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Football / Re: 2013-14 La liga Thread.
« on: October 26, 2013, 06:40:26 PM »
I hear Madrid police put an APB for Bale. Miss passes & shots  ;D

If that is worth 100mil I good for 1 mil I would make two good pass
Why Isco get dropped not even a cobeau sweat, when the Real game was begging for a playmaker
Benzema come on and look like the playmaker they were missing, threading the needle passes, big shot off a turn & set up a goal.
Anyway I go take my licks, cause I know Barca getting a sound cut ass in we yard.

Cooper be careful who you defend, it could turn out to be embarrassing

No pay to many staff. This happening since Jack was in charge, ask Latas, 
Then came Harford & Groden. reported that they got monies from the ministry & paid self first.

Now Tim Kee & Phillips inherit a pit, with a long line waiting to be paid.

Choice: Shut down all international football. File for Bankruptcy
              Tell Jack, UNC, Calder Hart, Ish all of them they will be pardoned if they give 20 million a piece to TTFA.

General Discussion / Re: Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Thread.
« on: October 07, 2013, 01:03:09 PM »
Same politicians in TT just jump from Party to party. So why should anything change for the people.
Jack like he developing a gangster in his party.

PNM, IPL, UNC same thing, just a bunch of thieves. NONE can deliver what needs to be delivered.
No policy for a solution to Crime, Education, Environment  (Flooding). None willing to deal with corruption.
Why has UNC not given the direction to Police to follow up on the missing $$$ from TTFF. All the evidence
is there.

WhyWarner, Camps, Groden et all, still walking about in T&T?
Why Calder Hart still free? Well he eh free he expensive no ass.

You know why. All of them around so long, they have so much dirt on each other, they can make another Northern Range

General Discussion / Re: Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Thread.
« on: September 27, 2013, 01:29:42 PM »
People in Point have to be mad to listen to Jack and his tata.

Was it not the same Jack Warner who when with UNC, who did nothing, I say nothing for the People of Point Fortain.  :puking:
Nowhe promising the World.  :violin:Sly mongoose doh know yuh name

As a matter of fact Jack Warner stated clearly while with UNC that NOTHING will be given  for those whom did not vote for UNC. Referring to the

People in T&T need to wake up from their slumber. If  Warner fools the T&T public they deserve what they get.

Football / Re: Akeem Adams suffers a heart attack
« on: September 27, 2013, 01:18:12 PM »
God bless this man please & help him to recover. Forget football just give him the strength to survive

Football / Re: Joevin Jones & Daneil Cyrus playing in minor league.
« on: September 27, 2013, 10:07:43 AM »
Rodney you so right!

I in disbelief that a respect coach like Coops supports their actions. My daughter in US College and during season they have rules she can't play anywhere else. Coops as a University coach also respected those same rules.

Now I okay with players playing a minor league game, once its out of season. But when you just finish play a league game and have Champions League in three days, I cannot justify their actions. Is pure amateur dotishness. What make it worst, is Captain of the club and National Team players. No wonder we struggling in International football, OUR PLAYERS MENTALITY SMALL MINDED

Regardless how you view the pro league, owners putting up money and running at a loss. So they supporting football in the country, more than most others in Cooperate T&T. If I make a decision to sign a contract & accept the people money, then I am obliged to fulfill the agreement. If I want to play minor league so bad then play Zonal or Super League & take your minor league sweat.

W Connection are 100% in the right here and I for one applaud them. You cannot accept my money & not accept my rules. Before Cyrus & Jones signed they dam well knew the rules & consequences. Now as a League the clubs should stand together a gain respectability by setting standards. But this not going to happen, clubs going and rush in like fat man in a buffet, to sign these two players. But the Window close so they out for at least 5 months.

Football / Re: OSN Cup: T&T edged 7-6 on penalties by United Arab Emirates
« on: September 06, 2013, 07:11:24 PM »
Interesting take by Mr Oberjuege; I agree that George's challenge demanded a yellow for being reckless but it was not a red. It was not deliberate or intentional. IMO the UAE guy connected with George's arm rather than the other way around. You could clearly see that George was completely focus on winning the ball rather than trying to take out the player.

As for the game being 'Rugged' he must be somewhat naive when it comes to the modern game, everyone knows most middle eastern sides are a bit lightweight and can't handle the physical stuff too well. Fancy football only gets you so far, you need a suitable mix of both. South Americans learned that decades ago and the East & South East Asians are learning too. The good sides do it they just better at making it less obvious. Personally T&T should have been doing that from the beginning, might have been a different outcome.

People see ony what they want to see.  Mr Oberjuege did not see Peltier being kicked down at least four consecutive times by the left back, repeated fouling that in any game would have been a yellow for the first and a second yellow for any of the others. Talk about blatant fouls, man was cutting cane.
T&T was as far as I am concerned expected, landing the day before, possibly very little sleep and no practice. Not to mention the heat. yes UAE (GulF Cup Champions ) settled early, scored two goals off of very poor defending. Yet in the second half the could have easily collected 5 or 6. The keeper was outstanding, making save after save, even before the first goal for T&T.

The auditor general showed Ministry of Sport 16 million on accounted for. Yet Anil Roberts keeps his job and nobody asking where the fack the money gorn!

What the fack! I just checked this

In seven ministries, there were increases in expenditure by more than 50 per cent from 2011 to 2012.

In the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, expenditure moved from $514,999 million in 2011 to $2.4 billion—a variance of $1.9 billion or 378 per cent.

1.  In the Ministry of Sport, expenditure moved from $28.786 million in 2011 to $395.884 million in 2012—a variance of $367.098 million or a 1,275 per cent increase.

Ministry of Sport: A total of $31.7 million in cheques was not disclosed in the appropriation account as required by the Comptroller of Accounts

Four equal amounts totaling $1,996,400 were seen to be paid in one cheque to a company for the “Taking Sports to Rural Areas” project for four regions.. What Company Anil?

Ministry of National Security: There was no documentation to support a $3 million outstanding commitment under the Development Programme. Cabinet approval for the rental of two properties at a cost of $234,6000 a month was not provided.  Who was this minister again?

Ministry of Works and Infrastructure: From the sample of 52 contracts, nine contract files for contracts totaling $5.9 million were not presented for audit. Who? When?

This is a football site. But fellas we need to spread this all over. This is LEGAL unaccounted theft. Yet those that are true patriots to the country, like our sports men and youth, begging. Football is whet we care about, the Ministry need to be accountable.

I am saying for any young coach who hasn't done anything in football like Shabazz, Hart, King and the likes, could help themselves by showing the players that they lead disciplined lives ..coaching is something whereby leading by example plays into the player response. If the young coach looks like a slob..more than likely that young coach doesn't have a knack for small details..at least that would be perception by some of the players.
The physical appearance of the leader is important.
Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelotti, Fatih Terim, Bruce Arena, Jose Camacho, Steve Bruce  all younger than 60, most younger than Hart (Hart is 53)

Football / Re: Charles, Shabazz waiting on Beenhakker to know fates.
« on: June 20, 2013, 09:16:36 AM »
I know Hart through telephone conversations, he is very approachable & down to earth.
When Canada football was struggling with player development at youth ages, he had ideas
as U17 coach and was later made TD.

Most of his ideas were put in place & he was part of
the Long Term Athlete Development project. he was also instrumental in placing the present
staff in place. Since that time Canada has done fairly well at U17 level at both Male & Female.

He will not go over well in T&T. His ideas are based on a  long term vision,  planning & a complete team work
where all staff are connected from youth to senior. He also made it clear that developing individuals
&  performance was more important that winning a youth tournament.

With this senior team he inheriting a bacanal thing since 2006. Yet everyone will expect results right now. Not happening at all.
Hope Don Beenie could bring some light into T&T Football with a vision.

Football / Re: ‘Money talks’ mentality hurting local football
« on: June 17, 2013, 11:14:21 AM »
Come nah man Fazeer  ???  What is all this sh*t about Colonialism? 50 yrs we running our own affairs and what do we have to show for it, outside of Corruption to the core. 50 years and we still blaming a mentality about something the majority of the population never experience. Check the Auditor General & come back. That is the dam mentality

BP, Texcao, Amoco who ever still run things.

We have become one of the most dangerous countries on the Planet (not at war). Murders per population is record setting. The leading sales of any material is wrought iron. Those who say I lie, take down your burglar proofing nah.

Our Education system is a complete mess & in the dark ages. Where have all our scholars gone? Who are the new literary scholars, in the footsteps of  CLR James, Naipaul etc. Engineers, scientist ???

Medically? Well don't start! Just don't get sick. Where are our facilities, trained physicians and nurses? Even those responsible for governing the country travel to Cuba for treatment.

For all the bragging of billions, the country infrastructure looks run down like hell. What we have to show for it? Hyatt?

"eat a food" man even our musicians living in foreign & only coming home carnival time to yes"eat ah food"

the truth is we investing in ignorance and our sports men and women are making it by their own efforts & fluke. Direct your article to the Sports Minister, where are the school programs, youth centers,accessible maintained  facilities, equipment, coaching education.

Football / Re: Local coach vs foreign coach.
« on: June 16, 2013, 09:34:18 AM »
Just Cool I guess my point is. The coach that comes in g
Coaching is one of the only jobs that people calling for you to lose your job after 2 or 3 games. A job where you have to feed your family. If the Prime Minister & elected officials were held to the same standards, who knows what will happen
I feel for the local coaches because the Association did not give them the desired support. Lets not forget those that inherit
the present positions did not create the predicament. They are in fact trying to make their own way, unfortunately it is under the same umbrella.

Sport real unfair when it comes to coaching. The good thing in all this is that Baba will be involved and more than likely get another shot.
Look how many times Alvin & Edgar coach T&T

Allyuh back with this "fair" and "unfair" talk again?? this is not about personal feelings and vendettas, this is about results and the best ppl for the job.

this is why i love the develop world, i remember working for ah white man who canned his brother in the middle of his wife's pregnancy!! he pushed him out the company bc he wasn't pulling his weight, now that's what i call a desire too succeed! no fackin nostalgia, just plain ole results!!

no wonder the USA and mexico does make us look foolish all the while, that's bc we are coming up against a ppl who don't give ah fork bout feelings, they are result oriented societies, and they spend good money in that regard, while we pamper and settle and play favorites.

it's time to move on. we have not scored a goal in six matches, now what does that tell you??!!

Just Cool, my point is that the Foreign Coach gets the blame & in general lack of support from local coaches, for a situation he did not create.
he is offered a job, accepts & tries to do his job. The resentment should be directed towards the decision makers and in the end results will
prove if they right or wrong. Local coaches should understand this. Do people really think DiMatteo resents Rafa? No! he pissed off at Abramovic

Football / Re: Local coach vs foreign coach.
« on: June 16, 2013, 07:26:35 AM »
Coaching is one of the only jobs that people calling for you to lose your job after 2 or 3 games. A job where you have to feed your family. If the Prime Minister & elected officials were held to the same standards, who knows what will happen
I feel for the local coaches because the Association did not give them the desired support. Lets not forget those that inherit
the present positions did not create the predicament. They are in fact trying to make their own way, unfortunately it is under the same umbrella.

Sport real unfair when it comes to coaching. The good thing in all this is that Baba will be involved and more than likely get another shot.
Look how many times Alvin & Edgar coach T&T


Football / Re: Beenhakker back in charge.
« on: June 16, 2013, 07:19:19 AM »
Most of you all are making complete sense. Yes T&T have to put money into Development, but let me ask all of you.
Where that money coming from? When last has the Ministry put money into the development of youth in any sport?

I am not talking about some milk & butter money to make people hush their mouth. I talking about a commitment of
lets say 2mil a Year for a 5 yrs or what ever. Tell me when last, Neal & Massey, Adidas, Carib, Fernandez matched the
Ministry Investment in Sport development, for Primary school  to College.

So I ask "Where the money coming from" ???

Separate both  arguments: One is coaching the National Team the other is Job of the Association with a plan of action designed by Anton (the TD of the Country)

Football / Re: Beenhakker back in charge.
« on: June 14, 2013, 08:10:58 PM »
Oh Gosh for once Trinbago people hush nah & listen.
Consider this angle. Allyuh always talking about local taking course, certificate yada yada.
Bennie comes in, does not bring a host of Dutch men with him. Allowing for the local based to work more
closely, be mentored, learn and develop. If is two months is better than taking some two week course from
an instructor that never really achieve nothing. Not only that the locals more likely to get paid while being an understudy.
Shit they should pay Beenie. This is football immersion at its best. So what if the Ministry pay Beenie salary, better than
paying millions to move a fire truck 40yards. Shit with that money just buy a new truck.

No Beenie will not make a difference with this lot, but he might indirectly contribute to coaches that can then spread the knowledge
If TTFA had any sense

Football / Re: Andre Baptiste: Leave Beenhakker out Gold Cup.
« on: June 13, 2013, 03:48:15 PM »
It wasn't hard for Cyd Gray to play in that system because all he had to do was defend in his zone. He was good 1v1..If I could recall he played in a different position before that.
The people in charge of Trinidad football right now..a yankee fella name Phillips who is unqualified for the position and a black man with a chinee name ..he doh look nothing like chinee..what these people know about football?

This really called for. What is Sunil Gulati experience in football? And he doing a dam good job with USA.
Man go take your medication

People talking about making a National team out of local based players. People feel this is 1970's or 80's. Look at the mess Jamaica was in for the 2010 qualification when Simoes try to recreate 1998. We so dam insular no wonder every dam thing in a mess in the country. Man talking about Foreign mentality and Colonialism, but living in foreign, getting foreign education & coaching education.  Is jokey thing dat!

Football / Re: Corneal: Tough to find opponents for Soca Warriors
« on: June 12, 2013, 11:26:12 AM »
Is not they hard to find, is a matter of planning. If is now you come looking for opposition of course people book up.

You know you qualify for GC, you know the GC dates a year ago, you know the opposition months ago. That was the time to book games & dates.
Is last minute thing a love. Always the same dam disorganization. Who was the Manager in charge, when we qualify, after the draw all that?

Football / Re: Andre Baptiste: Leave Beenhakker out Gold Cup.
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:38:12 AM »
Germany's latest golden era of talent was the brainchild of Klinsman, Not accurate.   This was put in place back before 2000, before Klinsman was involved, but what you are saying is valid.


On another note: If Bennie is hired just sit back and watch how Alvin, Andre, Gally, Shabazz and many others will fight down his appointment. He will get little to no support from the locals involved. When Beenie was hired the first time Alvin was very critical, even after T&T Qualified for the WC.

Just like our politicians they love ignorance & thrive off it.

Football / Re: Trinidad & Tobago Gold Cup
« on: June 11, 2013, 10:45:23 AM »
Just the best 25 or the best 25 we believe will be asked and will agree to play?

Just pick 25. Your squad

Football / Trinidad & Tobago Gold Cup
« on: June 11, 2013, 09:01:46 AM »
Two exhibition Games
Digi Cup

Pick the best 25 to go GC: Lets roll

Football / Re: Corneal not optimistic about soca warriors
« on: June 09, 2013, 04:20:49 PM »
Alvin Alvin Alvin Are you saying that players should get picked simply because they were on an U17 team 5 years ago?
Alvin where is Leston Paul playing? Please Tell me.
Am I missing something, Molino played in the Digi and came on versus Estonia.
Cyrus started

Add  Mitchell, Hyland, Peltier, Winchester , David to that list & the average age will be U23 or 24.

Local based players. We saw them in the Digicel & they looked way below International level, versus Dominica Republic & Cuba.
Lets be fair most of the local based are not even close to the physical levels necessary to play for T&T.  As aconsequence they play very slow and are prone to errors. Unless T&T shut down the Pro League & allow National staff to train the team for 5-6 weeks, (still not enough to improve physical capacity) this is far from a reality

Not to mention the lack of support from Local Clubs.

Dem kind ah horses on dah side..I coachin...we never get dat kind a licks..

I really cannot wait for you to get some kind of coaching work, so man could actually see if all dat smoke you  blowing
worth some fire. Talk talk talk, yet nothing to back it up. You remind me when I was in University a Trini friend keep telling one
of the University American Football players how dem fat, cannot run  and all that. Eventually the man say let us run a 40, 60 or 100
your choice.
Lard Trini pick a 100 & then finish about 10 lengths behind the football player.

Football / Re: Romania defeats Warriors.
« on: June 06, 2013, 06:42:01 AM »
The standard you see now is a product of our grass roots. Look at Belgium, they have a special generation because 10 yrs ago they
redesign their youth football. Once dem youths blossom, then the National team becomes healthy. I will say again. NO COACH making
a hugh difference to this crop of players. Yes a good coach will organize them, but under pressha the organization will still fall apart.
Yesterday I watch Euro U21 Italy & England. If you see Italy, technique, pace, mobility. Players hungry no ass. Then I watch Israel &
Norway is the same. My point is these countries, like Romania taking care off their garden & then have a good local market to display them
produce. Once the produce get scouted & bought they moving to countries that demanding more and making them into an even better product.
We football have to steps, is a track, most times rain fall and the track real slippery no one making it, other times the track dry enough for somebody
to get through.

Don Leo thank you. Oh shit, Let us live in 2013 nah man. Don Leo pull off a miracle on the back of Latapy coming on versus Guatemala & John beating a Mexico that already
qualified & did not bring all their starters (yes I said it). Then Dennis Lawrence take us to the big stage.

Do we have Latapy, Yorke, Lawrence, John, Shaka, NO! NO1 Oh flick man, let us build for the future nah man.
Welcome Don Leo home as an adviser for the football organization and structure in the the country, especially the youth, &  pro league. get government and or private corp on board and watch the ride 2022.
All who really feel Don Leo making any drastic difference to this present crop of players, might as well believe in Harry Potter. If all of allyuh was to pick a CONCACAF
team right now how much players from T&T making that 11 -16-22???

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Romania Game (4-Jun-13).
« on: June 04, 2013, 07:18:52 PM »
WTF! Man talking about drills for this team. Why allyuh does come on the forum and talk so much
kaka hole shit. Is a National team, these players have less than 5 training sessions, do you really
 feel it have drills to make them play faster in 5 training sessions.
Here on earth, this is what sensible people should be saying.
1: We need to play 10 to 12 games against this type of opposition. Why because our players does win league in T&T easily, where their errors are not punished like today.
2: Give as many players as possible outing against big teams. This will separate the wheat from the shaft
3: Gold Cup is only a measuring tape to tell we how far behind we fall since all the shit with TTFF & Jack black list assry
4: Get a coach and give him time to build, WC 2018 qualification starts in 2016, 2.5 yrs to prepare
5: Support the team & stop hating. We eh no world beater yet and teams like Romania prove that

Football / Re: weh kinda trollin business is dat horse??
« on: June 04, 2013, 07:07:43 PM »
I now seeing all them thread he post in. Coach yuh gone mad boy?

He crack up long time. Man does post & then answer he own post.
Sometimes what he write about does make sense, but oh shit man, the man does talk like he is Jose
Mourinho. Man don't sit back & even consider the kind of  :bs: dem coaches and players of T&T
does have to put up with.

Football / Re: 2013 International Friendlies
« on: May 29, 2013, 07:33:04 PM »
Klinsman said he wanted to create an attacking revolution with the USA. His first 3 games he was all out attack.
Then the losses came and all of a sudden they more defensive than under Bradley & is only counter attack football.

Football / Re: Dennis Lawrence might be T&T coach soon.
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:20:18 PM »
Same Khaki pants..not a negative comment...why take it as a negative? I said it before ..coaching in the English league is comparing apples to oranges when it comes to coaching a National team.
It would be even more difficult coaching Trinidad for many reasons. I'll name a few..lack of resources, player limitation, limited time to build a strong cohesive unit, leadership experience by the coach.
This coach is an assistant who is an active participant in another man's philosophy..does he fully understand Martinez's methods? I don't understand Martinez's methods..I never liked him, I always thought he was overrated and his relegation into the Championship Division is long overdue.
That methodology would not work with any National set up.
Who knows what is Dennis Lawrence's philosophy?

You good yes. First to begin Dennis is not Martinez assistant, he runs the Developmental section of Wigan. Also I would hope he takes the best of Martinez philosophy  adds his own and grows from their. Saying that, Martinez teams play good football and is only a lack of true good players he has not done better. Hats off he won the FA Cup against the most expensive team in football. As professionals say "where is your FA Cup medal." How exactly is coaching in the EPL different from Holland, Spain, Mexico or Serbia Leagues, Versus National Teams?

If Dennis reading this thread. Most of us wish you well & are behind you. Good luck

coache, do you live in Trinidad?

Sometimes I wonder if peeps on this site  know the difficulties of trying to get anything done in T&T Football? Just getting local coaches
who think they know everything, together, is an effort in its self. Meeting start at 10 man rolling in 11:00 & that is those who show up.
The general football peoples don't want to hear anything, they already know football. You really think you telling them Primary school and
college coaches about playing one style or system. Worst the pro League. They can't even get people to follow the rules of the road  ;D Here nah when you being
critical, sit down with those who have practical experience in the matter first. Horner talking about Lincoln? How Lincoln could put anything
kind of development in place when he can't even find out what his budget it from year 1 to year 2. And when they do give you a figure, good
luck collecting. Not to mention the fact that people in T&TFF itself doing everything to undermine any attempts to move things forward. 

Football / Re: Peltier: “I have no attitude problem.”
« on: May 13, 2013, 07:48:27 AM »
Nothing in Trinidad and Tobago life iis professionally run. Not the Government, not politics, not Education, not Business, nothing nothing. SO why do people expect Sport to be any different. The most professional thing in TandT is Carnival and Pan sides. Our way of life eh calling for that. All the National teams have been a mess for years. The  best prepared teams were 1973, 1989 & 2006. Showing we could go places if things were well funded, planned, organized, delivered and disciplined. Nah! What we like to do is lay blame, bad mouth and point finger. This is exactly why people like Jack could run things, do what they want, thief, lie cheat and still be supported by the ignorant minds created by an Education system and Society, that promotes uninformed & ignorant mind.

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