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Football / Rumor has it Jones being targeted by Sheffield Wednesday.
« on: June 15, 2007, 07:46:30 AM »
Kenwyn Jones, good luck.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T v Honduras game.
« on: June 01, 2007, 04:44:10 AM »
T&T arrived on American Airlines 5pm in Honduras yesterday.

They cleared immigration 6:20pm

Reach the hotel (Intercontinental) 6:45

Hit the pool 8pm

Breakfast at 9am today

Then take a rest

After they will analyze some videos.

3pm, training starts. Close door.

Football / News From The Motherland (May-2007).
« on: May 26, 2007, 06:44:06 PM »
Hello guys, cant stay long, just dropping by to say what’s up. Flex you are larger than large. Big up.

Saw the team at the Crowne Plaza and I also took in some of the training the other day. #19 (K.Daniel), #2 (Aguillera), #8 (Baptiste), #5 (K.Thomas), #7 (Theobald), #11 (Toussaint) #15 (Pacheco), #10 (Jemmott), #16 (Spann), #2 (Jack) and #12 Glasgow all showed some sort of quality in them. #20 (Noreiga) have some ability as well, but seems a bit lazy, when up to the task though, he did allright. Errol Mc Farlane is playing some solid football at the moment. Daurance Williams and Marvin Phillip is also looking pretty solid but after two man of the match performances from Jan Michael Williams in the Pro Bowl I predict he will remain #1. But the competition is good for the keepers, all very close. The T&T players was also at the Pro Bowl Finals yesterday at the Mannie Ramjohn or at least I saw a few of them there taking on the games.

Thomas (Keyeno) I think is not fully fit. He still need some speed though.

Osei Telesford is out for sure (injury).

I saw Fabien Lewis played for the first time while he was in T&T over the christmas break when the foreign based played the locals, he look pretty decent in his aggression, maybe Wim should have a look at him seeing that Telesford is out. We need to break some defenders out, a place where we lack.

Kerwyn Jemmott didn't look to good for Superstar Rangers yesterday I predict Keon Daniel may steal his place on the T&T team if he don't step up consistently. Leslie Fitzpatrick was a second half sub but didn't do much. W Connection won on pens (4-3) after a 2-2 draw. My good friend Elijah Joseph who's father just past away was present but he miss his penalty good thing W Connection still won or else he would have felt worst. Connection took home $100,000.00 prize money.

I predict this team will do decent in the gold cup and should be well supported, I also believe a new star will be born. I pick Keon Daniel, Toussaint or Spann, maybe Pacheco too.

Still taught Stephan David should have been given another chance. Should Theobald get injured we may need a serious ball winner to replace him.

I told Rijsbergen about our 3 MLS prspects (Findley, Elcock & Patterson) he didn't seemed to keen on them but I heard its the TTFF who is keeping back the process. I guess they are waiting for them to represent the USA first then make an approach.

I will tell him that we still have 3 players who should not be forgotten like Ricky Shakes, Josh Johnson and most of all Andre Boucaud who is a good player who deserve to be playing in a higher league. I will also let him know we still have Bartholomew, Mohammed, Shastri Spencer, Calderon and Downing who we can add to the Olympic Team and maybe some US based as well, the games is around the corner (August).

Wim looks very disappointed at the moment. The u-turn by Scotland, Edwards, Ince and Lawrence really hit the nail on the coffin.

Marvin Oliver and Arnold Dwarika is in ripping form right now. Especially Marvin, not sure why he wasn't even given a trial. Them Wolfe brothers not ready. They once looked good, but fell off a bit.

I saw Kieon Wilson (Police), Kevon Carter (Defence Force) and Sylvester Teesdale, Abiola Clarence and Kelvin Hernandez of (Petrotrin) play a few times this season and they look good too. Kwame Wiltshire has been relegated to Joe Public reserve team. I believe he needs to work on his attitude.

Darryl Roberts, a big player or soon to be.

Lincoln Phillips is doing a hell of a job here in T&T and should be given his full time job back as Technical Director. Or some development part to do with T&T. He does need to be more aggressive in his work, but I guess that will come once he has 100% support to do as he please.

Glenroy Samuel, Khaleem Hyland, Atullah Guerra, Lester Peltier, Leston Paul, Ryan O'Neil and Stephen Knox will have very bright futures. Kevin Molino have some deaf touches, nice small player, need some meat on his bones though. We have a lot of stars coming up I just hope they are groomed the right way, but at least we are producing many good players. A good sign. These players can become high level ballers like Yorke and Latapy.

Anton did a good job with the under 17 team, still believe he needs good coaches around him if we are to do well in Korea,,, ie: Deinsen and Rijsbergen they helped and Wim arrival in Jamaica did help a lot as he isn't a bad coach.

I am on my way to meet with the blacklisted players and I will try and update you. As far as I know they will not be on the T&T team as no one wants to back down really. Oliver Champs is calling a bluff and Sancho is bluffing on top of bluff. They need to get serious and actually go there personally and speak with the TTFF, walk with the letter they requested and sit down like big men and talk, the longer they wait the worst it is,,,, even though Camps seems like he don't really care to mend things up as Sancho is still trying. Oliver Camps is being diplomatic. I spoke to Jack Warner the other day and it seems he scare them for a long time unless some miracle happen's. Do not expect to see T&T back to full strength soon IF we do not get any news by Tuesday then we are basically looking at our 2010 world cup team (I hope I'm wrong). I will know more today and I will let you guys know. But sad indeed. Young players such as Birchall, Jones, Samuel, Glen and Edwards are really some classy players we will lose out on and to some entent Sancho, Lawrence, Gray, Avery, Stern and Jack.

I just spoke to SPL newcomers (Gretna) Director of club development Mick Wadsworth and he is currently scouting some T&T players to join his team. He said he is heading to South America next.

Some players will be heading for trials in Europe soon from W Connection and San Juan Jabloteh I will keep you guys posted.

Finally, where is Socapro and Sam.... wow, you guys are the ultimate especially Sam. Is RF still running up his mouth Sam..  :angel:

Insider Over & Out.
St Joseph/Couva, Trinidad, WI.

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