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Hart was better for T&T players before he signs a extension to his contract, he wants to see a plan.

Guarantee you he will sign whether he sees a plan or not.

Guys, I heard some good news today, Jack is not going anywhere.

Remember, I told you so.


Without browsing through the thread I bet Football Supporter and Jumbie defending San-ko like dem lives depended upon it  :D

Just a few more weeks for the bacchanalist Sank-ko to end his drama filled MOS tenure

I would be interested to know who you would like to be PNM Minister of Sport?

FS.....I will not answer this question but I will state only this, even If TTFA organization and coordination skills were in tip top shape(which it isn't)....dotted every "i" and crossed every "t".........there would still be undue pressure and an undercurrent of sabotage because of tim kee politics it is the MO of the UNC.....Griffith being a noted though short lived exception.... dem is Sancho boss and he himself have ah axe to grind

As I have stated before, there are many ardent PNM supporters within the Ministry, and no doubt, many UNC supporters too. Neither group receives "orders" from political parties, both groups love football and both groups are disillusioned and unsupportive of TTFA in its current format.

My self and the Permanent Secretary receive no orders from the Government regarding sporting organisations.

I cannot profess that Sancho tells me all that is discussed in cabinet, but it is my belief that Kamla and co have more pressing business than RTK. In fact, I will go further in that when evidence appeared that RTK was privy to Warner's financial capers at TTFF, there was no interest from the government in pursuing it or using that information for political gain.

Now, I'm not saying that either party are above mud slinging, but this fight between RTK and Sancho, while I still believe is politically motivated by RTK, is nothing to do with the People's Partnership.

Raymond worked for Jack you fool.

Sancho is working for a corrupted leader.

So what's your point?

Why don't you get out of our country if you can't do anything to help?

Jack has helped T&T football for over 30 years, he spent a lot of his OWN money now Sancho acting like a small pocket change is coming out of his personal pocket.

I warned you guys about Brent Sancho and to an extent Kelvin Jack a long time ago.

These two gooses are hungry and will do anything for money.

All of you guys here jumped on me, now I am glad you are seeing for your own eyes.

I know the guy personally, he will sell his ass for fame if he gets a chance and guys pay attention, his sidekick Harrison is enjoying the ride on his lap, this guy was a bum in England, Sancho took him up and now he is in T&T politics trying to suffer our own country footballers and some here can't see this?

I remember, him writing Kamla begging her to go after Jack for their money, they were calling her, crying.

At least Jack Warner gave back a lot more, he fed Sancho and company for many years.

I dare Sancho to come after Jack Warner, like you guys suggesting.

And for all the haters, I can bet my last dollar Jack is not going anywhere, don't believe the hype.

Football / Re: Chicago Fire acquire defender Daneil Cyrus
« on: August 07, 2015, 07:38:59 AM »
Another Joe Public product.

Football / Re: 2015/16 Concacaf Champions League Thread.
« on: August 07, 2015, 07:38:37 AM »
Ho ho ho ho !!!

They sent a jackass to run a horse race.

Central FS is a piss of a team, an embarassment to Trinidad and Tobago Football run by English hoods.

I expect them to lose to Comunicaciones by a bigger margin.

Ross Russell still coaching?

 :rotfl: :rotfl:

I will say it again, Sancho is a greedy crook.

Glad you guys are finally starting to seeing his true colours.

And now Kevin Harrison saying that there is nothing wrong with a verbal agreement.

Talk about double tongue.

Kevin Harrison is working in the ministrey and you will see the difference he makes, you guys already seeing it. He will talk it way out of anything.

These Englishmen exploiting our people.

All of the players should walk out.

Sancho is getting a taste of his own medicine.

Jack fellout with Sancho because he saw his true colours a long time ago.

Kelvin Jack, Sancho, Yorke and Hislop is only for themselves.

I can guarantee you that T&T national football is dead once PP stay in power and Sancho is minister.

This guy is a two face, the sport he made a life from he is now deceiving.

Football / Re: Hart hopes to have two matches next month.
« on: May 06, 2015, 04:06:42 AM »
Mr Hart, a word of advice, pack your bags and leave before you tarnish your reputation because if you accpeted to work under such disaster then you are also part of the problem.

Since Jack Warner left T&T football went down way below recovery.

Tim Kee and his sidekick Sheldon Phillips will drain T&T football.

Tim Kee is very unprofessional and sturbborn and I know him very well.

Sheldon Phillips is the son of Lincoln Phillips and if you look back at Lincoln track record while he was in T&T with the TTFF it will answer all of your questions. He keeps blaming he did not get the support but stayed here for 7 years and collected his retirement check for doing nothing and now Sheldon is doing the same.

Lincoln came to T&T and worked hard for 6 months and then he disappeared.

The Centre they are building in South I heard is in some trouble.

The TTFA is a free for all. They cannot plan anything or do anything right and expect to attrack sponsors this way, sponsors are turned off by their unprofessional ways and the bad news you get every single month about them.

Asked anyone here, if they like the current TTFA and I am sure you will not get 4 votes.

***Jack will rise again and when he does the world with beg him to return.***

I heard that Kelvin Jack is going to run for TTFA presidency, the only problem is, he has $5.00 to his name.

If anyone here is picking up a donation to help his campaign please let me know, I have a few pennies I want to contribute.

THERE IS ONLY ONE JACK and no one can replace him.

***message sent from my Miami penthouse***

Harrison declined to name the members of the Central FC board.

“I’d rather not,” he said. “I think they’d rather sit in the background.”


Ha...  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

They remind me of TTFF under Camps and now the TTFA.

Blind, firing coaches for friends. Vranes is the reason why they are tops right now and they fire him for Sancho buddy a KKK coach.

Central operating very unprofessional.

Kevin and Sancho will destroy sports in T&T, cant wait for election.

Sancho only worry about facilities.

He have a chance to help ballers in T&T but only barking.

Central firing coach for no reason to accommodate a racists and giving Vranes a meaningless TD work to keep him happy.

Fenwick screw up 4 T&T players in Belgium because he operating like a double agent and now he back in T&T.

Only in T&T where they afraid of the English man.

Kevin Harrison is a leach.

He have no teeth and sucking Kamla cabinet dry.

Football / Re: Minister Sancho scores with SWO.
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:44:28 AM »
Enjoy your 8 months Sancho and save your money because you will be out like the rest.

And we are thinking hard about closing the Marvin Lee Stadium and making it into a sport hotel. So you and your league better look for alternatives soon, nothing is confirm as yet.

And Flex, what you mean by who owns the Marvin Lee? I will gladly since you a copy of the deed.

Sancho will bring Kelvin Jack and Fenwick soon to join him.

How can Kevin Harrision be part of T&T cabinet and he is not even a T&T citizen?

All you need is a English accent in T&T to get a job. You go to England with your Trini accent and they want to bash you in and deport you, here we worship them.

I will say this and please remember my prediction, after Sancho's short term I would be able to count on one hand with no fingers how much he has accomplished.

I spoke to one of the contractors at the Brian Lara Recreation Ground last week and they were laughing at Sancho, pulling up in his suit giving orders and dont know half of whats going on.

Sancho, you are working for a snake, but I know you are hungry and need to eat ah food, they fire my good friend Anil Roberts but Ashwin Creed is still there.



Did you go to school?

What the hell is Fug-lee?

Wake up man.

Fug-Lee means you are f00cking ugly.

I did not go to school, but ah went under de school with yuh mammy.

I will not stoop to your level my friend.

I get more women and money falling off my hands in one week than you get in a lifetime.

Its all about the green note.

***message sent from my Concept S-Class Coupe***



Did you go to school?

What the hell is Fug-lee?

Wake up man.

Keep Jack out of your mouth Mr Sam.

He is gone and still he gets the blame today.

The other points you made here was quite amusing.

You should sign up for a comedian show.

Soon, people will come out and say how Jack made a real difference.

They think they could run the TTFF better, go ahead, make my day.

The world will beg Jack to come back and I hope he says no!!!

Football / Re: 2015 Under-20 FIFA World Cup Thread.
« on: December 12, 2014, 04:00:07 AM »
Didn't the TTFA just got 10 million from the T&T government?

Didn't the TTFA just benefitted from a sold out stadium on December 2nd?

So where is the money?

Sheldon taking the money to pay Waldrum, Lincoln and his $21,000 US appartment.

You guys will see I was correct when I said that when Sheldon and Tim Kee is finished with the TTFA and T&T tax payers money T&T will be left flat.

They are waiting again for government help again and they just got that.

What a bunch of lost fools, Sheldon will have a big meeting and only talk and no one listens to this clown because he doesn't know how to run the federaton, utilize the money and generate new income, he wants people and the government to just blindly give them money.

I spoke to the Under 17 coach the other day also and he told me that the TTFA already complaining about money and camp.

There are more managers, coaches and staff than there is players.

And all of them getting their money while the players suffering.


Football / Re: Multi-purpose facility for Presentation.
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:58:31 PM »
Expect Central FC to come in and take full credit or try to weasel their way into this one.

Football / Re: T&T set to benefit from top quality Training Centre.
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:57:57 PM »
Wait for it.

They don't have money to pay a taxi for players to come training or give them water but they building a training centre.

In these modern time, they building a so called top class facility with no pools, gyms or showers.

Flex, you tell me what kind of foreign teams will want to come here for this joke facility.

$500,000 can't even build a good wall to keep out bandits.

These questions are top class, unfortunately, it was not answered in the same pal.

They should have just acquire one of the dead stadiums in T&T and build on it.


Thanks for answering my questions in a diplomatic way.

The first 6 months Sheldon made a big splash and then he faded like his old man.

Together, they are sucking T&T wallets.

Now that the women team is eliminated and you did not get your big pay day, what will happen to the ladies and will you now look for a new position for Lincoln or will you do all in your power to keep Waldrum that insures Lincoln a job?

2. Do you have any plans for T&T football or are we going to wait a week before a tournament to prepare for it?

3. The 4 plus million you made on the women's game Tuesday and the shirts, how will you invest that?

4. What long term plans do you have for T&T football?

5. When will we expect to see our senior men team in action, I heard maybe 4 months away.

6. I spoke to someone close to Hart the other Day and they told me he will leave if he does not get a local team in training consistently or after the 2015 gold cup. The guy is not Hart, but someone close to the set up.

Tim Kee give Darrnen a slap on his wrist.

Its all polticis,

Football / Re: National Team Footballers Dumped On The Sidelines
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:16:56 AM »
I remember a few months ago, Central FC did the same with a player from the US, I think his name is Roopie.

Payback is a bitch.

Sheldon Phillips is a dam scamp and acting like everyone should just forget about everything after he messed up and just focus their energy on T&T.

Like 300,000 is no kind of money.

He taking T&T people for fools.

Don't be surprised he try to over throw Tim Kee just now and take over the TTFA.

Atiba Charles is another dunce, how did he get that job? He should be fired.

Hadeed should have pull the plug on the TTFA for that Argentina trip.

I dealt with Millien a few times in the past and the man tried to do the same thing and Jack had to pull him square.

Millien and Phillips should get arrested to.


Blame Jack Warner now, it good.

Wonder how much Lincoln apartment costing?

And Richard Gorden did not rent any car for 19 grand, Tim Kee is lying.

This is one of the reasons why the TTFF got rid of Tim Kee, he was a sneaky little straight face lair.

And Sheldon Phillips is not going anywhere, Lincoln will make sure he stays there to carry on his 6 months getting paid for 7 years legacy.

Let this be a lesson, be careful what you wish for.

Not even his press officer wants to defend them.

All these guys the TTFA secretly hiring and getting the government to pay the bill.

Sheldon making money on the down low as a undercover agent.

Saudia and Argentina paid them a lot and Sheldon rite off the money and pocket it then charge the government who foolishly just dish out money.

We really have a stupid government who just pay and does not even audit their books.

They really taking care of these guys and the TTFA saying that they don't like the because Tim Kee is PNM but yet they staying rent free and utility free.

Plus they living expenses is highly ridiculous.

Sheldon is sucking T&T and tax payers dry.

Just now they will asked for more money to pay their new TD Muhammad Isa, a 90 year old who only know players names but can't see his toe from his toetie.

I will be surprised if Stephen Hart and Leo Beenhakker comes back to T&T.

I spoke to one of the youth coach the other day and these guys actually have to pick up players to come training sometimes, not even passage money the TTFA giving them. Why Sheldon don't put his rental to use.

This is really poor organization and no one in T&T government is taking note.

I wouldn't be surprised if is more than 1.2 million dollars missing.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>



Football / Re: Kelvin Jack ponders TTFA presidency.
« on: November 17, 2014, 07:27:20 PM »
This guy can't even buy milk for his kids, how will he run a federation?

Mike Berry told me he cries like a lajabless.

Football / Re: Trouble in Jamaica!
« on: November 15, 2014, 11:11:22 AM »
Ask Sheldon if Lincoln getting paid?

Tim Kee wants people to believe in his dream and work for free.

They hired 11 staff members for the women team at the expense of the men's.

Lincoln might replace Hart soon.

Football / Re: Makeshift T&T football team for CAC Games
« on: November 15, 2014, 11:08:54 AM »
Now Latchoo is working for free.

Football / Re: Ask the TTFA (Nov-2014).
« on: November 05, 2014, 07:15:55 AM »
1. Do you feel you made the right choice to hire your dad as goalkeeper coach for the women's team? Isn't this is lack of interest? Lincoln Phillips has been out of the game a long time now and as a coach has nothing to show, he was also goalkeeper coach for our men's team once and then nothing to improve them. I know at college level he did okay in the 70's, but this is international football, he cannot teach old tactics and will we see him here long term. Is he getting paid, I heard they all getting paid once they return from South America. Do you feel its right that your household and your family are reaping benefits from T&T through this, isn't this the same thing you guys complained about in the past?

2. How long you will keep begging the T&T government for handouts? Why should the government have to pay all of your staff members when they were not the one who hired all these guys. The Marvin Lee Stadium is owned by Jack Warner, and I would like to extend a personal invitation to you and your staff for a tour of the premises and an invitation to play a few games. It seems to guys always need a hand for free, so here is a personal invitation because you have no clue how to generate money and be self sufficient.

Forget my name.

I have one big question for you guys.

What has Lincoln done since he worked in T&T for the 7 years he was here, name one thing he has done for the betterment of T&T football.

Please fill in the blanks.






This guy made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the T&T government and the TTFF and did nothing in the 7 years he was here.

He pushed Raymond to take the job.

Raymond was grateful to Lincoln, so he hired his son Sheldon.

Sheldon goes to his father for everything, the general sectary runs to daddy for everything, his father advise him to hire Waldrum because I know personally Waldrum and Lincoln are good friends.

Lincoln came to Texas and made a quick hustle and weaved his way into Waldrum's coaching staff and left him with no choice to to hire.

And now once again, Lincoln will be reaping money from tax payers pockets again, his family will be well paid.

You guys have the nerve to talk about Jack when the current TTFA is operation no better.

Teams are doing well because of individual skills and players.

There are no foundation in place.

Players are not paid or are made to fight for it if they get paid, they are not happy.

Coaches are not happy.

How can someone just walk into a team during a live camp and just get a job?

I think this is the first anyone has heard off such favoritism.

They should call Lincoln the recommendation coach, that's all he does.

And if the T&T women team fails, then all of a sudden you will hear all kind of excuses.

If Alvin or Jack had done this, you would not have heard the last of it.

Football / Re: Heard coops pass away today.
« on: August 17, 2014, 02:42:36 PM »
I happen to have liked Coops.

Sorry for a lost of a great individual.

RIP, Mr Coops.

Sam, I took my tablet this morning, did you?

Sancho, Kelvin Jack and the 2006 Soca Warriors need to read this article.

These women are playing for FREE, they put their country first.

Male footballers even this ones today, not playing even if they get a dime short, they whining and complaining.

Good example by these ladies.

I hope they get a little more in time.

I like the women team because of their attitudes.

I am familiar with the Debesette sisters, and they have really great attitudes.

Attin is a very nice person and Darcel also, they both have good shoulders on their heads.

I was happy when Jack had given Attin the manager position a few years ago too bad she left or else she would have been the coach today.

Very good job by the TTFA, Sheldon is doing much better than his father did in the entire time he was here.

I wonder who is the mysterious money source?

Flex, your article was well digested and well balance, Lasana could take a page from you, he writes one set of kaka all the time, good job by both individuals.

Anil mess up a good life sport programme that Jack invented, when Jack left, Anil lost his way.

I was to say good luck to the T&T women team, while Jack may not be here to support you guys financially, we would still like to extend our support.

The only thing going for T&T football is this website.

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