IS WHO I WANT"

i agree that every coach have its favorite eh, but that still does not explain why over 80% of the players on the national team from north when most of the success coming from south domestically.

fack alyuh if alyuh doh want to hear d truth!!
yuh is ah boss just keeping telling the truth ras ....big up...i jus wish beenhaker stay after the world cup...

Football / Re: Under 21 update
« on: February 19, 2006, 12:54:16 AM »
These are players that could play for the under 21 team in the Pan American games providing that the rumor is correct.

Andre Touisant
Teba McKnight
Errol Charles
Jerol Forbes
Fabien Lewis
Anthony Noreiga
kendal Davis
Kevon Clement
Kyle Cupid
Dean Logan
Akil Charles

Players for the senior team who i think at least deserve a bly just as how they give Kenywne and them fellas they bly since them men was playing under a student visa in england and trying to get him his work permit

Lyndon Diaz (NICE LEFT BACK)
Colin Samuel
Anthony Noreiga
Kester Cornel

These men aint no exceptional players eh but meh point is that they have players who no OUTRIGHT better than them and getting a bly infront of them. WHY? ???

Meh point is, if south dominate the SSFL for so long, where all them players gone. Why cant at least two of them represent south on the national team? alyuh understand where ah coming from please nah. ah not saying town men not good. i just saying that the level between we players more or less the same and south men still getting leave out. it sad  :'(

fabio , I totally agree...However Yuh forget names like Andre Pacheco, Brenton De leon, Hughton Hector, Ronnel Gibbs, Super K, Linsie Sherwood, Kerron 'Boogie' Neptune, Clyde Leon, Jade Jones, Mascal, Jamal Ayres...All but two of these players have been on National teams before and were dropped...Brian Williams from south yes, He is from Palo Seco...One south man on the under 21 Kezi Lara (great player who deserves selection)...he is from around Brian Williams area... South men doesn't get selected full stop. Our selection for National teams are very limited... There is also a wealth of talent in Mayaro that never gets looked at..There is players all over....If that doesn't change T&T football not going forward...It would either remain the same or go straight down...Men saying stop wining but they will never understand because you think things are running the right way...Go T&T
i agree with yuh but look at how much of them guys on the list from south who get posted and played for the senior teams an d youth teams....toussaint,noreiga,logan  them guys not good enuff ?

well said truetrini i agree with yuh .......not trying to be funny but on ah serious note it affects the players who have the discipline and dedication and heart who will give it their all for the country to see this craziness taking place.........that is the piont i was trying to get across all the time....respect.

Football / Re: What does Jack Want?
« on: February 17, 2006, 01:23:06 AM »
the only word everyone in truetrini vocab is bull cause thats what he gets from mr corneal and son. by the way truetrini ah hear yuh get d new jordan from yuh man anton corneal when he was in miami boy.

nah it easn;t fom corneal..it was from yuh........!

and as fuh buller man and bull and bulling  IS YOU who does use dat everytine..all de time

and no one has been more disrespectful here than you.  That is why the moderators have been busy in the past deleting yuh posts dem.

You called me everyname in the book because I asked why anton and Brian williams were nasty and tuh dis day yuh NEVER say why!

I know yuh broke and looking fuh work..well I is ah pimp!
let me tell yuh why anton and brian  nasty.....they are bias,they not fear in their selection and they are fraudulent coaches......does this answer your question mr. man......yuh so damn illiterate and doh want to understand anyone elses views yuh selfish clown...yuh could tell me anything bout meh mother...words never kill ah man yet i get enough and i still living ......be a man not a bullerman

Ah suprise....no Rougier!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway..ah glad Noreiga geh ah blie..so he LARGE!!!!
good to see some new faces big u noreiga and neaves......hoe they do well on this bigger  stage good ballers with lots to gain from this exerience..

What fete 1955FM at right now? Party hotttttttttttt
i see yuh is ah former green hornet ...me meself...i was on the team that win the intercol  2oo1...was with starworld with blacksmith....i know ike good too...i  does always see him in brooklyn in d summer......so its all good father...one love...

Football / Re: Tune een....coach Corneal on Andre's show in a few minutes
« on: February 04, 2006, 08:28:25 PM »
somebody should ask if he happen to know who shooter,brucekeros and kingman is and why they get dropped lol
he dont care to know who we is... we do suck on to them fellas....he have meh resect.....he know who i is......but i not bowing down  to them guys.....ballers like mehself does make them guys look goog......

Football / Re: anyone have de score of tnt vs FIU in miami???
« on: February 04, 2006, 10:10:11 AM »
i agree with fabio.....why....because it make it clear to the guys who feel we was bashing the selection by anton corneal and brian williams of the ballers who was on show...exactly some of the stats i read on the ballers is the same way them guys showed in the training sessions over the christmas ....but truetrini doh want to listen.....corneal gettting what he deserve it had much better ballers who should have been there and many guys views on this game would have been different....jus how you guys giving us stats on the ballers showing.....we have o understand that because you guys were there.....but when we who was in the sessions home talk about it because we was there truetrini and he gang of unrealistc,,egotistical,,,and men in denial crew doh want to listen.....huh we will become jus like jamaica,,,

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