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Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Micheal Riddim gih we ah bligh nah
« on: November 22, 2005, 08:01:30 PM »
long time yuh in gih we ah lil music least ah SocaWARRIORS comin, carnival comin we kyah hear from yuh....comeon Micheal

Football / Who makin de trip?
« on: November 09, 2005, 11:01:55 AM »
so Truetrini going dong, de Tongue goin dong, Tallman goin dong.....who else?

Football / be WARNED
« on: October 11, 2005, 08:15:50 PM »
anybody postin any chupid negative vibez tomorrow, will get a serious cussin eh! dun start tuh get tizzic.

.........we jes want tuh keep VIBeZIN.........[/b]

Football / if yuh in red yuh dead
« on: October 11, 2005, 08:06:03 PM »
big day eh care ah wearing meh red finta polo tuh wuk.....who else wearing dey red :cheers: :chilling: :beermug: :beermug: :beermug: :beermug:?!!!!! den later is lime like chupidness......drinks and least drinks....

ps...los, maxg, samo, jdb, jumbie de cooler will not be lost for dis lime.... ;D

Football / Uprising, chek dis
« on: October 10, 2005, 09:45:52 PM »
lime by Scruff Wednesday

Football / U-17 semis
« on: September 29, 2005, 08:01:13 PM »
semi final vs full of xcitement....went from 3-0 at half to end'up 4-3...wit the winner coming in de mauby dregs....Turkey played wit 10 for a long period of orf course de yellow jersey wearing side had some very skillfull against Mexico should be nice...Mexico have some horses deyself

Football / a viewin spot for the DC Warriors
« on: August 29, 2005, 08:59:17 PM »
El Puente de Oro 11123 Veirs Mill Rd., Wheaton, showing the game...the time dey have is 4tutty.....its opposite Wheaton Plaza near de crossover....didden see the charge...but yuh dun know it have real Lateeknows roun dey so reach early if yuh want tuh get een.....

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / represented
« on: August 29, 2005, 12:02:34 PM »
good to see we got some airtime on the VMA's last nite....even doh it was for a couple pan and de red white black were very visible. ENT! :beermug: :wavetowel:

Football / good meetin
« on: August 18, 2005, 07:00:10 PM »
Jumbie, maxg, Patriot, JDB, samo,Tallman, flex, Jersey Trini, and Palos it was a pleasure seein allyuh. Patriot yuh have tuh save yuh receets and see Jack come give yuh ah complementry for ah trip somewey.....and yeah boy Jersey dem white pants was sumtingelse yes qui! 

Football / men drivin to the game
« on: August 17, 2005, 06:34:52 AM »
...allyuh take allyuh time and reach safely.

Football / a local peeper...sad sad sad
« on: June 29, 2005, 08:12:50 PM »
ue Jun 28, 6:38 PM ET

Toronto, Ontario - A 25-year-old man was arrested after a teenage girl found him staring at her from below an outhouse seat, police said. Police said they pulled Trini Man from Pickering from the waste tank under a log cabin outhouse on Monday.

"We had to decontaminate him," said Capt. Jon Hebert of the Toronto Police Department, adding that firefighters hosed the man down before police handcuffed him. "We treated him as if he were hazardous material," Hebert said
Man was charged with criminal trespass. Hebert said he could face more charges.

Man was freed on bail for a July 19 appearance in Pickering Court.

Football / Kaka like tuh lime by Primary Schools or wha....
« on: June 07, 2005, 09:50:23 AM »
Kaka announces he will get married after 2006 World Cup
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Associated Press
Posted: 2 days ago     
 SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - Brazil international midfielder Kaka says he will marry after the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

His wife-to-be is 17-year-old Brazilian student Caroline Celico, who has been Kaka's girlfriend since he was 13 years old.

"I'll get married after the Cup, hopefully with the title won," the AC Milan player told Globo TV during a live interview on Saturday.

Kaka, 23, made the announcement just hours before Brazil's last practice ahead of Sunday's World Cup qualifier against Paraguay in the southern city of Porto Alegre.

Celico will have turned 18 by next year's World Cup.


Football / the selected 18
« on: May 05, 2005, 02:15:46 PM »
all ah we waiting with great anticipation to see who BeeneMan put on the standby list. My 7 standbyers hilited...who allyuh tink go be on it?

Derek Phillips (Shamrock Rovers), Densill Theobold (Caledonia AIA Fire), Keon Daniel (St Clair Coaching School), Gary Glasgow (Unattached), [/b] Hasely Holder (Unattached), Anton Pierre (Defence Force), Dwayne Jack (Tobago United), Jan Michael Williams, Arnold Dwarika, Andre Toussaint, Kendall Davis, Atiba Charles ( W Connection), Keyeno Thomas, Nigel Daniel, Angus Eve, Duarance Williams, Kerry Baptiste, Trent Noel, Aurtis Whitley, Michael Celestine, Nigel Pierre (CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh), Carlon Murray (Unattached), Kevin Graham, [/b] Derek King (Joe Public), Radhanfan Abu Bakr (Queens [/b] Royal [/b] College), Anthony Wolfe, Kendall Jagedeosingh (National Quarries North East Stars).

Cricket Anyone / are you an ALF? and find out
« on: May 04, 2005, 08:35:17 AM »
taken from the Guardian 5/4/05


Don’t be fooled by his 10 000 runs, two world records, 27 centuries including a quadruple, triple and five doubles. Lara is a cancer on West Indies cricket.

At first glance this logic seems irrational, but to really understand it you have to speak to an ALF. I don’t mean the comedian turned born-again Christian with headlining experience. In this case, ALF stands for Anti Lara Fan.

The two fundamentals of ALF are simple:

1. Any runs scored by Lara are only for himself and not on behalf of the West Indies team. Lara’s runs always come with a selfish motive

2. Lara makes runs only when he wants to. Any low score is either a deliberate attempt to undermine the incumbent captain, or just a matter of being ‘don’t carish.’He’s thinking about carnival or some British supermodel.

ALFs are masters at taking any situation in a game involving West Indies and constructing an argument proving that Lara is the problem. The simpler the premise of their arguments the better. The example below illustrates an ALF argument which can be applied in the wake of the Port-of-Spain defeat. Fact 1: Lara didn’t play in the First Test in Guyana and the team drew.

Fact 2: Lara played in the Second Test in Trinidad and the team lost.

Conclusion: West Indies are a better team without Lara and he should be omitted.

Believe it or not, this simple logic is enough to convince many. There are, however, others who will demand that the ALF come with something a bit stronger and consider at least some other elements such as the performance of the South Africans, the flat pitch at Bourda, the performance of other batsmen in the West Indies team, Shiv’s captaincy, the no balls of Reon King and of course Lara’s overall contribution in the losing cause.

But ALFs are not easily defeated; in fact, they will then turn that evidence against Lara by explaining to you that all of the other factors were influenced by Lara. In the last Test match, Lara made 200 runs, but ALFs will tell you defeat was Lara’s fault because the other members of the team did not score runs. Lara quite simply stops others from performing by his very presence. He makes other batsmen feel so inferior they can’t even hold a bat straight. He stops the bowlers from taking wickets and sends out so much negativity that fielders can’t even hold on to the dolly catches. At the same time he inspires the opposition to play better. Once bombarded by this evidence, always presented with high emotion, even the biggest Lara supporter is forced to give up in exasperation.

ALFs have ready made anti Lara arguments for all scenarios. When Lara makes a big score and other batsmen support with runs to produce a formidable total, Lara’s innings is irrelevant. The fact that everybody else made runs means that the wicket must have been really easy. This adds fuel to another common ALF belief that Lara is only a flat wicket bully.

When Lara makes a moderate score, but the team makes a big score, Lara is to blame for simply not trying (Refer to point 2 of ALF fundamentals). If Lara is the best batsmen in the world he should have stood up like the others.

Lara has made hundreds with injured thumbs, hamstring strains and even hepatitis, but ALFs will warn you not to mistake any of this for dedication to the cause of West Indies cricket. It is all a matter of glory for Lara (Refer to Point 1 of ALF Fundamentals). When Lara almost single- handedly won two Test matches against Australia in 1999 that was not inspirational leadership. That was selfish play aimed at just securing his position as West Indies captain after being put on a two-match probation. Of course, if he had failed as a batsman in that series, the ALF response would have been, a true champion batsman should be able to make runs under any conditions against the best opposition.

So win, lose or draw, Lara is the victim. Lara should realise that his over-achievement is frowned on by the growing population of ALFs among us. If he can curb his appetite for runs, step back and try to play at the level of the others and not be a ‘stand out’ he may blunt the ALF attacks. Who knows, one day a little ALF may even whisper in your ear that Lara just might have been a team man with West Indies cricket at heart.



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Football / Every man jack! should be climing over each other
« on: April 03, 2005, 09:51:10 AM »
With the coming of most experience coach in the history of Tt football. Every man Jack should be climing over each other to learn from him. This does not only apply to players but some 'ah dem jokey coaches' we have. Coaches who still stick with 70's and 80' football theory. Coaches that going on all kinda course and still not getting it.

This is an ideal time for the football to make some head way. Over time we had to deal with some second raters.....but now we have somebody who  have serious credentials.

The comittee of ONE have tuh make everything available tuh, car, driver, gyal.....nah nah no gyal doh tink he mite be able wit dem Tnt 'oman.

Allyuh watch and see how dem practice matches go be coming, with no seta cancellin like before......

It will interesting to hear how some ah dem talkers attempt tuh break down some of Leo's tactics.... big mout Andre Baptiste, and we supposedly big scout and columist 'Sabo' Corneal. All dem have tuh do now is hush dey mout, sit back and watch ah experience man conduct business. ENT!

Football / Bertie real fool we yes......
« on: March 31, 2005, 03:39:12 PM »
and all dis time Bertie have we tinking is de European based players he going and meet.....playin he having meeting an ting....oh he lookin for any commited nationals tuh commit tuh de "we going Germany campaign"......steupes!.....not knowing is flikkin message Berti was carrying for Jack.

De gang of 1 probably tell him..... do dis for 3 months and then wha ever frequent flyer miles yuh get flying back and fort carryin dem message yuh could keep along with dem Finta bag and hat......

Kevin 'Kaptain Kwitter' Kegan probably say....shhhhhit! City only stressing supporters stressing meh.....meh gyal stressing meh so why not go to the caribbean like Porty....drink some rum, eat some roaddie, do a lil kick around wit the boys and take the bloody money an run......small ting ent! Bertie boy yuh real fool we yes....

JEEEEZAN AGES....WHAT A PILE (only because is Easter Sunday and ah in go tuh church yet ah in cussin)

Fuss tuh begin me an de breddahs and ah couple sisters get tuh de place and mind U is tree places in the same shopping area showing de game and all ah dem have long line tuh get een....ah pay meh twentays and gorn een.....reach een de place pack like 20 Guatemalan in ah bug comin across de border.....we finally get ah decent spot in de back....easy access to the emergency exit in de event Tnt pull it orf and we have tuh make ah quick exit...

game about tuh start....teams coming on the field....all ah we say, "wait nah is York wearing de captain ban' !!! hmmm.... we side have de most amount ah captain start...ball in we eh know how we didden get ah penal again we in de earlies fuh dah wile man tackle Sancho pelt in de de game continue... we do chupidness dem do chupidness.....dem attack....we attack.....dem take ah shot....Shaka go down tuh save it....buh wait nah...why dem flikkin Guatemalans making GOALASSO in we dat set de tone for the nite WEEE! eventually we score off ah prayey....Carlos take ah shot reflect off ah Guatemalan an gorn een de in silence...couldah hear ah beer bokkle drop....but den again beer bokkles dropping whole nite cause is only carona dem man an few ladies we score and couple ah we start tuh make noise....not knowing was de only noise we getting tuh make except for de frequent steupsin....steupes so much all de inside ah meh mout we get some more goalassos...den we coach make ah sub....Tiger gorn off and bring een Sam dah made sence....but den the fyah sub...dat Einstein take off Jones and bring orn Nahkid....jeezan! de greatest tactical move ever made by a manager/coach/td what ever de job description does call he probably was tinkin....."now is de time for de secret weapon tuh pull we' people tink I eh know wha I doing"....well everyman jack dat supportin wonder buh wha dis man really doing...Pierre scoring, Spann on de bench travel quite from China....and den gorn an bring een Roger Milla.....ooops ah mean least Milla use tuh de way GOALASSO in we arse dah point we say enuff ah dis we....some ah we exit at 4 goalassos tuh 1 goalasso....only tuh fine out from ah pardah laytah dat there was a fifth goalasso.....on de way out ah Guatemalan tell we in he own way.....Sorrrrrry. all ah could do was jes laff ah long long we in get ah hand....well it cyah get no worser dan dis nah.....onto Wednesday.........

seems like the cover charge is $20 for most places...

PUENTE DE ORO 2 11123 VEIRS MILL RD 301-942-3070 WHEATON 20902

BOQUERON 2311 PRICE AVE 301-933-4900 SILVER SPRING 20902-4639
EL MAJAHUAL MD 8638 FLOWER AVE 301-565-2036 TAKOMA PARK 20912-6635




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