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Author Topic: My view on the England game.  (Read 11182 times)

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Re: My view on the England game.
« Reply #30 on: June 17, 2006, 09:20:42 AM »
Found this BLOG which is more aking to the English game:

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Re: My view on the England game.
« Reply #31 on: June 17, 2006, 09:28:19 AM »
I am a bit puzzled ....why is Yorke taking the set plays when he is a force to be reckon with in the goal area.I was expecting to see Latas coming on in the later part of the game to use his experience with ball possession as well as free up Dwight from the spot kicks and corners.Since he did not play then why Carlos was not allowed to play that role sometimes so that Yorke could create some more pressure on the English defence.

Be that as it may........Go WARRIORS Go!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the Paraguay game .......

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Re: My view on the England game.
« Reply #32 on: June 17, 2006, 09:42:30 AM »
Fellas, England was good as DEATH !!!!!!! we lapse, we had them to beat, we lost concentration a bit and made some errors in the back and it cost us, I cant believe how well our team is playing against big teams. Costa Rica and USA (soon to be) is eliminated and just us and Mexico have to represent concacaf. Eric Walnalda and Judy Fouldy was very bias and made some terrible remarks about T&T before the England game, they was predicting England beat us 3-0 and 4-0 and other bull, people like them does make me hate the USA team.

Now we need England to win bad bad (1-0 over Sweden), and we must hope to beat Paraguay (2-0) as they are now out and they might be playing to upset us, so we have to be careful, they will not want to go home embarrass. England have to win because they will not want to face Germany in the next rounds, they will prefer play Equador.

Beenhakker - We love you coach, you have we team playing good ball, but you does suprise we sometimes, you keep putting faith in Theobald and to make matters worst he cannot play on the left, he is a one position player by now you should know that, he cannot play no other place on the field except center. We try him plenty there in the qualifiers and NOTHING !!!!! Why did you wait so long to make subs ? is not like England was killing us with attack and besides the 2 men you putting on will do better than the one you taking out.

Hislop - I never liked until now, he has earned my respect.

Gray - Real worked hard and helped us a lot. Got beat a few times but recovered well, still need to work on his crazy tackles though.

Lawrence - A boss, however, defensive errors. Dennis Lawrence should get blame for the Crouch goal. His job was to man mark Crouch which he did for most of the game until Crouch scored.

Sancho - A heart of a lion. He may sign with Arsenal after the world cup. No way Andrews getting back his place now...

Edwards - Not a good game as he did with Sweden, but still did ok.

Yorke - He is just class, I still like him more in an attacking role, but he doing a good job as a defensive midfielder.

Theobald - Cant understand how this man make the final 23, should have been subbed at half time for Samuel.

Birchall - Piss Poor !! he should have been subbed, from the time he say he will not celebrate if he score against England I would have never play him.... we played with 10-men yesterday.

Whitley - I really expected more from him, poor game and didn't mark his man to good in the second half end as Gerrard scored. Did not bring his normal flair.

Jones - I want to believe he started because he can help defensive and he is strong, but no way he should start in front of Glen vs Paraguay. Jones is over-rated.

John - Well, he did want he normally do, poach, but I know he can score once he gets the ball.

Glen - A must, he really step up his game, he can make things happen. He will shine against European teams because they dont know him and his pace and dribbling skills is great.

The Referee - In both of our games so far the calls was mostly against us, Jack need to have some serious talk with them...

This should have been the subs yesterday...

Glen for Jones 46th.
Samuel for Theobald 46th.
Latapy or Wise for Birchall 65th.

My line -up for Paraguay.

Gray, Sancho, Lawrence, Avery
Edwards, Yorke, Whitley, Samuel
John, Glen.

It is rare that I am able to read a post this long and agree with most of what is said, but I must say this is spot on. The only things I disagree with is Birchall's game, he played with heart but England is England and he was outmatched. He made a BOSS thru pass to one of the forwards doh. Also, I have always had faith in Shaka...daiz meh horse.

BIG UP TNT...we shocked the world!!!
They will never forget us!!
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Re: My view on the England game.
« Reply #33 on: June 18, 2006, 07:13:44 AM »
you questioning who i was backing..steups
all i could say was that anybody coulda see we was under pressure..and was up to our team to try and hold on.
so what if i see the goal about to happen..we get caught out by the lapse in concentration plus Crouch foul.
some ah allyuh cant be realistic or what?
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