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TTFF Take Note
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:14:37 PM »
Italian FA in administration

Paolo Menicucci in Milan
Wednesday May 17, 2006
The Guardian

The Italian Football Federation - the country's FA - was placed under emergency administration yesterday as a consequence of match-fixing and corruption allegations which have already seen the president Franco Carraro and his deputy Innocenzo Mazzini resign.

Guido Rossi, the 75-year-old former head of the national stock-market regulator Consob, will be in charge of the federation with a six-month renewable mandate and is expected to introduce new regulations.

Police authorities raided Carraro's offices and his home in Rome. They also seized documents at the headquarters of the Italian referees' association as part of the investigations that followed after the contents of tapped telephone conversations involving Juventus's general manager Luciano Moggi were revealed.