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Football / Re: Jack Warner revealed ...
« on: January 18, 2009, 01:04:51 PM »
Too funny !!   ;D

Football / Re: Jorsling seeks Dubai challenge
« on: January 04, 2009, 11:18:37 AM »
Hold strong fellah......god will smile on your talents soon .....

Football / Re: Words of a Warrior.
« on: December 19, 2008, 01:16:08 AM »
Jan is very well spoken....

Football / Re: T&T teen footballers impress Man Utd coach
« on: December 17, 2008, 12:08:47 PM »
Was there an age limit?

Football / Re: Wrong team selected Experts bemoan T&T's Caribbean Cup flop
« on: December 09, 2008, 02:14:12 PM »
Is there any kind of ranking system for players in the PFL so that when a player is consistently ranked high (i.e metrics to prove that he is in form for a period of time as opposed to an opinion) the TTFF needs to give a solid reason as to why they are not selected. This ranking system should exist for all age levels (u23, u17 etc) that particpate in the PFL. It would also serve as an evaluation tool for any new or existing national coach at any level.

Football / Re: SWO - Sunday Morning Edition with Lincoln Phillips.
« on: November 30, 2008, 03:55:23 PM »
Nuff respect to Flex and the TD for this interview. This is definitely one for the archives.........

Football / Re: Player ratings: USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:26:01 PM »
A lackluster U.S. performance against T&T
By Noah Davis, Goal.com
1 hour, 12 minutes ago
 Getty Images - Oct 15, 11:02 pm EDT World Soccer Gallery Related CoveragePlayer ratings: USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago Goal.com World Cup 2010 qualifying coverage On a brutal pitch that felt close to 100 degrees, the U.S. national team fell 2-1 in an ugly match against Trinidad and Tobago at Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain.

Already through to CONCACAF’s final round of World Cup qualifying, the Americans didn’t need to win the game, while a result was of the utmost importance for T&T, which began in the night in a tie with Guatemala for the second and final qualifying spot in Group A.

The U.S.’s place on the table allowed Bob Bradley to play a host of youngsters – Freddy Adu and Jozy Altidore saw their first starts of the round, while second-half substitute Charlie Davies scored the Red, White, and Blue’s lone goal.

Trinidad and Tobago: In trouble

Ultimately, this game says more about T&T than it does about the U.S. Certainly, the home team put itself in position to advance to the second round, especially with Guatemala’s 2-1 loss to Cuba, but the Soca Warriors didn’t impress on their turf. Neither did the squad’s fans, who failed to fill Hasely Crawford and were almost silent for much of the first half and part of the second until Russel Latapy’s goal in the 61st minute.

Conventional wisdom states that a win is a win, but – as we’ve seen too often in the case of the United States – there’s frequently much more to a victory than simply the score. While T&T simply has to avoid losing to Cuba at home in November to advance into the Hexagonal, the team’s fate in the next round is precarious unless it improves dramatically.

The future of Beasley

DaMarcus Beasley, the most capped player in the United States lineup, had a solid, if never spectacular, match. He looked dangerous at times, although seemed overmatched in a leadership position without compatriots Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and others to help run the offense. Beas wore the captain’s armband, but Frankie Hejduk, merely a cap behind the Rangers man, earned respect with his hustle.

Furthermore, I’m not convinced DaMarcus is the solution at left back, a position he played in the latter stages of Saturday’s match against Cuba. He’s not just small, he’s tiny – Freddy Adu looked downright bulky standing next to Beas in a wall – and the United States gives up too many free kicks in dangerous positions to concede height. And yet, after the past two matches, there’s clearly a place for the midfielder on the 2010 World Cup team, just not in an obvious leadership role.

Guzan is no Howard

This isn’t a revelation, but if anyone doubted who was the American No. 1 keeper before Wednesday, those thoughts have been banished. Tim Howard’s backup from Aston Villa flubbed multiple forays by the Soca Warriors and generally looked off his game. While the first goal wasn’t Guzan’s fault, it did careen off the back of his head – after ricocheting off the post – and find its way into the net.

Trinidad and Tobago almost scored a goal early in the match after Guzan failed to punch away a free kick (why Adu and Beasley were in a two-man wall is another story), and only Michael Orozco’s correct positioning kept the game scoreless. Wednesday’s keeper will always be a serviceable No. 2 for the U.S., but that’s all he’ll be.

Jozy’s vision

Some talk before the match centered around whether Jozy Altidore could create within the context of the offense. While he scored against Cuba, it was on a semi-breakaway where he held off a defender one-on-one. But, lo and behold, Altidore showed he knows where his teammates are.

In the first half against T&T, the Villarreal striker slid a beautiful seeing-eye pass to Beasley who was in alone but, wrongly, ruled offside. Davies’ goal came on a feed from Jozy. By no means does Altidore have a complete understanding of the offense, but the kid’s only 18. Let’s give him a couple of months at least before requiring he pass the American soccer fan GRE.

Football / Player ratings: USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:23:41 PM »
Player ratings: USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago
By Kyle McCarthy, Goal.com
25 minutes ago

AP - Oct 15, 10:59 pm EDT World Soccer Gallery Related CoverageA lackluster U.S. performance against Trinidad and Tobago Goal.com World Cup 2010 qualifying coverage Dwight Yorke’s late penalty gave Trinidad and Tobago a 2-1 victory over the United States to give the Trinis a much-needed three points in their fight for a place in CONCACAF’s final round of World Cup qualifying.


Brad Guzan: 6 – Not to blame on either of the goals and generally looked in command of his penalty area. A competent and reliable second-string keeper.

Heath Pearce: 4 – Consistently looks out of match practice and out of his depth at international level. When paired against a good player, like Carlos Edwards, Pearce often comes off second best.

Michael Orozco: 6 – Looked the more comfortable and composed of the two center backs. Did well to hack clear a dangerous rebound in the opening stages and deflect an Edwards shot in the second half. Showed enough to prove he has a future at this level, especially with his physical play.

Danny Califf: 4.5 – This isn’t the game Califf sought to distinguish himself from Orozco and the injured Jay DeMerit. Often looked a step slow and failed to anticipate the play.

Frankie Hejduk: 5 – What you see is what you get from Frankie. He’ll go out and do a competent job in the back while ineffectively trying to provide width going forward. Not a bad effort.

DaMarcus Beasley: 5 – Stand-in captain tried to influence the game early, but generally faded away. Difficult to place too much blame on him considering the ineffective play in the middle of the field.

Jose Francisco Torres: 5 – Looked the best of the four other midfielders. Generally tidy in his passing and willing to step into the passing lanes. Remains to be seen whether he is a first-team player or a fringe player going forward.

Freddy Adu: 4.5 – Ineffective in breaking down the T&T defense. Aside from a long-distance shot that went astray, Adu had little impact on the match.

Maurice Edu: 4 – Passing bordered on criminal for most of the night. For a player with defensive tenacity, Edu showed precious little of it on this evening. Needs game time at Rangers or a loan to another club.

Sacha Kljestan: 4.5 – Not impressed with his passing, either. Did well to get into the wide-right channel on occasion but his final service lacked what it needed.

Jozy Altidore: 5 – His uneven performance is why Brian Ching remains on the team. Made a great run to set up Davies’ goal, but a spurned open net and a needless penalty giveaway topped off a generally ineffective night. Not that coach Bradley or his teammates gave him much support.


Charlie Davies: 6 – Came on for Adu in the 69th and showed enough to make Bob Bradley want to leave Eddie Johnson in Wales for the considerable future. Scored one and should have had an assist but for Altidore’s profligacy. … Danny Szetela: no rating – Replaced Torres in 84th minute. … Chris Rolfe: no rating – Replaced Pearce in 88th minute.


Clayton Ince: 6 – The keeper didn’t have much to do, but remained a calm force behind the T&T backline.

Akile Edwards: 6 – The better of the two fullbacks on the evening. Didn’t venture forward much, but didn’t make anyone forget Avery John either.

Dennis Lawrence: 6 – Sometimes rickety in his old age but generally did the job. Questions will be asked about where he was on the American goal.

Keyeno Thomas: 5 – Whiffed twice on an opportunity from a corner kick before leaving the match with an injury.

Silvio Spann: 5.5 – Looked a bit out of his depth at right back. It’s not his natural role, but he’s done well enough here to get the job done.

Keon Daniel: 4.5 – Has electric pace yet struggled to get in behind defenders. Abjectly neglected any sort of defensive duties. Again, the question has to be whether this is a good spot on the field for him.

Chris Birchall: 7 – How Birchall was ever left out of the team remains anyone’s guess. Did the things you want Michael Bradley to do in the center of the field. Held well while seizing his moments to plunge forward. Provided the impetus for the first goal.

Russell Latapy: 7 – Father Time has no mark on the 40-year-old playmaker. He fades in and out of the game now, but his first goal was well taken. Never puts a pass astray and generally found himself in the right spots.

Dwight Yorke: 6.5 – Very quiet up until scoring the winning penalty. Asked to do yeoman’s work in the middle of the park and completed the task well. Could T&T ask for a better option to take a penalty with the team’s World Cup future on the line?

Carlos Edwards: 7.5 – It’s not too much of a stretch to say Edwards has a case to be the best right winger in CONCACAF. Consistently gets in behind defenses and constantly threatens the opposition. Most players with attacking ability shirk defensive responsibility; Edwards tracked back frequently to foil Beasley. The best player on the field on this evening.

Jason Scotland: 6 – Does everything one can ask from a lone center forward. Holds the ball up well, stretches defenses by tracking down balls and competes for everything. Finishing touch wasn’t there, but a good shift.


Makan Hislop: 5.5 – Caught ball watching on the Americans’ goal. Otherwise, steady as she goes. &hellip: Stern John: 5 – Pretty quiet night for the Southampton striker. … Kareem Hyland: 6 – Looked active and bright at time when T&T needed his fresh legs.

Football / Re: Warriors make history with 2-1 win over USA.
« on: October 16, 2008, 10:00:43 AM »
I think the other person that can possibly compliment Birchall is Autis Whiley...what's the deal with him...nobody mentions him anymore..he played pretty well in the first few qualifiers....is he still injured....??

Football / Re: After U.S. outgrows CONCACAF, then what?
« on: October 10, 2008, 09:03:52 AM »
Some people need to put their emotions aside...the journalist didn't say next year or next 5-years...but it is inevitable (if I had to predict, I woul say in 10-years....

Look at the following:

1. Very good financial backing.
2. Infrastructure is pretty developed and is continuing to get better exponentially.
3. Sports management is of a high pedigree
4. Quality of Sports medicine personel and research is one of the best in the world.
5. Academies are pretty good and continue to be developed including being associated with leagues in Europe and S. America
6. Political Clout (arguable)
7. Current and great potential for readily available sponsorship deals (compared to other countries).
8. The US currently and in the near past attract major top -10 National teams (Argentina, England, Spain) as well as clubs (FC Barcelona, Chelea) around the world.
9. A fairly rapidly developing MLS league.
10. Large population with continous migration from footballing nations.
11. Potential to attract some of the biggest names in football, some which have already joined and some more contemplating.
12. Coaching academies is of good quality.
13. A developing football fanbase and fellowship

Please tell me who in Concacaf has even 1/2 of the above going for them ??

Yo...that goal by Stern where he collected it on his chest and in one motion turned and shot a volley was a boss goal...one of the best I've seen from him...

Football / Re: Scotland named to Championship Team of the Week
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:06:53 AM »
Anyone have clips of the goal?

Football / Re: Mystery, Magic and Maturana.
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:05:24 AM »
Well written perspective on our football...almost looks a summary that should be on Wiki..

Football / Re: Maturana Limits Latapy.
« on: October 07, 2008, 09:29:35 AM »
Maturana is fed up and wants to get fired....he knows he's in his last days before he gets the axe....he is tired of dealing with JW/TTFF et al...By not acknowledging Latas as part of the coaching staff, Maturana is just trying to get the process of JW firing him moved along....

Football / Re: T&T U-20s clinch Super League KO title
« on: September 19, 2008, 08:34:27 AM »
They need to be in th PFL next...

Jaggy should move up to the MLS as soon as he can..he's wasting his potential..

Football / Re: Warriors try to spoil USA's party
« on: September 09, 2008, 10:37:11 PM »
I like the attitude from Maturana... "We do not back down at anytime ".....This should be the Warriors slogan.

Ah have to take ah borrow...."Ah Love it !!!"

Football / Re: FIFA: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words
« on: September 08, 2008, 02:08:45 PM »

Pat: "aah my friend, I see yuh bring Luigi and Fat Tony out of retirement to put ah hit on the cabinet"

Jack: "Iz nuttn pussonal, juth businithh.....ok leh-leh we go an eat yuh lath meal nah"

JW to Manning "I will make u an offer you can't refuse!!"

Football / Re: Sunderland pull T&T captain from USA match.
« on: September 08, 2008, 11:28:54 AM »
Conspiracy theory:

Maybe Yorke is gettin too slow (with age/injury as was evidenced by the last game and vouched for by the Guat coach) and while still has a lot to contribute to the game and will figure into Maturana's plans, for this specific game against the US he is probably more of a liability. Maturana may have told him him you will come off the bench against the US or possibly may not play at all.  If Keane sees his player made a trip across the Atlantic to come off the bench (or not play at all) that would NOT be the right message to the Sunlun manager......

To save face.....he and Maturana thought it best he return to Sunlun since he is not needed specifically for the US game....

Just a theory......

go ahead...hit it for 6 !! ;D

Technical Support / Re: We're back
« on: September 08, 2008, 08:34:51 AM »
Nice works on the site guys......for a few hours yesterday I thought Jack Warner had the site taken down or sometin.....ah was sweatin meh balls off....... :-\

Admins.....doh do we that again !!!....yuh need some redunduncy in your environment...

Football / Re: TNT vs Guatemala TV Viewing NY/TriState area UNITE!!
« on: September 05, 2008, 01:30:17 PM »
Who comin through ??

Football / Re: Jackie Chan
« on: September 05, 2008, 10:28:12 AM »
Welcome... :beermug:

Football / Re: Anyone could guess whaz JW surprise announcement tomorrow
« on: September 05, 2008, 10:24:19 AM »
FIFA is now the top sponor for the Miss Universe pageant...... Jack Warner has entered the contest as an honorary particpant.....he gave Miss Venezuela "the bird" when she smirked upon hearing the news at the press conference ....

Football / Re: T&T U-20s draw blank.
« on: September 05, 2008, 09:00:50 AM »
straight talk Lasana !!

When is the last time Jagdeo been on the National squad ?

Football / Re: Ronaldo late strike denies champs Jabloteh.
« on: September 03, 2008, 07:35:28 AM »
Has Marvin Oliver gotten ever played for our national squad ?

Football / Re: Played against Marvin Faustin today
« on: August 29, 2008, 05:09:42 PM »
With all due respect..Marvin Faustin is a ah REAL SCHUPIDEE !!!

You actually telling people the TTFF do u that.....dey take yuh ticket and gone and u ah ask no qustion....yuh take that dry jess soo like ah coonoomoonoo......who is the c#nt now !!................respect .....

Ah like the hunger Scotty !!!

Football / Re: Maturana & Corneal
« on: August 21, 2008, 12:41:27 PM »
Awrite Tallman I respect your ability to throw some facts at me but I feel you are missing the point,I am aware of those results that you have pointed out,now if Wim was capable of getting those results here is the big deal,why did he always put down our local players,he was paid millions to improve those boys that are now doing so well.When was the last time we went to Jamaica and get a 2-2 draw with little boys when Jamaica brought out all their big guns.We were also robbed of a win in Trinidad against the same Jamaica.I think those results against Jamaica alone proved that Maturana is doing something right.RESPECT!

De 2-2 draw against Jamaica was a great result, and the boys never gave up, but we did not by any stretch of de imagination play well. Just last year we came back from a goal down to draw 1-1 with Guatemala, and we played with 10 men for over an hour, and we could have won it at the death. Also, as I mentioned before, we came from 2 goals down to draw 2-2 with Guadeloupe in Guadeloupe, and we drew 0-0 with El Salvador. Maturana try out all kinda players, but when de stakes get high he end up using ah setta de same players dat Wim was using.

What ah getting at, is dat de arguments to support de notion dat Wim was ah goat and ah hound are unfounded when yuh talking about football, results, team selection etc. What it boils down to is de man had no charisma, and probably no tact, personality and people skills. But wit all de talk Wim talk in de media, he give all kinda man de debut, call back men who didn't sweat in ah long time, as well as men who had sporadic caps. He regularly attended Pro League games to see what was on offer. A lot of people jes doh like de man, or never care fuh him. Is ah simple case of dey blood eh take him. Eh nutten wrong wid dat. I mehself never rate Porterfield, although he was our best ever coach statistics-wise, but ah cyar back it up with facts. I jes feel dat most if not all de good results he got was as a result of de tightly knit team dat Bertille built, but I cyar prove dat, is jes how ah feel.

At de end of de day Maturana and Wim are/were operating under a different set of conditions.

I just want to see our football progress, not just de senior team, but all facets.

The Gatekeeper has spoken !!

Football / Re: Concacaf Round Up
« on: August 21, 2008, 12:21:06 PM »
Jamaica hold Canada to draw in World Cup qualifier

      Buzz Up PrintTORONTO, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Canada were held to a 1-1 draw by Jamaica in the opening Group Two match of their CONCACAF World Cup third round qualifiers at BMO Field on Wednesday.

Spain-based midfielder Julian de Guzman put the home team ahead in the 47th minute before the Jamaicans levelled five minutes later through an own goal by Canada goalkeeper Pat Onstad.

Mexico and Honduras are also in Group Two for this round of home and away qualifiers which ends on Nov. 19.

The top two in each of the three groups qualify for next year’s final round robin stage, from which three teams go through to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The fourth-placed team faces a playoff against the fifth-placed team in South America. (Writing by Mark Lamport-Stokes in Los Angeles; Editing by John O’Brien)

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