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Football / Re: Soca Warriors get big bucks.
« on: May 20, 2008, 05:42:38 AM »
I know its still early in T&T, but I'm surprised there haven't been more comments on this story so far.

After all, this is the day that many said would never come. TTFF/Warner have lost their case. Ok, its arbitration, not court, but the implications aren't a lot different. It has been proved that TTFF went back on their agreement. All of the namecalling and blacklisting by TTFF was completely uncalled for. The players were right and its taken them nearly two years to prove they were right.

So what happens now? Does the arbitrator order TTFF accounts to be audited. If so, is this the beginning of the end for TTFF?

Football / Re: Game vs England: We wearing Black!
« on: May 20, 2008, 02:44:39 AM »
Brownsugar? Bake n Shark? We getting baby-t's in the designs we have in mind?

Yeah baby Tees are available....

As for the message, I wanted to put something a little more direct on them than what Bakes has...so far I've come up with a design/idea similar to what the Keith Noel committee did with their T-shirts for their march....start the message in front and finish it at the back...

For example, the front could say....MAKE A  STAND...



and continued on the back....

For etc. etc.

I've thought of statements like

"Better footballing administration"

"Injustice in football"

......statements along those lines...

However, I would like to put something really catchyon the back......but ah eh good at dem thing so much....so forumites, tell  mih what all yuh could come up wid by Monday 19th, 6 pm EST....who knows ah might have ah prize fuh yuh... ;) :)
Also, as for the actual T-shirts I would get back to you all with more details on Monday...

How about  FIGHT THE JACK LIST  and put SocaWarriors/Warrior Nation on the back?

It has to be short and sweet.

Football / Re: FA cup: Who yuh supportin'
« on: May 17, 2008, 06:42:51 AM »
Football will be the winner today.

Regardless of the quality of the play, if Cardiff take the lead, it will be a cracking match.

"Little" Portsmouth and Cardiffs fans will experience something that Arsenal & Liverpool fans won't this season...a cup final.

The magic of the FA Cup is back!

Football / Re: CONCACAF Executive Committee meets in New York City
« on: May 15, 2008, 07:04:51 PM »
Silly old me. I didn't realise Australia was part of CONCACAF.

I mean it must be-right? Why else would you fly all of the delegates from North America, Central America and the Caribbean all the way to Sydney?

After all, if Australia wasn't part of CONCACAF, you wouldn't waste all of that money that could be put towards football development, would you?

Wait a minute, I know why they're meeting in Sydney- they want to enjoy the sunshine, and of course, you can't get that in the Caribbean, or Miami, or California, or Mexico.

Obviously, I don't have the intelligence to ever be a CONCACAF delegate! Thank God they have Jack to make these sensible, economical decisions!

Football / English squad for USA and T&T
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:33:30 AM »
Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart has been included in Fabio Capello's England squad for the friendlies with USA and Trinidad and Tobago

 The 21-year-old, who was on the bench this afternoon as City conceded eight goals at Middlesbrough, completes a remarkable elevation after only spending one season as a first-team regular following his move to Eastlands from Shrewsbury in 2006.

Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone has also been picked for the first time, while defenders Phil Jagielka and David Wheater are both selected in the 31-man squad.

Three confirmed absentees through injury are Joleon Lescott, Micah Richards and Matthew Upson, with Capello no doubt keen to look at most of the remainder as he builds towards the start of England's World Cup qualifying campaign in September.

After choosing Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand as his first two captains, Capello is yet to name his skipper for the USA game, although John Terry is available, as is Wayne Rooney, who has been touted as a future captain by the Italian.

A further interesting choice is former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock, who has been in outstanding form for Blackburn this term.

Theo Walcott, named in Stuart Pearce's Under-21 squad for next Thursday's friendly with Wales in Wrexham, will then link up with the senior party.

West Ham's Dean Ashton will be among the other attacking players Capello will have at his disposal, with all but the nine men on Champions League duty due to report on May 22.

Full squad: David James (Portsmouth), Joe Hart (Man City), Chris Kirkland (Wigan), Wayne Bridge (Chelsea), Wes Brown (Man Utd), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Glen Johnson (Chelsea), John Terry (Chelsea), Stephen Warnock (Blackburn), David Wheater (Middlesbrough), Jonathan Woodgate (Tottenham), Gareth Barry (Aston Villa), David Beckham (LA Galaxy), David Bentley (Blackburn), Joe Cole (Chelsea), Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough), Owen Hargreaves (Man Utd), Tom Huddlestone (Tottenham), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Jermaine Jenas (Tottenham), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Ashley Young (Aston Villa), Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa), Dean Ashton (West Ham), Peter Crouch (Liverpool), Jermain Defoe (Portsmouth), Michael Owen (Newcastle),

Football / Re: Birchall..Jack..Sancho..Avery John
« on: May 10, 2008, 03:13:18 AM »
OK, its official....As I am a Gillingham supporter, I obviously know nothing about football  ;)

However, if I was a national team coach, I would make damn sure I got a close up look at ANYONE who was available.

Sancho, Jack, Birchall & Avery John are World Cup veterans. They've played in T&Ts biggest ever games.

Now, maybe they're injured, maybe they're not match fit, maybe they're overweight, oversexed and over in England.

I DON'T CARE. No coach should dismiss potential.

Someone from TTFF can pick up the phone and say "Hey guys, are you going to be in Trini in May? If so, bring your boots and come and meet Maturana. Join in with some training. No pressure, lets just meet up and see what you have."   

Exactly WHO has decided that these guys can't play?? Nobody from T&T has checked them out, so how can they know?

A professional coach would bring them into an extended squad. If he can call back Tallest and Ince, why not look at experienced guys who are younger??

Compare this to England. There are many right sided midfielders who are fitter than Beckham and play at a higher level, yet Fabio still called up Becks. And I bet England coaches were calling Becks and explaining the situation.

As usual, it seems everything TTFF do, they do it wrong.

Football / Re: Six UK-based World Cup players to face England
« on: May 08, 2008, 10:25:06 PM »
I wasn't going to bother correcting the mistake, but then I saw a second, and I hate sloppy journalism.

England are after the 2018 world cup, I seem to recall that 2014 will be in Brazil????

Also missing are the Jabloteh players who I believe are playing in Puerto Rica?????

Football / Re: Game vs England: We wearing Black!
« on: May 06, 2008, 06:48:08 PM »
I don't know how your basic human rights work in T&T, but I can't see anyway that even the police or govt could stop you entering a stadium with a valid ticket wearing a black shirt (even if it said "Warner is a beatchhhh).

Check the terms and conditions of attendance on the TTFF website and at the stadium.

Its your democratic right to take part in a peaceful protest providing it causes no danger, does not cause civil unrest and is not offensive or abusive.

Go for it guys..... BLACK JACK!!! :challenge:

Football / Re: Birchall..Jack..Sancho..Avery John
« on: May 06, 2008, 05:53:53 PM »
So why yuh scratching yuh head on Whitley?

Hey, I'm just an Englishman.......I ain't got the whisper on the Trini and US based guys! Thought someone else could fill in their situation!

Football / Re: Birchall..Jack..Sancho..Avery John
« on: May 06, 2008, 03:45:39 PM »
Guys, just my view from this side of the pond...

Marvin Andrews  unavailable due to injury
Christopher Birchall   not invited back
Atiba Charles ???????
Cyd Gray ???????
Ian Cox  retired (still looking to play non league)
Cornell Glen ???????
Shaka Hislop Retired - not invited back
Avery John not invited back
Stern John  19 goals in 28 matches  selected
Kenwyne Jones  Current speculation is that Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal & spurs watching him  selected
Kelvin Jack   unavailable due to injury
Collin Samuel ?????
Brent Sancho not invited back
Aurtis Whitley  ???????
Evans Wise  ????????
Anthony Wolfe  ???????

Sancho may not be 100% match fit, but I believe he has played 2 more full matches than Carlos since beginning of April.

Jack is just beginning his fitness training. But don't forget that he broke his leg on the last day of his trial with Barnsley, who were going to take him on loan for the Liverpool match. They even inited him to the FA Cup semi finals and want to take him back for trials when he's fit.

Sancho & Jack are recognised as being strong influences in the dressing room. This was always a positive trait, but the Gillingham management and chairman have intimated that they are bad influences, this has been compounded by their public stand against TTFF. This has led to clubs opting for less vocal (and less talented) alternatives.

Of the UK based players in the 16, only Stern and Kenwyne have been invited to meet Maturana, and it would be impossible to leave those two out.

If you can bring back Dwight and Russell, why not Coxy and Shaka? They were in the WC squad and deserve recognition too.

Either Maturana is looking at the England match as a proper pre WC test or he isn't. If he is, how can you play Russell and Dwight and if he isn't why not play Sancho, Birch, Shaka and Cox??

Personally, I don't think he should play Russell, Dwight, Shaka or Cox.

I do think he should invite Sancho, Jack, Birchall and Avery John to join the squad, as they all have the ability to get back into the team once they've had a run of games. 

There may not technically be a blacklist, but those 16 players have their cards marked. 

Football / Re: Game vs England: We wearing Black!
« on: May 03, 2008, 03:12:35 AM »
Guys, firstly, I would absoloutely love to be at that match on June 1st....but the wife and kids have(selfishly) insisted that they get a vacation this year, and I can't afford to bring them...so its gonna be Spain for me!

If I did make it I would wear black. No question. I don't care if England win. Its a friendly. Even more, to me its a friendly against friends. If we played Germany, France or Scotland I would want England to mash them up and I would be wearing my 3 lions on my shirt.

I fully understand Touches comments.

But this isn't initiated by FPATT, the players or SW/WN. Its YOUR plan. The supporters. If people ask why you're wearing black, its because of the death of democracy in T&T football. Its to show disapproval of Jack Warners stranglehold on YOUR game.

It will be briefly covered by the BBC. But, if only for a moment, you will get the attention of 20 million people in England. BBC may even interview a player about the world cup bonus fiasco.

But most of all, it will unite the supporters. You can say "We were there. We made our peaceful protest"

Like the student who stood in front of the tank in Tianamen Square.

Like Ghandi sitting in the road.

Like Mandella in prison for 24 years.

Like Martin Luther King saying "I have a dream".

All you guys have to do is wear a black shirt. A nice peaceful protest.

I won't critisize anyone who doesn't want to join in, you all have to do what you feel. But I know some of you didn't agree with FPATT initiatives, so heres your chance to make your stand for yourselves.

I really think that when I sit at home watching this match, with all the expected vibrancy and colour, its gonna look real strange to see awhole section of the crowd wearing black. The commentators will definately mention this, because it will be an unusual sight and its not a political protest as such.

I remember seeing a match in the 80's when a section of Wolves fans all wore surgical hats and masks. Mind you, that may have been for a more sinister reason.

Anyway, it will cost ou nothing, its peaceful and its yours. I really hope you do it and I wish you all well.

Football / Re: Game vs England: We wearing Black!
« on: April 29, 2008, 07:39:24 PM »
You could organise black and white A4 size cards to hold up and spell out FPATT. It would be too hard to spell a sentence, so it would need to be a short word or pattern. Then it won't matter what shirt you wear. But it looks great if you can get 1,000 people to do it.

This has been done with great success at Man U, Liverpool etc.

By the Way

Due to request from the FA ... England will play in Red(promoting their new away kit) while we will play in White

Jack urged the Public to wear White...

Bullshit. Makes you actually wonder who is the home team.

I must say though I'm surprised, the ticket prices actually seem decent. Jack must be grow a conscience since the arbitrations start...

Simple maths, my friend. Jack will sell 46,000 tickets for the game and blame the new ticketing system!!  Then he'll clone all of your cards and charge you twice :rotfl:

I believe Englands Umbro deals says they have to wear red shirts for a pescribed number of games. I can't remember if they alternate between red and white. I was at the England vs Switzerland match at Wembley and have a feeling they wore red that day..can't be certain, though.

Football / Re: Wrexham go out of Football League
« on: April 23, 2008, 06:16:23 PM »
I didn't say it had anything to do with the Trini guys. I just noticed over the weekend that the teams at the bottom of the tables all had Trini players who left (even Southampton, as Jones left).

You just got me thinking about what you said and I guess I just put those thoughts down!!

Football / Re: Wrexham go out of Football League
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:52:55 AM »
What I find interesting is that this season alot o clubs where Trini players left have either been relegated or battling the drop:

Port Vale

Gillingham (struggling, but that eh nothing new)

Thing is, its got nothing to do with the Trini boys!

I think much of the problem is new managers inheriting a squad they can't get the best from.

Port Vale should have done much better this season. They bought some players who were good enough to stay in league 1, but then a new manager chose not to play them. Tey had also sold some of their better players in the close season, such as Birchall.

Luton had the points deduction to deal with and started the season with 28 first team players. They sold the best and this unbalanced the side. Given the chance to start with zero points insted of a minus and a tight squad of 20 players, they may have performed differently.

Gillingham let too many players go on free transfers in close season. Sancho would have carried on his solid performance, while, Flynn has done well at Blackpool, Jackman has been solid at Northampton and Johnson has been ever present at Wycombe. Also, deciding that Kelvin Jack would not be played in a single match when you have the second worst defence in the league is crazy. They were heading for mid table stability when Jepson went and they brought in a Blue Square manager who set about dismantling the team in preperation for relegation! 9 Blue Square conference players were brought in and experienced players such as Lomas, Sodje and Armstrong were shipped out. Then they let go of Cox!

Southampton just can't seem to get it right, yet Stern has scored something like 18 goals in 26 matches. Outstanding! Again, the change in management has left a manager unable to get the best from someone elses squad.

Same problem with Wrexham. Unfortunately, these guys need a preseason to get their squads right and offload those that can't play their style. Maybe there should be a "transfer" window that only allows change of managers from May to July!

Football / They thought it was all over- it is now!
« on: April 14, 2008, 05:39:27 AM »
JERUSALEM (AFP) - Football fans celebrating what they thought was a cup final victory just minutes before the final whistle, cost Israeli team Beitar Jerusalem their winning trophy late on Sunday.

Four minutes before time, thousands of supporters rushed on to the pitch as Beitar was leading Maccabi Herzliya 1-0.

Unable to clear the field so play could continue, the referee suspended the match, giving victory to Maccabi by default.

The behaviour of the Beitar fans, well known for their excesses and far-right views, was all over the front pages of Israeli newspapers on Monday.

"Those people are abnormal and idiots," said club owner Arcady Gaydamak, an Israeli-Russian billionaire who plans to stand as candidate for mayor of Jerusalem later this year.

In November, the Israeli Football Association banned Beitar fans from two home matches after they booed through a minute's silence in memory of assassinated prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Some fans even sang songs praising Rabin's murder by Yigal Amir, a Jewish extremist who was jailed for life after he shot the Nobel peace laureate three times in the back following a Tel Aviv peace rally on November 4, 1995.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is a prominent supporter of Beitar but has spoken out against the behaviour of his fellow fans, who have been involved in repeated disturbances with followers of Israeli Arab clubs over the years.

Football / Re: Warner attacks Sport Minister.
« on: April 09, 2008, 01:42:52 PM »
Just a thought after reading Warners comments again.

Jack is really showing his opinion of his fellow citizens here. Keep them down where they belong.

Whats wrong with encouraging golf and go karting? I understand that powerboats may require serious money, but golf is no longer an elite sport in most of the world. Why should poor black kids settle for football cricket or basketball. If they have talent in other sports they should get the chance to persue them, or at least watch the sport.

Warner is alluding that golf and boats are elite. I bet Jack plays golf and spends time on boats.

And as for racism, last time I looked Tiger Woods was black and theres a young black chap called Hamilton whos doing rather well at motor racing. Obviously, nobody has pointed out to them that black guys are only supposed to be playing football.

Football / Re: Satement from President of TTFF Oliver Camps.
« on: April 07, 2008, 02:35:18 PM »
can someone correct me if i'm wrong, but wasnt the TTFF auditor some Rampersad guy during the whole WC impasse? I wouldnt want to believe that a reputable firm like KPMG would want their name associated with such bush accounting as TTFF exhibits

You can only audit the books you are shown. If Camps says they received $1 million and they spent $1 million, wheres the problem? Most self employed people do this. If a job costs $1,000, they will do it for $850 cash in hand. Remember the Scottish FA guy who claimed Jack asked cheques to be made payable to him? That wouldn't hae shown in TTFF accounts.

KPMG would not have audited Camps personal account, Warners personal accounts, Warners business accounts, Warners SimPaul accounts, Warners Concacaf account, Warners Cayman Island accounts etc.

KPMG are paid puppets. However, a forensic audit backed by the police and preferably Interpol would uncover everything.

It just takes one determined law enforcer from anywhere in the world to take an interest.

Football / Re: Satement from President of TTFF Oliver Camps
« on: April 05, 2008, 07:35:25 PM »
"The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation is 100 years old this year"

I know I'm fairly new to this site, but isn't TTFF a reletively new company? And I thought Oliver Camps owned the company. So how can it be 100 years old?

I also noted that Warner is referred to in plural...or have there been other high ranking FIFA Trinis?

And isn't the "only professional league in the Caribbean" aprivate enterprise entirely seperate from TTFF?

"And to think that all our achievements to date have been possible without one red cent of Government spending from this “Johnny come lately” Minister of Sport! "  I can't believe he even said this! How on earth was Hunt supposed to help when he wasn't even a minister?

Its a pity Camps didn't explain where all the money given by the government went to.

Football / Re: Do my bidding
« on: April 05, 2008, 07:47:51 AM »
This article was the editorial column in Marchs edition of When Saturday Comes, which is (probably) the most respected fan magazine in the UK.

It does show that people over here are slowly learning about events in T&T.

I'm expecting a lot more press exposure of Mr Warner in the run up to the match on June 1st.

Football / Re: Sports Ministry says no to TTFF Media.
« on: April 05, 2008, 07:33:50 AM »

 My 2cents on this whole thing.

 1. No Ministry will ever be run like the private sector.
 The civil service regulations just will not allow that (weary69 could confirm)
I personaly don't want the ministries to be anything like the private sector since it is common knowledge that the sucessful private sector is corrupt, self centered and very nasty.

 You could talk about the productivity of the government workers but that is an entirley different matter.

The Ministries are to execute goverment policy and support the private sector in this case the sporting organisations.

Every year the sports ministry's budget is presented to the minister of finance and F and GP for approval in the national budget. The sporting orgs will provide plans, programs and budget for the year to inform this.
Cabinet through the advice of the minister of finance and in this case the sports minister will make their case and the budget or part of will be approved. The funds aproved will then be disbursed to the relevant sporting organisations once the criteria for is met for the disbursement (this is normally a simple accounting type document).
This probably explains why the Minister held the press conference i.e they asked for the audited accounts in order to make the disbursement.

For the PSIP (Public service investment plan) which is capital expenditure , the sports company is set up to run this however I see that they are also getting involved in funding basketball leagues etc.

2. TTFF will never give the GOTT a full audited statement of accounts.

The reason not being that Jack will be exposed for corruption or anything like that but because it will show how much the TTFF is indebted to Jack.
a. The buildings they rent is owned by Jack
b. Jack pays the salaries.
c. Jack pays for all the other expenses (travelling, courses etc)
d. The interest Jack is charging is probably of the same magnitude of TT credit cards 25 to 30 %

What this means is that TTFF is in debt to Jack to the tune of millions and millions of dollars.
If this ever sees the light of day our football is going to go into a terminal tailspin.

The issue with Shawn and this press conference should never have happened.
The proposed meeting between the ministry and TTFF would not have been open to the Media, the decisions coming out of that meeting would have been presented to the media after the meeting.
The Ministry had to know that TTFF would never attend a meeting where they could not provide the goods and TTFF asking for a formal agenda was a escape for them.
So what the Minister had was a straight press conference on football.
Shawn had no alternative but to attend this because it is his job albeit under the umbrella of being the media officer of TTFF.
Shawn should not have been allowed inside the building, first by security and secondly by the Ministries communication department.
I think what happened is that nobody thought anything of it until the Minister displayed his displeasure from there it went bad. This Nunez person is probably not well trained and could not in this situatation quickly advise the Minister that it would be better to let Shawn be than make an issue of it since the Ministry has nothing to hide anyway. The Minister also is not very quick on his feet for him not to realise that also.
This man is essentially a seamstriss and we should not really expect any better from him.

So there you have it.

I think this post pretty much sums things up. However, I would like to offer a couple of thoughts.

Maybe, just maybe, Hunt is cleverer than we all think. Maybe he called the meeting with TTFF knowing they would not bring along the accounts. He really boxed them in. Hunts the good guy coz we wants to give money to football, but he can't just dish it out without accountability.
Round 1 to Hunt.

Hunt knows Fuentes will attend the press conference. Hunt lets him in, because he wants all of T&Ts media to see him throw out Fuentes. He's sending a public message to Jack.  Hunt is saying "Jack, I ain't no pussy. I have no respect for you or any member of TTFF. The game is up and I'm coming after you."
Round 2 to Hunt.

Hunt has now publically declared that he's not happy with TTFFs accounts. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can Hunt now award money to TTFF without a TTFF audit. Everybody will crucify Hunt if he gave money to an organisation that has publically been accused of (at best) poor accounting. So anytime that Jack and Ollie whines in the press, journalists should be asking them why the accounts haven't been produced. All Hunt is doing is protecting taxpayers money. How can he be a bad guy?
Round 3 to Hunt.

TTFF and Jack need to be very careful now. If there is any indication that TTFF money is improperly spent, Hunt will call in the Fraud Squad (don't know if you have this in T&T) to suspend TTFF pending a full forensic audit. FIFA cannot object as tis is not a football matter. FIFA cannot be seen to support fraud.

With regards to Jacks grip over TTFF, this is easy to resolve. TTFF can go bankrupt. Jack can then reclaim 10% of provable debt from the TTFF shareholders and directors. The govt and people of T&T owe Jack nothing.

Also, I wonder if Jack has committed fraud when he mortgaged his property. You usually have to state the reason you wish to use the funds for i.e. home improvements, debt consolidation etc. So on Jacks application, did he state the money is for paying the debts of someone elses company in which he has no official interest?

Football / Re: Sports Ministry says no to TTFF Media.
« on: April 04, 2008, 11:08:51 AM »
I gotta say that we're all playing into Jacks hands here. Most of the posts here have been concerned with the removal of Shaun Fuentes. Magicians call this technique DISTRACTION. This is what Jack and Ollie are doing.

The story here is why didn't Camps turn up with the TTFF accounts so that Hunt could approve more funding? TTFF are stony broke. They need cash fast. This is the story. Hunts actions have allowed us to be distracted from the big issue. Camps tried the same thing with his "no agenda" accusation.

As for Fuentes, Bakes, I think you're being unfair. His job is to spin everything to TTFFs favour. Thats what he gets paid to do. He does it very, very well and is one of TTFFs major weapons. If FPATT could afford him, they would have him working for them. No one has ever asked him if he agrees with TTFF (obviously, he would not comment).

But you can't blame a policeman for arresting your friend who just commited murder. Someone has to do the job. Its a lucrative job and if Shaun didn't do it, someone else would. Where would he get another job like this. Whether or not he agrees with TTFF, he gives 100%.

However, I totally agree with Bakes when he says that Fuentes should be removed. He is not an independent journalist. He bats for the opposition. And the opposition have twice disrespected Hunt this week. If Shaun wants to be a free lance journalist, he should write a piece for  the paper WITHOUT putting a TTFF slant on it and condeming Jacks actions.

Don't shoot the messenger, guys, but also don't let him into the showers until you know hes got a girlfriend.  

Football / Re: Sports Ministry says no to TTFF Media.
« on: April 04, 2008, 06:05:11 AM »
Theres a big difference between putting accounts in the paper and submitting to an official audit.

I want to know how much has been spent on fighting the players arbitration case, including first class flights to England and 5 star hotels, how they will pay the legal bill  if they lose and where they will get the bonus money from if they have to pay.

They had the money once, but decided not to pay and spent it on other things.

In any other business, TTFF management would have been sacked last year. They really have to go. They're totally cocking up your football.

My big worry now is that Jack will get millions from the England match and "forget" to pay Englands costs etc. We're still owed £135,000 by Jamaica from 2006....and that was played in England!!

Football / FA to investigate alleged gambling bribe
« on: April 04, 2008, 05:56:47 AM »
Premier League - FA to investigate alleged bribe
Eurosport - Fri, 04 Apr 12:16:00 2008
The FA has announced that it will investigate reports that a former Premier League player accepted £50,000 to fix a match.

 The player who reportedly accepted the bribe got himself deliberately sent off and persuaded three team-mates to get booked in a match that occurred "in Britain", according to The Independent newspaper.

It is alleged that, in exchange, a bookmaker agreed to write off a £50,000 debt which the player had built up.

An FA spokesman said: "We will be making inquiries about this story.

"First we need to find out if the match was inside our jurisdiction - the story says it was in Britain, but we don't know if it was in England."

FA rules forbid players from betting on matches or competitions in which they will compete.

The case came to light at a seminar about gambling at the Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire this week.

The player at the centre of the allegations has been treated at Sporting Chance, which receives financial backing from both the FA and the Professional Footballers Association.

You know, I wondered why Mascherano seemed so keen to run 20 yards to argue with the ref when he had aleady been yellow carded. I wonder :whistling:

Football / Re: Sports Ministry says no to TTFF Media.
« on: April 04, 2008, 05:42:00 AM »
Ok, I know I live on the other side of the world, but I find the posts here amazing.

This site is full of discusions over TTFFs lack of financial control and whispers of money being diverted into peoples pockets. As I recall, TTFF even presented false accounts to the last minister when they tried to sort out the world cup bonuses.

Didn't TTFF say they only got $18 million or something when govt said they got $173 million?

People are dissin the government for asking to see how YOUR money is being spent before thy give out more. Seems to me, this minister should get a medal. He's protecting TAXPAYERS money.

And why should he be nice to Shaun Fuentes? TTFF couldn't be bothered to turn up because they know they can't show their accounts, but instead send their media guy to spy. Well, if Camps wanted to know what the minister was going to say, e should have got his ass down there. As for not having an agenda, Camps is an idiot. If theres no agenda, Camps can refuse to discuss subjects on the grounds he was not prepared. This should have been an expoloratory meeting to discuss a meeting. Hunt says want he needs to see and Camps brings it to the next meeting. Simple. Or should I say, Simpaul?

I have no problem with Mr Fuentes, but I think he was sent there to collect info for Warners propoganda machine.  

Finally, Warner attacked the minister the other day. The gloves are off and Hunt should get tough. Its about time people stopped kissing Jacks ass.

This is just Jack telling Camps to disrespect Hunt. Jack thinks the public will take his side against the nasty minister. And you've fallen for it.

Wake up guys. Hunt may not be the best, but he certainly isn't going to offer Jack an open purse to repay his new mortgage. T&T football has needed accountability and transparency for years. Now its arriving, welcome it. It will clean up the game and drive out the crooks.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs England Game (01-Jun-2008).
« on: April 02, 2008, 11:12:16 AM »
Funny thing is, this dispute over Spain is very real.

I remember when Yugoslavia was kicked out and Denmark took their plac-and won the tournament. Football "experts" said it was due to the fact that the Danish players had a psycological advantage as they only had limited notice and therefore hadn't stressed themselves out mentally. Also, they had the attitude that they had nothing to lose. It was also considered that their opponents didn't have time to scout the Danish team for weaknesses. (Remember, there was not the global TV coverage that we now enjoy).

If Spain are removed, I have no idea if England would replace them. I'm sure there are more worthy qualifiers, although from a marketing point of view, England would be UEFAs first choice. It would also increase Europes dislike of English football!!

Football / Re: Celtic dismiss Jabloteh claims as ‘totally mistaken.
« on: April 02, 2008, 04:05:45 AM »
I'm pretty sure that this has nothing to do with TTFF.

Federations are there to maintain the rules of the game set out by FIFA. They also ensure that clubs of all levels adhere to mutually decided codes of conduct.

In the UK, each county has its own local football association overseeing local teams from kids to adults. Each member club gets to vote for members of the county association. Then, the counties decide who gets onto the board of the FA.

Rule changes are discussed and voted on by county personnel.

The FA would oversee referees, coaching and general financial affairs, as well as representing at FIFA and organising the national teams. Thy would liaise with Professional and amateur leagues. However, the Football League is a seperate body from the FA, so is te Premier League.

So TTFF do not boss the ProLeague. It is a seperate business but it must adhere to TTFF guidelines.

Any club travelling abroad would do so of its own accord and would arrange its own travel ad insurance costs.

However, in the case of Celtic, it would be quite correct of TTFF to complain to the Scottish F.A. over this incident. 

Complain to what end?  It is hardly likely that anyone, not even the Scottish FA could sanction Celtic for reneging on an agreement which they were under no obligation to uphold.  It's a lack of consideration and poor sport on the parts of Celtic, but that's about it.

I didnt expect there to be any response from Celtic, but the correct "ambassadorial" route would be for the SFA to register displeasure and warn Celtic to keep their nose clean in future, as their actions impact on the global vision of Scottish football.

Agree with everything else as you describe it, only I'm not sure TnT is sufficiently large for that level of organization and detail.  Most likely, instead of county FAs, the Trini analogue would be a regional or zonal FA (if that) which then would elect the TTFF board.  I doubt it's like the situation in Mexico where the professional clubs elect/comprise the Federation board.

Football / Re: Celtic dismiss Jabloteh claims as ‘totally mistaken.
« on: April 01, 2008, 06:45:42 PM »
I'm pretty sure that this has nothing to do with TTFF.

Federations are there to maintain the rules of the game set out by FIFA. They also ensure that clubs of all levels adhere to mutually decided codes of conduct.

In the UK, each county has its own local football association overseeing local teams from kids to adults. Each member club gets to vote for members of the county association. Then, the counties decide who gets onto the board of the FA.

Rule changes are discussed and voted on by county personnel.

The FA would oversee referees, coaching and general financial affairs, as well as representing at FIFA and organising the national teams. Thy would liaise with Professional and amateur leagues. However, the Football League is a seperate body from the FA, so is te Premier League.

So TTFF do not boss the ProLeague. It is a seperate business but it must adhere to TTFF guidelines.

Any club travelling abroad would do so of its own accord and would arrange its own travel ad insurance costs.

However, in the case of Celtic, it would be quite correct of TTFF to complain to the Scottish F.A. over this incident. 

Football / Re: Cox fails to make good impression
« on: March 30, 2008, 03:46:12 AM »
Sad news at Priestfield.

Coxy was a favourite who was 100% Gillingham and gave sterling service.

Maybe he was slowing down, but his passion was without question.

Coxy is a true gentleman, a loving family man who always had time for us supporters.

He was a model professional and a great club captain, rarely getting involved in dissent towards referrees.

His leaving the club is just part of the crumbling ediface that has become Gillingham F.C.  Since the new manager, Mark Stimpson, has arrived, he has systematically dismantled the remainder of the Championship side and seems to be shaping the team for League 2 or even conference football.

So far we've seen the likes of Steve Lomas, Duncan Jupp and Craig Armstrong paid off and Efe Sodje & Delroy Facey sent on loan.

Half way through a season, he decided to completely rebuild the team which has led to the awful decline in league status.

There is no longer any heart in the club, and this shows in performances.

I expect to see Aaron Brown, Nicky Southall, Kelvin Jack and Gary Mulligan all depart the club in the close season.

The only positives are that loanees Danny Cullip and Kevin Maher seem to have brought along some passion and new signings Miller and Nutter look promising.

It is a bizarre situation when you recognise more of the opposition that your own team, as was the case yesterday vs Carlisle!!

Football / Re: FPATT slam T&TFF.
« on: March 27, 2008, 03:58:53 AM »
I take on board the poins made from others. However, I think you have over simlyfied some of those points.

You say about players being worried about losing caps and careers, well what about Sancho and Jack? They seem to have had a rough time and it can't be coincidence. I would love them to be playing for The Gills still. I know Jack has a broken leg, but both of them have become untouchables and its not due to their lack of skills. Also, wasn't there a guy playing in USA who's  disapeared, and also Birchill?

It can't have helped their career by being aligned with FPATT.

I don't know how FPATT get money, but they don't seem to have any sponsorship. Even that charity money wasn't much to  run an organisation on. How much does it cost to set up a decent website or run workshops? I have no idea. But it must cost something.

Dictators know that rival organisations will die unless they receive the oxygen of publicity. What is FPATT supposed to put in the papers?

"Today, FPATT spoke to FIFPro over the loan of 5000 paperclips?"  Newspapers only want stories that are confrontational or big news. Maybe FPATT have sent out lots of press releases,but they only print the sensational ones.

DCS said "when most of the time the stuff in the papers is about Shaka complaining about flight arrangements for foreign based to come back and overall mostly things concerning the national team or that stupidness about the concacaf check, forgive those of us who may be led to believe that is an indication of their focus."

These are real issues. I can't believe that the lack of financial proprietry is not a major story across the Caribbean. But as usual, nobody is asking TTFF hard questions. Someone here even said that Warner has a business called concacaf! That is outrageous and the man should be suspended pending investigations. Yet you think FPATT should let him carry on as he has for years.

I read this site and its full of anti Warner and anti TTFF material. So why isn't that the main block to FPATT as well.? It seems to me that if you sit there quietly and do a workshop every 6 months, players will think you're a knitting circle and won't join anyway.

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