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Football / Re: In defense of Jack Warner
« on: January 13, 2006, 01:46:37 PM »
Himself to himself....

I does always hear about how much money Warner pump into TTFF and T&T football.  But I does always wonder how much he get back.  Years ago Waner talked about how much money TTFF was in the red...even when he was an administrator in TTFF...which was then TTFA.  Then get he big post in FIFA and get real money.  But now he is the Special Advisor, and he advises TTFF to sell him the contracts for all its dealings.  U-17 WC was the most glaring.  He buys TV rights for next to nothing and sells for millions.  The returns go to his pocket, not the TTFF coffers.  Why the hell TTFF didn't secure all the rights and contracts for deyself....Then he claims that TTFF owes him millions and if things don't go his way he will pull out of T&T football and demand what is owed to him.  He will never leave because TTFF is his gravy train.

He claims to have spent a lot of his personal funds on players and his club, which we have no reason to doubt.  But is it really his funds, or is it just him giving back some of the money he 'advised' the federation to allow him to get. 

TTFF supposed to get some money from this WC...somewhere in the millions, just for them three games.  I say take the money and pay off Warner and tell him to let we run we own thing.  Costa Rica, Mexico, USA could qualify for world cups past and present, and they doh have no Warner doing things for them.  By saying that we couldn't qualify without Warner, is like saying we cyah make a WC by just winning games.

Football / Re: Now hold on there, Jack
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:37:57 AM »
I see real Warner bashing going on this tread...allyuh remember a tread last year where real men say Warner DESERVES the Trinity Cross for getting we to the WC ?

All the time I saying Warner is a scamp.
Ollie Camps is he patsy...and TTFF is de gravy train.

Football / Re: Dutch U17 striker can play for T&T.
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:07:18 AM »
ah still like the idea of dropping seed in the other countries and wait for WC 2026.  The cock men and dem could breed some German women dis year self... :devil:

Football / Re: Dutch U17 striker can play for T&T.
« on: January 12, 2006, 06:24:41 AM »
Ah like and agree with most of these comments....but best is to drop seed in Brazil and all the other big football countries.  While ah sure we could spare 10 ah de best skirts we have here...it have real gun men just waiting to go Brazil and spread some Trini love too.

Football / Re: Can I have some ICE in meh LIMA juice ?
« on: January 11, 2006, 10:57:07 AM »
Good post boy 'Frame'....ah see Mercier english class pay off  ;D

Football / What happen to the 'board' sweat on Sunday ???
« on: January 10, 2006, 01:52:06 PM »
Fellas, I was out of the loop for a couple weeks, but was looking forward to the sweat over the weekend.  I ain't hear nothing about it, and ain't see no posts about it.  Wha happen  ???

Football / Re: What about de socawarriors.net sweat ???
« on: December 23, 2005, 10:17:04 AM »
Fellas I want to be in that sweat too !!!  I in San Juan and could put money for food or drinks if we hook up properly.
Trinidre, you does play with Sherwood ?  That is mih pardner from school boy.  Who else does be in that sweat that I might know ?

Football / Re: Falkirk will be all Dwight with Theobald
« on: December 23, 2005, 09:23:52 AM »
"There was another player from Trinidad and Tobago I'd been sniffing around but he doesn't meet the permit requirements at this stage.

"But I may push to sign him again if he has a good World Cup and gets on the bench or the pitch with the team.


Anybody know who the other player of interest is ??? ???

Football / Re: Is football second to cricket in trinidad & tobago?
« on: December 23, 2005, 08:58:28 AM »
I would probably give football the nudge in this one, because football in TT is probably played almost all year 'round now, if you include the savannah sweats.  Cricket more seasonal because of the weather patterns.  Both of the big leagues in the country (football and cricket) suffering for crowd participation and attendance at the games.  Both associations were asleep for years and was just coasting...whatever competition come up we send a team and see what happen, then after failure we talk about the preparation was not enough.  The national football team does pull a bigger crowd than the national cricket team too.  Again marketing the games are almost none existent.

I think as Deryck Murray take over from Lequay, we should see some life injected into the cricket.  Now all we have to do is replace Olliver Camps and we football set.

Football / Re: Hello Everyone....
« on: December 23, 2005, 07:46:22 AM »
Congrats Palos, first order of business...organise ah electronic Xmas lime for the 'board members' !
 :beermug: :beermug: :beermug:

Football / Re: How come Trini women doh know much bout football?
« on: December 23, 2005, 07:20:58 AM »
I really read some good comments on this one, and it sounding as though most people agree with one another.  Forgive mih if this one kinda long.....but ting on mih chest.

Personally, I feel MOST women went to the football games in the stadium during the WC semis...because they were genuinely interested in the country making the WC finals.  Probably because of the hype, they were no different to the male waggonists, old people and little children in that regard.  If they coulda get a ticket...then they woulda go to the game...if not no big thing.  Unlike some breddas who would pay a pong and a crong to be inside the stadium.

There are the fervent female football supporters, but they in the significant minority compared to the fervent male supporters, probably for reasons most af you all so adequately described.  Ah feel when yuh meet a female warrior, she badder than the male oui.

I think the ones who hold the real trump is the TTFF.  In my opinion TTFF has done very little to NOTHING to promote football in this country...particularly where the ladies concerned.  What we are exposed to is NEWS about national football...but there is no marketing of the sport.  Footballl things does happen in this country by chance, or follow fashion, not because thought was put into it.  Allyuh ever listen to those 5 min 'sports roundup' on the radio stations...3/4 of the news is foreign sports.  TV6, Channel 3, and Gayelle Sports does come on around the same time and most of it is foreign news.  Most times they show a 10 sec highlight of the goals scored in the PFL, or somebody local organising body collecting a cheque for development of whichever sport.  Eddie Hart grounds, Aranguez Savannah, Queens Park Savannah, Skinner Park, just to mention a few does have 'sweat' going on every evening...most time at least four different 'sweat' at the same time on the same ground.  As soon as it dark and sweat done, man does talk about Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manu, NBA and anything except, PFL.  Man go quicker talk about Crab Connection and Joe Public before they talk 'bout PFL.

America real big on marketing...they could sell a fridge to ah eskimo.  In 1990 America was nothing in football, ten years later they near the top ten in the world...this time around they were almost one of the seeded teams for the world cup.  We have people they call sports journalists down here, but they does only report sports news...is a normal journalist who they tell to go and report on a game in the stadium.  I feel Lisana Liburd is only real sports journalist we have in the country...de man does do a great job in researching and keeping the country informed about our footballers and their dealings, both local and foreign.  We don't market the local football on the whole as it should and think up intuitive ways to get the public to come and support the games.  The reporters have to brave the highway and go down south and cover the games, not only cover games in North.

Another major thing is that we can't expect really big crowds to every game as compared to other countries, but at least a comparable percentage.  Most of the major cities with teams have an average of 10 million people...if 10% interested in the sport and support the team that is already 100,000 people, if half of dem attend a game, then 50, 000 people in the stadium.  T&T have appr 1 million...if we apply the same maths then we should expect around 5000 people to come out to support the football occasionally, but the average PFL game does have about 100 people, except in Grande, where you have plenty home support.  I feel we have too little bit of people to share up between all the sports in TT, so the associations have to really work harder at marketing their respective games.  So even if people interested in football in this country...they not fanatic.

Football / Re: Foreign born players.
« on: December 23, 2005, 06:05:42 AM »
I could agree with morvantman two points, but Sam, it have trinis right here who go fail your test boy.  I feel they stop teaching dem chirren in school the pledge yes, mih lil' nephews and dem doh know it.

Football / Re: Birchall in the soup
« on: December 22, 2005, 01:44:33 PM »
Mih cousin was studying Hotel Management in Germany last year and win the school cuisine competion with a trini callaloo....he get de bush from a caribbean market, but had to substitute some of herbs though....So Germany done get ah taste of trini cuisine already.  Dey done know !!!

Football / Re: Stern John reportedly a target for Paris St. Germain
« on: December 22, 2005, 09:30:26 AM »
I saw a note in one of the links...Could anyone say if Stern is really the leading scorer leading up to the WC 2006 finals ???

Football / Re: Gold Cup was proof that we cannot handle group play
« on: December 20, 2005, 12:50:22 PM »
As the topic of DEFENCE come up ah had to jump in....Mih contacts close to the team was saying that the Beenieman first mission when he took over was to straighten out the defence.  As a matter of fact he was saying that the defence was in a mess and the rest of the team was not gelling.

His first order of business was to play with a defensive tactic, just in order to stem the set of cheap goals we were conceding.  That is why he would always just use Stern alone in the front.  That is why when Stern wasn't scoring and everybody calling for his head, de Beenie didn't drop him.  As a matter of fact Beenie big him up in an interview and said he had remarkable qualities as a striker...he knew that it would have been difficult for Stern to score goals under those conditions.  That is also why Cornell Glenn was off the team as well...too much strikers for the strategy.

As the strategy started to work and the team began to gel, Stern's scoring touch came back.  That was also in direct conjunction with Latapy and Carlos coming back into the side (the latter from injury).  There was now providers for Stern and also someone to take some of the attention from the opposing defenders.  That is when we get some good runs against Guatemala, Panama and Mexico.

The strategy had to change when we went to Bahrain because we HAD to score goals, hence two strikers...Stern and Jones...starting the game.  Latas had a major role in organsing the team on the the field as well.  As a matter of fact Beenie gave him the authority to use the energy on the field accordingly for we to get the win.

Apparently the Beenie big on training as well.  He like a very intense training session, and the players who show good attitude and high intensity during training sessions are usually the ones who start the games.  That is one reason why Jack is the first string keeper.  When Beenie just took over the team he was heard telling one of the local trainers that the players intensity in training was very low for a national team.  He said usually when training a national side he would have to tell the players to go easy, for fear of damaging their teammates, but with this bunch he have to keep shouting to them  "pick it up, pick it up !".  Yorke made some similiar comments before the Bahrain game as well.

Real men on this board say Jack deserve the Trinity Cross.....go figure !!!

Football / Re: all yuh agree with me here ?
« on: December 19, 2005, 12:50:37 PM »
I want to agree with DCS.  I think most fellas on the board thinking and talking from an emotional stand point.  True dat, we don't like people messing with we thing when it going good.  True dat, only because dem foreigners shun we some time ago, we doh like to get dis, and now dem fellas want to jump on the waggon.  But like someone said before, we barely make it to the WC, and only because FIFA give the region a playoff spot.  We barely beat Bahrain to get in.  We ranked 51st in the world, possibly the lowest ranked team in the WC.  Our odds of winning is placed 750 to 1.  If another country had our players and we were looking on from the outside, we woulda say they should get all the help they could before the WC, because with that shit team. they licks book.

Who in dey right mind, that have a chance of making the English team, would say..."is a tough choice but, nah, I feel I going to play for a little known country, where my father born and left when he was 8 months old...where there is a sub standard PFL and little chance of personal gain or success on the world stage...where the association is run by a set of amateurs and self serving bastards."

Nobody wanted Shaka who dis we for years before coming on board.  Nobody had anything good to say about Yorke and Latapy when they leave the team with Rene Simoes, but when they come back the Stadium full.  Warner himself said that he opened his home to Yorke and he disappointed him.  He said Yorke was a scourge to local football and had no patriotism.  Yorke came back (after several request) when he was dropped from team after team in the Premiership.  Now he is we saviour and captain.  Birchall came on board because he had a one in a million chance of making the English team, and he saw that here is an opportunity to play for a national team...it didn't have much to do with patriotism.  Seabra was the same thing...personal growth...allyuh could see Seabra making the Brazil team ?

I wonder if Ronaldo and Ronaldhino say they wanted to play for T&T, if man woulda talk about patriotism then....ah doubt...we woulda be glad no arse.  But fellas who interested...arguably not at that level...we don't want them jes because they dis we.

To me dem fellas done prove they is true true true Trinis already, the fact that they want to jump on the waggon when it done start to move....that is how we trinis does operate.

I say let them try out man...if dey make, dey make....if not...no love lost.  I know the presence of Bobby Zamora up front would command a lot more respect from the England defence than a Stern John, Jones, Glenn, Scotland or Sealy even if arguably he not as good as them.  Also Rooney, Lampard, Owens and the likes would show more respect to Jlloyd than they would to Dog and Lawrence.  Big name players does command attention on the field, just like Yorke and Latapy in the region...that good enough to free up the Aurtis Whitely's and the Birchall's to score the goals.

Football / Re: Who We Go Put ?
« on: December 19, 2005, 11:30:44 AM »
Royal, in most parts I agree with you, especially where the defence is concerned.  I want to feel Dog and Lawrence will be the two slowest defenders in the WC.  I don't see them being able to contain much of the strikers in the WC.  I looked at Ronald Gomez from Costa Rica having both of dem bobbing and weaving all over de place.  Cyd Grey real agressive and my fear is that we may have to play a significant portion of a game with 10 players when he get sent off for some bad tackle.  I can't see our defenders containing the likes of a Rooney, Zidane, Henry, Brazil's three R's and a host of the other strikers.

Sad to say, but we barely made it to the WC with the current players....and that is just from CONCACAF.  So we shouldn't really fool ourselves into thinking that we could beat people in Germany.  We have to be realistic and seek all the help we can get.  I would be satisfied if we try out everybody and and still settle with the same team, than to think we could do it with the same crop of players who got us there, so we don't need new players.

Football / Re: Should Jack Warner get the Trinity Cross?
« on: November 21, 2005, 03:05:15 PM »
Fellas, allyuh have a good case for and against Jack getting the TC.  Give Jack he jacket, Jim he jim boots and Bob he 25 cents....

Big up to Jack, if wasn't for Jack, I almost sure we wouldna reach where we reach in football today, but I want to agree more with FATZ.

The word around town is that Jack only get to be a big wig in FIFA because he sell out in '89.  He over sell tickets and give the game to the US who was hosting in '94, and it wouldna look good if they didn't qualify in '90.

Another thing is that Jack really pump a lot of money into we football, but word around town again say that FIFA does normally put up money to the regions to use at their discretion for development of the game in the region.  I hardly ever hear about Jack giving money to any of the other CONCACAF Assoc in any big way.  Added to that Fatz right, when Jack put money he does talk about that, what he doesn't say is how much he get back.  The Coal Pot was just one of the things that bring in money for Jack during the Under 17 WC.  He and his son had the catering services for all the games.  The internet kiosk at the HC Stadium was was theirs as well, and don't forget the SWAT security for all the games...who you thing own that ?

Remember Jack is the one is who say that Yorke is a scourge to the game.  How he open up he house to Yorke and he did not show appreciation.  He said that LATAPY is not patriotic that the team and country better off without the tow of them, and we could do it without both of these players.

You have to remember too that Jack have a major percentage of FIFA votes, that is why he is where he is.  I think is something like 49 votes Jack alone carrying, so when you want something pass in FIFA and you need votes, Jack is your best friend.  That is how Korea get the WC in 2002, they gave us buses and money to fix grounds all over T&T and put up pavillion, allyuh think Jack money do that.  When Africa wanted the WC they spend real money on Jack to try to sway the votes.

So it have plenty things going on under the cover that we doh hear about, that Jack taking the glory for, but you have to ask yuhself if with all ah dat he really deserve the TC.  The man is an astute business man.  With all the millions he say he put in local football, he certainly eh look like he starving.

Football / Re: Pres Men Soca Warriors.
« on: November 18, 2005, 01:53:27 PM »
But like is ah set ah ol' Pres men in this forum boy ?   I leave Pres in the early 80's.  We didn't have security and ting in dem days, and we had the WHOLE basketball court to play on.  The swimming pool was not even under construction when I left.  It was actually a big whole with water at the foot of the Sando Hill.  One of dem Coffee St boys take ah dive, boss he head on a rock under the water and died.  They closed down the project for a couple years after that incident.  Jaikes was just a teacher in dem days and Mikey was a real dread principal.  When we were late we had to stand out in the middle of the field while assembly going on, after which was strokes.  Allyuh know about Mikey sausage dog Wanka (not sure 'bout the spelling) ?

Anyway good to see allyuh keeping the ting going.....

Football / Re: Who you think we will be playin on March 29th 2006?
« on: November 18, 2005, 01:06:17 PM »
It not really hard to believe that Brazil would come here to play.  Allyuh remember Warner try to get them to come earlier when they had warm-ups for the Confed Cup ?  Although they had to pull out of the game because of other committments.  Anyway they play that shit side UAE last week and drop 8 goals on them.  Ah sure we could give them a better run for dey money.

Football / Re: Who you think we will be playin on March 29th 2006?
« on: November 18, 2005, 12:03:48 PM »
Clarke, apparently my links not as good as yours.  I only good for getting inside info.  I will have to fight up with de scribes just like last week.  Hopefully they would move smarter and sell at more venues this time, and de police could come earlier to control the crowd.

Football / Re: Who you think we will be playin on March 29th 2006?
« on: November 18, 2005, 11:24:50 AM »
Fellas, I new to the forum, but I enjoyed reading allyuh messages for quite sometime before I decided to join up.  Anyway, mih boy Sweetie Paper link real good, because I have inside links as well, and is true....we playing Brazil on the 29th March.  Prepare for more jamming for tickets though.  Yesterday Warner say when de match on de 29th come, "help us to help you with the ticket sales".

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