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Ben Gay Lotion.
« on: January 31, 2006, 06:20:01 PM »
a man walk in ah pharmacy and ask de pharmacist fuh de special ting tuh make yuh stay hard all night.

De chemist say:  "me eh know what de hell yuh talking about., yuh talking about viagra?"

de man say:  "Nah I eh want no viagra...ah want de lotion tuh rub on meh tool....

De Pharmacist say:  "Me eh know what de hell yuh talking about."

De man tell him:  "Listen if yuh doh give it tuh meh ah go tell de FDA yuh selling dat without dey permission, meh pardner buy it last night and I want it NOW!"  "steups...doh try dat!"

De chemist den ask:  "what so special dat yuh jes cyar use viagra?"  "Dat is good stuff"

de man say listen, it have 3 nice ting coming over by me tonight and ah wukking all ah dem de same ah need dat stuff fella."

de chemist open ah safe, pull out ah box..unlock de box, den take out anodder box,, unlock dat and give de man ah little vial..."rub dat on yuh tool, ah not responsible fuh what happen after dat eh."

de man take de vial, pay de chemist, and walk home laffing..he thinking dem 3 woman dead tonight.

Next day de same fella walk into de pharmacy..look at de pharmacist straight in he eye..drop he pants and pull out he tool.

De ting blistered, red, skin falling out and bumps all over it.  He den ask de chemist:  "Yuh have any Ben Gay Lotion?"

De horrified chemist shrieked:  "My God man, yuh going an put Ben Gay on dat?"

hear de fella:  "Nah, nah, Ben gay is fuh meh arms, dem girl and dem ain't show up last night."
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Re: Ben Gay Lotion.
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2006, 06:33:40 PM »
if is one ting we could be happy by weself.but it wouldn hurt to have a licle company. :rotfl: :rotfl:
soon ah go b ah lean mean bulling machine.