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Author Topic: Soca Warriors Playing Dead to Catch Corbeaux Alive!  (Read 991 times)

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Soca Warriors Playing Dead to Catch Corbeaux Alive!
« on: June 05, 2006, 06:05:35 PM »
To me tt playing dead for the rest of teams in the group, they playing the ass, from what I have seen, the czech game the team could have done much better, their urgency wasnt there, the czech team have a diff mentality, they play regardless, right now beenhakker holding his cards close to his chest, very close, however the statement of him saying we not winning the cup is rediculous, as the coach he shouldnt say that, if it was any other country, he would be fired right away. That is the only ting i dont agree with what he said, right now as far as i have seen, trinidad is still missing that spark from the team, unless leo have a plan and a plan of action still unknown to us, thats why i say he playing dead to catch corbeaux alive, bc if hes not, something wrong bc the players to me are holding back in their play, theres no question, latas alluded to that the team doesnt want to play at a high level for 5 weeks its to difficult, they want to peak at the right time, hopefully it is in time for sweden, as brasil uses a similar policy of preparing with weak opposition, however tt could have won these games but our defense was horrible like usual, that is our death.

I am waiting for the 1st game to see what is beehakkers secret, if there is a corbeaux in site.

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