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Football / Re: Tobago no-show angers former T&T player Wendell Moore.
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:05:27 PM »
Sheldon Phillips running the show but people still blaming Jack Warner.

The TTFA operating like a 4/100 relay team, they just passing the baton.

Like I said, T&T football will not go anywhere with Tim Kee and his puppet, the son of a Tiger Balm.

They siting on they cell phone calling everyone to go and do their jobs for them and for free.

You get what you pay for - Nothing.

The Under 20 team coach is my long time Pal and he should attend Under 20 team in the youth pro league to scout players instead of having wasteful trials a month before the tournament.

Only Tobago players needs to be scouted as they have no teams in the youth league.

So therefore, the youth league is a waste then?

The Super League is another story, Tobago teams may have to pull out and I am really considering not participating Joe Public in the league next season.

Football in T&T is poorly managed but yet they are asking for millions like people stupid in T&T.

Can't believe that you guys are still blaming Jack Warner for all of this.

Football / Re: How much people the TTFA owes?
« on: July 21, 2014, 07:52:45 PM »
Ge them, ge them Bakes.

Football / Re: How much people the TTFA owes?
« on: July 21, 2014, 02:06:34 PM »
Mr Bakes, you have a bright future Pal. You are one of the intelligent men on this site.

Good observation and good call out on Central.

They have been collecting dirty money on the down low but now the light is starting to shine.

lasagna Liebud is a so call big writer, he should do a report on SIS and how they collect millions.

Why should Central get government assistant? Good job Anil, not a red cent for them just like the 06 Money Warriors.

As for the TTFA, as I told you guys, Sheldon is like his father, made a big splash and then disappeared.

Lincoln stayed in T&T for 7 years collecting tax payers money for doing nothing, he claimed that he wasn't allowed yet he stayed there and collect tax payers money, who is really the thief here?

He was like any other politician in T&T, just collecting.

This is why Jack Warner was successful, he was the hardest worker in everything he did.

When we get a new government all these crooks will be exposed.

Notice, Mr Supporter quick to outline all the dirt but very silent how crocked SIS is and how much they steal from T&T everyday. And Mr Supporter saying once they make it legally,   :rotfl:

He knows, but don't want to know cause he is benefitting. Its all well and gone when they steal.

Central FC wants to pay the local guys small money and invest heavily on foreigners.

Their time will come soon.

As for Tim Kee, I know him very well, he is pig headed, cool guy, but he knows everything, if you know what I mean.

You cannot fight with the people you need and the fans of T&T football.

Football / Re: Brent Sancho: Inside the soul of a Warrior
« on: July 03, 2014, 08:05:26 PM »
Inside the soul of a man who had a goal and a assist at the 2006 World Cup.

Inside the soul of a man who scored a goal at the 2006 World Cup for Paraguay.

Inside the soul of a man who hair that wasn't tied up properly cause England to score a goal and Crouch to get a goal from his assist.

Inside the soul of a man who want to close down T&T football for money he was rumored to get by a former TTFF rep.

Inside the soul of a who gave cry baby Kelvin Jack a game when T&T was already eliminated so he wouldn't have to hear him cry.

***message sent from the Marvin Lee Stadium***

Football / Re: This is what happens when you have greedy players.
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:59:43 PM »
Steven Gerrard says money hurts England World Cup chances.

Football's huge riches are diminishing some players' desire to perform for England, captain Steven Gerrard said as the country licks its wounds over its early World Cup exit.
Gerrard said the speed at which football turns teenagers into millionaires "has an impact on certain individuals".
"For those who want money, fame and everything that comes with football, of course it will have an effect," he told the BBC in an interview ahead of England's 0-0 draw in their final World Cup group game against Costa Rica on Tuesday.
"If you have the right mentality and the right character, you do things right and work as hard as you can to become the best player you can, but we need more of those players."

A recent report by consultancy Deloitte said that the average English Premier League player now earns £1.6 million ($2.92 million) a year and that wages would rise as the league's value grows.
Wages account for more than 70 per cent of the estimated £3.2 billion ($5.84 billion) revenues of top English clubs in 2013-14 - the highest figure in Europe, said Deloitte.
England's young stars are rarely off the tabloid front pages. Eighteen-year-old left-back Luke Shaw featured in The Sun on Sunday over sexual antics with a Playboy model.
Amid the recriminations over England's disastrous performance in Brazil, Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp said this week some young players at Tottenham Hotspur had asked him to help avoid England duty when he was manager there.
"When I was at Tottenham, when full internationals came around, there were two or three players who did not want to play for England," the QPR boss said.
"They would come to me 10 days before the game and say, 'Gaffer, get me out of that game, I don't want to play in that game'," he added.
Redknapp has since rebuffed calls from Gerrard to name the players concerned.
"Every Premier League manager past and present knows what I'm talking about," he said. "Sadly this attitude is not unusual these days."
Gerrard insisted in his interview that despite England's worst performance at a World Cup finals since 1958, the 23 players in the squad had the necessary "hunger and desire" to succeed.
"Sitting here now, we are not in a position of strength. The England manager and players need some help because this pool of players we pick from can't get any smaller and if anything it's got to grow.
"We have to get the balance right of still having the best league in the world but expanding the pool of players for this England manager and the England managers in the future."


Football / This is what happens when you have greedy players.
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:58:50 PM »
Ghana's John Boye pictured kissing his share of $3 million cash bonus
By Ryan Bailey
Dirty Tackle

Normally it's France's responsibility to go into crisis mode at a World Cup tournament, but in 2014, the baton appears to have been handed over to Ghana.

On Wednesday — a day before Kevin Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari were sent home in disgrace — Ghana's president John Dramani Mahama had $3 million in cash flown by chartered jet to the Black Stars in Brazil to settle a dispute over appearance fees and bonuses.

This money would normally be paid to players by FIFA at the conclusion of the tournament, but according to the AP, the players simply demanded it earlier.

Incredibly, the chartered jet full of cash was not hijacked by Bane while in transit to Brazil, and it survived a convoy through the roads of Brasilia that looked like something from a Michael Mann movie:

The money reached Ghana's players at their hotel on Wednesday evening, where up to $100,000 was distributed to each player. According to Globo, some players shoved wads the cash in their pockets, while others "wrapped it up in clothing."

When John Boye received his $100,000 stack, the Rennes midfielder was pictured kissing it. Which tells you absolutely everything you need to know about modern football.

Western readers may wonder why the players were not paid by bank transfer, but Globo note that cash payment is very common in Ghana. In fact, some of the players do not even have bank accounts in the country.

When The Guardian asked the players where they would keep their cash windfall in the short term, Christian Atsu responded:

"That’s a difficult question for me. Of course we will keep it in our bags. We just lock them."

Apparently, telling the world that there is thousands of dollars in a bag in your hotel room while you are out playing a game against Portugal is a solid idea. Getting that bag through customs will also be a lot of fun...

Now Ghana is eliminated, what now?

Here comes the 13 Warriors knocking on the front door of the TTFA waiting to collect.

Good going Lasana.


Football / Re: Question about black referees.
« on: May 28, 2014, 08:03:02 AM »
Once you have an English accent you can get a job quite easily in Trinidad.

In England its reverse.

I hope to see more brothers out there doing some good.

When Jack tried to get a brother on the FIFA books, they eliminated him.

Blatter and his French compatriot making millions of dirty money and wasting it on Europeans.

Look at the the CFU cup league, they never get help and they compete at the international level.

Blame Jack, but he tried to help his people.

Kevin Harrison got a job because of his accent.


Sancho is not a real rasta, he is a uncle Bob.

At least Stuart Charles hiring his own people as coaches, Elijah Joseph and Earl Jean and no other Trinis on W Connection Senior team staff.

Top 10 jailed football stars.

1 Duncan Ferguson: Print Rangers striker served 44 days of a three-month term for assaulting Raith's Jock McStay.

2 Tony Adams: The Arsenal captain was jailed for four months for drink-driving.

3 Peter Storey: Arsenal defender got five years for car theft, counterfeiting and running a brothel.

4 Jermaine Pennant: Was with Birmingham when he was jailed for 90 days for drink-driving while banned.

5 Lee Hughes: The West Brom striker got six years for causing death by dangerous driving.

6 Eric Cantona: The Man Utd star was released after 24 hours of a two-week sentence for assault.

7 Peter Swan: He and Tony Kay of Sheffield Wednesday got four months and bans from the game in a 1964 betting scandal.

8 Joey Barton: Served six months on two separate charges of affray while with Newcastle and Man City.

9 Terry Fenwick: Four months for drink driving while with Leicester.

10 Graham Rix: Twelve months for underage sex and indecent assault.

Central knows how to pick them.

I see Kevin has a lot of mouth piece.

He needs all these homos to fight his battle.

Joe Public is strongly considering finishing with all football. Next season could very well be our last.

Joe Public is strongly considering finishing with all football. Next season could very well be our last.

I suppose it will be difficult for Joe Public having no stadium to play at.  :rotfl:

Central FC have a stadium?

They cant even afford the light bulbs in the stadium.

Did Tim Kee pay Sancho and company as yet?

I prefer be a thief than a faggot.

I see Kevin has a lot of mouth piece.

He needs all these homos to fight his battle.

Joe Public is strongly considering finishing with all football. Next season could very well be our last.

A foolish foreigner who barks about T&T football and the players like he knows everything. He only knows recongised players.

Asked Kevin how is Central FC doing in the youth Pro League. He brags about players they did not developed.

Nice wake up call by NE Stars, good job Angus Eve.

I predict Central will finish 4th, maybe 3rd if they lucky.

PS: Joe Public sold most of their good players and were relegated but thanks to a call to a long time pal Tim Kee, Joe Public will remain in the Super League and will look to beef up their team for next season, MAYBE, football is not on our main agenda however.

We won enough silverware.

Football / Re: Centre of Excellence
« on: April 17, 2014, 09:56:19 AM »
Lovely news but I just have a feeling Jack will escape.

He always does.

We have some smart people here, especially when they are targeting a man with no proof, they just going on senless report from a government with corruption everyday taking place.

Tell them Jack.

The COE will be in the Warner family forever.

FIFA, Concascaf, TTFA, Anand Ramlogan, bring all the fire and Jack will be here forever.

Tell Ramlogan his time coming very soon, remember, Jack have your secrets.

***message senbt from Tim Kee's office***

Football / Re: Technical Director Anton Corneal calls it a day.
« on: April 02, 2014, 07:37:03 PM »
As I told you guys once.

Sheldon Phillips started real good and after 6 months he will fall in between the cracks like his old man.

And you guys blaming Jack Warner.

Who will you blame now?

I am awaiting comments.

I suspect Stephen Hart will walk soon.

Hurry hurry come for curry.

The same old men in charge and wants new results.

Lincoln and Tim Kee controlling T&T football, we heading down.

And them men could talk a good game.

Indestructible footballs for a destructible federation.

I await TTFA fall guy Sheldon to come up with some excuse.

I wonder if he's getting paid?

Football / Re: Breaking boundaries with David John-Williams
« on: March 21, 2014, 02:56:44 AM »
They have come into our space which we have occupied for 15 years and are competing for the same home ground and training field and community. The unprovoked deliberate breaking of our locks on our portable goals at the training ground last year speaks volumes.

Very interesting point here. So Central is trying to jump on what Connection built, typical I say.

I had the pleasure to deal with David John Williams and Stuart Charles in the past, both very decent men.

I like Charles humbleness but I personally feel he needs help to rise the team. Is you notice, he has only his country man on his senior team staff. This is a football club not a family business or maybe it is?

At Joe Public we did things a little better in terms of hiring men because where they were from.

W Connection has 2 St Lucian coaches and happen to have 6 St Lucians on their team. There is a conflit of interest here.

David, is a classic business man. Cheap and love money, they want players for peanuts and expect thousands in return. This is one of the reasons why they go to St Lucia and other small Caribbean island, because no one from T&T will accept being bought for pennies. I know many players who refuse to go to that club.

So you guys have to understand the club and minds of a king pin.

Sign players or sign them for free, give them a room, pay them minimum and promising them trials and contracts in return.

W Connection does not make one feel they are representing T&T for some reason, many people felt more close to Joe Public flying T&T flag. W Connection looks like a team from St Vincent or Suriname, they just have that look.

One thing I admire though, is the way they run their football team and how they carry themselves.

This was a nice interview and David made some excellent replies.

9 games left in the league.

Lets go Point. !!

Our staff check a lot of school football. We also actively scouted in Tobago, which is where we found Winchester, Mitchell, Dario Holmes (now Jabloteh) and Omarr Charles (now Point Fortin). Plus, of course, try outs each year.
We also get lots of kids contact us on facebook.

Hard to believe how you bold facely lie in public. I remember you saying you discovered those players when Central played Stokely Vale and FC Phoenix in some tournament some time ago.

Then it open the doors and Central went to scout in Tobago.

You never discovered those players, they were already good players playing in the Super League week in, week out, a tournament where teams are equally on par with Pro League and 6 place Central.

Football / Re: 2013/14 T&T Pro League Fixtures.
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:38:19 AM »
They believe in Terry Fenwick who play aggressive defensive football with no clue. When Central realise that the monthly cost to keep Fenwick and pay high profile players cost more than prize money and trophies they would wake up.

Fenwick wants the best players to win instead of trying to improve the ones he has and improve his coaching to make it work.

On paper who have the more expensive team, Connection or Central and include the coaches salary.

I saw Romain carring out a training session once and I had to laugh my ass off.

Lasana, a writer who looks for clicks to pay his bills, he doesn't care if his headlines if totally different than his actual story.

Clicks, clicks, and more clicks.

As grandpa say, Lie-Burd.

He is a good writer gone bad. The Express was late but catch on to him.

Tim Kee is obligate to Jack, like it or not, he is here BECAUSE OF JACK and to an extent Anil, Jack boy, Anil was bought for pennies but he is still Jack boy and a faithful friend, we need more people with gratitude like him in T&T.

Sheldon Phillips is another pillow, like his dad. He is weak. I heard even Shaun Fuentes bark orders on him.

He is very sly guys. 6 months of fire like his dad and then the retirement check will come out.

Tim Kee, keep beating the drum Pal, the 06 Warriors is a bunch of hot steam.

No one red cent for them.

I said so.

Football / Re: Lies and untruths from the TTFA: Sancho strikes back
« on: January 31, 2014, 10:25:36 AM »
Sancho will not risk putting the TTFA in court knowing that it will only affect his Central FC players/club who is looking for caps so they can get a foreign contracts.

I like Tim Kee attitude.

Stand up brother.

****message sent from Tim Kee's office****

The son of Jack defends Jack, surprised.....

Mate you tell Jack, who you seem to know so well, to pay back the damn money he stole and maybe we can institute some of these wonderful suggestions. You're defending a crook who bankrupted the TTFA and stole a whole damn building off the country.

Do not blame Jack because half of these guys did not go to school.

Or a mayor is TTFA head but Jack couldn't hold the two positions now no one seem to care Tim Kee is the mayor and TTFA head.

Judge fairly Pal.

The USSF kicked out Mr Sheldon from their federation because he was ineffective.

Tim Kee worked under Jack Warner for over a decade. If Jack is bad so to is Tim Kee, he is no different then because the same is still happening.

The only civilized poster here seems to be Coops.

Everyone attacking me for posting facts.

And I did say $5,000 was ridiculous, even Jack said that after.

No clubs wants a trouble maker that is the reason since the court case Sancho and Kelvin Jack were dropped and clueless. To this day Kelvin Jack is still making trouble. All he is concerns is about himself. They could blast Jack all they want but he did more for his country that any of them and still wants to do but what Kelvin Jack doing?

What pisses me off to is, Evens Wise, he came to T&T and played 4 games and what millions. He did not even help the team get to the World Cup. He told me he will return to St Anns and help his community, all broken promises, so they ain't better. Its every man for them self.

I have to give Sancho credit though, at least he is doing something positive with Central FC.

Jones is still playing for his country. Glen also.

But where is the rest? Gray, Charles, Wolfe, Stern, Avery, Samuel, Whitley etc?

What is Hislop doing? He has a big position in ESPN that he looks out of position with because he sounds like a fake Trini who cannot talk football like the rest, boring if you ask me, but what is he doing to help his country? Where the the Union they promise to build? He should get ESPN to air some T&T games? or become a sponsor?

These guys are for themselves.

Come on guys, Jack is not your enemy here.

On a different note, I am advising everyone of you here to vote for Jack next election. You cannot be happy with the way Kamla is running down our county.

Nobody gave JW a free pass because they still fighting him,from the time i see Kelvin Jack come to play in Football festival for Wire D868 i had a mind something was up,he eh coming here to play no game just so,nobody wants to see him any how.

They vex Latapy settle,the others want too but they under pressure,the only way this will end all of them will have to do what Latapy did,look how Yorke and the rest don't have any problems,talking about they want to ensure this never happens again and alyu eh get alyu money yet,every time we try to raise our heads alyu pushing it back down,study Jack Warner and don't move on.

Look at the strides Football are starting to make,people still finding all kind of things to say about the admin,MOS,Sportt etc etc about funding Football,alyu come back with this court shyt,Integrity Commission going and investigate JW after FIFA,CONCACAF,CFU,FBI,IRS,Customs,TTPS,Haiti etc etc give up,alyu eh find something have to be wrong,the man eh hiding no where he still travels and does what he wants,he don't even go to court.

Mr Coops, you are on spot here and you are 100% correct.

There is no way in hell Kelvin Jack who is broke taking his little money he has left to buy a $2,500 USD ticket to come play a fete match game in T&T. He came here to start trouble because he is desperate. Hislop laughs at these guys behind their backs, same with Yorke and Lawrence.

Secondly, I know Tim Kee personally, I have dealt with him many times in the past and I know Sheldon Phillips a little but know his farther Lincoln very well and if he is anything like his father, then Jack Warner has nothing to worry about.

Lincoln was a smart guy, he love his family and would do anything for them even if that means kissing up to the boss or throwing his friends under the buss. As for Tim Kee, he is another weak heart. None of which can touch Jack, so as many here talking about let the TTFA go after Jack, I say bring it on !!!!!! They don't have the money to pay for a taxi to reach the stadium, I doubt they have the money to fight Jack.

Thirdly, I would bet my last buck, the 2006 WC players NOT closing down T&T football, they could huff and bluff all they like, they not doing it, simply because there will be no winner and they will only get the bad name in the end, no one will remember anything else and they still would not get a dime.

How can 16 players, now 15 go after a broke federation?

Tim Kee, I admire you very much, keep writing those ghost checks and keep waiting for Concacaf, FIFA and the government to pay your bills. Keep waiting for handouts. I am sure all your staffs are up to date with their pay.

These guys sit in their office with no plans or idea how to generate money, they couldn't even get the Akeem Adams contribution right and thank God for this site who led the way for picking up donations for the kid or else they would have been hiding.

How can you run a federation depending on other people?

Why not hire a professional marketing company to help?

You guys wanted Jack out and now where is the change?

Are you happy now?

At least Jack helped.

The players should have took the money Jack was offering them when the case went to court. I must admit, the 5,000 was ridiculous.

Now you guys have Tim Kee, the savior and Sheldon, a missionary sent here to finish his father job.

Thanks for giving us a clearer break down on what really transpired Sam even though the joke part was a bit exaggerated we now understand what happened in a sense.

And Sam, if it was a local coach you would have been cussing the locals. Glad to see foreigners are just the same.

Jack is not your enemy.

Joe Public will be back.

Football / Re: The reality of football trials
« on: December 12, 2013, 01:00:19 PM »
Thats the reality Central FC did not follow.

Roopie did not have an agent and was misled.

Simple protocol was not followed by a professional club.

For instance, didn't Roopie get the green light to come on trial before he left the States where ever he was from?

Football / Re: The Trini-Ronaldinho?
« on: December 11, 2013, 05:14:51 PM »

Someone deleted my post when trials go bad and did not have the decency to tell me, I guess Harrison went crying to the mods.

Football / When trials go bad.
« on: December 11, 2013, 07:07:13 AM »
I have played a major role with Joe Public in the past and have had some good and bad experiences with players being on trial. None could beat the latest one I have now heard off.

Today what I have experience is very hurting to me when a player from the USA called Roopie and how his trial with Central FC went bad has top it all off for me.

Roopie got a trial with Central FC from Kevin, Terry or Flex or who ever invited him, he dropped his school, took his last shinling and jetted off to Trinidad and when he reach there no one trial him or even handled the kid correctly.

I was very sadden that Central would set up a kid who basically had to fend for himself with no money, no where to stay and no one was gracious enough to take a minute to see the kid play or give him a fair trial instead they wasted the kids money and time and invited him to a Adidas Brazuca to pappieshow and make him feel they were actually doing someting. A game where you were allowed to play 15 minutes and no coaches watching you.

Does anyone here ever had any more bad experience?

+++message sent from my La Rivera Apartment in Westmoorings+++

Football / Re: The Trini-Ronaldinho?
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:34:02 PM »
So wait, Roopie get a trial with Central from Kevin, Terry or Flex, he drop school take his last shinling and jet off to Trinidad and when he reach there nobody trial him or even handled the kid?

This is the utter most disrespect by Central FC.

I warned the kid, I warned him.

We never treat players like this at Joe Public. We even give players on trial a place to stay. I remember when Hoshide came for the first time for a trial Flex organized, I personally picked him up in the airport.

Sancho and company cannot run anything.

I went to the Adidas Brazuca in Ariapita Avenue and it was suppose to kick off at 2pm, I waited over a hour and still nothing so I left only to find out the next game it started after 4pm.

Football / Re: Sancho calls for Sport Academy in T&T.
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:00:56 AM »
Sancho know a lot now. The millions Tim Kee paid him he should invest in a Academy in Central.

All these talkings and not one of them making a step forward.

Football / Re: The Trini-Ronaldinho?
« on: December 07, 2013, 05:58:47 AM »
Roopie have to be a mad man to want to join this fete side team they call Central who have a coach with a ego problem.

They can't organize they foot from they elbow.

And a fete side that beat Joe Public 3-0. So what does that make them??

At least we do not carry the title PROFESSIONAL. We are Semi-Pro that sold all our players to Central.

Joe Public have many trophies little boy.

Central FC is a professional team that operates unprofessionally.

Imagine a pro team dont have an extra $10 dollars to pay for a buss pass but they trialing players, for what !!!!! is not like they could sign them.

 :rotfl: :rotfl:

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