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Football / Barbados hold Soca Warriors in Digicel Cup.
« on: January 13, 2007, 01:08:09 AM »
Barbados hold Soca Warriors in Digicel Cup.
By: Ian Prescott (Express).

Trinidad and Tobago's young footballers showed glimpses of promise, but wasted several good chances as they opened their campaign in the Digicel Caribbean Cup with a 1-1 draw against Barbados yesterday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. Coach Wim Rijsbergen's bunch is a work still in progress.
For the first 45 minutes, the young Soca Warriors looked a better unit than Barbados. But having taken a 1-0 lead at the half, Trinidad and Tobago gave the Bajans a point they did not deserve.
Rijbergen, though, will not just be concerned about the lost ground, but that some of his stalwarts, failed, especially in the second half.
Skipper Densill Theobald had World Cup experience but failed to lift his standard above mediocre for most of the second half, while Gary Glasgow scored one, but missed many equally simple chances to score.
Barbados started cautiously, playing behind the ball, and showing much respect, even for an inexperienced T&T squad.
Early on, there was smooth movement in the T&T midfield. Theobald and Kerwyn Jemmott manned the centre, while Kerry Baptiste and Leslie "Tiger" Fitzpatrick held the wide positions. Gary Glasgow and Scott Sealy looked a solid enough tandem in attack, but neither produced on the night. Where the new-look Trinidad and Tobago team looked shaky was at the back where Tobago United's Dwayne Jack, Seon Power and Osei Telesford and Nigel Daniel were struggling to look a solid unit.
Glasgow eventually gave T&T the lead when he picked up a loose ball and scrambled it into the Barbados net  in the 32nd minute.
Barbados took 36 minutes to get their first shot at the Trinidad & Tobago goal and even so, the effort was well held by T&T keeper Jan Michael Williams. T&T chances were bound to sting T&T at some point and striker Neil Harvey did just that when he pulled Barbados level in the 67th minute when getting a free header from Gregory Goodridge's corner kick.
But even so, T&T had enough chances in the final 20 minutes to come away comfortable winners. Newcomer Darryl Roberts made his T&T debut in the 70th minute as a substitute and his inexperience let him down immediately. Put through by a bouncing ball from Glasgow, Roberts had the Barbados goal at his mercy, but lost composure and stabbed at the ball, turning his shot wide. It was that kind of night. In the later game, Haiti continued its good form from the repechage round when beating Martinique. Brunel Fucien scored the goal in the 12th minute. Fucien collected a through pass, chipped the advancing keeper Oliver Sylvestre, ran on and poked the ball home.

Team Line-Ups:

Trinidad & Tobago[/b]

1.Jan Michael Williams, 2.Dwayne Jack, 5.Osei Telesford, 16.Seon Power, 17-Nigel Daniel, 6.Leslie Fitzpatrick (7.Keeron Bonito), 10.Kerwyn Jemmott (8.Kwame Wiltshire), 14.Kerry Baptiste, Densill Theobald (capt), 9.Scott Sealy (11.Darryl Roberts), 12.Gary Glasgow.


20-Morrison Taylor, 3-Jonathan Straker, 10-Gregory Goodridge, 12-Louis Soares (4-Ramuel Millar), 15-John Hawkesworth, 16-Neil Harvey (18-Jeffrey Williams), 17-John Parris, 19-Ryan Lucas (24-Rudy Grosvenor), 21-Norman Forde (capt), 23-Dyson James, 25-Romell Burgess.

Trinidad and Tobago 1 - 1 Barbados

16 Shots 13
7 Corners 4
5 Fouls 8
0 Yellow cards 0
0 Red cards 1
3 Offsides 2




P  W  D  L  F  A  P[/b]

Haiti  1  1  0  0  1  0  3
T&T  1  0  1  0  1  1  1
Barbados  1  0  1  0  1  1  1
Martinique  1  0  0  1  0  1  0

Tomorrow's Matches:

Cuba v Guadeloupe, 5 p.m. Manny Ramjohn Stadium
Guyana v SVG, 7 p.m. Manny Ramjohn Stadium

Monday's Matches:

Barbados v Haiti, 5 p.m. Hasely Crawford Stadium
Trinidad & Tobago v Martinique, 7 p.m. Hasely Crawford Stadium

T&T striker Gary Glasgow goes past Bajan defender Jonathan Straker during the opening match of the Digicel Cup finals at the Hasely Crawford Stadium last night. Glasgow opened the scoring for the Warriors in the 36th minute. ...Photo: Anthony Harris.
Barbados, T&T draw.
By: Ezra Stuart (Nation News).

Barbados gave a spirited second half performance to earn a commendable 1-1 draw with arch rivals Trinidad and Tobago in an exciting opening match of the 2006-2007 Digicel Caribbean Cup football finals at the Hasely Crawford Stadium here last night.
After trailing 1-0 at half-time, Barbados came storming back to grab the equaliser in the 66th minute with a powerful header by English-based Neil Harvey from a perfect cross by captain Norman Forde following a short corner.
Trinidad and Tobago, minus all but one of their World Cup players – in new captain Densill Theobald had scored in the 32nd minute through a left-footed shot by Gary Glasgow in the for corner, giving goalkeeper Morrison Taylor no chance of saving.
Glasgow, who turned from hero to villian late in the dying moments when he missed a clear chance, was gifted with a ball from a weak diving header from john parris on to the leg of defender Dwight James from a free-kick by Leslie Fitzpatrick and gave the Trinidadians a 1-0 lead.
The Soca Warriors had greater territorial ball possession in the first half, forcing seven first half corners to just two by the Bajans with Theobald master-minding their plays from a deep midfield position.
The Trinidadians concentrated their attacks down the flanks where Gregory Goodridge and John Hawkesworth were stationed on the left and right side respectively in a reshaped defensive set-up with former captain John "Nobby" Parris at sweeper and James and Jonathan Straker in front of him.
But they only had one goal to show for their dominance while the Barbados' new strike pair of Harvey and Ryan Lucas with newcomer Louis Soares of Aldershot Town in England, playing just behind the two on the right side with Forde in the centre of midfield and Romelle Burgess in the defensive midfield position.
Harvey, who plays for non-League team Wrexton in England, had a couple of twists and turns but was closely marked by the Trinidadian defenders until he came through the centre of their defence to head past Trinidadian custodian Jan Michael Williams and silence the 7,000 spectators, who had started to do the Mexican Wave to steel pan music.

Best football

The goal lifted the Barbados team and they really started to play their best football of the match before they found themselves down to ten men after the unlucky John Hawkesworth was ejected for his second bookable offence with 11 minutes left in the match.
Coach Eyre Sealy and technical adviser Keith Griffith quickly consulted and brought Rudy Grosvenor, who had just come on for striker Lucas back and to the left wing back position.
Barbados then defended stoutly for the rest of the game, keeping the goal-hungry Soca Warriors at bay even though substitute Darryl Roberts missed a golden opportunity with his very first touch when Glasgow found them unmarked coming in from the left side.
Earlier, Glasgow also broke free after Straker was beaten but Parris intercepted his pass and knocked the ball away for a corner. Barbados almost got on the scoresheet when Forde played back a corner kick to Goodridge and his cross was headed wide by Parris.
Just before Hawkesworth was sent off, Forde made a few runs at the Trinidadian defence while substitute Jeffrey Williams and Soares also made their presence felt before Barbados, without at least six players who got them through to the final when they played unbeaten in the first two rounds, settled for a draw.

It just annpys me to see it..I could understand if yuh doh want to support the TTFF because of JW, but at least support more PFL, Semi -Pro, SSFL, Community or Developmental Leagues....

Getting Corporate sponsorship is hard coming around.....a lot goes to circket...WHYYY...WHY???

Which is the No. 1 sport in the world, biggest viewership...its Football....
Is it biased thinking NOT to support football,?? More Trinis like Circket???.........only the people who like cricket have money??.......People who like Football to cheap or broke????......Football does not appeal to the Corporate society??......JW has extended his leverage to PFL, Semi -Pro, SSFL, Community or Developmental Leagues so that all Corporate sponsors are unwilling????.....IS IT A BLACK AND INDIAN DIVIDE  ???

FIRST Citizens Clark Road United launch youth programme:
Top financial group pumps $$ into local cricket:
Carib Beer Series:

Football / U20: TnT vs JA...2nd Match
« on: December 06, 2006, 09:31:23 PM »
Anybody Know the Scores ???

Football / Violence: the new face of sport
« on: November 27, 2006, 09:27:20 AM »
Violence: the new face of sport.
Maybe NP workers should really go on strike and stop all of us in our tracks. If nothing else, a shortage of gas will eventually lead to fewer vehicles on the road and, hopefully, fewer incidents of such tragic carnage as on Saturday in Trincity and Cross Crossing.

Like bodies hurled out of a careering vehicle and being horrifically dismembered, basic decency, civility and respect for the rights of fellow citizens are ripped to pieces by an increasingly selfish and savage society.

Even in the sphere of sport, which should be a celebration of skill and fair play, the images are more and more that of violent confrontation and thuggery, all of which serve to legitimise such behaviour in the eyes of impressionable youth.

I've always maintained that football, when played as the beautiful game should be played, is the embodiment of all that is good about sport, incorporating physical prowess, mesmerising skill and mental acuity, all in a free-flowing 90 minutes, interrupted only by halftime.

Of course, that ideal exists nowadays only in isolated periods of play, whether the stage is the nearby savannah or the World Cup final in one of the game's great arenas. Because it is the game of the people everywhere in the world, it is reflective of different styles and cultures, and, sadly, the increasing tendency towards hooliganism and cheating both on and off the pitch.

Saturday's ill-tempered first game between the Trinidad and Tobago under-20 squad and their Venezuelan counterparts at the Larry Gomes Stadium is just another example of what is increasingly becoming the norm.

Based on the reports I read, our South American neighbours were apparently the more aggressive of the two teams, prompting Express football writer Lasana Liburd to refer to " teenaged Venezuelans whose antics might have enthused local boxing promoter Boxu Potts but did not find favour with the sprinkling of locals who turned up."

And that's another thing. In a country that has just experienced all of the hype and nationwide euphoria of making it to the World Cup finals for the first time, the passion for the game is nowhere near what it once was at almost all levels.

Not so long ago, it was the norm for the Hasely Crawford Stadium to be close to capacity for the Intercol semi-finals, to say nothing of the final itself.

Yet the vast unpopulated areas of the stadium for Saturday's semi-final victory by title-holders Fatima over St Augustine betray that dwindling interest, where only the diehard supporters and fiercely partisan make up the numbers in the stands.
The crowds are even more conspicuous by their absence at senior club level, but it has been like that for a very long time, although hot-tempered clashes like last week's duel of San Juan Jabloteh and Joe Public hardly qualify as an excellent advertisement for the game. It seemed that once the tackles started flying, almost everyone wanted to make a few points with raised studs, as if to prove that so-and-so was more man than so-and-so in the sheer viciousness of the tackle and the willingness to stand toe-to-toe with the opponent just in case he wanted to show Mr Potts how adept he was with his fists.

In a copycat society such as ours, foreign influences are very, very powerful, especially when they are associated with celebrity status and enormous wealth.

The persistent images of players faking injuries to draw fouls, or coming to blows, or managers and coaches hurling insults at officials, or squaring up to their opposing counterparts in the tunnel after the game-images that are the norm in all of the glamorous, high-profile leagues of the world-become a template for the conduct of more and more players and coaches at younger and younger levels on the local scene.

I only saw the last 15 minutes of yesterday's big top-of-the-table English Premiership showdown of leaders Manchester United and champions Chelsea at Old Trafford, but I don't think I missed too much, never mind how superb the goals may have been in the 1-1 draw.

Almost everything in those final minutes was about no-holds-barred tackles, accompanied with a mouthful of expletives, inciting the masses on the other side of the touchline to engage liberally in their own relentless verbal abuse of any opposing player within earshot.

No wonder they put up those towering fences in Argentina or have the stands some distance away from the field as in Brazil, for it must involve a certain degree of bravery to turn your back for a throw-in or free-kick when such rabid fanatics are in close proximity.

In our environment of increasing violence everywhere, including the classrooms and highways, we need more and more to accentuate the positive and condemn outright the negative for the benefit of a generally confused and rudderless generation.

There is more than enough inspiring stuff to emulate-from the breathless skill, dexterity and control of a world-class striker to the never-say die determination of a national midfielder-without also falling prey to the boorishness, indiscipline and dishonesty that comes with the overall package.

Just as a vehicle is only as dangerous as the person behind the wheel, football, and all sport for that matter, can be a positive, constructive component of our society if we all play a part in praising and encouraging brilliance, while at the same time condemning the baser qualities of intense competition.

Football / Connection, Jabloteh close in
« on: November 19, 2006, 10:34:17 PM »
...Connection, Jabloteh close in
Public waver
Lasana Liburd

Monday, November 20th 2006
Action in Saturday's Lucozade Sport Big Six showdown between Joe Public and CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva.

It might not quite be time to sound the alarm bells at Joe Public's Macoya headquarters-but just wait another 24 hours.

Third-placed CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh checked Public's advance to the 2006 Pro League crown with a 1-0 Lucozade Sport Big Six win at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on Saturday evening.

Jabloteh are now three points behind Public and two behind second-placed Vibe CT 105 W Connection who edged Superstar Rangers by a similar 1-0 score at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar, on Saturday.

Connection, the defending champions, can go on top today when they face North East Stars from 6 p.m. in Malabar. North East Stars fell 1-0 to Caledonia AIA after a superb overhead kick by substitute Hayden Tinto in Saturday's other fixture, which was also staged at the Ato Boldon ground.

Public can regain their lead when they tackle Superstar Rangers at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella on Saturday but the title race is taking a toll on coach Michael McComie's outfit.

In his first Pro League season as coach, McComie breezed through his early tests but is finding the end game more difficult.

On Saturday, Public lost their second successive outing and are joint bottom of the Big Six standings with Rangers. They did win their last two fixtures in the regular season but those were against United Petrotrin and Starworld Strikers.

One has to go as far back as August 22 for Public's last league victory against one of the country's top six clubs. Then, Public defeated Caledonia AIA 1-0 at the Larry Gomes Stadium-Caledonia returned the favour on October 20 in the Toyota Classic Cup.

The Eastern Lions will not have McComie on the bench at Marabella either as the ex-national goalkeeper was dismissed from the sidelines for dissent on Saturday night.

The impact of his red card might be negligible if the 34-year-old coach is allowed to enter the Public dressing room on Saturday and direct the bench from the close proximity of the stands. But it did suggest that the strain of holding off the club's persistent challengers could be taking its toll.

McComie's decision to omit two of his most senior players, Gary Glasgow and Lyndon Andrews, from the starting line up as well as replace the talismanic Arnold Dwarika at halftime did not bode well.

Whether the shuffle in personnel was down to faltering form or merely a tweak in tactics, surely Public would prefer their best players to be leading the title chase. The cracks are starting to show.

Jabloteh took full advantage.

The match was barely three minutes old when stand-in captain Cyd Gray put the Bourg Mulatresse outfit ahead with a header off Kerry Baptiste's right side corner kick.

Jabloteh could have doubled their lead at the half hour mark as Jason Marcano slipped past promising Public defender Seon Power but his misplaced pass forced striker Peter Prosper to check his run rather than burst into the opposing area and the chance was lost.

There was one glimpse at goal for Public's Jamaican forward Roen Nelson but the league's top scorer hit only air from inside the Jabloteh area. Dwarika rarely got within sight of the opposing goal and was booked for an uncharacteristic swipe at Jabloteh midfielder Trent Noel while Public left winger Jorge Da Silva, who was often mistaken for the ball by his opponents, was cautioned for diving in the 23rd minute.

Jabloteh were not playing particularly well but they were stopping Public from taking charge-a feat that was made easier by the uneven and unsightly condition of the ground.

McComie responded with a triple substitution at the interval as Dwarika, Sean Cooper and Da Silva were replaced by Glasgow, Andrews and teenager Silas Spann. Glasgow joined Nelson and Kendell Davis up front as Public took a more adventurous approach.

Glasgow and Wolry Wolfe went close for Public although Jabloteh flanker Akiel Guevara should have done better than tap the outside of the post following a clever threaded pass by Noel.

McComie lost the right to sit on the bench, soon after, for a word out of turn as Public tried in vain to overturn the deficit. He would need a more measured response against Rangers on Saturday.

Saturday's Results:

- Jabloteh 1 (Cyd Gray), Public 0

- Caledonia 1 (Hayden Tinto), NE Stars 0

- Connection 1 (Earl Jean), Rangers 0

Pro League Standings

(Top four clubs)

- Joe Public 59 points

- W Connection 58 points

- San Juan Jabloteh 56 points

- Caledonia AIA 50 points

Football / Strike Squad get belated revenge.
« on: November 19, 2006, 10:32:46 PM »
Strike Squad get belated revenge.
...whip USA 4-1 in November 19 re-match.
By: Kern De Freitas (Express).

The result may have been 17 years too late, but the modest Hasely Crawford Stadium crowd still enjoyed every moment of yesterday's rematch between Trinidad and Tobago's Strike Squad and the USA's 1989 team, which the home side won 4-1.
Philbert Jones' first half equaliser, as well as strikes from Leonson Lewis, Jerren Nixon and Angus Eve in the second period, ensured that the former national players celebrated the anniversary of a momentous occasion on a high note.
Less than a minute into the match, the USA threatened to run away with a victory yet again. Paul Caligiuri, the man who in 1989 made a nation cry with his 31st minute item, beat Michael Maurice in goal from close range to put the visitors in front before T&T had even settled into the game.
Forward Philbert Jones put the Strike Squad on even keel in the sixth, stabbing in a loose ball to the delight of the crowd, after US custodian Tony Meola plagued by the sun, punched away Marvin Faustin's initial attempt.
After that, the T&T players showed that the years had been a bit kinder to them.
Mike Windischmann battled to clear Lewis' cross in the 32nd. And the same defender scrambled to smother Hutson Charles' effort in the 41st, as the sides went to the dressing rooms locked at 1-1.
In the 58th minute, Lewis surprised Meola and his defence when he curled the ball from just outside the area low into the far post.
Four minutes later the Strike Squad were 3-1 up. Lewis collected in the 18-metre box and slipped, but Nixon raced in to blast the loose ball home.
In the 69th, Benyan Astorga chipped a freekick just over substitute T&T goalie Earl "Spiderman" Carter's crossbar. Nine minutes from time, Paul Krumpe put his freekick from the edge of the area wide.
Angus Eve sealed the issue in the 85th with T&T's fourth. Nixon, in danger of offside, aborted his pursuit of a long ball, but Faustin ran into space and whipped in a cross for Eve to fire into the net.
Carter produced a great late save to protect his near post, and T&T's 4-1 advantage.
In the end, the meeting may not have had great international significance, but it surely meant a lot to the players, who embraced after the final whistle.
At halftime, T&T Football Federation (T&TFF) president Oliver Camps was honoured for his role in administration during T&T's World Cup campaigns in 1973, 1989 and 2005. Also presented with medals were members of the squads for the 1966, 1974 and 1990 World Cup qualifiers.

T&T Strike Squad: - Michael Maurice (goalkeeper), Clayton Morris (captain), Brian Williams, Dexter Francis, Marvin Faustin, Hutson Charles, Larry Joseph, Leonson Lewis, Paul Elliot Allen, Philbert Jones, Kerry Jamerson, Earl Carter, Floyd Lawrence, Jerren Nixon, Angus Eve, Kelvin Jones, Russel Munroe, Leroy Spann.

Coach: Everald "Gally" Cummings.

USA '89: - Desmond Armstrong, Phillip Gwau, Eric Eichmann, John Stollmeyer, Steve Trittschuh, Paul Krumpe, Robin Fraser, Paul Caligiuri, Yari Allnut, Mike Erush, Tony Meola, Mike Windischmann, Jamal Thomas, Benyan Astorga.
T&T Strike Squad hits USA for four.
T&T Guardian Reports.

T&T’s 1989 Strike Squad exacted revenge on its US conquerors for a place in World Cup Italy 1990, in a rematch of that memorable game, at the venue of 17 years ago, the Hasely Crawford Stadium, yesterday.
Paul Caliguri again had fans in pain with a strike after just 45 seconds into the match, but this time his goal was not the difference between the teams - as the homesters ran away to an impressive 4-1 victory.
Caliguri scored in the first half of the 1989 clash to deny this country a place in the World Cup finals in Italy in 1990.
Yesterday, his well struck volley silenced the small crowd, but in the fifth minute striker Philbert Jones equalised for the Strike Squad, after a shot by Marvin Faustin was parried by goalkeeper Tony Meola unto his part.
The teams went to the change rooms with the score at 1-1. However, soon after the resumption, the fitter Strike Squad took control of the match and the lead in the 57th minute, through Leonson Lewis.
In the 65th minute, the match was totally taken away from the Americans, as Jerron Nixon netted and seven minutes before the end, Augus Eve completed an emphatic win. Last night members of the Strike Squad and also members of the 1966 team that lost to Haiti were honoured at the Stadium.


T&T 4 (Philbert Jones 5, Leonson Lewis 57, Jerron Nixon 66, Angus Eve 83).

USA 1 (Paul Caliguri 1).


T&T:[/b] - Michael Maurice, Clayton Morris, Brian Williams, Dexter Francis, Marvin Faustin, Hutson Charles, Larry Joseph, Leonson Lewis, Paul Elliot Allen, Philbert Jones, Kerry Jamerson.

Subs: Earl Carter, Floyd Lawrence, Jerron Nixon, Angus Eve, Kelvin Jones, Russell Munroe and Leroy Spann.

USA: - Tony Meola, Desmond Armstrong, Eric Eichman, John Stollmeyer, Steve Trittschuh, Paul Krumpe, Robin Frazer, Paul Caliguri, Yari Allnut, Mike Windischman.

Subs: Mike Frush, Jamal Thomas and Benayn Astorga.

Soca Warriors Online member Touches reports.

D Touches Match Observation Strike Squad vs USA.

Members of the "Strike Squad" and the USA teams greeting one another before the start of Sunday's encounter.

There's "Strike Squad" forward Philbert Jones, right, smashing his left-footed shot past Team USA goalkeeper Tony Meola. Looking on from left are Robin Frazier (USA) and Leonson Lewis (Strike Squad #11). (2006-Nov-20) ...Author: Rattan Jadoo.

Football / Thread for the T&T vs Mexico game.
« on: November 19, 2006, 06:39:11 PM »
As usual, any updates/scores, shout-outs, reports, predictions, views, etc, on the T&T vs Mexico game will be posted here, this way, we can maintain the message board and not make it look too scrappy with un-necessary or related headlines and postings on game day.
For the internet users, you can follow the game at:

1. Follow the SW-Online thread for the game.

Possible Online Streams.
Warrior Nation


The game will be played at the Tropical Park Stadium, South Miami. Sunday , November 19, 2006 At 7:30pm EST
Soca Princesses Squad:

1 – Lisa-Jo Ramkissoon – GK
2 – Ayana Russell – DF
3 – Anastasia Prescott – DF
4 – Katrina Meyer – DF
5 – Nadia James – MD
6 – Leslie Ann James – MD
7 – Niasha Reyes – MD
8 – Rae-Ann Elder – MD
9 – Dernelle Mascall – MD
10 – Tasha St. Louis – AT
11 – Aveann Douglas – MD
12 – Ahkeela Darcel Mollon – MD
13 – Patrice Superville – DF
14 – Sadjr Williams – DF
15 – Micah Mahabirsingh – MD
16 – Jemilia Mathlin – DF
18 – Jenelle Nedd – MD
19 – Kennya Cordner – AT
20 – Mauricia Nicholson – MD
21 – Kimika Forbes – GK

Updates to follow as we get more info, so keep checking back.

Football / MLS mashups
« on: November 15, 2006, 04:50:02 PM »
Anyone knows what it is?

Football / Is Jack in his box !!
« on: November 15, 2006, 09:42:16 AM »
I haven't heard or seen him in the local media for about a month.....
Or is he keeping quiet with his latest fiasco about the player compensation dispute
or was he issued a gag order!

Football / Boldon gives Pro League players lesson on media relations
« on: November 11, 2006, 09:48:02 AM »
Boldon gives Pro League players lesson on media relations
Ato Boldon

Four-time Olympic medalist and now Senator Ato Boldon took time to lecture at the TT Pro League’s Player Welfare Seminar series on Thursday evening at the Ambassador Hotel Ballroom, Long Circular Road St James.

The former track star spoke extensively to Pro League players on media relations—and how professional athlete should deal with the pressure of media attention.

Senator Boldon told afterwards, “I believe I was able to get the message to the players by easily translating it into language they can understand.

“My purpose here was to enlighten the players on the media and let them understand the importance and how it can be used as a tool in their favour.

“The players have to understand how extremely important the media are and how to deal with situations they encounter.”

“I have had my experiences with the media both local and international, so I can now impart to them the advantages and disadvantages of the media as it relates to a professional athlete.

“The professional attitude they send via the media can either land them better deals or even endorsements as it did for a lot of top athletes including myself,” said Boldon.

Before welcoming and introducing Senator Ato Boldon, T&T Pro League chief executive officer Dexter Skeene reminded the players in attendance of the league’s commitment to its members.

He said: “The Trinidad and Tobago Professional League’s core mission is about you (the players). The league is committed, dedicated and resolute in it’s determination to providing the footballers of T&T with a sustainable opportunity to live their dreams and God given talent to establish a career in football.”

Football / Warrior Nation News Letter
« on: November 10, 2006, 06:38:19 PM »
I got my news letter. Great job guys !!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:

Congrats to Stern on his award from the Warrior Nation Family

Football / Blatter loses IOC backing in EU battle for control
« on: October 26, 2006, 12:23:44 PM »
Blatter loses IOC backing in EU battle for control
By Darren Ennis

BRUSSELS, Oct 26 (Reuters) - FIFA president Sepp Blatter was left isolated on Thursday in his battle to stop politicians interferring in the way sport is run in Europe after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) backed down on the issue.

Last month Blatter and IOC president Jacques Rogge wrote to the European Commission and EU sports ministers protesting about proposed changes to the way sport will be governed in the EU.

However, Rogge is now distancing himself from the matter.

According to sources close to the matter, the IOC chief told British sports minister Richard Caborn, who is leading the political campaign, in a phone call that he regretted signing the letter.

European football's governing body UEFA is seeking the adoption by the 25 EU governments of a European Sports Review completed in April which recommends closer control of sport in the EU including salary caps on soccer players and the monitoring of agents.

In their letter, FIFA and the IOC said they do not support the review and told EU lawmakers and politicians the governance of the sport should be left to soccer's own rule makers.

But in his letter of response, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, Caborn refers to the phone conversation, stating that Rogge told him that the review was "a very good document for football".

"Rogge told Caborn that he did have some reservations about the paper in the overall context of sport in general terms, but that there were a lot of positive points," a source said.

Caborn is expected to meet the IOC chief in the coming weeks.

An IOC source said Rogge felt he had been "hoodwinked" by FIFA in signing the document and described the signature as a "miscalculation" by the IOC chief.

"There are a number of soccer people in very important positions within the IOC and they told Rogge that they were not happy with his move," the IOC source said.

Blatter himself, as president of FIFA, is also an IOC member and, technically at least, has to balance the interests of both organisations in his decision-making.

In practice however, his priority is to act solely in the best interests of FIFA and that decision appears to have left rather more isolated than he may have wished.


Football / Life tough at Sydney FC, says under-fire Butcher
« on: October 26, 2006, 12:22:36 PM »

October 26, 2006
SYDNEY (AFP) - Former England captain Terry Butcher says the turmoil over his coaching future at Sydney FC is one of the most difficult periods of his professional life.

Butcher's position at the troubled Australian A-League champions is shaky after reports this week that multi-millionaire actor Anthony LaPaglia, who owns a share of the club, is behind moves to sack him as coach.

Sydney FC lies fourth in the eight-team league after only three wins, three draws and three defeats from nine matches.

Club officials have given Butcher no guarantee that he will still have the job after Sunday's home match against Perth Glory.

"There is no doubt that results have not been good enough and, therefore, I take on board the criticism. But what I cannot accept are the unnecessary lies that accompany the condemnation from the so-called experts," Butcher wrote in his column in Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald.

"Another emotion that fades in and out is helplessness. Through this column, I have tried to put forward my feelings succinctly, but it has been one of the most difficult periods of my professional life.

"The storm may be raging around me, and may intensify come the weekend, but I have every confidence that there will be sunshine at the end of it."

Butcher says the drama brings back painful memories of his dismissal as the manager at Sunderland in England's second-tier league when he learnt of his fate on the radio while driving to training.

"Luckily, no one recognises me in Sydney, which is a blessing at the moment, although my head does go down whenever a stranger approaches," he wrote.

"It is like being in the eye of the storm, particularly when I return home to my family, as the tranquillity and peacefulness of our apartment is a haven that is disturbed only when I have forgotten to turn my phone to silent mode."


Football / Jamaica test for Soca Princesses.
« on: October 22, 2006, 12:07:29 AM »
Jamaica test for Soca Princesses.
By: Ian Prescott (Express).

Trinidad and Tobago's women national football team, the Soca Princesses, play two warm-up matches in Miami against Jamaica and a USA-based professional team before facing Mexico in their first round match of the 2006 CONCACAF Women Gold cup on November 19.
The national women footballers leave for Miami on November 14, five days before the start of the third edition of the women's Gold Cup, which is being held in the United States.
The CONCACAF Gold Cup runs until November 26 and serves as the region's Final Round qualifier for the 2007 FIFA Women World Cup which takes place in Beijing China.
Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, the United States, Jamaica, Mexico and Panama battle for two automatic World Cup qualifying spots, and a third home-and-away playoff berth against Asian qualifiers Japan.
T&T begin the competition against Mexico on Sunday November 19 at the Tropical Park Stadium, Miami, Florida. Should they beat the Mexicans, they travel to California's Home Depot Centre for a clash with two-time Gold Cup & World Cup champions, the United States, on November 22. The Championship game and third placed playoff takes place on November 26 at the Home Depot Centre.
Marlon Charles, coach of T&T's Soca Princesses, has opted for the early start to give his team at least two warm-up games before the start of the tournament. With most of his squad in colleges in the United States, Charles has not been able to have the kind of preparation he would have liked.
"We are trying to leave five days early to at least get in some preparation. We are hoping to get a game against a professional team based in Miami. Also, we have contacted the Jamaicans to play a second game against them. They are in the same boat as us and that may be the only other game each team gets before the tournament."
Charles felt the draw has left both Caribbean teams at a disadvantage. He would have liked the original round-robin format which would have given his girls more time to find their legs. Instead, the United States and Canada, both ranked among the world's top 10 teams, have automatic byes to the semi-final, while the four others play a knockout round to reach the semis. However, Charles is not disappointed at having to face the No.25-ranked Mexicans in the first round. T&T (No.40 in the world) and Mexico have met four times, with the 'Soca Princesses' winning one, Mexico taking one, and the other two drawn.
"The Jamaican coach is happy because they draw Panama in the first round. It will be tough for us because Mexico and the United States play warm-up matches almost every weekend. They will be match-fit and they will have a sharpness our girls might not fully have," he said, while explaining that he will be using the five days before the tournament to get his players as fit as possible.
Most are coming off the college playoffs currently going on and will come into the camp with a measure of fitness from playing on the American university circuit. Charles is also confident that the fighting spirit of his Soca Princesses will emerge.
"Playing against top teams makes our players better. When we play Mexico, our players will know they have to step up. We will respect the Mexicans, but we will not fear them," he said.
Charles has one bit of great news in the acquisition of Atlanta-based central defender Sarja Williams, whose father is Trinidadian. She has been recommended as a quality player by Ken Esau, who described her as a tall, athletic defender who can head and kick the ball well. Charles is hoping she can reinforce his defence and will see her for the first time in the two warm-up matches before the tournament.
However, he will be without Martha Archer , a 26-year-old left-back from Birmingham Ladies Football Club of London, who was seeking to join the team. her grandfather has T&T roots, but her papers may not be processed in time for the tournament.

Football / A Must Read!!.....(especially for TI)
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Local diamonds on show.
Pro League's Classic teaser.
By: Lasana Liburd (Express).

Trinidad and Tobago national football team coach Wim Rijsbergen was the most illustrious spectator at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Friday night for a Pro League Toyota Classic quarterfinal double header.
Rijsbergen, a former Dutch World Cup defender, kept his own counsel when questioned by the Express on the quality of the fixture and the players who took part.
In the past, he reiterated that there is "much work to be done" in the local game and his assertion seems beyond reproach.
But, after a scrappy 2-1 win for the "Soca Warriors" over Panama this month, he also waxed lyrical about the benefits of polishing diamonds. Perhaps he noted a few on Friday.
The results themselves were encouraging for the game although quarter-final losers CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh and Joe Public might not agree.
Jabloteh, the defending champions, commanded much of the fixture against Superstar Rangers but still bowed out on penalty kicks while there was little difference between Public and their victors and eastern rivals, Caledonia AIA.
In both cases, it was a triumph for determination and belief over club history and financial strength. But there was also the suggestion that the Pro League actually did have enough talent to spread around.
There were no outstanding individual performances-although Caledonia striker Nigel Pierre was pretty close-but that did not mean potential was absent. Diamonds in the dirt? There were a few.
Even hardened football observers experience a flutter at the sight of Rangers midfielder Kerwyn "Hardest" Jemmott in football gear.
Surely no national player had as many "second chances" as the ex-Malick enigma. But his frame was lean and his passes were still clean.
The Jabloteh midfield is no pushover. Aurtis Whitley was not overrun by England's celebrated pairing of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard at the 2006 World Cup while Trent Noel featured as a holding midfielder in two of Rijsbergen's three outings thus far.
Yet, Jemmott regularly created space to work neat passes even as his teammates struggled to keep possession. Late in the second half, Hardest had enough in his tank to venture forward and rap the Jabloteh upright with a crisp drive.
The gifted midfielder's penchant for sudden leaves of absence means that he struggles to win the trust of local coaches let alone international ones. But, if Rijsbergen insists on classifying players as either stones or diamonds, Jemmott is overqualified for the former tag.
Whitley was not at his best on Friday but has little to prove beyond commitment. His versatility and on-field personality alone demands his inclusion at international level and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) must provide a proper explanation if he misses out on an excursion to Austria in mid-November.
Nigel Daniel, a versatile full back, was one of Jabloteh's best two performers on the night with his characteristic eagerness to impose himself on the match. Winger Jason Marcano shone too.
Brave and pro-active, Marcano acquitted himself well and tormented Rangers' full backs with his pace and dribbling skills. It is a potent combination if married to sound decision making and tactical awareness.
The evening's second match was more balanced and offered Public and Caledonia's players the opportunity to showcase their talent within a solid structure.
It was the "Eastern Lions" who seemed to relish the stage more. Pierre was certainly in the mood. Beefy but graceful, the former St Anthony's College star transfer from Queen's Park CC to Public-almost a decade ago-was possibly the most acrimonious move in the history of the local professional game.
On Friday, Pierre gave a glimpse of the talent that made him such a coveted player and left him with an enviable international record.
Pierre has 24 goals-including three World Cup qualifying strikes-from 56 national games and, in 2001, was the last player to outscore all-time record goal scorer Stern John in a calendar year with meaningful competition. John's other potential successors, Kenwyne Jones, Jason Scotland and Cornell Glen, have a combined total of 19 goals from 92 national caps.
Pierre is not the same player he was five years ago but then neither is John and it has not stopped him from racking up the appearances and goals. His whipped right side cross led to the game's lone item from substitute Nigel Codrington. He might relish a bigger assignment.
Whitley was 28 with only 15 caps under his belt when Beenhakker resurrected his international career to good effect for player and country last year. In comparison, a 27-year-old Pierre is hardly an outrageous gamble.
Densill Theobald, a fixture under previous boss Leo Beenhakker, also played his part in pacing AIA to victory and looked trim and lively. He has a kindred spirit in utility player Conrad Smith who shared his appreciation for possession and rapid ball movement although the latter was replaced in the second half as Caledonia's midfield fell flat.
At times, Caledonia and Public looked ready for take off.
Public defended resolutely but veteran playmaker Arnold Dwarika lacked the consistent support of his attacking partners. Caledonia played in spurts but rarely managed the cohesion to control proceedings after a promising start.
It was not sensational stuff but an interesting night out all the same for a few hundred supporters. Maybe food for thought for a rookie national coach as well.

Please comment or add before I send out. Everyone can use the same letter, but we need to get our response out. Additionally if we can get a copy to the press, Ato, Shaun Fuentes, and all the media houses I95.1 and I will also post it on TTFF's website.

If you are a true Warrior the time to stand up and be counted is now !!  Come On Warrior Nation....



To: Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation

     24 Dundonald Street
     P.O. Box 400, Port of Spain
     Trinidad and Tobago
     tel 868-623-7312

     fax 868-623 8109

From: The members of  

It is unfortunate that in the year of our glory and at the time when we have to  be aggressive in laying a foundation for WC 2010 we have promises to our heroes that are not being honored. The TTFF is capable of righting its ship and still has the opportunity to do so. The players have only asked to be treated with respect, to be free of exploitation, to allow transparency in accounting practices, to expect honoring of the contracts that they signed and to be paid whatever was promised.

TTFF has a history of inept management and lack of decorum in dealing with its players. Please find the courage to come open with accounting of revenues and expenditures. Please reveal the receipts of income from TV rights, sponsorship deals and explain where it has been distributed. Please honor the contracts.

If this situation were a one time occurrence, then, we the supporters would say okay lets move on, but this is a continuing pattern over the last 15 years. We cannot afford to see our game, and more so our heroes that got us to the ultimate dream, get disrespected in this way.  Our stars are fast becoming role models and as such Yorke, Latapy, Edwards, Shaka, Stern and the rest of warrior voices are being looked upon to set the standard for the coming years. We stand with them.

This is the tipping point for us as fans. We are resolute in our support for our socawarriors. They are our heroes and the best ambassadors for our country. They have sacrificed careers to prove their loyalty to their country and we are die-hard fans who are prepared to sacrifice to do without their services in order to see a historically recurrent injustice corrected. It is impossible for them to give their heart and soul on the field while exploitation, dishonesty and misrepresentation goes on behind their backs.

This is also a critical juncture for the TTFF. Our appreciation, love and respect for our players and the sport is not something that we want you to take for granted, and we trust that you do not want to see the collective disappointments that we have accumulated over the years, brought to a head.

Again, while we appreciate all of  your hard work, with all due respect, please do the right thing.

Avid Supporter

NOTE:  Please ensure to copy the latest version as I am editing as I get comments. The final version will be posted tonight.

Football / UPDATE - Game on from 6:30pm today.
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St Vincent collects a handful.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

For one evening, with money off their minds, Trinidad and Tobago’s senior footballers demonstrated their superiority over World Cup rivals St Vincent and the Grenadines with a 5-0 victory in Saturday’s friendly international at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.
Playing before a crowd of 4,116 fans, the Dwight Yorke led team of which the World Cup players  signaled their intentions to consider retiring from the international stage due to contract disputes with the TTFF, left all their worries off the field as they outplayed the visiting Vincentians.
A double by a much fitter looking Stern John, a fabulous strike by Chris Birchall and one each by Yorke and Kerry Baptiste had the fans cheering on.
T&T showed early intentions to take control of proceedings. Inside the opening five minutes, defender Atiba Charles found Carlos Edwards out on the right and he played inside for John whose effort narrowly missed the target.
The Vincentians took long to settle and paid the price for it. On 13 minutes after Edwards was brought down by Markneil Lewis, Yorke’s header was cleared and Birchall did the rest, smoothly unleashing a low right footer which went in off the right post.
A sharp looking John then hit one wide and then after leaving his man for dead, he saw his right footer crash off the crossbar on 35 minutes.
A bit earlier the Coventry City man made no mistake though when goalie Melvin Andrews failed to handle Birchall’s cross and he was on spot to tuck it home after 24 minutes. Strike partner Jason Scotland also had a good try at goal before the interval.
With a 2-0 lead at the break, T&T picked the pace up again after the resumption. This time, John had a time as he left two defenders and eased the ball over the advancing Andrews for a 3-0 lead on 48 minutes.
As the game went on, St Vincent did manage some tries on goal but goalie Jan Michael Williams kept them at bay with some flawless work between the sticks. And frustration kept in as the visitors lost Benford Joseph (two yellow cards) and Dexter Walker in quick succession to play the final 25 minutes with nine men. 
Following the foul on Kenwyne Jones which led to the second sending off, Yorke picked his spot with ease, sending the ball into the left of the net from the free kick. And substitute Baptiste met a left side cross from John and hammered home on his first touch of the match to complete the rout. Next up, T&T are scheduled to face Panama at the same venue on Wednesday from 6:30pm.


1.Jan Michael Williams; 8.Cyd Gray, 2.Atiba Charles (Andre Toussaint 70th), 6.Dennis Lawrence, 13.Nigel Daniel; 11.Carlos Edwards (18.Kerry Baptiste 75th), 7.Christopher Birchall, 19.Dwight Yorke (capt), 12.Collin Samuel; 20.Jason Scotland (15.Kenwyne Jones 60th), 14.Stern John.
News from the 07th of October 2006.

Game on from 6:30pm today.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Pursuant to the undertaking given by the TTFF that we would, by noon today, advise of developments in the situation involving The Soca Warriors, we wish to advise that the game against St Vincent & the Grenadines will proceed as scheduled from 6.30 pm at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.
Captain Dwight Yorke and the full squad will take the field as originally agreed and for the purpose for which they had been brought to Trinidad & Tobago by the Football Federation. Although nothing in their statement indicated otherwise, we felt the need to proceed with caution, given the degree of surprise with which the players' news conference was sprung upon us yesterday.
We take this opportunity to reiterate that the players had agreed to ventilate the causative issue on Monday and we were surprised when, notwithstanding this decision,  their representatives chose the course of action that they did.

Today's start team is as follows:

Jan Michael Williams, Cyd Gray, Atiba Charles, Dennis Lawrence, Nigel Daniel, Carlos Edwards, Christopher Birchall, Dwight Yorke (capt), Collin Samuel, Jason Scotland, Stern John.


Marvin Phillip, Dwayne Jack, Avery John, Kerry Baptiste, Andrei Pacheco, Andre Toussaint, Kenwyne Jones.

Richard Groden,
General Secretary,
Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation.

Football / Totti and Nash: Suns to open preseason in Rome
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Nash, an avid soccer fan, had a one-on-one game of soccer and basketball scheduled with Italy playmaker Francesco Totti on Thursday.

"It'll be a big thrill for me to be on the same park," Nash said. "I'm a (Tottenham) Spurs fan, but I love Italian soccer."

Football / Maybe We should be Sending Our Coaches to stuff like these !
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It may be at a higher std in Europe but it is not a bad place place to start.....even from an economical pt of view

Coaching Symposium To Take Place at The Home Depot Center from Sept. 28-30     

CHICAGO (September 8, 2006) – U.S. Soccer will host the fifth edition of the Nike Friendlies Coaching Symposium in conjunction with the 2006 Nike Women’s Friendlies taking place at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., from Sept. 28 through Oct. 1. The symposium includes nightly presentations on Sept. 28 and 29, as well as a match analysis of a U.S. Under-16 Women’s National Team match on Sept. 30 at The Home Depot Center.

Download Symposium Application
The Coaching Symposium will feature interaction with several of U.S. Soccer’s National Team coaches and is highlighted by a discussion with U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Greg Ryan on Sept. 28. The symposium will also give participating coaches the opportunity to watch the Nike Friendlies.

The Nike Women’s Friendlies will be the first event of its kind for youth women’s players, and is modeled after the annual Nike Friendlies tournament for youth men staged in Bradenton, Fla. The U.S. Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 Women’s National Teams will join more than 30 of the top Nike club teams from across the nation in a four-day event that begins on Thursday, Sept. 28, and ends on Sunday, Oct. 1. Each team will play three games in an environment which stresses quality soccer and player development over wins and losses. Tournament standings are not kept during the competition.

Ryan will open the symposium on Sept. 28 with a discussion on the U.S. Women’s National Team’s preparations for CONCACAF Qualification. On Friday evening, U.S. U-15 GNT head coach Tad Bobak will conduct a session on preparing players for the next level and give an update on the U.S. U-15 Girls’ National Team.

On Saturday afternoon, coaches will gather and analyze the U.S. Under-16 Women’s National Team game at The Home Depot Center fields. U.S. U-16 WNT head coach Kazbek Tambi will discuss the team’s game plan prior to the match and U.S. National Staff Coaches Jeff Pill, Michael Dickey, Stephanie Gabbert and David Rubinson will lead a match analysis during the game.

The nightly symposium sessions will take place at The Home Depot Center and are expected to last approximately two hours.

Registration is open to all coaches, and “A” Licensed coaches will receive one Continuing Education Credit per session for their attendance at the symposium. There is no fee to attend any of the symposium sessions or the U.S. Soccer / Women’s Nike Friendlies. Coaches wishing to attend should download and complete the registration form and send it to the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department at or via fax at 312-808-9708.


Football / Is this a sign of things to come !!
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U-17 MNT Defeats Portugal for Second Win at Nike National Team Friendlies   
BEAVERTON, Ore. (Sep. 10, 2006) - The U.S. Under-17 '90 Men's National Team got all four of their goals in the first half as they defeated Portugal 4-2 in their final match of the Nike National Team Friendlies at the Ronaldo Field on the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Ore.

The U.S. cruised to an early lead going up by three goals before the 20th minute as defender Mykell Bates twice headed home for his second and third goals of the weekend and Sheanon Williams buried a penalty kick. Midfielder Danny Barerra finished off the scoring for the U.S. just a minute before halftime.

In the second half Portugal pulled back two goals and hit the frame twice as well, but the U.S. was able to do enough to earn their second victory in a row. The U.S. finishes the Nike National Team Friendlies with a 2-1-0 record. After falling to Brazil, 3-0, in their opening match on Sept. 7, the U.S. bounced back to defeat archrival Mexico, 2-0.

“If you would have told me we would have four goals before the end of the first half I wouldn’t have believed you, but we really finished well during the first forty minutes which allowed us to take control of the match,” said U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team head coach John Hackworth. “We didn’t play as well as I would have liked in the second half as our players seemed to relax a bit with such a big lead. Overall though, I’m pleased with the two victories during the event and the ability we had to give a number of players some international experience.”

The USA’s fantastic first half started in the sixth minute when Bates scored off their first shot of the game, heading home a corner kick. Greg Garza served in the corner to the middle of the box and Bates headed the ball into upper left corner, slipping it just above the Portugal defender standing at the post.

The U.S. continued to apply pressure to the Portugal defense and Garza once again set up the goal, this time by getting taken down in the box. Garza collected a loose ball on the left side and quickly pushed into the penalty box along the endline, blowing past a Portugal defender who tackled him from behind which forced the referee to point to the spot. Williams calmly placed his penalty into the left corner for his second goal in two games as the Boston, Mass., native tallied the game-winner against Mexico.

Two days after scoring his first-ever goal with the U-17s, Bates registered his first two-goal game when he headed home once again in the 20th minute. The ball was played in from the right sideline by Barerra and Bates got loose from his defender to place his header past the Portugal goalkeeper.

Amazingly, the U.S. wasn’t done as Barerra tallied the USA’s forth goal just before the halftime whistle. For the third time on the day it was Garza who provided the set-up, finding Barerra who finished past Portugal’s ‘keeper.

In the second half, Portugal was the better team as they made a couple of substitutions and pushed forward into the attack in an attempt to make a comeback. Along with scoring two goals to cut the U.S. lead in half, they hit the post twice. Overall, Portugal took 19 shots on goal, forcing Lambo into five saves.

Portugal’s first goal came in the 61st minute when two of Portugal’s second half substitutes linked up. Wilson Naval da Costa won the ball on the left flank and quickly swung in a cross for Jose Barbosa who was crashing in on net. Barbosa headed home the cross from the six-yard box, giving Lambo no chance to make a save.

Naval da Costa, who took a number of attempts on goal in the second half, finally got his own goal in injury time. Dribbling the ball along the top of the penalty area, the Portugal forward  unleashed a drive that deflected off of Brandon Zimmerman, who had slid in to try and block the shot, and it got past Lambo into the right side of the goal.

In the earlier match, Brazil defeated Mexico, 2-0, to go undefeated during the Nike National Team Friendlies.

U.S. Under-17 '90 Men's National Team Match Report

Participants:     U.S. Under-17 ‘90s Men’s National Team vs. Portugal
Competition:     Nike National Team Friendlies
Location:    Ronaldo Field on Nike Campus; Beaverton, Ore.
Date:    Sept. 10, 2006
Weather:    Sunny, 70 degrees

Scoring Summary:   
                 1st    2nd    Final
USA           4        0         4
POR           0       2         2
USA – Mykell Bates (Greg Garza)                               6th minute
USA – Sheanon Williams (penalty kick)                    15.
USA – Mykell Bates (Danny Barerra)                          20.
USA – Danny Barerra (Greg Garza)                            39.
POR – Jose Barbosa (Wilson Naval da Costa)       61.
POR – Wilson Naval da Costa (unassisted)            82.

USA: 1-Josh Lambo; 16-Brandon Zimmerman, 2-Sheanon Williams, 14-Mykell Bates, 5-Matthew Uy;
13-Daniel Barerra, 6-Danny Wenzel (Capt.), 12-Ryan Gracia (10-Bryan Dominguez, 61); 15-Gregory Garza (11-Brendan King, 78), 19-Israel Sesay (7-Axel Levry, 76), 9-Ellis McLoughlin (17-Ryan Finley, 67).
Subs not used:, 3-Brandon Lee, 4-Howard Turk, 8-Jared Jeffrey, 18-Zachary MacMath, 20-Abdul Ibrahim

POR: 12-Luis Simoes de Silva; 2-Ivo Mendoca, 13-Pedro Mendes (5-Joao Vieira, 41), 14-Fabio Ribeiro, 19-Michael Ferreira; 6-Diogo Correia (Capt.), 16-Joao Conceicao (8-David Martins, 67), 20-Leandro Coelho (9-Rui Pedro da Rocha, 41); 11-Alfredo Kulembe (10-Jose Barbosa, 52) , 15-Joao Prazeres (7-Wilson Naval da Costa, 41), 17-Rui Jorge
Subs not used: 1-Leonardo Joao Correia da Silva, 3-Bruno Catarino, 4-Daniel dos Santos, 18-Vitor Gaio

Statistical Summary:
                                  USA    POR
Shots                         13       19
Shots on goal             5         7
Saves                           3         1
Corner Kicks              3         5
Fouls                         20       13
Offside                         2         2

Misconduct Summary:
POR – Michael Ferreira (caution)        19th minute
USA – Matthew Uy (caution)                  31.
USA – Ellis McLoughlin (caution)         50.
POR – Fabio Ribeiro (caution)              51.
USA – Danny Barerra (caution)             77. 

Football / And the Waggonists Have Disbanded !!!
« on: September 05, 2006, 10:30:54 PM »
This past month (August) we have gone back to the average number of new topics being posted a year ago around (750 on average). We have also gone back to averages from pre-Novemeber of last year for the number of "new posts".

More strikingly, these numbers for the month of August occurred in a period when we had the U16 tournament.

I think the months of September and October will see averages that is slightly better than averages got just after we moved to this new site.

The Waggonists as expected, have disbanded......the diehards LIVE ON !!! :devil:

Football / Country before school. ...Rijsbergen backs Corneal in SSFL rift.
« on: September 03, 2006, 11:42:19 PM »
Rijsbergen backs Corneal in SSFL rift.
By: Lasana Liburd (Express).

Trinidad and Tobago national football team coach Wim Rijsbergen is set to meet with Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) representatives to discuss the use of national under-17 players who still attend school. However, Rijsbergen announced his support for the stance taken by his youth teams coach Anton Corneal who said the interest of national team must take precedence over that of the schools. "There should only be one interest," said Rijsbergen, a former Dutch World Cup player and an assistant coach for the Soca Warriors at the 2006 World Cup.
Corneal said last week that he might withdraw players from the SSFL so as to improve their chances at the final Concacaf qualifying phase for the 2007 FIFA Under-17 World Cup, which will be staged next April.
Corneal, head coach of the national youth teams, said that his players would be doing strength training and should rest rather than represent their schools on off-days. He also suggested that the low standard of the SSFL would erode the forward steps made by his players in their third place finish at the 2006 Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Youth Tournament.
But Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) general secretary Azaad Khan said the schools would resist any effort to stop national players from competing.
Khan said he could not see how the schools' league, which ends in October, could hinder the national team's preparation for a tournament that starts next April and pointed that FIFA rules only allowed countries to withdraw players five days before a match.
George Hislop, a retired magistrate and former chairman of the SSFL Disciplinary Committee, also insisted that a student's development included extra-curricular activities and urged the Ministry of Education to ensure students were not unnecessarily disrupted from their curriculum with the often unrealistic lure of a future in professional football.
Rijsbergen said such matters should be dealt with in a constructive manner between the respective stakeholders, and urged that everyone work together for the sake of the country.
But he showed no sign of budging from Corneal's stated position and did not accept that national duty might be an unnecessary distraction for students. He said it was normal in Holland for young players to practice before school on mornings and then after school in the evening.
This, he explained, was the professional ideal. It would take Trinidad and Tobago some time to get to this level but, he felt, it was in everyone's best interest to help take the country there.
"We have to sit down and make a plan with the schools," said Rijsbergen. "We cannot have a situation where we are bad talking the schools and the schools are bad talking the national sessions. There is only one interest and that is the national team and the country. "A lot of players want a good education and, if we can achieve that, then that is the best thing for everybody." The 2006 SSFL season kicks off on Thursday with competition in the north, east and south zones.

Football / Why is it we do better in Cricket than Football !!
« on: August 30, 2006, 07:32:09 PM »
(Especially in the Carribean)Is it because of:

1. More people play cricket in TnT than football
2. More facilities for cricket development (cricket acedemy) than football
3. Better coaches in cricket than football
4. More success in cricket in TnT so there is an inclination by more kids to play the sports hence bigger pool of players
5. More money from sponsors
6. More sponsorship from gov't for cricket than football
7. Football is an expensive sport
8. Better development in school cricket league
9. The cricket clubs are better orgaized and managed than football
10. Better management of TnT cricket than the TTFF
11. People in other Carribean countries play more football than cricket
12. Does it have anything to do with race?

Football / Sealy: KC vs Redbulls at 8:30pm
« on: August 30, 2006, 06:10:38 PM »
Game will be starting in 1/2hr...Sealy being mentioned a lot and the fact he was in the World Cup qualifying squad..

Catch it on MSG

Football / TTFRA Thread.
« on: July 23, 2006, 01:13:36 AM »
Football Refs Association plan training courses

Sunday, July 23rd 2006
 The Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) is inviting the public to a referees' training course planned for venues across T&T.

The ideal candidate should be young, physically fit, intelligent and a person of integrity, according to a press release from the TFFRA's office.

Proposed dates and venues for the course are:

East Zone-Monday July 24, St Augustine Senior Comp, 6.30 p.m.

Central Zone-Thursday July 27, Presentation College Chaguanas, 7 p.m.

North Zone-Tuesday September 5, Belmont Junior Secondary, 7 p.m.

Dates for the South and Tobago zones are still undecided.

For further details, those interested

Football / K.C.'s Sealy named Player of the Week.
« on: July 20, 2006, 06:51:04 PM »
K.C.'s Sealy named Player of the Week.
Major League Soccer Communications.

NEW YORK -- Scott Sealy, Kansas City's second-year striker from Trinidad & Tobago, showcased his talents in the absence of his Wizard teammates Eddie Johnson and Josh Wolff, as he scored two goals in a 3-2 Wizards victory over the Chicago Fire and earned MLS Player of the Week honors for Week 12 of the 2006 season.
Sealy, a Rookie of the Year finalist in 2005, was pushed down the Kansas City depth chart with Johnson's arrival from Dallas. However, with starters Johnson and Wolff in Germany playing for the United States in the FIFA World Cup this month, Sealy got another chance to shine.
He wasted little time getting started. In the 27th minute Sealy ran on to a pass by teammate Sasha Victorine, charged in on goal and slotted the ball coolly past Chicago goalkeeper Zach Thornton to tie the score at 1-1.
Then, in the 39th minute, Sealy doubled his tally, when he finished a cross from Wizards left back Jose Burciaga Jr. Kansas City would go on to win the game 3-2 over the visiting Fire.
This is Sealy's first MLS Player of the Week award. The promising young forward was named an alternate to Trinidad & Tobago's World Cup team this summer, narrowly missing out on making the squad in his second year as a professional. The Major League Soccer Player of the Week is selected each week of the MLS regular season by a panel of journalists from the Professional Soccer Reporters Association (PSRA).

2006 Player of the Week Winners

Week 1: Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo)
Week 2: Jaime Moreno (D.C. United)
Week 3: Cornell Glen (Los Angeles Galaxy)
Week 4: Alecko Eskandarian (D.C. United)
Week 5: Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
Week 6: Dwayne De Rosario (Houston Dynamo)
Week 7: Jeff Cunningham (Real Salt Lake)
Week 8: Jean Philippe Peguero (New York Red Bulls)
Week 9: Jaime Moreno (D.C. United)
Week 10: Jeff Cunningham (Real Salt Lake)
Week 11: Ante Razov (Chivas USA)
Week 12: Scott Sealy (Kansas City Wizards)

Football / 13-min clip of Warrior Nation In Germany
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Includes live video with TI, TTcom, Bigdawg, Naps, 100%Barataria

Football / Southern Association 2006 season blasts off today
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Mervyn Stewart

Sunday, July 16th 2006
THE 2006 season of the Southern Football Association (SFA) officially opens today with a parade of teams at the Palo Seco Velodrome from 2 p.m.

Ă‚ This year will see a total of 17 teams participating, which is one more than last year, and once again they will be divided into two divisions.

Ă‚ Teams located north of Mosquito Creek will play in the Leonson Lewis Division, while those south of the Creek will compete in the Leroy De Leon Division.

 The day's proceedings will begin with the parade of the teams and that will be followed by the opening remarks. Next on the agenda is a tribute to Winston St Clair, followed by another tribute, to none other than former "Strike Squad" defender Brian Williams.

Ă‚ Then at 4 p.m. will be the first game of a double-header, which features the senior Fire Service (south) Football Club taking on Club Sando, while two hours later, Uprising Youths will do battle with Palo Seco Sports Club.

Ă‚ Teams looking to continue where they left off last year are defending league champions Petrotrin Sports Club, League Cup winners Palo Seco Sports Club and Executive Cup title-holders Pele Pele.

Ă‚ This Petrotrin-sponsored competition is one of the premier football tournaments in the southland and once again Petrotrin have shown their dedication and commitment to sports and youth development.

Ă‚ The SFA and their organising committee have promised that fans can expect a bigger and better competition this year, with lot of prizes and giveaways on offer.

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