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Author Topic: Building 2010 From Now.... Read !!!  (Read 5363 times)

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Re: Building 2010 From Now.... Read !!!
« Reply #30 on: April 21, 2006, 06:39:20 AM »
I believe Latapy has the potential to be a good coach one day but he lacks experience..he has coached only a reserve team thus far.

As for guys like Hislop and Rougier being assistant coaches...they need to attend training courses and get some experience, the national team is not the place for men to try ah ting.
Someone mentioned Terry Fenwick....that is one of the best ideas i have heard as a possible replacement for Beenhakker when/if he leaves.
I don't buy into the idea of foreign is better but as it stands now..there is no local coach capable of being successful...A few reasons are
1) they do not have the power like Beenhakker to do what they want
2) local coaches are very biased  i.e. BSC, Corneal, etc.
3) they are not willing to adjust and try new ideas i.e. BSC

I have heard a lot of good things about Stephen Hart on this forum so he appears to be a good choice.  Other guys mentioned such as Jan Steadman, Fevrier, Clayton Morris, Leroy Spann should also be involved.  Even BSC at the youth level...his strong disciplinary beliefs should be effective and is needed at the youth level (can't work at the senior level).

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Re: Building 2010 From Now.... Read !!!
« Reply #31 on: April 23, 2006, 06:38:26 AM »
Beenhakker is the man for the job, however, Anton should "not" be assistant, no one respect Anton and Alvin, our players will laugh at them money hungry satans........ Latapy should be assistant !!!.

I have a question.

If Beenhakker name Latapy as assistant right now, will that open space on the squad to take an extra player and still use Latapy as an assistant/player in Germany ?

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Re: Building 2010 From Now.... Read !!!
« Reply #32 on: April 23, 2006, 01:42:40 PM »
We need men who have T&T at heart and will back up their minds by doing work, none stop thinkers.

After the World Cup is done I think Russell Latapy should become T&T head coach. Realistically we cannot afford to keep Beenhakker, but if we could have, then Beenhakker should be the man to keep with T&T with Latapy as assistant, if not, Latapy all the way.

Head Coach: Russell Latapy.
Assistants: Anthony Rougier, Angus Eve & Shaka Hislop.

Technical Directors: Lincoln Phillips & Whim Rijsbergen.

Media: Shaun Fuentes and Flex Mohammed. Lasana Liburd good to, I hope they can patch things up, Liburd is a boss writer too, but I know that may not happen. So Shaun and Flex good enough.

Under 21 Head Coach: Stephan Hart.
Under 21 Assistants: Michael Grayson, Michael Maurice.
Media: Gilbert O'Connor.

Under 17 Head Coach: Leroy Spann.
Under 17 Assistants: Stuart Charles, Jerren Nixon.

Under 15 Head Coach: Jan Steadman.
Under 15 Assistants: Clayton Morris, Ken Elie.

Women Team Head Coach: Mark Krikorian (USA).
Assistants: Ricarda Nelson, Isla Brown, Jamaal Shabazz.

Physical Trainer For All Teams: Ato Boldon.

Scouts: Ronnie Mauge (England), Flex Mohammed (USA, East/North), Nigel Myers (USA, South, West), Bobby Sookram (Trinidad), Bertille St Clair (Tobago). Tallman and Flex is the wickedest combo we can get, them men will make things happen once they get the support and get the resources.

Comentators: Andre Baptiste, Brian Springer.

Official Website: Soca Warriors Online.

I know Yorke is here to, but he maynot want to be part of the staff or not as yet ?

Axed Men: Richard Gorden, Oliver Camps, Alvin Corneal and Anton Corneal. To much controversy, especially from Gorden and Alvin. Jack Warner needs better men to work under him to really see the best for the future.

Nice plan but I would make a few adjustments we need an U 23 coach most likely U23/U21 who I would have as Latas leaving Beenie as First Team coach and Technical Director (Football) and yes we can afford to keep him we have a 30 Billion dollar Budget and it potentially can be far more than that. About Stephen Hart I would have him as Academy Director Responsible for Direction of all Football for ages U19, U17 and U15. His knowledge is better placed for player development as opposed to just coaching a team, not to say he will not, but his focus shoud be ensuring that players are developed and ready to make the step up to being Professionals. In terms of all Players U13 and U11 Jan Steadman, Bertille St Clair and Dion La Foucade Fundamentals and Discipline need to be in place before they enter the U15 ranks. In terms of Physical training we need a team to work with players if Ato has to be the Physical training coordinator so be it but I would have Him as a member of the Youth Development Programme working with Bertille, Steadman and La Foucade. We need to mirror the States and have a programme in which players are identified for development and worked on constantly to keep them in the loop for future selection. Individual problems identified and worked on We have to have Psycologists and Social workers to help them deal with any outside of the game problems etc.

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Re: Building 2010 From Now.... Read !!!
« Reply #33 on: April 23, 2006, 03:29:18 PM »
Bertille cant be coach, because he dont like to listen, he not humble, leave him as scout where he will have no input on teams. Steadman and Bertille go fight like cat and dog. The reason I pick these men is because combine they will make a good team and support each other. They are also serious and have T&T at heart. We dont want men who will try to dictate and feel they know everything, we also need men who up to date with coaching and its technology.
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