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Author Topic: Summary of 4th Day of tt vs. b'dos  (Read 925 times)

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Summary of 4th Day of tt vs. b'dos
« on: April 18, 2006, 04:16:01 PM »
well it was a very interesting day in point, we were down 86/0, until kelly took two wickets with some spectacular bowling, kelly however needs to lose weight, he is on the chubby side and needs to trim down but he bowled and batted well, was resolute in the crease, definately making a claim for test selection, jaggernauth bowled well and was very economical, b'dos struggled terribly against the spin, and looked bewildered at times, amith got 2 wickets bc b'dos was juss out of character, ramdin missed a stumping, he got a lil too anxious and stump 2 early not gathering de ball, he also dropped a catch in de back, murray and some of the elders need to work with him and be there to help him, but hes de only keeper that can handle spin in the west indies despite his mistakes, hes also a viper behindde stumps, tt should wrap it up 2morrow, de score was 115/4, could have been 6 wickets, but 2morrow will tell, i look for tt to win in the 2nd session of play after lunch dey should wrap it up. :beermug:

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Re: Summary of 4th Day of tt vs. b'dos
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  Thanks for the lil report. BLESS!!!!!!!!!


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