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Author Topic: Best games seen in t&T over the years  (Read 15274 times)

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Re: Best games seen in t&T over the years
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Rat boy yuh really bring back meh grade land memories, Jeffrey was a boss player before he went off, and I witness madee give man red card before the game start. Rat weh yuh from ? the 'Corro? yuh seem to know a lot about football in the area.. some of the best players pass thru right they in grade land.. of  course me boy mickey rat, sean and nigel mcleshie, roger john, sean euzeube, even whitley played with young hearts in grade land. In addition to them players Mico had men like monkey, miguel hackett (army) ,rambo (army) and puckerin (army), jacko.. one of the best to ever save in Aranguez, steve francette (tolleram), mello bout bomb squad, we used to rule Aranguez, the savannah pack when Mico playing, especially when they playing Survival, that was like a FA final everytime.
college i can`t remember rambo playing with mirco in Aranguez