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Author Topic: Under 17 Resumes.  (Read 6212 times)

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Under 17 Resumes.
« on: August 01, 2006, 05:09:44 AM »
If you are interested in representing Trinidad and Tobago and you are eligible to represent Trinidad and Tobago under 17 football team. Please feel free to post your "full" resume here with full contact. Bear in mind you are not guaranteed to be selected, this is just an effort keep track of all our past, lost, foreign born players through T&T parentage (either parent) etc etc - together for future references. While some may get called, same may not. Your resume must be legit as all info will be followed up and once given the chance you will have to present such evidence.

Note -

Only resumes should be posted here, any other post will be deleted.

Also, as you may allready know that this is a public forum and many other guest/s will be able to view your personal info, so if you feel un-sure about posting your personal resume here, maybe you can just post your statistics with a contact number or an e-mail address so you can be contacted.

The Soca Warriors Online is not responsible for any Spam you may receive, not that you will get any as we try our best to keep this forum Spam free.

This is not a gimmick and by posting on this forum your personal info, ISP, IP address, country - etc, will be logged and saved, so if you intent on playing games by posting wrong info we could rule a complain against you and have the matter taken further.
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Re: Under 17 Resumes.
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2006, 08:20:52 AM »
Daniel Peterson
586 strouds lane
pickering, Ontario, Canada
L1V 4S6
Tel- 905-420-8080

Position: Right Mid-field/Forward
Current Team: Scarborough Blizzard, Ontario
Premiere Division
Goal scored U17 Season: 2
2006 9th ranked team in Ontario ( 9/88 )
CSL Regional Premiere: currently 3rd  Place
Naturally: Right Footed
Date of birth: January 17th, 1989
School: Dunbarton High School Pickering, Ontario
              Entering Grade 12
Nationality: Canadian (Ontario)
Parents: Trinidadian (Port of Spain)
Accomplishments And Previous Clubs:

 U12- Pickering Power Regional Premiere
 U13- Pickering Power Regional One
 U14- Wexford Gunners Regional Premiere
 U15- Scarborough Blizzard Regional Premiere
 U16- Ajax OYSL Provincial (folded)
 U17- Scarborough Blizzard Regional Premiere
2004- International Soccer tournament Ian Rush Wales, UK - semi finalist
2005- The Toronto Robbie International Tournament fundraiser for Cancer - semi finalist
2005- Invitational Soccer tour Birmingham, Manchester, London - (Walsall-Chestfield)
2006- North Carolina College Showcase

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Re: Under 17 Resumes.
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2006, 09:10:34 PM »
Kiran Persad #2

Personal Information
Gender: Male                                                       
Birth Date: May 26, 1990                                   
Address: 3150 Erin Centre Blvd, Unit 163,         
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 7Z4                             
Home Phone: 905-997-0207                               
E-mail: kiran@harppromo.com   
Mother’s Name: Joan Harp                                                                                         
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Father’s Name: Bramha Persad
Occupation: Accountant       
Favourite Player- Dwight Yorke

Academic Information
High School: St. Joseph Catholic                     Favourite Subjects: Biology, English, and
Secondary School. (5555 Creditview Road,     Business Studies.
Mississauga, Ontario. L5V 2B9)
Telephone- (905) 812-1376                             SAT- N/A

Grade Point Average: 72%
Athlete Information

Height: 5’9                                                        Age: 16
Weight: 138lb                                                   Year of Graduation: 2008
Ethnic Background: Trinidad & Tobago        Position: Right Winger
Natural Foot: Right foot, confident                 Other Position: Left Wing,
With using left foot                                           or interior midfield.
Current Team- Erin Mills Eagles U17           Years Playing Soccer- 11 years
Rep A                                                                Years Playing REP soccer- 8 years
Player Number- #2

Playing History

1999- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep B team U9 (SRSL South Region Soccer League)
2000- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep B team U10 (SRSL)
2001- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep B team U11 (SRSL)
2002- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep B team U12 (SRSL- Premier)
2003- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep B team U13 (SRSL- Premier)
2004- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep A team U14 (SRSL- First)
2005- Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep B team U15 (SRSL – Premier)
2005- Grade 9 Junior Team – St. Joseph Secondary School
2006 -Club Erin Mills Eagles Rep A team U16 (SRSL- Elite)
2006- Grade 10 Junior Team - St. Joseph Secondary School

Personal/ Team Awards, and Achievements

2004- Won First Division (SRSL) 15-2-1. GF -75, GA -16
2004- Peterborough Soccer Tournament Finalist
2005- Won Premier Division (SRSL) 13-1-4 GF-42, GA-11
2005- Won the division League Cup
2005- Were Provincial Champions Tier 2 (Ontario Cup)
2005- Oshawa Kicks spring Classic Finalist
2005- Oakville Tournament MVP of Game #1 and #2
2005- Competed in Jr. Irish Tournament, Notre Dame, Indianna
2005- Scored 12 goals.
2006- Junior School Soccer ROPPSAA Playoff Semifinalist
2006- Placed 3rd in Elite Division (SRSL) 11-3-2 GF- 31, GA-14
2006- SRSL – Elite League Cup Semi finalist
2006- Barrie Spiritfest Champions
2006- Woodbridge Showcase semi -finalist
2006- Competed in the Rochester Showcase tournament. Rochester, NY
- 2004,-05,-06 seasons had the least amount of goals against.
- Lost 6 games in the past 3 years
- Currently 16th in Ontario out of 108 teams
- Playing for Erin Mills Club who are the 3rd in Ontario in Performance, and 6th in development.


I enjoy watching English Premiership soccer, and my favourite team I like watching is Chelsea FC. I enjoy jogging, playing street soccer, and soccer free styling in my spare time. I also take pleasure in watching international football matches in particular Trinidad and Tobago.

   My goals for the future are to one day eventually play soccer for a professional team in Europe and play in the English Premiership League. I also have intentions for one day representing Trinidad and Tobago’s “Soca Warriors” at the international level and maybe play in World Cup. I also plan on becoming a sports physiotherapist if professional soccer does not work out for me.


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