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Football / Re: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Thread.
« on: July 24, 2017, 06:51:59 AM »
JA out hustle, out muscle and just run Mexico into the ground. Not the prettiest football but once the keeper kept making big save Mexico was getting frustrated. Mexico bring on a wide player late, the man almost change it for them, why he on bench ??? Jamaica was jamming and Mexico really did not have it to mix it up. The keeper should have anticipated that free kick but then again, well placed. Congrats Jamaica

Football / Re: TTFA News Thread.
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:23:53 AM »
Heard through some football people in Central that some players and some staff still never got paid for the games vs Nicaragua over Christmas  ::)

Football / Re: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Thread.
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:21:06 AM »
Keep an eye out for EL Salvador they showed that even under pressure they can move that ball.
They really should have scored a couple against US. Credit to USA they found a way to win the game, but
boy talk about shit.

Feel real sorry for Panama, tough goal, but they had there chances. CR in the semi vs USA

Just like when Jack Warner was in power. Same old same old.

Talk about a step back

A Board of Directors with their hands out taking scraps
No direct involvement in the decision making
Probably do not have to hand over fees collected as registration with TTFA (a form of payout)
A Dictator who has made more mistakes in a year and a half than any other President

A Forum that complains, but really cannot have an direct impact. How about a Banner that reads John Williams Out at the next set of TT Games ???

Football / Re: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Thread.
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:46:21 AM »
Many of the teams in this Gold Cup are B even C teams. USA, Mex, Jamaica all not carrying their top players. US however, just added some beef.

Curacao and Nicaragua played some nice football,especially Curacao with almost the entire squad being born and playing in Holland.

French Guiana I dont know why countries not in FIFA in this tournament, and the Malouda thing real jokey.

Canada seems to be the surprise team of this tournament. I read they have not scored goals or even won a game since 2011 and not been in he quarter finals since 2009. I feel they making semi.

Jamaica running like crazy, but have very little team play. With Mattocks they still scoring and could surprise any team

Mexico not playing ball, they dam luck vs Curacao , they have a tinker man coach and no striker. Don't know which mexico will show up.

Costa Rica look like a team missing a spark plug, they have not played good since 2016. Campbell playing real poor, he gorn anyway, but they have Ruiz one of the best players in concacaf

El Sal is a nice little team good touches and their bribe takers are back in the squad, quarters is an achievement

Honduras real Jekyl and Hyde but the running like fowl thief. In front of goal dem strikers cokey eye. Anybody know why Bengton and Najar no longer playing for them ???

Panama playing the best ball and seem to like GC, nobody who could score. Where Perez?  They in another quarters and could upset CR

US is US and now they added some guns sending a message they want to win this tournament.

Football / Re: Terry Fenwick Thread.
« on: January 13, 2017, 07:47:51 PM »
Breeze say Fenwick get the job. So is long ball and battle football.

Two World Cup coaches failed before Maturana & the German fellah. So now players calling who they want as coach. Shaka laugh or cry :-\ No it is not the same as when Jack hired the racist.

This story could not be made up and produced by Tommy Joseph & Sprangalang.

DJW now on his knees looking for yet another coach, knowing no respectable coach will take the job, unless he out of piper money. Hart will not coming back once he there, so choices are Stewart Charles, Latapy and Fenwick. The lack of player discipline shows that T&T are not serious. Only in Trinidad and Tobago could players decide who they want as coach. Imagine Germany, Brazil and England players making such request ???

Charles for once will stand up to DJW and say no thanks, though if he coach DJW  would be co-coach. Latapy taking anything like a warf whore and Fenwick selling himself worst than when he try to defend Diego in 86.
Fenwick is the best choice, plus word is he will take the job at any cost, his resume needs it, but DJW and all of WC crew despise the man. If he  Fenwick get hired look for Earl Jean and that whole organization to  :banginghead: :pissedoff: :cursing: :frustrated: after all the bad talking they do. Plus to now see their visionary Guru stoop to  :praying:  DJW creditability is now even lower than the white line in the road and he did it his way :rotfl:

Football / Re: David John Williams Thread.
« on: January 13, 2017, 07:32:16 PM »
This story could not be made up and produced by Tommy Joseph & Sprangalang.

DJW now on his knees looking for yet another coach, knowing no respectable coach will take the job, unless he out of piper money. Hart will not coming back once he there, so choices are Stewart Charles, Latapy and Fenwick. Only in Trinidad and Tobago could players decide who they want as coach. Imagine Germany, Brazil and England players making such request ???

Charles for once will stand up to DJW and say no thanks, Latapy taking anything like a warf whore and Fenwick selling himself worst than when he try to defend Diego in 86.
Fenwick is the best choice, plus word is he will take the job at any cost, his resume needs it, but DJW and all of WC crew despise the man. If he  Fenwick get hired look for Earl Jean and that whole organization to  :banginghead: :pissedoff: :cursing: :frustrated: after all the bad talking they do. Plus to now see their visionary Guru stoop to  :praying:  DJW creditability is now even lower than the white line in the road and he created for he self. ;D

Football / TTFA Football Cabal
« on: October 30, 2016, 07:24:05 PM »
For all the genius minds on this forum who always know what should be done. This is a rant!!! :banginghead:

Let us look at the situation in T&T Football since DJW form his football Cabal. :bs:
Shabazz, Muhammed Isa, Ewen Davis, who ever else who simply says YES and his majesty DJW.

DJW will deny that Shabazz is involved but everybody around T&T Football will tell you different.  Every team is staffed with Cali and WC peoples. (Watch the ride, soon the senior team will be the same)

Women's team coach get fired and the Women lost every game.
Girls team U15 get spanked 21 and 22 goals against.
U17 Coach fired Latapy put in place Boys fail to qualify
U20 Coach from last year no used the team  squeeze in with one win ( happy for them, truthfully)
Men team distracted and started the year on strike because DJW refuse to pay and it has been controversy ever since.

Is Muhammed Isa really the TD a growing football nation needs. He there t agree t everything DJW say and eat ah food.

Now people in T&T football will tell you flat out, DJW (WConnection) and Jamal Shabazz (Cali) running the Pro League since Jack walk away in 2010. Pro League was getting 80,000 a month, so they had to do very little to collect a cool million . Now pro League has been run into the ground, so much so they now playing on Minor league grounds.

This is JW all over again without the influence and money.

How long will our football remain in the back waters of CFU and CONCACAF, while almost every other Nation progressing. Yes we may win a game here, or there, but not by design. The same old blame coach mentality. While Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala all moving forward. Anyway we in the Hex, Jersey clean and I supporting win lose or draw, but I supporting my country, NOT TTFA CABAL :pissedoff: :frustrated: :cursing:

 :bs: De Silva is not a fool. Why go and play two games for Guyana and not play for a whole year after that.
WCQ for Guyana is for 2022, so best he wait for T&T call and fight for it.
Guyana was out of Caribbean Cup in two two's and out of WCQ same way, same way. ::)
Right now it hard to crack T&T Central Midfield, but injuries and form could lead to a crack at it.

Football / Re: Soca Warriors stop Panama 2-1.
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:26:07 AM »
No Cyrus is not our answer at Right Back from a defending position, the 10 from Nicaragua showed that, but really who else is capable?
Primus has had about three straight knee operations and has not played in almost two years. Both Hoyte's are the best options, but Justin has not played consistently. I still feel he should be brought into the squad.
As for Alvin Jones, he is a long way from ready especially as a defender, even though he is one to watch. He is best at long range freekicks, in my opinion we need a player who can defend first.

What SH has done with a shoe string wallet and poor administration surroundings is nothing short of  ::) :applause: :challenge: :cheers:. My fear is TT expectations are unrealistic.

Football / Present National Team
« on: September 13, 2015, 07:31:34 PM »
Men talking football and the general concensus is that this present National team
is one of the least talented in many years, yet playing some of the best football.
Yes the back line suspect, but that is maninly because our wing backs are really converted

This team have no Yorke, Stern, Latapy, Nixon,  Lawrence, Shaka or Ince.
Not even an Eve, Nakid or Dwarika, but yet they competing.

Not much to work with in truth, but some how the team working.


Football / Re: Vintage Photo Thread.
« on: September 13, 2015, 07:24:39 PM »
Recogonize Clide Leon Back 5 from left and Marvin Phillip bottom 5 from left

Football / Re: 2015 CFU Club Championship
« on: May 25, 2015, 11:10:18 AM »
On Holiday and watched these games. Both Trinidad teams were very very poor on the opening night. Outside of Jan Michael, not one
central player looked good, maybe Akeem. Leston Paul came on and added some spark but it was like Central was scared of a Haitian boys team.
All the big names were shooting blanks.
W had the tougher team from Jamaica and also did not look good Jomal Williams & Gomes being the best and I am being generous.
Yesterday both T and T teams came out agricultural, where was this intensity versus the foreign opponents. The refree was bad, but
both W players deserve what they got RED. Again Jan was Central man, but they as a team played the better game.
Plenty people was saying these two teams had not one Jamaican or Haitian National team players, which raise my eyebrow. Haiti sat near by
me and they look like an U21 team

Also saw the U23 play the Army this morning, all National coaches were present it look like, way too many players hanging on
to this team anyone can see they not Nationals. Welch, Henry, Corbin, Humphreys, Jones, Roach, Readhead (those are the names I picked up) look decent and very good at times. Henry and Corbin play well together. Saw Sam for the first time he looked miles away from a Nashy, so did Watson  from the last u20..

Football / Re: Corneal: Soca Warriors have a long way to go.
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:41:26 AM »
So experts let me ask you all. Which local left back should get call? Please dont say
Jack, or Bentik, cause if allyuh saying any of them two better than Hoyte, I will  :rotfl: and then :cursing:

PS: The left back from the U20,  show he have something but really not ready. Who he with in the League?

Football / Re: When You Have Cocoa in Sun
« on: February 19, 2015, 08:49:55 AM »
Good discussion my ass. Its nostalgic nonsense

I really think we should all go back to using Latrine and toting water from the stand pipe.
My mother and father never complained. As a matter of fact lets let Britain take back over and we become
a colony again we, things was way better when white people run the country.  :puking:


This is a time of communication, social media and global coverage. Intense scrutiny is the order of the day.
Football has moved on so far from that time period it is unthinkable and will also add boldly, we achieved very little. As a matter of fact the average fan is more aware of what true football requirements are necessary, than Roderick Warner, Osborne, Vidale ever did.

Just for your information Edgar Vidal was on radio the other day making similar sentiments about the lack of preparation for our youth teams.

We never qualified for any u18 or U20 WC back then. Very little people even realized we were in competition, if you miss it in the papers it was a done event.

I dont see it as complaining as much as trying to create awareness, almost showing what is necessary to move forward in the game. CONCACAf has left us in the rearview, because of similar blindness and lack of knowledge. The biggest coaches in the world everyday talking about their squad needs. Look at LVG and Rogers. Mourinho famous quote to "make a perfect omlette you need perfect eggs" Its an awareness issue. Look at the list of needs / wants Klinsman making the US aware off.

The question you should be asking is if Cooper, Hart, King are wrong? Can we achieve success without bringing the football to a level playing field? If your answer is yes. Please please please enlighten us and while you do so, name me one successful country that achieveing without quality players, well prepared players & teams, good league football, a successful management team, the list goes on.

I dear say coache its exactly your mentality that has us where we are today. Accept the shit, say nothing and get on with it. This is why the entire country is the way it is, socially, politically, educationally and sportingly. But say what, after all we like it so.   :worried:  :banginghead:

Football / Re: Look Loy: Schools football is hurting the Soca Warriors
« on: February 07, 2015, 05:25:55 PM »
Thanks Sam. these guys were in charge of Technical development & restructuring. What was Look Loy and Anton Legacy. They left no structure and the current crop of players can be traced back to their development.
T&T have one footballer right now Molino. He is the only player clubs really want. The rest struggling to find a decent club and playing all in Vietnam, Lithuania and far out leagues like Star Trek, where no man has gone before.

 What he did mention is what all of us saying & Hart said it as well. We need money that can be invested in the football. Not just teams, but schools & Academy. Look Loy talk with out giving any real answers. . :frustrated: Sancho not going and do nothing for football, watch :banginghead:

My friends all say that football finish in T&T. Skeen not doing one thing after 10+ years of pro league.
Nobody watching  and the football standard real poor. Last year I was home and watch some Intercol, not a single player look like he have a future in ball outside the local league. Went to see a South zone game also, talk about shit.

Start supporting Red Force we, because that is where money going.

Football / Re: Trinidad and Tobago Football should be Restructured
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:30:57 PM »
Right now those same zones are the Executives that run T&T Football.
The same executives that worked under jack warner.
The same executive who individually cannot run one effective zone in local football
The same executive members who cannot run the FA or Super League

Football / Re: Waiting on Stephen Hart's take on the U-20 team.
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:01:25 AM »
What are the expectations of many of you on the forum. So much shit spoken many people have left the forum.

Errol admits to TTFA short comings, lack of preparation and all that. Yet King getting blamed. :bs:

I watch every game on line. The line up vs USA as an example had. Garcia, Seecheran, Andrews, WoLing and Mucket. All attacking players. Then with 20 minutes left, Mitchell and Garcia came on with John. All attacking players. With my limited knowledge, in possession, the attacking players did not perform well. Mitchell and Levi in particular looked nervous. T&T created chances, but like Jamaica and Guate game, failed to convert chances when it fell to them.
When ManU losing its the $$$ players.. When T&T losing is the coaching. Stop the shit! ???

Under prepared is simply that. Not prepared thoroughly for the event at hand.
It happen with Russel after he was asked to save the day from an inept Micormie.

All under Phillips & TimKee watch

What is King to do? Even with Hart as an adviser, what is King to do?

The players showed fight, desire and from TV did their best at this level.
 Look until the powers that be understand the importance of preparation, or are removed from office (which is not likely) these results will persist.

Failing that Errol apply for the job and show us how it is done with the resources at hand. :banginghead:
Watch the U17's next!

Football / Re: 2015 Under-20 FIFA World Cup Thread.
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:54:34 PM »
All this talk bout money and lights...this team could get all de money and all de lights..de result would be the same . We are going Nowhere close to New Zealand with this kind of preparation and these inept coaches.

Dis fat yuteman who allyuh say is coach is no coach at all...sorry to say..

The team better off wid a old fat coach...

I fed up wid you yes. Hol yuh stink c**t coache, who never coache nobody. Nada nutten! Always talking about coaching
yet where yuh! At least Derek King win championships in the T&T Pro League & a Caribbean Cup. What the f**k you ever do? Which one of your players  move on to T&T. Which one of your teams ever win the Snow Cone Cup. Man f**k off!

USA will have two game to scout T&T  thoroughly in Jamaica anyway, yuh dum sc**t. And with all their resources they probably
watch T&T play Central & Cali, or whom ever.

When you get a team and start putting out. Come back and talk. In the mean time is pure TALK with nothing behind yuh
except yuh man.

Football / Re: Anyone know what the Under 20 team up too?
« on: December 28, 2014, 11:28:17 AM »
Local based I heard the U20 beat Shabazz Cali 5-0, in a game a few days ago.  Anyone can confirm this?

Football / Re: 2015 CONCACAF Men's Under-17 Championship Thread.
« on: December 28, 2014, 11:25:21 AM »
Tobago28 you go and see one session and judging.
Suppose you went on a day of fitness work or testing. So What!

I agree they have to look at Skills and tactics but they also have to look at fitness.
Without it players skills and willingness to cary out tactics is zero
A little hard session n fitness will just show the coaches which players have some fight in them
Haiti and St Lucia was running past T&T like they was Cipriani, Ghandi and Kitch statues.

Let us refrain from coming on a forum and passing judgement on we coaches based on one session you see.
Oh gorsh man! :-[

Big Big News. New player in town.

The Dutch already have Academy set up in Surinam
Now the Surinamese will have player development being done at home and in the clubs in Holland.
Those that wont make Holland will play for them. We in serious trouble. Mark my words.

We have not one thing going on in Trinbago. No development, no investment, no proper links to the outside
and we in so much chaos, no outside born players will want to come on board.  :frustrated: :frustrated: :banginghead:

Football / Klinsman USA
« on: December 25, 2014, 02:25:09 PM »
Interesting discusion here in Europe about Klinsman and USA at the World Cup.

While many especially in the US applauded the US team, many football people feel Klinsman
did not do as well at the WC as Arena nor Bradley. He won 1 game and tied 1, scoring 4 goals
 and was saved from an embarrassing score line by Howard versus. Belgium. US looked completely
out of the depth in that game with both the midfield and back line demonstrating school
boy defending errors.

Now I not judging or hating, Klinsman has done well on the exhibition circuit and this is where
his team is getting the most applause. I for one saw no big improvement in the US team, outside
of the introduction of some German born expats, who raised the standard & contributed to the attack

Bradley team won 1 & tied 2 winning the group & scored 4 as well. When Bradley was fired and teh US hired
Klinsman Sunil claimed that Jurgen was being brought in to get them beyond the quarter finals at the WC level.

Discuss??? ???

Football / Re: Oh Gosh, well Merry Christmas, nah!
« on: December 25, 2014, 02:14:32 PM »
Love to all for the Christmas Season. Have a joyous Season

Football / Re: CHELSEA FOREVER! - Home of the Champions!
« on: December 22, 2014, 03:27:37 PM »
Chelsea come like a dam blister, wear yuh down till it difficult to walk and then win.

Well, stop picking players who dont play regular football?

Or, insist on a local core for training and playing regular games.

De team could play great against Argentina, Mexico, Saudia, New Zealand and they beat Jamaica twice etc etc but cant do good against de same Jamaica now?


Players get mental strength from de coach, he have to motivate them.

Come on Hartie.

Physical strength and fitness is always a problem with T&T though.

This is why we need a local core in constant training.

De TTFA need to make this happen, because is Hart who go look bad in de end. Hart have to put he foot down.

So ah NT coach have to ingrain mental strength into a 20 - 34 year old man who already playing as a PRO?

Sam you big and have sense in football. From all accounts Hart at almost all football in T&T. School, u13, Pro League, Super league. he was with the 17 in St Lucia and was with Derek King u20. For me I did not see any excuses, Hart never talk about any game in particular. I taking the statement as general, not specific to the senior National Team.

Brian Williams a few years ago describe the pro league and our footballers as Technically Slow, So even the local youth coaches seeing it.

Hart could put he foot down, but if TTFA have no money, then what? No money, is no money! Okay Hart could resign (god forbid), which would serve no purpose in my view. The TTFA will put Shabazz in place & the cycle will begin again. Or he could stay, work away under the present conditions (which is pretty much what he doing now with decent results) & work behind the scenes to get it right come WCQ. Which is when most sponsors willing to jump on the publicity waggon.

I will bet anybody here, that if Beenie or any other foreign coach come in right now they will raise the same concerns. I watch the T&T U17 versus Haiti stream, and I tell you only one of our U17 (Hudson I think) look like they could have run with them Haitian.

Football / Re: ESPN Poll: Who were the team of 2014?
« on: December 22, 2014, 10:37:02 AM »
I would give my vote to Atletico. Now hear meh. Real is my team, but Atletico did it with leaas that a third of Real's budget.
They won the League (consistency). Real finished Third.
CL Final (consistency). Yes Real won the CL but that is a knock out Cup competition
Simply amazing achievement from AtM  :applause: :applause: :applause:

Germany they won the WC for 6 games they were the best.

To tell you the truth he look dam good for Real last season and in the second half of the season he was arguably
their nest play for my team  :wavetowel:  He never stops moving covering ground like the grass itself. I would
have liked if he was available to Argentina  in that final. It would have been interesting.

Agreed with maxg on this one.

Though I find this article poorly written, it has no flow to it.

I cannot believe a National team in this day and age does not have heart monitors for training. WTF! I have won for my
morning runs with my fat ass selff.

Hart call it as he see it. The question I like is why more of our players not playing a bigger leagues. 2006  Latas, Dog, Lawrence, Edwards, Yorke, Ince, Shaka, Sancho, John, Glenn, John, Birchel all was abroad with decent clubs.

Football / Re: FIFA News Thread.
« on: December 18, 2014, 06:10:26 PM »
I haven't been looking closely, but anybody know about Platini's record when it comes to corruption in FIFA?

Why didn't Platini challenge Blatter? Why did he take a step back?

On the surface, he has the veneer of no taint ...

His son works for Qatari interests and while this hasn't captured the attention of the popular press, I gather it raised a question regarding influence and the vote in Qatar's favour.

Platini in the best place right now. Why move to FIFA? Europe dominates all football. Money galore, Best organization bar none, best Leagues, best competitions yearly.

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