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Football / TTFA hiring Women & Men coaches & Hart is still owed.
« on: January 30, 2017, 01:06:29 PM »
The TTFA hiring Women coach (foreigner with top pay) and a full foreign staff (top pay) and Lawrence for the Men's team plus a full staff (foreigner - Sol plus more to come) and Stephen Hart is still owed for work he has already done in the past 6 months plus the remainder of his contract which ends in 2018.

FIFA made David John Williams head of the committee that will oversees coaches/players status so any grievance Hart will have to go through DJW. ....  :devil:

Not to mention players have not been paid for their last 4 games for T&T.

Football / The new TTFA adviser?
« on: January 29, 2016, 01:56:26 PM »
I heard that DJW run to Shabaaz for everything.

They both were in the meeting with FIFA Presidential candidate Gianni Infantino.

I heard that Jamal is quietly watching things unfold and he even laughs at DJW who seems lost without him as he is the go to man.

I heard that DJW playing smart on the downlow. Watch closely some people will walk away from the so called committees, because they have no say.

I am surprised the Ex-Co not saying anything and is allowing DJW to do whatever he pleases.

Football / Don't believe Sancho guys.
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:35:52 PM »
Sancho is playing games with the TTFA and Kevin Harrison knows this despite what he comes here and preach. The Ministry is doing everything in its power to kill football.

I am very surprised, cause its the same Sancho who fought for T&T football and betterment for years is now playing the spiting game.

And to make matters worst, Sheldon & Tim Kee simply do not have the capacity to run the football any further from this point and Sancho is exploiting this.

He has to be the worst minister of sports we have had, clearly he has plans to put one of his friends there and because of the TTFA inability to find help only making things worst.

Imagine clubs in T&T can get sponsors and no one wants to help the NATIONAL team and because of one man Tim Kee.

All of T&T, coaches, players (men and women) etc laying the blame squarely on Tim Kee and Sheldon shoulders. Three years on the job and not one single sponsor is the word.

They are heavily relying on the government who clearly wants to destroy football to make the TTFA look even more bad than they are.

The TTFA submitted everything the Ministry asked months ago, they came back and they resubmitted exactly as they asked and Sancho is talking in public to fool folks but not following up.

Imagine, Sancho club Central FC staying in camp in the Radisson and the TTFA cannot put players in a hotel. Its a mess here, a few players and coaches have had enough. Not even money to feed the players, so no hotel, they driving (no compensation) and now no food. Who paying them for the games?

Coaches still not paid from the Jamaica tournament and are constantly lied to while Sheldon and a few others getting paid.

If Sheldon and Tim Kee cannot show any plans forward and get any sponsors soon expect a boycott or a major decision by all probably after the Gold Cup.

Tim Kee can't get sponsors and keep saying is its the Ministry fault which is not good enough, its only so much players and coaches can take.

The guys don't know who they are playing, when, where etc.

Expect something to happen soon.

We have 4 players who wants to play for T&T badly but refuse to do so strictly because of the way things are being run. Big players, you will be surprised, but I can't call names.

Football / News from the motherland.
« on: May 16, 2014, 10:55:22 AM »
1. The 06 guys will be looking at the possibility of winding up TTFA in next few weeks.

2. Clubs who are in the Pro Bowl final on Friday 23rd May will not be releasing the requested players for Hart's camp. Main concern is the winner of W Connection vs Central.

3. Cyrus is being sent to Vietnam on Saturday 17th May and won't be available to Hart. This is a fantastically bad decision as he will miss the biggest stage of his career. Also, the possibility of being on show to the whole football world must be more sensible than disappearing into Vietnam? Not sure if Cyrus is too happy, but he's taking the advice of Williams and has called Stephen Hart to explain.

4. There are whispers that Central F.C. are putting together a pre season tour of Europe, including Fenwick's club in Belgium.

Football / News from the Motherland.
« on: November 05, 2013, 07:43:15 AM »
I've heard that Sheldon Phillips has had a brainwave of making the JA home game a testimonial for Carlos Edwards and Chris Birchall. It will be their last international. Problem is, he hasn't asked them if they want this. Also, does he realise that a testimonial means the players will get the gate (or a large cut of the gate?).

It's a great idea to honour the players but, again, I don't think he's thought it through. If people attend to pay homage to Carlos and MeMum, they will expect their entrance fee to go to them.

I don't think Sheldon is a crook, he seems like a very decent guy, but I think he has the wrong people around him who may even be setting him up. Also, he really wants TTFA to get praise, so much so that he's not willing to bring others on board to share the praise. But with a dodgy crew around him, he's gonna end up as the fall guy! I know his father have high praises for Tim Kee though but they will not bring in someone capable of outshinning them.

I also heard that Terrance Marcelle is on the verge of opening a Sport Store in San Fernando.

As for the League.

The Pro League have introduced a player of the month and coach of the month award. The coach award is sponsored by BlueWaters. Coach gets $500 plus a nice trophy. Not sure who sponsors the player award or how much they win.

They presented Sept and Oct yesterday at the Toyota launch. Not sure who got the September awards but Fenwick and Winchester got the October awards.

At the Toyota classic launch Central were one of four seeded clubs. They were drawn at home to Joe Public. But the game will be played at Marvin Lee Stadium, while, W Connection and Club Sando will play their home games at Ato Boldon. There will be other games at Marvin Lee where none of the teams will have an advantage or disadvantage.

I heard that Central have written a strong letter of complaint about how can a home team play at the away teams home stadium?

I heard that Dexter Skeene threw that complaint in the delete folder.

To me, it wouldn't matter if it was a grass field, but JP will clearly have a massive advantage by playing on the plastic pitch.

I believe, fair enough if they're the home team, but how can that be a home advantage to Central, a team I am a big supporter off.

Finally, it's not even in their region! So, again, no home advantage! Guaya play North East in Guaya. Point play at home in Point. W.Conn play at home in Ato, but Central play JP in Macoya??

Sometimes I feel Jack is still pulling the strings in football.

Football / I heard the Saudi trip is in jeopardy.
« on: August 27, 2013, 06:52:58 AM »
I heard the Saudi trip is in jeopardy as the airfares have not yet been provided by Anil and co. Everything else is covered by the Saudis.

Remember the political game that's going on:

Anil is Jack's boy.
Jack would want to see TTFA fail.
Kamla can't attack Anil as she can't afford for him to cross the floor.
Jack can attack PP govt for not supporting sport.
Jack can be the saviour of football once again if his party gets into power.

Food for thoughts guys.

Also, there is a rumour that Point Fortin have been given $150k by the Regional Corporation and Anil has promised them $300k. That will cover their entry fees to the pro league. I also heard that Anil will give them a subvention.

If this is the case, then teams like Central FC could sue or be eligible for the same.

The writing is on the wall guys, Jack Warner is still in control of T&T football.

Sadly, this man has to die for a bright light to shine on T&T football once again. He is trying to make life hard on everyone.

He is like Satan and Anil Roberts is the grim-reaper.

Unless the TTFA becomes more sustainable, they will always be in these sort of predicament.

As for the T&T league.

To be honest, Dexter Skeene may not be the best man for the job, but he is very isolated. David John Williams and Jamaal Shabazz bully him and Daryll Mahabir supports them. Ross Russell doesn't care either way. Williams and Shabazz won't work to promote the league, just themselves. That is the wrong approach. The League must prosper, then the clubs will get the ancillary benefits.

Unfortunately, their motto is All for one and f**k the others!!

Football / Dennis Lawrence Thread
« on: May 14, 2013, 04:06:32 AM »
Dennis Lawrence might be T&T coach soon.

Someone told me that Dennis Lawrence might be T&T coach soon. Possibly after the Gold Cup.

Whether he accepts or not, that's another question.

He turned down a chance to be T&T assistant once.

Hopefully, Sheldon Phillips can convince him.

I just heard this.

Football / I heard T&T gets new shirt deal?
« on: May 06, 2013, 05:37:52 AM »
I spoke to someone over the weekend and they told me we got a new shirt deal, I think Nike but not 100% sure.

Football / TTFF and their Conflict of Interest.
« on: March 12, 2013, 04:30:14 PM »
You have to understand the politics, money and power sharing between the clique here.

Alvin Corneal, Anton Corneal, Dexter Skeene, Ken Butcher, Jamaal Shabazz and Edgar Vidale who is Alvin Corneal's brother in law and Raymond Tim Kee. The plan is to keep others out. When Alvin Corneal was national coach he made Butcher his assistant and when Butcher was parliamentary secretary at the Ministry of Sports, during the NAR govt. he made Alvin Corneal his Sport Adviser.

Andre Baptiste has good intentions but he is best friend to Ken Butcher and Ken is Alvin's partner, he knows what is going on but his hands are tied. Tim Kee as stupid as he is, he is being controlled by the Corneal's because he played some football for Maple Club when Alvin Corneal was coach. He is presently an executive member of Alcons.

As it is Anton can do no wrong but if someone else who wasn't part of their clan was there as technical adviser then there would be checks and balances.

That is Conflict of Interest.

When I listen to the Tim Kee debate the other day on i95.5 I was disappointed by Tim Kee and I side with Gally for going in hard.

Tim Kee and Gally only spoke on the telephone never did they meet in person. He told Gally one thing on the phone and told the news something different. Tim Kee wanted to hire Gally to work for free as some director of coaches or,,, do the job on UTT's salary, either or.

Furthermore, Tim Kee and I spoke after T&T's qualifications for the Gold Cup and he criticize the national team's performance but said something different to the media even though we all saw the games. This is such a two face act.

The other day I saw him having a drink with Jack Warner and he was a bit tight, he told me that he refuse to do the interview for Flex because he did not like how Flex handle him. I asked him to explain, and he just shake his head and continue doing what he loves doing, scotch and coconut water.

Ever wonder how all of a sudden Anil Roberts flinging money on the TTFF, the very next day Watson left. Jack Warner is a wicked man. They may not catch him but hopefully his son will pay the ultimate price.

I can't say more because of personal reasons, but with this guy they call Tim Kee, he playing on both side of the fence and sooner than later he will fall flat on is face.

Football / Jack Warner sons arrested?
« on: January 11, 2013, 09:19:40 AM »
I heard this from a close friend yesterday that both Jack Warner sons was arrested for money laundering, tax invasion and fraud. The FBI got them.

They got arrested in the US and the bigger son (Daryan ?) is still in jail, the smaller one is out but they seized his passport.

A while now this happended but they trying to keerp things low.

I only heard this, ok guys.

More to come.

Football / Olympic players planning boycott.
« on: February 14, 2012, 07:09:34 AM »
They are very unhappy with the way the TTFF is treating them.

They are also unhappy with the pay they are getting which almost half of the amount is going towards food and transportation.

Under 23 players getting $200 TT dollars for a game while the TTFF members getting big dollars despite the cry they make in public to fool the public. Dont be fooled guys, the staff is not working for free and they get theres.

I will keep you guys updated on the matter, but some players is really vex.

Anil Roberts yesterday gave the assurance that neither the national Under-23 footballers nor other national teams will suffer from the fall out between the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) and former players.

This is the same speech given every year at these award functions. Just telling the audience what they want to hear and get a long round of applause. But in reality nothing is implemented.

The Minister of Sport, the TTFF and SPORTT is doing everything else but helping sport in this country and our leaders are not doing anything about it.

Imagine Cricket is not an Olympic Sport and fund is abundant but other sports which are under the Olympic umbrella the athletes have to fund themselves in competition to represent the country even though they bring home medals and glory.

Football / Sancho & Jeffrey quit NE Stars
« on: February 09, 2012, 05:07:44 PM »
I heard that Sancho & Jeffrey quit NE Stars.

And Dexter Skeene is playing hard ball with Michael Roopchandsingh, he is giving the kid a hard to register him with the league!

More to come.

Football / Lester Peltier Thread.
« on: December 08, 2011, 09:53:47 AM »
Lester Peltier being eyed by a few EPL teams including Chelsea.

Cameron Roget has joined St Ann's Rangers and Kendall Jagdeosingh might join North East Stars soon.

Football / This was written before the Bermuda loss.
« on: November 15, 2011, 09:43:48 AM »
Someone in the football circle asked me to post this.

This Article was written on October 4th 2010
Trinidad played Bermuda on 7th October 2010

There is no secret why the campaign really came to an end from the loss to Bermuda

Accessing  the selection of theT&T Squad for the Bermuda Game

It is indeed puzzling and difficult to understand the rational or criteria used to select the players for our World Cup qualifier against Bermuda on the 7th of October. While we have to appreciate there has been some injuries, some forced withdrawals, and a retirement, it is difficult to understand the thinking of the persons selecting the team.

The Goal Keepers.

They pick themselves based on their pedigree and experience but one has to ask when was the last competitive game that Jan Micheal Williams has played for club or country. That will be in March of this year. I guess that Akeni Adams who has been in the training squad for the National Team for quite some time and representing T&TEC may feel a little hard done by this. I guess being on a trial in Belgium counts for more than playing in the Pro League.

The Defenders

Most of them pick themselves based on the recent past as well as the results the team has had thus far in the campaign. The inclusion of Abu Baker and Telesford is interesting. We wait to see if they will be included in the final eleven and if they are where will they play. Akeem Adams has been overlooked for the past two games for left back position with the coach preferring to use Carlos Edwards there and Anthony Wolfe at right back (who is actually playing as a forward for his club).It will be interesting to see what will be the composition of the back four. Who will play at right back in the absence of Carlos Edwards and Anthony Wolfe?  Will we see experimenting again in this all-important away game as we have seen in the first two qualifying games?


Clyde Leon is an established starter for T&T for the past three years and is an accomplished player; however his only competitive game since March was the game against Barbados some four weeks ago.

Kendell Jagdeosingh last played a competitive game for his club (Rochester Rhinos) in the A league on August 26th in which he played 31 minutes. That was their last game of the season. Come October 7th if he is called upon to play it will be his first game in forty two days!!! This is definitely unacceptable in the modern international game.

Keon Daniel has established himself as a national player. He has however found himself unable to play any competitive games because of visa problems with his team Philadelphia Union. If he is used against Bermuda it will be his first competitive game in thirty days!!  This is hardly ideal preparation for an international game, more so a World Cup Qualifier.

Kevin Molino is a quality young player that has represented T&T in the Digicel Cup. His last competitive game however was on September 3rd in the A League final. Should see action in the game on October 7th he will be seeing his first competitive game situation in thirty three days!! This is not acceptable now in 2011. We are not in 1962, as Tony Lee (I 95) will say.


Devron Jorsling has done well for Trinidad and Tobago in the games he has played, but his last game for the Red white and black was just under a year ago. That is a long time being away from the international game. We may well argue that in the absence of Jones and Roberts he should be the automatic replacement, however he has seen very little playing time for his team Orlando City during the last month of their season which ended on September 3rd.  In the final game on that day, he played just the last seven minutes of extra time. This is less than ideal for a striker, preparing to represent his country in a World Cup Qualifier away from home. Playing just seven minutes of competitive football in the last thirty odd days and possibly being asked to carry our attack maybe asking a bit too much of the player. This may as well not be doing justice to the player’s professional career if he does not perform to expectations in the game.  Added to this Stern John at 34 has not set the world on fire in the TT Pro League thus far and his mobility and energy level leaves much to be desire. His performances against India and Bermuda (at home) did not suggest anything different.

Notwithstanding all that has been said , all the players mentioned whose selection is being questioned (except for Stern John) are all deserving of a spot on the National Senior team had they been playing regularly and recently for their clubs.

So what is the reason for inviting Jerrol Britto and Winchester to National Training sessions?  They are playing every week for their club yet other players mentioned before are being selected ahead of them. Jerrol Britto is averaging a goal a game in the Pro League thus far. Shahdon Winchester is not far behind in performances this season and has been in the National Senior set up for the past 18 months. He has two senior caps for T&T. His international experience at senior level is not limited to this, since he has represented his club in the Concacaf Champions League. What has become of Andre Toussaint who I assume (in the coaches’ opinion) was good enough to play against India (albeit 12 mins) and to be in the 20 man squad that travelled to Barbados for the last game?  Added to this he was selected ahead of Hector who in the opinion of many was by far the best player on the pitch for T&T against India and played the full 90 minutes. Yet Hector was not even good enough in the eyes of the National coaches to be selected in the final 18 for the games against Bermuda and Barbados, A case can also be made out for Jamal Gay who seems to be at the top of his game at present for Caledonia AIA and scoring regularly as well. Gay has been part of the National Senior set up a well for the Digicel Cup.

It is all indeed puzzling but we hope for the best and for a positive result against Bermuda

So what happened- We Lost 2-1 against Bermuda.

Football / Updates from the Homeland.
« on: September 30, 2011, 06:22:44 PM »
All these are just questions......  :devil:

Tony James and Horace Burrell is Jack Warner very close friends and they are leading the race to represent CFU.

Rumour has it that Keith Look Loy was fired by the TTFF and has been replaced by the man of many trades Anton Corneal as TTFF Advisor.

Simpauls travel was the ones responsible for the foreign players tickets that came for the last 2 qualifiers.

The Concacaf and FIFA offices are about to close down in T&T, whats going to happen to the Center of Excellence as it was built with FIFA money that FIFA pay's a heafty rent to maintain as well.

Sportt (Errol Ashley) was a good firing, now things might be looking up.

Government money has not been release as yet to the TTFF, Anil Roberts is still awaiting paper work from the TTFF.

Jack Warner is still very much involved in T&T and regional football.

Football / Lincoln Phillips released ?
« on: May 11, 2011, 06:27:01 AM »
I just spoke with Keith Look Loy this morning and he said in a laughing manner that Lincoln Phillips is not the TD anymore and Anton confirmed it.

Football / News From the Motherland.
« on: December 02, 2010, 10:44:45 AM »
Just a little news, nothing much....

Latapy Carries girlfriends to Martinique, players and staff ramp up €15,000 hotel bill. Disgruntled Players not paid for 10 games and disappointed at Latapy approach.

Watch this space.

Football / FA deny £400k World Cup bonus plans.
« on: October 10, 2009, 05:19:05 AM »
FA deny £400k World Cup bonus plans.
By Soccernet staff.

The Football Association have denied reports that they are negotiating a deal which would earn England players a World Cup bonus of £400,000 each if the Three Lions triumph in South Africa next year.

Saturday's newspapers suggested the FA are earmarking £5.5 million to be split between the 23-man squad should England win the World Cup for the first time since 1966.

That would see each member collect a tidy sum, although in some cases it is not even a month's wages for their clubs.

It could also be argued the FA would gain far more through increased exposure and the sponsorship that would follow from having the world's number one team.

However, it seems the speculation is premature, with the FA claiming discussions have yet to take place over the bonus structure.

"We are surprised by today's stories, as the fact is that to date there have not been any meetings, discussions or indication given regarding any payments of World Cup bonuses," said FA director of communications Adrian Bevington.

The reason why I am posting this is, our 2006 WC players have a court date with the TTFF on October 16th.

Hello everyone. Just a little news.

Dexter Skeene, Larry Romany and Julia Baptiste should resign, the T&T pro League is heading down, slowly but surely, a very sad case. Watch this space.

As for Anton Corneal, well it seems a lot of T&T players is having a big problem with the way things are being handled (very un-professional). Expect something to happen soon if this continues. Also, players are being dropped and given no reason or insufficient reasons (not just Ince but Ancil, Guerra, Akile, Carter and Marvin Phillip too, among others). Anton Corneal is the man pulling the strings despite what he has been preaching in public. Maturana is a poppet and will end up the scape goat, if I was him I would resign, fellas, the camp has been down and players will not gel as a team if things dont change. Anton Corneal is our biggest problem right now. Imagine a dummy coaching our foreign players who are accustom being coached by top coaches in Europe. Corneal wants strictly local players who he can control.

David Mohammed is another case. Seems Jack Warner always hire some clown who he can dictate.

Spoke to Dwight the other day, more than likely he will be back and he seems very committed. He told me he got a one year extension at Sunderland (un-official)...

Strange, so far in our WCQ games our foreign players came through for us, I am not saying they are a must but they should be given a fair chance.

Not one of the TTFF members even call Kevaughn Connell to find out if he's ok....

Spoke to Gary Hunt this afternoon, he is willing to help T&T ($$) and told me he will inquire about the missing Warriors (not demand, just inquire), he hinted that he will ask Warner to call them back even if its for tryout. Not sure how that meeting went, but I will get updates soon.

Football / Kelvin Jack & Brent Sancho.
« on: January 10, 2008, 05:50:25 PM »
According to my close source, the blacklist is officially not over. I cannot say much about players involved but when I say Kelvin Jack and Brent Sancho may never play for T&T again, I stand correct hoping that I am wrong. Remember, I said may never as there is still a chance, all is not over until the fat lady sings.

Gillingham did not offer a buy out despite what they reported in the press a couple days ago as I am sure Jack might had took it. Furthermore, they (Manager/Chairman) are said to be working hand in hand with the TTFF in trying to make life miserable for both players. I cannot say much more because I do not want to make things worst for anyone.

The bonus money is a percentage of problems that kept them out. The real problem is FPATT. 16 players and now 2 targeted because the rest not strong enough to withstand the pressure. 2 started it and took the fall, the others still support but it seems they getting weaker as time goes by ? with the exception of Shaka Hislop. FPATT is very important to the future of T&T football once they maintain honesty even when Jack and Sancho is long gone. Why are the TTFF against this, God alone knows.

Chris Birchall is another case. Soon to be told.

I also saw Guerra training with the national team today and I was very pleased, he is a natural talent, glad he showed up, we lost Jemmott for a bit (and I hope he comes back with a bang, he's trying hard, Sweden division 2 club trials for him and then back to Florida before heading to Europe again, good luck to him, his passing ability is impeccable) we cannot afford to lose possibly another great or even greater talent since Latapy and maybe Jemmott.

One of Jack Warner's men is stabbing him in his back and he dont even know. He to will be surprised at who it is when or if the mark eventually buss.

There is alot to be told, but in due time.

Football / News from the Motherland.
« on: January 09, 2008, 11:02:29 AM »
Seeing that these names have been floating around the forum a while now according to my source, Kelvin Jack and Brent Sancho may never suit up for T&T again unless they change their attitudes. In other words they get/getting to bright. My source also pointed out to me even their clubs dont what much to do with them. They are very controversial to some point and always causing up a stir, again, this is what my source revealed, I know both personally and are very nice peeps however, I do not know them on a professional level. The TTFF is also not to happy with FPATT and that could be another reason, only now things looking a bit better but you never know what they really think.

As for Guerra, I had a chat with him when he returned from the UK, a very talented player indeed but his head is not right, was home sick for most part and had it not been for Peltier and Hyland, Guerra would have never even went on the trial, he couldn't get his act together, a girl thing may be. He still hangs around with trouble makers and was dropped by Fenwick a few times last season because of no shows. He may not be a bad case as Jemmott was but he is certainly taking the same path. I believe he needs to be drop from T&T and possibly Jabloteh (temporarily) and let his family put some blows on him for him to come to his senses. He should also move from the area he currently lives in. He is not getting any younger and cannot keep blaming everyone else for his mishap. You have to be a man someday, it have youths in other parts of the world younger than Guerra who would have taken any opportunity and make the best of it. I will see him on Friday, we are meeting up at Trotters, so I will asked him what happen to his latest no show. Its not to late for him to turn his life around.

I spoke to Wim 4 days after he was suspended and he was piss and told me that we will hear from him soon. He did get into a scruff-el with Lincoln which was his last straw, but if you ask me it seems the TTFF wanted to get rid of him a while now and wanted the perfect excuse. I do not think it will stand up in court as the TTFF have documented everything, from his David Nakhid episode to Lincoln. I told Wim when he was coach to insist more games he told me dont worry he knows what he doing, he had a "big boy" way about him no one liked. Maybe it was a language barrier thing because he seems ok at times. He did have the locals playing very well, but it seems he lack the passion and intelligence to take T&T higher. I could be wrong.

Just for argument sake, the TTFF (Wim) did call Robbie Findley but he never return the call.

Anton Corneal is no lover of foreign born players (Birchall, Boucaud) two great additions if you ask me. I hope he makes me eat my words. Anthony Noreiga, Carlos Edwards, Osei Telesford and Silvio Spann, why call injured players or players who havn't played for the longest. We have other players who could have taken their place and cost cheaper at that too.

Leslie Fitzpatrick who I feel cannot make any T&T side, is on trial with some lower division team in Holland.

Collin Samuel is still in Scotland, spending time with his wife.

Jerrel Britto looks sure to get a contract with Portsmouth. His age will benefit him as he may not need much because he will not he signing as a full professional player.

W Connection left for Brazil for pre-season.

If you ask me the players did not look to brisk in training. But Anton had them do light work, still some of them looked like a good perge might help.

Believe me when I say that Michael McComie is a clown.... Anton Corneal is 100 times better.
St Joseph,
Trinidad W.I.

Football / Rumor has it Jones being targeted by Sheffield Wednesday.
« on: June 15, 2007, 07:46:30 AM »
Kenwyn Jones, good luck.

Football / News From The Motherland (May-2007).
« on: May 26, 2007, 06:44:06 PM »
Hello guys, cant stay long, just dropping by to say what’s up. Flex you are larger than large. Big up.

Saw the team at the Crowne Plaza and I also took in some of the training the other day. #19 (K.Daniel), #2 (Aguillera), #8 (Baptiste), #5 (K.Thomas), #7 (Theobald), #11 (Toussaint) #15 (Pacheco), #10 (Jemmott), #16 (Spann), #2 (Jack) and #12 Glasgow all showed some sort of quality in them. #20 (Noreiga) have some ability as well, but seems a bit lazy, when up to the task though, he did allright. Errol Mc Farlane is playing some solid football at the moment. Daurance Williams and Marvin Phillip is also looking pretty solid but after two man of the match performances from Jan Michael Williams in the Pro Bowl I predict he will remain #1. But the competition is good for the keepers, all very close. The T&T players was also at the Pro Bowl Finals yesterday at the Mannie Ramjohn or at least I saw a few of them there taking on the games.

Thomas (Keyeno) I think is not fully fit. He still need some speed though.

Osei Telesford is out for sure (injury).

I saw Fabien Lewis played for the first time while he was in T&T over the christmas break when the foreign based played the locals, he look pretty decent in his aggression, maybe Wim should have a look at him seeing that Telesford is out. We need to break some defenders out, a place where we lack.

Kerwyn Jemmott didn't look to good for Superstar Rangers yesterday I predict Keon Daniel may steal his place on the T&T team if he don't step up consistently. Leslie Fitzpatrick was a second half sub but didn't do much. W Connection won on pens (4-3) after a 2-2 draw. My good friend Elijah Joseph who's father just past away was present but he miss his penalty good thing W Connection still won or else he would have felt worst. Connection took home $100,000.00 prize money.

I predict this team will do decent in the gold cup and should be well supported, I also believe a new star will be born. I pick Keon Daniel, Toussaint or Spann, maybe Pacheco too.

Still taught Stephan David should have been given another chance. Should Theobald get injured we may need a serious ball winner to replace him.

I told Rijsbergen about our 3 MLS prspects (Findley, Elcock & Patterson) he didn't seemed to keen on them but I heard its the TTFF who is keeping back the process. I guess they are waiting for them to represent the USA first then make an approach.

I will tell him that we still have 3 players who should not be forgotten like Ricky Shakes, Josh Johnson and most of all Andre Boucaud who is a good player who deserve to be playing in a higher league. I will also let him know we still have Bartholomew, Mohammed, Shastri Spencer, Calderon and Downing who we can add to the Olympic Team and maybe some US based as well, the games is around the corner (August).

Wim looks very disappointed at the moment. The u-turn by Scotland, Edwards, Ince and Lawrence really hit the nail on the coffin.

Marvin Oliver and Arnold Dwarika is in ripping form right now. Especially Marvin, not sure why he wasn't even given a trial. Them Wolfe brothers not ready. They once looked good, but fell off a bit.

I saw Kieon Wilson (Police), Kevon Carter (Defence Force) and Sylvester Teesdale, Abiola Clarence and Kelvin Hernandez of (Petrotrin) play a few times this season and they look good too. Kwame Wiltshire has been relegated to Joe Public reserve team. I believe he needs to work on his attitude.

Darryl Roberts, a big player or soon to be.

Lincoln Phillips is doing a hell of a job here in T&T and should be given his full time job back as Technical Director. Or some development part to do with T&T. He does need to be more aggressive in his work, but I guess that will come once he has 100% support to do as he please.

Glenroy Samuel, Khaleem Hyland, Atullah Guerra, Lester Peltier, Leston Paul, Ryan O'Neil and Stephen Knox will have very bright futures. Kevin Molino have some deaf touches, nice small player, need some meat on his bones though. We have a lot of stars coming up I just hope they are groomed the right way, but at least we are producing many good players. A good sign. These players can become high level ballers like Yorke and Latapy.

Anton did a good job with the under 17 team, still believe he needs good coaches around him if we are to do well in Korea,,, ie: Deinsen and Rijsbergen they helped and Wim arrival in Jamaica did help a lot as he isn't a bad coach.

I am on my way to meet with the blacklisted players and I will try and update you. As far as I know they will not be on the T&T team as no one wants to back down really. Oliver Champs is calling a bluff and Sancho is bluffing on top of bluff. They need to get serious and actually go there personally and speak with the TTFF, walk with the letter they requested and sit down like big men and talk, the longer they wait the worst it is,,,, even though Camps seems like he don't really care to mend things up as Sancho is still trying. Oliver Camps is being diplomatic. I spoke to Jack Warner the other day and it seems he scare them for a long time unless some miracle happen's. Do not expect to see T&T back to full strength soon IF we do not get any news by Tuesday then we are basically looking at our 2010 world cup team (I hope I'm wrong). I will know more today and I will let you guys know. But sad indeed. Young players such as Birchall, Jones, Samuel, Glen and Edwards are really some classy players we will lose out on and to some entent Sancho, Lawrence, Gray, Avery, Stern and Jack.

I just spoke to SPL newcomers (Gretna) Director of club development Mick Wadsworth and he is currently scouting some T&T players to join his team. He said he is heading to South America next.

Some players will be heading for trials in Europe soon from W Connection and San Juan Jabloteh I will keep you guys posted.

Finally, where is Socapro and Sam.... wow, you guys are the ultimate especially Sam. Is RF still running up his mouth Sam..  :angel:

Insider Over & Out.
St Joseph/Couva, Trinidad, WI.

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