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Author Topic: Thank God Glenn scored - Beenie OPEN YOUR EYES!!!  (Read 1415 times)

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Thank God Glenn scored - Beenie OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
« on: July 10, 2005, 09:39:22 PM »
       Stern John should NOT START against Colombia or against any team ANYMORE unless he proves himself. The team that will do well in this tournament and in the remaining WC games will be as follows:

Glenn starting up front with Jones, with Scotland and John having to fight for the other spot, thank God for when Yorke returns. Samuel showed that he has a semi-goodish left foot and played well for the most part on the left wing so he should definitely play and not Theobold in that position. We definitely missed Edwards tonight and our right wing with Theo was non-existent until Eve. So Eve should be the replacement for Edwards, not Rahim. Cyd Gray will hopefully never see the team again, since we have Atiba Charles and Sancho, BOTH are easily better than Gray. If Spann play shit we have Whitley and Theobold fighting for that position.

Hard luck for Birchall today since a man was always on him and he really was out of it, although we shit up when our defense start back with they asshole long balls as usual. Needed to get Birchall more into it, but we can at least work on that.

Excellent game by Marvin Andrews, I must say Andrews has pleasantly surprised me with his defensive consistency the last 3 games that he has played for T&T, he was always good, but sometimes made silly errors, which he has not made any thus far, and great goal and header that hit the post as well.

Avery John and Lawrence for the most part are still solid, ignoring that goal we conceded to Panama today (the first goal) and yes the second goal it was Andrews but it was not entirely his fault.

So, all Beenie has to do is read this post and START the game against Colombia with Jones and Glenn upfront, and hope that Edwards is ready, if not then Eve for now, Samuel for sure on the left, and Birchall in the middle with Spann, Whitley or Theobold, Cyd Gray MUST now be dropped for ATiba Charles or Sancho to return. Scotland may come in as a sub, or Stern if (I doh know what if yes let's hope he eh play at all).

Fellas I really getting worried, all this shit Stern playing, or basically he not playing and he NEVER getting subbed, I would have left Samuels and taken John off for Glenn NOT vice versa. I am worried and I sincerely think that Beenhakker and John have some blasted conspiracy like Manning and Bakr. No matter what shit John do, he ALWAYS plays. He should of at least been subbed after 20 mins in the second half just as in the Honduras game when he was not subbed.

Does anyone know if there is something going on with our coach and Shit "Always offside" John!!??!? I mean don't you all think that it is fishy that John was never subbed and was always shit even in the games before the Gold Cup (lucky goal against Panama thanks to Yorke) and was never really subbed!?? And now he is the Captain!?!?!? DON'T YOU ALL THINK THAT SOMETHING IS FISHY? If John starts against Colombia and does not ever get subbed all match unless he at least scores a goal, then I am afraid that there may be some internal set up or nepotism going on between John and Beenhakker I pray this is not the case. Glenn definitely warrants a start ahead of John or AT LEAST early in the second half!!

Let's hope together that John is replaced as captain, since that role may keep him on longer on the field even when (almost always recently) he plays absolute shit!!!!!

Good luck Warriors, Beenhakker OPEN YOUR EYES!! NO to Gray yes for Charles or Sancho, NO to S. John, yes to Glenn, Jones!!!!! Yes to Samuel!!
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Re: Thank God Glenn scored - Beenie OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
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