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Author Topic: Stadium to be named after Cyd Gray.  (Read 3247 times)

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Stadium to be named after Cyd Gray.
« on: July 04, 2006, 04:57:18 AM »
Stadium to be named after Cyd Gray.
By: Elizabeth W Allard Tobago Bureau.

The Roxborough Stadium, which is currently under refurbishment, will be renamed the Cyd Gray Stadium, THA Chief Secretary Orville London has said. London made the announcement as he addressed Soca Warriors skipper Dwight Yorke and Gray at a ceremony held in their honour at the Scarborough Esplanade last week.
London said Gray personified what the Roxborough Stadium was all about. Tribute was also made to coach Bertille St Clair for his contribution to Yorke's life as a young footballer.
London also spoke on the twinning of Canaan Bon Accord with Nuremberg, Germany.
After talks with Prime Minister Patrick Manning and Minister of Foreign Affairs Knowlson Gift on the issue, it was decided that in appreciation and recognition of the cordial treatment by the city of Nuremberg to the Soca Warriors, the THA has considered it appropriate to establish a twinning relationship with Nuremberg, the host city of the Soca Warriors, and Canaan Bon Accord, the birth place of Sports Ambassador Yorke.
This relationship is now being pursued.
Maude Gray and Grace Yorke, parents of the players, were each presented limited-edition $100 commemorative silver coins, specially minted for the team's qualification to Germany 2006.
Maude Gray said she accompanied her son on the trip, and it was a great achievement for a stadium to be named in his honour.
Grace Yorke said she was excited about her son's achievement and he had shown he was a true warrior.
Yorke said it was an honour for him to be an ambassador for the country, and this showed all his hard work over the years had finally paid off.
Tourism Secretary Neil Wilson recalled 1989 when Yorke was a member of the Strike Squad and was substituted in the World Cup qualifying match against the United States.
Wilson said Germany 2006 was different with many thinking that the Soca Warriors would have been swamped, but the country competed among the best in the world and Trinidad and Tobago was marketed around the globe.
It has made an easier job for the Division of Tourism in terms of showcasing the island as a tourist destination. The entire Soca Warriors team was also commended for the combined effort that contributed to the international reputation that the team earned in Germany.
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Re: Stadium to be named after Cyd Gray.
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2006, 06:01:48 AM »
I wonder what colour they go paint it?  :rotfl:

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Re: Stadium to be named after Cyd Gray.
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