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Football / Re: Congratulations thread to the T&T U-17 team.
« on: May 08, 2007, 03:48:14 AM »
Pointman, I apologise for the tackiness! However, when you consider how people feel on this site concerning the honesty of some people within the football organisations, I think its a fair warning.

It was not meant to detract from the U17s achievement.

Football / Re: Do we have the BEST Warriors to win the Gold Cup?
« on: May 08, 2007, 03:41:19 AM »
Just to help with selection, many of the "blacklisted" players will be playing in the funday match on May 20th. So, that probably means they'll be available!
At least it means you can get to see the guys play this summer.

Kelvin Jack is still injured, so cannot play, but he'll be there too.

Football / Re: Congratulations thread to the T&T U-17 team.
« on: May 07, 2007, 05:37:03 PM »
Fantastic achievement considering all the distractions in T&T football.
 I just hope those young boys are gonna get their airfares and hotel bills paid for them....unlike the World Cup guys who had them deducted from the players funds before they got paid!
Check your contacts before you travel, guys!

Football / Re: FPATT- some comments on its aims
« on: May 07, 2007, 05:15:21 PM »
Thanks Dreamer, there is so much more to come. I wish I could make people understand how difficult it is to push this union forward from the other side of the Atlantic! I know Brent and Kelvin have spent a fortune on overseas calls and travelling to meetings in the UK.

 It is also important that FPATT is seen as entirely seperate from the dispute over alleged unpaid bonuses.FPATT needs to work alongside TTFF, CONCACAF and FIFA as well as the professional clubs and league.

 A union isn't just a collection of guys with a few ideas. It has to have a constitution, legal advisers, office staff, marketing people etc. Although many of the overseas players are supportive, it has been mainly Brent and Kelvin doing the work so far. However, it is encouraging that most of the overseas players have confirmed their participation at the funday, and one player I know of is bringing a team mate with him to play for the celebrities. Once the seasons in the UK are finished, you will see the movement gain momentum.

FPATT have also recruited a guy in Trinidad who has done some fantastic work already, mainly turning the funday from an idea into an event. FPATT are in need of good people in Trinidad & Tobago to assist in key posts. Anybody who can be of help, particularly in marketing and general office work, please get in touch here or at the FPATT office address which will be posted shortly.

Football / FPATT Thread
« on: May 07, 2007, 08:21:05 AM »
FPATT- some comments on its aims.

Although this is my first post on this board, I have been reading with interest the views of its contributors. As I have been involved with the development of FPATT in the UK, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the current situation with the union, and offer my personal views, which hopefully, will answer some of the questions asked on this site.

As you may be aware, FPATT was formed in principle several years ago, but because of the costs involved in forming a union, both in money and time, the movement lost momentum. Because of the dispute over alleged non payments and the greater global profile enjoyed by the Soca Warriors, the time is right to  bring football in Trinidad & Tobago in line with the 42 footballing nations that already benefit from a professional footballers union.

It is worth mentioning at this stage that although the main brief of such a union is to protect the rights of members and to provide support and advice, FPATT also intend to demand transparency within football.

The current dispute over World Cup bonuses is a good example of  how a lack of transparency leads to lack of trust. Lets assume (just for a nanosecond) that the TTFF accounts are as stated, and the amount offered to players is exactly as promised. In that case, why doesn’t TTFF release the accounts to FPATT or an independent auditor? Unfortunately, by not sharing information, TTFF look as if they have something to hide. In the future, it is hoped that all contracts will be negotiated through FPATT and therefore individual players will not be singled out and therefore should not be blacklisted.

With regard to the non selection of players, FPATTs recent statement has left TTFF with a dilemma. If they cannot prove there is a FIFA rule preventing the selection of players involved in the court case, Oliver Camps must either admit to taking reprisals against players, or make them available. FPATT is forcing him into making a choice, neither of which is appealing to TTFF.

People on this site have stated that Jack Warner  and the TTFF are bulletproof. However, all that they have stated that they have achieved and all the titles and positions they have attained, will now lead to them giving up their personal power and control over football.

As vice president of FIFA, and a close ally of Sepp Blatter, it will be impossible for Jack Warner not to welcome and assist FPATT. Mr Blatter has stated that FIFA is fully supportive of players unions. How could Jack retain his position in FIFA if he speaks out against his own organisations main goals? Don’t forget, Russia tried to block a players union until Blatter had a quiet word. FIFA also have stated that disputes should be settled inside football not in courts. The damage done by the Bosman case changed the face of football globally. FIFA do not want another Bosman. Guess what? We got one brewing right now in Trinidad. Losing the court case may cost TTFF a few dollars, but non selection as a form of punishment could bring down the whole federation.

Mr Warner cannot afford to stand by without supporting FPATTs democratic rights if he wishes to continue his influential role in FIFA. But then if there are things that he doesn’t wish to be disclosed, how can he openly support transparency? Should be interesting.

I think the best chance of returning order to football in T & T is to support FPATT. They hope to launch a uniform to be worn at the funday. Let this strip become the uniform of the alternative T&T supporter. Let it become a symbol of the future of football in the twin islands.

People have offered to make donations to the FPATT fund, however, purchasing an FPATT shirt would not only help with funds, but would also help spread the FPATT message.

More importantly, sponsors and business partners are desperately needed. If anybody knows of any businesses who would be willing to offer support, please keep your eyes on this board for the address of FPATTs offices which will be announced shortly.

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to your comments. I hope my words are welcomed on your board, as I would like to provide further updates.

I will post on this site details of where and how donations can be made and how the FPATT clothing can be obtained. 

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