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Cruise Ships Thread.
« on: May 11, 2022, 01:24:41 PM »
2,000 jobs available to nationals on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships
By Geisha Kowlessar-Alonzo (T&T Guardian).

Close to 2,000 T&T citizens will soon have a chance at employment with Royal Caribbean International as the Ministry of Tourism will sign a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Royal Caribbean International.

According to Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell the MOU will be signed during a ceremony at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre .

The Tourism Minister will represent the Government and representing Royal Caribbean International will be Russell Benford, VP Government Relations, Americas and Wendy MacDonald, VP Government Relations, Caribbean.

Once this MOU is signed, the process of accepting applications begins.

And this Mitchell said, will pave the way for a major recruitment drive which will enable nationals to work on any of the company’s 24 vessels.

Additionally, they will be a part of the workforce for the second largest cruise line in the world.

“Apart from being on an aggressive drive to recruit staff for its growing fleet, Royal Caribbean International has shown a keen interest in Trinidad and Tobago as a tourism destination and as a partner in the development of the local cruise sector and its stakeholders,” Mitchell explained.

Additionally, he said citizens can apply for over 500 jobs in various categories adding that places will be available in casinos, culinary arts, food and beverage management, financial management, guest services and guest relations, hotel management and entertainment.

Also, the Tourism Minister said those in marine services can be environmental officers, staff captains, chief officer safety and ordinary seaman just to name a few.

“This MOU will give many people a chance at employment as DJs, activity managers, pastry chefs, sports manager, plumbers, upholsterers, bartenders and waiters.

“The recent release and repatriation of seafarers from various cruise ships highlighted the fact that cruise lines need to engage in re-employment exercises,” Mitchell further explained.

He emphasized that this seafarer’s recruitment drive will allow citizens greater access to jobs on Royal Caribbean vessels and open up numerous opportunities that may not have been readily available before.

Royal Caribbean International deepens ties with T&T

After an absence of 24 years, Royal Caribbean International has recently developed a strong relationship with destination Trinidad and Tobago, Mitchell noted.

And this year, he said, the Rhapsody of the Seas will bring approximately 2,500 visitors over 24 calls to the destination starting in November. These calls were a direct result of Mitchell’s meeting with Royal Caribbean executives at the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association in 2019 which focused on the return of the line to the country and other opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Apart from including T&T on its 2022/2023 itinerary, the cruise line will provide all the necessary training so that applicants are able to perform effectively in their jobs, Mitchell added.

Citing that over the past two years, as with rest of the world, the pandemic has had a negative impact on employment including T&T, Mitchell said the recruitment drive therefore, is very timely as it provides opportunities for 2,000 skilled and unskilled locals to access gainful employment.

Further, he said this will provide a “trickle down and indirect impact” to the economy from remittances and also provide hope for those who may have lost jobs or just in need of a new career adventure.

“There are those who were employed in the tourism sector and lost jobs because of the pandemic. This is an opportunity for them to be employed in areas for which they were trained or have experience,” Mitchell added.

He also noted that this country has a “pool of talent that is unmatched” arising out of its robust educational offerings in the areas of tourism and hospitality.

And for this reason, the Tourism Minister said this opportunity is one that can benefit a qualified tourism and hospitality workforce.

“A Trinbagonian seafarer workforce is recognised to represent the best of what the Caribbean has to offer and the best to a brand like Royal Caribbean,” Mitchell added.

Who should apply

Those interested should apply using the company’s portal at where they can get up to date information on available positions.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts in partnership with Royal Caribbean International will also host three recruitment fairs between June 7 to 9 to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in San Fernando at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts and the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, Tobago.

Once applicants complete the online application form and upload the relevant documents, they will be contacted for interviews.

Mitchell underscored that there is no application fee and that the process has no ‘middle-men” and will be done through the company’s portal and subsequently at the recruitment fairs only.

Basic criteria include an up-to-date Police Certificate of Character, a valid passport, ability to successfully apply for the relevant Visa and good interpersonal skills..

Successful applicants will then receive training in safety and awareness, skills, competency and in the case of marine applicants, seaman book training.

“All reports are that the naturally welcoming disposition of Trinidadians and Tobagonians make them a desirable option for employment in the hospitality industry.

“Many of our citizens who are employed with cruise lines often excel and are able to use the training and experience once they return to T&T,” Mitchell said.

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