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Football / Re: The new TTFA adviser?
« on: February 18, 2016, 08:52:09 AM »
Jamal Shabazz and Sam Phillips are the advisers calling the shots in T&T Football.

Nobody else consulted on any issues and some committee members are pissed.

David John Williams is a complete dictator and he owes a lot of people money.

This guy is turning out to be a real Jackass Warner.

The man will do anything to get his players on the national team.

He loves football, but he wants to rule everything and no one can question him or correct him.

I can only say, I heard, not calling names anymore because they are saying that I lie, DJW will fall, even if its a few years from now, he will fall, and I hope hard, his own best friends (the one he feel is on his side) is bussing him up.

Like someone pointed out one the forum somewhere, he's probably benefiting in some way, maybe you can expect to see some W Connection players trial in Europe soon?

DJW better be careful, because some of his own staff and people he trust in is cutting him up behind his back and then denying it in his face.

I ain't calling names no more because I tried to give him a heads up and my post was removed.

Some people have to burn to learn.

DJW should not get into politics in the open because if Infantino losses it could mean bad business for us.

Football / The new TTFA adviser?
« on: January 29, 2016, 01:56:26 PM »
I heard that DJW run to Shabaaz for everything.

They both were in the meeting with FIFA Presidential candidate Gianni Infantino.

I heard that Jamal is quietly watching things unfold and he even laughs at DJW who seems lost without him as he is the go to man.

I heard that DJW playing smart on the downlow. Watch closely some people will walk away from the so called committees, because they have no say.

I am surprised the Ex-Co not saying anything and is allowing DJW to do whatever he pleases.

Football / Re: Clown Williams cancel the Costa Rica tour for the ladies.
« on: January 28, 2016, 05:30:40 AM »
Spoke to Ricarda and Skeene yesterday, they said DJW is upset with Maylee for speaking to Lasana about the situation and has given her one last chance.

Maylee is a leader and should not back down because people say so, she needs to stand up for the right thing.

Sam, have a valid point, we knew about this tournament a while now.

More to come.

Football / Re: Daneil Cyrus thread
« on: January 28, 2016, 05:28:27 AM »
Heard that Daneil Cyrus and Jomal Williams will head to Minnesota United FC on trials soon.

Football / Re: Marvin Oliver Thread
« on: January 27, 2016, 09:23:11 AM »
From what I heard is that Marvin Oliver can be disruptive in the dressing room at times.

Ross Russell was undermined by Marvin Oliver and three or four other players who think they are big stars at the club.

They told me that at a team meeting before Ross Russell left, players were complaining about no discipline. One complaint was players missing training and then walking straight back onto the team while others that trained hard had to sit in the stands.

When Ross left, Dale Saunders, backed by Brent Sancho and Stern John, had a new high intensity type of play based on the Bayern Munich style. The idea is to close down the opposition in their own half and force errors. This gives you lots more possession and frustrates the opposition. It needs a high level of fitness and they were having double sessions of 90 minutes without water breaks (just drinking from bottles during breaks in play).

One of the coaches told me that Marvin is still a great player but he just don't have the legs for their new system.

But in certain games, Marvin would play the whole 90 minutes because they felt some teams would give him the time and space he needs.

Sundays game vs Connection was very high tempo. Marvin was not selected.

But Marvin thinks he should play in every game and he totes his feelings.

He said, look at Kerry Baptiste who probably played less than 30 minutes between August and December and he never complained once. They even told him they would not be renewing his contract and he actually thanked them for the chance to be with the club. He was out of contract, but he continued to train with with them. When Central camped on Saturday, they let Kerry train also even though he doesn't have a contract.

I heard Marvin was upset about not playing on Sunday. He talked to Dale Saunders and Kevin Jeffrey after the game and asked if he was still in the clubs plans. I heard he said he didn't want to sit in the stands and would rather leave if he can't get regular football and they said ok, if that's what you want.

It seems Saunders had a meeting with Sancho and Harrison about Marvin cause his contract was until May. They had to decide to try to keep him or let him go. I think that if he is frustrated about not playing it didn't make sense to keep him when he didn't want to be here. He would get games, but not as many as he would want and they were thinking he may disrupt the dressing room if they forced him to stay.

Jeffrey gave him a letter at training. But it wasn't firing him it was saying they would let him go.

He was upset and wanted to talk to Sancho but they don't like doing that on the training ground.

I think probably Marvin didn't really want to leave and he should have waited for a meeting with them but he must have sent the letter to Lasana.

They told me that was crazy cause he said lots of things that will upset all the staff and his former teammates.

Football / Re: Clown Williams cancel the Costa Rica tour for the ladies.
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:48:41 AM »
I heard the players are really upset and Hood as well as he does not even have a full team in training and do not know whats going on. I approach him this morning and he was sour but looked scared to talk.

Jamal Shabaaz told me Ricarda Nelson is really upset and was told to not speak with the press, but she is trying to keep this positive and not alarm the TTFA to much, she looks clueless.

I asked about the Houston camp and Shabaaz said this may not happen.

As the report stated, its VISA, apparently, the TTFA told the Costa Rican FA is was VISA but they later found out differently as T&T do not need VISAS to get into Costa Rica via Panama. They are pissed of as well, because they turned down few potential games to accommodate T&T. They may go to FIFA??

This is even worse that under Tim Kee management.

Had Waldrum been here, he would have housed the team and take better care of them for minimum and they would have been in camp for a longer period and together, at least DJW could have keep him until after the tournament.

I saw Dexter Skeene also and he is just shaking his head while Jinelle James said no comments but looked very distress but laughed it out.

News on the men's team will come out soon as apparently, they have not gotten all of their money owed to them.

DJW is playing games and doesn't seem to care much, him and his staff does not speak to press and is always in meetings.

Interesting times ahead under David.

This has gone from 100 to zero in a space of 2 weeks since he won election.

Football / Re: Marvin Oliver eyes coaching role.
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:38:41 AM »
Central FC fired Marvin Oliver this morning.

I spoke to Jamaal a few days ago and he told me the players is still owed money from a game or two and DJW wants him to work for cheap.

More news to come.

Football / Re: Ah hear DJW hire Mohammed Issa & Jamaal Shabazz.
« on: January 12, 2016, 02:48:22 PM »
I know for sure that Randy Wardrum won't be coaching T&T anymore.

Jamaal probably had a say in this.

Football / Re: Ah hear DJW hire Mohammed Issa & Jamaal Shabazz.
« on: January 11, 2016, 05:10:33 PM »
I am also hearing something familiar.

There is also a "jobs for votes" scandal waiting to be reported on at the TTFA. Azad Khan controlled a couple delegates and Jamaal Shabazz was another power broker who may have delivered votes in exchange for likely employment or contracts.

Watch very closely at the coaches hired for the youth teams and other folks who are brought into the fold and ask what is their connection to TTFA voting delegates.

Notice how things have gone quiet with the women's team and Sharon O Brien? Not a coincidence as she controlled the two delegates from the women's football association.

All the talk from DJW about marketing the team through TV deals etc and nothing has materialized.

DJW has warned his vice presidents to not talk to any press.

The fact that Lasana has been silent on this and other missteps of the new administration shows clear bias on his part. The latest news circulating is that Shabazz is being tapped for TD and Walkes will be let go and Randy Waldrum was told that if he coaches the team in the tournament next month, the FA won't guarantee they will bring him back but they intend to bring back Marlon Charles?

So a new form of cronyism is emerging and not a peep from the self appointed TTFA watchdog.

Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: December 13, 2015, 05:28:04 AM »
Finger pointing start but some people pointing at the wrong person. Lasana have some sort of personal agenda against Phillips and it is clouding his objectivity.

The contract Phillips has was always a four year contract. Why would the man move from US for a two year contract? So there was no “extension”.

Also, I know the TTFA hasn’t paid any monthly rent for $22,000. His rent was lower, more like 15,000. The TTFA owes him  $243,000.

What Sheldon did was get the rent free offices at the stadium because at the time the TTFA was paying over $40,000 rent in their Ana Street office.

He found games for the teams. It was up to Tim Kee to make sure the players stipends and fees were paid by the ministry or a sponsor.

The real culprit here is Tim Kee. The only time players got money was when Phillips worked with Gary Griffith to get cabinet notes for the $10 million for the Men arrears and Gold Cup and $50,000 bonus for the women.

Tim Kee did nothing to get money for the players and I also hear that when asked to call on his contacts to help the players, it was like pulling teeth.

Fair is fair. Lots to be angry about but the person who was actually getting things done shouldn’t be the one to blame for the latest issues. Lasana has to be better and more professional.

Dwane will sign for St Anns Rangers in January.

Football / Re: TTFA launches official website.
« on: November 04, 2015, 07:30:44 AM »
I heard it cost them roughly $12,000-$15,000 US dollars and still isn't completed because Kareem needs another $5,000 plus the cost to maintain it.

They paid this much for a THEME.

The website has nothing except some graphics, photos and a letter about the TTFA.

They have a website and no writers.

Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:54:23 AM »
Ramesh Ramdhan gets my vote.
My thoughts exactly. But what's his platform though? Maybe we can get an interview with him to hear what he's all about just like what Flex did with DJW. At least with his referee background (at the highest level) he should be a fair and ethical man who will do what's in the best interest of T&T football....at least that's what we hope.

Fenwick is acting as campaign manager for Ramesh Ramdhan.

Permanent Secretary in Sport is Joan Mendez. Macintyre were moved to Permanent Secretary in education.

Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: October 22, 2015, 06:47:01 AM »
Ramesh Ramdhan gets my vote.

Tim Kee and John Williams are to self centered and stubborn to lead the FA.

I pray to God that David John Williams do not win.

At first I was very happy to hear about him wanting to run but now I have a change of heart which I cannot reveal why.

All I can say is, he does not like Hart and pretends he do, he have his motive, a deep one.

As for Sheldon, he is reliable but very soft, for years he have defended Tim Kee now he turned around and stab him right in the back.

Sheldon, was warned a while ago about the T&T press including the official press officer.

Tim Kee wanted to fire Sheldon since the hiring of Darren Mullien and the Argentina fiasco but did not get the chance to, the Guardian article by Alibey was the perfect opportunity to get him and Tim Kee took the chance.

Tim Kee told me once that Sheldon is a decent guy but makes poor decissions which made the TTFA look bad on many occasions. The Training Centre was another big embrassment that just never happened after all the hype.

Tim Kee said Sheldon was making folks feel he was doing everything at the TTFA.

David Muhammad was also make it worst for Sheldon and Watson could say all he wants but he too did not like Sheldon.

There were to many false promises and it had to be stopped.

In other words I guess, he said he was a talker??

This is what I have heard.

Football / Re: Levi Garcia Thread
« on: September 30, 2015, 03:42:45 PM »
Saw Levi last week for Marabella Family CC, the player look very mature, he scored a double in that game and looked superior. He is the reason why Marabella Family is doing so well this season.

Definitely worth a call for for the home game vs Nicaragua and the away one vs Panama.

Football / Re: Tim Kee: Hart to stay for a long time.
« on: September 27, 2015, 05:07:23 AM »
I heard that Chicago Fire is eying Stephan Hart to be their head coach.

Hart refuse to sign a contract with T&T until certain criteria is met as the TTFA cannot make any guarantees and he is fed up of poor administration work and false promises.

Football / Re: Interesting discussion on accountability & TTFF
« on: September 24, 2015, 03:00:38 PM »
This message started since 2005 and 10 years later we are in the same position, if not worst.

We even have some of the same folks working within the TTFA like we did back then, it shows that the same staff equals the same results.

I spoke to some of the ladies warriors yesterday and they keep telling me, they need to put their feet down, the TTFA is not taking them serious and Sheldon Phillips keep making false promises.

The TTFA is awaiting a big pay day from the PNM government, all their focus is on that and nothing else. They have no plans or ideas on how to be self efficient.

We have a big game to plan for in November and the locals here don't even know it, no advertisement, nothing and they the TTFA will expect a full stadium and when they get disappointed they say the fans not supportive.

Football / Re: 2015/16 Concacaf Champions League Thread.
« on: September 24, 2015, 02:54:46 PM »
still insufficient crowd, no rhythm section, mote noise by the straggling visitors than the locals.

That is to tell you the state we football has reached. I could guarantee to you that a whole generation of people never have been to a pro game. Also, LA left most of the "stars" back in Galaxy land. So we played their "2nd XI". We have a lot of improvement to do. At least Central has to improve drastically. There is always next year.
Well what will happen when we play USA in November? We better start advertising from now yes

Doh hold your breath, the TTFA cannot plan anything 10 days in advance.

What was the crowd attendance, anyone?

The Hasley Crawford Stadium field needs a little work before that USA game, its very bumpy.

I would say about 4,500 fans was there.

Central really let that one get away.

I think Zoran Vranes should be brought back. Or take a gamble on Hutson Charles, I am sure he could work both positions as he is only part time with T&T.

Football / Re: 2015/16 National Super League Thread
« on: September 22, 2015, 02:58:05 PM »
Any homies connected to these teams. No comments, nothing at all!!!!!

I went to the Army vs Guaya game...

Army was good especially Josimar Belgrave.

I saw Collin Samuel playing for Guaya, he looked rusty.

Jody Allsop looked good for Guaya.

I think both teams got red cards.

These games should be double headers with Pro League games.

It would be much better viewed.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Mexico Game (4-Sept-2015).
« on: September 09, 2015, 03:51:46 PM »
Spoke to a Mexican executive the other day who are connected to the Mexican FA.

Apparently they want to play T&T at least twice a year in friendly games.

And a top club there is also interested in signing Jonathan Glenn and Keron Cummings.

Football / Re: When is the next TTFA elections for President?
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:05:15 AM »
I heard that David John Williams will be running for TTFA president.

He has a good business knowledge, however, he does not like Hart to much and had condemned Hart 2015 Gold Cup selection. He feels the coach needs to pick more W Connection players. He was quoted saying that the team is the worst T&T team ever, they will not win a game.

So it would be interesting if he wins.

If this is true, everyone coming in have their own agenda at the expense of T&T football, sad that nothing could run smoothly in T&T.

Who knows, he may even consider Stuart Charles for national coach?

We'll see.

FS, sorry to hear about Central lost.

By the way, did you guys got any visa issues?

I noticed a few players were missing?

Flex, good interview and Tim Kee not telling all the truth.

The PAN AM team are suffering because of incompetence.

When I spoke to Sancho he said, yes, sometimes the money isn't released quickly, but again, that is people within the Ministry moving slowly on purpose.

Wallace asked for $23,000 for visas the week before the team left. Brent Sancho couldn't believe his ears and said "William, TTFA must have $23,000 for visas." Wallace said they only had $13,000 in the bank. Even if that was true, TTFA would know they needed visas months ago.

The TTFA said they had money from FIFA for a mobile shop. Well it's still sitting there waiting to be wrapped, so where did that money go?

The MOS paid out all of the cabinet note now, I believe, and still no accounts. Everybody has said they want accountability, yet when the MOS try to bring it, They're the bad guys?

Tim-Kee is still lying in the interview

This idea that since I was a member of the TTFF executive and VP during the Warner years I was somehow complicit in the inner dealings, nefarious or otherwise, of the then TTFF is simplistic at best.

You know that I saw lots of TTFF documents. I also had access to emails. There is proof that Tim-Kee knew about Warner's dodgy transactions back in 2008. This will come out eventually.

In minutes of the Executive Committee meetings after my resignation. When I felt information was being withheld, I resigned and focused my attention on developing Futsal.

I have an email from Warner to Tim-Kee where Warner tells him he is fired and being replaced.

I have been a financial benefactor to football for many years. Because of the extent of my financial contributions.

Yet last week he couldn't advance TTFA $10k for visas, but watched as our country was embarrassed?

Holding secrets? I was never one of those  with whom secrets were shared. That is baseless idle chatter.

He knew that Warner was funneling money into the LOC06 account which was where the money was laundered. I have seen proof of this!

Why can’t your company help be a sponsor of the TTFA?

His whole answer here was fluff and bs. How hard would it be for him to ask Guardian Life for a policy? And Bankers don't even sell that kind of policy but they did for the team.

I join other sporting organizations in saying that the current Ministry is not serving sports a we expected. How do we justify injecting millions of US $ into CPL that is privately owned by foreigners.

He's careful here not to say Sancho, because he knows the CPL deal was done by Griffith, so instead, he infers it was Sancho.

I had a good relationship with the past ministers of sport and have had conflicts with the current minister only because I felt promises made by the Prime Minister to the senior team were being undermined and ignored.

So why was there arrears on salaries dating back from 2012? Why did Griffith put in the clause about accounts? Truth is, neither Anil or Griffith trusted TTFA.

Yes, at this point I have been focused on getting the TTFA a new constitution.

Did you know that TTFA sent out an email on Sunday night containing the new draft constitution for review before a meeting to invoke it? Problem is, the meeting was Monday night at 5pm. The MOS received there's from Pro League around 9 a.m. on Monday. People in Pro League and Super League went berserk. That afternoon, TTFA agreed to move the meeting to mid July.

We actively pursued the government for months on the matter of player and coaches arrears.

TFA agreed salary's that they couldn't afford. They are still agreeing salary's and match fees that they cannot afford. The TT$800,000 they received from MoS for U23's could have funded the upcoming U17's and Women's U20 campaigns. They are not managing funds sensibly.

Since then, the recent minister has made statements to indicate that he doesn’t intend to follow through on the Prime Minister’s promise.

Completely untrue. If this was a live interview I'm sure you guys would have called Tim-Kee on this. Yet nobody on sw.net has even mentioned this.

It is unsettling to the players and staff to go into competition under such uncertain circumstances when an agreement was established between the TTFA and the government last November. I’m not being “political” when these issues are raised as the minister claims, I am merely speaking the truth.

Actually, you are being political and you are a liar! Twice he stated that Sancho was using the cabinet note to fund WPL even though he knew this wasn't true. What actually took place is that Creed told them that money was slow coming through from Finance so money that was received for the Gold Cup camp in Miami was being utilised for WPL until the money came through in two weeks time. This was in April and in no way compromised TTFA or the Gold Cup preparation. This is an often used practice and is sound financial management. Tim-Kee chose to mislead people to serve his own political purpose.

By the way, the "worst minister" quote came about because MOS saying TTFA were paying too much in stipends and match fees which Brent agreed with. MOS was in favour of players earning as much as they can, but TTFA should not be agreeing such large fees when they can't pay them. Someone in the MOS said they have another 9 teams to look after and should be more financially frugal. Tim-Kee said that if they cut stipends and match fees, players would call him the worst sports minister ever.

It is absolutely incorrect to say our U-23 players will be receiving $20K per month.

Want me to show you the budget they submitted? The revised budget requested US$750 match fees for olympics and US$1,000 for Pan Am. Remember, they expected 3 games in each. If a player played all 6 games thats US$5,250 or TT$33,600. or TT$16,800 p.m. The initial budget included stipends which took them to over TT$40,000 for the two month period. So Tim-Kee just lied to you "to your face Flex." Nathanial Garcia for example earns TT$4,500 per month. Add that to the TTFA money and he's on over $21k per month without stipends!! By the way, staff including coaches are also paid match fees at the same amount.

We feel the resources and funds used by SPORTT for the WPL would have been better utilized by applying it towards a proper series of international camps and matches for the U20 and senior teams in preparation for their upcoming tournaments.

So why didn't TTFA use their $5 million subvention for this then? Or their FIFA grant? Or their grants from CONCACAF?

Having said that, I was a bit concerned to see our senior team defeat the WPL XI 9-2

The foreign girls had only landed the day before, didn't know each other, didn't know the coaches and half don't speak English. This week, T&T beat the foreigners 2-1. Every girl on the WNT and the coaches think WPL is better than a`n overseas friendly.

I wished you could have asked him if the current squad and U23's had this done:

A sponsorship worth over $3 million dollars that enables all national team players and technical staff to get free physicals when they come into camp.

And it was a Central F.C. initiative which he has never acknowledged.

Keep in mind that all our records...our filing cabinets and all our computers were seized from the TTFF office by the present minister and his 2006 team.

Another often repeated lie. Remember, everyone was there that day and although some computers were taken, the 06 Warriors were told they couldn't take all because they held the financial records and the bailiff said they had to remain. No filing cabinets were removed. You will also recall that Sancho, Harrison and George Hislop went back the next day to copy financial records and did a forensic audit and Mike Townley sent this to the FBI. They still have some of those copies. If the records are missing it happened after we were there.

Note I have two attachments that LOC2006 had two bank accounts and were being used up to 2009. This is the account suspected by the FBI of being used to launder money. This information was shared with FBI. I can't swear that FBI based some of their case on this info, but why would they obtain the bank statements if the guys already provided copies? At the least they know where to look.

Football / Re: TT Women’s Premier League (WPL) Thread.
« on: June 15, 2015, 03:13:58 PM »
Now the WPL coaches are trying to poach WoLF players because the WPL didn’t properly plan and are short of players and I also just heard that local players haven’t been paid. Only the the foreign and national team players have received money.

I’m going to verify to see whether that’s true or not. But the ministry is way over its head. The have Maylee as both a player and administrator and Tasha St. Louis was threatening to pull out of the league because she wasn’t originally one of the national team players featured in the draft. It is a hot mess!

I am calling around to get some confirmation. But when I call the WPL they saying everything it on schedule and running just find.

I've had the same luck as Ian Prescott, a lot of unanswered calls.

As I said, my info is not 100%.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Jordan Game (16-Jun-2015)
« on: June 09, 2015, 08:21:50 AM »
Spoke to the manager yesterday, and he cannot confirm if tickets were bought as yet or plan details for this trip.

The TTFA is not communicating.

Football / Re: Don't believe Sancho guys.
« on: May 27, 2015, 06:55:52 AM »
The ExCo guys are making things worst, they and Sancho among others are plotting to make the TTFA fail.

They told me personally that they will not stop until Tim Kee falls flat on his face and now that they have a few members working for the TTFA and one with the ministry only makes their job easier to get back at the TTFA.

Watson, Jamal, Ferguson, Thomas, Sancho, Quan Chan, Kuarsingh etc are some of the main culprits.

And no one likes Tim Kee hence the reason sponsors not coming onboard.

Bmobile was interested in becoming a sponsor but they do not trust Tim Kee.

If they TTFA gets a sponsor I have no doubt things will turn around for the better, but Tim Kee is a major block and he continues to give the players and coaches false hope.

Based on that statement alone yuh talking Sancho....any company that goes into sponsorship with a team will have a contract in place and this contract will specify the terms of the agreement. Companies do not respond on an emotional level.

I'm sure that Sheldon said that this was before Sancho had entered the Ministry. Back then, we couldn't get a meeting with their brand managers let alone key decision makers, so I don't see how Sancho, omni potent as you believe him to be, influenced bmobile's decision.

Which part in my post I said Sancho influenced bmobile's decision??

Stop trying to distract from the main points.

Evil vs Evil.

Football / Re: Don't believe Sancho guys.
« on: May 26, 2015, 04:08:07 PM »
The ExCo guys are making things worst, they and Sancho among others are plotting to make the TTFA fail.

They told me personally that they will not stop until Tim Kee falls flat on his face and now that they have a few members working for the TTFA and one with the ministry only makes their job easier to get back at the TTFA.

Watson, Jamal, Ferguson, Thomas, Sancho, Quan Chan, Kuarsingh etc are some of the main culprits.

And no one likes Tim Kee hence the reason sponsors not coming onboard.

Bmobile was interested in becoming a sponsor but they do not trust Tim Kee.

If they TTFA gets a sponsor I have no doubt things will turn around for the better, but Tim Kee is a major block and he continues to give the players and coaches false hope.

Football / Don't believe Sancho guys.
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:35:52 PM »
Sancho is playing games with the TTFA and Kevin Harrison knows this despite what he comes here and preach. The Ministry is doing everything in its power to kill football.

I am very surprised, cause its the same Sancho who fought for T&T football and betterment for years is now playing the spiting game.

And to make matters worst, Sheldon & Tim Kee simply do not have the capacity to run the football any further from this point and Sancho is exploiting this.

He has to be the worst minister of sports we have had, clearly he has plans to put one of his friends there and because of the TTFA inability to find help only making things worst.

Imagine clubs in T&T can get sponsors and no one wants to help the NATIONAL team and because of one man Tim Kee.

All of T&T, coaches, players (men and women) etc laying the blame squarely on Tim Kee and Sheldon shoulders. Three years on the job and not one single sponsor is the word.

They are heavily relying on the government who clearly wants to destroy football to make the TTFA look even more bad than they are.

The TTFA submitted everything the Ministry asked months ago, they came back and they resubmitted exactly as they asked and Sancho is talking in public to fool folks but not following up.

Imagine, Sancho club Central FC staying in camp in the Radisson and the TTFA cannot put players in a hotel. Its a mess here, a few players and coaches have had enough. Not even money to feed the players, so no hotel, they driving (no compensation) and now no food. Who paying them for the games?

Coaches still not paid from the Jamaica tournament and are constantly lied to while Sheldon and a few others getting paid.

If Sheldon and Tim Kee cannot show any plans forward and get any sponsors soon expect a boycott or a major decision by all probably after the Gold Cup.

Tim Kee can't get sponsors and keep saying is its the Ministry fault which is not good enough, its only so much players and coaches can take.

The guys don't know who they are playing, when, where etc.

Expect something to happen soon.

We have 4 players who wants to play for T&T badly but refuse to do so strictly because of the way things are being run. Big players, you will be surprised, but I can't call names.

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