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Darrel Brown 10.05  ;D ;D ;D

>>>you eh see de national record get broken ? I sending all we athletes to Michael johnson oui ! Darrel too !

Football / Re: How do you teach a player to be smart?
« on: June 16, 2014, 01:44:24 PM »
why bother ? I thought selection was supposed to separate the sheep from de goats ?

I could be wrong but I get the impression that what we are focusing on here is when these two athletes can represent us again and not on what it means if they have been found guilty. For those who have not thought much about it what they are accused ...and found guilty of ... is cheating ! ...robbing someone who has put in a lot of work from their rightful place ...

I cannot condone that ...and if you are found out more than once then I think you should be given the opportunity to try something else ...not sports !

I even think of how boleface some folks are when they argue that their sentence was too harsh and therefore not fair ! as if fairness was ever in their minds when they took the decision to cheat.

Just to think of those who claim they were treated too harshly given the sentences meted out to others makes me sick ....I would think if the IaaF or whichever sporting body were to be serious about stamping out illegal drug use that is exactly what they should be doing ...making it such that no one could predict the sentence for illegal drug use based on what went before. In that way no one can work out  the odds they face if caught.

I dont know what the decision is in kelly Anns case but if found guilty I would be too ashamed to consider her next move at this time .

I also agree that from what Hart has been able to accomplish so far that he is in for the long haul. It is amazing how he has transformed the same players into a much better unit. Players are actually playing better for T&T than their club teams this time around which was not the case in most instances before he arrived. Beenie was able to achieve the same thing ......

Havent seen a thread for the Iran game, so I will post here, its intriguing that we will come up against the coach who was on a shortlist for our TD job...
the reports back then were that both Pfister and Quiroz were in the runnings, then Quiroz took the Iran job as Pfister got T&T.
Just another confirmation of what money can buy you.

Pfister was on $50,000 USD a month, and that got us knocked the fack out by Guyana.
Iran paid Quieroz $$166,666.66 USD a month, and that got them to top their group with South Korea and qualify directly.

Until we get our house in order financially, we will always be in a  mode of hopefulness rather than expectancy. Plain and simple.

And sometimes we wonder why our players look so unfit in international games...

I have a different view concerning why our players look so unfit in international games is in the second half of games that this is most noticeable...that being so after our teams spend most of the first half running behind the ball and/or chasing after opponents who can keep possession for long periods. When we do get the ball we dont seem to be able to keep possession for very long and often give up possession within two passes. Now no coach can get us fit enough unless we address the problem of lack of the ability as a team to keep possession of the ball.

Why Tim Kee eh sue Warner for money which could easily pay de debt ...same khaki pants oui ! he was dere when all was taking place ...and said nothing ! Now he put on a coat of paint and parading like a new vessel ...kyah fool me...... run for treasurer in de PNM ...taking a page from his mentor ...go where de money is ...

I feel assured that Volney will plead guilty to this one as well ..given the right incentive ! John boy you safe wid we !  :laugh:

I dont know how many of you noticed that 14 year old Adel Colthrust who ran the last leg in the under 18 boys 4x100 metres at Carifta finished about a quarter of the race holding his back and using one arm to keep the momentum.
He also collapsed after the race in the video if one cares to look back at it. Well Adel has not walked without crutches since then and  has not been able to go to school since returning from Carifta.

The story is he got injured during the first running of the under 18 boys final where he ran 10.54 wind assisted to finish fifth. In spite of this he ran the next day in the rerun of the race to finish in 10.7+ in sixth position.
What is even more horrific is that he was then allowed to run in the relay which he barely finished ...I dont know how we got a bronze there .
I just hope the NAAA are doing all possible to see him recover ...after all he was representing T&T ...Darrel Brown comes to mind here folks ..I just hope it does not end the same way.

Question .... is this alleged  sponsorship associated with the  DEVELOPMENT in football in T&T ? ..or is it that we have found someone to pay off debts incurred by the football Federation/TTFA ? is it the TTFF debts we are settling or the TTFA debt ? Is the TTFF still owned by Oliver Camps and if so is it his debt we are referring to ? Is  the TTFA now the controlling body for football in T&T ? has the TTFF been wound up ? ...I am confused ...can anyone shed some light on these matters ? I should be grateful for your learned opinion

...." While athletics is not as popular as football and cricket in Trinidad and Tobago it offers the best return on the dollar compared to any sport in Trinidad and Tobago. "  Orville London, THA Chairman, at the opening of the Tobago Falcon games last weekend at the National stadium. While those words have been spoken by others in the past ...Ato comes to mind years ago on this forum and he got some flack for it ...... truer words were never spoken.

It is alright to speak of the great potential of our young athletes but unless and until our Politicians realize this potential and the great benefit to tourism etc. of athletics these words, will be like a clanging cymbal.

So Jamaica has gone clear in athletics athletcs !! ... nowforeign athletes are going to Jamiaica to train, US Universities are hiring Jamaican coaches ..Jamaica has a High performance training Centre etc...things dont happen overnight but also not without a plan

what is our plan for athletics ? the future of our young athletes seem to rest in a university scholarship then let some university coach take over ....and hope you get a college degree in the mix ...amateur at best ...shamateur at worst. Look at the example of jehue Gordon who is completing his degree at home while competing as world champion in the 400 metre hurdles.. with the right facilities we can achieve more in a sport in which we alredy  have current world and olympic champions. we now have UTT and other Institutions which can ensure our athletes  acquire a skill to their level of competence.

Jamaica on the other hand have put things in place to keep their athletes under their supervision where they wont be exploited by the US run for points for your school system which has killed off many a promising athlete.

well I hope to see a vision somewhere which will at least plan a course to take us further than the next stop ...something which will will result in an athletics industry and I hope politicians wanted to leave a legacy would consider the actions necessary to enhance the abilities of our young people in an area where they are excelling but in too few numbers. ..a hgih performance way of thinking perhaps ??

we should comnent like the americans and the british when we refer to our athletes I am looking for great things in carifta from Reuben Walters in the 400 metres hurdles who trains with the World Champion Jehue Gordon at Memphis Pioneers track Club. Johnathan Farinha is another to watch and he trains under former national 100 and 200 metres champion Charlie Joseph out in Arima at Abiline Wildcats. Jeminese Parris Carifta under 18 hurdles champion also trains with world champion Jehue gordon under CAC coach of the year Dr Ian Hypolite at mamphis Pioneers. that sort of thing.  :beermug:

Socapro these Jamaican  athletes peak for  champs i am pretty sure if Farinha was in one of their school programs he would have been on par or maybe even ahead  of them.. he ran that 10.18 alone

Where you get that foolishness from? W-Juniors is this year. That is the Peak goal for the elites.

And that 10.18s was not "alone", he had company for 70mtrs.
Sub-10 at 14? Surely you jest.

Even if it were remotely possible, it would be developmental suicide.

You must mean sub 11s.

Talk to you all at Carifta, it looks to be a good one again this year. Jamaica and TnT seem to have good teams.

my mistake ...sub 11 is what i meant  :beermug:

I was wondering when our next 100 man coming. But I have some hope in Johnathan.

Johnathan Farinha looked very outstanding in his final but his time was wind assisted . He did not actually run  the qualifying time at the Carifta trials but is selected because he won the 100 metre final. the The onlly person who made the time legitimately was JM Constantine in the semis.

The same  is true for Adel Colthrust who won the 100 final for under 18 boys in a wind assisted time at the trials.  He also did not make the qualifying time legally. Should they be carried ...Oh yes !! a thousand times yes !

Farinha has improved leaps and bounds this season and really looks special. Charlie Joseph  is beginning to bring out a giant club from Arima in Abilene. ( Taffe, the farinha brothers ..etc ) As an athlete Charlie Joseph was a phenom , a naturally gifted athlete who, with a little more dedication could have been a world beater...I could say the same for roger Gibbon in cycling...these athletes probably had other things on their mind was fun then you still had to earn a living.

adel  Colthrust who I am hoping would not be just another youth phenom has been and is far .
Since Darrel Brown I have not seen a more gifted sprinter and he has only just turned 14. ( sorry if this sounds like repitition ) He can actually run in this age group for three more years as he is born in january. Now  he is not the smooth operator that Darrel was and it is quite amazing to watch him just streak away from all comers with a simply normal style.

This was supposed to be his second year running under 16 and he is already faster than the under 18 over the 100 metres.
I wonder what his coach will do this year.Adel is very focussed and, though still a mama's boy, already knows what he wants to do the 100 meters and break the world record ( Bolt's record he calls it). his routine is simple go down to the track ...then return to sit next to his mother fanfare !

I strongly believe he will go below 10 secs. this season maybe even at Carifta...legitimately ..while still 14 years.

I remember Nestor Brown, Darrel's coach, keeping Darrel away from older competition even though he was faster than the competition , I wonder what Learie is going to do with his Charge. I guess as a coach and father, having a son who has already medalled at the Olympics might serve to remind that " the race is not always for the swiftist, but for those who can most endure "

The athlete I am worried about is Ayodele Taffe. I remember years ago when he became the first athlete to beat John Mark constantine in a 100 metre race at the stadium ...some say JM is still recovering for that shock. JM  has never been the same since...not easy to realise that you can be beaten ...when you had years of being unbeaten and unbeatable in your age group. Well after an outstanding  season last year and out of school, Ayodele was supposed to go to Texas A&M this year but is still in T&T by all report...with the excuse that he is waiting to go up with Johnathan and others next year ...I know he had issues with academics but surely someone can remedy that if that is the problem.

Taffee is one of the best young local talents in T&T ....someone asked about the sprinters well these are some of the more outstanding males

just joining in on this one ... the facts really look bad ...23 against 0 in favour ... in a serious country the tech staff would have been fired  ...have we fired anyone ? I hope we have, since keeping them in place wont change a thing.
For years Marlon Charles was our womens coach ..maybe Tallman can say just how long he held the position ... check out his record ...yet the man seemed unmoveable ...untouchable and impregnable ...and you ask ..based on what ??
I have always felt that if sufficient time and resources are allocated to our women  we can get better results than our men in a shorter term ....the gap is far too wide in the mens game ... I would like to see Mr Hart, or someone who clearly understands the modern game as he does, be appointed to the job with sponsorship support as to take us to the next level. 

Football / Re: Mysterious figures at chelsea
« on: October 28, 2013, 10:24:50 AM »
similar scenes took place in germany etc. notice it coincided with entrance of the german beckenbauer ...and at least one disguised person was standing right behind him ? you dont get that position just so have to know before hand where you want to be located and make suitable arrangements ....better yet ..the kaisers visit was not widely known ....

Football / Mysterious figures at chelsea
« on: October 28, 2013, 10:20:15 AM »

Is this the end of the beautiful game as we know it ? dangerous happenings are taking place worldwide which threatens weekend enjoyment and even the right to attend football matches. What if a man made disaster happened in a world cup environment with such an international audience and with those wanting maximum publicity ? it always seems to be centured around racism as I am sure many of us are noticing is creeping back into the game of football. stadium was visited by strange guests over the weekend, with 11 hooded onlookers causing a stir at Stamford Bridge on Sunday

Football / Re: 2013-14 La liga Thread.
« on: October 28, 2013, 10:08:39 AM »
Real madrid has done  it before with Beckham but this time it is a bit more difficult to fit a player into a team when he has no definite role within the structure. In the case of Beckham room was made to accomodate him because they had Roberto carlos who played the entire left side so Becks could have a roving role.

In this case hoever Bale, who is a similar player to CR, has no such luxury and does  seem superflous in this squad. That is not to say that he is not a world class player but he just does not have a role with this team.

Now if CR got injured I am sure he would be looked at as the obvious replacement to run at teams and score goals but the fact of the matter is you only need one seat per bicycle ...two do not give any more comfort !

Politics again with RM who have not learned that ego should take a back seat sometimes and that beating Barcelona cannot be your be all and end all in football.

I dont know how many folks remember when RM fired their coach del Bosque who had just won them the league ...saying that they wanted a " big name coach "  to add to their roster. The real reason some say was because they lost to Barcelona in the match up in the league.... and the Chairman could not  deal with that.  Folks with lots of money can make wrong decisions you know ...and Real honchos seem to rack up some great ones ...

.....poor treatment of fernando hiero which hurt the team  ...sacking Makele rather than giving him a deserved raise ...they have not yet recovered although Xabi alonso is a very good player... now paying a world record fee for more of the same ..just to ensure that Barca dont get him..... well we will see how  long Bale lasts in this dance because i eh so sure he know how to salsa !

Football / Re: Fenwick: Marcano, Oliver can help Warriors.
« on: October 24, 2013, 10:44:51 AM »
I just hope we leave Fenwick where he is and far from the national team coach. Oliver ?? 38 years old as we speak ? he could not find a more interesting and sensible comment than that ?
Like he still trying to decide if to tackle Maradona ...when de man done gone !

Football / Re: Abu Bakr turns heads in Kazakhstan.
« on: October 24, 2013, 10:38:52 AM »
Must admit when I read the byline I thought  the comment would have been on some feat Abu bakr accomplished on the football field my surprise he turns heads because he is tall ?? Then we go from there to how much he has improved from the stage he was at years ago ? ..I am still trying to figure out why that byline ...maybe some comment on his performances in Kazakstan might go a long way in justifying the title but maybe that will come in another post.

From what I saw of Abu Bakr vs New Zealand I would describe him as a hard worker..not technically sound, but he tries hard. he is not a great passer of the ball and often leaves himself in uncomfortable positions because his balance is not that great ( maybe because of his height) . If one was to look at him in quick feet situations or where he plays the ball and it comes back to him, this would be very obvious.
I am not one of the ...bacause he is trinidadian I go look the  other way on ways he needs to improve ..trinis,  because our football has been plagued with too many superlatives for ordinary players such that we cant rate players internationally anymore.

We rate players in some really obscure leagues then  get disappointed when we see them in action for the national team . How many times have we recycled the same players in the last 10 years...I see even Stern john looking for a swan song !

I am however in support of the efforts of Mr Hart ...few can disagree that this man knows his onions. However I cant see even he  persisting too much longer with many of the players on this squad if we are to seriously challenge for a place in the WC 2018 ...yes folks just add 5 years wear and tear to some of these late 20's and 30's players and that is what we would have if changes are not soon forthcoming .
Abu Bakr- Good trier ...probably can keep his place  for now ..... and yes he will turn heads ..but because he is tall.

Football / Re: Is our current midfield the best ever?
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:22:34 PM »
Gally, DeLeon, Archibald, Sookram and Spann.

Gally, De Leon, Betram Grell and 'Jimmy' Springer.

so Archibald suppose to be one of the best ever and he cya even make your midfield? Way sah! Maybe ah shoulda start this thread on an American forum. Like we have too many great ones to choose from.

If ah not mistaken, Warren Archibald was a forward

Aye Plaos
What going on pards ?? what you tink bout the yellow team now ??  ;)

Football / Re: Is our current midfield the best ever?
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:19:52 PM »
Difficult question to answer because we have never been noted for  great midfield play ..... defence and goal keeping yes ..a great forward now and then but not as a team which controls the middle ...and I around long time ! ..but even so this midfield has played together for how many games now ? ..and we ready to say they are the best ever ? we basing this on what again ?

I saw a bit of the Saudi arabian game and even though we were 2 up in 5 mins they were bossing us around in the middle ... dem fellas have to show something more  than just better than what we had in the last 5 years. I say that because in my view we have finally found a good coach. I know littel of the man but i am seeing his work ..I am sure others have seen the difference in the way the team plays ...with largely the same players . Some of them may move on to other things but they eh ready yet in progress ...and leh we not put too much pressure on de fellas and give dem time to master their trade.
All this talk about best ever is therefore a little premature for me ..

Football / What a story
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:04:06 PM »
Bayan Mahmud, the Ghanaian stowaway who signed for Argentine giants Boca Juniors
Three years ago an orphaned teenager landed in Argentina, travelling from Ghana as a stowaway. Now he has signed for Boca Juniors. He tells Harriet Alexander his remarkable story.

As he sneaked into a cargo container under cover of darkness, 15-year-old Ghanaian orphan Bayan Mahmud had no idea what lay ahead of him. All he wanted was to escape the country where savage tribal violence had claimed the lives of both his parents and start a new life somewhere else.

Three years later the story of what happened next is being celebrated in Argentina, the football-crazy country where he arrived as an illegal immigrant after three weeks stowed away at sea.

Not only has Bayan, now 18, just signed a contract with Boca Juniors football club - the first foot on the ladder to potentially huge success - but he has also secured a sponsorship deal with Nike.

"My parents would have been very proud of me," he said, speaking to The Telegraph from the youth squad's Buenos Aires apartment. The club, one of Argentina's largest, has fielded such stars as Diego Maradona and Carlos Tévez.

"I'm very happy here," he said. It's a good place to be."

That Bayan survived at all is astonishing. His father, a professional footballer, played in Kumasi, Ghana's second city, but on his retirement moved north with his family to the town of Bawku and retrained as a herbal doctor.

"Life was good then," Bayan recalled. "I played a lot of football, without shoes or goalposts, just in the street with my brother and friends. But then the fighting started."

In 2005, aged 10, the boy returned home one day with his older brother to find his parents' bodies - both brutally killed in a tribal attack.

"Their death was a disaster for us," he said. "We went to live in an orphanage, but five years later the gunmen came back. Lots of people died. I thought I would be killed, so my brother and I ran – but I lost him."

With a few coins in his pocket, the 15-year-old made his way to the port town of Cape Coast, where he befriended local boys who earned money working as porters for the huge ships that docked there. He wanted to get to Europe, and one of the boys suggested he hide inside a container.

"I was very scared," he said, "but I had seen horrible things in Ghana too. I was leaving behind a lot of sadness."

 All he had with him was a little "gari" - cassava flour - and some water, but when hunger drove him from the container he was befriended by an African sailor who hid him and brought him food. "If the ship's officers knew about me I would have been sent straight back to Ghana," he said.

When the ship arrived not in Europe but in Argentina, a country of which he had never heard, he set off on foot for the capital where fellow Africans helped him find a place in a home for refugees. One day a group of Argentine youths asked him to join their kickabout game of football - and then asked the fleet-footed youngster back every Saturday. "I loved it," he said.

Spotted by a Boca Juniors scout, he was taken to trials and offered him a contract with the youth squad, a coveted position that earns him a total of £200 a month. His contract with Nike is worth a further £2,700 a year - giving a combined income unthinkable back in Boku.

The vast majority of the country's footballers are white but Argentinans have taken "the Ghanaian Maradona" to heart. He has almost 10,000 followers on Twitter, and dozens of Facebook fan pages, while the country's newspapers have delighted in his story, with headlines stating "I want to be the first black man to play for Argentina."

Now Bayan hopes soon to receive his Argentine nationality, to complement his heavily-accented Argentine Spanish. He has become a fan of local asados – barbeques – but still prefers Ghanaian "high life" pop music to the tango.

And, he added, "I would love to go back, and to see my brother. I miss him very much – we were like twins."

Football / Re: 2013-14 La liga Thread.
« on: September 14, 2013, 06:38:14 PM »
Villarreal 2-2 Real Madrid: Bale & Ronaldo goals cancelled out by Submarine strikes
The Welshman equalised following Cani's opener and, though the Blancos' No.7 gave the visitors the side, Giovani dos Santos saved the day for the hosts

Gareth Bale's debut was ruined by an admirable Villarreal performance as the newly promoted hosts held Real Madrid to a 2-2 draw.

The Welshman made his first competitive start for the club since his world-record move from Tottenham and he began repaying his huge fee by cancelling out Cani's opener at El Madrigal just before half-time.

Cristiano Ronaldo refused to be overshadowed as he put Madrid ahead with a breakaway goal after 64 minutes, but their lead was short-lived as Giovani dos Santos equalised just nine minutes later.

Carlo Ancelotti opted to start Bale on the right, with Isco in the centre and Ronaldo on the left behind lone striker Karim Benzema as midfielder Asier Illarramendi also made his first start for the Blancos.

Villarreal made just one change to the side that beat Osasuna 3-0 in their last La Liga fixture, with Dos Santos replacing Jeremy Perbet.

Despite the wealth of talent in Real's ranks, it was the home side who made the more positive opening and twice in the opening 15 minutes Jonathan Pereira was denied at the near post by Diego Lopez, but they got the breakthrough deservedly in the 21st minute.

Real failed to clear their lines with Pereira and Bruno Soriano both looking to pounce, but the ball spilled kindly to Cani, who smashed home into the bottom corner.

It could have been even worse just short of the half-hour mark when the influential Pereira played a sublime backheel to Javier Aquino, whose initial shot was saved by Lopez before the goalkeeper stopped the rebound.

Real were reeling but they should have been level on 34 minutes when Sergio Ramos chipped a superb pass over the top for Ronaldo, but he uncharacteristically steered his header wide.

Against the run of play, Real did get the equaliser, when Bale opened his account for his new club. Daniel Carvajal broke down the right before putting in a teasing low cross and the Welshman nipped in ahead of Mario and slid to poke home with his right foot from close range.

Villarreal had shouts for a penalty shortly after the restart when a Dos Santos effort struck Bale on the arm before Bale nearly irked the home fans further when his 25-yard drive went narrowly over the crossbar.

And the home side should have been back in front in the 54th minute. Dos Santos backheeled smartly to Pereira and his centre found Jaume Costa unmarked, but from eight yards he somehow side-footed wide.

Bale soon departed, withdrawn by Ancelotti, but that was the signal for Ronaldo to take over as he punished the hosts in the 64th minute.

He broke from his own half and laid the ball into the path of Benzema, whose initial shot was parried back to Ronaldo to fire a deflected effort that put Real ahead.

However, the lead lasted less than 10 minutes before Lopez parried Cani's shot into the path of Dos Santos, who drilled home the equaliser.

Villarreal pushed forward for a winner in the closing stages and Cani was denied a second when Lopez produced an outstanding save to stop his rasping drive.

At the other end, Ronaldo almost got the winner for Real in the 87th minute, but his fierce 20-yard effort was parried to safety by Sergio Asenjo.

Comments ...


   Villareal produced a top class performance... Any top team would struggle away from home against such a quality collective performance....

It's the type of performance that forces top teams to be at their best if they want to win the game with a margin... in any other case it's hoping the individual surplus grinds out a win

Nick Parker31 minutes ago
Lopez saved the day, what an awful defense line at Real Madrid, none of them is trusted enough to carry the weight of managing the defense and the nature of the center players who lean more towards attacking than defending did not help. RM needs to rework it's defense strategy or it will take a beating after the other. Glad Gareth Bale managed to score on his debut, it'll give him confidence to score more. VillaReal were the better team, they deserved to win.

Madrid still has the problems from last season. People try to blame ronaldo always, but he, alonso, and sometimes oezil were the only ones that performed consistently last season. Ronaldo can't dig them out of a hole offensively and be expected to defend the whole game as well, no player can do that. Lopez was great, the midfield and defense had more holes in it than swiss cheese. Mostly the midfield was awful, and it is the midfielders fault. They need khedira, or another defensive mid, you can't play modric, illiarmendi, and isco unless you are playing a team with no offense, none of those three can defend or know how to fill the holes the others leave, they are always trying to get the ball and make a pass down field.


ariian4556 minutes ago
1. Now that Ozil is gone, Ronaldo needs to step up and offer more defensively or at least be more dangerous in attack. Every time he gets on the ball he starts to walk towards a defender, tries to get past them, and then falls. He expects everyone to be watching him when he's on the ball but it only gives the opposition time to get back and organize.
2. Modric's work rate is excellent, but Ancelotti made a tactical mistake by playing two central midfield playmakers with no defensive midfielder, especially since Villareal have Gio dos Santos in attacking midfield and he could easily be crushed by Casemiro or Khedira, had they started and been ordered to tackle him hard.
3. Nacho is sooooo not good for left-back. It's obvious. First problem: he's right-footed. Second problem: he can't support in attack. Third problem: he lacks the experience and speed to deal with deadly attacks. Sorry but Ancelotti is trying to make it seem as if he's a late bloomer, but really he's just as bad as Bartra.
4. Benzema needs to realize when he's not doing good. When you haven't been doing anything all game, it's time to change the way you play. That's what the best players do. He should at least swap positions with Bale and/or CR7 when he sees that he can't be effective.
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Racist49 minutes ago
Very good comment and analysis

Daniel Barton57 minutes ago
This is our first strong opponent so far in the league. With all due respect to the other teams we've faced, this was the first true test. And boy did we fail it miserably. We had seen glimpses of our failures from the previous games where we barely managed to win, but today we were exposed completely. Neither defense, midfield or attack is working. We dont have a strategy at all, the players are running around like headless chickens. Getting in each others way, sometimes leaving others to do the pressing, resulting in nobody doing it. Our defensive efforts are laughable, as evident by the fact that Cani could just jog straight through our midfield and fire a lethal shot which eventually led to their second goal.

With so many parts of our team failing it makes no sense to _only_ blame individual players. We have better players than Villareal, but what we dont have is better tactics. Or any tactics at all. Ancelotti has been promising offensive football for three months but we havent seen any of that. What we have seen however is a defensive meltdown.

Ofc, underperforming players is also key, but these are the players our coach wanted and selected to play..
Four games and counting, No plan still. Lets hope it changes soon.


Football / Re: 2013-14 La liga Thread.
« on: September 14, 2013, 03:57:05 PM »
World's biggest small side just came from behind to draw with the great RM 2-2 . All yuh have to see that game if you missed it. Now more folks will take us seriously / I just saw more than 20million euros on de bench watching the final minutes of the game ..I cant write anymore for now ...have to call my RM frieds and gloat now !!

Football / Re: 2012-13 La liga Thread.
« on: September 02, 2013, 07:35:50 PM »
Seems like Villarreal will get a bigger next game than planned as, with the international break, the game vs Madrid will be in two weeks rather than next week. We may very well  see the debut of the world's most expensive ever player Gareth Bale, vs Villarreal . Who would have thought it possible that the submarine would have been thrown in to the limelight so quickly after last season in the segunda division ?
Well it is a challenge and one which my team  cant complain about after all .......we are the world's biggest small side !

The European leagues are more balanced this season I tell you .. seems all have managed to introduce quality. the English are complaining though english stars on the horizon and the young english player is being forced to bench .... that statement though has ominous signs for players from T&T and elsewhere who fancy playing in england. Not a nice thought folks ...responsive action to the same sentiments  killed the west indies players in cricket ....we still have not recovered !
Oh and a note to the management ..... If you must rename the thread - this is the 2013 -2014 la liga thread ... we played the 2012-2013 last season.

Football / Re: 2012-13 La liga Thread.
« on: September 01, 2013, 04:42:05 PM »
crazy numbers in football today ....I am still trying to see the sense in paying so much for a player who will probably never feature in a world Cup and is injury prone. Bale is a good player ..fantastic even ...but at that price ?? more than twice the cost of Villarreal's entire team ?? Not for me sah ...
Well the madrid jefe has gambled again ..... beckham ...Ronaldo Bale ..will be be 3rd time lucky ??? only time will tell

Football / Re: 2012-13 La liga Thread.
« on: August 31, 2013, 07:10:31 PM »
Well look who is top of la Primera today !! yup...3 from 3 folks may last a day ...but it is so today . We will face Real madrid next week ...
the yellow submarine ....The world's biggest small side.

Football / Re: Reminiscing: Can Hart find players like Jughead?
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Jughead was de latapy of Diego ..... he was more of a dribbler than latas ...latapy would beat you and you would have realised that later ....when juggie beat yuh you would know right away ! these fellas played for the crowd ...Juggie was on the same youth team with Dwight ...some get breaks ..others do not .....  Leonson got a break ...Baba ( hutson Charles ) did not !
If hart is looking for talent he would find it is what he will do having found, it is my question .

I tweeted it and I will say it here. In many ways this is the WORST performance of a TNT team in decades, because it is coming after London 2012 when many stepped up.

There is no hunger there. None. Just reading some of these interviews and it's like well IF this and IF that and the other. Sickening.

Start leaving the 'established' ones home and put the young ones out to gain the experience if this is the way we are performing at the highest level.

Jehue aside, there isn't a SINGLE performance I can look at on the men's side and say that was acceptable, or a good effort. NOT ONE. If anything, Jehue's FIRE in this meet (not the win, the attitude) showed up everyone's else complete lack thereof.

Women's relay was unlucky to not make the final given the big guns missing but again, are we back on our laurels because we had one good damn year last year?

Enough is enough. The Carifta team is getting worse by the year for four years, now this. Who is to blame for this??

You hit it right on the head. TT is very capable of winning 4-6 medals.. I really dont know what it is. At times we appear to be on the rise.. Other times we appear to be on the decline.

After the 6th place in the 4x4 .. I had a feeling Jehue medal was going to be our only medal..
There is no doubt we could have won at least 4 or 5 medals..

If we were half as Jam or US, we would have 4 medals easily..

no doubt that we could have won 4 or  medals you say ?? like who ferinstance ? to be as consistent as Jamaica or US we would have won four medals ??

Just in case anyone missed the result of the national champs this year here is the result for the 400 metres men

This competition served to select the teams to represent us at the worlds.. Cedenio was first reserve according to the results I take it he must have been ill or injured to have been omitted by the coaching staff.

Hasely Crawford Stadium - Site License
    2013 T&T NAAA SAGICOR GENERAL/NGC SNR CHAMPS - 6/21/2013 to 6/23/2013   
                          Live Results @                         
                    HASELY CRAWFORD STADIUM P.O.S. T'DAD                     
Event 3  Men 400 Meter Dash
          NR: ! 44.21  3/8/1992    Ian Morris                               
                45.28  WCA                                                   
                45.60  WCB                                                   
                45.90  CAC                                                   
    Name              Year Team                    Finals        H# Points   
  1 Lendore, Deon       92 Abilene Wildcats         45.29 WCB     2  10     
  2 Solomon, Jarrin     86 Memphis Pioneers         45.34 WCB     2   8     
  3 Quow, Renny         87 Zenith                   45.65 CAC     2   6     
  4 Gordon, Lalonde     88 Tigers                   45.67 CAC     2   5     
  5 Cedenio, MACHEL     95 Simplex                  46.01         2   4     
  6 Roudette, Carlyle   91 Abilene Wildcats         46.67         2   3     
  7 James, Stephon      83 Guyana                   47.06         1   2     
  8 Richards, Jereem    94 Abilene Wildcats         47.25         2   1     

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