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General Discussion / Re: Virgin Atlantic plane in 'mishap' in Tobago
« on: August 13, 2011, 06:48:25 AM » was my mom and 32 other passengers heading to Jerusalem to get holy water for me to bath with.

she more vex that they missed their connection flight from Gatwick than anything else, but Coco Reef hotel is beautiful!!!

I have the DVD and I only was able to watch when he made the trip to somewhere in the middle east and how the women were weaving the hair together...for good money. Also remembered a part about child labour :-\
I'll go watch it again tonight....

Palos dont' feel too upset. Oprah hair is real!!! ;D But if you go on the THE OFFICIAL BABES THREAD.....see how much you can point out as real or fake!!

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Nia Long spotted in Trinidad
« on: August 12, 2011, 05:18:24 PM »
not everyday you see a classy beautiful pregnant woman.

This statement confusing me. Do you mean classy, beautiful women having babies? Because almost by definition (or convention) mature pregnant women are considered beautiful.

Don't let me confuse you further. My statement concerns those women who use their pregnancy as an excuse to look and feel distressed! Their whole attire, from personality to the rubber slippers on their feet.

Another example will be Wendy Fitzwilliam and Peter Clarke's wife what her name.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Nia Long spotted in Trinidad
« on: August 12, 2011, 04:18:12 AM »

photos of her on Queen and George street.
didn't read your post dtool, so i don't know if it was stated that her mom is a Trinidadian.
not everyday you see a classy beautiful pregnant woman.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Carnival 2012 Costumes
« on: August 06, 2011, 01:52:29 PM »


My group split down the middle between Johannesburg (4) and Cyprus(3)  :-\
I personally like Johannesburg, cause I have plans for that shoulder piece already ;D


Brampton or Hamilton on saturday?

Nope, not even Barrie next week (or is that in two weeks?). I having my own carnival in London. I did invite Cana but she declined saying someting bout Jamaican woman.
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :beermug:

Doh laugh!! He ain't lie nuh!!

Dem Amazon and dem not easy.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Carnival 2012 Costumes
« on: August 04, 2011, 06:45:41 PM »
Don't give in to the evil empire...

What's up with Tribe?  What makes them the evil empire? Just asking - I have no affiliation and since last playing mas in 2002 with Poision I kinda clueless about all these new bands. 

Let's just say that their upper management has some interesting ideas regarding darker skinned people and their place in both their organization and the band.  In the interest of full disclosure, this is second-hand information that I received, but information that I got directly from the person to whom statements were made... someone who has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with said upper management (hence they considered the person 'safe' to make the comments to).  I absolutely vouch for credibility and reliability of the person I got the information from (although I would understand why others would remain skeptical) therefore I have no hesitation accepting it as fact.

Fair enough!  But knowing the high management (the 2 girls) from since child hood and kept in touch over the years with them....I am biased!!  I am no help to the cause  ;D  I've never experience it though, or the group that plays with them every where. And that group is like the United Nations African continent.  ;D

I'm sure people say that a lot about Harts too.  But give anyone a free costume.....

Oh gosh Hightower dead... :(

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Carnival 2012 Costumes
« on: August 03, 2011, 03:58:23 PM »
<waits on Yuma>

Then and only then I'll say I will be playing with Tribe :beermug:

Cocoa devils for Jouvert!!!!!

Young people need to check the "attitude" at home and not walk rong as if they looking for thing. to go after us.

Wuss ting is the shooter is 30!!......thirty? and he ole ass still playin young gyangster

Leave dem fake bad boy ting for men far as I concerned if you bring a gun in yuh waist to a peaceful event and police smoke yuh ,,good riddance no questions asked.

agree on de back fat :D

Cana I was roughly in de same area whey yuh snap on the mokojumbie...I eh see no  camera woman in poompoom shorts,, ah go watch better next time.

And yes yuh right once yuh know carnival in T&T it does be hard to take in northern 'parade' versions......but de lime and gape at sub events does be good

.......lemmih go back to nursin mih ole man hangover

I was in green actually, but time ah get hug up by 2 blue devils.. dey people and dem didn't want meh back in dey hotel  :-[

I was also liming plenty with the riddim section....

A little taste of Friday night!
Jouvay and ole Mas plus 3Canal in concert.

Some thoughts.

1. Why people need to bring they gun and attitudes to these places? Ah mean.. people out here the have fun man. What I hear (me eh read papers).. some fellas start ah skirmish, then shot ring out. A girl (early 20's I think got hit and a guy also got hit. Fella one wasn't so serious, but the girl in intensive care. Then the police (with warning) took the shooter down. Young people need to check the "attitude" at home and not walk rong as if they looking for thing. Is nuff of them I cross, but I too smart to fall into their trap.

2. Caribana is huge and I know it takes a lot of man power and planning to pull it off, but this year was very poorly executed when compared to others
- less police than normal
- use of private security who knows nothing about crowd control and since they not wearing iron on they side, no body eh studing them. As soon as people raise their voice, these "security" people turning a blind eye.. they eh want to get involved. I actually saw them opening up the gates/barricades for stormers.
- as soon as bands pass the 2nd judging point, the bands were overwhelmed by stormers. And paying masqueraders had to deal with real crowds in their bands.
- band leaders must provide better security and protection for their players
- why does every event have to start so late.. king and queen and the parade itself.. not sure bout pan as I still on my way to that one. Stand in the facking sun for 4 hrs before band got the clearance to hit the road and we were the 6th band... had 10 more to go after us.

3. I'm not hating, but hell broke loose when the trucks started the hip-hop thing. Love the hip-hop eh.. but not sure how much we keeping our culture going by not stickin to the soca thing.

4. Stormers... as a youth I was right up in dey, but now as I older (and paying).. I real vex. Spoil the lime for me/us real bad. I still dive into the 'mash" a few times though.. just had to have more attitude than them.

5. why is it every facking person with an official t-shirt (organizer) on, had to walk rong like the they own the thing? Doh even bother asking them any questions.. is real sour face and 2 word answer between the schupes.

6. The abundance of good food (a bit pricey but expected) is a treat and those vendors represented the culinary culture of the islands very well.

7. Band mas in Toronto could be much better, but at the same time as nice outlet if you missed Trinbago carnival. Like the effort the mas men put forward.. just needs polishing up a bit. Their presentations and quality of costumes can rank with any in trinbago.

We left early as we had to be back home to get fresh for wild water kingdom... but on our way out (btw if there was an emergency and people had to be evacuated.. that wasn't happening) we stood on the bridge at the end of the parade route and had to ask ourselves if this thing is just too big now.

BTW.. is the most back-fat I ever see on women in one place oui! I eh complaining .. under that had some nice bubble-nuts.

Yea... and I swear, it had about 10 women to every male in a band. no lie.. in our section we had only 8 fellas I think.. so was like buffet!

This is why I stayed down Harbourfront all day Saturday. It was concert after concert. Stick fight, traditional mas, robber talk, moko jumbie, pan galore, music...FOOD lawd PLENTY FOOD. This was just Saturday alone.  The amount of people at Harbourfront, I swear it didn't have people on the parade route.

I had a ball, and come next year, this will be the same plan. After seeing Trinidad Carnival, I know I woulda get vex if I saw the parade. Oh yeah and everything started on time. These organizers didn't miss ah beat with time. All the performers played for 1 hour 15 mins flat.

One thing through, I was so happy to walk around HF with a beer in hand (Canadian beer that is)!! Carib organized allyuh shit for next year nah man!! 

...liming down harbour front right now!!

Friday night was the BESS with Jouvay and 3 Canal!!

....and ah still cyah find ah chinee midget!!! >:(

Happy Anniversary every body!! :beermug:
The stinkers over the fence (General Discussion), much love....half ah allyuh like meh damn family!!

To the Tallest of Talls and The Flex...another 10 years fellas  ;D

I read bout d St. Lucia episode Trini u was dey in d flesh.

Most present!! Rain pelting, soaked from head to toe and then came Amy!!!  :-\
Girl I only missed 4 St Lucia jazz festivals in meh life time.  This year made it 4.

Carnival real early nex' year...tank gawd!


Saw her performed at St Lucia Jazz festival back in 2009. The first 15 mins of her performance I was truly amazed with her voice and her vocal range. Actually forgot about her demons and how scantly clad missy was. But then like one demon kick ein and missy decided to moon the crowd (either G-string or nothing) while picking up the mic that fell from her hand. 2 mins after that, madam said 'love you st lucyia' and walk off dey stage Note dey ban' still playing eh!!

I'm not surprised, but there's a sad feeling that MAYBE the people surrounding her could have jack her ass up to for the 3rd time. But still ahh boy, a talent gone!

Amy girl, the white puff in front of you is really a cloud....this time. RIP!

Wwwweeeellllll all I could say is whenever I made mih lil weekend trips to Trini is straight Upper Level I used to go.  Is de only club mih cousin used to go to and since he was mih chaperone, well I had no choice.  Oh and ah went Coconuts once or twice but ah find it was a bit out of the way to get to.....

I went to Anchorage once for Allyson Hinds' street party around Carnival time one year......ah real enjoy mih self.....and sleep in de people conference the next day.....dais what ah did come Trinidad for, ah conference.....

For the Tobagonians among us, who remember Club Christie's??  It was upstairs where Courts Furniture store is now.  The best and ONLY true club Tobago ever Upper Levels kinda vibe used to happen in dey.....

And I always thought was Michael Baker place  :rotfl:  <runs>

My mind ran on this story while reading the article.

Ottawa targets 1,800 in citizenship crackdown
Move shows Canadian citizenship 'not for sale': Kenney

Ottawa intends to revoke the citizenship of 1,800 people it believes obtained their status through fraudulent means, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says.

The decision to revoke citizenship is rare, and a large-scale crackdown such as this one appears to be unprecedented. Fewer than 70 citizenships have ever been revoked since the Citizenship Act was passed in 1949.

The people were identified through investigations conducted across the country by police and the Citizenship and Immigration Department. People identified by the investigations will receive letters informing them of the government's decision.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the move to revoke the citizenship of 1,800 people shows Canadian citizenship is 'not for sale.' Canadian PressMost of the 1,800 individuals are believed to be living outside Canada, Kenney told reporters on Wednesday in Toronto.

The minister said the move sends a "very clear message" to anyone who thinks of abusing Canada's citizenship system.

"We are in the process of notifying them that we will revoke their citizenship because Canadian citizenship is not for sale," Kenney said.

"We believe that the vast majority of new Canadian citizens respect our laws. There is a small but not insignificant number who hired crooked consultants to obtain fake proof of residency."

The decision can be contested in Federal Court, which can be a long process. If individuals choose not to contest the decision, the federal cabinet will order their passports be voided and citizenship revoked.

But even that doesn't necessarily mean the individual will face deportation.

If citizenship is revoked, the individual returns to whatever status he or she held before gaining it, such as permanent residency, which requires a separate process to revoke, the CBC's Meagan Fitzpatrick reported from Ottawa.

But Kenney said he didn't expect any of the identified cases to file for the "public battle" of a judicial review and believes the vast majority of the revocations will be resolved quickly.

"There's a very fair and exhaustive legal process," he said. "We have strong, convincing evidence of the fraudulent activity happening."

10-year travel visa announced
Canada is also creating a new visa for frequent visitors, valid for 10 years with limitless entrances to the country, Kenney announced.

The visas will let people come to Canada for up to six months at a time, and as many times as they want, over the 10-year period. The new permit is expected to appeal to travellers who come to Canada frequently on business or to visit family.

Kenney, who made the announcement in a speech to the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto, said the move creates a "more responsive and flexible" processing system to deal with more applications.

Multiple-entry visas are already recommended for parents and grandparents with sponsorships being processed. But the ministry says it could now be extended to other clientele, such as business visitors.

Would she be illegal if he annul the marriage pronto? Well that's if his surname is on her visa...  Mrs. Gannon doesn't exist?

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Photo of the day
« on: July 16, 2011, 10:26:55 AM »
They don't call it sunfest for nothing. Majority of the artistes were from Far and Middle Eastern countries/continent. Some from South Africa, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, Australia, Kenya and China.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Photo of the day
« on: July 16, 2011, 09:40:32 AM »
Thanks ladies and gents, comments appreciated. Cana, the sunset pic coulda do with some cropping up top and below. Unfortunately there was some dust on my sensor, its very noticeable on the upper left and mid areas of the sky.

7 spots done clean up already... ;D Very minor stuff.
No need to crop nothing. To me it gives the mountain silhouette more distance....leave it juss so.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Photo of the day
« on: July 16, 2011, 12:52:12 AM »

I really like this after sunset one. Large print, frame and heng up on my office wall  :beermug:

pier 1
ah surprised the older heads aint bawl out parrot  :D
bedrock  :D

Oh shims!! Bedrock and Parrot in Valpark!!

Bedrock was in Long Circular Mall right?

During the coup,  I spent ah over night in this club (cyah remember the name), but it was in Roundabout Plaza aka Maritime Plaza. We got locked in. I almost got ban for life from meh parents. Dem days didn't have cell, and bar man lock he bar and phones!  Bess time ah meh life  ;D

Was it Fortress?

Club Europe?

WINNER!!! That's it self ;D

nuts... ;D

wha about Shaymore...

ah did like d old pelican as ah mellow bar..but dem clowns gone and tear it down.... >:(

dey used to have live music in d car park though....ah remember seeing me boy Rudder dey sing ...real nice memories

After work on Fridays every man jack headed to Pelican right round the corner. That was ah good lime.  ;D

Upper Level
Pier 1
During the coup,  I spent ah over night in this club (cyah remember the name), but it was in Roundabout Plaza aka Maritime Plaza. We got locked in. I almost got ban for life from meh parents. Dem days didn't have cell, and bar man lock he bar and phones!  Bess time ah meh life  ;D

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Red Bull Flutag - T&T Live
« on: July 03, 2011, 07:27:32 PM »
Boat carrying 15 overturned. Coast Guard rescued 14. Still looking for 1.  <----ah want to know how much had on  life jackets.

4 got shot in Carenage.

People who decided to walk to Chaguaramas were robbed of monies and jewellery.

Usual small fight.

Like how dey neck you could have a function of this magnitude during ah St Peter's Day down Carenage?
Who does really think up these things? Chaguaramas the only place in Trinidad that is a one way way out. But yet still holds the biggest events.

sando like yuh from south  ;D

upper level was #1 for me, foll. by chez-moi, cyar fuhgeh home grown wall street  :beermug:

doh mess wid clubs no more, lass time ah was home satchmo was a nice vibe, my kind of speed these days

Barataria like we showing we age group man ;D
Upper Level was it for me oui!

Base and the one by Palm Tree Hotel (cyah remember the name) was another one

Jokes / Jamaicans Protesting in front of the White House
« on: June 27, 2011, 04:10:30 PM »
I want to dead here :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Photo of the day
« on: June 26, 2011, 11:59:02 AM »
The weather was a real tanty; the worst light you could imagine, but ah kinda aright with these... :-\
My first air show and I vex >:( Now I have to wait 2 years for it to come this way again...

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Re: Photo of the day
« on: June 23, 2011, 07:32:15 AM »
Pecan's nice cathedral - St Peter Paul's Cathedral. Hand held!! Enough light in there.
I'll put up his expensive 5 million dollar per Tiffany window soon.

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